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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  August 3, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. and that breaking news brings us to san francisco where police have responded to a fatal shooting on board a bus. >> police say it happened just after 3 o'clock this afternoon. and you are looking at the citizen app video of the scene where you see a heavy police presence there. good evening, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis. i'm catherine heenan and for graham, lotus, we have a map to show you where police are investigating how this happened in the area of glasgow avenue and santos street and the angle side
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neighborhood. >> police say when they arrived, they found 2 people had been shot. both of them sent to the hospital. one of them died. no arrests have been made. police an last order still out there. they're trying to figure out what happened on the bus that led to the shooting. we've got a crew headed to the scene to get more information. things got heated, had a special meeting, the san francisco school board to talk about and shoe calls are growing for the newly appointed commissioner to resign. but not everybody agrees. last night the board voted unanimously to formally reprimand her for some controversial comments she made when asked on a questionnaire about how to increase academic outcomes for the most marginalized students. shu said in part, quote, black and brown students do not perform as well as others due to a lack of family support. >> i'm here tonight as a black mom to stand in queue partnership with the black community and the latinx community to let you know, commission issued directly
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that we do love our value education support commissioner shoe. >> she >> is not the problem. >> hsu has apologized for her comments and so far there are no plans for her to resign. >> in the east bay, tensions flared today as police began clearing out people's park in berkeley. cal berkeley had started to work early this morning on building student and affordable housing on that site. the effort is now on hold that after protesters clashed with police, at least one arrest was made. kron four's. charles clifford has the details. >> overnight tuesday into wednesday, police cleared out most of the people in people park and a fence was put up around the perimeter throughout the morning. neighbors upset with the move, blocked construction equipment and faced off with police around 10:00am. crews began cutting down trees in the that
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move upset. protesters who began shaking the fence and trying to break through at least one man was taken into custody for climbing over the fence. protesters did manage to break through at one point, setting up a clash with police. then clear the roadway. the people who want to keep people's park the way it was. the university's plans are unacceptable tragedy. >> it's a shame. it's a power play. it's. not over yet. i'm not afraid to get a rush to beaten by the police. i'm not a >> for its part, the university says they want to make the work as safe as possible. >> we want to do everything that we possibly can to avoid any kind of confrontation, any sort of problems. and so we're going to leave it to law enforcement to side with the safest and best way to proceed is by early afternoon, police had backed off protesters then knocked down the fence and move back into the park in berkeley, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> the contra costa county district attorney's office has filed felony assault charges against fired richmond police
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officer eric smith junior that former officers accused of assault for injuring a suspect by hitting him repeatedly with a taser. richmond police held a news dan kerman was there and and joins us live with the latest. dan? that's right. richmond police trying to get out in front of this. they know this will really hurt relations with the community. >> they are trying to build back that trust by being as transparent as they can. richmond police say one officer eric smith junior confronted a drunk driving suspect during the early morning hours of april 9th. he cross the line. >> officer smith's actions are unacceptable. his behavior deviated from our training and will not be tolerated. >> richmond police chief piece of french played surveillance video. an officer bodycam video of the incident during a news conference wednesday. the video shows the officer tasing
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the and then hitting him at least 3 dozen times with his taser while repeatedly shouting, stop resisting, stop resisting. >> the officer acknowledged the force and he believed that his life was in danger. after watching this and reviewing the report all the evidence that surrounded this we just concluded an investigation that. it was unjustified force. >> chief french says all use of force incidents are reviewed. this one got flagged 11 days after it happened. the officer was put on administrative leave and tuesday of this week he was fired after the police department's internal investigation was completed. >> i know that the actions of this officer further erode the trust between law enforcement and the community. but i also
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know that this officer's actions are not representative of our department or our profession. chief french says the dui suspect was never charged. >> and officers have been unsuccessful in their attempts to reach out to him. now, this off a service hired by the richmond police department in october of 2019, he went to. >> briefly to the pittsburgh police department in july of 2021. only to return to the richmond police department in october of 2021. richmond, police say there have been no previous incidents involving this officer up until now. again, this officer has been fired and is now charged with felony assault live at richmond police headquarters, dan kerman kron. 4 news stand. thank you. san francisco general hospital is running out of its supply of monkeypox vaccines. >> and it's not clear when more doses will arrive. the clinic had just reopened on monday after being closed for nearly a week due to a lack of
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jabs. health officials say that they have administered more than 2000 doses this week, but due to their low supply, they're now limiting their vaccinations to appointment only meaning no more walk-ins. san francisco is expecting more than 10,000 new doses from the federal government. but there's no word on when that shipment will arrive. we are following a health scare in the north bay where one person a napa county has died after being exposed to the bacteria. legionella. >> county officials say there's been an outbreak. it's made several people sick leading to some of them being hospitalized last month. the bacteria does cause legionnaires disease, a severe type of pneumonia. it can be found in water. sources like cooling towers, decorative fountains, lakes streams be even hot tubs. people can get sick when they breathe in small drops of water or accidentally swallow water that contains that bacteria. >> not all people who are
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exposed to legionella developed legionnaires disease. it's particularly people that are older than 50 years of age. underlying medical such as lung disease. >> health officials now trying to find out the source of this problem. they say you should get medical care if you have symptoms, including fever, cough chills, muscle aches. the problem is treatable with antibiotics. if it is found early, only 4 counties in california ranked low on the cdc's list of criteria for covid-19 infections. >> those counties are sierra nevada, alpine and mono all of them border with the state of nevada. the cdc considers a county's hospitalization rate and the proportion of hospital beds occupied by covid patients to come up with its low medium or high ranking. an updated list is expected to be released tomorrow. president biden has tested positive again for covid the 5th time
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in what's considered a rebound infection. >> the white house doctor says biden does still have a cough, but it's milder than it was yesterday. the president being tonight as fever, free in good spirits, they say was able to do a light workout today. he will continue to isolate until he tests negative. indiana congresswoman jackie walorski was killed in a car crash this afternoon. >> along with 2 of her staffers, a will or ski represented north central indiana from south bend to just to north of kokomo. the indiana elkhart county sheriff says that the suv that lauriski was traveling in was hit head-on by another car. the republicans, communications director and the thompson and district director zachary pots also died in the crash. the driver of the wrong-way car also died. and president biden issued a statement to express his sadness and condolences on lauriski staff. president says, quote, in part, we may
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have represented different parties and disagreed on many issues, but she was respected by members of both parties for her work on the house ways and means committee and which he served. one of baseball's most recognizable voices fence calling has died. the dodgers hall of fame baseball announcer passed away yesterday at the age of 94 scully was the longest tenured broadcaster with a single team in pro sports history. serving the dodgers since the team's days back in brooklyn. he stuck with them until his retirement in 2016. the dodgers change players managers, executives, owners and even coast. that's going and his soothing insightful style remains a constant for the fans. >> this call was a i've been there since with every night. he's on motivated the dodgers. every game. >> what can you say? i mean, what can you say? thank you. think it. >> and you are so loved. yes,
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he was the mean time. they're in town tonight to face off against the giants at oracle park. and there will be a special moment during the game to honor his life and his legacy. coming up, the mckinney fire rages on in northern california. why the weather is not really helping this firefight in when that's expected to change. also how president biden is not trying to help women who have to travel out of state for abortion services. >> plus, another watch robbery reported in the east bay. how the thieves attacked this time. >> i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow. couple of showers in parts of the bay area again today. the fog, though, moving in and a whole lot of thunderstorms fired up over this year. that will talk about that coming up next.
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another rolex robberies reported in the east bay. >> armed thieves striking again in walnut creek. now kron four's philippe reports that this really is a growing problem now in the bay area. >> one 3 police say downtown is as safe as it ever has been. still, it's clear. thieves are finding comfort in targeting visitors wearing expensive jewelry. i feel like now i should be a little bit more cautious. i think it's really sad because it happens too often. hear this after a man was robbed of his wallet and rolex watch saturday night after spending time at bounty hunter near broadway plaza, an
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area where police have added patrols in recent months to deter retail saturday's robbery happened in the back parking lot of the restaurant and the general manager says 3 suspects were involved. he's made all of the staff aware and is looking into possibly adding lights in the back lot to make patrons feel safer. i love it. it's my second. want to know it's a great watch. despite the theft, some rolex owners still intend to wear their watches worth tens of thousands of dollars in public. i've been coming down here to eat for my whole life. >> it's pretty safe as far as i'm concerned. last month, a man and woman creek was robbed of his rolex at gunpoint on his driveway. armed robbers also stole a man's rolex outside trader joe's in danville. >> these thefts are happening regionally and across the state. san francisco police say they are investigating more than 2 dozen high value watch robberies since the start of the year. investigators there saying they are likely connected to organized crime. >> in walnut creek fully called kron 4 news.
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>> a man is behind bars iptonight after being accused o trying to steal guns from a store in brentwood. police responded to a burglary there last week in the area of lone tree way and hide on ranch road. and they spotted a man they say, running away. they did manage to arrest him. you're looking at the surveillance video. he's been identified as 30 year-old men go gas ca. he's being charged with robbery and to with possession of a firearm. >> police in san jose has made an arrest after finding a body inside a burned vehicle on sunday morning. officers arrested martin cabrera at a homeless encampment in san jose and booked for homicide. cabrera's rest came shortly after police responded to assist a san jose fire with a vehicle fire in the area of pomona avenue and bernard avenue. and once the fire was extinguished, the body of adult male was discovered inside the motive and circumstances surrounding the incident are under investigation. this is san
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jose's 20th homicide of the year. the fight to contain the mckinney fire. this rages on in siskiyou county more than 50 57,000 at last count acres have burned. >> at least 4 people have now been killed. crews still have not been able to reach any level of containment on this fire. the weather they say is not helping. today's big concern has been the threat of more thunderstorm activity and dry lightning. >> but the potential for lightning and new fires in the area. there's the potential for outflow winds as that thunderstorm collapse could bring winds up to 50, 60 mile an hour to the fire area. and then there's also a possibility. flash floods. >> all evacuation orders and warnings do remain in place some heartwarming video from mckinney fire where a puppy named patches and areas was found in the rubble last saturday. sure. happy to see
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see people they he's found they were there surveying the damage and that they saw that little puppy just wandering around through the burn area all by himself. firefighters took the dog back to the car, gave him some food and water patches was brought to a rescue center where he was later reunited with his owner. okay. that's a nice story per little thing. all right. a lawrence is here. we've been talking about the concerns over lightning not happening around here. not happening here. but boy, you could see those huge come is clouds. >> the distance over the sierra nevada. i mean, it is getting very, very active up there to even more so than it was yesterday in and around the fire today. not quite as active. you still got a couple thunderstorms just to the south, though the winds could gusting out of the north-northwest 14 to about 18 miles per hour. so that could push long that fire. so watching that closely for tonight. but in the meantime, we're going to see things changing a bit around the bay
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area's. we're going to see more of the clouds begin again to move in over the high country as they push in. they're going to take with it. some of that thunderstorm activity. you see some of those thunderstorms popping up right there in the mount shasta area and a little further to the south. so some of that moisture still working its way further towards the north toward the fire. what we're worried about is you get these thunderstorms is extremely strong. dow drops underneath those thunderstorms and that can really blow up that fire. meantime, the monsoon continue some of the moisture from franken twining now with low off the coastline and some of moved on shore. we actually had a report of couple scattered light showers early on this morning. but look at the sierra nevada right now. i mean, it is really getting active up there in the high country. they're watching for the possibility of flash flooding. a flash flood warnings in parts of northern parts of the sierra nevada to as we've seen some very strong thunderstorms erupting there throughout the afternoon. you can see the areas shaded in red everywhere else. you got flash flood watches until 10 o'clock tonight with some heavy rainfall coming down and then further towards the north. markleeville. our reporting
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over 2 and a half inches of rainfall and it continues to come down there. so they're watching for the possibility of flash flooding. they've got reports of some big boulders out there on the roads. they could have some debris flows there as some of that heavy rain continues to come down. some of the canyons there and kind making a mess of things for tonight. be very careful. traveling in that direction if you're headed out there. the bay area we're dealing with more fog and low clouds. now, a lot of the monsoon clouds moved out. we've got that patchy fog in and around the bay. what does that mean for the days ahead? we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes, guys. all right, lauren, still ahead, house speaker nancy pelosi concluding her >> trip to taiwan. how her visit could have a ripple effect on america's relationship with china. also, how hospital officials are trying to keep the beds full of laguna honda hospital as the >> fight over patient transfers continues.
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>> today officials with san francisco's laguna honda hospital held a virtual town hall to try and ease patients. families concerns amid an uncertain future the hospital was forced to move about 600 patients after losing federal funding as a result of multiple health and safety violations. but 4 patients died after being moved to other facilities or discharged and the transfers were abruptly suspended. hospital leaders are pledging to correct the violations so that
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the patient transfer pause can be made permanent. tj maxx has agreed to pay the 13 million dollar fine. this is for selling some children's products that have been recalled. >> the problem focused on the time between march of 2014, 2 october of 2019. that's when the chain is accused of knowingly selling products that were part of 21 different recalls. they include fisher-price's rock n play sleepers. they were linked to at least 30 infant deaths since 2009, the they say does not constitute an admission by tj maxx that it knowingly violated the consumer product safety act. coming up, president biden signed second executive order aimed at safeguarding abortion access. how it expands coverage for those seeking out of state care. >> also, nearly a dozen golfers now suing the pga tour. why they say the organization is overstepping
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its power. plus, the san francisco da announces an aggressive new strategy to hold drug dealers accountable. but some are calling the move a violation of constitutional rights. for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california.
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so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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>> we have to make changes now to save lives. and that is why i'm here today to announce my new policy for the district attorney's office and how we're handling drug dealing
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cases. >> san francisco da brooke jenkins is changing how her office will punish drug dealers under the current policy. anyone arrested with more than 5 grams of drugs could be referred to the cities. >> community court and potentially not face any jail time at all. jenkins now says she is changing that policy. she's going to issue harsher punishments for anyone caught drug dealing. but as kron four's haaziq madyun reports, some city officials argue the policy could lead to jailing people who are not guilty of drug crimes. >> the war on drugs in large part was also focused on the users of drugs. and that is not what i'm announcing today today. it's about those who are selling drugs at this press conference, san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins announced a new policy for holding drug dealers accountable. then to know dealers being the number one target. it's because for the past year or more of the previous administration. did
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not. >> obtain a single, but in all sales conviction, despite as i said, 1500 overdose deaths since 2020, the da's new drug policy includes a possession limit of 5 grams, a criminal charge enhanced mint for selling fentanyl within 1000 feet of a school and pre trial detention, extreme dental drug, dealing cases. the district attorney also revoked over 30 open plea offers by revoking these plea offers. >> i will be seeking felony charge. felony charges for them to plea to and some of these offers will now include jail time. normally rebels to say don't take this deal. according to the san francisco public defender's office, the average trial date is delayed over 174 days with 78 felony cases within the last 2 years. still waiting for a date in court. >> which public defender, mano rogers says is a violation of the constitutional rights to a
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speedy trial and motivation for some defendants to take that offer from the d a as opposed to waiting behind bars. >> which makes it much more difficult to encourage clients to not take deals and that leads to wrongful convictions which happened every single day in courtrooms across this country. but it's even more likely to happen in the scenario where you don't have a date certain for your jury trial. >> however, the district attorney but jenkins remains focused on keeping our word to san francisco voters. i promised san francisco. that we would restore public safety. and that is what this new policy is intended to do in san francisco haaziq kron. 4 news paul pelosi has been a house speaker. nancy pelosi has pleaded not guilty to dui charges. his attorney entered the plea. >> for him at an arraignment little earlier this morning. the 82 year-old did not appear in court, but his attorney entered the not guilty plea for him in may. a paul pelosi was arrested after a minor crash


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