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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  August 3, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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john. it is hot and muggy tar. yeah, i dislike the muggy more than i just like the heat. it is definitely cloudy out there this morning. the low gray hovering across the city can even see the top of our buildings out there. >> i would say light jacket, weather mostly because you'll need the light rain jackets. if you're at the coast in the north bay marin, sonoma and mendocino coast line seeing some light showers as of right now, mostly around point, raise a little bit further north from there. we also had a couple of light sprinkles. nothing more than sprinkles on the richmond center fell bridge and a few light showers just north of mount tam as well. so watch out for you. a few wet spots up there. most of us across the bay san jose are under sunshine are actually seeing clearing skies currently 60's to 70's for most of our current temperatures. brentwood conquered pittsburgh in the 70's currently were also there up in kelsey ville getting close to 80 actually santa rosa in petaluma at 61. definitely cooler around those showers and point rays run in san francisco under the fog at 58 degrees each now as far as
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our bridges go, we've had a slow roll at the bay bridge this morning. getting a look at where we're sitting there. you can see that we're still at pretty much a standstill getting through the toll plaza, but that 17 minutes is actually down from the drive time that we saw within the past couple of hours, san mateo bridge, a 14 minute drive for you and you're sitting under sunshine further south in the day. in the medntime, as i mentioned, we had a couple of sprinkles on the richmond. sandra fell bridge. definitely stop now below 10 minutes. get you across it and just very foggy as you're making your golden gate crossing, slow down their bit as you do across over the golden gate, daria. >> thanks a lot. john is 9 o one of the breaking news that we're following. berkeley police are supposed to clear out people's park to make way for student housing for cal berkeley. but some people are refusing to go. groups have been fighting over the future of the park because of its long standing history and civil rights meetings. kron 4 sarah stinson is live in berkeley with more. are we in for a standoff? i think is the
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big question. sarah. >> we're actually seeing some movement behind the fences here at people's park were saying the police inside and that is where several peaceful protesters have been all morning all night long. >> and now you're kind of seeing law enforcement surround them inside because mainly police police have stayed on the outskirts of the fencing and now they're on the inside. daria. this heavy police presence has been here overnight since the construction crews moved in and they started to begin the start of this construction park where there are they're building housing at the people's park. >> this is been a something that's been a long time coming in something that people have been protesting. many of the people protesting or advocates from a couple of citizen groups that have been trying to stop the university from building at the people's park last friday. now i'm in a county judge ruled that the university could start building now the people's park historic district advocacy group is prepared to appeal
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and is one of the groups suing the university over this project. uc berkeley says they plan to keep this park. a 60% of it will remain green space and will conclude included memorialization of the park's past with the civil rights movement. but people say they do not want housing to be here. in fact, they believe the university should put the housing at a a parking structure which is about a block away from here. but the university has gotten approval for this project in construction is set to begin today. they've got the fence up. they've got everything they've been trying prepare for this, but it is a been a standoff for hours. you can see police back out here live just standing outside. this is here on bond that outage and they have been here all along telegraph as well all morning long. let's hear from the man who is sitting in front of trucks that are trying to get in. we heard from about half an hour ago. but if you missed it, take a listen. he's lived in berkeley for 56 years and he does not plan on moving.
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>> 1000 people on this part, it's tragedy. it's a shame. it's a power play. it's. not over yet. i'm not afraid to get a roster that can be done by the i'm not a >> so we're taking this just a step at a time. we want to do everything that we possibly can to avoid any kind of confrontation, any sort of problems. and so we're going to leave it to law enforcement to side with safest and best way to proceed is. >> and then you just heard from uc berkeley's spokesperson and they said that overnight they help some of the people who live in camped at the people's park to get to housing, relocating them to roadway and they said they have a plan to keep a bull there get into permanent housing, the planet roadway and was 18 months that's paid for by the state and the university. but in the meantime, it's not really about the homeless here in his
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about the protesters who remaining inside the university again, hopes they come out voluntarily. but we've already seen they're not doing that. they refused to do so. and that's why we're now seeing law enforcement inside pushing forward towards them. so daria, very fluid situation. and it's really hard to see through the police through the gate. but we'll keep our eye on this and provide you guys the latest as it develops. for now, i'll send it back to you. and i mean, they don't have like construction equipment ready to roll at this moment. do they? it's not like. >> they move them out in a move that stuff. and yet when when they break ground or was that going to be today? >> they want to today the construction trucks are actually behind the barricade. but the man you heard from the sitting in front of the barricades not allowing them to go inside and they're not also going inside because the protesters still in the gates. they said they want to break ground as soon as possible because they only have 2 years. they want to get this
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done in 2 years. very tight deadline for construction project, especially for so many apartments that they want to build. but that is kind of a standstill. i mean, if they also don't want any violence or trying to avoid that, that they're going to wait as long as they can. but, you know, they do want to get going as soon as possible. and i wonder if at some point we're going to see people kind of dragged off and arrested. that's going to be a question. >> and it may get to that point, daryn, because they said, you know, we want safety first, but they do want to get the project going. so i mean, it looks like they're pushing towards those protesters. the question is what's going to happen next time? we'll keep our eye on the on the ground here for you. got a lot police in riot gear. wow, ok? and there's a guy getting awfully close to them. i'm saying something. okay. thanks the scene out there and we'll keep sarah posted. let you know what happens. >> 9, 0, 6, right now. and got an earful and some heated words exchanged the special
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meeting in san francisco where they're talking about and shoe calls are growing for the newly appointed commissioner of the school board to resign, but not everyone agrees. and last night the board voted unanimously to formally reprimand her but not fire her for some controversial comments that you made when asked on a questionnaire about how to increase academic outcomes for the most marginalized students. shpart, brown students to not perform as well as others due to a lack of family support. >> i'm here tonight as a black mom to stand in queue partnership with the black community and the latinx community to let you know, commission issued directly that we do love our babies, value education support commissioner shoe. she is not the problem. >> hsu has apologized for her comments and so far there are no plans for her resignation. happening now, people in napa county are getting sick from
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the bacteria that's causing legionnaires disease. >> there's been an outbreak that has sent some people to the hospital in the last month. kron four's camila barco is live in the newsroom with more on a disease that a lot of people may not have heard about enough for years. maybe if ever, camilla. >> yeah, exactly, daryn. legionnaires disease, it mainly affects the lungs. and now napa county officials say is that people hospitalized. but now one person in napa county has died after an outbreak of legionnaires disease. this marks the first death of the disease in napa county in several years. according to officials, they say 12 people have been sick with missionaires disease since july 11. now the disease, it's a type of pneumonia. people get sick when they breathe in small drops of water or accidentally swallow water that contains the bacteria. according to the cdc, it is found in freshwater environments like lakes and streams. it can also be traced to cooling towers for air conditioning in buildings or decorative fountains now the bacteria. it's not transmitted person to person. it's only
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from breathing in water vapor containing the bacteria. napa county officials didn't mention where the celtics took place or where the bacteria has been found. but they say that they are working with several agencies and our sampling water for the bacteria. again, no exact location as to where they are testing it. but they say that they're going to try to find ways to prevent the spread. and our officials say there is no danger for most home air conditioning units which not use water vapor for cooling. they say that legionnaires disease is treatable with they face some of the symptoms like fever some of the things that we do from covid. but they say that there is it is treatable with antibiotics. we have reached out to napa county. we're going to be talking to the public health director in just a little bit. of course, we'll have so more information coming up at noon. but for now, back to you. thanks. camila fuel are it was philly, 1976, and there was a breakout at the american legion of this convention. >> and they got legionnaires disease and that's why they
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ended up calling it that. all right. let's talk about monkeypox now and how it's spreading and the efforts to get vaccinated. if you want a shot, san francisco public health officials announced their next monkeypox vaccine. allotment is going to be about 10,000 doses. and this after just 650 doses were administered on tuesday. local health leaders say the federal government has to move faster because the window of opportunity is closing. this disease is spreading fast. >> the pox is a viral infection. that is spreading through our community a rate that we want to get ahead of prevent from becoming endemic within our community is something that won't go away in the future. there will be unfortunate lasting consequences to our communities because the federal government's slow response. >> and inadequate investment of resources to address this outbreak. >> and there's a national coalition that says the federal health officials have to declare a federal health emergency and congress must
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allocate the millions of dollars needed to address monkeypox last week, san francisco ran out a vaccine and it's unclear if that's going to happen again this week before the new allotment is able to get into arms that want out when it comes to monkeypox the vaccine allotments are increasing in alameda and santa clara county. we're going to the vin scully story in a minute are now actually. well, let's tell you about that right now because we know that months of monkeypox vaccines have been really slow to roll out. but as fsr as vin scully goes, >> you know, he was a broadcaster, an icon with the dodgers for about 65 years. and he just died at the age of 94. so now he's being remembered and it was after the giants game. they did a big ceremony to honor him and they have at dodger stadium right now. they've got a growing memorial for fans who have known no other voice, but his for so many years, he was with the team back in its brooklyn days for its entire well, his entire career until
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2016 when he retired. and so all of the dodgers players manages is owners, you know, everything's changed except for vin scully remained a constant for fans who will miss him. let's see what governor gavin newsom had to say. he tweeted about scalia's passing saying for literal literally millions of baseball fans, vins voice was dodger baseball. he defined his medium. he was the common denominator across so many generations. he was and is an absolute legend and we're going to take a deeper dive into vin scully's, legacy later on this hour. it's 9.12, and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, an exclusive interview with kron four's with kron 4 and the san francisco public defender. we're going to hear what he says needs to be done. plus, the senate passes a bill that would provide health benefits to veterans exposed to toxic burn pits.
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair.
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i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ i'm here for... your annual eye exam. because i'm having trouble... reading. exactly. they sort of make me feel... like i'm the most fabulous thing you've ever seen? exactly. i'll take 'em. ♪ >> 9.15, on this wednesday morning. halfway through the weekend, about half of the bay is obscured in cloud cover. while the other half is nice and clear and it doesn't matter if you're at the coast or inland, it's north to south. the difference that we're seeing look at this view at half moon bay right now. nice, sunny skies overhead. you can see some of the grain the distance. that's what we're seeing further north in the day. and no, it's not. smoke is just some cloud cover. any smoke from the camp? mckinney fire is working
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its way really out of the region. and the oak fire itself is not putting up a whole lot of smoke in the fort mor as crews really gain the upper hand on that one. we've got this line of clouds associated with that high pressure ridge that's pushing up its monsoonal moisture, our direction that's moving into the north bay right now that's making for a very grave situation from san francisco on up into the north bay. as you can see, a bolinas bay point rays on up further north from there. we've seen some light showers mount tam. you picked it up a couple of sprinkles that we had on the richmond center fell bridge. most of the shower activity stays along the coast in marine sonoma and mendocino counties. couple of sprinkles reaching their way further inland. so certainly don't rule that out. and then the sunshine further south, like you saw in half moon bay, definitely seeing that in the inland east bay as well as the south bay currently high pressure ridge keeping things active for us with that morning, bringing a couple of spriikles near the course. the heat inland stays with us to today and tomorrow, our
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hottest days reading modesto bakersfield, right back to the triple digits. we go these next 2 days. we actually do have a triple digit number on our 4 zone forecast here in the bay. the first one i've shown in a minute. as for future cast, cloudy up north, pretty clear down south. all of us see some clearing going on this afternoon and a lot of inland temperatures will climb back into the 90's. tomorrow morning, misty conditions on the greater side of things before another sun shiny afternoon. tomorrow, 60's 70's for the city today. it will be 60's right along the coastline and 70's to 80's for bayshore cities. burlingame at 79 foster city, also at 79. well, seeing carlos through mountain view into the south bay in the 80's, san jose. 85, then there's morgan hill, los gatos livermore and pleasanton among a lot of other spots that do climb back to the nineties. union city hayward, oakland and richmond, only in the 70's across the hills, though, danville up to concord, benicia over to antioch, all 90's. and there's your triple digit up in vacaville at one '02 today. santa rosa nevado at 86 warm enough. tomorrow's
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temperatures a little hotter than today's. after that, we start to see temperatures sliding downwards and by the start of next week, it's low to mid 80's at our warmest inland. that will be a nice break from the heat. bayside coastal areas staying pretty steady, mostly in the 60's to 70's. now we've got a bridge to look at that. still not cooperating so much with this morning commute. but what a difference it was from earlier when we peaked at around 30 minutes to get you across the bay bridge. now we're down to 13 minutes in the backup behind the toll plaza is beginning to lessen daria. time to talk winners and losers with our financial expert rob black. hi there, rob. >> robbie. rob, can you hear me? i can hear. you can hear me. i can and we must have a good cell carrier. okay. getting now, apparently so stocks may slide. a racquet price of everything. mayra just don't use the r word. nobody can say recession. >> you know, i like the word recession because it curbs and
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inflation. it curb successes. it makes me look more attractive. as we kind of separate the wheat from the chaff, the men from the boys, you get the whole idea. recessions are bad, but it does sound bad. and today we're in couple days in august now and they were recovering. so maybe august will turn out to be a normal month. july was a glorious month, january through june. not so much so today we're learning medicare premiums will be about thirty-one dollars and $0.50 a month next year, slightly down less inflation and there's a fed chairman who saying that there's a recession happening. so we get a little bit more confidence on friday. we get the jobs report. that could be a big one. we're pretty fully employed right now. but we expect that number to go the other direction rather than later, cbs and they're going start having doctors and their pharmacies, which i think is great because amazon basically said the same thing last week when they acquired a company and then school. he worked for 67 years. i know you just did a big package 67 year career.
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don't you wish you and i can work for 67 history. it's funny. you bringing this up as as an an and how you look more going. what is it? what is it? you shaved? >> clean face. that's what it is. you look so much younger. >> yeah, i'll keep this for a i get unpredictable again. but you always say look better without facial as you get just yeah. play of beer. you can wait >> credit cards. what's going on? what's going on with credit cards? we keep racking up and against the that's the way to handle prices going up in inflation and all that. >> yeah, just an alarming jump for consumers are what our viewers out there. 13 1% jump in credit card usage. we're not at an all-time high. in 2019, we were, but in 2020 with pandemic, we cut down our credit lending we got government checks. we paid off some credit, but we're back up to 819 billion dollars in credit card debt for u.s.. consumer households. we open up an alarming 233 million dollar credit cards last
9:21 am
quarter. and what this tells me, daria, is wage inflation is not keeping up with price inflation on food and energy and shelter and people are defending their credit cards to make things stretch a little bit further. this is not a good sign for what you basically said. a looming recession is coming because of numbers like this. 56% of americans feel like their dollars are going as far as they want them 69%. feel like they're falling behind. so don't solve the problem with credit cards. if you can ease the for me to say i've got a good paying job, it's problematic and i see a problem coming in the next 3 to 6 months. so don't don't sell it with credit cards. how about asking your dad for money, rob? is that allowed? >> i love for my hand. i wish i would've done that by 21 ahead, credit card that writing. yeah. having no shame in going do way better than falling behind in credit. absolutely. all right. so looks like drive self-driving
9:22 am
cars going to some competition. yeah, i have a test and it's the dumbest feature there is. i pay $10,000 for its really not full self-driving, but gm's got something called super cruise and they're upping the miles of basically the bunnies high-definition maps and they've doubled them at number of miles and 200,400 1000. maybe this is a story. it's cautionary story for wall street like. has not all that and a bucket of chicken and competitions catching up with them. it's going to the pacific coast highway to do route 66. it's it's a much better driving experience as far as automation goes, the tesla, it's $2500 extra. and again, i guess the question for you die. how do you feel about paying for radio stations now in your car? with streaming music? i don't how i feel about a name for maps in your car. no pain for self-driving features. i don't we're not just getting a car anymore. we're getting note subscription so yet. that's what >> i say. no to xm sirius, blah, blah, whatever it was, i don't do the that i don't go
9:23 am
for those options. i've got my phone. and i live in. if i have to, i'll ask somebody for directions. >> and i pay for all those cream optional. the only time all my money and i a bounced check. but i hear you it's it's cool. self-driving cars aren't all that but she catching tesla quickly, you know, watch and i didn't get a test or gm, but i did get a vw electric. all right, rob. good for show you, rob the male case. you want to chat with him or ask him a question yourself. if i forgot to ask something that you like and you can also reach on facebook or twitter. we'll be right it's
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general rob bonta announced a 15.5 million dollar judgment against. >> rent-a-center. it's one of the nation's largest rent to own companies and he was in oakland yesterday talking about it. he says the company violated state consumer protection laws using deceptive marketing to charge customers 15% more for products than thwir normal retail price. >> and that cost 10's of thousands of californians hundreds of extra dollars. >> relied on deceptive tactics to pat its pockets. the company, but the law and now rent-a-center is going to get a taste of its own medicine, paying a steep price for its own bag of cuts.
9:27 am
>> rent-a-center is going to pay more than 13 million dollars in restitution and an additional 2 million dollars in civil penalties. anyone in the state who entered into one of these lease agreements with the rent-a-center check it out because you'll probably be eligible for restitution. so that money 9.26. and up next on the kron, 4 morning news. >> more concerns that we're heading into an r i'm not just a recession at. remember, we just talk to rob black. we'll see how big tech is responding.
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in disneyland and disney california adventure parks! >> 9.29 right now. and i would say if you're going to get out and exercise do it earlier because i did a dog walk yesterday and it was pretty muggy out there, john. yeah, i stepped outside them a little closer to the coastline. didn't even put on the jacket because that muggy feel it's kind of uncomfortable with those extra layers on. and we are going to continue to tap into some monsoonal moisture, which is going to have the impact on the feels like conditions outside. look at this, though. nice sunshine over the east bay hills, about half of us at this point are tapping into the clear skies further north in the bay, the gray or it gets. and we're even seeing some shower activity from point raise. now up to the sonoma county line, mostly closer to the coastline. out for some wet spots up there and the marine sonoma and mendocino coastal areas just watch out for the sunshine everywhere else. it's shaping up to be a pretty nice morning. a skies clear out for much of the bay area. redwood city at 70 to san jose in morgan hill at 67 dublin
9:31 am
conquered in the low 70's. as daria mentioned workout earlier today because later today things get hot, especially inland. and we'll get to that in the rest of the forecast. as for bridges, it's definitely better on the bay bridge than it was earlier. we're down to 16 minutes. it was up to 30 minutes to get you across the bay bridge earlier. there's really no particular reason it's been such a tough, tough commute other then everyone's heading into work again. as for the san mateo bridge, a 19 minute drive across it. and the richmond, sandra fell your fairing better than about any of our 8 minutes to get you across that span. golden gate bridge. very foggy, as you get your way through watch out for a few wet spots. once you get up into marion county, daria. >> thanks a lot, john. it's 9.31. and the couple charged with kidnapping a baby in san jose. it's not going to trial. the case is over because at the pretrial hearing yesterday is setting ramirez and boyfriend jose portillo pleaded no contest to all of the counts. baby brandon's mother jessica, i testified that she met one of the
9:32 am
defendants at church sometime before her baby was taken from his grandmother, who was busy unloading groceries. i all and bert. he'll now face between 5 and 14 years in prison. but the deputy da says that's not enough. >> given the severity of what occurred in this case that a 3 month-old baby was kidnapped and taken from his home. >> and as was shown in court over the last days, there were multiple attempts kidnap the child. >> a sentencing hearing is scheduled for october. 28. new this morning. paul pelosi has been of house speaker nancy pelosi was arraigned earlier this morning on dui charges in napa county. and there is attorney pelosi pleaded not guilty to the charges in may. pelosi was arrested after a minor crash in napa. police say he was driving with a blood alcohol level of 0, 0, 8, or higher. the next court
9:33 am
hearing is august 23rd in the east bay and oakland business owner caught out bold daytime theft of caltrans fencing. >> people just making off with the fence in several trips, by the way, because it's heavy. this is near the end of the workday last tuesday everardo rodriguez and his son. they heard some hammering across the street. so turn off. took some phone video and there's what they see out the window. 3 guys hammering away at this big run iron fence. there's a woman serving as a lookout. this is just under interstate 80. the fence is the whole look. they take people all of often a couple of trips they're doing in broad daylight and the whole reason they had the fencing up was to prevent homeless from camping and maybe starting fires in that area. >> by surprise. and the fact that they didn't do like the prior week when they started stealing the panels where it was that night. and this was right before 5 o'clock. when
9:34 am
we started hurting the planking. >> sheriff, as you can see there, clanked and hammered and took away 4 panels each worth about $400. and caltrans says that fence sections being stolen from them is not new. this is been happening. they say throughout alameda county, its 9.34 and san francisco's public on raj us speaking out in an exclusive one-on-one interview with kron 4 he spoke with has he come june on a number of issues? let's take a listen. >> he was a perspective in terms of how many that you represent are waiting for the there. hundreds waiting in jail for their day in court and more on the outside. still waiting for their day in court. many still being changed with ankle monitors the constitutional right to a speedy trial has reached a crisis level in criminal court at the hall of justice in the city of san francisco. >> that is according to the city's elected public
9:35 am
defender, mano public health. >> issues require public health solutions. he is raising his voice about the issue in the wake of newly appointed san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins taking over the da's office. a lot of the systems that prosecutors work on are inherited systems. >> so regardless of who the district attorney is, it's our job to fully see our clients. >> and to fight for that. actually, we're talking about defendants, nose and generic term. but in the city of san francisco who we talked over 50% of the jail is black in san francisco, a city that has less than 5% but population which points to what the san francisco public defender says is another crisis. many of those waiting for their day in court. >> are facing drug charges. >> and i'm committed to making sure that we restore accountability with respect to drug dealing in san francisco. as you says, that he is concerned that he is hearing echoes of what he calls the failed war on drugs era. returning with san francisco's
9:36 am
new da. the concern we have there is that there has been an approach. >> carson approach of locking people up based on drug offenses. now going on 50 years, it started with the nixon administration. >> and what that has led to is a ballooning population in our jails in prison, but it is not addressed at all. the public health crisis, which is what drug use is san francisco public defender, mano ross, who was part of a class action lawsuit representing all of his clients who are awaiting their day in court. >> but that legal process in and of itself is going to take some time to work its way through the court system before ultimately reaching a resolution. we have it constitutional and human rights crisis right now going on in san francisco. >> in that. even though everyone is presumed innocent and it cannot be convicted in 2 of the prosecution proved the case beyond a reasonable doubt. we're not getting access to the courtroom right in san francisco haaziq madyun kron. 4 news.
9:37 am
>> 9.36 is the time and bay area tech companies slowing hiring and cutting their marketing and sales. >> outsourcing their financial services marketing that are now the core of their business. we're seeing it everywhere. >> and this comes after reports that oracle just announced they're laying off >> some workers, google announced that there. >> slowing hiring for the rest of the year. tesla has laid off more than 200 people. so the struggles and tech continue. it's 9.37. and coming up, the struggles continue for the giants. 2, we feel ya. they just can't win a game at oracle against the dodgers.
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for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund
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permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27. >> let's talk baseball now starting with the a's. the a's started their series against the angels in anaheim and it did not go well. the angels took the lead in the first inning with a solo home run. the a's scott. only one run the whole game and the angels win. it 3 to one. they'll try again tonight. first pitch 6.38. not go much better. the giants still trying to beat the dodgers at oracle park. this game got off to a rough start because it looks like the little baby wants food. something. >> the dodgers jumped out to a six-run lead and the judge did get 5 runs, but it wdsn't enough. the dodgers beat us 9
9:41 am
to 5 it. 2 more games against the dodgers and then the giants play the a's in the second bay bridge series and that starts this saturday. first games in and surprise number darin, ruf. and it was a surprise to him. by the way, the giants traded him to the new york mets. he says that he got emotional when he found out and he was caught off guard, but he understands its business and he is ready for the challenge in new york, san francisco gets their basement, jd davis and 2 prospects to its 9.41. we'll be right back.
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9:44 am
9.43. right now. and let's go to get a peek at the weather. things son up out there. yeah, definitely clear for a lot of spots, daria, look at this beautiful view over the east bay. it was super foggy out there this morning. that changed really quickly. and we're not really even tapping into that much smoke here. >> seeing conditions clearing out as the oak fire winds down. unfortunately, the mckinney fire on the other hand has just exploded in size. most of that smoke good for us has been sent out of the region. so we've actually been comparatively nice and clear this morning. we have another dose of monsoonal moisture, mostly impacting the north bay at this point. so while most of us are actually sitting under sunshine right now, you head north of the golden gate and it is not as sunny at all. we've got some light showers pushing right on into southern sonoma county. we've already seen point raise if you're along the russian
9:45 am
river watch out for some wet spots. there. also along the mendocino coast line, a few wet spots too one. 0 one. you've seen some light sprinkles. you briefly had a couple of droplets on the richmond. sandra fell bridge about an hour ago. high pressure ridge. it's in place much as we've been saying, it's been firing up monsoonal moisture and thunderstorms that have been we're coming along with a really heavy rain at times for the desert southwest. we saw our own dose of that light rain from monsoonal moisture on monday here in the day. obviously seen a few more showers in the north bay this morning and tapping right into that heat. bakersfield, modesto, reading fresno, among areas that will be back into the triple digits today and tomorrow. it will be some clouds in the north bay to start. obviously, we're pretty clear everywhere else in clearing into the afternoon. you'll get your sunshine at the coast tomorrow morning. misty drizzly conditions at times been a marine layer, clearing up in the afternoon and temperatures today and tomorrow will be the hottest of this forecast. after that, we're going to see temperatures loss this weekend are at least temperatures
9:46 am
cooling down back into the 80's for most of our inland areas by friday, even cooler into the start of next week. today's highs will be 60 70's for san francisco 60's along the coast and 70's to 80's along the bayshore burlingame at 79 saying carlos, through mountain view in the low 80's while the south bay in the mid 80's to even low 90's for morgan hill knows status generally the further away from the water you get. that's where those hotter numbers can be found. while union city oakland up to richmond in the 70's, you have danville in concord at 92 and vacaville are for spot in the triple digits we've seen in a couple weeks in the bay at 102 degrees today. nevado at 86 for your high tomorrow. even hotter than today inland. after that, as i noted, temperatures do start to cool gradually that will get us back into the low 80's on average for inland spots into next week. bayside and coastal areas in the 60's to 70's look at the bay bridge. it's ahead. but you are still waiting in that back up there to get you through the toll plaza, the
9:47 am
sunshine and that 60 minute drive across it that we should get a roll down the windows for a second. enjoy some of those clear skies. san mateo bridge. it's 13 minutes across that you're rolling at the limit right now. >> richmond center fell a little grayer up there, but below 10 minutes to get you across the span and foggy mid span across the golden gate bridge. daria, thank you, john. u.s. 9.47. and the memorial is growing outside of dodger stadium in los angeles to honor the late. >> great vin scully. generations of fans know no other voice but scully's. deron horton takes a look back. >> hi, everybody. and a very pleasant good afternoon to you. wherever you may be. >> not many have commended language or put simple phrases to such magical use. vin scully's gift for communication appeal to all generations. and even those who didn't like sports list and revered him. vinnie as he was known, never took himself too seriously, were spoke over
9:48 am
our heads. >> he was the favorite uncle baseball's version of the venerable fred rogers inviting us on journeys made possible. why a prodigious life and indelible memories. from his perch inside the press box. stoli was one of the most crucial reasons, a special bond bloom over several decades. >> one that made this city and it's dodgers inseparable. for years. the site of small radios and ear buds were commonplace chavez ravine. >> with the old joke being fans would know ways trust
9:49 am
what they saw until very told him it was so. >> is one. that is the bet. >> vin scully grew up in new york has believe it or not, a giants fan. he began calling games as a student fordham university and soon caught the ear of the dodgers. legendary red barber who brought the 23 year-old into the brooklyn booth. it was 1950, le dio still rule. >> and broadcasters prefer projection over personality. soon television would take over as the dominate transmission tool and scully for the rest of his career would move seamlessly between the 2 mediums. the dodgers moved to los angeles ahead of
9:50 am
the 1958 season. and with scully's, charm and phrases, conjuring vivid pictures. the city found a new passion and fresh heroes. he's would remain the team's definitive voice for 7 decades, pulling 5 world championships and numerous defining moments. >> after straight away. >> and >> he's getting standing ovation in the deep south. >> it's no surprise he created a national following its well bowling. several playoffs and world series scully also work golf and football. many don't remember. but in 1981, he was present at the birth. >> of an nfl dynasty.
9:51 am
>> still, baseball was his passion and his identification with the game was as unique as his style. never the cheerleader. but instead a well traveled whose quiver of good-natured stories seemed infinite. >> and tell you about the time jackie and i raced each other on ice skates. >> self-deprecation and ceaseless cheerful. this belie what he never field to call a charmed life, though. it also included significant loss. his first wife died of an accidental medical overdose and his oldest son parish in a helicopter crash. he and his
9:52 am
second wife, sandra, were married for 48 years before she lost a long battle with a true to his nature. scully handled his grief privately and somehow found the necessary strength to carry on all the while making our bad days. just a bit writer. with his effortless smile, comforting voice saying, yes, those stories, a simple game was transformed into of this rule metaphor, one visioning decency and the promise of something better if that isn't a it's hard to imagine what
9:53 am
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>> almost done for a wednesday morning. but let's check in with olivia horton and see what's coming up on live in the bay today. high libya. >> hi, daria. thanks so much. coming up today on live in the bay, another amazing lineup. she stars on the hit series grey's anatomy. we're chatting with jc elliott about her role in the new hallmark film romance in style. then the local company that has garnered the attention of celebs that taste buds like snoop dogg. plus, they're helping to beautify the city one wall. at a time. we're learning more about the bay area mural program. and as always, we want you to weigh in on our question of the day. so go ahead and scan that qr code. and with taco bell officially announcing when the taco pizza is returning today, we want to know what is a menu item that you wish would
9:56 am
return anything? any restaurant fast-food. let us know your answers could be read live. >> on the show, i don't have my just laughing because john, i'm i'm deferring to john tweets all the fast food as i talk to people was a big deal to. it was a big deal. i'm just, you know, being honest about that, let's look at the forecast showing not a good time to get a fried chicken sandwich from your favorite spot. all of that, john, i don't know how you say so. well, you know, i have to i do have to do the diets and occasional one of those right now. all right. well, if you're going to exercise, john, i want to do it earlier because we're in the 90's. it's a little uncomfortable. it is yet today tomorrow or the hottest days inland. we're climbing well into the 90's but we do see it was some relief next week specially monday and tuesday of next week. >> if you stay closer to the bay and the k-sat 60's to 70's, i know you felt warm
9:57 am
yesterday. still a muggy feel to and it's going to be hot again today and tomorrow. but there's really for and we're still it's nothing compared to the rest. the nation still or what? because he's in sweltering. good news is the pacific northwest pretty much done with their heat wave refer them. yeah. we're still really hot inland. triple digits for the central valley. that is he. that's a big who say that their zone is a dry heat is on hosting 110.
9:58 am
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