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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 2, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. i made a mistake. >> and i'm deeply sorry. >> now, 10 more apologies from san francisco school board commissioner for making comments that have been called racist. tonight, school leaders voted to officially reprimand and shoe for her
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remarks. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. >> i'm ken wayne pale more. the board held a special meeting as calls the shoes resignation grew even louder. hsu has been facing criticism over comments made last month in a questionnaire surrounding black and brown families and education. crime for santa's joins us live from the newsroom with details on that meeting. taylor. well, many are upset by shoes, comments calling them racist in that questionnaire when she was asked how to increase academic outcomes for most marginalized students. she said in part. >> that black and brown students do not perform as well as others due to a lack of family support. many of those families showed up at tonight's meeting full of anger and frustration. >> he did moments during usd special meeting on tuesday, calling for the admonishment of commissioner and shoe. those in favor of the formal reprimand lined up to speak during the meeting started.
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>> i'm here tonight as a black mom to stand in queue partnership with the black community and the latinx community to let you know, commission issued directly that we do love our babies, value education. >> excellent. the naacp also held a rally outside the school district's headquarters before the meeting asking that she removed herself from the board. we want them to >> and to act for a fall. >> resignation even immediately many in support of shoe also spoke with the >> i believe commissioners shoe displayed the qualities a true leader support commissioner shoe don't center. she is not the problem. chronically absent students less likely to read at grade
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>> board members voted in favor of the admonishment with shoe again apologizing. i misspoke. >> well, trying to discuss the serious and in doing so. i said things that unintentionally perpetuated harmful stereotypes. i made a mistake. and i'm deeply sorry. >> this meeting was too again improve a formal warning to commissioner hsu. however, it did not call for her resignation. commissioner shoe did not reveal any plans to do so at this time. i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> taylor, thank you for that report. new tonight at 10, the mother of a man injured at a sideshow in valais whole last month shared an update today on her son, 19 year-old tyler is in rehabilitation in san francisco and his mother says he's doing wonderfully anger, so suffered traumatic brain
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injuries and was unconscious and fighting for his life in a hospital for several days. now he is walking and talking and his mother says almost 100% back to normal. >> in the south bay, the alleged kidnapping suspects accused of taking baby brandon faced a judge for a second day today. and tonight we learned they have entered a plea of no contest to all the counts against them. kron four's rob nesbitt tells us the plea comes after the 6 month olds. mother testified for the first time. there were 8 charges against the accused kidnappers. both of them pleading no contest to all 8 of those charges in court tuesday. the charges, including kidnapping, attempted kidnapping and residential burglary, baby brandon's mother jessica, all arrive at the santa clara superior courthouse tuesday with her baby in tow. the young mother testifying for the first time in connection to the kidnapping of 6 month-old baby brandon back in april. >> the accused 43 year-old use ramirez and 28 year-old jose por sitting in the courtroom while she took the stand. ala
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testified that she met ramirez at her church where investigators say a 3 year-old girl was tortured to death during an apparent exorcism last year, the same church that ramirez is estranged husband is the pastor at after pleading no contest. ramirez faces up to 14 years in prison and faces up to 5 years in prison. deputy district attorney rebecca wise objected to the plea offer made by the judge today, given the severity of what occurred in this case that a 3 month-old baby was kidnapped and taken from his home. >> and as was shown in court over the last 2 days. there were multiple attempts to kidnap the child. i think it's a good decision. i think it's fair and just in light of everything that that's on the table at this point, i'm glad for mister mir safe for everyone safe. >> that there will be some finale to this situation so that everyone that was involved can close this chapter and move on. a sentencing hearing for ramirez and is scheduled for october. 28 reporting in san jose. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news.
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>> on the peninsula, san mateo county sheriff's deputies are searching for a man who they say hit another man in the face with a bottle and stole his cell phone. police say the incident happened on baron avenue in redwood city last night around 11 o'clock. the suspect allegedly threw a vinegar bottle of the victim who was sitting in a car. the bottle went through the open windows, struck the man in the face and shattered. the suspect took the man's phone and ran away. the victim was taken to a hospital. no word on his condition. anyone with information is asked to call the san mateo county sheriff's department, san francisco. police are looking for the suspect who shot and killed a 17 year-old boy. police say he was shot about 7 o'clock monday morning on brookdale avenue in the city's visitation valley neighborhood. right near mclaren park. >> the teen was taken to a local hospital where he later died. atyone with information on this case is asked to contact san francisco police. >> a bold daytime fast to caltrans fencing captured on camera by an east oakland
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business owner. he says the video shows how carefree the criminal seem to be while they are committing the crimes well forcefully to go reports. the video shows police did respond but apparently never got out of the patrol car to investigate. >> my sense that. you're not gonna believe it, but they're stealing more. and i said no, come on. >> it's still >> just before close of business last tuesday afternoon, everardo rodriguez who owns bay respirators and his son were jolted by hammering away at wrought iron fencing across the street from their east oakland office near i-80. >> defense surrounds a lot managed by caltrans. it was installed to prevent homeless encampment fires that have popped up in the past to cut me. >> by surprise. and the fact that they didn't do like the prior week when they started stealing the panels where it was that night. and this was
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right before 5 o'clock. when we started hurting the clanking everardo called police during the act but never saw them. he says it wasn't until he reviewed his surveillance video that he realize they responded. >> it shows a patrol car pulling up less than 20 minutes after the call. then leaving after about a minute this well, he says a woman acting as the lookout stood nearby in the shadows. the thieves were just feet away to and they went back to work. once police left everardo has pictures of them walking away with the panel's all in all within 15 minutes. >> they were on out of here. caltrans says spent sections being stolen from its right of way is not it's happening throughout alameda county all kron. 4 news. we reached out to the oakland police department about its response to this theft. but we have not heard that the city of oakland will be getting 6 million dollars from the state to improve public safety. oakland leaders say they want to
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provide direct support for families. >> we're at a high risk for violence. they plan to use the money to support the city's community intervention programs. they want to establish crisis response teams to solve underlying problems. oakland leaders also discussed establishing a dedicated violence prevention office. several local police departments hosted their annual night out tonight. it's a community-building event for police. this is video from the alameda county sheriff's event held earlier in the evening in san lorenzo. >> officers and several ba area cities were out on the streets to meet and greet with locals in the neighborhoods in which they serve. this happens nationwide every first to say in august and includes block parties and cookouts and news events all to help unify law enforcement and their communities to more people were found dead today in the mckinney fire bringing the death toll for the fire is burning in siskiyou county officials today said they located 2 people in separate homes along highway 96.
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>> earlier in the week, 2 other people were found in their burned out car in the driveway of their home. it's believe they're trying to escape the approaching flames even though some rain and cloudy weather are helping firefighters today, there is still no containment on the fire. it's burned more than 56,000 acres and for several 100 people to evacuate. and dramatic new video tonight from a resident of siskiyou county who captured the mckinney fire just hours after it first ignited. >> oh, my god. i'm a christian kathleen's house right now. i don't think they know what's going on. i'm here, but nobody is here. oh, my god. i could feel the flames from here right above them. it's insane. >> for mason says he took this video friday night while he was checking on friends who live near the klamath river. they were all forced to evacuate. and as of tonight, they are still not able to
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return to their homes. >> well, let's check on our 4 zone weather forecasts. a live look outside tonight in san francisco at coit tower lit up. and you can see the fog and a couple 100 miles from the fire scene. but worlds away weather-wise, lawrence? yeah, what a difference you got that fog down below. but up above, you got the monsoon. and that's what's been erupting in around the fire that making a very dangerous today as we have thunderstorms rolling through an active fire area. so not only did you have to worry about lightning sparking more fires. you have worry about the strongest those down drafts from some of these thunderstorms sometimes get 40, sometimes 60 mile an hour gusts and ernie, some of these thunderstorms and that can make these fires explode right now, they're still seeing some breezy conditions out there in spots. the thunderstorms start to taper off a little bit. red flag warnings continuing until 11 o'clock tonight. but i think we'll see another round of some more moisture headed their way. it was just a very, very active day. weather wise in the high country. you can see all those lightning
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numerous strikes up across the mount shasta area and then begin to taper off as the interview, energy begins to fade as the sun has separate, you can see off the coastline. we've got the moisture streaming up to the north again. and that is going to bring with it at least a chance of some more thunderstorms into that area. more the sierra nevada, maybe a little rain in the bay area, kind of further out the pacific to look at this. this is a fascinating we've got to frank here. this used to be a hurricane is moving into cooler waters now becoming more of an extra tropical system. more of a cold core low in the middle of that system. so still some that moisture streaming off that system making its way into california right now. and that will be a factor into our weather as well as we've got some of that moisture moving in along the coastline. but those thunderstorms popping up over the sierra nevada and continuing across northern california, the bay area. no lightning strikes for us today. we did have a couple raindrops popping up around the bay area. again, looks like we could see a few more for tonight. we're not done with the monsoon by any means. this is that time of year in august and september, we see
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the summer monsoons. and unfortunately, that's what sparked the fires and a good part of california. all right, lawrence, thank you. developing news tonight in los angeles, dodgers hall of fame baseball announcer. vin scully has died. he was 94. >> scalia died at home this evening in los angeles, according to the team which spoke to his family members. scully was the longest tenured broadcaster with a single team in pro sports history serving the dodgers since the team's days back in brooklyn. back in the early 50's and stuck with the team until his retirement in 2016. the dodgers change players, managers, executives, owners, even coasts, but scully and his sooth soothing insightful style remained a constant for the fans. even giants fans liked him. governor gavin newsome tweeted about scalia's passing tonight saying for literally millions of baseball fans, vince voice was dodger baseball. he defined his medium. he was the common denominator across so many generations he was and it
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is an absolute legend. >> house speaker nancy pelosi flew i to taiwan today becoming the highest ranking american official in 25 years to visit the self-ruled island. taiwan, of course, is claimed by china as pelosi was greeted by taiwanese officials. china announced said it would conduct military maneuvers in response to her visit. kelli meyer explains how that visit has ratcheted up tension between china and the u.s.. >> after weeks of speculation. of will she or won't she go? on tuesday, house speaker nancy pelosi put the rumors to rest as she touched down in taiwan. greeted with open arms and tie pay. people heard shouting welcome pelosi as she arrived at her hotel in a washington post op-ed published the moment her plane was wheels down. pelosi defending her visit, writing. we cannot stand by as the ccp
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proceeds to threaten taiwan and democracy itself while across the straits of taiwan, a reverse reception. all the chinese military put on high alert with live fire drills and exercises and there's no reason, as i said yesterday for beijing to turn this visit. >> which is consistent with longstanding u.s. policy in some sort of crisis or use it as a pretext to increase aggressiveness military activity in or around the taiwan strait. pelosi is the first speaker of the house and highest ranking u.s. official to set foot in taiwan since 1997. >> but much has changed in china in those 25 years, its economy exploding now ranking as the world's second largest behind. only the u.s. and china is the world's largest manufacturing power. the leader in technology exports its military might multiplying with more troops in uniform than any other country and now
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boasting the largest navy in the world with more than 350 ships and submarines. this as u.s. warships patrol the waters near taiwan with the aircraft carrier uss ronald reagan and its massive strike force. now in the south china sea, all part of an entrenched u.s. military presence in the western pacific. 56,000 troops in japan, including 24,000, marines in nearby okinawa in south korea, 30,000 and 12,000. u.s. troops in guam. the threat from china escalating as their rhetoric ramps up seeing the latest u.s. actions as provocative. you go to what's the united states should and must bear full responsibility for this. >> a bill in hand seeing health care and disability benefits for millions of veterans exposed to toxic burn pits one final approval in the u.s. senate this evening. it's called the pact act and would expand health care and disability benefits to millions of veterans across
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the country. the senate approved the bill by a vote of 86 to 11 now goes to president biden's desk to be signed into law. president has said the bill makes good on our sacred obligation to care for veterans and their families. >> cases of monkeypox continue to climb in san francisco. in fact, the city has seen a more than 70% increase in a week last week at this time. san francisco was it 222 cases tonight, the case number stands at 386. well, criticism of the federal response to monkeypox continues the allotment of vaccine san francisco's getting will be doubling kron four's. dan kerman reports. >> as monkeypox cases surge in san francisco. those seeking the vaccine spent another morning in a long line outside san francisco general hospital. >> 650 doses were administered tuesday and more will be on the way wednesday. and san francisco public health officials have announced their next allotment will be over 10,000 doses. more than double
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what they received last thursday with each new allocation, we're taking steps closer getting our hands around. monkeypox our community. but there's a long road. >> tyler termeer heads up the san francisco aids foundation. one of the community partners that will get a portion of that allotment to dispense to its 10,000 person waiting list. he says the feds must move faster because the window of opportunity to get a handle on monkeypox is closing the pops is a viral infection. that is spreading through our community a rate that we want to get ahead of prevent from becoming endemic within our community is something that won't go away in the future. earlier in the day term near slammed the feds while taking part in a virtual news conference by the national coalition of std directors. it will be unfortunate lasting consequences to our communities because the federal government's slow
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response. >> and inadequate investment of resources to address this outbreak. the coalition says federal health officials must declare a federal health emergency and congress must immediately start allocating the millions of dollars needed. >> to address monkeypox. >> we must provide more money. we must reduce and eliminate barriers to testing karin vaccines and the federal government must ease grant restrictions. we need new dedicated federal funding specifically for sti and health clinics and hiv programs in order to deal with this emergency. last week, san francisco ran out of monkeypox doses. it's unclear whether that will happen again. >> or whether this new allotment will arrive in time. in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> president biden has named 2 top officials to service the white house coordinators to combat the growing monkeypox
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outbreak across the country. robert fenton with fema will serve as the white house coordinator and doctor dimitri daskalakis will be the who is the director of the cdc's hiv prevention division will be named fenton's deputy fenton helped to lead the most covid mass vaccination effort. that's the law. kuz is a national expert on issues affecting the lgbtq community. white house said the pair would coordinate strategy and operations to combat the current monkeypox outbreak including equitably increasing the availability of tests, vaccinations and treatments. president biden's covid-19 antigen tests came back positive again today. his physician also reports he's experiencing a loose cough. >> but that his lungs are clear. this temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation remain normal. the president is said to be feeling well well and in good spirits. he will continue to isolate and conduct business
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from the executive residence. santa clara county is now administering the novavax covid vaccine is the vaccines. 2 doses are administered between 3 and 8 weeks apart. >> the novavax is different from the moderna and pfizer vaccines in that it has a traditional vaccine composition using non-infectious pieces of the covid particles. the fda and the cdc approved novak's last month for adults. but it has not been approved for use as a booster vaccine. still ahead on kron, 4 news at 10 thieves targeting big metal fences in the east bay in broad daylight. one business owner says needs to be done to stop the thefts from happening. and later, one-on-one with san francisco's public defender, what he's saying about the city's new district attorney and the federal department of justice suing the state of idaho over its abortion laws will tell you what the attorney general is saying tonight.
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>> the justice department is suing the state of idaho over a restrictive abortion law in that state. attorney general merrick garland says that state's law conflicts with a federal law which requires doctors to provide pregnant women medically necessary treatment that could include abortion. this is the department of justice. first major action on reproductive rights since the supreme court
10:25 pm
overturned the abortion law. roe versus wade, california senator alex padilla, meantime, is sponsoring a bill to protect doctors from facing any consequences if they provide abortions in states where the proceure is legal like california, the let doctors provide reproductive health care act. we'll close the door on out of state lawsuits that could potentially be filed against any doctors who provide abortions in states where, again, the procedure is legal. senator padilla says it is a key protection. >> access to abortion should not. >> tainted by politicians and lawyers. california and many other states across the country. we used to turn back the clock to an era where abortions were outlawed and dangerous. >> senator padilla is also co-sponsoring some other bills to support reproductive health. those bills are aimed to guarantee access to
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abortion services and to protect the right to cross state lines to get an abortion. coming up on kron, 4 news at 10, california attorney general rob bonta announces a judgment against one of the nation's largest rent to own companies. >> we'll tell you which one water clarity, lake tahoe is improving. we're going to tell you what the experts are saying about that tonight. and when we return, a kron 4 exclusive. we talk one-on-one with san francisco's public defender. the multiple crises he says are happening in the city. why the new district attorneys policies he says will do more harm than good. >> and a lot of clouds around the bay area. now the fog moving in down below the monsoon up above. we'll check out your 10 forecast coming up next.
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non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27?
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wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27. >> san francisco public defender mano speaking out today. in an exclusive one-on-one interview with kron 4, he talked with our has a gun on a number of issues, including disproportionate arrests of black and brown people. the 2 also talked about the backlog of defendants waiting for their day in court. >> and concern over a return to the war on drugs era. >> it was a perspective in terms of how many that you represent are waiting for the there are hundreds waiting in
10:30 pm
jail for their day in court and more on the outside. still waiting for their day in court. many still being changed with ankle monitors the constitutional right to a speedy trial has reached a crisis level in criminal court at the hall of justice in the city of san francisco. >> that is according to the city's elected public defender, mano raj public health. >> issues require public health solutions. he is raising his voice about the issue in the wake of newly appointed san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins taking over the da's office. a lot of the systems that prosecutors work on are inherited systems. >> so regardless of who the district attorney is, it's our job to fully see our clients. >> and to fight for that. actually, we're talking about the needs nose and generic term. but in the city of san francisco who we talked over 50% of the jail is black in san francisco. it's city that has less than 5% black population which points to what the san francisco public defender says is another
10:31 pm
crisis. many of those waiting for their day in court. >> facing drug charges. >> and i'm committed to making sure that we restore accountability with respect to drug dealing in san francisco. as you says, that he is concerned that he is hearing echoes of what he calls the failed war on drugs era. returning with san francisco's new da. the concern we have there is that there has been an approach. >> carson approach of locking people up based on drug offenses. now going on 50 years, it started with the nixon administration. >> and what that has led to is ballooning population in our jails in prison, but it is not addressed at all. the public health crisis, which is what drug use is san francisco public defender, mano ross, who was part of a class action lawsuit representing all of his clients who are awaiting their day in court. >> with that legal process in and of itself is going to take some time to work its way through the court system before ultimately reaching a resolution. we have it
10:32 pm
constitutional and human rights crisis right now going on in san francisco. >> in that. even though everyone is presumed innocent and they could not be convicted until the prosecution proved the case beyond a reasonable doubt. we're not getting access to the courtroom right now in san francisco haaziq madyun kron. 4 news. >> california attorney general rob bonta was in oakland today where he announced a 15.5 million dollar judgment against rent-a-center. that's one of the nation's largest rent to own companies. he says the company violated state consumer protection laws and used deceptive marketing to charge customers a 15% more for products and their normal retail price. this cost tens of thousands of californians hundreds of extra dollars >> rent-a-center repeatedly relied on deceptive tactics to pat its pockets. the company lot and now rent-a-center is going to get a taste of its own medicine, paying a steep
10:33 pm
price for its own bag of cuts. >> the company will pay 13.5 million dollars in restitution and an additional 2 million dollars in civil penalties. anyone in the sake who entered into a preferred lease agreement with the rent-a-center will be eligible for restitution. >> in sacramento, push is underway for a bill that would make it easier for families whose relatives died in police shootings and custody to receive reimbursement from the state kron. 4 capitol bureau reporter wallace has details on what the bill would do if it's passed. but we want to warn you some of the video may be hard for some viewers. >> and good afternoon. right now, the state has a specific fund for victims of violent crime to 6, some sort of compensation or reimbursement to help with trauma. but it's much more difficult for people who are impacted by police shootings right now here at the legislature. some members hope to change that. this is my nephew earning here. >> wherever he goes, center set brings this picture with
10:34 pm
him. the photograph in 20 years ago shows had a thing with his late nephew, ernie or us. his family called teddy, photos with me at all times as my nephew was with me at all times. but 2 decades later on december 15, 2020 his life came to an end at a group of valley grocery store. >> that's where riverside county sheriff's deputies responded to a call of an erratic man on drugs. they say resisted arrest and they argue they had no other choice but to taste serrano. a scene in this body camera video released by the department take 2 deputies can be seen holding him down for nearly 8 minutes before serrano slumped over and was ultimately pronounced dead. bernie. teddy, sir, ronald now serrano's family and others whose relatives have died in police shootings or custody calling for the legislature to pass sb 2, 9, 9, if signed into law. it will make it easier for these families and those like them to seek reimbursement from the california victim compensation program for things like funeral costs, access to
10:35 pm
therapy and memorial plaques. to me, this is all about healing. the community members, the individual's family members. we're really once we heal and also ensures that that trauma, this in the 2 additional crime democratic assembly member christina garcia, bell gardens co authored the bill the best way to heal those survivors and to ensure communities are safe is by allowing him to have access to those services. and that reimbursement so their families can focus on healing. but the bill does face opposition republican assembly member tom lackey who served 28 years as a starting with the california highway patrol says the proposal is not fair to law enforcement. the message that it sends. >> as law enforcement. are the ones that should be held accountable for any kind of injury that takes place as a result. the resistance. and i think that's a very, very unfair set of circumstances. >> in the bill still has quite a ways to go until it can become law. it first must pass both chambers, the assembly and the senate by a 2 thirds vote and only them will move to the governor's desk reporting at the california
10:36 pm
state tom wallace kron 4 news. >> this is a look inside santa clara county's new 9 a call center. that's where phone lines went live a couple of weeks ago. 9, 8, 8, is a nationwide phone number that connects callers to a suicide and mental health crisis. lifeline. the number works anywhere in the country, but calls are typically routed to local call centers at the santa clara county center. there are 10 staff members and more than 70 volunteers. their goal is to answer all calls for help within 6 rings and then determine what kind of help the caller needs. our ultimate goal is making sure that we send. >> the right response to the right call. it's a mental health call. we want to be able to send a clinician. it's a public safety call. it's going go back to public safety. if it's if it's a family in crisis, we're going to able to get them counseling. this is really an opportunity for us to learn quickly how to right-size our services. if a local center like this one happens to be
10:37 pm
very busy and unable to answer a call quickly. >> that call will be sent to one of 16 backup centers across the country. services are offered in english and in spanish. if you prefer not to talk on the phone, texting is also an option send you a text to the same number 9, 8, 8 now to our 4 zone forecast. as we give you a live look at sfo on this tuesday night. and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with what's ahead tomorrow morning. yeah, boy, fascinating weather out the last couple of days. the monsoon continues down below that fog moving on shore right now. rick white tower into san francisco filling in the bay just a bit, but still very active in the weather. boy, this interesting now we've frank down here to the south is starting to fall apart a bit. but some of the remnants from that former hurricane getting caught up in the circulation making its way back into the state, making its way back into the bay area. numerous thunderstorms today. kind of scary. seeing those lightning strikes up over the sierra nevada and especially around that active fire in northern california.
10:38 pm
but things begin to settle down a little bit now. so there's a lot of moisture off the coastline streaming toward the bay area. chance we could see some scattered light showers overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. a couple raindrops moving into the north bay over the past hour or so. and you can see couple scattered showers trying to pop up right now, but not a ton of rain out there. temperature wise. so pretty mild. in fact, a kind of muggy out there again tonight at 74 degrees right now in concord. 68 in san jose. 75 in pittsburgh. 76 degrees in saint alina. 58 much cooler to san francisco with the fog and 62 degrees in berkeley. all right. here's the very latest on frank. no longer hurricane no longer even classified as a tropical storm. it's got a warm core in the center now and that just extratropical a system that winds still strong. you still have some 40 mile an hour winds there watch the track here. we've got frank here. we've got a low pressure center just to the north as well. watch it happen. some of that moisture. it starts to get caught up in some of the circulation around that low and it's going to wrap some of
10:39 pm
that moisture around with us. so we're going to see some high clouds drift off from frank from time to time. still kind of a southerly flow. so i still think it feels muggy outside. so here we go. we're going to see that system working its way to the north as it moves a little bit closer. the same time high-pressure expanse of the means likely see a little less active weather pattern least for tomorrow. then we'll see another impulse come our way. i think as we get into thursday and friday, you'll see it here. some of that moisture moving along the coastline with some patchy fog. and then as we head toward tomorrow afternoon, another round of some thunderstorms over the sierra nevada. and then another him pull. some moisture comes in and there it is. that monsoon once again rolling in on thursday, also into friday. so that being said, the temperatures tomorrow, a lot of 60's in the san francisco 60's along the coastline. lot of cloud cover there. little more sunshine inside the bay tomorrow. i think you're talking about some warmer temperatures, especially inland 70's and 80's in the south bay. still some hot 90's in places in the interior valleys by tomorrow afternoon. so some nice weather there out over the next 10 days. going to be really, really interesting. okay. we've got the monsoon now partly cloudy skies over the next couple of
10:40 pm
days. this weekend things begin to change. less of that moisture. and by next week there's a hint of long-range models, a real taste of fall with much cooler weather coming our way august fall. how about that? ok? thank you. okay. >> the number of job openings declined more than expected in the month of june. according to the latest data from the labor department yet, while many sectors are struggling to fill positions. several tech companies are issuing hiring slowdowns and lay off from first. justin campbell has more on how silicon valley is responding to the state of the economy. >> for the most part, what i've heard is that they're either marketing or sales routh, a civet ace ceo of hackers strike. >> he's been in the bay area tech industry for 40 years. he says tech companies can outsource financial services. >> and marketing that are not core to their business. but will most likely not be laying off any engineers anytime soon. you don't want to get to a point where you need to cut
10:41 pm
in january because it is very difficult. get to be able to talent. so you want to protect those those employees as much the reports of layoffs at oracle com has major tech companies continue to announce cuts. google announcing last month they will slow hiring for the rest of the year. tesla, late on 200 cities says as the u.s. economy battles, inflation and interest rates go up. companies are trying to become more efficient even 2 years ago within that dissipate, the economic problems that we're facing now, kron 4 reached out to multiple people at oracle, but they did not respond to our request for comment reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> meantime, in low based robin hood announce major layoffs today, the financial services company said it would lay off about 23% of its workforce. it comes after earlier layoffs back in april. the company let go of 9% of its employees. the company blames latest move on
10:42 pm
inflation and the crypto market crash. the company's announcement comes on the same day that financial regulators in new york state finds the company's crypto unit 30 million dollars. oil giant bp generated massive profits during the 2nd quarter. it recorded an 8 and a half billion dollar profit. that is the largest in 40 years. this comes as drivers are dealing with high gasoline prices and inflation. >> crude oil prices are up more than 30% compared to a year ago. british petroleum also expects oil and gas prices to stay high into the 3rd quarter because of the continued disruption to russia's the supply created by the war in ukraine. exxonmobil, chevron and shell. also all saw a large profits during the 2nd quarter. still ahead on kron, 4 news at 10 water clarity, lake tahoe could be improving. we'll tell you why coming up. and in sports, just a couple of days after signing his contract
10:43 pm
extension with san francisco deebo samuel was back on the practice field. sports director jason dumas has more coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> we are a week into training
10:46 pm
camp and the pads are on. it's hot outside. we know it's hot down there that south bay when it's hot and you're hit in each other, the temperatures are bound to flare and that's just what happened on tuesday. receiver brandon aiyuk and linebacker fred warner. they exchanged some pleasantries at practice and that led to some pushing some shoving between offense and the defense kyle shanahan had to intervene and stop practice in real things in a bit. cooler heads prevailed. our cameras, they weren't allowed to capture that moment. but we were rolling as newly extended wide receiver deebo samuel, their egos. he talked to the media for the first time says that contract dispute this summer. >> at the end of the day, this is a what changed was the the more we communicated, the more we start to figure things out. but it's a it's a feeling that i can't even explain to be honest with >> once i got the call from my agent, i just was a lot of words in, you know, just a
10:47 pm
blessing to be able to be in a shows all the hard work and all the stuff that i do for this team, you know, just have to be here. >> the giants have lost 5 straight to the dodgers. looking to snap that streak on tuesday. top of the 4th dodgers already a 4, nothing mookie betts. he's a giant killer. that's gone. dodgers. pouring it on at this point. they lead by 6, but >> john, we have a 4th inning to cut the deficit to 3. and then joey bart. ashley, that one to center. you can tell that part of a fire and 4 giants still down one and the dodgers. they were looking for some insurance runs and they found them in the top of the 8th. cody bellinger. drives this one into right center field gap. a run scores bellinger into 3rd with a triple dodgers pad. their lead to 3 giants fall 9 to 5 game 3 of the series on wednesday. they've now lost 6 straight.
10:48 pm
to the rivals to the south. the a's back in action after having monday off. they were in anaheim taking on angels. bottom of the first no score until david fletcher. takes cole irvin deep to left angel strike first on the solo blast. they lead one to nothing. bottom of the 4th angels up 2 zip one on for my boy. my high school teammate. >> phil gosselin. he hits a little blooper into right field. stephen piscotty comes into score. phil, my man. he slid over base. he gets caught out, but we're still proud of him. the pride and joy of malvern prep class of 2007. the angels did get the win to 3 to nothing. all right. what's next? here we go out with my man, juan soto, the biggest star on the trade market has found a new home world series champion into
10:49 pm
time. silver slugger juan soto has been traded to the san diego padres along with first baseman josh bell. washington will receive first baseman luke voit and 5 prospects in return last month. soto turn down a historic 15 year 440 million dollar extension with the nationals that paved the way for this tree. and that said, hey, you know, go stay with us. 15 years. get on the first thing smoking and traded the 23 year-old. he's currently batting to 46 with 21 home runs. he will now join sluggers fernando junior and manny machado, which might be the best and punch in baseball. finally, they lost tonight. they also didn't have their utility guy, darin ruf was traded to the new york mets on tuesday. san francisco will receive jd davis left-handed pitcher thomas, the puck eat in 2 prospect.
10:50 pm
rough batting 2.16. he has 11 home runs. he said on tuesday to the media that he was emotional and caught off guard. but he understands it's a business. he will be ready for the challenge in new york city. and hey. the mets are in the middle of a pennant run. so at least you'll be playing meaningful baseball through the end of the year. but all right. that is all i have for sports. we'll be right back after a quick break. after a quick break. for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness.
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vote yes on 27.
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>> a story that proves age is just a number and east bay woman will be competing this weekend in the world championships for crossfit in a kron. 4 exclusive amanda hari sat down to learn about how she got into fitness and her goals for this competition. definitely want to win on to first place. want to get on the podia. yvonne howard is heading off to wisconsin with high ambitions. she'll be competing at the crossfit games. a goal that she set for herself at the beginning of 2021, i basically >> had this inner athlete in me ever since i was little and i never got to do anything with it. and now i have my inner coming out, howard doesn't have a traditional athletic background and never played sports. the child. >> and by the way, she's 60 years old. she started crossfit her 40's after has been first learned about it. now she's climbing ropes in the thing. weight next to
10:54 pm
people half her to i probably. >> an hour in the morning cooking and some mobility and i come to the jam. here one to 2 hours on leave a comeback 1, 2 hours. and then it might force my other stuff. believe that i do. thinking about the next day and sleeping tried to get 8 hours sleep like something impossible to get to the crossfit games. howard had to compete in the worldwide crossfit open. >> nearly 2000 women in her 60 to 64 age group signed up to compete. the field was whittled down to just 10 that will advance the crossfit games, including howard. i want to do for all of our members and everybody here like, oh, my god. >> a member jail she just clashed with to prosecute, i could do that. howard owns and manages diablo crossfit in pleasant hill. >> she also has 18 year-old daughter. she tells me
10:55 pm
retirement isn't on her mind and she plans to continue competing. don't want to compete. in my 60 plus 70's across the games are in madison, august 3rd, through 7th amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> hopefully she'll win. lake tahoe is the world's clearest largest lake, large lake, rather. but the water could become even more clear. a state of the lake report by uc davis found that the amount of type of zola plankton in the water is dropping. that would make the water even clear that particular microorganism feet on a tiny crustacean which could increase in population as a result of its predator dying out. and that could also help increase salmon sizes since the fish also feed on that chris station. >> all right. well, our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with busy week ahead. it looks like, yeah, a lot of stuff going on weather here in the summertime. we're talking about the rain. the monsoon and we got the fog out there to down below out of this the
10:56 pm
fog rolling in right now. little thick in >> a couple different things happening with the atmosphere in the temperatures and these numbers are really mild outside. even warmer in spots. still, 74 degrees in cocker right now. 79 in antioch, 69 degrees in lemore. 68 in san jose. 66 in palo off. you've got the fog moving into san francisco cooler. 58 degrees and 65 degrees in napa. all right. tracking that monsoon ec, the southerly flow. that moisture coming up. a south models don't handle this very well. this latest satellite image so i think still a chance of a few scattered light showers overnight tonight, especially in the north bay. but you can see pop-up showers even further south and that this all goes back the system well off the coastline. so tomorrow you're going to see, i think a little more sunshine around the bay area, not as much cloud cover, although we'll see some fog early on tomorrow, especially put on temperatures by the afternoon. you're looking at 50's 60's along the coast last a little bit on the muggy side with that southerly component to the wind. temperatures in the 70's and 80's inside the hot 90's well inland. so we're
10:57 pm
not going to be done with the monsoon just yet. we're going to see another couple waves of moisture move in come thursday. and i think another impulse possibly on friday over the weekend, things begin to change a little bit. and then as we get into next week, some of the models are starting to hit a bigger change. the weather pattern may be a deep trough of low pressure moves in on monday and tuesday. that kind of comes in like the tides as we start to change seasons little bit. maybe we start talking about more will fall like feel as we get into next thank you, lawrence. thank you for being with us tonight. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow
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