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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  July 27, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> for our local and state health authorities to do what they need know. >> now it's 6 as monkeypox cases continue to rise in the bay area and across the country. the u.s. announces that hundreds of thousands of vaccines are on the way. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. this comes as us now officially leads the world in the number of monkeypox cases. >> there are now more than 3800 confirmed cases in the u.s. tonight. the biden administration is considering whether to declare a public health emergency. the president is also considering whether or not to name a white houses are to coordinate a response to the disease. last week the world health organization declared the monkeypox outbreak to be a public health emergency. >> here's a look at the monkeypox cases in the bay area. all 9 counties have reported cases. napa county confirmed its first case yesterday. san francisco
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county reported 7 new cases. that brings the total case count in the city to 200. and 22 alameda county has 50 santa clara county reported. 39. there are 3 in contra costa county, san mateo county has 8 cases. sonoma county has 7 solano has 6 and moran has 2 cases. again, one in napa with san francisco having one of the highest case loads of monkeypox in the nation. senator scott wiener, state senator scott wiener is calling on both the city and the state to issue a state of emergency kron four's rob nesbitt. talk to the senator today about how that might improve testing and vaccine supply. and he joins us now live from our newsroom. rob, can san francisco and los angeles go back and forth with having the highest number of monkeypox cases in the state. >> senator wiener says that's concerning when you consider the difference in population between the 2 cities. with supplies running out, the u.s. announced wednesday that 800,000 more doses of the
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monkeypox vaccine had been approved to be sent out to states in need of more. the shipment coming from denmark. but senator scott wiener says the food and drug administration should have acted sooner. it's why he's calling on san francisco in california to declare a state of emergency responsability for administering vaccines and expands who is able to actually. >> and minister vaccines. it also expedites entering into providers. senator wiener says the state of emergency will also remove barriers around monkeypox testing. important when it's assume that there are more positive cases of the virus that are being reported were a city of 900. you're not 100,000 people. >> and we're being impacted. you know, per capita more than york city are more than ally. the u.s. is considering issuing an emergency following in the footsteps of the world health organization. doctor peter chin-hong ucsf says the action at the federal state and local level with monkeypox means more dedicated funding results in a well mall. well
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oiled machine. >> that we need right now if not going to make this an endemic infection, that's going to be part society moving forward. the san francisco department of public health started making calls this week canceling appointments for second doses of the vaccine. >> in order to prioritize first shots for more people at risk. a move that the doctor supports that free shot is really acting like 2 shots of the pfizer vaccine. and the second shot is acting like abuse or so the moose or you don't need to several months if not longer >> the zuckerberg, san francisco general hospital monkeypox vaccine clinic was closed again today because of a lack of supply. but the san francisco department of public health was informed today that the city will be receiving more than 4200 doses of the vaccine by the end of the week. reporting live in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. thank you, rob. >> in santa clara county health officials have administered 662 doses of the monkeypox vaccine. public
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health director doctor sara cody says they came from the state stockpile which comes from the federal government and more vaccines are on the way the county will get roughly another 700 doses from the state. although it's not clear yet when they will arrive. >> today was the first day of the county vaccination at the fairgrounds expo hall where we have the covid vaccines. of appointments for that. one the park's vaccine are and we will continue to work with partners to make sure that we hire in for appointments because vaccine. available. >> doctor cody also comment on whether it's necessary to declare a state of emergency over monkeypox. she said regarding santa clara's lack of vaccine supplies, if that could help with boosting the vaccination, she would support for the latest information on monkeypox, including a monkeypox case tracker and vaccination sites. you can scan that qr code on your screen. it will take you
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straight to our website and now to our wildfire coverage in nevado. firefighters are working to put out what's called the point. fire is burning near highway. 37 in arnold drive. it is. >> now burning up to 50 acres. fire crews are asking drivers to avoid that area. no evacuations have been ordered at this time. of course, we will continue to follow this story. and as soon as we get additional information, we will bring it to you. and we want to show you the traffic picture of highway 37. this is looking eastbound. >> from around the area of lake the road toward a sonoma and the highway. one. 21 highway 37 interchange course very busy road, especially this time of the evening as people from ran and sonoma counties trying to get to east heading toward a napa and beyond so heavy traffic. could you be on highway? 37 while firefighters continue to work that fire. also tonight, we continue to monitor the oak fire burning near yosemite
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national park highway one 40, a major road to yosemite reopened last night as crews gained the upper hand against. >> california's largest wildfire of the season. fire crews say cooler weather has helped slow the spread of flames. but hundreds of residents from nearby mountain communities are still under evacuation since the wildfires started on friday. cal fire reports that fire has scorched close to 19,000 acres across the sierra nevada foothills. >> with 32% containment this evening. the flames have destroyed at least 49 homes. all right. mabrisa rodriguez joining us now with more on the weather and looks like firefighters are getting the upper hand, but that can change with the winds. yeah, exactly. and let's take a look at our local bay area forecast in novato because fortunately we're tracking cooler temperatures. they're very pleasant in the mid 70's. >> and we're seeing winds, though, out of the north. so with those warm, dry, offshore breezes relative humidity, though, still up to 47% because wind speeds only about
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15 miles per hour with any gusts around 20 miles per hour less. so that's good news. so >> we don't have any major wildfires burning around and in the bay area, but just to ourteast with that oak fire, we will see that change in wind direction tonight out of the northwest, especially in our north bay valleys and eastern contra costa county. we are going to notice those winds actually pushing somea smoke and ash in the upper levels of the atmosphere. but fortunately, we're not really going to notice the smoke impacts along the surface. so that's what we're tracking good air particles for most of the bay area. but those of you with any pulmonary or respiratory issues, limit outdoor activity as much as you can tomorrow. that is why we do have an air quality advisory in effect because of smoke and ash from that oak fire. but air quality out there right now for the bay area looking good and temperatures going to heat up for our warmest inland valleys back in the low 90's. details on your full weekend forecast with the threat of monsoonal moisture that could return to your bay area as early as
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saturday at in the morning. back to you. ken and pam, thank breezes san jose firefighters responded to a fire burning in a residential building on glen dune court. this was just before noon. >> crews were able to put out the fire quickly. this is video from the citizen app. it shows crews on the scene making sure there are no hot spots remaining. 5 residents have been displaced by the fire and one person was taken to a hospital due to smoke inhalation. officials are still investigating the cause of that fire. and in fact, it was a busy day for san jose fire crews. they also responded to a fire at a restaurant early in the morning. that fire first broke out about 04:00am at the holder's country n. >> the crews spent the entire morning putting out the fire there was a great deal of damage, part of the roof collapse. a lot of things inside now covered in soot and ash. luckily nobody was injured. the restaurant has been in this location since 1999. the owner says he knows people who've been coming there for years. >> i've been working here for
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many years, 30, 40 years with the company. so. stating. >> the owners of the restaurant will be open. but right now they are just trying to fix the damage. officials are still investigating the exact cause of the fire. also in the south bay, the 0 bail schedule for people who are arrested has run its course in the city of san jose. san jose's mayor says it is also time to end the practice that is described as catching and releasing lawbreakers concourse has meduim has the story. >> you can see they're very serious offenses like human trafficking. manufacture sale of assault firearm while committing another crime. a whole h st of felonies that in fact, are eligible for 0 bat. we hope that we won't see a return to this order. san jose mayor sam liccardo is calling on county officials to put a stop to releasing repeat offenders from jail by ending the pandemic era 0 bill over his call comes in the wake of
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santa clara county superior court judges recently voting to abandon the emergency bail schedule. >> we have the cargo is urging santa clara county supervisors to follow the court's lead. an effort to get a bit. you will criminals off the street. he gives an example of a convicted felon who goes on to commit a list of violent crimes after being released. multiple times bill in december. >> of 2020, he was again released on that warrant. $0 bail. 27 days after that release, frankie committed the first. of tumors with a gun. the problem is all throughout this time since the beginning of pandemic. what we've seen, that's what i call spinning turnstile at the jailhouse door cairo says that this is frustrated. san jose police officers. >> as well as local shop who are often the targets of repeat criminals the rest and have 2 incident in just past march.
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>> what? and they broke in and took a pass register second time. >> in they burn off on it. >> that was the scary incident. we need to make sure we make our guests to feel safe. our employees to feel safe. and we have the same repeat offenders fielding any support is coming from the government. well, the mayor's office appears to be listening. >> in addition to getting rid of the 0 bill scheduled, la wants to in the jailhouse procedure of releasing inmates without any judicial review that we understand the importance. >> reducing the jail population. we think it's better for people to be in treatment. we think better for there to be alternatives when it's safe, ending the 0 bail schedule is currently not on the agenda for the santa clara county board of supervisors. >> the cardinal is using the weight of his office to try to change that. in san jose. has it made kron 4 news? >> coming up at san francisco city leaders are trying to halt the transfer of hundreds of patients from laguna honda
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hospital. >> and we're getting a closer look at when the shots rang out inside a dallas airport. the dramatic video of the terrifying moments as coming up. plus vallejo's police chief is under fire in the heat is coming from fellow members of law enforcement with the police union is doing to call for change in the department. most boxes can be recycled up to seven times. it's not a miracle. it's by design. so what starts as a box for detergent and turns into one for a sneeze is all part of the circle of caring for our natural resources and trees. choose recyclable paper and packaging.
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(man) [whispering] what's going on? (burke) it's a farmers policy perk. get farmers and you could save money by doing nothing. just be claim-free on your home insurance for three years. (man) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. (dad) bravo! (mom) that's our son! (burke) we should. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> no confidence in leadership. the vallejo police
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officers association says the community is in crisis and adds it is a direct result of the police today the police officers association described chief shawny williams as an unethical and a failed leader. kron 4 sleep to go reports. majority of officers support his removal. >> the police chief shawny williams took over the department in since returning as with people a whole police officers association say he is running the agency and its staff into the ground is a failed leader. no one wants to work for chief williams. he's the king. he's not the chief attorneys, mike rains and julia fox represent the vp away and held a news conference wednesday detailing the unanimous vote of no confidence and williams union members took up in december. rain says at the time the results were shared with city manager mike malone in the form of a signed letter. >> with hopes that would lead to a change in leadership. but instead up to this day, malone supports the chief these officers have suffered and
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continue to suffer every day. you know that sometimes. >> there are 2 officers on the streets of patrolling the streets because the flight of officers. >> under shawny williams, the vp away says the police department sworn staff has been reduced by more than 20% since chief williams arrived. mostly big officers voluntarily leaving the union says the chief has also failed implement the 45 recommendations made by an independent group hired to evaluate the department in 2020. >> officers claim the 9-1-1 dispatch center is experiencing critical staffing levels because of williams and multiple officers have filed formal complaints against the chief alleging misconduct. one of them, lieutenant herman robinson who was fired by williams last year, but was later reinstated months ago after an arbitrator overruled is that would wants in leadership? a vengeful liar. who will take down one of the
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sed officers not to speak during wednesday's news conference out of fear of retaliation. >> while acknowledging the divide between department leadership and staff in a written statement, city manager mike malone says, quote, we have seen quantifiable progress and accomplishments and our police department, even amidst the many challenges they face. >> the city council and i continue to express our strong support for chief williams and the transformational reform initiatives being employed to create a department that serves the needs and desires of the vallejo community. the evidence is there to support his firing. the police department did not respond to our request for comment belief all kron 4 news. >> in the east bay, a man is dead after a shooting near a homeless encampment in oakland. it happened just after one this morning in the 2300 block of west street. police say they were responding to reports of a shooting in during their investigation. they learned manage showed up at a hospital with a gunshot wound and then
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later died from his injuries. his name has not yet been released. the shooter is still on the loose. >> now to national news, a man accused of shooting and killing 7 people at a 4th of july parade in highland park, illinois is now facing 117 felony charges. a grand jury indicted him today. he is accused of opening fire with an assault-style rifle from rooftop. >> the indictment includes 21 first-degree murder counts 3 for each victim killed. additionally, the 21 year-old alleged shooter faces 48 counts of attempted murder and 48 counts of aggravated battery. prosecutors say he admitted to the shooting and that to win when he was arrested. he is now due back in court august 3rd. >> now to texas and new dramatic images surfacing today of that shooting inside dallas love field airport on monday. the police video shows what happened in those terrifying moments when the armed woman enter the airport
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and started firing shots. moments later, witnesses say she was mumbling incoherently and saying she was going to blow up the airport. that's when dallas police officer ronald cronan got behind a kiosk and shot the suspect several times. >> he didn't hesitate engage managing to give commands to potential victims, attempting guide them to safety even after being involved in the most dramatic scenario of our beloved profession. i know his actions saved lives. >> the suspect identified as portia is recovering from her gunshot wounds and is charged with aggravated assault. it's still not clear where she got the handgun or even what her motive might have been. >> 2 former minneapolis police officers have been sentenced in federal court for their role in the death of george floyd. jay alexander kang and to tell was sentenced to 3 years and 3 and a half years respectively in federal prison for violating floyd's civil rights. a jury found they
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deprived floyd of medical care and failed to stop their fellow officer at the time. derek chauvin as he knelt on the 46 year-old floyd's neck for 9 and a half minutes. both received sentences below the federal guidelines. the judge called k a rookie officer and tell a good officer, father and husband last month chauvin was sentenced to 21 years in federal prison. also violating 2020. >> time for our 4 zone forecast as we go outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. beautiful sky out there. but pam are we're looking out there on the horizon for monsoonal moisture. that's fill us in on what that could mean for us. yeah. heading to the tropics. really making temperatures feel even warmer. thanks to that. muggy feel relative humidity going to go up. >> and with that, our feels like temperature also going to increase as well. so you've already been warned. we can notice that increase in that muggy monsoonal moisture as
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early as tomorrow for the bay area. so enjoy the drier conditions while they last live look at half moon bay and we're eing that marine layer right along the coast and also that muggy monsoonal moisture. we could see some pretty unstable activity, especially saturday morning in the bay area. so let's track it hour by hour. futurecast for though, from now. until then going to get a round of drizzle fest overnight along the coast and even extending inland into our east bay valleys, where we could see measurable amounts and traces amount of rain, believe it or not, especially for our bay area beaches. but then we're going to notice a very unstable atmosphere, not as organized as what we saw tuesday morning with those thunderstorms. thanks to that monsoonal moisture creating a very unstable atmosphere. but it looks like that window going to increase on saturday morning. and also we are going to see a lot of high clouds with those monsoonal clouds making its way into the bay area saturday into sunday
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could even extend into monday as well to start out our august. first, your full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. back to ken and pam. but theresa, thank you. san francisco's board of supervisors is trying to keep 700 patients from being transferred out of laguna honda hospital. >> the hospital is currently in danger of shutting down because federal money was pulled after inspectors found a number of violations during the number of visits. san francisco supervisors are now urging health and human services secretary xavier becerra, to suspend the transfer of those patients from laguna honda to other skilled nursing facilities. so far, 56 patients have been transferred and 4 of those have died tonight. some people are blaming trauma from the moving to different health care facilities as their cause of death. california senator scott wiener is weighing in on the issue stating, quote, i am deeply concerned about what's happening at laguna honda, transferring vulnerable frail
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residents can be quite dangerous. the entire situation is unacceptable and the rushed transfer plan is doing more harm than san francisco clearly must fix the problems at laguna honda asap. the federal government needs to be more flexible about these residents, unquote. the board of supervisors is also urging governor newsom to declare a state of emergency at laguna honda because of the high rate of transfers. the bart board of directors will vote tomorrow afternoon on whether or not to bring back the mask mandates. the previous mask mandate expired just a week ago. >> if you regular bart rider, you don't have to wear a mask for now. but bart is still encouraging riders to keep their masks on. >> coming up at 6, the sausalito ship has picked up 200,000 pounds of trash. we'll take a look at the big cleanup effo seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations.
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don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. got any room in your eye? ask your doctor if a 90-day prescription is right for you. and pay as little as $0. i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. >> in the north bay, local ship crew was able to pick up about 200,000 pounds of plastic out of the pacific ocean said there was that much to pick up. kron four's. charles clifford has a closer look. >> well, here in sausalito on wednesday, crews unloaded 96 tons of garbage off of the choir, which is a ship that all in right behind me. there and put it into cargo containers. now the kwai left hawaii back in early june. they have been sailing for 45 days east from hawaii to here in california. they pass through what's called the great pacific garbage patch picking up junk as they went along. i talked to the captain
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of the ship a little while ago, who says most of the things that they picked up a bin discarded fishing nets, pieces of rope from ships, furniture, just pretty much anything you can imagine. he says it's sort of daunting to think about how much garbage is out there. but he feels there doing good work. you know, the area that were traveling on this particular trip over 4,500 miles. so during that trip. >> there are days where you thinking, well, this is never ending and we could be it for ever catching this stuff. it's definitely a little however, when you get back to port got 96 times in the hold, you definitely feel like you've accomplished something. california's lieutenant governor was here as well showing her support for this effort and reminding everyone that the best way to help is to keep garbage from getting into the ocean. >> in the first place. so it starts with using last. the governor just signed a bill that will reduce the amount of single-use plastics. >> but the truth is that californians care and what we can do every day is consume less plastic. now all the garbage they're taking off the
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ship. they're hoping to recycle it, hopefully into building materials and in the quiet will. >> resupply and head back towards hawaii. now the ship is run by the ocean voyages institute out of sausalito here and they have an ultimate goal of picking up 1 million pounds of garbage from the garbage patch. but for now in sausalito, charles clifford kron, 4 news. and we'll be kron, 4 news. and we'll be right back. you said you'd never get a dog. you said you'd never do a lot of things. but you never knew all the things a dog could do for you. and with resolve you never have to worry about the mess. love the love, resolve the mess. it's started. somewhere between a cuddle and a struggle, it's...the side hug. tween milestones like this may start at age 9. hpv vaccination - a type of cancer prevention against certain hpv-related cancers, can start then too. for most, hpv clears on its own. but for others, it can cause certain cancers later in life. you're welcome! now, as the "dad cab", it's my cue to help protect them. embrace this phase. help protect them in the next.
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