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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  July 25, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> welcome back. our coverage on that oak fire continues. it is now burned more than 16,000 acres and containment is 10%. now we're keeping an eye on this one. san francisco and alameda county firefighters are both trying to help out on the front lines doing what they can. reporter rosh spoke to evacuees who were forced to leave their homes what's the feeling around that area right now? >> well, right now, i want you to take a look here to my left. nice and clear, as you can see. but if you follow the ridge line up through the top of those bushes, there you see a plume of smoke. we have seen that get bigger and darker throughout the day. a really good indication that this fire is far from over. >> on day 4 of the oak fire, the areas off jersey dale road
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for the flames already raged through. it still manages to find the last bit of time in its path and it up. sending throw choking smoke into the air. that fire is really close. you can see the flames from our property. >> for renee murphy, her husband and 3 kids, the giant dark plume of smoke for the oak fire began on friday, burned close to their mid pine home just collected. you know, some important papers pack the kids, some clothes got my daughter's funny. an am. >> just left in. you know, we're just hoping for the best. >> dozers continued to fortify containment lines. >> as the air attack continue the fire has already tore through more than 16,000 acres. hand crews work hotspots not far from where the flames destroyed homes while others survived. rays brothers home right along
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highway 49 was a refuge for several families who were forced to evacuate up here. a lot of people would do that. you know, we're really tight knit. >> strong community and this is really at least our 5th major fire in. >> the last 10 years. so this is a pretty normal for us. and our community comes together. >> and ellen grants, if you take a look at that ridge line behind me, you can see it is black. that was very active with huge flames just yesterday. i can also tell you it feels hotter today out here and also the wind has been kicking up overnight. this fire burned more than 2000 acres. fingers crossed that that will not be the case tonight reporting live from mariposa county rowena shaddox for kron. 4 news. >> thank you so much. stay safe out there. and attorney general rob bonta is warning against illegal price gouging in mariposa county price gouging during a state of emergency which was officially declared in the area is illegal and could cost a hefty fine or even jail time. so if
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you believe that you're being overcharged for essential supplies or have information on potential price gouging. you can file a complaint with the ags office a g dot ca dot gov. >> the biden administration has announced plans to replant trees on hundreds of acres have burned land across the country in recent years. destructive wildfires have burned too hot and too often for forests to naturally re grow. most of this planting work will be done here in the western states where fires are sparking almost year round. now, last year congress passed bipartisan legislation directing the forest service to plant 1.2 billion trees over the next decade. >> we're keeping an eye on the weather out here as well. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us once more. a totally different scene out here in the bay area. so far we've been spared most of that, of course, that wind switches direction. we'll see more of that smoke coming our way. but right now so far, so good. we've got that fog outside that on shore breeze blowing right now. this
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looking from the berkeley hills, you see the fog has already entered the bay and more to come overnight. tonight, highs today actually below the average in san francisco. 64 degrees. 68 almost right at the average in oakland, 78 in san jose. 84 degrees in livermore. 83 in concord and 75 degrees in santa rosa. so we cool down nicely around the bay area today that sea breeze is blowing once again to 21 miles an hour into fairfield right through the delta 13 in san francisco, 20 at sfo on the app. scaring with that. the low clouds and the fog. the concern, though, is the monsoon. and of course, things are very dry. now we're watching out for the possibility of some lightning strikes. and the start to rotate a little bit closer, mostly up in the sierra nevada. but we do have some fans are making their way through southern california. but soon those lightning strikes up to our north here to the east. you can see some lightning there continue to pop up into the afternoon hours. and that's what we're going to see possibly moving some of that moisture through the bay area. watch it right here. as we take you through the night tonight. right now down below, you have the fog low clouds begin to move in along the coastline. but watch
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some of that subtropical moisture coming up at the south. that's that monsoonal moisture. all of a sudden coming up in the here you go. and that comes in right around 10, 11 o'clock tonight. parts of the east and the north bay watching that closely, not much energy to spark thunderstorm, but we'll see it. sometimes you get just enough to squeeze out a lightning strike. and really, that's all it takes is one to get a fire going. but that continues overnight tonight. it's tomorrow morning. and then i think we're going to see most above some tropical moisture move a little further to the east. we head throughout the day tomorrow, but something to bear in mind. something to watch out there. otherwise temperature wise going to be a nice day plan. also cooler 50's and 60's coast side. still some upper 80's. the warmer spots inland. thanks. lauren not a scare at the dallas love field airport today. police say woman. >> fired several gunshots in the air before she was shot by a police officer. this is video here. people taking cover in the terminal. >> happened around 11:00am dallas time police identified the suspect is a 37 year-old woman. they say she was
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dropped off at the airport and then walked inside the terminal. exits. the restroom. now that she's either put up some sort of hoodie on or some other different type of clothing that you have to walk in. >> at some point simultaneously, one of our officers in the area she produces a handgun and begins firing. >> as that guy used to be the police chief in san jose now working in dallas, officials say normal operations at the airport there in dallas have resumed it. ukraine is reporting that 2 russian missile struck the southern port of the deaths over the weekend. video shows firefighters working on a burning boat surrounded by heavy black smoke. >> but state broadcaster said the missile strike did not cause significant damage. ukraine's president volodomyr zelensky says that the latest air strike is proof the russia can't be trusted. the attack comes just one day after both countries signed a landmark deal to unblock grain exports
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from black sea ports to ease global food shortages. the man accused of assassinating former japanese prime minister shinzo ah-bay is now undergoing a mental health evaluation >> prosecutors say he will be detained until late november. at least they're trying to decide whether to formally charge the suspect and send them to trial for murder. police say he admitted to bay during a campaign bay was giving more than 2 weeks ago. now over his ties to a religious group. there you bay, the man blamed for. church. the man blamed the church for bankrupting his family. the man who bay, according to police, a homemade gun was used in the attack shooting star very rare in japan because the country has some of the strictest gun control laws. >> a sacramento county judge has blocked a vote on minimum wage hikes this november. meaning voters will not see that initiative on the ballot. although organizers were able
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to collect enough signatures supporting the measure, the court ruled that they were submitted too late to verify before the deadline supporters will now have to try again in 2024. that are going to pay hike was up to $18 an hour. >> 2 out of 3 americans favor term limits or a mandatory retirement age for supreme court justices. that's according to a new poll. the associated press did. the weeks after the supreme court issued controversial rulings on abortion and gun rights. the same poll should 43% of americans say they have lost confidence in the court. the constitution gives federal judges and the supreme court justices life tenure. >> a bill to make daylight saving time permanent in the u.s. is starting to dim in the house. simply put. it's just not a priority as the house is dealing with inflation, mass shootings, abortion and marriage equality idea gain new momentum back in march when the senate approved the sunshine protection act, it
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would give us an extra hour of daylight during the fall and winter. the bill has bipartisan support, but it's on the back burner for now. >> still ahead, stunning moments. look at that. a whale breaches and lands right on the bow of the boat where this happened, how the people on board are doing.
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>> always write a whale just comes out of nowhere up out of the water and then smack down on the battle pretty small boat. this happened yesterday off the coast of massachusetts in an area where whales have been spotted several times over the course of the past week. the whale. it really drills that that 19 foot boat and the boat's crashes back down into the waters. you know, heavy well, obviously, before the the boat kind of bounces back upright. officials say the 2 people on where obviously startled but are physically okay and no serious damage to the boat. they say either. >> still have the battle over reproductive rights continues. the new efforts that are underway to ban abortions nationwide. i'll pick this one up. i earn 3% cash back on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited.
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>> vice president kamala harris was in indiana today to discuss abortion rights as state lawmakers there debate a newly proposed abortion ban following roe v wade being overturned. washington correspondent reshad hudson joins us now from dc. ella grant. >> present vice president harris has been traveling the country since the supreme court's ruling on abortion rights making reproductive
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rights. a key focus for this administration. the latest stop on the vice president's reproductive rights tour was indianapolis, >> not the government telling her her body. the indiana state legislature has going into special session to take up a bill that would outlaw abortions in the state. the vice president met with indiana democrats and slammed indiana. republican lawmakers and individual should be able to choose based on their personal beliefs. and the dictates of their faith. >> indiana is one of the first states to debate an anti abortion bill following the supreme court ruling to overturn roe v wade. the vice president called the indiana bill extreme for the vast majority of women. >> by the time she realizes she is pregnant. she will effectively be prohibited. from having access.
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>> the former vice president republican mike pence is on a tour of his own over the weekend while speaking in south carolina, pence praised the court's ruling on abortions. i believe with all my heart that were thrown on. >> we have the opportunity to become a more perfect union. penn says indiana is the first of many he wants a nationwide ban on abortions. we save the babies. >> we will save america. and the supreme court's ruling is expected to lead to more than half of the states. >> banning abortions outright l a >> rashad, could we see any action on capitol hill to reverse the court's decision on abortions? >> so right now lawmakers are focusing on contraceptives last week the house passed a bill that would protect them and it did get a handful of republicans supporting that bill. now on the senate side, there's a similar bill that's circulating, but it's unclear if it's going to get the
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necessary republican votes for that bill to pass out of the senate and then go to the president's desk. given the democrats only have 58 senators, which they would need 10 republicans to side with them for that 60 vote threshold >> thank you so much. appreciate it. reshad hudson reporting live for us from washington, d.c.. now to a busy week for congress as it tries to make progress on key measures ahead of its august recess. >> a top priority is a bipartisan 54 billion dollar bill to address the chip shortage. it would provide grants, loans and tax credits to build or expand semiconductor making facilities here in the u.s. democrats are also hoping to advance a measure that would allow medicare to negotiate prices on some drug costs. other possible votes this week include an assault weapons ban. police funding bill and legislation that would respond to drought and wildfires in the west. pope francis is offering a historic apology to
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all indigenous people on native land in canada. >> after decades of abuse, many who survived indigenous residential schools had called for the apology. the schools became centers of abuse, forced assimilation, cultural devastation and death for more than a century. the pope said that a feeling of shame had lingered since he apologized to representatives of indigenous people in april. the vatican. today's event, the pope begs for forgiveness for the evil committed by so many christians against indigenous peoples. he added that begging for pardon was not the end of the matter and that he fully agreed. but skeptics who wanted concrete actions. our weather time now. and as we get a live look outside on this. >> monday night, our camera there on mount temple peices. you see a bit of fog there down below. so gorgeous. i always good weekend. enjoy that. nice weather. i did. yeah. how about you? for sure. not bad out there. yeah. you
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know, you look at other parts of the country. they're just sweltering in some amazing. he put so far the bay area been spared most of that. and that's because that onshore wind, that breeze is blowing in there. the clouds rolling in something that could get interesting tonight is the chance. >> some of those thunderstorms, no delays being reported at sfo, oakland or san jose. we're looking good there. how about the golden gate bridge looking good as well. that fog, though, making its way into the bridge and going to stretch into the bay and beyond temperatures. right now. 76 degrees in san jose. the 62 in pacifica. cool. 59 with the fog and half moon bay. 67 in oakland, 82 degrees right now in concord. 77 degrees in the bottle. all right. we've got changes coming our way. we've got high pressure, the east. we've got one area of low pressure that's developed right off the coastline. this is helping to funnel some of that monsoonal moisture back up in toward the bay area. most of it has been confined to the sierra nevada. there is one little batch of moisture that is coming up in southern california. that's going to rotate a little bit closer. the bay area overnight tonight. that's why we're worried about the concern, the possibility some tonight overnight lows generally going
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to be in the 50's. i think as we head toward tomorrow. yeah, not a bad afternoon. it will be a little cool in the san francisco grab a light jacket if you head to the sunset about 59 63 degrees in downtown san francisco. 58 a little drizzle in the pacific. a 61 in half moon bay, 69 degrees in millbrae. 67 in burlingame about 74 in san carlos. 76 in mount view, those temperatures in the 80's in the south bay by tomorrow afternoon and the east bay, a couple clouds early on and then clearing after skies bit back in the 80's as we head toward the afternoon hours. hot 90's in brentwood in discovery bay about 6, 7 degrees in berkeley, about 78 degrees in benicia. so looking pretty toasty. those you get your way in a vacaville about 95. 76 in napa, 79 degrees and and about 74 degrees in so as you make your way along the coastline looks cooler temperatures and that patchy fog will continue numbers running up into the 70's as you get yourself inland and the breeze will kick in late in the day again next. couple
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days before conception. just a slight chance of a thunderstorm, but just had to put this in. but it looks like the best chance we'll be in the north and the east bay. and then i think we're going to start crank up the heat. high pressure is going to start to build in. i think as we get into thursday and possibly friday, we could be looking at triple digit heat in the bay area. again, it's going to be one of those times. a huge contrast. you got triple digit possibly inland. you see the coastline got the fog and temperatures as much as 40 degrees cooler out toward the beaches. guys, back to you. thanks, lawrence. up next, a couple of price colluctor's items are going up for auction. how much they're expected to rake in and what you could do if you're interested in buying.
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>> about this, a rare decades old mint condition. mickey mantle baseball card. it could break records at an auction next month. the collector's item from 1952. looking at mint condition features one of baseball's most celebrated and charismatic legends. it's estimated the final cost of this card could exceed 10 million dollars by the time the auction ends end of august. that amount would break the record for the most expensive piece of sports memorabilia ever sold at auction bidding is already up to 4.4 million dollars. >> and now to something from a galaxy far, far away. the original han solo blaster is going up for auction next month. the blaster pistol was used by harrison ford's iconic
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character han solo in the original star wars trilogy. carry his weapon of choice is strapped to his leg and aside from the lightsabers may be one of the most recognizable weapons from the franchise. it's expected to sell for 300 to $500,000 next month. wow. >> and if you're interested in purchasing any of those items and extra 790 mil wouldn't hurt. they that so much money. it's what's up for grabs tomorrow night after friday's mega millions drawing failed to produce a winner. obviously a ton of money. 3rd highest jackpot in lottery history. but that is still short of the one and have billion dollar powerball jackpot won in january 2016. if you go for the cash option here, you'd walk away with a cool 464 million. this mega millions has been rolling since april campus. select our viewers out there. if they're going to try to get cash in on
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well, that wraps up kron. 4 news at 5. thanks for being here this hour. stick around, though. a lot more news is next on kron. 4 news at 6. justine and ken are here with a look ahead. >> thank you very much. you bet. thanks so much. here's what's coming up at 6 o'clock. the oak fire forcing thousands of people to evacuate near yosemite national park. >> where firefighters stand on containment on the biggest blaze of this year. san francisco's police chief wants to use your surveillance video to help fight crime. what we can expect ahead of a discussion on that proposal among city supervisors this week. >> i'm ken wayne. i'm justine waltman. the news at 6 is waltman. the news at 6 is next. meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels... nice try. really? this leon's paying for his paint job on the spot... and this leon, as a chase private client, he's in the south of france, taking out cash with no atm fees. that's because this family of leons has chase.
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when i make decisions as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us, making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> there was smoke year around. this is like ashley's phones. that's really why we decided leave or like this is not healthy. now it's 6 for monitoring the oak fire that's burning near yosemite national park. right now. flames exploded over the weekend. >> it's grown to more than 17,000 acres making it the largest wildfire we've seen so far this season at last check. containment is at just 10%. evacuation orders are in place for several nearby areas, forcing more than 6,000 people to leave their homes. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne. i'm justine waldman in for pam moore. tonight, the oak fire is


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