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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 21, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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and new on the staff. >> did not want people to leave the capitol. on the staff. in the white house about eye to eye. i can't think of anybody. on that day who didn't want people to get out of the. the capitals that, you it was a violent start. now. what about the president's? yeah. she said the staff. so i know. i said in the white house. i'm sorry, apologize. and i said what on the staff? communications. but
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obviously i think. >> let's pause on that last statement. although pat cipollone is being careful about executive privilege, there really is no ambiguity about what he said. almost everybody wanted president trump to instruct the mob to disperse president trump refused. to understand how in adequate the president's tweets were. let's examine is to 38 tweet in more detail for context. here is what was happening at that time. >> last.
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>> for sarah, kate, there's people flooded the whole without the way out. >> just hold that. there has been tear gassed. and to each of us get a >> we went from a peaceful protest and this is a very dangerous situation right now. >> that there are. >> i'm being told these protesters on the inside. around both chambers and there's now tear gas inside the capitol rotunda. in fact, members locked in the house are being instructed to put on masks. >> ms matthews after president trump's tweet about vice president pence. you told us he spoke to a immediately spoke to kaley mcenany. what did you tell her? and where did she go afterwards?
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>> after the tweet about the vice president. i found kaylee and told her that i thought the president needed to immediately send out a tweet that condemn the violence that we're seeing and that there needed to be a call to action to tell these people to leave the capitol and she agreed and walked over to the oval dining room to find the president. >> we interviewed miss mcenany and others who who were in the dining room with the president urging him to put out a statement. ms matthews was mcenany told us she came right back to the press office after meeting with the president about this particular tweet. what did she tell you about what happened? that dining room? >> when she got back, she told me that that we have been sent out and i told her that i thought that we did not go far enough. that i thought there needed to be a call to action and he needed to condemn the violence and >> we're in a room full of people, but people weren't paying attention. and so she looked directly at me and in a
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hushed tone. >> shared with me that the president did not want to include any sort of mention of peace in that tweet and that it took some convincing on their part. those who were in the room and she said that there was a back and forth going over different phrases to find something that he was comfortable with. and it wasn't until ivanka trump's adjusted the phrase stay peaceful. thank you. finally agreed to include it. >> the president resisted writing, stay peaceful in a tweet. he oold mark meadows that the rioters were doing what they should be doing and the rioters understood they were doing what president trump wanted them to do. president trump's message was heard clearly by stop the steal organizer. ali alexander. at 2.38. he told another organizer, quote, potus is not ignorant of what his words would do. rioters storming the capitol also heard president trump's message in this video. you'll
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see surveillance footage from the rotunda that shows a group of oath keepers including jessica watkins, has been charged with seditious conspiracy. you'll hear her walkie talkie communications with others as they share intelligence and communicate about president trump's to 38 tweet in real time. again, we were in the audience at this clip. also contains strong language. >> cnn just said that they evacuated all members of congress into a safe during. >> there's no safe place in the united states for and his mother for workers right now. 2. >> i they understand that we are not joking around. >> it's, you know, the jury principal one, 0, 5, military principal, one, 0, 5 cave means grave. >> trump just tweeted, we're please support our capitol police. they are on our side,
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do not harm them. >> that's saying a lot. but what he didn't say he didn't say not to do anything to the well, he did not ask him to stand down. he's just stand by the capitol police there on our side. they are good people. so it's getting real down there. i got on tv and pretty friggin radical to me. >> cnn and said the trump has egg this on that. he is that on. >> and that he is watching the country burned 2 weeks before he leaves office. he is not what they say. on. i give a >> in the mezzanine we are in the main do right now. we are rocking it. longer names can shoot people or people that work in here. >> and the safety say god bless you, god speed and keep going get it. do your. >> this is what we found and that the board. everything can
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train >> we've now seen a president trump supporters reacted to his tweets. mister pottinger. you told us that you consider the tweet sent to this point to be, quote, wholly inadequate, given the urgency of the crisis. what in your view would have been needed? yeah, i it was insufficient. i think what? you could count me among those who hoping to see in unequivocal strong statement, clearing out the capital telling people to stand down, leave, go home. i think that's what we were hoping for. something a lot more kind of definitive and not and they give us. yes, he has that power over his folks. miss matthews, you told us. about a colleague said during the attack the president
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should not condemn the violence. can you please tell us about that about that moment in your reaction? >> a conversation started in the press office after the president sent out those to tweet side i deemed are insufficient. and a colleague suggested that the president shouldn't condemn the violence because they thought it would be, quote, handing a win to the media. if you are to condemn his supporters. and i disagreed, i thought that we should condemn the violence and condemn it unequivocally. and i thought that he needed to include a call to action in to tell these people to go home a debate ensued over it and i became visibly frustrated and my colleagues were well aware of that and i couldn't believe that we were arguing over this and the middle of the west wing talking about the politics of a tweet being concerned with handing the media when when we had just watched all of that violence unfold at the capitol. and so i motioned up at the tv and i said. do you
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think it looks like we're guessing winning? because i don't think it does. and i again reiterated that i thought that the president needed to condemn the violence because it didn't matter if it was coming from the left or the right that you should condemn violence 100% of the time. >> we've we've heard this evening how everyone in the president's orbit was pushing him to do more to tell the mob to leave the capitol. one of these people, one of those people was republican leader kevin mccarthy. he managed to get the pre%ident on the phone and told him to call off a supporters. as you will hear, the president refused. and so leader mccarthy reached out for help to of our can trump who was at the white house in jared kushner, who that afternoon had just arrived back on a flight from the middle east. >> so at some point in the afternoon, mr. robb and mccarthy, a place a phone call to mister scavino zest line and it was transferred to the president. is correct?
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>> that's generally where on. >> they were. you involved in making that transferring that call? >> i >> yes. >> that where is the president at the time that he took that call? >> it was in the dining room. >> would you personally reach out to the president for more support? >> i've already talked to the president i call them. i think we need to make a statement make sure that we can calm individuals down. >> did mister mccarthy indicated he had been in touch with president trump? he he had some conversation. i don't recall of this is the truth. the president or somebody at the white house, but i think he he expressed frustration i'm not taking the circumstances seriously station that moment. >> is the republican leader about that. you know what the
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president said to him. this is happening. he said having these are my people, you know, they don't need it's a window that my staff are running for cover mean they're running for their lives. you need to call them kevin to meet with killing. i-80 in president having a basically a swearing conversation that's been the that because the president basically saying, nah, i. >> leader mccarthy, the president, knighted states has a briefing room steps from the oval office. it is the cameras are hot. 24 7 has, you know, why hasn't he walked down and said that now?
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>> i conveyed to the president. what i think is best to do. hopeful the president will do it. >> and you spoken with his chief of staff. >> spoken to the president has spoken to other people in into the white house. >> who else reached out to mister trump that, you know, of that about the attack on the capitol? >> i believe that one way to party did. >> some of her my phone ringing turn the shower off. so as leader mccarthy who had a good relationship with, he told me he was getting really ugly over at the capitol and said, please, you know, anything you can do to help appreciate it. i don't recall specific asked just anything you can do the again. i got the sense that, you know, if they were they were, you know, they were scared. >> they meaning missed people on the hill because of the violent that he was scared. yes. >> think about that. leader mccarthy, who was one of the president's strongest supporters, was scared and
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begging for help. president trump turned him down. so we tried to call the president's children. republican house member mike gallagher also implored the president to call off the attack. mister president. >> you have got to stop this. you are the only person who can call this off. call it off. the election is over. call it off. >> president elect joe biden also went live on tv to demand the president trump tell the mob to leave. >> i call on president trump. to go on national television now. to fulfill his oath. and defend the constitution. >> and demand an end to this siege. >> there was a desperate
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scramble for everyone to get president trump to do anything. >> all this occurred and the president still. did not act. i yelled to my friend from virginia. >> thank you, mister kinzinger. president trump finally relented to the pleas from his staff. his family and from capitol hill for him to do. something more at 4, 1787 minutes. more than 3 hours after he stopped speaking at the ellipse. after he stopped speaking to a mob that he had sent armed to the capitol. that's when he tweeted a video telling the rioters to go home while also telling him them that they were special and that he left them. by that time, although the violence was far from over, law enforcement had started to turn the tide. reinforcements were on the way and elected officials were in secure locations. the writing was
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already on the wall. the rioters would not succeed. here's what was showing on fox news. the channel the president was watching all afternoon. >> back to brett baer with more information now. but we have our pentagon team, jen griffin, lucas tomlinson, not confirming the defense department has mobilize the entire dc national guard. 1800 troops take several hours. as i was mentioning before to get them up and running the army secretary ryan mccarthy setting up a headquarters at the fbi. you just heard from david spot that the fbi is also sending troops to the capital. >> it's no coincidence. then the president trump finally gave n. and went out to the rose garden at 4, a 3. his staff prepared a script for him to read. >> but he refuses to use it. as you can see on the screen, you can see the script to stamp president has seen the script said, quote, and asking
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you to leave the capital region now and go home in a peaceful way. the president was urged to stick to the script, but he spoke off the cuff. eric herschmann and nick luna went with the president to film the message in the rose garden. let's hear what they had to say and see the never before seen raw footage of the president recording this video message. >> ultimately, these remarks that we're looking at here and exhibit 25 for not the remarks that the president delivered in the rose garden. do you know why the president decided not to use these? >> i don't know. so now i know. and you know, no one. did the president. >> using any written remarks to your knowledge or did he just go? >> off the cuff? to my knowledge, it was off the cuff, sir. >> ready for it. we tell me
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when when you're ready was was behind he's got he's are all clear now. >> i know your pain. i know you're hurt. we had a election hussein. i know your pain. i know you're hurt. we had election. >> that was stolen from us. it was a landslide election and everyone knows it, especially the other side. but you have to go home now. we have to have peace. we have to have law and order. we have to respect our great. people in law and order. we don't want anybody hurt. it's a very tough period of time. there's never been a time like this where? such a thing happened
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to where they could take it away from all of us from me, from you, from our country. this was a fraudulent election. but we can't play into the hands of these people. we have to have peace. so go home. we love you. you're very special. seen what happens. you see the way others are treated better so bad and so evil. i know how you feel. but go home and go home in peace. >> when i got there, they said the president not just had filming the video. i think he was basically retiring for the day. >> was there any discussion about the president releasing a second video that not that i recall. >> when he finishes video, i think everyone was like. that is over and people are pretty great. we're pretty what drain. >> luis, a day.
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>> okay. over that. there are still people in the capital at that point. were there. >> there are people in the capital, but i believe by this stage, law enforcement. i have to go back and look what i believe. law enforcement wasn't either they're moving in are going to take charge. i people are emotionally drained. but it's fine. that videotape was done. >> emotionally drained. at the white house. here's what was happening at the same time at the capitol. we won the audience that this clip also contains strong language and violence.
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>> office erin >> while president trump refused to even lift another finger to help. other leaders honor their oath and acted to clear the capitol and resume the joint session. for instance, here never before seen photos and video of congressional leaders in action during the attack. the video is a portion of a call. they had at approximately 4.45 with acting secretary of defense chris miller. >> what i want the people, people from beijing, our business so we need you know,
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the building. we're given the okay so we can go back in session >> mister secretary senator some people here in the capitol, police believe it will take several days to secure the building. you agree with that analysis? so what is the earliest? they could safely proceedings in a senate and house chambers. the earliest we can safely do. >> the vice president also worked the phones from his own secure evacuation location, including conversations with acting secretary of defense miller and other military
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leaders. while past president trump's for 17 video. let's look at some never before seen photographs of the vice president during this critical time and hear about the vice president's conversation with military leaders to secure the capitol and sure everyone was safe. >> but president that. >> 2 or 3 calls by he was he very was direct beat us all. about that and use and i can get you the exact quote from some of our record somewhere. he was very very and 2 get to know get started down here, put down as situation >> as you heard earlier in the hearing the president did not call the vice president or anyone in the military, federal law enforcement or dc
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government, not a single person. the general milley did hear from mark meadows. the contrast between that call and his calls with vice president pence. tell you everything you need to know about president trump's dereliction of duty. let's listen. >> he said this from he we have we have to kill americans. the vice president is making all the decisions. we need to establish the merit to it. you know, the president is still in charge and that. things are standing there saying what that is politics, politics, politics red flags for me personally. no action. but i remember i don't think political matters.
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>> so while president trump and his advisers were trained, other leaders uphold their oath to do the right thing. maybe it was exhausting to get the president to put out that video. but think about the law enforcement officers who were attacked by the mob that day. president trump had summoned them himself to washington. and what about president trump? he watched tv tweeted called senators to try to delay the count of electoral votes, called rudy giuliani. >> and argued with his staff who are insinuating who are insisting that he should call off the attack. is not to use. what was your reaction to president trump's message to but for 17? i was struck by the fact that he chose to begin the video by pushing the lie that there's a stolen election. >> and as the video went on, i felt a small sense of relief because he finally told these people to go home. but that
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was immediately followed up by him saying we love you. you're very special. and that was disturbing to me because he didn't distinguish between those that peacefully attended his speech earlier that day those that we watch cause violence at the capitol instead, he told the people who we had just watched. storm our nation's capital with the intent on overthrowing our democracy violently attacked police officers and chant heinous things like hang mike pence. we love you. you're very special. a spokesperson for him. i knew that i would be asked to defend that and to me, his refusal to act and call off the mob that day and his refusal to condemn the violence was indefensible. and so i knew that i would be resigning that evening. and so i finished out the work day, went home and called my loved ones to tell them my decision and resigned that evening.
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thank you. >> indefensible. let's what some of your colleagues in the press office tell us about their reaction to the same for 17 message. >> i feel like it was absolute bare minimum of what could have been said at that point or something on camera. what else to so the more forceful, a more forceful. >> dismissal of the violence and more forceful command to go home, a more forceful. respect for law enforcement. even a comparison. to the respect that we have given law enforcement. as it relates to what was done to them in the prior summer. and i thought it
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was important that i think knowledge that the given to. the u.s. capitol building itself. it's a symbol of what it means. not only to the people that work there, but to the american people generally and work of congress that by law needed to be conducted that day. >> in hindsight that the president had asked the protesters to leave the capitol earlier than he ended up asking them to do that. >> course. i would love it. the go home message would have happened earlier in the day. >> the president's words matter. we know that many of the rioters were listening to president trump. we heard from one last week, stephen ayres, let's listen to what he had to say about the 4.17 message from the president and see how rioters reacted to the president's message in real time.
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>> when we were there. >> it soon as that come out. everybody started talking about it and that's it seem like it started to disperse. you know, some of the >> says go >> yeah. >> but justice mr. ayre said police were still fending off the last throes of the brutal assault. i yield to the gentleman from illinois. >> well, everyone else was working to get congress back in session. would president trump do? that? 6 o one just one minute after the citywide curfew went into effect. he posted his last tweet of the day. after officers engaged in
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multiple hours of hand to hand combat with over 100 of them sustained injuries. president trump tweeted at 6, 0, one and justified the violence as a natural response to the election. he said, quote. >> these are the things and events happen when a sacred landslide victory is so unceremoniously viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly unfairly treated for so long. go home with love and peace. remember this day forever? he called the mob great patriots. he told people to remember the day for ever. he showed absolutely no. remorse. a few minutes later at 6.27. the president left the dining room. anyone up to the white house residence for the night. on the screen is last
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photograph of the president that night as he went into the residence. as he was gathering his things in the dining room to leave president trump reflected on the day's events with the white house employee. this was the same employee. but met president trump in the oval office after he returned from the ellipse. president trump said nothing to the employee about the attack. he said only quote. pence, let me down. as matthews. what was your reaction to president trump's 6, 0, one tweet. >> at that point, i had already made the decision to resign. and this tweet just further cemented my decision. i thought january 6, 2021 was one of the darkest days in our nation's history. and president trump was treating it as a celebratory occasion. with that tweet. and so it just further cemented my decision to resign.


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