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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 18, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news. they want you i want to go you don't add >> now at 10, a brutal attack in san francisco. how a community leader is recovering after becoming one of the latest victims of violence in the city. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm justine waldman in for pam moore. tonight, we're hearing from the nonprofit director who was brutally attacked outside the l a hill hutch community center. >> that's located in san francisco's fillmore district. he says 2 homeless men attacked him friday morning after he asked them to move their things off of the property. kron four's tell psac ii has his first tv interview. >> next thing i know i just i just feel some this hit me in the back of year and i feel myself going, you know, going out. then when i turn around, it was like in you know me. so
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it was like to buy in the face james been gola was brutally attacked by 2 homeless men on friday. >> outside of the l a hill hutch community center where he works with youth at a san francisco nonprofit. says >> he was taking the trash out in the back of the community center when he noticed the 2 men who would have had to hop a 20 foot fence to get into the area has seen a table back and drugs on the table our lighter. but again, we just every day that they'll set a spin. ghul is says. >> the man assaulted him after he kindly asked them to move their things away from the youth center. as you can see, he's still recovering from his injuries, which includes a fractured under his right eye in that space right there in and a lot of spaces and is not okay. you know, could we do have to raise kids? we do have to make sure our kids are all right. and we just can't keep exposing them to spin ghul and they hold many titles like executive director of the community center and collective impact.
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>> and also juvenile probation commissioner. but he's best known as uncle stank throughout the community. he serves since the attack donations to help spangler recover has poured in and you have a pillar, a senior of our community who protects. >> serves make sure everybody in the community has opportunity. that's the type of route responsibly. john henry with nonprofit organization, both sides of the conversation participates in many community events with spin gola and says spiegel has had a huge impact on many lives. >> san francisco police say they arrested one suspect, but the second hasn't been found. now many community leaders are asking more be done about these dangerous situations across the city in san francisco, taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> new at tonight, berkeley police are investigating a hate crime that was reported over the weekend. police say sometime between saturday night and sunday morning, someone at touched anti semitic symbols on the sides of 3 cars that were parked in the area of monterey avenue
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about 2 blocks north of saint mary's college high school, a 4th car in that area had its windows, smashed in with a brick. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. >> in walnut creek, police are adding more patrols in the downtown area after a rise in robberies. the police department says there have been a number of recent thefts in which personal items like jewelry have been taken. they're asking people in the area to be aware of their surroundings to prevent any more of these robberies from taking place. walnut creek police say they are working with other law enforcement agencies to add extra personnel to foot patrols and vehicle patrols throughout downtown. and now we're coming off another deadly weekend in oakland. police say 3 people were killed and now they're still searching for 2 suspects from force. amanda hari joins us live from our newsroom with more on the growing number of homicides this year. amanda. >> ken and justine, there have been 64 homicides so far this year. oakland, that's down
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from last year when the number was 72. but the police chief says that still far too many. >> our community is suffering because of this trauma. 3 more lives lost to gun violence in the city of oakland over the last few days. oakland police chief leronne armstrong says the first homicide happened friday night near harrison and 14th streets just west of lake merritt. the suspect in that crime has been taken into custody. the second happened sunday just after 11 in the morning on 13th avenue upon arrival. >> officers made contact with mister van who was suffering from gunshot wounds. unfortunately, mister valls to come his injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene. according to police, the 2 suspects approached the car. a 52 year-old confound of oakland attempting to rob him. >> the confrontation led to an argument and that led to gunfire. a man that was just out doing his job working. and
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unfortunately, 2 individuals came and attempted to rob. >> and obviously. chose to use a firearm. and unfortunately took falls police do not believe this was a hate crime. they're still looking for the 2 suspects involved. chief armstrong says the area near san antonio park field known as beech 19. >> has been the most violent police area in oakland. this community. >> who was often known as little saigon, has definitely been one that's been impacted significantly by violence. the 3rd homicide happened early monday morning on pippin street. >> the person had multiple gunshot wounds and died from their injuries. police believe only a small number of people are driving the crime in oakland, the data says only one percent of our population is actually the ones that drive violent crime. that's what we're going to be focused on. >> chief armstrong emphasize that they still need more police officers. the department has over 90
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vacancies. he says that's the highest number in more than 10 years in the newsroom. amanda harry kron, 4 amanda, thank you. we'll turn now to our wildfire coverage in several fires burned around the bay area today from the north bay to the east bay. fire crews had a busy start to the week forward. progress has been stopped in the ulta fire in pittsburgh. >> firefighters say it burned in the same areas of fire from last night's the fire started around 11, 30 and burned 40 acres. firefighters in the north bay were able to contain the lincoln fire near marine city. that fire started just after 3 this afternoon. >> in the area of northbound highway one, 0, one. at one point, some residents in sausalito were asked to shelter in place, but that requirement is now over. fire crews lost some ground in their fight against the washburn fire in yosemite national park. the latest report says the fire is 50% contained. that's down one per cent from yesterday and is now burning. 4900 acres. the
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mariposa grove containing those mature sequoias is still closed and yosemite visitors are prohibited from starting campfires to reduce the threat of starting a new fire. officials are asking people who do not live in the area year-round to wait several more days to come back. >> happening now, the air quality advisory of eastern contra costa county has been extended through tomorrow. the bay area air quality management district extended that advisory because of the marsh fire that's been burning for more than a month in the area of marsh creek road. and walnut boulevard, south of brentwood. investigators say the marsh fire started at a homeless encampment in ba point. it has since burned large amounts of peat. that's a combination of organic materials and minerals that can continue to burn. officials advise residents to close windows and avoi strenuous outdoor activity. run for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with a look at the air quality out. there must be frustrating. you get a fire like that that goes on to the ground, right? i mean that it's hard to put out just smoldering and puts up
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that smoke and they're going to see that again. i think for tomorrow, air quality was suffering a little bit this afternoon. then the winds really started to kick in that sea breeze that nice healthy on shore. wind really started to kick in most areas looking good right now are quality wise. we have one area, the yellow there. that's a moderate amount of pollutants into richmond. >> right now looks good. but tomorrow i think we'll see things change again high pressure. even those weekend. it's strong enough to it's going to kind of kept the atmosphere and keep really the mix doing it's a magic there in the east bay. i think you're still going to see some of the clues, especially in the morning hours. that's probably the toughest part of the day when the winds slack, you'll see that smoke kind of sit in and around those fire areas. and then by the afternoon that sea breeze, because the kicking that 10's of clearing out. but outs blooms in the east bay for tomorrow. otherwise good around the rest of the bay area. seeing that healthy sea breeze blowing right now. we've seen some winds gusting over 20 miles an hour. of course, we've had some patchy fog along the coastline. some of that beginning to develop once again and more of that on
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the way. i think that wind will stay more of an on shore breeze, but high pressure likely going to strengthen toward the middle of this weekend as that ridge builds in again, i think that's going to make up for less when less on shore breeze. and that means we'll probably some build up of some of the pollutants in the atmosphere outside right now. kind of hazy out there over the bay. we do have some fog out there along the coastline, but just kind of some general haze out there right now. i think these temperatures look pretty comfortable, but we've seen the effects of that sea breeze. now creep a little bit further on shore tonight. you've got 50's in the san francisco. still warm numbers in a place like concord. you've got 73 degrees. 72 in dublin and still 71 degrees in cloverdale. so warm numbers away from the immediate coastline. but things are going to start changing high temperatures today. the were in the upper 90's. well, we have some triple digits over the weekend. so started to cool slightly. i think tomorrow by tomorrow afternoon. lot of these numbers, especially inland are going to be as much as 10 degrees cooler along the in the interior valleys along the coastline, though, not much change in the weather pattern. guys, back to you, lawrence. thank you saying that they're
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just not enough monkeypox vaccines. the lgbtq community held a protest outside of >> san francisco of the office of health and human services today. they want the federal government to do more with monkeypox vaccines, testing and treatment kron four's. rob nesbitt has more from the protest. protesters say hhs had plenty of time to prepare for monkeypox. they're angry over a lack of planning, but even more upset with how the federal government has responded during the last 2 weeks. the time to stop monkeypox is not in the summer of 2023. >> it right. >> every speaker who took the megaphone monday afternoon echoed the same sentiment with monkeypox. we need more vaccines. the san francisco department of public health says around 4100 doses of the vaccine will be arriving this week after they requested 35,000 doses political director for equality, california tom temprano says hhs needs to do more to meet the need. the vaccine supply
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being provided to counties like san francisco and counties across the state by the federal government simply inadequate. temprano says some of his friends have gone to the pain of monkeypox. it may not be life threatening, but he wants to see more urgency taken to stop the spread. it is really serious. and this disease and aside from, you know, the physical impacts will have really significant impact on the day-to-day lives of people who do get it from a lack of vaccines to the frustrations felt by those waiting in long lines last week, protesters let their voices be heard. senator scott wiener says the fda has signed off on millions of doses of the monkeypox vaccine in denmark to be sent to the u.s. and that san francisco needs to be prioritized to get its fair share. people need to have easy access to this vaccine that we need to make sure we're focusing on the most impacted communities. other concerns, a lack of testing and the difficulties people are feeling to get treatment. >> michel roux pay with the harvey milk. lgbtq democratic club is a survivor of the hiv aids pandemic. he questions why there's been a lack of
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response from the federal government when it comes to monkeypox. there's seems to be stigma attached to it. to think that because lgbtq populations are primarily being affected, that this is lgbtq issue. we know that it is not. organizers of monday's protest announced a new way that you can stay up to date with monkeypox and vaccine availability. >> you can do that by texting the words, prevent monkeypox, 2, 5, 2, 8, 8, 6 reporting in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> data from the cdc shows california has 266 cases of monkeypox. >> 86 of those were reported in san francisco. that makes up more than a 32% of the state's cases. the latest information on the disease, including a monkeypox case tracker and vaccination sites. you can scan this qr code on your screen. we'll take you straight to our website. >> new developments tonight out of uvalde, texas. 2 months after the massacre at robb
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elementary school, texas state police now launching an internal review over the slow response to the tragedy that killed 19 children and 2 teachers. this announcement coming after state lawmakers released an in-depth investigation along with new body camera footage. more than 3 hours of video showing what officers face when they arrived at the school. some were victims trapped inside but no one tried to breach the classroom. the report from the texas house investigative committee details. what happened between the time the gunman opened fire inside the school and the more than 70 minutes that went before border patrol agents killed the gunman. >> that day. >> several officers in the hallway or in that building. new or should have known there was dying in that classroom
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and they should have done more acting with urgency. try the door handles, try to go into the windows, try to distract him, try to do something. to address the situation. >> nearly 4 100 officers responded to the scene of them. only 2 are currently known to be on leave pending an investigation into their actions. >> we are learning new details tonight surrounding the deadly mass shooting at an indiana shopping mall. 3 victims in addition to the shooter are dead. 2 others were wounded after the violence at greenwood parking a greenwood park mall rather outside indianapolis. that rampage reportedly ending after a good samaritan with a gun of his own took down the shooter. jenna barnes has the story. >> greenwood, indiana police applauding 22 year-old elijah and he was shopping at greenwood park mall with his girlfriend when the shooting began in the food court. he, too, was carrying a gun and
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shot and killed. the suspect. his actions were nothing short of heroic >> engaged the gunman from quite a distance with a handgun was very proficient in that very tactically sound. and as he moves to a close in on the suspect, he was also motioning for people to exit behind him. the shooting began around 6 sunday evening when the 20 year-old suspect emerged from a mall bathroom after spending over an hour inside. we believe he was getting ready. he added the waistband holster on with several magazines. he had a backpack. >> that had the second assault for second. >> rifle broken down and so that it would fit in there several rounds of ammunition. we think that he was kind of preparing for his his actions during that hour and 10
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minutes. the police chief says the suspect identified as jonathan sup and had 100 rounds of ammunition on him and he fired 24 rounds before he was shot. >> killing victor gomez and married couple pedro panay to and rosa mariano rivera to the 12 year-old girl was also hurt. many more people would have died last night if not for responsible arm citizen. that took action very quickly. within the first 2 minutes of the shooting. >> that was jenna barnes reporting for us tonight. a jury will soon decide the fate of confessed parkland school shooter nicholas cruz, opening arguments began today in the phase of cruz's trial that will determine his sentencing. he faces either the death penalty or life in prison. cruz pleaded guilty to murdering 17 people. marjory stoneman douglas high school in february of 2018, the penalty phase of his trial is
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expected to take several months at the trial's conclusion. the jury will have to decide unanimously if cruz will be sentenced to death. >> turning now to our coronavirus coverage, the biden administration has extended the covid-19 public health emergency for another 3 months. the latest covid subvariant known as ba 5 is considered the most contagious to date. and the cdc says it expects hopping hospitalizations to increase. take a look at these maps on the left is a community level map which is based upon the number of new covid cases and those hospitalized for covid. as you can see, most of california and most of the bay area is considered high with the exception of santa clara county. the map on the right shows covid transmission levels. most of california is considered in a high rate of transmission. with the exception of 2 counties in the sierra, the entire bay area highlighted red for high transmission of covid. >> because so many people with
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covid use at-home tests and do not report the information to county health departments. wastewater is giving us a look into what's happening with covid cases. kron four's dan kerman reports. experts say the current surge is approaching what we had in the winter and might end up even worse. >> examining wastewater is now giving infectious disease experts a clearer picture of how bad this current covid-19 surges. the wastewater is telling us that it's still at a very high sustained concentration, which means is actively circulating in the community and people should continue to take precautions to protect themselves from transmission of the virus. >> the surge in santa clara county and other parts of the state is approaching the levels we saw during the surge over the winter with one worrisome difference, it's lasting longer. >> the width of the surge is broader than the with of that. the december january search. so at the end of the day, we're going to have more people who got infected during the search, possibly even in december and january. it's a
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little early to call that exactly. ucsf epidemiology professor doctor george rutherford says people must protect themselves now by getting boosted avoiding large crowds and masking when indoors. you don't want to get this. >> opens the doors for long covid syndrome and a bunch of other stuff. and your prior infections not going to protect you. that for that it looks increasingly like. the ba 4 and ba 5, for actually acquired immunity only last for last for. maybe a month. experts also suggest if you are infected not to come out of isolation to quickly, people are shooting the virus much longer than 5 days down. everybody certainly been a lot of people were. >> some people out to 10 days, some people, even more than 10 days. uc berkeley, infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says. >> even though the cdc says if you feel well after 5 days, you can come out of isolation as long as you're wearing a mask. he says that's based on old data. he says a negative test is a safer way to go and
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will help keep the virus from spreading breezeway. i would end of the contest on to that is because throughout the test is usually negative at the time when you're not. >> having much virus least enough really to spread. so if you're without symptoms, it's been more than 5 days. your rapid test is negative. i think the chances of you spreading the virus are very low. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> if you plan on riding bart anytime soon, you will no longer have to wear a mask because the mandate has expired. the vote happened after the federal mask mandate for public transit was struck down the relaxing of the rules coming despite a surge in covid cases, particularly the ba 5 variant which has the ability to re. in fact, people who even have had a recent infection. some riders tell kron 4 news they are still going to keep their masks on. >> i'm going to visit my grandparents so i don't want to get them sick anything. i'm already like vaccinated. i
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have the i just you know, limine. >> and in public transportation was crowded area. you don't feel safe not wearing your mask now that and and and those kind of situation. >> bart is still encouraging riders to wear masks. face masks are provided at station agent boost from state safety staff. >> still ahead on kron, 4 news at 10, a livermore bowling alley reopen today after a deadly shooting over the weekend. details on the search for the gunman >> see the rainbow taste the toxins, a bay area woman files a lawsuit against skittles saying the makers have left a toxic chemical in that camden. but for san francisco's new district attorney has fired more than a dozen staff members. >> what that could mean for >> what that could mean for young people >> what that could mean for young people i'm gonna earn 3% on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. that's a lot of cash back. are you gonna stop me? uh-oh... i'm almost there... too late! boom!
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earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> dozen employees from the san francisco district attorney's office are out of a job. newly-appointed da brooke jenkins terminated 15 staffer since taking office more than a week ago. staff turnover is not uncommon when a new da takes office, but one of those terminated says that they're concerned about what this could mean for juvenile justice reform in sf gate op ed written before jenkins was appointed ri and ko shot stays asked mayor london breed too,
10:25 pm
taken in consideration. this district attorney's juvenile units accomplishments when choosing to dean's successor. he says that unit helped drastically reduce re conviction rates and decrease the city's juvenile hall population by almost 60%. >> was a regular attorney in the office right? i had no power to make decisions. it only that i had ever been vocal about. she could have to the progress we made in the juvenile justice system. >> we have reached out to the district attorney's office to give her a chance to address those concerns. in a previous statement regarding staffing changes da, brooke jenkins wrote in part, quote, a promise the public that would restore accountajility and consequences to the criminal justice system while advancing smart reforms responsibly. my new management team, which will include the addition of 3 women of color was decades of prosecutorial experience at the highest levels. well, help our office deliver on that promise.
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>> now to some national news in just the past couple of months, the supreme court has made some landmark decisions about abortion access, gun control and climate change. and those conservative decisions prompted outrage among democrats. some lawmakers say it's time to reform the supreme court. they're pushing legislation to add 4 seats to the supreme court. they say that could restore balance to a court, they believe is too conservative leaning. >> they're just getting started. he threatened right-wing justices hale already undermined justice. well, millions of americans, nothing in the constitution says anything about. >> how many members have to sit on the supreme court? >> right now, the legislation does not even have enough democratic votes to pass the house and it would have an even tougher time passing the senate. there is some precedent, though, throughout it's history. congress has adjusted the size of the supreme court 7 times. but the last change was more than 150
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years ago. >> coming up next, a 10 more than 20 years after her disappearance and murder trial for kristin smart began today. the latest on that trial after the break. >> and some people come fog rolling in the above san francisco right now. more of that to come. we'll have your 10. a 10 coming up next.
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>> our top story at 10, 30. this search is on tonight for a gunman who police say killed a 28 year-old man and an east bay bowling alley shooting happened at the granada bowl in downtown livermore on saturday night. kron four's terisa stasio has the latest now on the investigation. a vigil is growing out here in front of granada bowl. >> and now live more police are releasing a picture of the suspect. police identifying this man. 27 year-old roger aleman garcia as the suspect in the fatal shooting of antonio vargas and injuring 2 others. police say garcia is a convicted felon with a criminal history, including assault with a deadly weapon. he is prohibited from carrying a weapon based on his criminal background. >> and i've never even fathom something that would happen in this area. >> justin thompson belongs to a bowling here. like that to happen is kind of mind-boggling. you would never imagine, especially area. this
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is like the friendliest community either. every guy super family, you know, got to go downtown all time because we go, police say preliminary evidence shows the shooting broke out after garcia and vargas got into a fight inside the bowling alley. >> police say that garcia pulled out a gun and started shooting throughout the day. people came by the bowling alley, laying flowers, paying their respects to the vargas family. it's pretty sight again. police are asking the public for help in trying to track down the suspect. we've posted the picture on our facebook as well as kron 4 dot com in livermore, theresa kron. 4 news. >> the murder trial of kristin smart again today in monterey county. her 1996 disappearance rocked college campuses up and down the state smart's cold case. murder investigation was revived following a podcast that shed new light on her disappearance. 25 year-old paul flores has been considered a suspect in her killing. the prosecutors only
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arrested him and his father in 2021. after the investigation was revived, the case was moved to monterey county superior court in salinas after a judge ruled the suspects could not get a fair trial in san luis obispo. we'll bring you the latest developments here on air and online at kron 4 dot com. >> the secret service has until tomorrow to turn over deleted text messages to the house committee investigating the insurrection. the committee issued a subpoena for the missing texts last week after learning they were somehow raced at issue are secret service techs from january 5th and 6th. the committee's next hearing is set for this thursday in prime time. the panel is expected to focus on what former president trump was doing during the 187 minutes, his supporters attacked the capitol. >> an east bay woman is suing the maker of the candy skittles saying they contain a toxin and are unfit for human consumption. the san leandro resident filed a suit last week against the mars company.
10:33 pm
it says the candy still contains titanium dioxide and mars did not adequately warn consumers of health risks. the suit says in 2016, the candy maker said it would remove it in the coming years, but so far hasn't done so maher says its use of titanium dioxide complies with fda regulations. lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for fraud and multiple violations of california's consumer protection laws. santa clara county says it received 201 calls from the crisis and suicide prevention lifeline during its first weekend of operation. the 9, 8, 8, mental health crisis hotline launched on saturday. the numbers from the county are a combination of the 9.88 and the original national suicide prevention lifeline. the county says the number overall did not increase over the past weekend compared to previous weekends. >> 3 high school students from the south bay are getting some
10:34 pm
recognition for using artwork to bring awareness to the dangers of fentanyl. this year's poster contest asked the question, what is the face of fentanyl just returning. jeff rosen asked students to illustrate how the epidemic is affecting them and their community. he says the teenagers are purchasing what they think are pharmaceutical drugs off the streets. but instead they're given poisonous pills that were laced with fentanyl. >> when i was doing research on fence, no seeing that. it was being like. advertised as something that it wasn't like paint minutes and maybe think of a wolf in sheep's clothing. so that's what it is. >> officials are still deciding on a location to display the art work. >> san francisco supervisor matt dorsey is calling for expedited actions for some residents of 33 to more than a month after the skyscraper flooded. you may remember this video, the high-rise apartment building flooded early june,
10:35 pm
forcing almost 500 of its residents out of their homes. the building's owners and residents won't be allowed to return until late this year at the earliest. meanwhile, landlord payments for alternative housing arrangements are set to cease next month. in a letter to mayor london breed, today's supervisor dorsey called on city officials to accelerate placements for low and moderate income renters. at to he also sent a separate letter to city attorney david chiu asking for a formal review of whether or not the building's ownership is meeting its legal obligations to the displaced tenants. the building's owner has said flooding was caused by a water main failure on the 35th floor which serviced the building's fire sprinkler system. >> caltrans will begin shutting down a homeless encampment near the macarthur maze in west oakland this week. the agency says it's taking action to address safety concerns after a fire there prompted the closure of the macarthur maze last week. caltrans is coordinating with the city of oakland and
10:36 pm
alameda counties so that the 200 people estimated to be living at that site have access to shelter beds. the camp will be removed in phases starting on wednesday, a dead humpback whale was found washed up as sharp park beach in pacific over the weekend. cal academy officials tell us the carcass. >> showed signs of an interaction was orcas, which was likely the cause of death. officials say humpback whales are feeding in the bay area right now. so it's not uncommon for the whales to wander in areas. they aren't typically known to be in the marine mammal center in khaliq. adam er investigating. we'll keep you updated. one more information on the whale is available. >> now for 4 zone forecast as we take this live look outside at the transamerica pyramid in san francisco as we kick off the official monday through friday workweek. that's right, lauren. so we're so excited about the work week ahead way. we're well on our way. guys week that moving back on shore now to look too bad out of sfo right now. if you're checking out of town, just some patchy
10:37 pm
fog out there right now. something to watch out for, though we are seeing a long periods well making its way along the coastline of southerly swell. that means south facing beaches. watch out. you can see some big wave surfer love that kind of stuff. but you also get some larger rip tides. but this time of year, you get some tropical storms, the tend to move north and as they do, they'll generate those swells and make their way along the coastline. that will be through a wednesday. expect those large swells to that period. meantime, though, we are seeing a high pressure over the 4 corner states. interesting, though, you see the wraparound moisture. a lot of times you get some of that. some tropical moisture caught up in the systems as well to call the monsoon racing up across the sierra nevada, even in toward the santa barbara area, had some thunderstorms popping up out there. but now that ridge of high pressure going to start to move to the east and as it moves eastward, going to be replaced by some cooler temperatures and some fog going to begin to move in. we're going to need it to some hot temperatures around vhe u.s. we get in california. those temperatures still the triple digits to the central valley checkout death valley, 108 degrees. but it's going to be about 111 in phoenix around
10:38 pm
the bay area for tomorrow. we're talking temperatures in the 50's and 60's in the san francisco. i'm not a big change. their school numbers. that's way it's been along the coastline of these temperatures even throughout the weekend. as much as 40 degrees cooler that some of the valley's about 67 in millbrae. 67 in burlingame, bring you inside the peninsula. temperatures warm up very nicely. 70's in the san carlos 78 in redwood city. lot of 80's tomorrow. lots of sunshine all day long in the santa clara valley in the place, the east bay. they've had those triple digit temperatures over the weekend. even today was closer 98 degrees or so. i think a much more comfortable still warm. upper 80's by tomorrow afternoon. 89 degrees in walnut creek about 77 in hercules about then inside the delta. you can see those temperatures kind of a variety 70's into but then about 90 in the pittsburgh, maybe still hot 101 in vacaville back toward the coastline. we've got some patchy fog moving in, some partial clearing toward the afternoon. a little bit of sea breeze kicking in temperatures, kind of holding steady, little warmer into wednesday and thursday, but not by much cooling down on friday and then warming up again on saturday and sunday. the good news is we're not
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seeing a major heat wave coming our way. really. that's been over the desert southwest. they've seen incredible heap up for us so far. so good 90's or, you know, summer, that's every other summer weather. that's thanks your work. haha. california is bracing for another sweltering heat wave this week across the country. millions are finding. >> no relief from the heat, especially people who do not have air conditioning. the census bureau released a survey showing the largest u.s. cities without ac in their homes. only 40% of homes in buffalo, new york, have air conditioning 3 california cities made the list, including santa ana oakland and san francisco, which only has 47% of homes with ac. meantime, in the united kingdom, they've issued their first ever red warning. >> with temperatures there reaching a record, 105 degrees. the extreme heat is just wrapping disrupting air travel to flights were halted at london's let an airport north of london today after a
10:40 pm
runway apparently melted engineers were working to repair what officials described as a surface defect. britain's red heat alert is expected to last at least through tomorrow. the highest temperature ever recorded in the uk was just under 102 degrees. for your money. tonight, inflation continues to rise and the fed is expected to raise interest rates again. our washington correspondent trevor shirley has the latest details. and we could see that rate hike happen by the end of this month. federal reserve officials are expected to hold a meeting before the end of july. >> there's reason to believe the fed will raise interest rates again this time by as much as 3 quarters of a point. the fed already raised interest rates several times this year. it's part of the strategy to try to slow down inflation last friday's consumer price index report showed inflation. is it a 9.1%? that's the highest level in 40 years. administration officials say president biden is doing what he can to slow
10:41 pm
inflation down. but republicans say democrats policies have led to this moment. he has dispatched his team to do everything we can to ease price pressures. it is his top. >> domestic economic priority. we're doing everything we can to help ease price pressures. congress needs to step up and do a lot more. we have the balance, the budget. this is caused by reckless spending. >> we've we've every poll. every proposal. democrats have to spend your money and what we understand this process is in the works. it's not clear at this point when that announcement might happen or when that rate hike would actually take effect. >> reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. gas prices continue to drop across the country, according to triple a the. >> nationwide average for a gallon of regular is now $4 and $0.52. that is down nearly $0.50 from a month ago, of course, in california are paying a lot more. but the prices are on the decline. the
10:42 pm
state average is down. $0.47 from its all-time high just one month ago here in the bay area. the price drop is even more significant. for example, in san francisco, the average price for a gallon of regular is $5 and $0.95. that is a $0.38 drop from this day last month. san jose and oakland also seeing similar drops over the last month in santa rosa. the price of gas dropped $0.67 the most expensive gas in the bay area is still in napa. the average price for a gallon of regular there, $6 and $0.11. still ahead here on kron 4 news, it had a second shot at love. all the details on jennifer lopez and ben affleck's. >> weekend wedding. that's after the break. >> and he's forced the forty-niners getting ready for the season. the narrative of is trey lance ready to be quarterback remains at the forefront. one of his teammates sinks is ready. worst director jason dumas has
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> well, a lot has been made about the forty-niners transition from jimmy garoppolo, the trey lance and it seems as though everyone has an opinion about that guy. some opinions matter more than others take mine, for instance, who really cares what i think about this switch. but how about one of the forty-niners captains? i'd say a lot of people care about that. all pro linebacker, fred
10:46 pm
warner chimed in today on how he feels about the new qb, one in from the sounds of it. trey has already won over a lot of his teammates. h> the narrative of everybody's baskin. always tree ready. is trading guy. and although the questions and continue to and just how much are that marred the way trade has taken on, you know, just all the criticism, all the all the i guess you could say, like the pressure that people are kind of put on him. you know, he's been super professional about it, especially with how young you. i'm very mature for his age. and so just the things that you see from in the small, the small things that you know, that everybody else outside of the building to be from u.s. to get you a good sense like the maturity for such a young player. and you know, it if given the reins like what the way that he would handle it, you know, and so i can continue to sit here and tell you how, you know, great of a
10:47 pm
person and player that he you know, corey spoken on that. but, you know, whatever, whatever, maybe i know that guy is for sure. if given the range that he's ready for he's very professional and mature and ready for whatever given trade continue to work hard and that kind of how you that's how you build respect. >> among your teammates, your peers, you know it by. it's like putting in the work in and day out. and guys being that. you know, and saying that confidence build within going into effect here, you know, being out there to work out in practice, you know, continue to do that in training camp. like i know we will so for respect among his teammates. >> all right. let's head south to the city of angels home run derby time at dodger stadium. it came down to 2 guys. seattle's julio rodriguez and washington's juan soto. rodriguez finished his final round with 18 home runs. now,
10:48 pm
soto steps up to the plate. and guess what? he gets the edge. he hits his 19th home, run to clinch it. he knew it immediately. look at him. throw that bat. soto captures his first home run derby title. even get to change because then it to him. >> by bad bunny. he is great, great player. all right. a few years ago, we all thought bruce bocce, we're going to ride off into the sunset. one really hear from him again in a baseball standpoint. but >> he's back for one more rodeo the long time giants manager is set to manage team france in the world. baseball classic qualifying round in 2023. bocce was actually born in france. for those who didn't know that. and the national team, they are hoping that he can make a difference because they have failed to qualify in their attempts in both 2013 2017. but regardless of the outcome, it's cool to see bocce back in the dugout
10:49 pm
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>> krispy kreme is making this summer a little bit sweeter with some brand new treats about a lot sweeter. the donut chain is collaborating with good humor and pops. go to release 3 new donuts only for a limited time. the new flavors include firecracker vanilla king kone and the creamsicle all inspired by ice
10:52 pm
cream truck favorites. these treats will be available starting july 18th in participating stores across the u.s.. i thought it was they were making. don't a savory ice cream. yeah, i was with you on that one. either way. sounds good. yes. i >> better for is back and it's official. the couple is finally married. jennifer lopez and ben affleck got engaged in april for the second time and the couple tied the knot late saturday night at the world famous little white chapel in las vegas. reporter markie martin has their love story. >> sorry. do we know we >> a hollywood love story 2 decades in the making. and even the wider question you. long time when i first met you, jennifer lopez and ben affleck tying the knot over the weekend at the little white wedding chapel in las vegas. j lo sharing the news with her fans in her news letter writing this, it turns out love is patient. 20 years,
10:53 pm
patient paperwork shows jennifer even took her husband's last name there. now, ben and jennifer athletic or to adoring fans bene for 2 point. people are very happy and i believe a good portion of that have to do with that. that nostalgia factor, you know, like people really love. >> early on in the donald together. the couple is worth an estimated 550 million dollars. but decided to skip the grand celebration for now and head to the wedding capital of the world. we kept level live in las vegas home to 120,000 weddings every year, including dozens of celebrities like bruce willis and demi moore. >> bon jovi and nicolas cage twice and who can forget elvis and priscilla presley saying i do in in 1967 ceremony that lasted just 8 minutes. now, the inspiration behind an even more iconic vegas ceremony.
10:54 pm
ellis weddings. celebrity couples, kourtney kardashian and travis barker and david harbor and lily allen both chose the king for their big day. the crime. >> all right. moving on the brunt of tropical cyclone darby missed the hawaiian islands over the weekend. but the storm did leave a mark on another wedding. this is of dylan and riley. murphy. look at that way. the couple's big nuptials got soaked on the big island when waves crashed over the storm. all wiped out part of the reception area. they say the cake and most of the food was spared. although one of the service mars was washed away, there's a tragedy. luckily the ceremony was complete and the newlyweds say it didn't stop the fun one bit. >> hard by nobody seems to mind at the end of the day, we're all i can think them. but it was that was the boss baby. even more memorable than
10:55 pm
>> they probably won't forget this one. dylan riley had a great attitude about the weather saying it made their special day more memorable. >> really? the ultimate wedding crasher? already made that joke tonight. but you know, it's worth making sure it really how is the tropical system doing is it's still having an impact on hawaii. how about you? go to hawaii, run by all your friends there and you're thinking maybe volcanoes in the maybe a little luau and you've got a wave crashed on top how about that? but this time of year, they do get those tropical systems out there. and there's one that moved just south of the islands here. >> here's darby has looked on a friday this last friday. roll the clock back just a bit. you can see off the coastline here making its way south and yes, start to track south of the island kind of falling apart. but doing all that damage, all those waves generated by that. and there's more to come. we've got yet another tropical system out there. this one actually a step. this is a category one hurricane making its way off the coastline now of mexico. what happens a lot of these
10:56 pm
times. these storm almost due west and as they do, they start to make their way toward the hawaiian islands. and there you go. you get those big time as well as out there as well. well, the meantime, we're going to see some changes coming our way in the next couple days. how about this finally, a little cooler air mixing into the bay area, not cold at all. so along the coastline, we've got some cooler temperatures there and see the haze out in the bay and some patchy fog in the san francisco right now. kind of a neat shot out there this evening. temperature really could see where you're seeing the effects of that cooler 50's and along the coastline, of course, in a san francisco and oakland. but then you get over the east bay hills and that marine air haven't been able big work its way well inland just yet. and so you're still in the 70's at this time. usually that means you're seeing a nice, warm day again for tomorrow and will be warm but not as hot as it's been. i think you're going back out in the 90's tomorrow, at least more comfortably down into the upper 80's. 67 degrees right now. very comfortable in san jose. 66 in palo alto and 61 degrees in redwood city. i think by tomorrow afternoon it will be a little bit cooler in spots inland. still on the warm side, 89 in concord about 89
10:57 pm
in livermore. 83 degrees. nice day in san jose and 74 degrees in hayward. while coastal areas not big changes. you've got 50's and 60's with that patchy fog hanging out toward the beaches next couple days. temperatures cool off a little bit tomorrow. probably warming up a little bit on wednesday and thursday to cool down again on friday. the weekend. guess what? a little bit warmer. so kind of up and down. but no major changes on the rise and some to watch out for. we talked about that big wave and why sometimes you get the storms of fall apart around here and eventually some of that moisture comes up in the bay area this time of year. we start talking thunderstorms, yeah, it's thing. >> thanks for joining us tonight. have a good night. we'll see tomorrow.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: united states of jitters. americans on edge at the vegas casino and exclusive. inside j.lo's secret wedding straight from the pastor who married them. speak about that a great ceremony last night? >> her dress. the marriage certificate. she's changing her name to jennifer aflac. then the of on trump death investigation. >> what everyone needs to know taking the stairs, not just the elderly, so it doesn't happen to you. >> you are going to slowly come down.


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