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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 2, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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at this book. >> well, try to discuss the serious issues. and in doing so. i said things that unintentionally perpetuated harmful stereotypes. >> now, 9 frustration at the san francisco school board special meeting tonight as community members expressed their outrage at one board member in particular. good evening, everybody. welcome to kron. 4 news at 9. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm ella sogomonian san francisco school board members voted to admonish or >> formally reprimand commissioner and shoe. the decision was made at a special meeting tonight after calls for her resignation continue to grow. she and facing criticism over an opinion shared in a questionnaire last month about why she thought some black and brown students perform poorly. >> in school, our conference taylor bisacky joins us now live from the newsroom with some details on that. taylor. >> well, many are upset by shoes, comments calling them
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racist in that questionnaire when she was asked how to increase academic outcomes for most marginalized students. shu said in part that black and brown students do not perform as well as others due to a lack of family support. any of those family showed up at tonight's meeting, full of anger and frustration. >> heated moments during as usd special meeting on tuesday calling for the admonishment of commissioner and shoe. those in favor of the formal reprimand lined up to speak during the meeting >> i'm here tonight as a black mom to stand in partnership with the black community and the latinx community to let you know, commission issued directly that we do love our value education. >> excellent. the naacp also held a rally outside the school district's headquarters before the meeting asking that she removed herself from the board. we want them to
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>> and to act for a fall. >> we as a nation need late. many in support of shoe also spoke with the >> i believe commissioners shoe displayed the qualities a true leader support commissioner shoe. center. she is not the problem. chronically absent students, i less likely to read at grade >> board members including shoot, voted in favor of the admonishment with shoe again apologizing. i misspoke. >> well, trying to discuss the serious and in doing so. i said things that unintentionally perpetuated harmful stereotypes. i made a mistake. and i'm deeply sorry.
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>> this meeting was to again approve a formal warning to commissioner hsu. however, it did not call for her resignation. commissioner shoe did not reveal any plans to do so at this time live in the newsroom. taylor kron, 4 news. thank you, taylor. a huge loss for major league baseball tonight. hall of fame, baseball announcer. >> vin scully has died. he was 94 years old. the la dodgers as that scully died at his los angeles home this evening. scully was the longest tenured broadcaster with a single team in pro sports history. serving the dodgers since the team's days back in brooklyn and stuck with them and tell us retirement in 2016, the dodgers changed players, managers, executives, owners and even coast. but scully. and it's soothing insightful style remained a constant for fans. governor newsom tweeted about scalia's passing tonight saying for literally millions of baseball fans, vince is a a voice. was dodger baseball. he
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defined his medium. he was the common denominator across so many generations. he was and is an absolute legend. in other news tonight, cases of monkeypox continue to climb in san francisco. in fact, the city has seen in more than 70% increase in just a week. and at this time last week, san francisco had 222 cases today. that number stands at 3.86. >> and while criticism continues at federal health leaders are not taking this seriously enough. san francisco's getting double the vaccines in its next shipment. kron four's dan kerman reports. >> as monkeypox cases surge in san francisco. those seeking the vaccine spent another morning in a long line outside san francisco general hospital 650 doses were administered tuesday and more will be on the way wednesday. and san francisco public health officials have announced their next allotment will be over 10,000 doses. more than double what they received last thursday with each new
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allocation, we're taking steps closer getting our hands around. monkeypox our community. but there is a long road. >> tyler termeer heads up the san francisco aids foundation. one of the community partners that will get a portion of that allotment to dispense to its 10,000 person waiting list. he says the feds must move faster because the window of opportunity to get a handle on monkeypox is closing. the pops is a viral infection. that is spreading through our community at a rate that we want to get ahead prevent from becoming endemic within our community, something that won't go in the future. earlier in the day term near slammed the feds while taking part in a virtual news conference by the national coalition of std directors. it will be unfortunate lasting consequences to our communities because the federal government's slow response. >> and inadequate investment of resources to address this
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outbreak. the coalition says federal health officials must declare a federal health emergency and congress must immediately start allocating the millions of dollars needed. >> to address monkeypox. >> we must provide more money. we must reduce and eliminate barriers to testing karin vaccines and the federal government must these grant restrictions. we need new, dedicated federal funding specifically for sti and health clinics and hiv programs in order to deal with this emergency. last week, san francisco ran out of monkeypox doses. it's unclear whether that will happen again. >> or whether this new allotment will arrive in time. in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> president biden is naming a team to head up efforts to fight the monkeypox outbreak. following criticism for a lack of immediate response. he's tapping robert fenton as white
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house coordinator, fenton helped lead fema's mass vaccination effort for covid-19 when president biden first took office. doctor dimitri to cult lucky's of the cdc will be his deputy. jessica lucky says the director of the agency's hiv prevention division and a national expert on issues affecting the lgbtq community. >> the preliminary hearing in the kidnapping case of baby brandon came to an end today. the 2 defendants pleading no contest to all counts of kidnapping made against them. kron four's rob nesbitt was in the courtroom for the hearing with the baby's mom took the witness stand and he has more. >> there were 8 charges against the accused kidnappers. both of them pleading no contest to all 8 of those charges in court tuesday. the charges include kidnapping, attempted kidnapping and residential burglary, baby brandon's mother jessica, all arrive at the santa clara superior courthouse tuesday with her baby in tow. the young mother testifying for the first time in connection to the kidnapping of 6 month-old baby
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brandon back in april. the accused 43 year-old use ramirez and 28 year-old jose por sitting in the courtroom while she took the stand. ala testified that she met ramirez at her church where investigators say a 3 year-old girl was tortured to death during an apparent exorcism last year, the same church that ramirez is estranged husband is the pastor at after pleading no contest. ramirez faces up to 14 years in prison and faces up to 5 years in prison. deputy district attorney rebecca wise objected to the plea offer made by the judge today, given the severity of what occurred in this case that a 3 month-old baby was kidnapped and taken from his home. >> and as was shown in court over the last 2 days. there were multiple attempts to kidnap the child. i think it's a good decision. i think it's fair and just in light of everything that that's on the table, this point, i'm glad for mister mir safe for everyone safe, that there will be some finale to this
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situation so that everyone that was involved can close this chapter and move on. a sentencing hearing for ramirez and is scheduled for october. 28 reporting in san jose. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> cemetery deputies are searching for a suspect who they say hit another man in the face with a bottle and stole his cell phone. police say that the incident happened on baron avenue in redwood city last night, close to 11 o'clock. the suspect allegedly threw a bottle of vinegar at the victim as he sat in a car. the bottle went through an open window and struck the man in the face so hard that it shattered. the suspect then took the man's phone and ran off. the victim was taken to a hospital. now anyone with information is asked to call san mateo police. >> 2 more lives have been claimed by the mckinney fire that is burning out of control here in northern california. officials say they located 2 people today in separate homes along highway 96 little earlier in the week. 2 other people were found in their burned out car in the driveway of their home. it's believed that they were trying to
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escape approaching flames, even though some rain, cloudy weather, you know, is helping firefighters today. there's still no containment to the fire. it has charred more than 55,000 acres and is forced several evacuations in the area that report zone forecast as we get a live look right now at the transamerica pyramid as it is up. you skated by that. >> and hoping that some of the weather with the fire out there, lawrence. yeah, kind thing. you know, you think the rain is going to be great for the fires, which it usually is. but you get the lightning that can start the fires and then you get those thunderstorms that can have these tremendous down drafts, maybe 40, maybe some 60 mile an hour down, daft dropping right down on bottom of these thunderstorms that can blast right along these fire lines and spread that fire. and so that's what we're concerned about tonight. we're seeing numerous strikes into the afternoon as tailed off a little bit this evening. but red flag warnings continuing until least 11 o'clock tonight. we may have to repeat that again for tomorrow as
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numerous thunderstorms that monsoon just sending the lightning strikes. look at that. just numerous strikes all across that area this evening. start to taper off a little bit as a starting to lose some energy. the sun is down now and use of these thunderstorms start to fall apart. but a flash flood watches remain in effect. also, really just to the west of much of the fire area. but you see rico or why-reeka still looking at activity. there'shmore showers and strong storms. but they're not the only ones that we've got. really interesting situation set up. you've got the monsoon a proper that happened early on. then all of a sudden we got frank, the remnants are frank now spinning off the coastline. this was once a hurricane off the coast of baja. now it's beginning to fall apart. but you see some of that circulation starting to work its way and some of that moisture back into the bay area. and there you go. so a couple raindrops out there just off the coastline been picked up by the doppler radar right now. and some of that getting a little bit closer now to northern parts of a sonoma county likely to see that move in here very, very shortly. so we got that monsoon out there. we had a couple of scattered light
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showers today. here's the very latest with the system going epto be interesting over the next 24 hours to see how this all works out. models trying to handle the system, not always the best when these systems are coming from a strange direction like this one coming up out of south. we've got this low to the north here. watch what happens of a sudden front begins to move up into cooler waters really begins to fall apart. and all of a sudden you see that moisture kind of getting trained in that low. so instead of seeing all that rain coming on shore in california, ashley, back off good part of that off the coastline. wrap around this low off this coast which is going to spin off the coastline for a few days here. so very interesting weather coming our way. slight chance of showers tonight looks like more muggy weather overnight tonight and tomorrow. guys, back to you. all right, lawrence, bold, daytime caltrans fencing is captured on camera by an east >> business owner. he says that the video shows how carefree criminals seem to be well committing crimes are conference, flipped a goal reports. the video shows oakland police responded but apparently never got out of the patrol car to investigate.
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>> my sense that. you're not gonna believe it, but they're stealing more. and i said no, come on. >> it's still >> just before close of business last tuesday afternoon, everardo rodriguez who owns bay respirators and his son were jolted by thieves hammering away at wrought iron fencing across the street from their east oakland office near i-80 defense surrounds a lot managed by caltrans. it was installed to prevent homeless encampment fires that have popped up in the past to cut me. >> by surprise. and the fact that they didn't do like the prior week when they started stealing the panels where it was that night. and this was right before 5 o'clock. when we started hurting the clanking everardo called police during the act but never saw them. he says it wasn't until he reviewed his
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surveillance video that he realize they responded. >> it shows a patrol car pulling up less than 20 minutes after the call. then leaving after about a minute this well, he says a woman acting as the lookout stood nearby in the shadows. the thieves were just feet away to and they went back to work. once police left everardo has pictures of them walking away with the panel's all in all within 15 minutes. they were on out of here. caltrans says spent sections being stolen from its right of way is not it's happening throughout alameda county. >> all kron. 4 news. >> and we reached out to apd about how it responded to the theft and that so far have not heard back. >> the city of oakland will be getting 6 million dollars from the state to improve public safety. oakland leaders say they want to provide direct support for families who are at high risk for violence. they plan to use that money to support the city's community intervention programs and to establish crisis response
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teams to help solve underlying problems. oakland leaders also discussed establishing a dedicated violence prevention office over in san francisco. the public defender there sat down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with kron four's haaziq mod-yoon. he shared concerns that the new district attorneys plans to crack down on drug crimes could disproportionately land more black and brown people in jail. vaughn ross, you also pointed to a backlog of defendants that are still waiting for their day in court. >> he was a perspective in terms of how many that you represent are waiting for the there are hundreds waiting in jail for their day in court and more on the outside. still waiting for their day in court. many still being changed with ankle monitors the constitutional right to a speedy trial has reached a crisis level in criminal court at the hall of justice in the city of san francisco. >> that is according to the city's elected public defender, mano raj public health.
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>> issues require public health solutions. he is raising his voice about the issue in the wake of newly appointed san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins taking over the da's office. a lot of the systems that prosecutors work on are inherited systems. >> so regardless of who the district attorney is, it's our job to fully see our clients. >> and to fight for that. actually, we're talking about defendants, nose and generic term. but in the city of san francisco who we talked over 50% of the jail is black in san francisco. if city that has less than 5% but population which points to what the san francisco public defender says is another crisis. many of those waiting for their day in court. >> facing drug charges. >> and i'm committed to making sure that we restore accountability with respect to drug dealing in san francisco. as you says, that he is concerned that he is hearing echoes of what he calls the failed war on drugs era. returning with san francisco's new da. the concern we have there is that there has been
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an approach. >> carson approach of locking people up based on drug offenses. now going on 50 years, it started with the nixon administration. >> and what that has led to is a ballooning population in our jails and prison, but it is not addressed at all. the public health crisis, which is what drug use is san francisco public defender, mano ross, who was part of a class action lawsuit representing all of his clients who are awaiting their day in court. >> with that legal process in and of itself is going to take some time to work its way through the court system before ultimately reaching a resolution. we have it constitutional and human rights crisis right now going on in san francisco. >> in that. even though everyone is presumed innocent and they cannot be convicted until the prosecution proved onable doubt. we're not getting access to the courtroom right now in san francisco haaziq madyun kron. 4 news. >> several local police departments were hosting their annual night out tonight. it's
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a community-building event for police officers in several bay area. cities were out on the streets to meet and greet with locals in the neighborhood which they serve. this happens nationwide every first tuesday of august and it includes block parties, cookouts and youth offense to try and unify law enforcement and their communities in the east bay, the city of oakley's event. it was held in honor of missing moment. alexis gabe in sacramento. a push is under way for a bill that would make it easier for families whose relatives died in police shootings and in custody. >> to receive reimbursement from the state. they're calling for the legislature to pass sb 2.99. if passed, it would make it easier for families to seek reimbursements from the california victim compensation program for things like funeral costs, access to therapy and memorial plaques. the victim compensation program allows victims of violent crimes too, get some sort of support and compensation or reimbursement to cope with the trauma. but
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as it relates to those impacted by police shootings, it's much more challenging. >> the best way to heal those survivors and to ensure communities are safe is by allowing him to have access to those services. and that reimbursement so their families can focus on healing message that it sends. >> as law enforcement. are the ones that should be held accountable for any kind of injury that takes place as a result. the resistance. and i thifk that's a very, very unfair set of circumstances. >> and as you just heard, there is some push back on the bill republican assembly member tom lackey served 28 years as a sergeant with chp. he says the proposal is not fair to law enforcement. the bill needs a two-thirds majority vote in the assembly and senate to pass before it can then be sent to the governor's desk. >> san francisco and oakland could soon become the latest cities to provide state approved safe injection sites. the bill is on the way to the governor's desk. it would
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allow cities and counties to provide spaces where people can do drugs with clean needles. trained professionals would also be on site to assist in the event of an overdose. governor newsom has said that he is open to the idea of the safe injection site pilot program. san francisco senator scott wiener is also behind the bill and says that it will help save lives. >> these sites have been in operation around the world europe, canada, australia, for decades, rhode island has their operation in york city and they're a proven strategy avoid people dying from overdoses and ultimately to get people into treatment and recovery. >> now, if the bill is approved, it would through 2027 each jurisdiction would also fund a peer reviewed study on the effectiveness of the program. coming up on this, our kron, 4 news house speaker nancy pelosi touchdown
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>> bp generated massive earnings during the 2nd quarter, recorded an 8 and a half billion dollar profit, its largest in 14 years. this, of course, comes drivers are dealing with high gas prices and inflation. crude prices are up more than 30% compared to a year ago. bp also expects oil and gas prices to stay high into the 3rd quarter because of the continued disruption to russia's a supply. exxonmobil, chevron and shell also saw. large profits during the 2nd quarter. >> a new study found rain water contains dangerous levels of manmade so-called forever chemicals linked to cancer and other illnesses. researchers from stockholm university say they can be found in rain, water and snow all around the world. even the most remote locations, including antartica and tibet. they also believe that the chemicals got into the environment through industrial emissions transfers from packaging waste, water and
9:25 pm
evaporation. they're called forever chemicals because some take more than 1000 years to degrade. only oat milk product is among 53 specialty drinks being recalled because of possible. >> bacterial contamination, the fresno based company lyons, magnus issued voluntary recall after an analysis showed an increased risk of contamination. according to the least oat milk bar east addition was sold to food services groups, no illnesses or complaints related to the products have been reported. but the fda is advising that they should not be consumed to find out if a product is part of this recall, you can go to the fda's website for a full list coming up next kron, 4 news at 9 house speaker nancy pelosi landed in. >> taiwan amid tensions between the u.s. and china. we're going to sit down with the political expert to
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>> welcome back. house speaker nancy pelosi flew into taiwan today becoming the highest ranking american official in 25 years to visit the self-ruled island. it's claimed by china. but as pelosi was greeted by taiwanese officials, china announced that it would conduct military maneuvers in relations for a reaction, rather for her presence. kelli meyer explains how her visit ratcheted up tensions between china and the u.s.. >> after weeks of speculation.
9:29 pm
of will she or won't she go? on tuesday, house speaker nancy pelosi put the rumors to rest as she touched down in taiwan. greeted with open arms and tie pay. people heard shouting welcome pelosi as she arrived at her hotel in a washington post op-ed published the moment her plane was wheels down. pelosi defending her visit writing. we cannot stand by as the ccp proceeds to threaten taiwan and democracy itself while across the straits of taiwan. a reverse reception. all the chinese military put on high alert with live fire drills and exercises. there's no reason as i said yesterday for beijing to turn this visit. >> which is consistent with longstanding u.s. policy in some sort of crisis or use it as a pretext to increase aggressiveness and military activity in or around the taiwan strait. pelosi is the
9:30 pm
first speaker of the house and highest ranking u.s. official to set foot in taiwan since 1997. >> but much has changed in china in those 25 years, its economy exploding now ranking as the world's second largest behind. only the u.s. and china is the world's largest manufacturing power. the leader in technology exports its military might multiplying with more troops in uniform than any other country and now boasting the largest navy in the world with more than 350 ships and submarines this has u.s. warships patrol the waters near taiwan with the aircraft carrier uss ronald reagan and its massive strike force. now in the south china sea, all part of an entrenched u.s. military presence in the western pacific. 56,000 troops in japan, including 24,000, marines in nearby okinawa in south korea, 30,000 and 12,000. u.s. troops in guam.
9:31 pm
the threat from china escalating as their rhetoric ramps up seeing the latest u.s. actions as provocative. >> kellie meyer reporting for us tonight. chinese government leaders say that the u.s. and taiwan are working together to provoke china and are playing with fire. the issue here is that china sees taiwan as its territory while taiwan considers itself independent. joining us now to discuss the contention of this visit is political science professor at cal state east bay, doctor maria or stay. >> thank you for being with us. longest taiwan considered itself independent from china. and what does the chinese government say about why they still consider it part of their territory? >> in 1949, the the point in time that rate that was the original government in mainland china. they fled to tie one end. taiwan was province china. but then when
9:32 pm
the nationalist who moved over to ty one to one be keen. actually the official representative of the china in the united nations. but that was later taken away. and the people's republic of china was installed asked me official the percentage of the un at this time. so since then, it has always considered itself as the rightful a representative of all chinese people, including ty one. and but i won since it's been. been governed separately all this time. they have considered themselves as independent in 1986, became more formally a democracy. so that's one of the important things to know. came to seoul, expand a little bit about, you know, the provocative nature >> pelosi's trip because clearly it provoked the ire of
9:33 pm
china and this was something. that was dangerous, wasn't it? >> i won't see dangerous, but you are correct that it is provocative and controversial and i would say possibly ill timed the because xi jinping and biden will be having should be having talks fate soon. what is to a rational for think it's really probably heard congressional agenda. you have to remember that there's bipartisan support for for the u.s. according tie. want by the u.s. government and the congress, you know, allocates the funding for any other foreign relations between the u.s. and other countries. that's one of the important things i guess in in there in her estimation. but
9:34 pm
there's the important thing this also about country. so and the u.s. has a lot of interest in them. the manufacturing of chips in united states like they won. >> china did threaten some form of what would that look like? >> so pay for today. it's already started the happened to the president's because at that site and they have taiwan. that really and that will really i won because chain believe it's a number one. treat pregnant. so this retaliation against will continue on possibly for the next 2 weeks. and possibly longer because taiwan also has
9:35 pm
an important midterm elections in november, which would probably coincide with the can be a strike congress for xi jinping is expected to be we installed this press. >> so why did pelosi have so much from support going into taiwan at this time, given that we are expecting some sort of conversation with china's president and biden and this could just create some sort of hostility between the 2. >> that's a seem to remember, is that it in any foreign policy? there are 2 audiences, the domestic and international for. so this is good for the domestic audience and the one hand that. it's signaling that the u.s. is strong against china, whether or not that's a good message right now is another question. but that's i think what they're trying to signal and also they're trying good morning. this is from taiwan. the grating chipset.
9:36 pm
and if you remember, like you said, there's a problem with the supply chain right in terms of the international audience it's a thing. well, pelosi said that it was too show support for democratic governments and that. is that it's probably good in the in the in the theoretical sense that whether or not it will really manifest in the country. but haley is another question. however, that congress did pass a type ii at. this is really giving them a strong support for the elections, ok? but learned a lot and indeed, it is all about the chips is not. >> thank so much for speaking with cal state east bay, professor doctor maria, our to have a good evening. >> coming up next in sports, just a couple of days after
9:37 pm
signing his contract extension with san francisco deebo samuel was back out on the practice field. sports director jason dumas has reaction from the 49 ers wide receiver. plus, a live report the silicon valley tennis classic and san jose.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> a week into training camp and the pads are on. and we know it's hot down there in the south bay when it's hot
9:40 pm
and you're hitting each other. the tempers are bound to flare. and that's just what happened today. receiver brandon aiyuk in linebacker fred warner. they exchanged some words on the practice field in that led to some pushing and shoving between the offense and defense kyle shanahan had to stop practicing real things in, you know, boys will be boys. our cameras were there to capture that moment or i should say, warren allow to capture that moment. we had to stop filming, but we were rolling as newly extended receiver deebo samuel spoke to the media for the first time since his contract dispute. >> at end of the day, this is a what changed was the the more we communicated, the more we start to figure things out. but it's a it's a feeling that i can't even explain to be honest with once i got the call from my agent, i just was lost. the words in, you know, just a blessing to be able to be in a it shows all the hard work and all the stuff that i do for this team in it, you know, just have to be here.
9:41 pm
>> tennis does not make our sportscast all that often. but when you have some of the best players in the world, right in our backyard, we have to give them our attention. let's head out to san jose where we find kron 4 sports reporter kylen mills. she joins us live from the silicone valley classic kyle. and i understand there are 2 huge matchups today with 2 names that have a whole lot of recognition across the country. >> yeah. a lot of exciting tennis down here in san jose this week. jason, tonight we saw the young american superstar coco gauff impressive in her matching the featured session of the day she defeated lena colony in a 6, 1, she just dominate all facets of the game. goff played so impressive. she covered the court so well and was athletic. alameda can get anything by her goff. really impressive with 7 aces and colony in a couldn't get a single serve by goff golf star
9:42 pm
continues to rise after making her first grand slam finals appearance at roland garros in june. she should earn her first top 10 world ranking this week. that would happen for the first time in her career. next up here in the classic, awful play. japanese superstar naomi osaka in the second round. >> osaka battle to a 3 set victory over shin when jamie in her first-round match earlier this evening, the 2 have met 3 times with those soccer holding a 2 to one edge over cough. osaka says she knows goff will be a tough is impressed me about cocos your >> like i said this a lot before. but when i was her age, i would find myself getting frustrated and i would show so i just think it's really cool how she's able to really neutral all the time and she's improving every year. so i think, you there's a lot that she's learning and it's only a matter of time before she once the sun.
9:43 pm
>> osaka stabbed leonard french law was her coach today for the first time in more than 4 years. she says he always says ridiculous things that made her laugh. his advice before her match today. you're a tennis player, play tennis. some words of wisdom from good old ad. they're osaka said it definitely made her smile and loosened are up before today's match. next up, she placed coco gauff here in san jose on thursday. for now live from the mubadala silicon valley classic kylen mills kron. 4 sports. >> island, we know one more question before i let you go kylen. we know the bay area. it's, you know, a thriving sports area. but tennis is a bit of a niche sport, we know, is not the most popular. but how was the crowd there tonight? >> the crowd here tonight was excellent. jason, in fact, for naomi osaka's match earlier this afternoon, more than 2000 people attended. that was the most ever for a tuesday tuesday daytime match here in san jose. also, fans were
9:44 pm
lining the fence to see osaka to try to get her to sign some autographs. people were so excited and she was really generous with her time signing autographs, taking pictures with every single kid and fan who came out. coco gauff. the american also had a huge reception here in san jose. so fans really, really excited to see some of the world's best right here in our own backyard. >> we've got that justin bieber blaring in the background to i love it. cuyler, thank you so much. yeah. hear it thank you, kylen. all righty. that's all we have for sports. we'll be right back after a quick break.
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>> the u.s. air strike in afghanistan that killed al qaeda's leader ayman al-zawahri capped off several months of planning in intelligence gathering the effort included a scale model of als or so so rather safe house, which was brought to the white house situation room to show president biden, u.s. officials, new al-zawahri liked to sit on the home's balcony and they were confident that he was on it when the 2 missiles hit. the strike was designed to destroy the balcony avoid further casualties. 2 senior national security officials were first briefed on the intelligence back in early april, the president received a final briefing just over a week ago, isolating with covid-19. >> russia is accusing the united states of being directly involved in ukraine's military operations. the
9:48 pm
russian government says that the u.s. is supplying ukraine with intelligence information. its peak used to conduct a long-range missile strikes and adds that the u.s. is also helping by providing satellite imagery and real-time information. this comes after the kremlin to admit that the long-range missiles have been effective in taking out russian fuel and ammunition dumps. >> it is absolutely devastating out there. it's going to take years to rebuild. people left with absolutely nothing homes that we don't know where they are just entirely gone. and we continue to find bodies. >> kentucky governor andy beshear touring part of the disaster zone today and meeting with first responders, the governor's office in kentucky says that they do not know how many people are missing, but hundreds at least have been displaced. it is estimated that hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage was caused by these
9:49 pm
floods. many people lost their homes, their cars and all their worldly possessions he says nearly 10,000 still remain without power and that the state is opening 8 cooling stations across the region for those stuck without air conditioning. this morning, he told the public that this is going to be a long road to recovery. >> but a live look outside. this is a san francisco embarcadero and we are talking about the local weather now with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> yeah, really interesting weather around the bay area last couple days. you may have seen a couple more showers in your neighborhood with scattered again today. fairly light. you went outside. you probably missed a bit out there tonight. still another chance. we've got some fog moving in down below, but up above, still some of that subtropical moisture new see some of the spinning off former hurricane. now starting to interact and make its way in toward the state. now it's getting not that far away. watching that just numerous thunderstorms really just rip into the sierra nevada this
9:50 pm
afternoon. look at lightning strikes up there. of course, that's always a concern. the possibly spark more fires got to watch it very closely. but there's more moisture so off the coastline of more to come to see it streaming all the way up. now, take a little more northerly focus to, in fact, starting to see some of the showers begin to move into parts of the north bay. right now on your point race right now, you can see some scattered showers moving in that direction. but overall, the pattern going to change just a little bit high pressure going to build. and i think some of that moisture will back off the coastline a little bit. but still we've got southerly flow out there. still think we're talking about some muggy conditions and still a few more showers over the sierra nevada, i tapering off to some partly cloudy skies around the bay area for tomorrow. but you see it as it moves through. some of that moisture continue to stream across our skies down below. we are seeing some fog developing as well. and then here come the thunderstorms by tomorrow afternoon. again, firing up. if you're heading that direction, watch out for that. and that's going to be an ongoing issue. we're seeing some more moisture wrapping around that ridge of high pressure and make its way back in the california. so that being said tomorrow, you're looking some partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the hot side as you make your way inland up in the 90's, in the
9:51 pm
valleys, you see a lot of 70's 80's around the bay and some 60's coast side next couple days. we want to see the temperatures staying toasty inland and then along the coastline, still a bit muggy in spots to is we're going to see some more clouds, some of that monsoon continue to rotate through. but i think after this weekend i'm looking long think word got a good taste of fall. so much cooler temperatures well below the average as we head toward the middle of next week. >> taste of fall is it looks fascinating. but yeah, could be a whole different situation as we head to last. an ad is right. okay. they now to a story that proves age is just a number and east bay woman will be competing this weekend and the world crossfit championships in a crime. for exclusive our amanda hari sat down with her to learn about how she got into fitness and her goals for the competition. >> definitely want to win on to first place. want to get on the podia. yvonne howard is heading off to wisconsin with
9:52 pm
high ambitions. she'll be competing at the crossfit games. a goal that she set for herself at the beginning of 2021, i basically >> had this inner athlete in me ever since i was little and i never got to do anything with and now i have my inner coming out, howard doesn't have a traditional athletic background and never played sports. the child. >> and by the way, she's 60 years old. she started crossfit her 40's after has been first learned about it. now she's climbing ropes in thing. weight next to people half her to i probably. >> an hour in the morning cooking and some bility and i come to the jam. here one to 2 hours on leave a comeback 1, 2 hours. and then it might my other stuff. believe that i do. thinking about the next day and sleeping tried to get 8 hours sleep like something impossible to get to the
9:53 pm
crossfit games. howard had to compete in the worldwide crossfit open. >> nearly 2000 women in her 60 to 64 age group signed up to compete. the field was whittled down to just 10 that will advance the crossfit games, including howard. i want to do for all of our members and everybody here like, oh, my god. >> a member jail because that she just clashed with to prosecute, i could do that. howard owns and manages diablo crossfit in pleasant hill. >> she also has 18 year-old daughter. she tells me retirement isn't on her mind and she plans to continue competing. don't want to compete. in my 60 plus 70's across the games are in madison, august 3rd, through madison, august 3rd, through 7th amanda hari kron. 4 ne i'm bringing back two of my fan favorites, french toast sticks and my former employee mark hamill. jack? let's do this! okay? french toast sticks and me, mark hamill,
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french toast sticks starting at $2.00 are back more incredible images from the webb telescope. this one shows a large pink speckled galaxy that resembles a wheel. >> it's aptly named the cartwheel galaxy and is located 500 million light years away. and the sculptor constellation, it's flanked by 2 smaller galaxies to the left. the webb telescope used infrared light to peer through the cosmic dust. the dup's cured them all from the view of other telescopes. stunning. >> san francisco celebrating the nation's first-ever transgender history month. the city kicking off celebrations yesterday with a flag raising ceremony at city hall. san
9:57 pm
francisco chose august as the celebratory month last year. it coincides with rememberance of the 1966, compton cafeteria riot. that was a response to police harassment of transgender residents in the city's tenderloin. the city allocated 14 million dollars to programs in the trans community. mayor breed says that the city has always been a place where people have the freedom to be who they are. >> well, that's ale for us here at kron. 4 news at 9. but ken and pam are here with what's coming up. but calm for news at 10. >> thank you. thank you both. coming up next on kron, 4 news at 10 o'clock on 19 year-old has been fighting for his life after he was hit by a car last month at of allay sideshow. tonight, an update on his condition and what has been a long and brutal road to recovery. plus, a 60 year-old east, a woman is proving that age is just a number. she's flying out of town this weekend to compete. >> in a world cross fit competition, her story of staying active and inspiring others coming up only
9:58 pm
others coming up only for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. i made a mistake. >> and i'm deeply sorry. >> now, 10 more apologies from san francisco school board commissioner for making comments that have been called racist. tonight, school leaders voted to officially r


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