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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 3, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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francisco school board meeting as the board decides to take action against commissioner and shoe. plus, remembering a sports broadcasting icon. a look at the life and career of >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> morning and thanks for waking up with us on a wednesday. a we are joined by john. he's not only doing the weather and traffic, but the news today as well. we've got little bit. the news yet. kind of a smaller crew this morning. just the 2 of us here, john and rain are taking a little time off. so let's see what the weather is going to be like told arya it's pretty business as we saw the showers on monday. then yesterday we saw a nice clear morning. definitely not clear this morning. well, over kind of pretty, though, right? yeah, so foggy. yeah, very foggy. and do watch out for some low visibility spots at the coast and in some of our hillsides, 2.
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>> can see much of our downtown buildings. they are shrouded in that dense fog that we do have for a lot of areas right now. we have a couple showers sitting offshore. the best likelihood of seeing those rolling inland will be in the north bay mountains and right along the coastline. i'll keep you updated if we do see any sprinkles. most of us, though, not tapping into it. current temperatures are mostly in the 50's and 60's currently with alameda and hayward right at 60 degrees right now, concord and dublin, sitting at 63 while a little bit cooler up in the north bay in the 50's. 6, 0, one is the time we have breaking news that we're following this morning. berkeley police are clearing out the homeless encampment in people's part. >> trying to make way for housing for uc berkeley. yeah, groups have been fighting over the park's future because of its long standing history with civil rights kron. 4 sarah stinson is live in berkeley with more. good morning, sara. >> john, daria, we're a lot closer to people's park. now we're across the street where there's a high fence walking
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people from the construction site, which is already begun in theirs. a bit some contentious here with what appears to be a homeless person screaming at police and other than that, the only seen a few peaceful protesters inside people's park. this construction project is very much ongoing. while people are still upset so far, we have not seen any arrests. everything has remained peaceful. as i said. but construction has begun at people's park. there's that tall fencing. no blocking so people can. then there's barricades all around multiple street closures in the downtown berkeley area off of telegraph avenue. the people protesting or advocates from a couple of citizen groups that have been trying to stop the university from building here. but last friday in alameda county judge ruled that the university could start building the people's park historic district advocacy group has prepared to file an appeal and is one of the groups suing the university over this project. uc berkeley
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says 60% of the park with this project will remain green space and it will include a memorialization of the park's past with civil rights and civil rights movement. the university is also building below market apartments for more than 1000 undergraduates is also in a separate building that they're building 125 part months for permanent housing for low-income residents. the university says last night people who lived and camp to the park were offered shelter at the rodeway inn officials with uc berkeley say about 46 unhoused. people at the park accepted that offer to state the roadway in the got to set up there for 18 months. pay for this by the state and the university. the university says when work began earlier this morning, there's only about 2, 3 homeless people in the park each year offered shelter as well. meanwhile, this project it's ongoing and includes today removal of trees from the areas where the housing will be built and dismantling a stage and when we zoom deep into the park,
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you can show you a few people standing on top of a building in there. those are the peaceful protesters. and we know that you were one advocacy group, got the ok to stay inside. but again, no arrests. unclear why they're able to stay in there. daryn, john, something it's very fluid situation. and it's interesting to see, you know, a person. >> in the meantime, construction has started as well. we'll continue to follow that for now. i'll send it back to you. all right. thanks a lot, sarah. >> well, there heated moments during a special meeting of the san francisco unified school district calls for san francisco unified board of education commissioner and shoe to resign are growing last night. the board voted unanimously to formally reprimand commissioner shoe for comments made last month surrounding black and brown families. when she was asked on the questionnaire on how to increase academic outcomes for most marginalized students.
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she said in part that black and brown students do not perform as well as others due to a lack of family support people at the meeting voice, both support and opposition to shoes. comments. >> i'm here tonight as a black mom to stand in partnership with the black community and the latinx community to let you know, commission issued directly that we do love our don't value education support commissioner shoe. >> she is not the problem. >> she was apologize for comments so far. there are no plans for her to resign. >> it's 6, 0, 5, and several organizations in san francisco are going to be hosting a town hall meeting to give updates about the future of laguna honda hospital and its patients. last week, we toldld you how the state agreed to put the transfer is on hold because the hospital was saying and patients families were saying that was too dangerous. in fact, na honda hospital has been ordered to move 600 patients because they lost funding due
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to multiple safety and health violations. but since the transfer started, the hospital says 4 people have died and they blame the move. the town hall is going to be held online starting at 01:00pm. >> 6, 0, 5. happening now. people in napa county are getting sick from bacteria that is causing legionnaires disease. each there's disease sounds some old, right that you don't get any more. but this is an outbreak. >> that just happened and a lot of people have been hospitalized because of it are a few anyway since last month. let's get the details from kron four's camila barco. legionnaires disease that mainly affects lungs. napa county officials say that even one person in napa county has died after an outbreak of the disease. and this marks the first staff of the disease in napa county in several years. that's according to officials say, say 12 people have been sick. >> with legionnaires disease since july 11th. and it is at the disease. it is a type of pneumonia. people can get sick when they breathe in small
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drops of water or accidentally swallow water. that contains the bacteria. now, according to the cdc, it is found in freshwater environments like lakes and streams. and it can also be traced to cooling towers for air conditioning in buildings or decorative fountains now the disease. it isn't transmitted person to person. it's only from breathing in water vapor containing the bacteria. napa county didn't mention where these outbreaks to place or where the bacteria has been found. but officials say that they are working with several agencies that are sampling water for the bacteria. officials also say that they are going to try to find ways to prevent the spread now dire. john officials say that there is no danger from most home air conditioning units which do not use water vapor for cooling. they also say that generic legionnaires disease is treatable with antibiotics. we have reached out to napa county to see where this outbreak took place, where they are sampling this water. we have yet to hear back. but once we do, of
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course, we'll update you. but for now, i'll send it back to you. all right. good info. thank you, camila. when you hear that something is treatable. >> that's good. it's no less scary, though. that's the case of monkeypox to. yeah. absolutely. cases of monkeypox continuing to rise, daria, especially here in san francisco. in fact, cases in the city increased by 70% within the past week last week at this time, san francisco's case count was 222 now it's 386. now while criticism of the federal response to monkeypox continues the allotment of vaccine, san francisco will be getting is doubling kron four's dan kerman has the latest. as monkeypox cases surge in san francisco. those seeking the vaccine spent another morning in a long line outside san francisco general hospital. >> 650 doses were administered tuesday and more will be on the way wednesday. and san francisco public health officials have announced their next allotment will be over 10,000 doses. more than double what they received last
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thursday with each new allocation, we're taking steps closer getting our hands around. monkeypox our community. but there is a long road ahead. >> tyler termeer heads up the san francisco aids foundation. one of the community partners that will get a portion of that allotment to dispense to its 10,000 person waiting list. he says the feds must move faster because the window of opportunity to get a handle on monkeypox is closing. the pops is a viral infection. that is spreading through our community at a rate that we want to get ahead prevent from becoming endemic within our community, something that won't go in the future. earlier in the day term near slammed the feds while taking part in a virtual news conference by the national coalition of std directors. it will be unfortunate lasting consequences to our communities because the federal government's slow response.
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>> and inadequate investment of resources to address this outbreak. the coalition says federal health officials must declare a federal health emergency and congress must immediately start allocating the millions of dollars needed. >> to address monkeypox. >> we must provide more money. we must reduce and eliminate barriers to testing karen vaccines and the federal government must ease grant restrictions. we need new dedicated federal funding specifically for sti and health clinics and hiv programs in order to deal with this emergency. last week, san francisco ran out of monkeypox doses. it's unclear whether that will happen again. >> or whether this new allotment will arrive in time. in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> vaccine allotments are also increasing in alameda and santa clara counties. alameda is vaccine. allotment will go from 900 doses to nearly 3,200
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and santa clara is going to see its supply go from 782 doses to more than 2100. that is some good news. but in southern california, a child has got monkeybox along. beach health officials are confirming this. the cdc is conducting additional testing and if it is indeed confirmed, this would be the 5th child to get monkeypox in the united states. officials haven't given any information about the case other than the child did experience some symptoms and has since recovered. it is the 5th case in the nation and the second known case of a child contracting monkeypox in our state. and president biden has just named 2 top officials to serve as white as white house coordinators to combat let's take a look at who they are. robert fenton with fema. he will serve as the white house coordinator. he helped to lead fema's mass vaccination effort for covid and doctor dimitri desk. alana
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kiss will be fenton's deputy. he was the director of the cdc's hiv prevention division and he's also a national expert on issues affecting the lgbt community. time now, 6.11. and other news that we're following this morning is dodgers hall of fame, baseball announcer. vin scully dying at the age of 94 years old. now the team says scalia's family. >> confirmed he died at his home in los angeles, such a legend and the voice of the dodgers for so long, the longest tenured broadcast with a single team in pro start for sports history. he served the dodgers since the team's days in brooklyn and he stuck with them until he retired in 2016. now the dodgers stains, players, managers, executives, owners, everything, but even on both coasts, coli and his soothing insightful style remained constant for the fans. here's what governor newsom had to say about
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scalia's passing for literally millions of baseball fans. vince voice was dodger baseball. he defined as medium. he was the common denominator across so many generations. he wasn't is an absolute legend. and we're going to actually take a deeper dive into scully's legacy later this hour. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news in an exclusive interview with kron 4 san francisco's public defender. >> we hear about the multiple crises he says that are happening and why the new district attorneys policies will do more harm than good and high levels of bacteria were found in a lake in lake county. why they say you should not use the lake water in your homes and the senate passes a bill that would provide health benefits to veterans exposed to toxic burn pits. why many say it's a victory for veterans.
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and earn your nursing degree on your schedule. make your difference with capella university. >> 6.16, and happening now. lake county officials are warning people who use water from clear lake. that to drink because it's not so clear there are high levels of attacks in and that water because of the drought. so people who use the water could get sick if they drink it and it's not been filtered properly. the county sayssthis warning is for people who live around the sulphur bank mine and along the shore of clear lakes, lower and oaks arms and they say it's very difficult to address this issue because simply boiling the water are putting chemicals in the lake are not going to get rid of the bacteria. there are some
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water filling stations nearby that you can use if you live in that area and you need safe drinking water and you don't use in the system, you rely on the lake. you may remember the recent cleanup efforts, but even still lake tahoe is the world's clearest lake. you know, you saw all the trash in the cleanup efforts but is still looking good clears in clear lake, i guess the state of the laker port was by uc davis found the amount of xu plankton in the water is dropping and that would make the water even clearer. that particular microorganism feeds on a tiny crustacean that would increase in population of says a result of a predator dying out and it could also help increase the size of salmon since the fish. also feed on the cross station. that's a lot of science. all right. that is too size for me. leave it to uc davis. basically lake tahoe's doing good is i'm glad to hear john. the whole food chain and they beautiful only to homes that look at this star. so so
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beautiful here to this is what happens when you go above the clouds from suture tower right here. >> seeing that golden glow. the sunrise in the distance. absolutely. gorgeous morning. then you go under the clouds and well, this is what you're looking at the east bay hills, which is a whole lot of nothing. visibility is definitely being affected by some of that low. great this morning. now from smoke, though, smoke from the mckinney fire continues to be sent out of state and the oak fire itself as crews gained the upper hand on that plays putting up a whole lot less smoke than we had been seeing as far as any chance of rainfall goes today, you can see some showers ending to the west of us. those will drift our direction offering up a couple sprinkles along the north bay coastline, marin, sonoma and mendocino coast seeing some light showers possibly rolling over some of our north bay mountains, too. most of the rest of us, though, not really getting in the mix. as far as that goes, high pressure ridge that brought us the monsoonal moisture on monday. the muggy feel yesterday continues to dominate this forecast, contributing to the inland heat. we'll have returning again today and tomorrow.
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triple digits for reading modesto, bakersfield and fresno, upper 90's for sacramento. as far as the rest of your forecast coast today, we may be great to start, but we do have increasingly clear skies towards the afternoon. misty and foggy start to the morning tomorrow for your thursday, followed by more inland heat tomorrow today. and tomorrow's temperatures, the hottest of this forecast today, san francisco will be well into the 60's to low 70's while coastal areas remain in the 60's bayshore cities in the 70's to 80's, it is going to be among our warmer days, as i mentioned, saying carlos redwood city, 83 south bay temps anywhere from the 80's to low 90's with morgan hill at 91 fremont's at 80 walp or other bayshore cities in the 70's from union city. oakland up to richmond, pleasanton livermore to handle up to conquer all 90's in our first triple digit on the map in a while. vacaville at one '02 today we've been dodging those triple digits, leaving him to the central valley. but seeing those numbers in vacaville likely returning tomorrow as well. that will cool down a
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little bit gradually into the weekend and much more so into the start of next week. look at those low 80's we have towards monday and tuesday, bayside and coastal areas steady 70's and 60's all the way through as far as our bridges go, not so bad out there. bay bridge. starting to see that back up, forming there at the toll plaza. but that's as bad. if it stays this way. that's not too bad for your wednesday morning commute. getting a look at the richmond center fell bridge should say the san mateo bridge next. we are seeing a lot of tail lights making your way across the 13 minute hall over app, richmond center fell in 8 minutes to get you across that span and the golden gate bridge moving along just fine. we are definitely foggy as you make your crossing their area. thanks a lot, 6.20, and today president biden signs an executive order aimed at securing access to abortion. >> and other reproductive health care services. the executive order will offer support to patients who travel out of state to get their medical care and this order comes after the supreme court
6:21 am
overturned roe v wade since that ruling, a number of states have taken steps to ban or severely restrict abortions. in other national news, a bill that would provide health care and disability benefits for millions of veterans exposed to toxic burn pits one final approval in the senate and that ends a brief stalemate over the measure that had infuriated advocates and inspired some to camp outside the capitol. washington anna wiernicki joins us live with the very latest. good morning, anna. >> good morning. with those veterans and advocates have been camping out overnight on the capitol steps for about a week now protesting the senate to pass this bill and after some back and forth between lawmakers, the upper chamber was able to pass it made last night. >> senators join veterans outside the capitol late tuesday to celebrate the passage of the honoring our pact act to our veterans who have been exposed to toxic
6:22 am
chemicals from burn pits. we have your back. finally, moments earlier the senate passed the bill 86 to 11 expanding lifesaving health care benefits for veterans exposed to the toxic fumes of burn pits. no more. no more. well, veterans go to hospital va hospitals in be told, get a lawyer, go find some arcane, ridiculous proof before we'll give you help. the 280 billion dollar package would no longer force veterans to prove that their illness was caused by toxic exposures suffered in the military in order to get va coverage. the house passed the bill in july, but it stalled in the senate after several republicans, including pennsylvania senator pat toomey demanded an amendment be added to ensure that the money in the package couldn't be spent on unrelated programs. what i'm trying to limit is the extent to which they can use a budgetary gimmick to reclassify.
6:23 am
>> spending so that they can go on an unrelated spending. binge. senator toomey voted against the final bill. >> but democrats were still able to secure enough republican votes to push it through. they deserve access to care as quickly as they can possibly get it. this is a day to celebrate sit-in say that congress actually worked. >> the bill now heads to the president's desk where president biden has already said he plans to sign it for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. all right. thanks a lot, dana. it's 6.23. and coming up on the kron, 4 morning news improving access to victims compensation program. we'll hear how a bill might make it easier. >> to get reimbursement from the state.
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>> it's 6.26, and there's a push in sacramento for a bill that would make it easier for families whose relatives died in police shootings or in police custody to get reimbursement from the state. the bill is supposed to make it easier for these families to seek checks from the california victim compensation program for things to cover like funeral costs or access to therapy or memorial plaques. the program allows victims of violent crimes to seek compensation or reimbursement to help cope with trauma. the bill is some getting some push back. however, one assembly member feels the proposal is not fair to law enforcement. the best
6:27 am
way to heal those survivors and to ensure communities are safe. >> is by allowing him to have >> is by allowing him to have access t that reimbursement so their families can focus on healing message that it sends. >> as law enforcement. are the ones that should be held accountable for any kind of entry that takes place as a result. the resistance. and i think that's a very, very unfair set of circumstances. >> the bill needs a 2 thirds vote in the assembly and senate to pass. time now is 6.27, and up next on the kron, 4 morning news. >> continued concerns that the economy is headed to a recession. we'll show you how big tech is responding.
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♪ [food sizzle] so i don't miss all the fun stuff. [whoosh] [splash] easy prep, cook and clean. with reynolds wrap. >> 6.29, >> and not that you never listen to me. >> i never listen to you. i didn't realize this could be so high yesterday. yeah. it caught me by surprise. it definitely was warm. it wasn't just that. a little humid, too. that's what it was. you feel to it only needs to be like 65 70. and as long as it's a little muggier like this in some nice make such a difference here. yeah, we'll have more of that today. so today, still a little bit of that muggy feel and we actually do have a chance of even a couple of coastal sprinkles to were super foggy right now. visibility is an issue at the coast and in some of our hillsides quite hour, you can see it, but it's definitely a little hazy. look in that rain that you're seeing off shore is going to fizzle a little bit as a works. our direction likely resulting in a couple of sprinkles at the coast for sonoma and mendocino counties,
6:31 am
possibly a few north bay mountains. sprinkles as well. be keeping a really close eye on it. most of us will be seeing anything except for the clouds and some misty spots. right now we're in the 50's to 60's, at least for most. brett, what you're sitting at 72 currently dublin at 63 degrees, oakland and berkeley in the upper 50's while peddling among our cooler spots at 55 degrees. time now is 6.31. in breaking news that we're following from overnight. berkeley police are clearing out a homeless encampment. >> in people's park to make way for cal berkeley. housing groups have been fighting over the park's future because of its longstanding history with civil rights. congress or stinson is live in berkeley following this all morning long, sarah. and they got everybody out. >> well, there's still about 5 peaceful protesters that they see inside the construction gates to this housing project. and we've been told there's a one group, one advocacy that got the ok to stay, but
6:32 am
they're still trying to get them out. uc berkeley officials there about to talk with us and give us an update on that. but you can see there's a heavy police presence out here, their gate, their kids all around lots of street closures and they don't want people heading into people's part. but yeah, as i can see in there, there are 5 peaceful protesters in their meanwhile, are seeing construction already begin for this housing project at people's park. the tall fencing surrounds it. the people protesting advocates from a couple of citizen groups that have been trying to stop the university from building here. but last friday in alameda county judge ruled that the university could start building the people's park. historic district advocacy group is prepared to appeal and he's one of the groups suing the university over this project uc berkeley, meanwhile, says 60% of the park will remain a green space and it will include a memorialization of the parks pass with the civil rights movement. >> the university is also building up a low market
6:33 am
apartment complex for 1000 undergraduates as well separate building that will have 125 apartments for permanent housing for low-income residents. the university says last night people who lived camped at this park, they were offered shelter and that's at the rodeway inn officials with the uc berkeley said about 46 unhoused people to park accepted that offer. they have a whole plan. have them stay there for 18 months of that in paid for by the state and university. the variant, the university says the work that began today's removal of trees from the areas with the housing will be built and dismantling a stage. but just because construction started just because of the homeless, the bin, you know, move to another area doesn't mean that the protesters have given up. they remain inside. and i've been actually messaging back and forth with a man in there. he said i am not leaving. so we're trying to see if we can get in there, maybe interview them, talk to them about their protests. and remember, we are about to talk with uc berkeley
6:34 am
officials as well. so daria, john, a lot that we are learning every minute and that's why i'll have another report for you at 7 o'clock. for now. we'll send it back to all right. thanks a lot, sarah. 6.33. is the time right now. the preliminary hearing in the kidnapping case of baby brandon in san jose. >> came to an end. the 2 defendants plead no contest to all the counts of kidnapping against them. there were 8 charges, including kidnapping, attempted kidnapping and residential burglary, baby brandon's mother jessica, law also testified for the first time she said that she met one of the defendants at church, the same church where a 3 year-old girl was tortured to death during an exorcism last year after pleading no contest, the defendants face up to 5 to 14 years in prison. now, the da says, however, that is not enough. >> given the severity of what occurred in this case that a 3 month-old baby was kidnapped and taken from his home. >> and as was shown in court
6:35 am
over the last days, there were multiple attempts to the child. >> a sentencing hearing is set for october 28th. >> 6.35 now happening today. paul pelosi, husband of speaker nancy pelosi will be arraigned on dui charges. that's according to the napa county district attorney's office in may. mister pelosi was arrested after a minor crash in napa. police say he was driving with a blood alcohol level of 0, 0, 8 or higher in the east bay and oakland, business owner, daytime theft of caltrans fencing captured on camera. he says the video shows how carefree criminal seem to be while committing crimes as kron forcefully all reports the video shows police responded but apparently never got out of the patrol car to even investigate. >> my sense that. you're not gonna believe it, but they're stealing more. and i said no,
6:36 am
come on. >> it's still >> just before close of business last tuesday afternoon, everardo rodriguez who owns bay respirators and his son were jolted by hammering away at wrought iron fencing across the street from their east oakland office near i-80 defense surrounds a lot managed by caltrans. it was installed to prevent homeless encampment fires that have popped up in the past to cut me. >> by surprise in the fact that they didn't do like the prior week when they started stealing the panels where it was that night. and this was right before 5 o'clock. when we started hurting the clanking everardo called police during the act but never saw them. he says it wasn't until he reviewed his surveillance video that he realize they responded. >> it shows a patrol car pulling up less than 20 minutes after the call. then leaving after about a minute
6:37 am
this well, he says a woman acting as the lookout stood nearby in the shadows. the thieves were just feet away to and they went back to work. once police left everardo has pictures of them walking away with the panel's all in all within 15 minutes. >> they were on out of here. caltrans says spent sections being stolen from its right of way is not it's happening throughout alameda county all kron. 4 news. we reached out to oakland police department about its response to the theft, but we have not heard back. >> today the man charged in the 4th of july parades, shootings in illinois is going to be arraigned. he faces 117 felony counts for the murder of 7 people and for injuring dozens more. the motive for the mass shootings, however, is still unknown. but the defendant's parents say that their son was getting treatment for mental health problems. it's 6, 37 and in
6:38 am
national news just a few hours ago, speaker nancy pelosi departed taiwan after meeting overnight with the president of taiwan. her visit comes as china is ramping up military drills to levels that have been seen since 1995. joe khalil has the latest. house speaker nancy pelosi continued on with her historic and controversial visit to taiwan wednesday in defiance of the chinese communist government. it's really important. >> for nhe message to be clear that in the congress, house and senate democrats and republicans, i committed to the security of taiwan. pelosi met with taiwan's president tsai ing-wen and address the island nation's parliament stressing she's there to show solidarity with taiwan. >> and she addressed the china threat directly today, the world faces a choice between democracy. >> and on top of c, america's
6:39 am
determination to preserve democracy here in taiwan and around the world remains ironclad. >> this after the speaker's arrival was met with a hero's welcome tuesday, greeted by cheering crowds and lights, spelling her name on a skyscraper in an op ed pelosi explained we cannot stand by as the chinese communist party proceeds to threaten taiwan and democracy itself. but 80 miles from the celebration and fanfare on the china side of the taiwan strait. quite the opposite reaction to pelosi's arrival. china launching a series of military exercises, a show of force along with a cyber attack targeting taiwan's main government website. china's foreign ministry saying in a statement, quote, these moves like playing with fire are extremely dangerous. those who play with fire will perish from it. it's concerning to see them react and the way they reacted from the white house. spokesman john kirby
6:40 am
says speaker pelosi's trip is not a provocation and urged chinese leaders not to overreact. i heard chinese spokesman the earlier days saying it violates their sovereignty. there's no violation of sovereignty. >> that was joe khalil reporting at one point, pelosi answered a question about china's response to rer trip saying that. >> she doesn't understand the anger, adding china didn't respond this way when the men came referring to a group of u.s. senators, all men who had made a surprise visit to taiwan last year. >> and a bad sign for the economy. menlo park based robin hood announced major layoffs, the financial service company says it would lay off about 23% of its workforce. it comes after a round of layoffs in april when the company let go 9% of its employees. the company blames their latest move on inflation and the crypto market crash. the company's announcement comes on the same day that financial regulators in new york state find the company's crypto unit
6:41 am
30 million dollars. oracle, the tech company that used to be headquartered in redwood city now based in austin is reportedly undergoing mass layoffs as well. kron four's justin campbell has more on the latest tech company to lay off employees. >> for the most part, what i've heard is that they're either marketing or sales routh, a civet ace ceo of hackers strike. >> has been in the bay area tech industry for 40 years. he says tech companies can outsource financial services. >> and marketing that are not core to their business. but will most likely not be laying off any engineers anytime soon. you don't want to get to a point where you need to cut in january because it is very difficult. get to give good talent. so you want to protect those those employees as much the reports of layoffs at oracle com has major tech companies continue to announce cuts. google announcing last month they will slow hiring for the rest of the year. tesla, late on 200 cities says
6:42 am
as the u.s. economy battles, inflation and interest rates go up. companies are trying to become more efficient even 2 years ago within that dissipate, the economic problems that we're facing now, kron 4 reached out to multiple people at oracle, but they did not respond to our request for comment reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> 6.42 coming up after the break. she's proving age just a number. hear how one east bay woman is heading to a cross fit world competition. plus, remembering the life of an iconic broadcaster. we take a walk down memory lane in honor of in school.
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>> 6.45? and here's a story you'll see only on kron 4. what an inspiration. and what guns say. this woman is from the east bay and she's going to be competing this weekend and the world championships for cross fit in a kron. 4 exclusive man here who also does crossfit sat down with her to learn about how she got into fitness and her goals for the competition. >> definitely want to win on to first place. want to get on the podia. yvonne howard is heading off to wisconsin with high ambitions. she'll be competing at the crossfit games. a goal that she set for herself at the beginning of 2021, i basically >> had this inner athlete in
6:46 am
me ever since i was little and i never got to do anything with it. and now i have my inner coming out, howard doesn't have a traditional athletic background and never played sports. the child. >> and by the way, she's 60 years old. she started crossfit her 40's after has been first learned about it. now she's climbing ropes in the thing. weight next to people half her to i probably. >> an hour in the morning cooking and some bility and then i come to the jam. here comeback 1, 2 hours. and then at night or i understood mobility that i knew. thinking about the next day and sleeping tried to get 8 hours sleep like something impossible to get to the crossfit games. howard had to compete in the worldwide crossfit open. >> nearly 2000 women in her 60 to 64 age group signed up to compete. the field was
6:47 am
whittled down to just 10 that will advance the crossfit games, including howard. i want to do for all of our members and everybody here like, oh, my god. >> member that she has clashed with to prosecute. i could do that. howard owns and manages diablo crossfit in pleasant hill. >> she also has 18 year-old daughter. she tells me retirement isn't on her mind and she plans to continue competing. don't want to compete. in my 60 plus 70's across the games are in madison, august 3rd, through 7th amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> she should be proud of every year of those 60 years of her age and so basically she lives where she works because fitness is her life and her livelihood. very good. take a look at this. nasa releasing another stunning image by the james webb space telescope. >> absolutely gorgeous. this is the cartwheel galaxy, daria scientists hope this rare image will help reveal new details about the black hole at the center of this rare
6:48 am
ring formation. the web captured a detailed image of the galaxy and 2 smaller galaxies as well. this cute little ones on the side. and what a cafe looks like. they saw a car with a cart wheel gollihar. looks like fares we should rename it has were charging that exactly. they're all part of a sculpture. constellation located about 500 million light years. >> away from the earth. so cool to be looking at that isn't it wasn't beats or web cams this morning. wow. and that is that is amazing. and it seems fake. we're talking about this before when james was here, too, is when they have the pictures that are this amazing. >> it looks like it's something out of a sci-fi movie and it's also cool to see the different galaxies like the 2 smaller ones on the difference. a combination of elements in them show up in different ways. visibly. it's so fascinating. i can't wrap my mind around it. lincoln cool. alright, let's stick to the that is easier to understand that the little more tangible we can actually
6:49 am
feel this outside today, which is going to be kind of a humid one and a hot one for inland areas. san jose sitting under the gray this morning. but you are getting some sunshine. >> beaming through those clouds. we are also seeing haze not in the bay area, but to the north of us. now, of course, we are still seeing the mckinney fire rapidly expanding no containment of that blaze just yet. and now for unfortunate fatalities due to the 6 incredibly large well, over 5, 50,000 acres, smoke from that blaze is moving into southern oregon. northwestern oregon and across parts of northern california. fortunately, we're missing in the bay a little bit of good news. oak fire containment continues to grow. not a lot of new smoke coming out of that one rainfall to our west. but is it going to make its way our direction it has to do with how very humid it is that monsoonal moisture that continues to wrap itself across the region. likely seeing a few sprinkles right along are in sonoma and mendocino coast lines. a few sprinkles possible in the north bay hills to rest of us
6:50 am
shouldn't be tapping into much from that one. same high pressure ridge center right here you see that are up around precipitation from it. a lot of times this time of year. we do tap into some monsoonal moisture monsoonal moisture that's resulting in heavy rainfall at times. some flooding conditions for areas like nevada, southern utah and arizona, where they're seeing a lot of rain and a lot of it in a short period of time here in the bay. it's nice and cool near the water. but look at what happens when you head inland triple digits from bakersfield after reading. and that does today for the first time in awhile include some of our for this inland cities. today we start with the cloud cover we end with the sunshine tomorrow. we'll get some more fog. and misty conditions before another sunny in a really hot day for your thursday, focusing on today for a minute 60's and 70's for your highs in san francisco and at the coastline, it will be 70's and 80's for our bayshore cities. burlingame at 79 saying carlos redwood city at 83 south bay, temperatures in the low mid to upper 80's and even a few low 90's, los gatos and morgan hill, low
6:51 am
90's as well in the tri valley for pleasanton and livermore in the meantime, union city oakland up to richmond. a beautiful day for you. highs in the 70's across the hills from danville, up to concord and you'll be in the 90's and one '02 for vacaville today. santa rose at 86 for your high. a look ahead of next 7 days today. tomorrow, the hottest really cooling down into the beginning of next week. highs falling into the low 80's. quick look at our bridges. bay bridge is still doing really well. we're looking round a 15 minute drive across it. it's just backed up now because you've got the metering lights on san mateo bridge moving along. as we can see. things are definitely doing better than they are across the bay bridge at the toll plaza and some sunshine for you. richmond center fell not quite as crystal clear up in the skies, but you are moving along just fine across it. foggy across the golden gate this morning, daria 6.51. is a time right now and the giants honored vin scully, as you can see here on the big board. >> 1927, to 2022. he passed
6:52 am
away. and for more than 65 years, he was the voice of the dodgers. and many in sports are mourning him during horton takes a look back. >> vin scully's give for communication appeal to all generations. and even those who didn't like sports listen and revered him, then he as he was known, never took himself too seriously, were spoke over our heads. he was the favorite uncle baseball's version of the venerable fred lodgers inviting us long journeys made possible. why a prodigious life and indelible memories. >> for years, the site of small reviews and ear buds were commonplace chavez ravine
6:53 am
with the old joke being fans would know waste trust what they saw until very told them it was so. >> is one that is the >> vin scully grew up in new york has believe it or not, a giants fan. he began calling games as a student fordham university and soon caught the year of the dodgers. legendary red barber who brought the 23 year-old into the brooklyn booth. it was 1950, wooden le dio still rule and broadcasters prefer projection over personality. soon television would take over as the dominate transmission tool and scully for the rest of his career would move seamlessly between the 2 mediums. with
6:54 am
his effortless smile, comforting voice. and yes, those stories. >> a simple game was transformed into of this rule one visioning decency and the promise of something better. if that isn't a gift, it's hard to imagine what
6:55 am
6:56 am
when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> that way dahl. get out of here.
6:57 am
>> he's trying shoo a bear by threatening it like you do a kid that's not going to we're going to can't believe this is happening in hartford, connecticut, on from connecticut. this bear busted through a screen door and he was roaming around and the homeowner actually did. >> manage to get it out by saying get out of here. time now is 6.57. we've got lots more ahead on the kron. 4 morning news, including what's happening in berkeley right now. police are clearing out a homeless encampment at people's park. people's park. for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27?
6:58 am
wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> now on the kron, 4 morning news police in berkeley are pushing people out of people's park. what they're making way for and why some don't want it. tensions rise in san francisco where the school board decides to take action against a newly appointed commissioner. and remembering a sports icon. a look back at the life and legendary career of broadcaster vin scully. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning. and then just 2 of us hold down the fort today myself, tara and john shrable. yeah, good to be sitting down here. this is got to come you. get to sit but you have to put double duty and was actually. let's take a look at the wer


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