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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 31, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> right now at 9, we are remembering the life and legacy of nba legend and oakland home town hero bill russell. he passed away earlier today. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm noelle bellow, dan thorn has the night off. russell's family announced his passing earlier the oakland superstar made waves in the sports world as the most prolific winner in nba history. he was 88 years old to kron four's amanda hari. joining us live from the newsroom now with how people in the bay area and beyond are remembering one of the nation's greatest athletes. amanda, good evening. although russell didn't play professionally for a bay area team. he grew up here and won 2 ncaa
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championships at the university of san francisco. >> the warriors front office released a statement describing him as one of the sport's ultimate winners. >> rest easy. bill russell champion pioneer legit bill russell's alma mater tweeted that simple statement after russells family posted the news to social media. he died at the age of 88. his wife, janine, was by his side. this news is hitting the bay area, especially hard. he grew up here and won multiple state titles at mcclymonds high school in oakland. the school's current principal, jeffrey taylor said, quote, bill russell was not only an nba legend. he was a mcclymonds high school legend from his time here leading the warriors on the basketball court and in the classroom. 2 more recent times when he would come back to visit his alma mater and share his wisdom with our current students. he was always the personification of class dignity and inspiration. mcclymonds family mourns the loss of bill russell and send
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our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends from there. he went to the university of san francisco where he led the dons to 2 ncaa championships. the school's only championships he went on to play for the boston celtics winning 11 nba championships. but in a statement from the warriors, they say he was more than just a basketball great. but while the accolades on the court were immense, it was his overall impact as a pioneer on multiple levels that will leave the greatest legacy from his iconic life and career warriors. head coach steve kerr echoed that sentiment. girl's life meant so much more than just his exploits on the court. as we all know, brosseau was in his quest to. >> to ask for and to demand social for african-american people around this country around the world. it was for his work on and off the court
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that president barack obama awarded him the presidential medal of freedom in 2011. >> president obama released a statement saying he was a civil rights trailblazer marching with doctor king and standing with muhammad ali. >> for decades, bill endured insults and vandalism, but never let it stop him from speaking up for what's right. i learned so much from the way he played the way he coached and the way he lived his life. michelle and i send our love to bill's family and everyone who admired him. president joe biden summed up his statement on russell with bill russell is one of the greatest athletes in our history and all-time champion of champions and a good man and a great american who did everything he could to deliver the promise of america for all americans. >> russell's family says it will be arrangements for a memorial service. the details are expected soon in the newsroom. amanda harry kron, 4 news. amanda, thank you. we do continue our team coverage now
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with kron four's kylen mills. she spoke with one of russell's. >> former teammates. he shared some interesting stories with you. a lot of interesting stories we will get into those in just a his former teammate, mike farmer says the thing that stands out the most about bill russell was his infectious laugh. he says it was the best laugh he has ever heard. and one of the things you really remember most farmer says russell was a great teammate and just a good person. the pair won an ncaa championship together at usf in 1956. farmer cherishes the little moments. most like playing cards, mainly poker before games. however, here's one story that embodies bill russell farmer says in 1955, the usf basketball team was invited to play at loyola university, new orleans. but the dons black players would have had to stay at a different hotel use different restrooms and that's been subjected to segregation and racism in the south farmer says russell told the team let's go make a statement and show them what we can do. usf decided to make the trip. the
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farmer says the fans were horrible throwing coins on the floor and some even imitated monkeys. russell rallied his teammates. the dons dominated, winning by more than 30 points. farmer says by the end of the game, they received a standing ovation from the crowd. russell then looked at his teammates and said, you know what? the best part is. i have the team trainer go collect all those coins off the floor to take home and that embodies bill russell joking around always and fearless. >> it was a great fact we worked out a thing or i would take the ball out underneath the basket. shooter over the top and he would talk it. and then they outlawed that you had to take the ball out to the site find the best. i think this is a genuine kind and talk human being that had a lot of passion for a lot of different things. here is a great team mate. here's a great friend at the time. i got a chance to spend with him. and the 8 years i played
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against him in the nba and and and in college. >> mike farmer says he was honored to have known bill russell and been able to play with him. make you rest in peace. i'll send it back to, you know. >> to understand it. it's not the sun up in the sky. some of god. >> the nation. also morning another fallen star tonight, actress michelle nichols pa sed away at the age of 89 nichols broke barriers for black women in hollywood as star trek's lieutenant uhura during the 60's. the trailblazer also breaking racial stereotypes during the time widely known for participating and more of the first interracial kiss is on us television. nichols died saturday of natural causes and little mermaid fans mourning the loss of pat carroll tonight as well. the emmy award-winning comedian played the voice of ursula the sea witch in the little mermaid.
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according to her family, she passed yesterday as well. the 95 year-old was born in shreveport, louisiana, but moved to los angeles when she was just 5 years old. their family, her daughters want fans to honor her by having a good laugh at absolutely anything. today and every day. may they all rest in peace. >> other top stories we've got tonight. 3 people injured in a shooting at a high school in the east bay. it happened at a youth football game this afternoon at oakland, technical high school. police say a child is among those who were shot. the victims are all listed in stable condition tonight. police are still investigating what led up to the shooting. no word on any arrests at this time. now to our wildfire coverage of fire near the california oregon border has grown to more than 51,000 acres. >> the mckinney fire broke out friday afternoon in siskiyou county. it's threatening hundreds of homes. it was previously one percent contained, but is now back
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down to 0% contained and evacuation orders extend now into western. why rica with warnings in place for all city residents west of i-5 yesterday, governor gavin newsom declared a state of emergency. >> because of this fire today, attorney general rob bonta warned against price gouging which is illegal in california during a state of emergency. now, we do have plenty of bay area. firefighters responding to the mckinney fire as mutual aid. santa rosa fire department sent a crew of 4 up yesterday as part of a strike team with petaluma napa. sonoma valley fire departments and the sonoma county fire district. those crews already at work providing structure defense and why rica the san francisco fire department says they've also sent to staff members up that way. and the alameda county fire department has sent a team of firefighters up there as well, though, that crew is coming straight from battling the oak fire. they worked for 8 days.
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are opposed to county crews making that 7 hour journey today. in the meantime, that oak fire containment has increased to 67%. now that's up from earlier today. that fire burning near yosemite national park started back on july 22nd. it has burned more than 19,000 acres. 182 structures have been destroyed to another 10 have been damaged. lower temperatures in the area and some increased humidity today helped those firefighters. we do want to send it over now to meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. it's good to see our firefighters being able to go up there to help. i know that there's a but a lot of the issues that they were having up there in terms of their atmosphere. we're going to be dealing with that in the next couple of days here. so hopefully no fires here. exactly. and they're really working overtime. i mean there. that's why we call them our heroes, especially time of year. and you're around for that matter now in california. let's take a look at the oak fire because we are tracking. fortunately that smoke and ash
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not really making its way into the bay area, staying in the upper levels of the atmosphere, not reaching the surface. and we can think, karl, the fog for that so radar for we are tracking right now for those of you along the california oregon border near where that mckinney fire is burning. not the under red flag warning meaning imminent fire danger, but also an excessive heat warning. >> very hot, dry conditions on top of that pop-up thunderstorms in the forecast tonight, even after midnight. so remember, that's how that fire sparked to begin with because of the pop-up thunderstorms that brought dry lightning. that's going to be our concern tonight for us here in the bay area. so relatively calm conditions starting to notice some light drizzle and sprinkles out there in the east bay and south bay. and even along the san francisco peninsula as well. we have been getting reports of virga mainly evaporating before it hits the ground. but we have also gotten reports of people actually feeling some drops of
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rain earlier today because of that monsoonal moisture and pop-up thunderstorms also in effect for those of you in the sierra today, even continuing for the next 3 days as well. and that's all because of this monsoonal moisture surge from the south making its way into the bay area and sierra. >> we do have a slight risk of pop-up thunderstorms tonight. but then our biggest threat is going to start monday morning. first in the south bay and right around the san francisco peninsula. and then it's going to shift north into the north bay later in the morning and early afternoon and early evening hours as well. we could see pockets of that monsoonal moisture that could bring us the threat of thunder and lightning. little moisture with that says the dry lightning with these very dry conditions that we're going to keep an eye on from the kron. 4 weather center mcgee monsoonal moisture continuing tuesday drying out but heating up as well. midweek or for work week forecast in just a few minutes. know back to you. >> murray said thank you. coming up, straight ahead, the death toll continues to climb
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following devastating floods in kentucky. we have the very latest numbers for you. plus, an east bay mother behind bars tonight after fleeing a traffic stop with the baby in the car. details straight ahead.
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>> welcome back. monkeypox concerns continue to grow. now here in the bay area, san francisco has reported more than 300 monkeypox cases so far. that's the highest case count in the state. and
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california remaits second only to new york for the highest positivity rate in the country. now, despite those growing concerns, the annual dory ali festival was in full effect today in san francisco. the virus spreading predominantly among and bisexual men who make up the majority of this festivals. attendees kron four's taylor bisacky reports. >> several streets shut down in san francisco on sunday for the annual up your alley leather in fetish fair. also known as gory alley, which draws thousands of people. the event comes after the city just declared a public health emergency for monkeypox as the virus continues. spreading think that that risk is not 0. and i think if people are smart and know how monkeypox does spread, they can avoid it. infectious disease specialist at ucsf doctor peter chin-hong says the risk of contracting the virus at events like gori. ali is very low. however, that risk increases based on intimate interactions with others, prolonged skin to skin contact
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and possibly through transmission, although skin to skin contact, it's a mean thing. so that's large in terms of like. >> a medium that will be, you know. >> prolonged a kissing up through saliva, but it requires hours by itself, giving a high-five shaking somebody's time, you know, is not going to result in transmission. right now, monkeypox is predominantly spreading among and bisexual men. >> a large group that attends the fair event. organizers say they're working with the city's public health department to provide on site outreach and education. despite precautions, doctor chin-hong expects to see more cases after this weekend. us. i expect a lot of activity next week in terms of the 90 pox is not confined to the and trans community and other large events can also pose risks. doctor chin-hong says it's less about the events themselves and more so about the activity that takes place
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afterwards. and san francisco taylor bisacky kron, 4 news. >> now happening tomorrow, the monkeypox vaccine clinic at zuckerberg sf general hospital is set to re open. it closed earlier last week. late last week the city received 4200 doses of the vaccine. the clinic at sf general is going to be open from 08:00am until noon every day until vaccines run out. now, despite the new shipment, mayor london breed says the city has received nowhere near enough vaccines. as of last week, the city and received just 12,000 vaccines. but they need 70,000. the mayor has declared a local public health emergency, which goes into effect tomorrow as well for the very latest information on monkeypox, including a case tracker and details on that vaccination site. you can scan the qr code that you see on your screen. it will take you straight to our website. president joe biden tested positive for covid-19 for the second straight day today, the president is experiencing what
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experts are calling a rare case of rebound covid following treatment with the antiviral drug paxlovid white house physician doctor kevin o'connor said today the president continues to feel well and we'll keep working from the executive residence while he isolates after initially testing positive on july. 21st, the president tested negative this past tuesday and wednesday only to then tests positive again this weekend. but again, no symptoms. so that's the good part. 2, we do want to get your check of your 4 zone forecast. taking a live look at the embarcadero. that's bucky ball hanging out out there cover meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. take a look at our radar and we've got some instability in the air. yeah, that's right. all eyes going to be on the sky tonight and even through tomorrow as well. tracking some showers. >> out in the pacific. but we're expecting to make that storm impact the bay area by monday morning. but overnight, slight risk of pop-up thunderstorms with radar for
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showing this monsoonal moisture to our south. and we are also going to notice that muggy, tropical feel continuing for the next 2 days. certainly noticeable tonight, 84% relative humidity for concord, mid 80's as well for livermore. >> and you're 100% along the coast and east bay shoreline. and we're still going to continue to see that monsoonal moisture with that tropical muggy feel for your monday afternoon. and then again, monday night, even continuing through tuesday. so making that feels like temperature feel a little bit warmer than what it actually is. let's take a live look outside at half moon bay because we are tracking not only no sky july with karl the fog, but also that monsoonal moisture for most of our inland valleys. but we're all going to notice it by tomorrow. temperatures, though, today, thanks to that cloud cover cooling down into the mid to upper 70's for warmest inland valleys. and we should be in the low to mid 80's. so no complaints there. everyone loving the cooler
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weather, even though it was a little bit muggy out there in downtown san francisco. warming up to exactly where we should be at 66 degrees and temperatures out there right now. still in the low 70's for concord and pittsburgh. but in pacifica, 57 degrees, thanks to that cool sea breeze and also the return of that marine layer is about a 15 degree difference out there right now for your sunday night and widespread low to mid 60's. for those of you in the north bay. but we are going to see that cool sea breeze along the coast, extending into our inland valleys with winds out of the west-southwest tomorrow on 20 miles per hour or less overnight lows tonight, very similar to last night, widespread low to mid 60's for most of our warmest inland valleys from north to south and along the coast, mid to upper 50's with temperatures tomorrow heating up, conquered in livermore out of the 70's and in the mid 80's. so 5 to 10 degree warm-up. flirting with 70's for those of you in downtown san francisco at 68 degrees. but look at how hot it's going to get once we dry out from that monsoonal
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moisture. heat is going to be the big issue midweek and even peaking on thursday. 5 to 15 degrees above average. remember, we should be in the low to mid 80's this time of year. not low to mid 90's. i was in at least it's not the triple digits which feel like waiting for several weeks now. so as long as we stay below there, but still us pretty toasty through and it's a dry heat, but it's still hot. yeah. so moisture is going to exit the bay area by tuesday. so yeah, stay cool and stay hydrated. let's pack our patience the next couple of days. thanks to reside. you. >> in the south bay tonight, a violent morning for san jose police. 2 people injured in a shooting and just miles away. >> one person was found dead in a car fire kron four's gayle ong reports. >> police blocked off the area on parker road and camera still dry for much of the day sunday. police say officers responded to reports of a shooting just before 04:00am of things that happened here. jesus woke up to the gunshots. at least 12 15. was visiting
9:22 pm
his parents who live nearby and described neighborhood as family friendly. according to san jose police, one man took himself to the hospital. another man has life-threatening injuries about 2 miles away. police responded to a separate incident. investigators remain at the scene of a suspicious car fire in the area. homeowner and bernard avenues. police say around 05:47am, in the morning, a man was found dead inside a vehicle. detectives spent hours canvassing the area looking for clues. anyone with information regarding either of these incidents is asked to contact police reporting from san jose del on. >> kron 4 news. >> still ahead here at 9 honoring the fallen, california firefighters gathered to remember those who have given their lives to protect others. that story protect others. that story coming up after the brea
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>> welcome back 9.25. on this sunday night. officials from across the state gathered in sacramento this weekend to honor fallen firefighters garage. has the story. >> it's enough be one way fit. >> max fortuna >> but for the families of fallen firefighters, their colleagues and community members, it's an evening to remember and honor their sacrifices a lot missions.
9:26 pm
this year marked the 20th anniversary of the california firefighters memorial in sacramento, capital port. the sacrifice, dedication. 82 more names for added to the memorial wall. it can definitely an impact on their lives and definitely have an impact on their families. samara thatcher. >> sacramento city. >> so captain. >> sacramento firefighter, tamra that your sister and niece were on hand to all in this doctor died from occupational cancer and the family says this is a reminder of the risks. firefighters take when they respond to a call. if there's no accidents shows used to say. >> andy vista. >> 33 year-old this to firefighter andy blunt, a lost his life, a sudden battle of melanoma. his wife kay lee hopes to spread awareness of and the blood to melanoma foundation to educate and skin
9:27 pm
check. firefighters to prevent even more. nate going up on the wall. it's really special to see all the families come together to let friends and when it's never know. >> when the >> that was ground all song up reporting for us. after the break. we're hearing from a san francisco chronicle, sports columnist scott ostler on the life and legacy. >> of nba legend bill russell. stick with us. >> and tracking that increasing that storm cloud cover as they below overhead with a slight risk of pop-up thunderstorms arriving in the bay area as early as tonight. more my full forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> welcome back. we're continuing our coverage tonight of the passing of trailblazer and basketball legend bill russell pagsed away today at the age of 88. >> many people singing his praises as they remember the legacy he leaves behind both on and off the court. joining us for more on that in san francisco. >> chronicle sports columnist scott ostler. thank you so much for joining us. scott. >> my >> i hear we're both lakers fans, but you actually grew up watching bill play for the celtics, which i feel kind of like the birth of the rivalry. so i want to know what it was like watching him play as a fan of the lakers. >> well, as terrible and by the way, and and i'm recovering lakers fan, was
9:31 pm
out. but as a there was no single athlete history. i don't think whoever inflicted as much on another team as bill building on the lakers just. beat them every year in the finals. year after year. was horrible because such a great player and a great team. so i think grew up not in a big fan of bill and then i had my first interview interaction with him. when i became a professional journalist was 1979. i was working in los angeles are a lot of either 3, any came to town on a book tour. and i was assigned interview in we matter restaurant and it did not go well. kind of a character, it seems so. >> yeah, everything i asked and i try to come up with the right of topics because he was retired and >> i didn't want to just well in basketball and everything. i asked him, he shot down. i want to talk about that. i do want to talk about that finance. what you want to talk about is i don't know. what can we talk about basketball?
9:32 pm
he said it in i don't like nba basketball and it's not. about a month later, he took a job as an nba com here. but from that interview for for years after that, i told i would tell people. if it ever came up with what i kind of want a juror that do, russell was and i i search age my subsequently over the years. and i'll tell you one quick story will help me change my mind. i read one bill was 89 years old. the family lived in louisiana, his mom and dad and i against those in the car, the bullet, the gas station, louisiana. there's a long line waiting in line had wait. tell me all the way people that and finally that have to get so can't wait to start a away. the gas station owner came up to the the bill. russell's dad put a gun to said, you know, wait. wow. so family decided to. louisiana the game. and of course, i learned later bill faced a lot of discrimination.
9:33 pm
everything open. and then when he went to boston where he was a huge star in wasn't rosy for bill because i was color in boston. so i came to see the guy different light and i understand why he would have some. maybe anger, resentment. what are you want to call yeah. and so i this i decided to appreciate him for what what done and support and out of sports. >> well, i i and i feel like these days. i know you've written some articles about this. some critics will say that athletes teams to just stick to their sick to their sport. they do need to speak on racial and social justice issues. it seems that here in the bay area, we, of course, have coaches and players that are very vocal about racial and social justice issues. bill kind of laid the groundwork for that to during his career. >> he did back when he was a star. there weren't a lot of athletes, black or white that we're standing. might have it only we know he did. but a lot
9:34 pm
of guys been imported. a lot of black players in the 40's speak out and speak their mind because they would have been tossed out under the less they were superstars. and bill used his is super stardom and his is podium to make some noise. it was not a great, big noise. he's not afraid to it. mister things happen and express an opinion and i didn't know all this back then. but, you know. when i learned that i came to it. respect that for just for his courage and integrity. >> well, it's kind of fun to that is watching and learn how you went from not necessarily being a big fan, too, to recognizing all that he brought both on and off the court. scott, thank you so much for joining us this evening. >> all right. thank you. appreciate that story. >> other top stories tonight. 2 people injured in a freeway shooting last night in san leandro. the california highway patrol says the
9:35 pm
shooting unfolded in the northbound lanes of i-880, near the marina boulevard off-ramp happened just before 10, 15 last night. police say 2 vehicles, a white dodge durango and a green toyota camry were shooting at each other. officers discovered the victims inside the dodge durango. both suffering from gunshot wounds. they were taken to a local hospital in unknown condition. those who are in the toyota camry abandoned their vehicle on the shoulder of the freeway and ran off before officers arrived. police are still investigating what led up to that shooting. new at 6, a mother behind bars after trying to flee a traffic stop in antioch. it all happened while a baby was in the backseat. police say they stopped the driver for a vehicle code violation, which they say prompted the woman to drive off. that officer eventually caught up with the car when you want to speak to the driver. he noticed that baby in the backseat. police say the officer also found an unregistered gun inside the vehicle. the mother was arrested. the baby has been
9:36 pm
placed in the care of a family member. in oakland business owner detained after arming himself to protect his store this morning. that's according to police. we do have some video from the citizen app. officers got a report of a person with a firearm standing on the street on telegraph avenue just before 7 o'clock this morning just around the corner from the oakland international school after officers arrived, they detained the man, but then they learned he was actually the owner of a nearby business. he told police he saw some people breaking into his store. so he armed himself and went outside. he says the would-be thieves did run off before police arrived. an update now to a story we brought you yesterday. police have made an arrest after a man was stabbed to death in east palo alto. police say on friday night. 47 year-old darnell mckean, stabbed 50 year-old mario ventura during a heated argument happened around 11 o'clock that night at a home on cooley street. this is east palo alto's 4th homicide of the year. the
9:37 pm
national news tonight in kentucky bracing for more rain tonight and into tomorrow. on top of devastating floods that have already killed at least 28 people, children among them. kentucky's governor says the next couple of days are going to be hard and the national weather service has issued flash flood watches for much of the state. reporter robert sherman spoke with some of the people. the flooding has hit the hardest. >> this is what kim campbell and her family now call home when the flood waters rushing to kentucky last week that is spent the night on the roof coming within inches of death. it that about that far from the top of the trailer. >> and everywhere you look each side water. >> she lost everything. since then. she's been staying at first light baptist church in hazard, which has become a shelter. >> a lot of people that have been
9:38 pm
>> hurt this week. pastor chris, if you get has seen over 200 people come through just like campbell, food. >> went close. nothing and they're not downs. you know, just just nothing. that's the case for hundreds of kentuckians displaced by last week's historic flooding. over 2 dozen people have been confirmed dead. but the expectation is that number will continue to climb for weeks more than 1400 have been rescued by boat and air kentucky governor andy beshear toured the disaster zone sunday. meet with volunteers and displaced families. we've just met so many of your constituents who have lost everything and don't have any flood insurance. what do you say to those people in kentucky who feel hopeless right now? >> will find a way to help them. these are our people and whatever it takes, the federal government has approved disaster relief, including individual assistance. >> and governor beshear says the state intends to help as well from what he's seen. he
9:39 pm
believes there's hundreds of millions of dollars in damage across the commonwealth. kim campbell and her family will be staying in the shelter. she has no idea how they'll get back on their feet. >> thankful for everything. guy in the instant. just like that. >> pastor few gets his church is just like his are pitching in across the region and that it will take a united kentucky to recover. >> because i know where people. and we're strong. we're stubborn. but we're strong. and we'll we'll after everybody else is gone. and all the help and went back to their homes. we'll build back. we'll were strong and the we're down. but we now. >> we do want to get you a check of that forecast now in kentucky where those a storms are continuing. yes, especially along the eastern half of the state know. well, we're still seeing some showers just east of london,
9:40 pm
kentucky. >> and there's a slight risk of heavy rainfall tonight into tomorrow as well. fortunately, though, tracking those storms starting to taper off as the shift eastward. but for us here in the bay area and also for this year, we're going to have that risk of pop-up thunderstorms right now, relatively dry feeling. very muggy, though, because of that subtropical moisture. but most of the showers off to in the pacific out there right now in the bay area. so slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms tonight. but for those of you in south lake tahoe, starting to dry out, clear out from your pop-up thunderstorms that you saw earlier in the day. but we're going to have another round of monsoonal moisture from the south making its way into the bay area and sierra as early as monday morning for us here in the bay area, specifically along the south bay and san francisco peninsula, even into the east bay shoreline as well. but we are going to see that storm
9:41 pm
track start to shift northward, especially throughout the day. we do have a slight risk of those pop-up thunderstorms making its way into the north bay by early monday evening and even into the afternoon as well. but most of that monsoonal moisture going to stick around for your tuesday as well. in addition to that cloud cover making temperatures feel a lot warmer than what they actually are with severe weather once again impacting this for the start of your workweek monday, mainly popping up by the afternoon. but then we're going to see calmer conditions after the sun has set. but for this year forecast, we're going to track cooler temperatures. you've been in the 80's for much of the last couple of days and even 90's, but now cooling down into the mid 70's with upper 70's by tuesday and then warming up into the low 80's by wednesday. back to, you know, well. >> number, he said, thank you for your money. gas prices have been falling steadily over the past month and a half price of a gallon of gas in california now averaging $5 from just a week ago. great
9:42 pm
trend here in the bay area. napa still averaging over 5.83 a gallon, but some places are below the state average. i can delay how you can fill up for just 5.52 a gallon while prices may continue to fall, experts do expect demand for gas to increase in the next couple of weeks. as more americans hit the road for the end of summer. so this trend of easing prices could be short-lived. so enjoy them while you can. all right. stick with us. rain rain. please don't go away. parts of bay area getting a little bit of rain today. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. >> got more after the break. plus the sports world and beyond mourning the passing a bill russell tonight, sports director jason dumas has more director jason dumas has more when i make decisions as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us, making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine
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national university. supporting the whole you. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> tonight we're remembering one of the greatest basketball players and civil rights activists of all time, nba and usf legend bill russell died peacefully today at the age of 88 russell was an 11 time nba champion five-time mvp 12 time all-star. the list goes on. russell grew up in oakland, 11 it mc clemens high school to a pair of state titles. then he led the university of san francisco to 2 straight ncaa titles in 1955. to 56 finishing his career on the hilltop with 55 straight wins. the dons also became the first
9:46 pm
ncaa champion ever to start 3 african-american players after winning a gold medal in the 1956 olympics. russell led the boston celtics their first nba championship. boston with russell is their centerpiece. went on to win 8 straight nba titles and 11 total. the final 2 with russell as a player coach, the first black head coach in nba history. however, russell's remember, just it's as much for the work he did off the court to fight racism throughout his life. russell was a strong advocate for civil rights and racial equality. he works tirelessly to make the world a better place. russell received the presidential medal freedom award in 2011 and the nba lifetime achievement award in 2017. tonight, people around the world are mourning this loss with reactions pouring in across social media. here's what we're years. head coach steve kerr had to say. >> what a sad day today to hear of bills passing at the age of 88, especially for those of us in the bay area.
9:47 pm
>> wasn't mcclymonds high. >> a 2 time and see a champion at usf. and of course, the greatest nba champion of all time with the boston but girl's life meant so much more than just his exploits on the court. as we all know, he was an incredible voice in. the fight for an equal and just society. bill has always been somebody who the entire nba. as looked up to and revered. and today is a day to celebrate his incredible life and to mourn his passing bill russell, rest in peace. you are amazing man. >> the great bill russell dead at the age of 88 may his legacy live on the forty-niners have finally put to bed rumors that star wide receiver deebo samuel is out the door today. the niners biggest offensive weapon signed a massive extension a 3
9:48 pm
year. 73.5 million dollar contract to be exact with 58 million guaranteed. back in april, reports swirled samuel requested a trade the forty-niners front offense quickly indicated they had no plans to do that and they hope to repair the relationship. san francisco can move forward knowing one of the most talented players locked in for 3 years. now the focus shifts to getting samuel in sync with second-year qb and the most likely starter trey lance. it was a nice day to take a paddleboard ride out on the coffee cold with the intel. that's a good dog right there. >> no score in the 4th tied to the bases loaded with 2 outs when jason vosler hits a flare up to left that falls in front of ian happ 2 runs score. they added 2 more in the inning for a 4, nothing lead more than enough for carlos word on who might have pitch his last game in a giants uniform with that trade deadline approaching this week heard on struck out 10 in 7 innings for his 9th win of the season after he
9:49 pm
left the game, he hugged and shook hands with his teammates looking a lot like a goodbye, possibly 4. nothing. giants win. the a's have won 7 of their last 9 and had the clubhouse dancing for joy before today's game with the white sox. nice little jake. there. the power surge continues. second inning, ramon lauriano sends this one deep to no doubt about it. see a later one. nothing a's. oakland hit 7 homers in the three-game series in chicago are however, white sox scored 3 times the 3rd to take the lead for good here. lori garcia rips an rbi single to right. josh harrison just beats the stephen piscotty. throw to the plate. the a's fall. 41 the final score. that's all we've got for sports. but coming up at 10 o'clock, we have sports night live. so be sure to stick around. now i'll send it back to you. kylen. thank you so some parts of the bay area. we're blessed with a little bit of rain today. you see that. >> video from a viewer in walnut creek showing some a
9:50 pm
few little rain droplets there on the wind chill. does they drove around earlier today? it's not much. but know, they i think it's a little something that i we've got some unsettling atmospheric. that was i tried to get like science and you hear all well, bellow had settled atmospheric stuff. yeah, on on very severe and unstable. so we are going to track pop-up thunderstorms because of that monsoonal moisture. but those of you lucky enough to actually feel those raindrops. you're very fortunate because most of the bay area solver gun. that's when the rain evaporates before it hits the ground. but >> we're certainly going to notice a little bit more moisture overnight into tomorrow. and right now the bulk of the wet weather out in the pacific. but we are going to see some changes, especially within the next 24 hours with this monsoonal moisture to our south, making its way northward, bringing us the threat of pop-up thunderstorms. it is going to
9:51 pm
be a dry storm really just 507 inch of rain or less expected with that moisture arriving as early as monday morning. even continuing through monday afternoon and into your monday night. so very unstable atmosphere. so we are tracking severe weather, funny pop-up thunderstorms do form. >> that could bring us the threat of dry lightning. and if any pop-up thunderstorms duflo perform. in addition to that, we could see some outflow winds, a gusty wind speeds because of that severe storm that could help spread fires. that do spark from dry lightning. so future cast for going to show very cloudy conditions and muggy conditions that that continuing on tuesday, even though we're going to dry out significantly with that threat of pop-up thunderstorms, diminishing by tuesday. but we're tracking right now. blanket of cloud cover. call the fog right now over downtown san francisco in along the coast and east bay shoreline. visibility at or near 0. so please drive safely for your sunday night giants
9:52 pm
game day forecast for tomorrow to facing off against the big rivalry tomorrow games at 6.45? that's when the first pitch is temperatures in the mid 60's. so going to be a little bit mild. even at around 7 o'clock in the evening with partly cloudy skies and that cool sea breeze and widespread 50's and 60's out there right now. the one outlier conquered and pittsburgh. both of you in the low 70's. so enjoy that deadly tracking pleasant temperatures for east bay valleys. turning in to 87 degrees for tomorrow's daytime highs in mid 60's for half moon bay let's take a look at your next 7 day forecast because we are expecting to see hot weather midweek even continuing through thursday. temperatures 5 to 15 degrees above average before we cool down to near seasonal temperatures next weekend. stick around for news and weather after the break.
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9:55 pm
>> welcome back. there's a company making it easier for people to cook pizzas in their own backyards. in tonight's tech smart, rich demuro shows us the oven that can cook you a pie in just a few minutes. >> backyard pizza is delicious. but you typically need a built in brick oven to get the best results. well, now company named ghazni is engineering high-tech pizza ovens inspired by professional set ups. but as easy to use as a backyard grill. there's just
9:56 pm
something about pizza. enjoyable and its own customized was he can always do things tom gozney has spent more than a decade helping people perfect cooking and it was often making pay my one pizza was soggy and rubbish and i decided to i have the recovery in the garden but inexpensive hand bill oven isn't realistic for everyone. so he took what he learned and made ease. it took a ton of engineering for us to actually making up. and that was like. >> really lightweight was like a large is starting up to $500 drop. box was an instant hit. thanks to its simplicity and results. >> the $1800 dome features a rolling flame and the ability to use wood or gas was like this fusion of ancient mode. and it was like apple came along and had a baby with a 200 year-old neapolitan. it's a has fire. that's all the pizza wants to know. chris bianco is one of the most notable pizza chefs around with restaurants in phoenix and now los angeles is unknown, but it doesn't really
9:57 pm
get old, which is cooking. he's making his famous rose a pizza red onion parmigiano reggiano rosemary and pistachios. i love that where it's at right now. the oven has a built in digital thermometer, adjustable heat and even an accessory port for future add-ons. flame on top is rolling over almost like an old-school broiler pizzas cook in weathering understand what things need. >> is the key everything and that a lot of flavors going on. the onion is made possible by a modern take on an old school of chris, you did a great >> because the dome was named one of time's best inventions. and by the way, you're not limited to making pizza in these ovens. you can make veggie stakes and more. now all they need is an app. all right. more go to my website. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> i'd say a line, but i hear
9:58 pm
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