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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 18, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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the double bacon cheesy jack combo starting at $5.99. order on the jack app today. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 8. now at 8, another deadly weekend in oakland. police investigating 3 homicides with 2 suspects in one of the incident still at large. plus, the search is on for this man after a shooting inside of a livermore bowling alley kills one person and injures 2 others and a questionable forecast for covid cases in the bay area. what findings from wastewater suggesting about case counts. >> as we head in toward winter. >> thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 8. i'm ken wayne. i'm justine waltman in for pam moore. and we're coming off another deadly weekend in oakland. police say
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3 people were killed and now they're searching for 2 suspects. kron four's amanda hari joins us live from our newsroom with details on the growing number of homicides this year. a mandate. >> ken and justine, there have been 64 homicides so far this year in oakland that's down from last year when the number was 72. but the police chief says that still far too many. >> our community is suffering because of this trauma. 3 more lives lost to gun violence in the city of oakland over the last few days. oakland police chief leronne armstrong says the first homicide happened friday night near harrison and 14th streets just west of lake merritt. the suspect in that crime has been taken into custody. the second happened sunday just after 11 in the morning on 13th avenue upon arrival. >> officers made contact with mister van who was suffering from gunshot wounds. unfortunately, mister voss to come his injuries and was pronounced deceased at the
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scene, according to police, the 2 suspects approached the car. a 52 year-old confound of oakland attempting to rob him. >> the confrontation led to an argument and that led to gunfire. a man that was just out doing his job working. and unfortunately 2 individuals came and attempted to rob him. >> and obviously, chose to use a firearm. and unfortunately took falls police do not believe this was a hate crime. they're still looking for the 2 suspects involved. chief armstrong says the area near san antonio park field known as beech 19. >> has been the most violent police area in oakland. this community. >> who was often known as little saigon, has definitely been one that's been impacted significantly by violence. the 3rd homicide happened early monday morning on pippin street. the person had multiple gunshot wounds and died from their injuries. police believe only a small number of people are driving
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the crime in oakland. the data says only one percent of our population is actually the ones that drive violent crime. that's what we're going to be focused on. chief armstrong emphasize they still need more police officers. the department has over 90 vacancies. he says that's the highest number. >> in more than 10 years in the newsroom. amanda harry kron, 4 news. amanda, thank you. the search is on tonight for a gunman who police say killed a 28 year-old man at a local bowling alley. that shooting happened at the granada bowl in downtown livermore saturday night. >> kron four's terisa stasio has the latest now on the investigation, a vigil is growing out here in front of granada bowl and now live more. police are releasing a picture of the suspect. police identifying this man. 27 year-old roger aleman garcia as the suspect in the fatal shooting of antonio vargas. >> and injuring 2 others. police say garcia is a convicted felon with a
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criminal history, including assault with a deadly weapon. he is prohibited from carrying a weapon based on his criminal background. >> and i've never even fathom something that would happen in this area. >> justin thompson belongs to a bowling here. like that to happen is kind of mind-boggling. you would never imagine, especially area. this is like the friendly's community either. every guy super family, you know, got to go downtown all time because we go, police say preliminary evidence shows the shooting broke out after garcia and vargas got into a fight inside the bowling alley. >> police say that garcia pulled out a gun and started shooting throughout the day. people came by the bowling alley laying flowers, paying their respects to the vargas family. it's pretty sight again. police are asking the public for help in trying to track down the suspect. we've posted the picture on our facebook as well as kron 4 dot com in livermore, theresa kron. 4 news.
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>> a dozen e ployees from the san francisco district attorney's office are now out of a job newly-appointed da brooke jenkins terminated 15 staffer since taking office more than a week ago. staff turnover is not uncommon when a new da takes office. but one of those terminated trip attorneys says they're concerned about what this could mean for juvenile justice reform in s f gate op ed written before jenkins was appointed ryan coe shot. stay asked mayor london breed to take into consideration. the district attorney's juvenile units accomplishments when choosing bourdain's successor. he says that unit helped drastically reduce re conviction rates and decrease the city's juvenile hall population by almost 60%. >> was a regular attorney in the office right? i had no power to make decisions. only that i had ever been a vocal about. she could have to the progress we made in the juvenile justice system.
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>> we have reached out to the da's office to give her a chance to address the concerns in a previous statement regarding staffing changes da brooke jenkins wrote in part, quote, i promise a public that i would restore accountability and consequences to the criminal justice system. well, advancing smart reforms responsibly. my management team, which will include the addition of 3 women of color with decades of prosecutorial experience at the highest levels will help our office deliver on that promise. >> new tonight at 8 o'clock, san francisco supervisor matt dorsey is calling for expedited actions for some residents of 33 to him on more than a month since it flooded. you may remember this video, the high-rise apartment building flooded in early june, forcing about 500 of its residents out of their homes. the building's owner has said residents will not be allowed to return until late this year at the earliest. meanwhile, landlord payments for alternate housing arrangements are set to cease next month.
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in a letter to mayor london breed today, supervisor dorsey called on city officials to accelerate payments for low and moderate income renters. at the high rise. he also sent a separate letter to city attorney david chiu asking for a formal review of whether the building's ownership is meeting its legal obligations to displaced tenants. the building's owners has said that flooding was caused by a water main failure on the 35th floor which service the building's fire sprinkler system. >> an air quality advisory has been extended for eastern contra costa county through tomorrow. the smoke from the marsh fire burning in pittsburgh continues to affect residents in the area. fire crews have been pumping water into the smoldering area since friday. they say they expect millions of gallons of water to be used for up to a week to try to knock down the smoke. officials are urging residents to protect their health by avoiding going outside and recirculating their air conditioners to keep healthy air inside their buildings.
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our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is joining us now with a look at the air quality. yeah, and it's ok, it's all right. we've got some moderate amounts include building of high pressure strong over the weekend. >> the kind of puts a cap on the atmosphere and that holds all the blues right down to the surface and a little mix out right now. we're seeing the effects of that to you still have some moderate amounts plumes building up in the san jose hazy. there through a san leandro and hayward, some of that toward rio vista as that fire continues to burn. so we're going to see again tomorrow. i think even though the high pressure starting to weaken a little bit, i think i'm not very fast. and so that being said, we're still going to see some of those areas in parts of the east bay in and around the marsh fire. we'll continue to have to deal with smoke, especially in the early morning hours of the winds calm down overnight tonight that smoke is going to sit in around that area early tomorrow morning. so pretty hazy to start by the afternoon. the air quality not looking the best. good air quality, though, expected in the north bay, the coast and also the south bay. the meantime, though, the sea breeze has been kicking in that bringing with it that on shore flow. and that's good
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thing that will mix out some of the pollutants in the atmosphere. but things are beginning to change now a little bit. we're going to see looks like an increase least fog tonight and on shore breeze. but a little bit later this week, high pressure begins to strengthen. that means love of plude's going to be trapped right near the surface. >> i'm going to visit my grandmother so i don't want to get them sick anything. i'm already like vaccinated. i have the i just you know, mind. >> and in public transportation was crowded area. you don't feel safe not wearing your mask now that and and and those kind of situation. >> you no longer have to mask up while riding bart's. the mask mandate put in place by the board of directors has expired the vote happened after the federal mask mandate for public transit was struck down the relaxing of the rules comes despite a surge in covid cases, particularly the ba 5 subvariant which has the ability to re. in fact, even those people who have had a
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recent infection. bart still encourages riders to wear masks and face masks are provided at station agent booths and from safety staff. new data show that nearly 9 in 10 californians now live in counties with a high covid-19 community level. this comes as all of the bay area's in the cdc's high community level range. los angeles county is also in the high level. if it remains here for the next 2 weeks. that counties expected to reinstate the indoor mask mandate on july. 29th more people in the bay area and across the state continue to get infected with covid-19. >> experts say the current surge is approaching what we have in the winter and might end up even worse. >> it's definitely going on longer than what we saw during the initial omicron surge in january. what we can tell from the wastewater said they really were in the midst of a large surge. >> with the rise at of in-home testing covid kits. case counts are not as accurate as they once were. so wastewater
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is actually giving a much better picture as to what's really happening doctors are urging people to take the necessary precautions to reduce the chances of catching or spreading covid. that includes, of course, wearing a mask. keeping your distance and taking a test if you don't feel so great in response to the commute, continued surge of cases. the biden administration is extending the country's public health emergency status through mid october. the extension provides essential capabilities and flexibilities to hospitals to better care for patients. it also impacts the testing and treatments people can receive including free covid testing treatments and vaccines. >> coming up at 8, a hefty price to keep the city clean. san francisco's new pilot program that helps to keep trash off the streets. >> plus, taking skittles to course the lawsuit filed by an east bay woman. what she claims is wrong with this very popular candy. but first, lgbtq advocates are demanding the federal government do more
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outbreaks action they want to see from top health officials.
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>> turning our attention tonight to the latest on monkeypox in california. data from the cdc show. our state has 266 cases of monkeypox. 86 of those reported in san francisco that makes up about a 3rd of the state's cases.
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those numbers could actually increase tomorrow, but both the state and city are updating case totals just twice a week. it's on tuesdays and thursdays for the state numbers and tuesdays and fridays for the city of san francisco's numbers. number of lgbtq organizations joined forces today to demand more action to combat monkeypox. they gathered outside of the san francisco office of the u.s. health and human services building to urge the federal government to do more with vaccinations, testing and treatment. protesters say hhs had plenty of time to prepare for the spread of monkeypox. they say they are angry over the lack of planning but even more upset with how the federal government has responded during the last 2 weeks. >> the time to stop monkeypox is not in the summer of 2023. it right. >> yeah. back. seen supply being provided to counties like san francisco and counties across the state by the federal government simply inadequate. >> san francisco department of
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public health says about 4100 doses of the jynneos vaccine will be arriving this week. but that's after they requested. 35,000 doses. organizers of today's protest announced a new way you can stay up to date with monkeypox and the vaccine. you can text. prevent monkeypox to 5, 2, 8, 8, 6, that number there on the bottom of your screen. >> drivers at the port of oakland walked off the job today. they're protesting the new state law ab 5, which raises the bar for independent truckers to get certified to drive. they argue the major rideshare companies do not have to hold their independent contractors to the standards that now apply to truckers. a manager at a local oakland shipping company gave her take to us here. she says the owner stand against the oversight. the law will create and that many smaller trucking operations want to say no to the bill. >> they would like an exemption or carve out for as so many other industries like
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uber and etcetera, lyft have they would like the same car because it's the same essentially the same business model. >> roughly 70,000 independent truckers throughout the state could be affected by the law. trucking industry officials say the required licenses and insurance premiums could businesses annual operating costs by $20,000 per year in east bay. walnut creek. police are adding more patrols in the downtown area after a rise in robberies. >> the police department says there've been a number of recent thefts in which personal items such as jewelry have been taken. they're asking people in the area to be aware of their surroundings to prevent any more of these robberies from taking place. walnut creek police say they're working with other law enforcement agencies to add extra personnel to foot patrols and vehicle patrols through downtown walnut creek, 3 people and a 16 year-old from sacramento county are in custody facing organized retail theft charges. police in palo alto rest of them yesterday evening at the stanford shopping center
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following a shoplifting report added a lulu lemon store. police say the suspects had 100 pairs of leggings. now he did more than $12,000. further investigation revealed the group allegedly also store clothing valued at $38,000 from other lululemon stores in burlingame and san mateo police are still looking for a 5th suspect. this is a surveillance picture. well, we have a surveillance picture of him. anyone with information is asked to call palo alto police. there's the suspect right there. >> a pricey pilot program just started in san francisco. the city's public works department is testing 6 trash can models. but the hope that this will help keep the streets clean or the public works has faced some pushback because the amount of money and time that was spent on this peogram, the 3 custom designed trash cans and 3 off the shelf models arrive after 3 and a half years of designing prototypes
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in a pilot program that cost $550,000. the city's current trash can model tends to overflow and it's easier to break into which many say made the streets dirty. the current green renaissance trash can has served the city of san francisco since 1993. it's time now to talk about our 4 zone forecast as we take this live look outside right now from a camera on top of suture tower and you see the city there enjoying a nice sunset and we had a lot of high tides over the past few days. yeah, king tides, are they still around? king tides are backing now for the 7 foot highs last week or something out. >> now down to 6 feet. but we still got some big waves out there. some ways moving in along the coastline. a lot of folks trying to beat the heat in head out toward the beaches. got to watch out right now. we've got just some patchy fog out over the bay. but it is going to thicken up overnight after the yeah. going to kind of building the next couple of days. in fact, running a little bit large south facing beaches through about wednesday, expect some waves moving in and some
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strong rip surfers love. these kind of waves are coming up on the south often generated by former hurricanes. but you got to be careful out there. rip tides could be very dangerous for the average surfer and the average schwimmer. we've got temperatures on the cool side 50's co-signed right now. you've got 73 degrees. very nice evening in fremont, 81 warm still in livermore. so hot. 91 in brownwood. 66 in santa rosa. 68 in napa, 75 degrees and fairfax at this hour. kind of interesting. we've got the monsoon moving into town, you know, high pressure builds in out of the desert southwest, often pick up some of the subtropical moisture wrapping around that ridge. and that's what we're seeing headed up in the sierra nevada. even some of that making its way toward the santa barbara area early on in the day. but right now looks like all that moisture going start to move a little further to the east out there right now. beautiful look out from the berkeley hills. the sun is setting a little hazy out there inside the bay. but things begin to change. now that ridge, well, it's going to start to shift a little further to the east of brought the hot temperatures over the weekend today. even hot, some
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places near 100 degrees. but now the hotter weather is going to start to slide further inland. we'll see a return of some more fog overnight tonight. but other than that, i think we'll see these temperatures. bottom out a little bit today. and then again later on in the week. but between them may be warming up again, you've got some 70's and 80's inside the bay, some upper 80's in the warmer spots inland. >> thanks, lawrence. to south bay cities are planning to spray for mosquitoes tomorrow after finding more bugs with the west nile virus. santa clara county says it's located virus positive mosquitoes in parts of sunnyvale and santa clara to reduce the infected insect population. the county is planning a controlled treatment in the area we see right here on the screen. it will start around 11 tomorrow night. for more information. you can go to our website. kron 4 dot com. more shuttles will be heading from santa clara to cupertino. the city of santa clara is expanding its on demand service with a fleet of 0 emission buses and 8 and a half million dollar grant from the california
8:22 pm
state depart transportation agency will help the city improve public transportation connections to places like job centers, hospitals and other essential destinations like amtrak and vta. the project also aims to improve access to public transportation for seniors. those living in high poverty neighborhoods, a new outreach program is launching in the east bay to try to keep families and their pets together regardless of their economic status. >> pets for life. the outreach initiative from the east bay spca. we'll get free resources to pet owners in underserved oakland neighborhood. so hope is to preserve the deep connection that a pet owner has with their furry friend. despite there financial circumstances, people taking part in the program will be able to get food, supplies and other goods required to maintain quality care for an animal. >> this pain? it's never going to go. >> pain these parents could
8:23 pm
never imagine. a heartbreaking story after the body of their stillborn baby was thrown in the garbage. that's still ahead tonight at 8. plus, a nationwide recall now and affects the blueberries being pulled from shelves over concerns of high levels of lead.
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>> take a look at this. a dead
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humpback whale washed up at sharp park beach in pacific over the weekend. cal academy officials say this will most likely got into a fight with a pod of orcas, which was likely the cause of death. officials say humpback whales are feeding in the san francisco bay right now. so it's not uncommon for the whales to wander in are s. they're not supposed to be. >> an east bay woman is suing the maker of the candy skittles saying they contain a toxin and they're unfit for human consumption. the san leandro resident filed a suit last week against the mars candy company. it says the candy still contains titanium dioxide and mars did not adequately warn consumers of health risks. the suit says in 2016, the candy maker said it would remove it in the coming years. but so far it hasn't done so. maher says its use of titanium dioxide complies with fda regulations. the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for fraud and multiple violations of california's consumer
8:27 pm
protection laws. for your help tonight, packages of freeze dried blueberries are being recalled because they could be contaminated with lead 2 batches of not a year of freeze, dried blueberries were tested and came up as potentially having high levels of lead acute lead poisoning can cause a wide range of symptoms, including abdominal pain and vomiting. a longer exposure can lead to permanent nervous system. damage children are especially vulnerable. the company says it has not received reports of health incidents related to the recalled products. >> coming up tonight during kron, 4 news at 8 o'clock a weekend, a big arrest, an antioch details from the operation that ended with nearly 2 dozen people in custody. plus, you may want to check your credit card statement. skimmers are being found all across the bay area where they are located and what you should do if you think that your credit card has been compromised and the first confirmed case of bird flu in california. the latest details on the virus
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>> in the east bay, a big announcement, antioch police arrested 23 people in connection to a number of different cry. and these arrests are all part of operation. don't mess around nearly 2 dozen people were taken into custody after arrest warrants were issued last week for a variety of crimes including homicide, assault and robbery. city leaders say many of the suspects came from out of town and any act. mayor lamar thorpe had this to say. >> the message is very clear.
8:31 pm
if you come to antioch empty, you commit a crime, you will be found. you will be arrested and you will ultimately be prosecuted. and again, i can't reiterate that message enough. and i can't reiterate the message to people who create the safe harbors those who commit crimes elsewhere. you will be responsible for this as well. >> this was part of a push the city made last year. antioch police and the state department of justice partner together to improve policing inside the city limits credit card skimmers spot around the bay area. 2 police departments are investigating after finding vast devices in their towns. >> sunnyvale police say they found this skimmer at a chevron 7.11, on the corner of el camino, real and south mary avenue. the device was detected on july 15th this past friday, police did not say how long they believe that was operating there. if you believe you may be a victim of the incident, you're asked to contact your financial
8:32 pm
institution immediately in the north bay. petaluma police are investigating card skimmers found at 4 different businesses around the city. the first was found on july 16th at the bank of america on kentucky street, an atm technician found skimming devices onto machines and cameras place to watch. people enter their pin numbers today. petaluma earned 3 different 7.11, to the city. also had card skimmers. they're investigating all 4 of those incidents. we're learning more tonight about the man arrested for calling in a bomb threat to san francisco international airport. san francisco police say 53 year-old terri addison. >> is now facing charges for the friday night incident that led to the evacuation of the international terminal police and authorities discovered a suspicious package in a nearby parking garage. investigators at the airport, dean, the item possibly incendiary. addison was booked into jail and san mateo county, which is where the airport is located. >> new tonight at 8, a string of crimes starting with a rideshare driver at
8:33 pm
knifepoint. tonight, we're learning a man is now in custody for that. this priest started last night just after 10 in san mateo police were responding to a hit and run around cypress avenue in north home. bolt street just off the bayshore freeway. when officers arrived, they talked to a rideshare driver who was there with out a car. she told officers that she had picked up a passenger in san jose and once they arrived at his original destination, the man reportedly held a knife to her stomach and demanded that she keep driving. the rideshare driver told police she continued to drive. but when she got off the freeway in san mateo, she jumped out of the moving car. the man then allegedly stole the car and drove away. and the man then called 9-1-1 and reported that someone was trying to kill him. tracing that number. police say they were able to identify randy j as a suspect today. >> jay flagged down officers haven't. hale said he needed to be taken to jail. police say jay had fentanyl on him and was driving a stolen truck
8:34 pm
j allegedly also confessed to the attempted kidnapping and carjacking the night before he's now been booked into the san mateo county jail. >> now we'll talk about our forecast as we take this live look outside of the camera in walnut creek. still pretty warm out there. it's been very warm to hot. i would say in some locations. but that's about the changes. yeah, we're going to see a big change. even today. we saw some changes, much bigger change, maybe 10 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. >> as high pressure begins to weaken outside that onshore breeze kicks in out along the coastline. you've got that patchy fog. just a couple of people out there toward the beaches. temperatures have cooled off. the sunset now is growing shorter. the 29 below a 30's. these numbers today was hot spots still inland. you're 98 degrees in concord. in livermore. 88 degrees, though in san jose. 85 in santa rosa. 67 degrees slightly above the average in san francisco. 73 degrees in oakland. that fog, though, is going to come rolling on shore tonight. it's going to take a while for to its way inland.
8:35 pm
in fact, most will be just inside the bay. maybe a couple patches into the delta. i don't know. it's going to penetrate all the way the interior valleys, but that marine layer, it's going deep in just a little bit tonight as high pressure weaken somewhat. so we're going to see that early on tomorrow morning. it's going to hug the coastline with that fresh ocean air is going bring the temperatures down. not much change in the san francisco about 65 downtown tomorrow. you're looking about 58 civic, a lot of fog, 60 in half moon bay, 67 degrees in millbrae 6, 7, as you make when a burning game. 78 degrees warm in redwood city. you see lots of sunshine there. the south bay still looking a lot of 80's by tomorrow afternoon and then the east bay, those places that have those hot, triple digits over the weekend. well, not going to be cold, but these numbers going back off a bit. you're talking upper 80's in the pleasanton livermore, but 89 degrees in walnut creek. 87 in orinda. 72 in richmond about 78 degrees and lael still hot as you make your way in the central valley, 90 in pittsburgh. 92 in fairfield and still could see triple digits in vacaville back toward the coastline. that patchy fog to be flirt with the coast all day long. keep those numbers cooler in
8:36 pm
the 60's about 78 degrees in petaluma about 80 degrees in sandra fell next couple days. those temperatures are going to hover about the same through wednesday and thursday, then taken to take a dip likely on friday. probably the coolest day of the week before warming up slightly next weekend. health care and support workers started a strikeout size coy hospital in redwood city today. they're calling for better pay better working conditions. >> and a new contract, nurses assistance aid, surgical technologists, respiratory therapists, cooks and others took part in today's demonstration. they're all members of the american federation of state county and municipal employees union sequoia hospital is owned by dignity, health, which has been working on negotiating a new contract. but the workers say their offer is not nearly enough. >> they give they offered us
8:37 pm
and it's not enough to pay the rent that slap in the face and patient is at 9.1. and in the bay area here feels like it's 18% so that they give us what they offered us. they say it's generous. it's not generous at all. it's a slap in the face. >> the union says it plans to strike until a deal is made a dignity. health says despite has 300 employees are striking, sequoia hospital does not plan to or does rather plan to maintain its regular operations. santa clara county says it received 201 calls from the crisis and suicide prevention lifeline during its first weekend of operation, the 9, 8, 8, mental health crisis hotline launched on saturday. the numbers from the county are a combination of the 9.88 and the original national suicide prevention hot, a lifeline. the county says the number overall did not increase over the past weekend compared to previous weekends. >> in the south bay, 3 high school students from the south bay are getting some
8:38 pm
recognition for using artwork to bring awareness to the dangers of fentanyl. this year's poster contest asked the question, what is the face of fentanyl district attorney jeff rosen asked the students to illustrate how the epidemic is affecting them and their community. and he says teenagers are purchasing what they think. our pharmaceutical drugs off the street. but they're given a poisonous pill that's laced with fentanyl. instead. >> when i was doing research on fence, no seeing that. it was being like. advertised as something that it wasn't like paint minutes and maybe think of a wolf in sheep's clothing. so that's what it is. >> officials are still deciding on a location to display the art work. >> still ahead tonight at 8 parents sharing their story because they say they never want another family to go through something like this. the body of their stillborn baby thrown in the trash. plus the january 6 committee is planning another prime time hearing this week. the new
8:39 pm
information they are expected to reveal and the dates are set when the olympics are coming back to california. that's next.
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8:41 pm
>> the first case of the highly contagious bird flu has been found in california. the usda confirmed the detection of avian influenza h 5 n one into canada geese and an american white pelican inclusive and glenn counties, the california department of
8:42 pm
fish and wildlife wildlife health laboratory has been notified. and this strain of flu has been circulated in the u.s. and canada causing illness and death to a higher diversity of bird species. 30 new bike turnouts are coming to mount diablo state park turnouts are an extension of the road that allows cars to safely pass cyclists who are climbing up that windy, steep road. the state parks department started off with 3 turn out as part of the pilot program which mount diablo cyclists say were overwhelmingly successful in reducing bike car collisions last year, some 150,000 cyclists rode up mount diablo and made up 60% of all vehicle traffic on its roads. the olympics are coming back to california. los angeles mayor eric garcetti helped announce the official date for the games today. >> at the john argue swim stadium in expert exposition park. that's near the la coliseum. the 2028 summer
8:43 pm
olympic games will kick off on july 14th with the paralympics starting a month later on august. 15th, los angeles is gearing up to host a 15,000 olympic athletes. more than 800 100 events and 40 different sports only have to wait a little under 6 years for the opening games. be patient. coming up next in sports as the niners get ready for the season, the >> narrative of is trey lance ready to be the quarterback remains at the forefront. one of his teammates sinks. he is ready. sports director jason dumas has the de
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> the pain a couple says they never could have imagined the parents of a stillborn baby are sharing their heartbreaking story after the family says her body was thrown in the garbage reporter when a shout sat down with the mom and dad in lodi to get their story. >> so we just that the teddy bears are close like that. and this is a party. >> parents, mary jo plan is an eldorado. alex mooney is will always have this heart beat the baby emiliano rose to listen to. but today they were supposed to lay her to rest. >> cherokee memorial funeral home in lodi, just notified them on saturday that their daughter's body was thrown in the garbage. you hear don't believe it. you have to hear it multiple so it just clicks. you had that your daughter's
8:47 pm
remains for do not track. mary jo gave birth to her stillborn daughter on june 9th, the 20st week of her pregnancy. >> on june 28th, the funeral home picked up her body from the hospital. >> but the parents said the funeral home use its july 5th, that in the rose's body was missing. the parents immediately reported the incident to lodi police after finding out on saturday yesterday the investigating officer and mary jo went to cherokee funeral home where they viewed a video recording of what happened with leon, a rose. there was another person went into the freezer. >> grabbed her bag and dropped drop her on the floor. >> stern shaking her thank thence since we open and sit there. how you >> open to high just.
8:48 pm
>> it wasn't he just threw for. there's no way that >> he could shape the body buying up play say the people feeling just tossed her into the she was thing. >> fox 40 news contacted cherokee memorial funeral home. the email this back saying in part we are working closely with the family. law enforcement and others involved to investigate and resolve the issue quickly the lodi police department tells fox 40 they are still in the preliminary stages of this investigation. >> the parents hope by sharing their heartbreaking story. this never happens to another family. that's first thing we >> make sure she's ok and that the battle happen sooner. and it just for the complete opposite with us. this pain. it's never going to go.
8:49 pm
>> that was rowena shaddox reporting the murder trial of kristin smart began today in monterey county. her 1996 disappearance rocked college campuses up and down the state smart's cold case. murder investigation was revived following a podcast that shed new light on her disappearance. 45 year-old paul flores has been considered a suspect in her killing, but prosecutors only arrested him and his father in 2021. after the investigation was revived, the case was moved to monterey county superior court in salinas after a judge ruled suspects could not get a fair trial in san luis obispo. we'll bring you the latest developments here on air and online at kron 4 dot com. >> the secret service has until tomorrow to turn over deleted text messages to the house committee investigating the insurrection. the committee issued a subpoena for the missing texts last week after learning that somehow they were erased. at issue are secret service techs from january 5th and 6th. the
8:50 pm
committee's next hearing is set for thursday in prime time. the panel is expected to focus on what former president trump was doing during the 187 minutes. his supporters attacked the capitol. >> maybe you noticed it's getting a little bit cheaper to fill up your gas tank. prices at the pump are continuing to drop across the country. and here in california, the state average is down to 5.89 a gallon that's down almost $0.50 in the last month here in the bay area. you can see the difference a month makes on the left. are today's prices and on the right prices from june, san francisco, the average price for a gallon of regular right now is 5.95 san jose and oakland also seeing similar drops over the last months in santa rosa. price of gas has dropped $0.67. the most expensive gas in the bay area is still in napa county. the average price for a gallon of regular. there will cost 6.11. napa is the only bay area county where the price per gallon is averaging more than $6.
8:51 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> a lot has been made about the forty-niners transition from jimmy garoppolo to trey lance. that guy right there looking good in all black and it seems as if everyone has an opinion, some opinions, of course, matter more than others. for instance, who really cares what i think about the switch. but how about one of forty-niners captains? all pro linebacker, fred warner. he chimed in today on how he feels about the new qb. one in from the sounds of it. trey has already won over a lot of his teammates. >> the narrative of everybody's baskin. always trey ready is trading guy. and although the questions and continue to and just how much are but marred the way trade has taken on, you know, just all the criticism, all the all the i guess you could say,
8:52 pm
like the pressure that people are trying to put on him. you know, he's been super for professional about it, especially with how young you. i'm very mature for his age. and so just the things that you see from in the small, the small things that you know, that everybody else outside of the building p from him. i knew that to get you a good sense of like the maturity for such a young player. and you know, it if given the reins like what the way that he would handle it, you know, and so i can continue to sit here and tell you how, you know, great of a person and player that he you know, corey spoken on that. but, you know, whatever, whatever, maybe i know that guy is for sure. if given the range that he's ready for he's very professional and mature and ready for whatever you're given. >> all right. let's head out to the city of angels home run derby time at dodger stadium and it came down to seattle's julio rodriguez and
8:53 pm
washington's juan soto. rodriguez finished the final round with 18 home runs. and with the bonus time, it would be just enough for soto to add rodriguez. he hit his 19th home run to knocked him out and clinch it. he knew it immediately. soto captures his first home run derby title even gets the chamber's n it to him by bad bunny and he just turned down a 15 year contract in washington. now they're shopping yet. giants need to get on the phone yesterday. all right. a few years ago, we all thought bruce bocce rode off into the sunset but appears he is back for one more rodeo. the longtime giants manager is set to manage team france in the world. baseball classic qualifying round next year. both she was born in france and the national team is hoping that boat you can make a difference because they
8:54 pm
failed to qualify in 2013 2017. but all in all, it will be fun to see bocce back in the dugout. all right. that's
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> the brunt of tropical storm u.s. tropical cyclone darby missed the hawaiian islands over the weekend. but it did leave a mark on this wedding of dylan and riley murphy. yikes. the couple's big island
8:57 pm
nuptials got soaked with the waves, crashed over the storm wall at their venue, wiping out part of the reception area. they say the cake and most of the food was spared. but one of the service parze was washed away. luckily the ceremony was complete in the newlyweds said, you know what? i did stop any of the fun. >> it is not hard by nobody seems to mind at the end of the day, we're all i can think of them. but it was that was the boss, baby. even more memorable than >> it was really the ultimate wedding crasher. good was the way. yes, it was in everybody's ok, everyone's fine. and they were great story thanks for watching. kron. 4 news today. we have granted la here during kron 4 news at 9 o'clock just seeing. ken, thanks very lanai here at 9. coming up, a story you'll only see here on kron. 4 will be hearing from the san francisco nonprofit director who was brutally attacked last
8:58 pm
happened and reaction now from other community leaders. plus, several fires broke out across the bay area today. the latest on the firefighting efforts and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has your forecast for the rest of the week. for news at 9 is next.
8:59 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news


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