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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 26, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> well, good morning and thank you to weigh in with his bride in early here for the kron. 4 morning news here on tuesday, july. 26, i'm reyna harvey and the start to another great day. we had a wonderful weekend. a really nice monday. but terms of whether john the weather's doing a little bit of everything today and it has been a while yeah, even look in in london. you're seeing temperatures in the triple digits for the central valley. makes those upper 80's to low 90's that we've had here locally. >> not seem all that bad in comparison and we're going to stick with the upper 80's to
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low 90's for the bay area today. so what we're looking at some of our neighbors up north of the pacific northwest, as well as in the rest oe the country, looking at triple digits, not so bad, at least here locally. we do have quite hours sitting under some low gray. it's sitting well above the bay this morning. so visibility is not been much of an issue. i have been observing a few lightning strikes out towards the tracy mann tk area this morning. as for the bay area itself, we been quiet, but we do have monsoonal moisture around us that is resulting in that potential. the few rolls that thunder, even a couple of isolated sprinkles. most of that activity is still been around. modesto, as i mentioned, south of stockton. you can see those little pockets to of heavier rainfall and there will be keeping a very close eye on that this morning, letting you know, if anything pops up a little closer here to home. as for current temperatures were in the 50's and 60's right now, hayward oakland conquered each right at 60 degrees. alameda dublin in redwood city at 59. so we are off to a mild but
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cool start definitely cool enough for those light jackets right now. 60's at the coast, 70's by the bay and 80's for most of our inland cities later on today, not as hot as some of our neighbors are. and i'll get to all of that. still to come in your full forecast right now, don, thank you for that. let's get a look at your traffic this morning about a 10 minute ride heading from the maze to that fremont street exit san mateo bridge just under 13 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsmla. let's check on the richmond. sandra fell bridge. >> about an i'm in right and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. it will be about 20 minutes on this tuesday morning. the time for you now is 04:00:02am. and new san francisco monkeypox data shows that the virus is not just affecting and bisexual men. it's also spreading among a certain ethnic group kron four's. tell exactly has the details on who is at an increased risk within the city. >> according to the san francisco department of health, the latest monkeypox
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data reveals that 30% of infections in the city are among the latinx residents. a large number for a group that only makes up 15% of the city's population. we know >> that the latino community, any time there's an economic or health disparity, our communities of the persons that are here. so here we are again with another health disparity of another health concern that's impacting our communities. >> i've been corrado vega is a manager at the latino task force, a group that was created more than 2 years ago to address and respond to the disparities of access to testing and vaccines. during the height of the covid-19 pandemic. since then, the task force has set up regular testing and vaccination clinics and build trust within the community. we're engaging with our health partners. >> to see what the best approach in how the infrastructure that we've built during covid. can we to to do direct outreach and service to the latino
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community has monkeypox spreads at a higher rate among and bisexual latino men. >> corrado vegas as the task force is working to educate the community and use their covid sites for monkeypox is well, we believe strongly that we are well positioned to get the right information out and to get in a culturally competent. on monday. san francisco reported an additional 18 monkeypox cases bringing the total case count up to 215. >> despite rising cases, vaccine supply remains limited. in san francisco, taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. well, state senator scott wiener took to twitter to highlight the lack of monkeypox vaccines available in the city. >> we're tweeted out, quote, the lack of vaccinations in san francisco is beyond unstable. it can't go on this way is calling on the federal government to follow through on its commitment. this and 35,000 doses of the vaccine to this city. well, the united states is considering declaring monkeypox a health
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emergency. you have health and human services secretary javier becerra. he says the u.s. is working with global partners to stop the spread. this all comes after the world health organization decided to declare an emergency over the weekend. this declaration could allow for more funding for treatment, but could also make it harder for people to get the already scarce vaccines available last week the federal government said the state of california, another 10,000 doses of the monkeypox vaccine. so far it has not been distributed and fact you have officials with the san francisco department of public health who said they still don't know how many of those doses they are getting or when they're going to actually arrive. now for the latest information on the disease, including monkeypox case tracker and some this qr code. it's going to an take you right over to our website at kron 4 dot com. in the north bay. we're learning more details about a deadly shooting that happened in
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marin county. the victim identified as a man from oakland kron four's terisa stasio spoke with investigators and has the latest. >> it's a very populated area and there a lot of gunfire. so and that's what the 9-1-1 caller said when they initially called visit rapid rapid gunfire and a lot a violent sunday morning in marine city shook neighbors and now warren county sheriff's deputies are working overtime to try and figure out what led to the shooting that injured 2 people. >> and killed a 42 year-old man from oakland, sergeant britain schneider with the county sheriff's department says it appears the victim, michael arthur rogers, the second was visiting his mother. >> when the shots ring currently, we a person interest that the detectives have identified from the investigation, talking to witnesses, gathering video surveillance. the surgeon says that they are not releasing surveillance video right now as detectives search it for
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evidence. >> they also have not made any arrests, understanding that there was a gun that was recovered as to who was the owner of the gun use the gun. we don't have that all i can say is that the gun was recovered and it was found at the scene of the shooting. so we don't know who the gun belonged to or what the connection is or how it was used. but we did collect again from the scene. >> back in march, an 18 year-old was shot and killed near the same location. there's definitely i've been an uptick in shootings. the surgeon says if anyone knows about this crime to please contact the marin county sheriff's department, theresa kron. 4 news. well in the east bay, a jury has ordered the city of oakland to pay former police chief anne kirkpatrick. >> 1.5 million dollars kirkpatrick sued the city saying she was fired in retaliation for blowing the whistle. all wrongdoings at the oakland police commission. well, the payment will cover one year of kirkpatrick salary. plus attorney fees as well as other litigation costs
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as part of the settlement. the city denies any wrongdoing. kirkpatrick says she hopes the agreement is a signal to all our witnesses to misconduct, especially those in law enforcement to not stay silent. the oakland city council will vote publicly on that settlement today. have new video of a house fire in antioch where one person has died. that fire started around 8 last night at a home on serpentine drive near light way. that's near harbor park. will a firefighter on scene says they found a man dead inside of that home after responding another resident managed to get out, ok, you can see the fires out of that garage of the house is pretty much gone. no word yet on how that fire started. and the oak fire burning along the sierra foothills grew to over 17,000 acres since that started on friday. that fire is now 16% contained. you have more than 6,000 people under evacuation
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orders. well, the fire destroyed 55 structures and is threatening more than 2400 structures. cal fire says helicopters dropped 300,000 gallons of water on the fire. crews are working on building containment lines and san jose fire deployed crews yesterday to help fight the fire. the rodeo fire isn't just putting fire crews and residents at risk. you have those who are visiting yosemite national park over the weekend. you saw first hand how a wildfire this size can quickly become life threatening. kron four's rob nesbitt spoke with a hiker who make that critical decision to get out of the park. since igniting friday afternoon in the sierra nevada foothills. >> the oak fire has exploded in size and displayed unprecedented behavior. the worst 2 days of smoke i've ever seen or been a part of for sure. greg monday and 11 friends left from san francisco thursday to have a hiking weekend at yosemite national park. but the oak fire changed their plans. they went from seeing black smoke
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in the distance friday to being surrounded by an orange clouds saturday morning. every. >> our economy close and closer and like on our hike down, we could see ash falling on us, decided to leave a spokesperson for the parks as yosemite remains open and most facilities operational closer to the fire. thousands had to pack up and leave their homes and mariposa county. i hope haven't lost a house where governor newsom proclaimed a state of emergency over the weekend. we have to >> make those evacuation notices and have those folks evacuate their homes as soon as we're fortunate to have a huge cooperation. hector vasquez with the fresno fire department says winds were favorable monday for the 2500 people working to put out the fire. >> dealing with steep rocky terrain and intense flames of fire that burns with this intensity creates to create its own weather. also as monday and his friends experienced firsthand the checks, the air quality to i indexes like 3.15. i want to say. >> where we were at, which is
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extremely high. rob nesbitt kron, 4 news. >> well, happening now, the bay area air quality management district has issued an air quality advisory that runs through wednesday. where expecting smoke from the oak fire to make its way into some parts of our region. we're showing you video from pleasanton where people could. >> see a haze in the distance as the smoke moves west. well, the district is also reminding people to take basic precautions. >> if you do smell smoke outside. if you smoke, you're likely breathing smoke and wildfire. smoke is really harmful to our health. so if you can smell it in the air. >> the best thing you can do to protect your health is to head inside and keep your windows and doors closed. if it's not too hot to do so you can also set the ac units in your car and your home to recirculate to avoid pulling in that smoky air from outside. so far the air district is not issued a spare. the air alert, although that could change if conditions continue to worsen >> well, coming up on the kron, 4 morning news, check
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your cameras. >> that's the requests from police after cause about multiple burglaries in san mateo. and multiple san francisco leaders are calling for the resignation of and shoe on our comments about black and brown students. lawmakers are set to vote on a bill that would boost competition between the u.s. and china were going more details from washington, d.c., will we get back?
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state parks announced yesterday that they're temporarily closing campgrounds. >> at port hole redwoods state park do too. the ongoing drought there you have camp ground facilities at the park which located san mateo county will remain closed for the remainder of the campaign season. state parks say low water flows from peters creek became a primary factor for their decision. those with reservations at the park will be contacted via e-mail and provided a full refund. well, the pacific northwest is in the midst of a major heat wave with temperatures forecast. it the top 100 degrees in some places today, making it possibly the hottest day of the week along a heat way. they've been experiencing parts of the pacific northwest under several excess've heat watches today with some
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upgraded to heat warnings. never a fun day to plan. when you have heat to keep in mind. now back here at home, some u.s. cities across the bay area are also experiencing their own dose of heat. let's get back to that heat wave in the northwest. the rain, a look at this. >> kennewick pendleton up in central washington and oregon. well into the triple digits as our medford and reading to our north 105 degrees each for your daytime highs both today and leading into tomorrow, too. so that heat is sticking around from yesterday today on into tomorrow, right in the middle of that heat wave to our north definitely makes you appreciate the numbers that we have closer to home, which are not quite as warm. we definitely dodging at least the triple digits today. and for most spots, even the 90's. so he put it in perspective like that whole lot cooler right here in our backyard. we do have some thunderstorm activity this morning. most of it's been centered out on the western edge of the central valley. we've seen a few pockets heavier rainfall and
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even lightning strikes right around tracy and well over into eastern portions of contra costa county. if you're over an oakley, brett would even antioch, you may hear a few rolls of thunder this morning. showers stretching on over towards the lay. one bunny should just a couple of sprinkles. there will be keeping you updated on if we do have any more cloud to ground lightning. so far that's been pretty minimal. but monsoonal moisture across the region is sparking up some of that activity. as of right now, smoke and haze still centered over the sierra nevada. some of that is sitting aloft over the bay area and it should be staying there for the most part today, eastern portions of the bay area, especially or upper elevations. you may be sta texting a little smell that smoke as you're venturing outside of the spots. low pressure area right here is resulting in our cool down right along the coastline. so while we are seeing that heat across the pacific northwest as well as the central valley bay area and much of the central coast is dodging the most of it. and we should temple take full advantage of
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it. daytime highs today really only in the upper 80's at our warmest inland and a lot of sunshine along with those upper 80's. so not all that bad. we will see another push of fog tomorrow morning after today. monsoonal moisture really tapping out of that. so we're not going to see that potential of thunderstorms like we're currently in the midst of right now. as for current temperatures at 60's for san francisco 60's right along the coastline as well. and mostly 70's to low 80's along the bayshore saying carlos redwood city, 80 in 81 degrees, south bay temperatures, upper 70's to low 80's to a lot like yesterday was look at some of our hottest of inland areas. livermore you're at 90 yesterday today. only 87 concord at eighty-four degrees. well, oakland at 70, even our hotter spots like antioch in vacaville hovering just right around 90 degrees, antioch, not even getting there today. santa rosa in petaluma it down to novato only in the upper 70's. so these are cooler numbers. then we had been seen and we should keep those upper 80's around for a few more days at a very
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warmest into the weekend. only low 90's. so as you can see, compared to the triple digits elsewhere. we definitely are not looking at a very hottest of numbers. we could be seeing few rolls of thunder this morning and then a calm rest of the forecast after that, right? john, thank you for that update. if you're hitting the roads today, 10 minute ride into the city maze. >> to that fremont street exit san mateo bridge just under 14 minutes as you're traveling from a 80 to one o one. our richmond center fell commute about a nine-minute brian and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls a 20 minute drive. time for you. now, as for and and a chaotic scene unfolded at a major airport in texas after a woman opened fire inside. she was taken quickly into custody after she was shot by police. but the airport was shut down for hours. markie martin has the latest in that investigation. >> airport passengers taking cover on the ground of dallas love field monday morning.
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chaos and confusion erupting shortly before noon when police say a 37 year-old woman walked into the airport near ticketing, then went straight to the bathroom exits. the restroom. >> now that she's either put up some sort of hoodie on or some other different type of clothing that you have to walk in. at some point simultaneously. one of our officers in the area she produces a handgun and begins firing. dallas. police say the woman fired off several rounds into the ceiling before that officer took action, shooting her below the waist and taking her into custody. dallas love field saying this in a statement and evacuation and shelter in place commenced as dpd investigated, confirmed and neutralized the single shooter threat. >> authorities say the suspects were the only wall to wall people after the shooting. swarms of passengers waiting for tsa to reopen and witnesses inside whose flights were canceled say they'll try
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again >> well, happening today, you have lawmakers that are on the cusp of passing some major legislation designed to boost u.s. competition against china and bring consumer prices down. washington correspondent raquel martin joins us live with the latest. good morning, business leaders who are going to be looking for this plant is 52 billion dollar plan to clear its final hurdle in the senate later this afternoon? >> the bill is called the chips act and invest big in the production of semiconductor chips, which is in everything from cell phones to medical equipment. we're on the brink of closing the book. after months of negotiation, the senate is set to pass the chips act. >> a bipartisan bill designed to bolster u.s. manufacturing, bring down consumer costs and
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strengthen us competition against china. it's a necessary investment. monday, texas republican senator john cornyn and senate majority leader chuck schumer said the crux of the bail is a multi-billion dollar investment to reduce u.s. made semiconductor chips, sadly, america's lagging behind the technology is found in everything from cell phones to cars to medical equipment. and right now china is dominating global supply. one of the most important struggles of this century will be the fight for global semiconductor supply. so much to during a virtual roundtable with business and union leaders, president biden urged congress to get the bill passed as quickly as possible for own safety said kind of grow the ceo of lockheed martin, which builds military aircraft, told the president that technology is too important to national security to outsource to china. we've got to have confidence in the security of the hardware itself that >> it hasn't been tampered with or degraded when we
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receive that to put it into. >> our aircraft. >> now, while there is bipartisan by and there are still several republicans who plan to vote against this legislation later this afternoon, accusing it of being a corporate handout. we're not washington. raquel martin, back to you right now. thank you for that update. recount. well, still to come on the kron, 4 morning news foreclosures in the bay area are on the rise. what experts are now saying about what this means for the housing market will be right back.
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don't touch my piano. area housing market is seen a rise in foreclosures in kron four's. justin campbell takes a look at the latest numbers and what's behind them? >> there's a 90% jump in foreclosures in the bay area since last year. while you never like to see a jump in foreclosure activity. rick sharga without a market research says despite the high number, he says the bay area is actually holding up quite well. the country as a whole saw foreclosure activity go up more than 150% year-over-year charter says there are multiple reasons for the high rise in foreclosures. first government eviction moratoriums put in place during the pandemic are gone. now banks can proceed with foreclosures. we're seeing a uptick in of people reaching out to us. jason has to with esta. vo long group in oakland specializes in real estate and
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foreclosures since the banks want their mortgage money they couldn't collect during the pandemic. what's happening is? >> the or that granted for parents during covid are now requiring them to come up with all the arrears during the whole them from aaron's period. in addition to making the monthly mortgage payments has to says mortgage companies are requiring homeowners to make a balloon payment. even if you make your monthly mortgage payment were not going. accept it. >> until you come up with all the arrears, despite the rise in foreclosures, experts don't think the housing market crash is coming in. the bay area will continue to remain under the national average for foreclosures. part of that is because of how strong the housing market has been in the bay area. reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron, 4 news. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. the latest on the back and forth at the federal level about getting covid boosters to people under the age of 50 will be right back after the break.
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welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news at time for you now 04:38am here on a tuesday. monday was great. tuesday. have a feeling he's going to be even better. but let's see if the weather backs that claim of john. good morning. hey there. good morning. we are seeing some fog out there this morning. little bit low gray sitting right over the east bay. you can see much right now from your berkeley hills camera. >> but the fog is sitting. a lots of visibility hasn't been much of an issue would have be


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