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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 27, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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we're here. i'm darya. james james is not here. we'll have to see if he's here tomorrow or he just suddenly goes dark. he pulled out of brand let's check the weather, though. john slaving away computer i wanted, but i'm really sneaky about it. and that's why not you know, really want to but it is nice and foggy out there. you can see what's in this view. >> nobody knows what it is, but it is your berkeley hills view looking down at the east bay sitting under the great right now. if you're driving along the bay shore, you're good. as far as visibility goes what you had in those hillsides above the bay and above the coastline, they are really running into some drizzle and some low visibility. otherwise today is a nice and calm start. unlike yesterday when we had a few rolls of thunder further inland 50's and 60's for our current temperatures petaluma you're at 54 alameda and oakland at 58 hayward, redwood city right at 60 currently,
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i'll be talking about the rest of the day's forecast. still ahead, rain, john, that we've been tracking your morning commute here on this wednesday heading into the city. no accidents. about 40 minutes mace that fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge that is moving quickly along. >> a little under 14 minutes as you're heading from a 80 to one o one. a richmond center fell bridge starting to slow down just a bit about 11 minutes for you as you're heading out of richmond and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. it's going to take about 20 minutes on this wednesday morning. 71. we have breaking news from overnight. a man is dead. he was shot near a homeless encampment in oakland around 1 o'clock this morning. the shooting happened in the 2300 block of west street. and police responded immediately during their investigation. they learned that a man showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound and that man died from his injuries. we don't yet know his name, but they think that he's the one who was shot where they responded to those reports and there wasn't a
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victim 71 right now, san francisco's board of supervisors try to keep 700 patients from being transferred out of laguna honda hospital. exactly. the hospital is in danger of shutting down because federal money was pulled after inspectors found numerous violations during multiple visits. kron 4 sarah stinson has been on this story all morning long. good morning, sara. >> san francisco supervisors, they are now urging secretary javier becerra to get involved to stop patients from being transferred from laguna honda to other hospitals. they're saying that because of their transfer, they've lost. and i lost. i mean, for patients have died. quickly after they were transferred. that is why supervisor saying we need to stop. this is not the answer. the reason these patients are being transferred from laguna honda in the first place. >> is because the center for the medicare and medicaid services, they have pulled their funding from laguna honda. and that is because of
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numerous health and safety violations that inspectors found. this happened in april. >> center for medicare, medicaid services decertified laguna honda after inspectors deemed it was in a state of substandard care. the san francisco department of public health runs the hospital is trying to get recertified by september 13th. that is the deadline. the federal government provides money for about 700 patients at laguna honda. but 2 thirds of the hospital and eventually that 700 patients total that will be transferred if things don't go the way of the supervisors as of a week ago, 56 patients have been transferred, but now people are blaming the trauma of moving those patients or the death of 4 patients. city supervisors are urging secretary chair to intervene. talk to the center of medicare, medicaid services to review this plan. san francisco supervisors when they met yesterday, we also decided to urge governor gavin newsom to set set been. they want him to declare a state of
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emergency to give them some services to help them with the problem of all the transfer these patients. so >> this is something we'll continue to trying to get touch with. one of the supervisors was very passionate about this issue. she's the district, 2 supervisor of this area. so stand by for that. for now, dorian. rana, back to you. all right, thanks for that update, sara. alright, let's talk monkeypox because now there are cases in all 9 bay area counties. napa was the last. >> they just had their first case confirmed yesterday. san francisco has the most san francisco county with 222 cases now they about 17 new ones overnight. alameda county has 50 santa clara county has 39 and all the rest of the counties as you can. she see just have a handful of cases. there are also 2 cases of monkeypox identified in children. now in the u.s. and one case is a toddler that is in california. this is coming to us from the cdc kron four's justine waltman takes a look. and the possibility that kids could be act. lee.
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>> if they're spreading daycares, it's going to be a disaster. and it essentially we don't want that to happen. and the best way to keep that from happening is getting this under control. now, monkeypox is not rapidly infecting children, according to doctor barker on an infectious disease researcher from stanford. so far, most of the cases are among and bisexual men. but anyone can catch the virus through close skin to skin contact in the case of children. the cdc said this could include holding culling feeding as well as through shared items such as towels, bedding, cups and utensils. but the doctor does not want parents and caregivers to worry. so i think overall the risk is quite low at this point to stop the spread of monkeypox doctor kron wants increased testing and vaccines. kids get rashes. but if a kid develops a new rash that looks like pimples or blisters. talk to your doctor. there are 2 monkeypox cases in
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kids in the u.s. one is a toddler in california. even those 2 cases that happened, they were from household transmission. they were not community transmission of an unknown source. they were unknown source. >> and that that, you know, if it was an unknown source, that would be much more concerning. >> the cdc says the monkeypox vaccine is being made available for children through special expanded use protocols in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman, kron 4 news. meantime, there is continued frustration over the delay in getting enough monkeypox shots for everybody who wants some. the california department of public health says that they have 10,000 doses that have just been sitting there for 6 days. so now questions are coming up about why the state doesn't have a more streamlined vaccine process. right now there are more than 6,000 people on a waiting list in san francisco to get their monkeypox shot. >> know that there are doses of vaccine in the state and
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waiting lists that are more than 6,000 individuals that are not being distributed in the fastest mechanism possible is just irresponsible. >> the u.s. is considering declaring monkeypox a health emergency after the world health organization already declared it a global health emergency. people who live around little saigon and oakland are now calling on police to do a lot more to make their neighborhood safe. uber driver patrick fung was shot and killed in that neighborhood on july. 17th and oakland police chief leronne armstrong says additional officers are being deployed to the little saigon neighborhood and plans are in works for a police substation in that neighborhood as well. well, community members say it's going to take a lot more than additional police to stop crime. >> there are videos they are. there are faces for you, too. help out. and this this is a time because we were suffering and we need your help.
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>> there is now a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and patrick phones, killers. >> happening today, the vallejo police officers association is going to speak about the crisis in the community that they says the direct result of their police chief. >> the association made a unanimous vote of no confidence in police chief shawny williams saying that he's >> on ethical and then he's failing. leadership is causing a lot of officers to leave the department. they shared the result of their vote with city leaders, hoping to get some action. nothing has happened though. this press conference is set for 10, 30 this morning outside the association's headquarters. well, today the forty-niners returned to the fact is feel as training camp gets underway. they return. but does jimmy jay trey lance is the starting quarterback. so what happened to jimmy? let's go to kron. four's will tran following everything. 49 or high will. >> jimmy g is returning but he's not returning to the position that he's had for
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about 5 years now that starting quarterback because they told them yesterday. imagine going 5 months or so without talking to your boss at all. and then yesterday they pull jimmy g aside and said we love you. thank you for everything you've done, but you will not be the starting quarterback. instead, it will be trey lance who will be taking the field. we drafted him very high. i mean, it's not like jimmy g had to be told. they know if you draft a quarterback very high in the draft. chances are he will leave the team and that's exactly what's going to happen. the players are showing up now. training camp is officially underway. i mean, they've been showing up before the sun even came up to weight lifting and they'll hit the field probably around 10 or 11 o'clock this morning. deebo samuel, he'll be here as well. there was a lot of fear with the forty-niners and their fans that he could have been traded as he demanded a trade in april. but it looks like both sides will sit down. >> and hammer out a lucrative
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deal for him in a deal that works for the team. as far as the quarterback situation. according to coach kyle shanahan, he says it was simply a >> to me, the of a job come into camp and when that job and take us real close to the super bowl. but we have moved on to trade for starting camp out this way. we think jimmy would have b en traded to the surgery. didn't happen and it did. you needed to do it. so there's there at all. but it's good to see that he is but now it's all just seen how this will end up. this is trace team and that's nothing against jimmy. we made that decision a year ago and we're going with that and we're not going mess around with that anymore. jimmy knows we're going to treat rhinos are going to train our team does so. that's and everyone likes of the guys. so it's. >> it is what it is. >> so jeanne will be practicing daria and rina, but i'm sure he will not be tackle too hard. and the reason why is they are looking for a
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trading partner, but because he had offseason surgery that push things back a little bit. and that's why it might be hard for them to find a team is as most teams already have. the quarterback, they have a couple of options on the table for you forty-niners fans. he could be on the team but he will be probably the highest paid back up in the league at 24 million dollars or they could cut him altogether. say the teen 24 million dollars. but unfortunately, if that happens, they don't get any picks back in return as he hits the market and that he's free to go wherever he wants to go to. the bottom line is it's the trey lance era. so you can officially say it's the tree back well with the jones. thanks for that will. and the raiders also kicking off their training camp. and don't forget, kron 4 is your home. >> for the raiders preseason, we're going to be carrying 3 exhibition games starting on august 14th. we'll have pre-game and post-game coverage, including live shots from the stadium, an exclusive interview. so you don't want
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to miss at all. that starts right here on kron. 4 on august 14th. >> all right. and there were no winners in last night's 830 million dollar mega millions lottery. so that means the jackpot is now more than 1 billion dollars. if you take the cash option, you can walk away with 602 million dollars. that's not bad. this is the 3rd time in the 20 year history of the mega millions. the jackpot has reached more than a billion dollars. now the odds of winning are one in 302 million. but i'm going to take my and i'm going play. >> and we keep joking about james up big because, you know, did he win and nobody wants? i mean, we looked at that. we've looked at that ticket. so i don't james is just home. tell anyone who that would be out today. you you're only on to what you're out about 2 bucks. that's what you're for 70 all time right now. coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news calls for san francisco school board member to step down are growing. >> we'll hear the latest group that wants and shoe out. and we've got some fog and some
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sunshine as epo right now, sun beaming down on the airport with the fog in the distance. >> as for the rest of the day, more and more sunshine and temperatures pretty familiar at this point. the 70's to 80's staying with us. your forecast is ahead.
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short sleeve. want have you covered at all times? take a look. a little room for john. yeah, is one of those days are just going to be ready for all of it. the long jacket, the sorts leave. all of it is going to be coming in handy. >> coit tower under the grey right now, but it's not. can it stay that way all day? we're going to get right back into some sunshine, albeit hazy, sunshine for some spots. we're seeing haze settling down more and more for the north bay and the inland east bay, but especially problematic as you head up into the sierra nevada this weekend. if you had plans on getting towards just 17 at the park, you may want to put that on delay. as for the bay area, quiet compared to yesterday, which brought us a little bit of thunderstorm activity during the morning, mostly out to the central valley. that's not the case for the bay today, although a few lightning strikes are possible up towards the sierra. well, we're looking at is heat for much of the rest of the west coast while the bay area since it out areas like fresno back into the triple digits reading not just 100 degrees, but well above that medford pendleton
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up to kennewick washington. all these areas to our north are also in the midst of some record shattering temperatures that's really upping fire danger for these areas as well. comparatively, really nice for the bay, the marine layer, the low gray we have this morning, a sign of the relief that has been keeping us out of the triple digits in most cases out of the 90's, even tomorrow morning, we'll see another dose of fog. even some coastal drizzle followed by more afternoon. sunshine. today's that daytime highs in the 60's for san francisco and right along the coast, it will be 70's for our bayshore cities. burlingame and i-76 saying carlos at 78 redwood city at 79, even a few 70's in the south bay, like santa clara, sunnyvale in milpitas. well, san jose 81 70's from fremont oakland, while 80's from livermore, dublin on up through conquered and for the north bay. just a couple of 90's from antioch to vacaville, do expect barely reaching the low 90's. the rest of us 70's to 80's mostly looking ahead. we are a slightly warmer weekend. just a few more cities reaching the
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low 90's. but for the most part, this is a holding pattern of a forecast. no major heat waves ahead of us. not a lot of changes in general and certainly staying dry rain. tom, thank you that. let's you look at your traffic heading into the city right now. nancy. >> any major issues or delays there about 15 minutes that may's to that fremont street exit. now the san mateo bridge and that no accidents on this bridge all throughout the morning. 14 minute. very nice commute. a richmond center fell bridge about 13 minutes heading out of richmond across the ricci sandra fell and the golden gate bridge. 37 to smooth sailing. 20 minutes on your wednesday morning. for your money this morning. borrowing money is going to be more expensive starting today and home buyers are seeing more incentives. >> to make a purchase. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more. hi, jane. hi, daryn. good morning out quickly. that turned around. so the homebuilders boosting incentives is a solidly struggle to sell home something well. >> u.s. new-home sales dropped to the lowest level in 2
7:19 am
years. rising mortgage rates have been, of course, one of the main reasons that you see the housing market slowdown so much recently. now the federal reserve will try to wrestle inflation lower when it raises interest rates. today, we expect another unusually large interest rate hike of 3 quarters of a percent credit card. interest rates are often the first to reflect the fed rate hike and triple a says more price increases are coming. the chain says it is facing higher food packaging. and labor costs in tripoli says restaurants in college towns have seen their seasonal traffic return to prepandemic levels. well, ads on google are slowing down and says companies uncertain about the economy have been spending less on online advertising live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king back teacher. thanks a lot. j will see later the rapidly fire. that's the one burning near yosemite national park. it's grown to more than 18,000 acres. >> and it's only 26% contained right now that fire started burning in mariposa county on friday and really grew in size
7:20 am
over the weekend, forcing thousands of people to evacuate. they say that because the dry conditions in steep terrain that's making it extra difficult to fight the fire. it's california's biggest fire of 2022. so far and it destroyed at least 41 homes and other structures. and they're still about 1400 buildings in harm's way. >> this home that we had just gotten married at 2 weeks ago. it explodes. >> cal fire says the crews did make some process overnight and they're hoping to have full containment by the end of the month. an air quality advisory is in effect right now because of the smoke from the wildfire. smoke is call some concern about dangers of smoke inhalation. you have kron four's felecia gaal who got a chance to talk with a lung specialist about that. >> there is no such thing as safe inhalation of smoke. and doctor thomas daley says just brief exposure to particulate matter from wildfire, smoke
7:21 am
can harm your body, even for those without preexisting health conditions. when you inhale this, this causes inflammation and damage to the lungs. we also know it even goes beyond the longs. these particles are so small. they go through the lungs into the bloodstream. doctor daley is a pulmonary and critical care medicine specialist. at kaiser permanente, santa clara and has formally served on the bay area. air quality management district scaring board. the air district has extended its air quality advisory through wednesday for those living in east contra costa county in particular, they have been managing through bad air for nearly 2 months as the marsh fire along the pittsburg bay point water front continues to burn. whenever there's air quality alert, we see an increased number of heart attacks and in patients despite the hazy skies. the air district says the smoke is expected to remain elevated.
7:22 am
the air quality is also ranging from good to moderate on the index. but doctor daley says you should still avoid exercising or any outdoor activity until the smoke clears. i say to my patients, we know fire season is coming. prepare for make sure that your pantry has enough food so that you don't have to go outdoors for a week or 10 days. avoidance is your best course of action. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> well, still to come on the kron, 4 morning news confederate flag seen line at the sonoma speedway. why the flagstaff community members questioning the speedway's policies will be right back after the break.
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get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27. the so raceway says it is reviewing its policies after 2 confederate flags were discovered at camp sites. the flags are flown over the weekend during a national hot rod. even at the raceway. the raceway's website says that displays of the confederate flags are prohibited. photos of one of the flags were sent to the naacp of santa rosa. sonoma. now the group's president says the raceway needs to do more to prevent acts of hate. the flag owners cooperated and taking them down. once asked the raceway released a statement on the flags reading in part our procedures to manage incidents like this are a top priority
7:26 am
and will be further refined to prevent future incidents. time now 7.25 in sandra fell. police are looking for whoever has distributed anti semitic, flyers in sandra fell. they were left in plastic bags and driveways of homes in the west end neighborhood. police haven't said exactly what was written on those flyers. they just say that nobody was threatened and detectives are trying to find footage. now maybe some home video cameras or whatever they can find the suspects who have done this. similar fliers have been left in other bay area cities, including los gatos and berkeley. >> and just ahead, crews are working to knock down a fire in san jose on live with the details after the break.
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>> well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. a time for you now we're going on 7.30. yeah. so we want to take another peek at the weather now. looks like it's pretty nice sfo. you can see there's high clouds and foggy hopefully could be enough to delay things. have you any more delays john? yeah, definitely no more delays needed. we are looking at the low gray, though force or you can see the embarcadero right there. and it's just sitting under the gray. at least you're not driving through it for the most part as that. >> cloud cover sitting above the bay area but can help to keep us cool. compared to the surrounding region. right now we're 50's and 60's for
7:30 am
current temperatures. light jacket kind of stuff as you're venturing out. reyna. >> all right. let's get a look at your traffic today. a 14 minute ride maze to that fremont street exit. >> the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. little under 14 minutes making your way from 80 to one o one. >> a richmond center fell commute about a 13 minute ride and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls will be about 21 minutes on your wednesday morning. >> let's get to breaking news that we're following now because crews are on the scene of a big fire and a restaurant in san jose. exactly. con force camila barco live at the scene. getting all those updates. what can you tell us >> yes, a diary. now the fire has been told it happened around 4 o'clock this morning. and crews have been here ever sense. if i step out of the way, you ll take a look at some of the damage left behind because of the fire and crews are here still on scene trying to knock down the fire. as you can see, it's pretty smoky over here as they try knocked
7:31 am
down the fire say that the damage is pretty extensive, as you can see, tried get see some of the damage the fire had. caused the roof to collapse. here's a look at the roof. and then you'll notice over here at the damage the restaurant. it's pretty smoky. so it's kind of hard to see right now. but this just shows the damage, the fire damage, the fire, the fire that damaged has caused this is holder's country and the owner tells me it is a staple in the community. this is on south day and the pull-up bar and fire crews tell me that the fire is contained. it won't spread to other buildings that there's a lot of other businesses nearby, but they are working to knock it down. and fire crews also tell me that when he came the building to try to contain it from down below. but right now you'll notice. it's kind of hard to
7:32 am
see right now with all of the smoke in the area. but you'll notice that crews are working. up above with the latter's time to. but some water onto the building, making sure that there are no hot spots and trying to knock it down. as i said, the fire is contained. right now they're trying to make sure that the fire doesn't spread to any other building. and they've been here 4 o'clock this morning trying to contain and no one has been injured. but rain, as you can see, there is a lot of smoke in the area. crews have also walked off one road here on south de anza boulevard. so just a heads up for drivers. >> the owner tells me that this place has been here since 1999. the owner over about 4 years ago. like i said, this is a very popular spot here in area. he says that they will come back. but right now they are just trying to make sure that the fire is put out they
7:33 am
will see what happens next. but we'll hear from the owner in the next hour. but right now you're taking a live look at the fire holders and country in. and we'll have more for in the next hour. track. thank you for that update 7.32, and a growing number of groups are continuing to ask for the removal of san francisco board of education commissioner and shoe. >> they are upset about controversial comments that she made. and now some are asking mayor london breed. do remove shoe herself since she's the one who appointed her crawford's is a guy has the latest. >> this is a still photo with san francisco board of education commissioner and shoe and sf usd parents at a recent virtual meeting titled a conversation with the commissioner, members of the lot next democratic club where you guys know president, were you not buy that? >> we're not invited. >> the vice president of the san francisco that next democratic club kevin ortiz says that is a big problem
7:34 am
because it says shoot out that she's committed to listening learning and growing as a person in the wake of stating that the lack of family support and unstable family environments cause black and brown students not to value learning. what is she not getting fall? your community. >> there's many stories of immigration because they came to the u.s. in hopes for a better life for their children and includes an educational path where they could be able to succeed and thrive. so for us, it's like we need someone who actually understands these issues from the ground up like that. he's ready to go hit the ground running and how can we have someone dictate policy when they have certain beliefs about a or an inherent bias, which is why we came out pretty early on calling for the resignation the commissioner. >> usd african-american parent advisory council member latoya pitcher was among the parents invited to the meeting with commissioner shoe. she did not apologize to us. she apologize that we felt that way. but she didn't acknowledge your racism. she didn't apologize
7:35 am
for her comments and the harm that her comments cost is also in attendance was in a a c p member in sf usd parent that bracket. thompson coming away from that meeting. were you? >> less concerned about her being on the school board are more concerned. >> i was more concerned. she had already acknowledged that she has this inherent anti-black bias and latin x buys that she can't control. and so we as someone who's the leader, you should be able to say, you know what? i think this is not appropriate for me right now to be making decisions. there are other people within my community can too can represent the voice of asian american families throughout this district who are more culturally competent. this is not the first time that african-american sf usd parents took exception to similar comments. take a look at this as a few as the board meeting from 2016 is the home life. >> there's a problem at home for the students that are completely zoned out because they're either hungry are going through some sort of comment at home parents within
7:36 am
our various communities, love their children and have the same aspirations for higher education for 4. then even if many are incapable of providing the level of support that the more advantaged can provide. several san francisco supervisors are calling for and shoot a step down. but the city's top official doesn't seem ready to make december says the latinx democratic club is for the mayor to step up and call for the resignation of commissioner. simply need to have someone who represents, you know, all in that the unified school and not just one or 2 communities. we reached out to commissioner and shoe to give her opportunity to be a part of this conversation. >> we received no reply. how's mud? you kron 4 well, another big story we're following is the backlash. a local performing arts theater is facing because of that decision. >> to allow dave chappelle to perform there. she tells first show went on as planned last night despite the lgbtq group
7:37 am
petitioning to get the luther burbank center to cancel them. the group says he should not be allowed to before because of the inappropriate comments he made about the transgender community in his netflix special and his recent shows. >> always be the dave chapelle's might issue really isn't. our issue really is with luther burbank and what they claim to stand for and paper and how their actions are in direct violation of that. >> well, lou, the burbank center for the arts released a statement yesterday. it's as they watch the pills content and they did not want to censor the artist and that the decision to go on with the show was not made lightly. the san francisco police department is going to have to wait now until early september. if they can be able to use private security cameras during investigations. >> san francisco's police chief and the mayor. >> have proposed an ordinance to allow law enforcement to gain access to cameras that are used by. >> homeowners and businesses like ring cameras and store sur%eillance. the police chief says that this would only be used during specific
7:38 am
operations, but some critics say that it's not necessary. >> we think that it's serious invasion of our privacy and civil liberties. we think it will seriously harm and further increased policing and incarceration. but there's been very little specific examples of how getting live access to a camera that faces the street but actually help the police solve any of these problems any more than any of the other tools. there you have the san francisco board of supervisors was originally scheduled to discuss the proposal last night, but that has been postponed. so now it's not going to happen. >> until september at the earliest. >> still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, a bay area woman bit 5 dogs and then she says she was attacked by the dogs owner and the entire incident was all caught on camera. we'll be right back after the break. say hello to high end stylings at prices you'll only find at lowe's. ♪ ♪
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well, lawyers for wnba star brittney griner say she will testify in her own defense. >> as her drug in russia testimony yesterday, focus on countries that regard cannabis is having legitimate medicinal uses brian or acknowledge he was carrying a vape cartridges with cannabis oil when she was arrested at an airport and moscow in february. she says they wound up in her luggage because of hasty packing and that she had no criminal intent. yesterday's hearing was suspended after a u.s. embassy delegation member feted for me in the courtroom. griner's facing up to 10 years in prison if she's convicted
7:42 am
some 41 and let's talk about what's going on with the murder trial of the man accused of killing kristen smart. it's on hold for the second time in 2 weeks. this time the delay is blamed on an unexpected jura conflict. 43 year-old paul flores is charged with murdering 19 year-old kristen smart in may of 1996, his 81 year-old father ruben, is charged with helping hide the body. court proceedings are now supposed to resume on monday. the trial could last through october. it's 7.42. right?
7:43 am
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you're welcome! now, as the "dad cab", it's my cue to help protect them. embrace this phase. help protect them in the next. ask their doctor about hpv vaccination today.
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embrace this phase. help protect them in the next. a 45 day voyage, a cargo ship filled with more than 96. tons of plastic waste is docked in sausalito the 130 foot cargo ship sail from honolulu. the area known as the great pacific garbage patch or more formally known as the north pacific gyre. that's where the ship was able to recover. large amounts of waste. look at this ranging from you got plastic fishing nets to kit toys. these images show some of the trash that was collected from that voyage. the sausalito base, ocean voyages institute sponsor that cleanup. now in about a week. the ship is going t head back to honolulu. they're going to sell to the great pacific garbage patch yet again for a second cleanup. you know, is cleaning up for bart goat. yes, they have hired a crew of
7:46 am
goats. >> to cut down the vegetation and reduce risk of wildfire and the much cuter than lawnmowers and a quieter. i mean, they do mat present lamb. just go what was a ghost town make? i don't know. i john was get in a car the goats are more environment friendly and that's why they're doing it. cleaning up the environment. they're not just on the loose. as you can see her. they have people keeping an eye out to make sure they're doing their jobs. they are able to eat one acre of vegetation per day. so you know, that's making progress a day when they stop or if they just keep you know, they like not of the edges of just wait a shunt cleaning the if they stop, give a break. know they never get. my dog will eat till the cows come >> yes, stop those. let's take a look at the weather. it is still dry out. so we do need those crews of you know what? our producer chip is giving the best go-to person right just was.
7:47 am
>> is kevin >> it's an so it's one of the match. no. thank you, kevin. and like a she. >> well, it is gray out there for this gets this morning. but we get the sunshine later today. either way it was back in his good out there right along the right along those bart rails looking outside at san jose. we do have the low gray that's sitting right above. you still, it is definitely still gray for a lot of areas that were cleared up by this time yesterday. that's part of the reason that we're going to be kept so cool. once the a marine layer clears, we're still going to be dealing with some haze from the oak fire that's hanging out for northern and eastern portions of the bay high pressure ridge in place. it is keeping the west coast hot. but we're still dodging the bulk of that heat. thanks to that cool ocean air areas like medford, oregon, reading up in northern california, pendleton, washington and can of pendleton, oregon and kind
7:48 am
washington all well above 100 degrees. temperatures climbing to over 110 in reading as we work our way through the day here and through the rest of the week, we're going to see how low 90's out are very warm us to not even a lot of those cool fog at the coastline even into the afternoon. sunshine elsewhere in the bay area. as we make our way on into the afternoon tomorrow morning. tomorrow, more of that fog, misty drizzly, conditions like we're seeing today and then clearing skies tomorrow afternoon. as for our temperatures, we are in the 60's for san francisco and are right along the coast. it will mostly be 70's along the bayshore burlingame at 76 degrees. san carlos at 78 redwood city at 79 south bay temps, low 80's for san jose and campbell. and then those low 80's for the inland east bay, too, east bay shoreline, fremont hayward all the way up through oakland, really comfortable in the 70's. you continue to be some of our spots, antioch, in vacaville in the low 90's, while santa rosa petaluma nevado among our spots in the 70's tomorrow all the way through sunday. expect
7:49 am
low 90's for inland highs but not getting any hotter than that. so triple digits. it's not something really tapping into here locally, although the central valley certainly getting those that's for the coast in the bay 60's and 70's will continue right now. john, thank you for that. let's go look at your traffic this morning headed into the city about a 12 minute drive bays to that fremont street exit. >> san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula, little under 13 minutes to make that drive. well, the richmond center fell bridge about a 9 minute commute. and if you're taking the golden gate bridge, 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes. well, a woman in san francisco is attacked by a dog and then by the dog's owner. these are moments caught on camera after britney watson was bit on the arm by the dog seen in the video. it happened near jones and sutter streets. watson asked for the dog's owners phone number several times, but the woman continues to walk away. you can see that even threatening to have the dog by her again. that's when watson says the woman turned around and attacked.
7:50 am
>> she hit me in the head and took off even look at them. i had no interaction with them. and right after they had just passed me by the dogs jumped up and like randomly bit my arm. >> i will. so far police have not been able to find the woman in the video on watson says she hopes the woman is found before that dog attack somebody else. 7.50, right now. and there's a warning of pacific up because a mountain lion was seen near norfolk drive. and lewis lane. it was spotted monday morning by a man was walking his dog and they came across the big cat and what he did is what you're supposed to do. raise his hand. look as big as you can made loud noises. and then the animal took off. so that's good. nobody was hurt. but police are reminding you that this area of pacifica, outline territory. so they're going big. they're going to be right at round at times. and if you're around, you want to make sure that you your pets and small children are safe. time now, 7.50, and pittsburgh
7:51 am
police are looking for the man that you see in this video whose ransacking a bakery on harbor road. this happened last monday. he assaulted employees, vandalized the business and left. police have identified him as 36 year-old low lani fan now and now there's a warrant out for his arrest. well, the perfect night festival has been canceled. the event organizers say they were forced to cancel that event. >> after the city of berkeley raise the event feet a nearly $45,000. >> the city raise event. these to help offset the debt crisis. >> facing the berkeley marina, the berkeley kite festival has been held for more than 30 years. organizers hope they can bring that event back next year. the oakland city council voted to formally settled a case involving former police chief anne kirkpatrick. kirkpatrick sued the city in 2020 saying she was fired and retaliation for blowing the whistle on wrongdoings at the oakland police commission, city council members voted unanimously to settle the suit for 1.5 million dollars. the former chief says she hopes
7:52 am
this agreement is assigned to all who are witnesses to misconduct, not to stay silent 7.51. right now and the 52 billion dollars chips act passed the senate with bipartisan support. >> the chips act create a semiconductor computer chips system in america. they want those chips should be made here. you know, they're in everything from cars, cellphones military equipment and the ceo of lockheed martin told president biden that it would be much better to have this technology because it's so crucial to national security to be made here and not to outsource it. >> confidence in the security of the hardware itself that it hasn't been tampered with or degraded when we receive that to put it into our aircraft. >> that's why he's saying it's important that we make the chips. some republicans, though, have criticized the bill as a corporate handout. the white house insists that's not the case in the bill is headed to the house. where is expected to pass? it's 7.52 expected to pass? it's 7.52 and we'll be right back.
7:53 am
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when i make decisions as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us, making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27. most boxes can be recycled up to seven times. it's not a miracle. it's by design. so what starts as a box for detergent and turns into one for a sneeze is all part of the circle of caring
7:55 am
for our natural resources and trees. choose recyclable paper and packaging. and the pot is back at outside lands. it's called grasslands. the cannabis market place that they're going to be having at the music festival outside lands. grasslands features the sale of cannabis products to smoke, i guess, to eat or whatever. as long as you're over. 21 you can and the
7:56 am
organizers say it's a way to celebrate, educate and great cannabis into your daily life. grasslands goers will enjoy new attractions at the farmers market. live music and the arts district. the outside lands music festival returns to golden gate park next weekend. so like you about to bust out of celebrate to have a good. that's what he wanted be saying that at the festival. >> all right. well, still to come on the kron, morning news at 49 ers are getting ready for their first practice of the season. >> trey lance is going to have all eyes on him as the starting quarterback. >> well, plus, with the san francisco board of supervisors doing to keep the patients at laguna honda hospital. and the delay in monkeypox vaccines. and many people waiting in frustration. we're going from local lawmakers, a confused by the slow vaccine rollout will be right back.
7:57 am
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what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more... crazy commutes... crowd control- have a nice day alex (thanks ms. ellen) ...taking the stairs. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function
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for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids. and here's something important. dupixent can cause allergic reactions that can be severe. get help right away if you have rash, chest pain, worsening shortness of breath, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor about new or worsening joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning news >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on wednesday and daria and i'm reyna a very nice wednesday, indeed, because >> the o. all right. how about just because of the above it? no weather is not going to get your way, john. yeah, it
8:00 am
definitely nothing to get your way out there, which we need to advantage of because a lot of the west coast. >> is looking at really searing hot conditions here in the bay area. comparatively, really mild your view outside right now, low gray can see the top of the bank of america building there in the distance as we make our way through the day today, you will be seeing lots of sunshine, but it's just going to take a while to get there as this low cloud cover sitting with us a bit longer than it yesterday. that does have a moderating effect on temperatures. so thank you, marine layer for helping us out there right now. we're in the 50's to 60's with napa at 57 oakland. 59 some low 60's in redwood city over to livermore and concord reyna. john, thank you for that. we've been tracking your wednesday morning commute. >> and into the city while you can see traffic certainly starting to pick up there a little under 14 minutes, mace fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge. i don't see any delays heading from 80 to one o one about 13 minutes for your right. richmond sandra fell drive. it's about


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