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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  July 29, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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oh, little things like this help save our power and help save us from outages. with flex alerts, the power is ours. learn more at >> now it's 3 updated covid-19 booster shots are coming in weeks. why some health officials say this new effort still, though, will not be enough to prevent a winter covid surge. and they renewed effort to find the killer. san francisco police offering a reward to help solve a 2016 homicide investigation. and do you have your ticket over 1 billion dollars is up for grabs in tonight's mega millions drawing what to do if you win. >> from the bay area's local news station, this is kron. 4
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news at 3. >> now at 3 bay area doctor is issuing a warning about covid-19 as we head into the fall and winter months. but the biden administration says it is prepared. thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 on this friday. i'm justine waltman. and if you think that covid is spreading now we're learning it's only going to get worse during flu season. the biden administration is buying 10's of millions of more doses of moderna's covid shots to target specific variants kron four's camila barco has details. >> the new booster shots are aimed at targeting the latest subvariants causing the rise in covid cases and even with the new vaccines in the pipeline bay area, doctors are warning everyone not to let their guard down. covid is still here. the now dominant strain. the 8.5 omicron subvariant >> is causing a massive wave of infections. so your protection that you thought you had because maybe you got.
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omicron subvariant ba 0.1 or b 8.2. >> are any of the sub sub variants doesn't protect you from the 8.5, that's why we're seeing the surge that we're seeing right now. >> pfizer and moderna created a new booster shot to target these highly contagious subvariants. it could be in the arms of millions of americans. >> later this fall, if you're talking about preventing infection, which can cause so much destruction in society, the updated was is should put a dent into it. the biden administration has secured a total of 171 million doses. >> of the new covid vaccines from both companies which could prevent more infections. both companies are still waiting to get the green light from the fda and the cdc before the rollout can begin. >> the current that we use. now only look at the ancestral strain from 2 years ago. so i
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think it will help with preventing infection may be cause disruptions as society. even if the doses don't come until september. infectious disease expert doctor peter chin han says they will still be effective. >> but the doctors like him roads with ucsf say the new doses won't matter if people don't do their part in slowing the spread. now those of you were game of thrones fans. winter is coming. >> and it's not going to be pretty if we don't right now. take very seriously what we can very easily do to mitigate. >> the spread of covid and the generation of new variants. >> now the 171 million booster shots. the biden administration has secured won't cover every american officials say for that to happen. congress needs to approve more covid funding and san francisco camila barco kron. 4 news. >> starting now, bart riders will have to wear a mask again on platforms and trains. bart's board of directors
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voted to bring back the mask mandate as for enforcement bart's, police chief says they'll focus on education and officers will give a mask to anyone who is not wearing one. this mandate will be in effect from now until october. 1st. and the bart board of directors will meet again in september to determine if the mandate should be extended. the california department of public health gave an update today on the monkeypox response with 786 probable and confirmed cases of the virus in the state. they're now adding some more treatment options and requesting as many as 800,000 more vaccines from the federal government kron four's. rob nesbitt joins us now live with that else was discussed today as this is now entered a state of emergency. thanks for joining us, rob. just in california won't be getting as many vaccines as it would like. the fed said this week that 800,000 doses of the jynneos vaccine will be sent out soon to states in need. >> the california department of public health says around 72,000 of those shots will be coming here to california, far shy of the asking amount
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california public health officer doctor tomas aragon says that so far 11 people have had to be hospitalized with monkeypox in the state. but the majority of visits were 2 days or less and no deaths and response cdph is expanding treatment options with the drug t-poxx now available at more than 30 facilities and providers. the state has also improved testing capacity processing more than 1000 tests a week monkeypox outbreaks of happened before. but doctor aragon shed some light on why the current outbreak is happening. >> we know that are different streams coming out africa, central african street and west africa. and there is research emerging. much, you know, my perspective, the virus has changed and maybe explaining why we're seeing more human to human transmission. >> doctor aragon was asked during the teleconference if the state would follow in san francisco's footsteps by issuing a state of emergency with monkeypox, he says that the situation is, quote, be
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monitored and evaluated to decide if that's necessary. reporting live in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news >> now to the north bay where one person was shot and killed by sonoma county sheriff's deputy. it happened earlier today on thomas road in a very remote part of the town of geyserville. the sheriff's office has released very little information, including what led up to the shooting. and if there are any other injuries. but officials are promising to release more details soon as we get them. we'll pass them on to you. the san francisco police department is resurfacing a surveillance video connected to a 2016 homicide investigation. investigators are hoping that the images refresh the public's mind and help solve the murder of 24 year-old mitchell warren kron. 4 sweeps all reports a $75,000 reward is now on the table. >> moments after the man wearing a dark jacket was seen in this surveillance video walking in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood on
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september. 30th 2016. the same man is recorded from a different angle writing on the handlebars of another person's bike. some time in between. police say the man on the handlebars shot and killed. 24 year-old mitchell warren. investigators have identified the person pedaling the bike, but not the man they believe ultimately pulled the trigger or not at all clear exactly what happened. but it just appears to be. >> you know, random altercation that unfortunately resulted. >> and someone taken this young man's life for the san francisco police department released these images 4 years ago, nearly 2 years after warning was murdered on the 700 block of ella street. since then, the reward money offered in this case has been increased from 25 to now $75,000 share these pictures shared these videos. and if you have information, you can remain anonymous. you can call our anonymous tip line at the time of his death. mitchell was living in the city working as an electrician's
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apprentice. he grew up in pacifica back in 2018 during a news conference about warren's killing. his family pleaded for the public to come forward with any tips still knowing that individual that did this to him and that has shaken my family to their core? >> is still out walking around to come to an end. this guy needs to be caught. >> so some other fathers and having to call. the kids to tell them that. their baby brother or whoever the local. >> he's been shot and killed. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> daly city police are searching for the suspect who robbed an elderly man and took off with his watch. before we show you the surveillance video. we do want to warn you some people might find it hard to see. it all happened yesterday afternoon along skyline drive. that's by franklin roosevelt school. when officers arrived, they found a 69 year-old man who had said he had just been hit with a gun and robbed of his
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watch. police say the suspect got away in a red car with tinted windows. anyone with information is asked to call daly city police. rio vista police have identified the victims in wednesday night's deadly crash along highway 12. the driver of the honda that crashed head on it with a chevy suburban has now been identified as 20 year-old jordan called in from vacaville. the 2 other passengers were 19 year-old erica. anderson and 19 year-old lacy conway. they're also both from vacaville, the woman that was killed in an suv was 70 year-old or upper at from mexico. officers say that they found several open alcohol bottles inside of covid car, but they will take a blood alcohol content test in order to determine if alcohol was a factor in the crash. 6 others, including children, were injured in this wreck. well, switching up now because we want to know if you're feeling a little bit lucky. and if you are, you should buy a lotto ticket because tonight's jackpot is
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close to 1.3 billion dollars. 1.3 billion dollars. kron four's has it. but you talk to a california lottery spokesperson about one group that wind's every year. >> they say you can't win the lottery if you don't play, you can also be said that the odds of winning are so remote. it's like you didn't play that said tonight. second highest ever. mega millions winning lottery jackpot total is its 1.2 8 billion dollars. yes. billion with a b california lottery spokesperson carolyn becker talked about the chances of drawing those winning numbers. yeah. so everybody has the same every time there's a mega millions drawing no matter how high that jackpot is. unfortunately, those odds are pretty slim, one in over 302 million to hit the jackpot. >> even with astronomically stacked against having the winning ticket. >> there's one group that always wins no matter the
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public education system, california's public school students will have access to programs and services. they might not other ways get but we've got a look at today. >> feel very lucky. >> although the mount diablo unified school district has a 440 million dollar annual budget in contra costa county superintendent doctor adam clark says the money helps make ends meet our annual revenues from the california lottery. you're somewhere around. 47 million dollars. that's nothing to sneeze at. and a lot of that goes into books and supplies. and also, you know, mate may help offset salary. >> or what california lottery officials say most winners choose to forego the monthly payout distributed over 30 years and instead elected take the lump sum which in this case before taxes would be tonight, that's over 747 million dollars has a kron. 4 news.
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>> good luck. >> coming up here at 3 o'clock cleanup is underway in sin city after record rainfall, floods, casinos. and a 3.30 will smith has officially apologized on camera to chris rock for slapping him at the oscars. and after the break, are expressing some concern about our military in the wake of roe versus wade being
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>> democratic lawmakers are lawmakers in washington are warning that the state's abortion bans could impact military readiness because they could discourage both women and men from serving in the military. our washington correspondent, alexandra limon explains why. >> democrats say state abortion bans will discourage women from joining the military. in some respects, it's almost an insidious for 2 encourage women to leave the military. california congresswoman jackie spear says 102 military installations are in states with abortion bans. and that number is expected to grow service member teresa mizzou. lowe's said she got an abortion and had to use her entire military pay check to pay for it. if i had not been able to have an abortion as a junior enlisted member, i would not have had my career now, military members may also have to pay to travel for an abortion. something she says could also discourage men. she
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knows from serving. he stated without timely access to this lifesaving procedure. his wife could have died and officials said that access to abortions is especially important for service members who are sexually assaulted on military installations. republican congressman mike gallagher said one solution. the pentagon has proposed is taking state abortion laws into account when deciding location assignments trying to manage the system like that. >> and for service members that now need to put politics in their service. i'm question. gets unworkable pretty quickly. at minimum service members shouldn't have to take personal leave to travel for abortions. but congressman gallagher question the legality of that in washington. alexandra limon. >> developing news out of san francisco where patient transfers are now on hold at laguna honda hospital. the hospital said moving patients is just too dangerous. 56
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patients have already been moved and 4 died soon after another 600 plus patients were going to be transferred. but that has been put on pause. the transfer of patients was a part of the federally mandated closure plan as the centers for medicare and medicaid services stop giving the going honda money because of numerous health and safety violations that inspectors found california senator dianne feinstein is calling on cms to change its temporary pauses, patient transfers to a permanent stop saying in a statement, quote, if cms does not reverse its decision, these patients would again be put at risk as they are transferred to other facilities. this is particularly concerning after some patients were reportedly sent to homeless shelters, ill equipped to provide the necessary medical services. we cannot allow this to happen. in national news. over a dozen people have died after heavy rains led to catastrophic flooding and mudslides in
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kentucky. water rescues continued overnight and into this morning. the state's governor saying 16 people have died, including children and that death toll is expected to rise as the storms just continue to pound the area. 33,000 customers are without power across eastern kentucky, west virginia and virginia floyd county, kentucky declared a local state of emergency because of the significant rainfall and flooding woo. that's a lot of water. las vegas dealing with some major flooding after strong storms. crews at the sportsbook inside the circuit casino in downtown are cleaning up after water made its way inside damaging video screens and you can see which is leak and there through the ceiling lower parts of the linq hotel. also experience major flooding. thursday was the second day of monsoonal storms in the area during the most intense part of the storms. wind gusts were reported up to 71 miles per
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hour. nearly 7300 customers also lost power. that looks like a river right there. talk more about the flooding as we check in now with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. but this quick look outside here across a very foggy and even a drizzly, golden gate bridge. but greece is here now with a look at the forecast. not only for what's happening in kentucky and also here in the bay area. it's terrible. what's happening there. all that flooding, all that flooding just seen 100 year flood within this week. and kentucky, specifically the eastern half of the state. >> you're going to to 3 inches of additional rain from now through tonight. we're tracking storms throughout the southeast. just continuing to batter. this already drenched part of the country. even those of you in tennessee going to see those scattered showers as well. flight chance of pop-up thunderstorms as we now transition into our monsoonal forecast in las vegas. dry for now. but you are going to see temperatures near triple digits boat with
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that muggy, tropical feel it's going to be unbearable. feeling more like 110 to 120 degrees. so today going to get a little bit of a break from that wet weather. but there is that slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms tonight in las vegas, drier conditions for us here in the bay area. but we're going to see our own monsoonal moisture streaming through the bay area this weekend as early as saturday morning. but we are continuing to see the return of that drizzle fest. slight chance, though, of instability for bay area forecast by saturday morning. and then that's only going to increase on monday because as you can see those mid level clouds from that monsoonal moisture to our south streaming into the bay area this weekend is actually going to possibly give us some moisture and the slight threat of pop-up thunderstorms starting as early as of monday morning, all the way through monday afternoon that thunderstorm activity going to start for the sierra sunday all the way into tuesday of this upcoming week. so very active atmosphere. dangerous
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weather could potentially head our way, which we dry out and clear out by tuesday of next week. more my full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. back to justine. thank you. still ahead, a woman is accused of impersonating a nurse and trying to kidnap 2 babies at the hospital. >> how she got inside the hospital in the first place. and no donuts were harmed in this crime. but police in the north bay are looking for this man who apparently is rather forgetful. why police say he returned to the s in the north b
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sandra fell. police have released new surveillance video capturing a burglar who broke into johnny doughnuts. the corporate offices over the weekend. police say the man then returned to the scene of the crime because he left his car keys inside. police say that the man broke into the back office and stole a bag full of cash. he also apparently stole the bakery's car keys but didn't actually steal the car itself. the store owner says, quote, sometimes even the thought of doughnuts makes you do crazy things. but if you recognize this man right here in that, blue a kentucky shirt, you're asked to contact. samara fell. police. also they have great donuts. police are now considering changes to certain policies after a san francisco jazz club was burglarized. when someone smashed the front glass door of the black cat jazz club early on tuesday morning. burglars just walked right in and they help
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themselves to alcohol, food and musical instruments. that stopped when police arrived. police called the fire department to cover the door and the owners say they only used 3 pieces of tape to kind of hold up a curtain over the door so soon after the firefighters left, the burglars returned to the club. police originally said that they acted within current policy. but now police are working on changing those policies. >> police chief is saying that they're going to change that policy and now they have policies where they will have policies in place too. follow up on a business that's not secure. he'll go back in that role. make sure everything's ok. >> the jazz club owner, they're saying that they're installing a burglary alarm and a siren outside of the building. now. in southern california, a woman is accused of trying to kidnap a baby from a riverside county hospital. the family's attorney says that an iran posed as a nurse and made 2
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attempts on the same day 2 abducted newborn. iran is accused of entering the baby's room, addressing the child and changing the diaper she left and then returned about 25 minutes later and apparently did the same thing. the parents and claim ron told them she needed to take the newborn down the hall for a test and began to roll the baby out of the room. >> our thought something was amiss and they decided the father's side. you want to do a company. his baby outside the room along with the the imposter to 2 were the test is going to be held. and we believe that when the defendant was when he was made aware that is she abandoned the effort that point. >> the attorney around fuld hospital staff with her to skies and a fake id. she has now been charged with 2 counts of felony kidnapping. next at 3.30, a warning for new parents which baby bottles are
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being recalled because of toxic levels of lead. >> plus, president biden is set to make some big decisions about student loan payments and how much you need to make per hour at your job to afford living in the bay area. details on that is
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you go by lots of titles. veteran, son, dad. -it's time to get up. -no. hair stylist and cheerleader. so adding a “student” title might feel overwhelming. but what if a school could be there for all of you? career, family, finances and mental health. it's coming along. well, it can. national university, supporting the whole you.
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want more from your vitamins? get more with nature's bounty. from the first-ever triple action sleep supplement. to daily digestive support. to more wellness solutions every day. get more with nature's bounty. to more wellness solutions every day. most expensive place to rent right now in america. according to an affordable housing advocates report that was released this week.
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>> we are even now topping new york kron. 4 is also going in is here with u.s. newsroom to break this down to how much does someone have to make an hour in order to afford just like most basic apartment, a lot to say the before we get to that exact number. just seeing this is the harsh reality that we are now faced with. >> the report specifically looks as you mentioned, that how much money a person has to make per hour to specifically afford a 2 bedroom apartment. so the national low income housing coalition released its annual report called out of reach. their data shows a consistent upward trend. renters nationwide are facing exorbitant increases with the median rent of a two-bedroom apartment going up nearly by 18% between 2021. in 2022. researchers calculated that based on full-time hourly wages. the workers must earn to afford a decent rental home at fair market rent while spending no more than 30% of their income on housing. so taking a look at the san francisco bay area, it is home to 4 of the 10 most expensive
3:31 pm
jurisdictions in the country. san francisco, san mateo and marin county at $61 and $0.50 per hour. san jose, sunnyvale and santa clara were grouped at $55.15 per hour. and oakland fremont area at $43 and $0.73 per hour. california congresswoman maxine waters who is also chairwoman of the coalition. so behind these numbers are real people who despite working multiple jobs are struggling to make ends meet. she went on to say that even while california and other states across the country have raised their minimum wages in california, the minimum wage is now $15 an hour. the cost of housing continues to far outpaced income growth. so justine people making minimum wage in california would have to work 104 or hours or at least 2 full-time jobs per week to afford that too bedroom at fair market rent. according to the report in the newsroom, ella sogomonian kron, 4 news. thank you so much. l a student
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loan borrowers will have to start payments again next month unless president biden steps and his team says he is considering extending the pause on student loans. >> and could even choose to forgive some debt. reporter hannah brandt takes us inside that decision. >> the clock is ticking on student loans with the pause on federal payments set to expire on august 31st. i do hope he extends the moratorium on repayment. many democrats want to see president biden to extend the payment pause and some of them are pushing for him to go further. i also hope that they might grant some across the board student loan relief. the president has been weighing loan forgiveness for months now, but there isn't even a consensus within the democratic party about what he should do. senator richard blumenthal is part of a group of democrats pushing for the president to forgive up to $50,000 of student loan debt. i think that's a >> with those individuals and for comment, but president biden has said he only supports canceling up to $10,000 of debt. senator mark
3:33 pm
warner agrees with that limit. adding leader should be looking at other ways to help where i really think. >> we ought to be focusing is how can we bring down the interest rate costs? republican senator rick scott is again sweeping student debt wiped out people. it didn't go to college. and one of all this like electricians and plumbers, make them pay more taxes to help doctors and lawyers that strong. he's even introduced legislation to block the president from doing that. linked to the money. taxpayers expect to get their money back. the white house says president biden will make a decision on both the pas and any forgiveness plan by the end of august in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> for your money this afternoon, certain glass baby bottles are being recalled because of unsafe levels of lead. the consumer products safety commission says 240 mililiters bottles of the nuke. first choice glass bottles were made for the uk market but they somehow made its way into the u.s. for a 3rd party seller on amazon.
3:34 pm
the manufacturer says the recalled bottles are glass and have markings on the outside of gray and white stars with the brand's name in white consumers can apply for a refund on nukes website. will smith is now speaking out, opening up about the infamous oscars slap for the first time since the storm down stage and hit comedian chris rock in the 6 minute video. those posted to his youtube channel. smith says he has reached out to chris rock directly. but the comedian says that he is not ready to talk just yet. reporter sloane glass has the video. >> there is no part of me. that thinks that was the right way. behave. >> in that moment, speaking directly to chris rock. so i will i will say to you i apologize to you. my behavior
3:35 pm
was acceptable. and i'm here whenever you're ready to talk. >> and taking responsibility for the wider impact his actions had. you know, that was one of the things about that moment. i just didn't realize. and, you know, i wasn't thinking, but how many people got hurt? and that moment. so i want apologize to chris's mother. i want to apologize to chris. his family smith clarifying jada's role in the slap. i made a choice. >> on my from my own experiences from my history that chris jada had nothing to do with it. that night. will smith won his first oscar for his role in king richard smith. also apologized to his fellow oscar nominees from that night. smith has since been barred from attending the oscars for 10 years and his current projects halted hurts
3:36 pm
me psychologically and emotionally to know. i didn't live up to >> people's. in age and impression of me. meanwhile, chris rock's career is booming with sold out shows. >> that was sloane glass reporting. and as for chris rock's reaction to the slap, he was hand he handled the ordeal like a comedian joking during his set during his last show last weekend. anyone who says words that hurt has never been punched in the face. i would have some breaking news here just into the kron. 4 news room, firefighters and alameda county are working right now to contain a brow brush fire that's burning along altamonte pass road and carol road. this is in livermore. firefighters say that the past fire has grown to around 10 acres. cal fire crews are attacking the flames from the ground and from the air. this is a picture here from out the alameda county fire department. we have not heard anything about any evacuations at this point. we
3:37 pm
can see here the charred area along the road there. we're working to get more details on this. we'll keep you updated as soon as more information comes into our newsroom. and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is tracking the conditions in that area right now. what's it like in livermore? how windy is it that that would, you know, help spread the flames even faster? yeah, there right now seeing offshore breezes just seen winds out of the northwest this afternoon, 16 miles per hour. >> with gusts upwards of 20 miles per hour, temperatures on the warm side, 82 degrees. but fortunately, relative humidity up to 44% and we are going to see wind speeds throughout tonight, 20 miles per hour or less. going to get a little bit of that cool sea breeze influence for downtown san francisco tracking some of the gusty winds 18 mile per hour sustained winds for those of you fairfield winds out of the southwest at 23 miles per hour. so we are seeing better clearing out there in the east bay shoreline over berkeley. but temperatures for the most part, really nice out there, not just along the coast, but
3:38 pm
even as you make your way inland. the one hot spot, though, that we need to keep an eye on antioch, 92 degrees, scorching heat there. more than 30 degrees warmer than downtown san francisco at 59 degrees and overnight lows tonight. even going to be on the mild side for warmest inland valleys in the south bay and east and parts of the north bay low to mid 60's with widespread 50's along the coast and temperatures tomorrow cooling down for an tech but not by much. 89 degrees. flirting with 90's for conquered in livermore as well. seasonal temperatures for downtown san francisco at 64 degrees and the threat of mcgee monsoonal moisture will impact the bay area this weekend with the greatest chance. but it will be slight at best monday morning through monday afternoon for the bay area. with that threat of pop-up thunderstorms. back to you just recent. thank you. >> coming up, what a non-profit plans to do with cesar chavez's home. and right after the break, a new report says some of the deadliest roads in california are right here i
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when i make decisions as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us, making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine
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get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27. a rece looked at which stretches of california's nearly 400,000 miles of road are the most dangerous based on deadly crashes between 2017 2019 and coming in at number 2. >> i-80 in the east bay, this part of 80 from albany to the start of the bay bridge is the second deadliest in the state. 15 crashes resulting in 17 deaths. number 3 is also long
3:42 pm
80. that's through richmond, san pablo in pinole that stretch of road sot 18 deaths from 13 crashes coming in at num er 8 was 2.80, through san jose between meridian and wilshire. this area had 12 fatalities in just the 4.3 miles that it encompasses. so what may have caused all these deadly crashes. the study also is saying that 27% of these accidents involved drunk driving and 28% involved speeding. still ahead, all have a little bit of. >> mega millions fever because there is a massive jackpot on the line. but with a big win comes, a big tax bills will go over some of the tax implications. if you win all that money.
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>> in the south bay, a san jose nonprofit has bought the family home of civil rights icon cesar chavez. and they plan to renovate it into a space for education and community support. the amigos de guadalupe plans to turn the home into a museum of cesar chavez's life and work. they want to create a space to teach the next generation how to use nonviolent resistance to create change in society. members of his family say they are elated that his legacy will be preserved. >> better place to learn about our past to improve our future. then here, 53 shot down the new. we're just so
3:46 pm
happy that the property will be preserved. demonstrating the legacy of cesar chavez. the chavez family's and pursuit for social justice. >> the project started with the purchase of the home and them they plan now to get input from the san jose community and how the exhibit should be displayed. then they'll begin rest renovations. well, there is a giant mega millions lottery jackpot up for grabs tonight and that pot just keeps getting bigger and bigger and officials have now raised it to 1.3 billion dollars. it's a lot of money. so if you win, what are you gonna do? you have to deal with some financial issues? first. joining us now in san jose state professor, a carolyn chen to go over all the tax implications of winning all that money. you seem like a good problems to have. thanks for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3. thank you so much for having so that you you here you're going to cure
3:47 pm
to be a billionaire. if you somehow magically turn a $2 ticket into some winning numbers. but you don't actually take home 2 billion dollars. how does it work? >> where that money actually goes from lottery officials into my bank account. >> well, first of all, if you congratulations and then secondly, you have to make a decision on whether or not you're going to be taking a lump sum payout or an annuity. an annuity is of payments over time of the total amount of the jackpot. in most winners tend to take the lump sum payment gets you the most amount of money as quick as possible. and so therefore, what she end up doing is you actually take the cash value. so you take the cash that, you know, the cash value on the one point, almost 3 million mega millions jackpot is roughly about 740 million dollars. so that's where you'll start with. then after that course, you are going to have to pay federal income taxes and that will further
3:48 pm
reduce that 742 million dollar jackpot. and then you, depending on the state in which you live, you will have to pay state income taxes. and that will, of course, do for their grady's. jackpot. is is there that implication in california that they take that state income tax? >> well, in the state of california, we definitely have one of the highest income tax rates across the country. california actually has a specific exclusion not to tax lottery winnings. so no, actually, you won't be paying california to. all right, california, for the win there. so. you don't. so then with that, becomes like 747 million dollars, which is still like a lot of money. >> they literally just like put that in your bank account. if you decide to take that lump sum. >> my understanding is yes, that's correct. so we reduce it to the cash value and then
3:49 pm
after you take out federal taxes and then again heading in the state, which you you take out state taxes, you might even have local taxes such as county or city again, depending on where you live. now, my understanding is that the payout goes directly into whatever account you directed to. >> and is there in a tax advantage in taking the lump sum cash payment over taking the monthly payments. they get paid out over 29 years. >> so on, i think that's going to depend on your personal circumstances. if you feel like that, you would want to use that maybe large, large, large sums of money, more in the future that maybe might decide to take the annuity. but again, most people are was winners in the path to take in the lump sum payment. and i don't necessarily see any advantages to that. i mean, again, it just kind of depends
3:50 pm
on your personal circumstances. >> people want something instant gratification is giving that money right now. >> is there any i salute lee? is there any advice you have for the winner tonight when it comes to how they're going to >> pay the taxes on this massive amount of money. >> well, i think a little bit of advice that i would give not necessarily about paying that massive amount of taxes because you do when you have to do that. but it's more to prepare for, you know what, you're going to have to pay out how to manage your money. so i definitely think that having, you know, perhaps a hiring financial advice. hiring a cpa, a, you know, a tax attorney such as myself or something of that nature really help you sort of like and, you know, prepare for what to do. once you receive all of that money. >> you're going to need some sort of financial planner going to go from being just like a regular. news anchor to like a person that's just
3:51 pm
living off 747 million dollars on the beach. >> know you could buy your own beach. maybe 2. carolyn chen from san jose state university. thank you so much for joining us. did you buy a ticket yet? >> my daughter did. so i'm you know, hook onto her. all right. hopefully she doesn't change your phone number. all right. check this out. it was a wild summer hailstorm and it caught people in colorado off gore guard as hail as deep as snow started to flood the streets of the state park caught some vehicles. they're look, they're trying to get it out. video shows people using shovels and anything they can find to dig the cars out, including some fishing. that's the hail was part of a monsoon surge that pushed into the state this week. and we're about to deal with some monsoonal moisture coming up tomorrow morning as we take this live look outside here at san francisco's international airport. it's foggy and drizzly. there. we want to find out the weekend has in store for us with our
3:52 pm
meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. are we worried at all the smoke there from the fire near yosemite still making its way to the bay area this weekend? fortunately, it's going to be in the upper levels of the atmosphere. so not really going to reach the surface. just scene for us here in the bay area. so no air quality advisories in effect. >> for today and throughout the rest of the weekend. but for this year, if you do plan on heading out there this weekend, not only are you going to deal with moderate to unhealthy smoke and ash impacts but also the threat of pop-up thunderstorms for the 2nd half of the weekend starting as early as sunday night. so we are seeing hazy skies out there over yosemite falls and radar for we are tracking drier conditions, not so clear along the coast, but far inland valleys certainly noticing that sunshine there. but for those of you heading out to this year this weekend, you're definitely going to notice the impacts of that muggy monsoonal moisture. and with that making temperatures certainly feel warmer than what they actually are. a few light scattered hit or miss showers. but fortunately, the
3:53 pm
threat of thunderstorms won't arrive until sunday, but we are going to see the hot temperatures on saturday in the low 90's feeling more like triple digit heat by sunday, even though most of the day go is going to stay dry, starting as early as sunday night. we're going to see those pop up. thunderstorms flair up for this even lasting through tuesday. back to you. just in. thanks to recent. do you love cheese? >> well, you can thank your ancestors for that. there's new research that shows just how far back the loan of how far back the loan of cheese g this is the gillettelabs with exfoliating bar. the bar in the handle removes unseen dirt and debris ahead of the blades, for effortless shaving in one efficient stroke. ever leave your clothes in the dryer and find a wrinkled mess? try downy wrinkle guard fabric softener! wrinkle guard penetrates deep into fibers, leaving clothes so soft,
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>> cheese lovers can thank their ancestors for the ability to process that food scientist raised humans, dairy consumption for nearly. 9,000 years. and they found that the love of dairy foods may come from our ancestors, exposure to famine and disease. the team researchers found humans increase their dairy consumption during times of famine, helping develop a genetic trait for many humans to not become sick from milk based foods. well, if you don't love cheese, can't trust you. that's it for us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waldman. thank you so much for joining us. we can always connect on facebook, instagram and twitter. >> appreciate your time this week. so great being with you. have a great weekend. good luck with those mega millions.
3:57 pm
those billions and we'll see you back here on monday.
3:58 pm
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