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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 19, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. a time for you now is 04:30am, here on a tuesday. hey, the last few days been nice. and i think like john has been talking about, it depends on where you live on the east bay. john. so the weather has been great, but you can talk about the air quality. so ed, about as much as i would like to cannot go out today to do a study again. that's one of those issues. it just depends. and where rain is that things have been pretty good. she's right. stepping outside her backyard.
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>> she's been enjoying some 70's. well, some of us haven't been enjoying the 70's at all. >> some 90's do continue inland today for some of us. but it all just depends exactly where you're at. if you're tapping into this that cool ocean breeze, that low gray that is pushing in over san francisco been keeping temperatures really nice and moderated near the bayshore in near the coastline inland areas. you're not quite tapping into that. nor will you have that sweeping action that that cool ocean air comes along with some areas like pittsburg, antioch bay point conquered, even you're likely to detect a little bit more haze burning from the marsh fire nearby. you know, as far as we go with temperatures were in the cool 50's near the coastline near the bay. look at those 60's and even 70's quite a different story. once you head away from the water. so again, a cool day near the coast and near the bay and for inland areas, although not hot is as hot as yesterday. we are starting to see that cool down. it's still going to be a pretty warm one with still a few 90's on the map. i'm
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talking more about what to expect in this forecast. that brings plenty of variety with it. still to come right now, john, thank you that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic this morning about a 10 minute ride into the city. >> mason at fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula, just under 13 minutes for you. there. let's get a look at the richmond center fell bridge a 9 minute right? and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the told weny last night. a man is in custody after a string of custody after a string of crimes all started with a at knifepoint. the crime spree started sunday night just after 10, a san mateo police responded to a hit and run around cypress avenue and north humboldt street just off the bayshore freeway. when officers arrived, they talked to a rideshare driver who was there with out a car. now she told officers that she had picked up a passenger in san jose. and when dropping the man off, he reportedly held a knife to her stomach and he demanded that she can driving.
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the rideshare driver told police she continued driving. and as she entered the freeway in san mateo, she jumped out of the moving car. that's when the man took the car drove away, then called 9-1-1 and report someone was trying to kill him. now tracking the number. police say they identified the man as randy j as the suspect. yesterday he told an officer he needed to be taken to jail. police say jay had fenton all on him and he was driving a stolen truck. jay confessed to the attempted kidnapping and carjacking the night before he's now booked in the san mateo county jail. well, a san francisco man is speaking out after he was brutally attacked outside the nonprofit community center where he worked on friday. call for sailors. aqi has an update on that story. >> next thing i know i just i just feel some this hit me in the back of year and i feel myself going, you know, going out. then when i turn around, it was like in the face being, you know me. so it was like to
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buy in the face on james spingola was brutally attacked by 2 homeless men on friday. >> outside of the l a hill hutch community center where he works with youth at a san francisco nonprofit. spingola says >> he was taking the trash out in the back of the community center when he noticed the 2 men who would have had to hop a 20 foot fence to get into the area has seen a guy table back and drugs on the table they again, we just every day that they'll set up spingola says. >> the man assaulted him after he kindly asked them to move their things away from the youth center. as you can see, he's still recovering from his injuries, which includes a fracture under his right eye in that space right there in and a lot of spaces and not ok, you know, could we do have to raise kids? we do have to make sure our kids are all right. and we just can't keep exposing them to spin ghul and they hold many titles like executive director of the community center and collective impact. >> and also juvenile probation
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commissioner. but he's best known as uncle stank throughout the community. he serves since the attack donations to help spangler recover has poured in and you have a pillar, a senior of our community who protects. >> serves make sure everybody in the community has opportunity. that's the type of route responsibly. john henry with nonprofit organization, both sides of the conversation participates in many community events with spingola and says spiegel has had a huge impact on many lives. >> san francisco police say they arrested one suspect, but the second hasn't been found. now many community leaders are asking more be done about these dangerous situations across the city in san francisco, taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> over police are investigating a hate crime that was reported over the weekend. police say sometime between saturday night and sunday morning, someone an anti semitic symbol on the side of 3 cars. now the cars are part of the area of
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monterey avenue about 2 blocks north of saint mary's college high school, a 4th car in the area had its windows, smashed in with a break. san francisco police have identified the man arrested and arrested the man for calling in a bomb at sfo. you might remember this happen. samara says a police say terry addison is now facing charges for the incident on friday night. look at all the people that were forced out of the airport. police said authorities found a suspicious package in a nearby parking garage. investigators at the airport the item, possibly incendiary and evacuated the international terminal. addison was booked into jail in san mateo county. well, a dozen employees from the san francisco district attorney's office are now out of a job newly appointed district attorney brooke jenkins fired 15 staffers since taking office more than a week ago. will staff turnover is not uncommon when a new da takes office. yeah. ryan cole, jay sta who was an attorney,
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worked under jason to dean in the juvenile unit until he was fired. he says the terminations have him concerned about what this could mean for the juvenile unit and juvenile justice reform in a sf gate op-ed written before jenkins was a point. he asked mayor london breed to take into consideration the accomplishments of the juvenile unit when choosing assessor. he says that unit helped drastically reduced re conviction rates and decrease the seas. juvenile hall population by nearly 60%. >> as a regular attorney in the office right? i had no power to make decisions. only that i had ever been a vocal about. seem to have to the progress we made in the juvenile justice system. >> well, we reached out to the da's office to give her a chance to address these concerns. in a previous statement regarding staffing changes, da jenkins wrote in part, i promised the public that would restore accountability and consequences to the criminal
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justice system while advancing smart reforms responsibly. new management team, which will include the addition of 3 women of color with decades of prosecutorial experience at the highest levels. well, help our office deliver on that promise. monkeypox cases are on the rise in the lgbtq community. and advocates are speaking out about it. a protest held outside of the u.s. health and human services building. san francisco yesterday with demonstrators asking the federal government to do more with vaccines, testing and treatment. rob nesbitt has that update. >> protesters say hhs had plenty of time to prepare for monkeypox. they're angry over a lack of planning, but even more upset with how the federal government has responded during the last 2 weeks. the time to stop monkeypox is not in the summer of 2023. >> it is right. >> every speaker who took the megaphone monday afternoon echoed the same sentiment with monkeypox. we need more vaccines. the san francisco
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department of public health says around 4100 doses of the vaccine will be arriving this week after they requested 35,000 doses political director for equality, california tom temprano says hhs needs to do more to meet the need. the vaccine supply being provided to counties like san francisco and counties across the state by the federal government is simply inadequate. temprano says some of his friends have gone to the pain of monkeypox. it may not be life threatening, but he wants to see more urgency taken to stop the spread. it is really serious. and this disease and aside from, you know, the physical impacts will have really significant impact on the day-to-day lives of people who do get it from a lack of vaccines to the frustrations felt by those waiting in long lines last week, protesters let their voices be heard. senator scott wiener says the fda has signed off on millions of doses of the monkeypox vaccine in denmark to be sent to the u.s. and that san francisco needs to be prioritized to get its fair share. people need to have easy access to this vaccine
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that we need to make sure focusing on the most impacted communities. other concerns, a lack of testing and the difficulties people are feeling to get treatment. michel roux pay with the harvey milk. lgbtq democratic club is a survivor of the hiv aids pandemic. he questions why there's been a lack of response from the federal government when it comes to monkeypox. there's seems to be this stigma attached to it. to think that because lgbtq populations are primarily being affected, that this is lgbtq issue. we know that it is not. organizers of monday's protest announced a new way that you can stay up to date with monkeypox and vaccine availability. >> you can do that by texting the words, prevent monkeypox, 2, 5, 2, 8, 8, 6 reporting in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> with more people in the bay area and across the state that continue to get affected with covid-19 and those rapid at-home covid test kits as accurate as they once were wastewater may be a clue and giving us a look into what's happening with covid cases.
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experts say the current surge is approaching what we had in the winter and might end up even worse. >> it's definitely going on longer than what we saw during the initial omicron surge in january. what we can tell from the wastewater said they really were in the midst of a large surge. >> well, doctors are urging people to take the necessary precautions to reduce the chances of catching or spreading covid. that includes, of course, wearing a mask. keeping your distance and taking a test. if you're feeling under the weather. well, then humpback whale was found washed up at shark park beach in pacific over the weekend. cal academy officials tell us the carcass showed signs of an interaction with or kuz, which was likely the cause of death. officials say how that wills are feeding in the san francisco bay area right now. so it's not uncommon for the wells to wander in areas they aren't supposed to be the marine mammal center in calcutta me are currently investigating.
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well, san francisco supervisor matt dorsey is calling for exaedited actions for some residents of the 33 to more than a month since it flooded. you might remember this video. the high rise apartment building flooded in early june, forcing nearly 500 of its residents out of their homes. the building's owners said residents won't be allowed to return to late this year at the earliest landlord payments for alternate housing arrangements are set to cease next month. in a letter to mayor london breed yesterday, supervisor dorsey calling city officials to accelerate placements for low and moderate income renters. at to we also sent to us every letter or he also sent a separate letter to city attorney david chiu asking for a formal review of whether the building's ownership is meeting its legal obligations to displaced tenants. the building's owners said flooding was caused by a water main failure on the 35th floor which service the building's fire sprinkler system. coming up next to the kron. 4 morning news. the forty-niners may be
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mark people are coming southand going constantly.sient. twenty-seven years ago, i planted the church that we're at now. in the first summer, a third of our congregation moved away and they were all leaders. ringing in my ear was dr. stanley saying, "trust god, trust god." >> welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. the time few now and hopefully you're at start your day and you probably need to know what to wear, how to plan just hot. no matter where i go today, if i just keep it like light that some long
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sleeves in like a little pans jumpsuit, i can go anywhere. breathe ability is key see you. you've got to get out and on for that. we are looking out there to conditions that will be. >> a nice to start but pretty hot towards the finish of the day. so you can see a little bit to the low gray. at least the city lights, qaeda. >> but brightening up a little bit from down below. this is the low cloud cover. that's good. right back in across the bay area this morning into the bay itself and right along the coastline where you are running into a few pockets of lower visibility. now our inland areas, you're already under the clear skies. and yet again today you're going to be under the heat all over again. quite the variety of weather, at least not a lot of new being be introduced by are fires burning in the sierra nevada. high pressure. ridge is in place helping to keep inland temperatures warm. well, we still do have that coastal influence. this nice seabreeze pushing in that layer of grey this morning. nice dose of sunshine this afternoon and are most comfortable spots will be the east bay shoreline. your head
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inland, though, and you'll get to that. he really quickly cooler right along the coastline. tomorrow morning, another dose, a low grade followed by some more sunshine. as for temperatures today, expect some 60's for san francisco 50's and 60's right along the coastline. you'll get a dose of sunshine there, too. just going to be slower, getting to it. 70's for most of our bayshore cities to low 80's as well from san carlos to mountain view, just at right above 80 degrees. well, san jose 87 just a little cooler than yesterday for inland areas. not much of a difference, though, one to 2 degree drop in temperatures isn't something much you'll notice. oakland at 72 while you head over to danville in concord and you'll be at 91 antioch in vacaville are very hottest spots at 95 degrees each that is cooler than yesterday. but like i mentioned, only one to 2 degrees cooler tomorrow. temperatures drop just a few more degrees. so this is slow movement, at least taking us in the right direction, not getting hotter, but just gradually, a little cooler by
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the weekend mid 80's that are very warmest in those low 70's 60's near the bay and the coast will stay with us. great to on the eve of that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic this morning. hey, heading into the city may so that fremont street exit. >> around 10 minutes for your drive. san mateo bridge a little under 13 minutes as you're making away from a 80 heading across towards one o one. well, the richmond, sandra fell bridge about a nine-minute drive pretty light at this hour. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about a 21 minute ride. well, in sports as the forty-niners prepare for the football season, he's trailing. it's ready to be quarterback sports director jason dumas says more. >> it seems as though everyone has an opinion on this guy. but of course, some opinions matter more than other opinions. for instance, what about my opinion? who cares what i think about that switch. but how about one of the forty-niners captains? i think a lot of people care about that. all pro linebacker, fred warner. he
4:49 am
chimed in on how he feels about the new qb, one in from the sounds of it. trey has already won over a lot of his teammates. >> the narrative of everybody's baskin. always tree ready. is trading guy. and although the questions and continue to and just how much are but marred the way trade has taken on, you know, just all the criticism, all the all the i guess you could say, like the pressure that people are kind of put on him. you know, he's been super professional about it, especially with how young you. i'm very mature for his age. and so just the things that you see from in the small, the small things that you know, that everybody else outside of the building p from him. i knew that to get you a good sense like the maturity for such a young player. and you know, it if given the reins like what the way that he would handle it, you know, and so i can continue to sit here and tell you how, you know, great of a person and player that he you know, corey spoken
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on that. but, you know, whatever, whatever, maybe i know that guy is for sure. if given the range that he's ready for professional and mature and ready for whatever you give him. >> all right. let's head south to the city of angels home run derby at dodger stadium and it came down to 2 seattle's julio rodriguez and washington's juan soto. rodriguez finished his final round with 18 home runs. and with the bonus time, that will be just enough for soto to edge. rodriguez, he hits his 19th home run that clinched it. so it immediately. he captured his first home run derby and even get such presented to him by bad bunny. true story. i covered juan soto for the hagerstown suns about 6 years ago. now he's it's gotten pretty good. all right. a few
4:51 am
years ago, we all thought bruce bocce, he was riding off into the sunset, calling it quits. but it appears he is back for one more rodeo. the longtime giants manager is set to manage team france in the world baseball classic qualifying round in 2023. bocce. he was actually born in france. for those of you did not know and the national team over there, they're hoping he can make a difference because they've failed to qualify in both of their temps in 2013 2017. but regardless of his successor night, it will be cool to see bocce back in the dugout. >> all right. a little in the east bay. they are 30 new bike turn out and they're coming to mount diablo state park. the turnouts are an extension of the road that allow cars to safely pass cyclists climbing up the winding steep roads. the state park started off with 3 turn out as part of a pilot program which mount diablo cyclists say were overwhelmingly successful in
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reducing by car collisions last year, 750,000 cyclists rode up mount diablo, maine, up to 60% of all vehicle traffic on its roads. down in southern california, los angeles mayor eric garcetti helped now the official dates for the olympic games is going to be at the exposition park, the 2028 summer olympics will kick off on july 14th with the para olympics. starting one month later. that's on august. 15th, a los angeles is gearing up to host 15,000 olympic athletes. more than 8,000 event and 40 sports. you only have to wait a little under 6 years for the opening no time at all. we'll be right back at all. we'll be right back after the break. after my car accident, at all. we'll be right back after the break. i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made.
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>> well, coming up in the next hour. >> santa clara county, they are treating areas where the west nile virus has been detected. what residents need to now. and san francisco's new district attorney brooke jenkins is changing approach to fighting crime with this could mean for juvenile justice reform. plus, the search continues as livermore police identify suspect in connection to the livermore shooting over the weekend. latest in the investigation. we're going to be my back. so don't go anywhere.
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and provides steady morning energy to help you rise and thrive. >> happening right now, the search is on for a suspected killer who shot up a bowling alley in livermore, killing one and injuring 2 others. coming up, what we know about the suspect and his criminal background. plus, travel experts say those flight delays and cancellations at the airport won't be going away anytime soon. we'll explain why in a live report. and a new case of west nile has been detected here in the bay area. we're going to show you where officials we'll be doing treatments later today. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> morning. thanks for joining us. on a tuesday, july 19. i'm sorry, and i'm james and we're waking up this morning, too. a pretty low cloud deck. and if you noticed, but coming in, i saw just the


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