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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 4, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. and thanks for waking up with us. i'm daria and i'm john sitting in the desk for james and rain that james l reyna love. they will be back at some point. but for now we're hold down the fort and temperatures look like they're holding pretty warm. jenny definitely holding up in the 90's yet again today. yesterday was another hot one daria day set to be the last of the days that will bring so many 90's to us, at least. >> but a look outside right now shows no 90's just really pretty skies. let me see. let me something. let's get a look what >> come on. the on satellite shot. just something pretty this morning, big maybe nothing. we can. we can just talk about whether it's ok, so i noticed some stars, but also some light fog or clouds or something. just minutes. that's a really good way to put this morning because we do have a mix of both of those
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things going on a little bit of that cloud cover a little bit of those clear skies, too. and you can actually see both of those factors. >> right there in san francisco can even see this view yesterday. so this is actually a big step up strength. as for where we're sitting at radar, it's nice and clear out there. temperatures right now are mostly in the 50's to 60's with oakland right at 60 degrees. some upper 50's and san francisco in redwood city. >> well, brent woods sitting at 75 now dari. i will be talking those 90's later on in your forecast, but not just yet. all right. let's get to the developing news. the search is on for a gunman who shot and killed a passenger on a muni bus kron four's camila barco is live with the latest on the investigation. camille, what you have to tell us. >> well, john, san francisco police say that 2 people were shot on a muni bus in broad daylight in the middle afternoon yesterday. police say that one person is expected to be okay. however, they say the other victim died shortly after being taken to the hospital. take a look. this is video not too long after the shooting happened.
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police officers had crime tape wrapped around the bus and blocked off the streets as they investigated. now, the shooting happened just before 3.30, yesterday afternoon in the sunnydale neighborhood. officers rushed to lascaux avenue in santo street and when they got there, they found 2 people who had been shot on the muni bus from the looks of the video. it happened on the number 8 bayshore bus that was headed to fisherman's wharf. police say paramedics took the victims to the hospital. one had non-life-threatening injuries. the other person had life threatening injuries. and later died at the hospital. it's unclear at this time. what led up to the shooting and if the shooter is someone who was on the bus or if it is one of the victims were still waiting for police to hear any more this is the second shooting that has happened on a muni transportation service in the last month and a half. take a look. the last one happened back in late june at the castro station. police arrested. 26 year old job on green. investigators allege
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that green shot and killed one man and hurt another person on a muni subway train. but as far as the latest muni shooting addario, john san francisco police have not given us any information on a suspect. they say no arrests have been made at this time, but they are investigating the shooting. however, muni says that the buses, they are up and running again. we're going to be reaching out to them to see if they can provide any information in regards to the shooting. may be if the cameras were working at the time. and just to talk a little bit about some of the violence that has been happening on the transportation service. but for now, i'll send it back to you. thanks. camila will be keeping updated with 6, 0, 3, right now in the south bay. police think they've caught the pellet gun shooter who terrorized the streets of san jose for months. the man is facing several charges for injuring multiple people. kron 4 sarah stinson live in san jose with more on that. >> that's right. san jose police. they have arrested a man suspected of shooting at least 7 people with a pellet
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gun. the youngest victim being 9 years old. take a look at who we're talking about. police have arrested nicholas montoya and he's been charged with 7 counts of assault with a deadly weapon and assault causing great bodily injury. montoya is 38 years old is accused of shooting lead pellets from a high-powered rifle at 3 victims in 3 different san jose locations within a 45 minute period on june 10th and the list of victims just kept growing. take a look. this includes a 15 year-old girl was shot in the back with a pellet gun near valley mall. she spoke with kron 4 news at first john and didn't know what happened. she told us that she thought it was a small cut. but when she went to the doctors, they found a bullet in her lungs because we're one of her lungs to collapse and she got surgery. she's recovered since police say they put a task force together to find the shooter. detectives discovered there was there was even more pellet gun shooting victims
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bringing the total to 7. the victims were hit with high-velocity projectiles believed to be pellets. the victims range in age from 9 years old to 56 years old. 6 of the 7 victims are girls or women. police say was montoya's unique car that led him them to him and they found evidence once they found him, they issued a search warrant and found evidence. now today at 7 or 10 o'clock this morning, other police are going to be discussing more details on this case giving us more information about montoya's. so make sure to stick with us for the latest details for now. i'm sarah stinson reporting live in san jose. back to you. >> thanks so much. there. time now is 6, 0, 5, and another story in the east bay that we're following. protesters stopped bulldozers. >> from rolling over people's park for now, uc berkeley has paused construction on its housing because of these protests, which really heated up yesterday first in the morning as we reported here on the kron 4 morning news live. and then later with people spilling into the streets,
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they are protesting plans to demolish the park and build new student housing build. the protesters showed up when the police started clearing out a homeless encampment in the wee hours yesterday, advocacy groups and members of the community feel the part should be saved because of its historic nature. and it's significant role in the civil rights movement. multiple streets around the park are closed right now. so you cannot get in to people's park at this point. >> moving on to richmond, a police officer is facing felony assault charges after he was caught on camera teasing and beating a man during a traffic stop kron four's gayle ong has the story. >> tough couple of days, especially now that the videos reliving will be okay. is talking about his client's all mendoza reliving the moment in this video. police body camera
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video capturing mendoza being tased and beaten by a former richmond police officer eric smidt junior back in april. officer smith's actions are unacceptable. >> his behavior deviated from our training. >> and will not be tolerated. wednesday, richmond's police chief announcing smith juniors termination after an internal investigation. junior faces felony assault charges and outcome mendoza's lawyer says is appropriate. tip our to the contra costa >> district attorney's office for for a city are and also to richmond pd for misstep and to officer according to police smith junior tried to pull over mendoza suspected of drunk driving. >> police say mendoza did not comply and got out of the car and walked away and do za let officers smith junior on a foot chase. then the situation escalated.
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>> moved to. i mean, it's and i want to see this is video of the former officer junior being featured in the richmond police video. a statement to kron 4 from smith junior is lawyer reads in part, quote. >> eric smith is a brilliant police officer. any great young man. it isn't easy dealing with a violent criminal element these days. the suspect was likely armed would one pistol which he discarded. it was entirely reasonable for young officer smith to believe he might have another mendoza's lawyers. reaction to the statement. the fact that this year trains bringing charges. >> pretty clearly reflects that. there was no reason for the about a that was used on if not for the officer's body cam. you know, this probably would have never seen the light of day like to also reacting to the case bay area, civil rights attorney adante pointer. we'd like to see. >> other district attorneys, other district attorney offices. you know, do the same thing, which is there should be more prosecutions taking
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place against officers who violate the public trust. >> smith junior will be arraigned at a later date in contra costa county superior court gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> it's 6, 0, 8, right now in san francisco, district attorney brooke jenkins is changing. our office is going to punish drug dealers to help with the city's fentanyl problem. her plan, which changed the city's policy on plea offers in drug cases and includes harsher punishments as well. the da's new fentanyl drug policy includes possession limit of 5 grams, a criminal charge enhancement for selling fentanyl within 1000 feet of a school and also pre trial detention in extreme sentinel drug dealing cases. the da also revoked more than 30 open plea offers f-king these plea offers. i will be seeking felony charge. felony. >> charges for them to plea to and some of these offers will now include jail time.
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>> according to the san francisco public defender's office, the average trial date at the hall of justice is delayed more than 174 days with 78 felony cases within the last 2 years. still waiting for a court date which said the da says is a violation of the constitutional right to a speedy trial. less than a day after saying they had 10,000 doses of monkeypox vaccines coming into san francisco soon. >> the clinic at san francisco general had to close again today. it will be closed and they closed after just 20 minutes yesterday. and that's because they ran out of all the doses they had. they all the doses were accounted for yesterday. they were% administered 20 minutes and all the rest. the people they see waiting in line didn't get their shots. the clinic only reopen monday after it was closed for almost a week because they ran out of shots in the first go around and there's no word yet on when they're going to get their next allotment. >> senator scott wiener will chair california's new senate select committee on monkeypox.
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the committee also include 6 other states senators. the group is tasked with identifying policies and practices the state can put in place to improve california's response to monkeypox. they plan to meet with experts from different professions and community backgrounds to discuss what can be done long-term to prevent outbreaks of contagious viruses. happening today, health and human services secretary javier becerra will host a briefing on monkeypox cases in the u.s.. the secretary is expected to announce the latest on the spread of the virus and plans to roll out more vaccines. that briefing is expected to start around 8 this morning. >> it's 6.11, and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, oakland police need some help finding these burglars who targeted a number of shops in little saigon. plus, a new executive order is protecting those who have to travel to another state to seek an abortion.
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parts are still going to be including the washburn trail, the western portion of the predator trail and the trail for the very pleasant grove toward will but i guess one percent is better. nothing because they got something open star head like what? what? that's a big difference. has like one percent and they opened it. >> 100 watt help yeah. but unfortunately that mckinney fire, that's the one that my gosh. >> so much concern up there that's been deadly deadly. the just 70 national park much better than it was not just because of the smoke is containment grows too. definitely some good progress there. and we're not really tapping into smoke from any of our fires anymore across the bay area. you can see we've got the clear skies over san jose this morning. mckinney fire smoke working its way to the east and both oak and washburn fires are putting up not enough smoke to really be even be felt across the
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region. so even yosemite national park has experienced a vast improvement, an air quality out that direction. central valley still holding on to a little bit of haze as per is pretty common during heat waves like we're currently in the midst of. we're right back to the triple digits for the central valley and all that sunshine. look at this. monsoonal moisture firing up thunderstorms across the eastern deserts will see that potential for the sierra nevada today, but not so much for the bay area that all has to do with this high-pressure ridge that has been stirring up that monsoonal moisture for a whole lot of the southwestern u.s. and even parts of southern california on up into the sierra nevada bay area is nice. and tom, we are in for a warm one today, though, cool 60's at the coastline. 90's returning for inland areas. the last day will be seeing so many 90's in this forecast. so just prepare yourselves for another day of heat. tomorrow's temperatures will cool into the 80's at our warmest in after that. even cooler into the start of next week. the city today in the 60's to 70's light jackets
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needed towards the coastline, although today is going to come along with a warmer feel out the coast than yesterday. that mostly 70's to 80's along the bay shore and some 90's mixed in there. woodside down to saratoga, cupertino. campbell was gatos and morgan hill all in the low 90's today, fremont hayward, san leandro in the 80's tri valley in the 90's with livermore at 96 oakland, among are most comfortable spots at 75 degrees. our hottest spot will be vacaville at 98 napa and sonoma. pretty warm at 85 89 today. a look ahead of next 7 days after today. we're waving goodbye to the 90's for inland areas, at least for most of them as temps gradually fall into the low 80's by monday and tuesday, not as hot of the weekend ahead of us. coastal in bayshore cities remain pretty consistently in the 60's to 70's. a look at our bridges bay bridge. right now. it's a 12 minute drive over it. i'm more interested in that sunrise, though. we are looking at a smooth commute. don't be too distracted by the gorgeous skies this morning,
6:18 am
san mateo bridge, 13 minute hall. that is pretty of a sunrise. so that will keep you focused on the road. richmond center fell got a nice view in the distance and only 8 minutes to get you across the span and the golden gate bridge. a 19 minute crossing from nevado to the toll plaza. just a little bit of low gray out that direction. back to you, daria. thanks a lot, john. 6.18, in national news. former white house counsel pat cipollone has been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury. >> investigating efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election. he recently testified on capitol hill serving as a key witness in a separate investigation by the white house january 6 committee, several media agencies report he's conferring with his attorney about appearing before the grand jury and dealing with issues of executive privilege. the man charged in the highland park parade shooting and on july 4th is pleading to came back this up just for a second. so he's he's pleading not guilty to 117 felony
6:19 am
counts and the shooting where 7 people were killed and dozens more were injured. and there you see the victims. the police say, though, that even though they don't know the motive when they went to arrest the gunman, he admitted to the shooting its 6.18, and a city in southern california is considering becoming a sanctuary for life. essentially an abortion free zone. the san clemente city council is going to talk about a resolution that states that the council considers life to begin at conception. well, it stands against planned parenthood. the resolution does provide exceptions for cases of rape and incest. it's not clear how it might be enforced. planned parenthood groups in orange county are already mobilizing against the council's actions. in national news. president biden's latest executive order is making it easier for people to travel between states to get abortions. jessi tenure is live in dc with more on that. jesse?
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>> yeah, good morning, daryn. the president announced this during the first meeting of the administration's new task force on reproductive rights. and it's really an opportunity for the president to be able to show that there's a federal government defense of abortion access. >> it's healthier life president joe biden signed a new executive order wednesday to help women seeking abortions. cross state lines to access the procedure under federal law. >> are pregnant or not. no matter where she should be turned away or deny this for treatment during a medical the president directed the department of health and human services to consider using medicaid waivers for travel expenses. >> they would not pay for the abortions themselves unless they're intended to save a patient's life or related to rape or incest. tennessee republican senator marsha blackburn argues abortion is no longer a federal concern. the supreme court sent this
6:21 am
issue back. >> to the people and to the various state. but the white house is still urging congress to ultimately act. >> democrats tried to pass a bill wednesday that nevada senator jacky rosen said would provide legal protections to abortion providers. a woman from texas travels to my state of nevada, a pro-choice state. >> the nevada doctor she sees can not cannot be prosecuted undar texas's extreme abortion ban. but indiana republican senator mike braun blocked the effort. this bill is an attempt to undermine. >> state laws that protect lives. >> a bipartisan group of senators introduced a different bill this week that would essentially restore abortion access at the federal level. but it's still not likely to get the 60 votes needed for it to pass. live in washington, i'm jessi tenure. thanks a lot, jesse 6.21. is the time. and coming up, a suspect is arrested in connection with a murder that happened over the weekend.
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spicy chicken strips starting at $5.49 are back at jack in the box. 6.24. what? take a look at airline seats showing the faa is asking for input. they want to know what you think about the size of airline seats out midair. full. >> you know what? they should be they're working on the minimum sea dimensions for passenger safety on talking
6:25 am
about comfort. so i mean, congress ordered the faa to provide this info as part of their reauthorization bill. the faa wants comments on how seat dimensions may affect safety in an evacuation. and they're also working with outside agencies to investigate immerse yet evacuation situations. i'm sure like me. you have a thing or 2 like to say about airline seats which they made so tiny. tj maxx has agreed to pay a 13 million dollars fine for selling children's products that were recalled the probable cause on time between march of 2014 and october of 2019. did you go to tj maxx? then? because that's when the chain is accused of knowingly selling some stuff. that was part of 21 different recalls and includes fisher-price's rock n play sleeper, which was linked to at least 30 infant deaths since 2009. it's 6.25. and coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news. what to do to prepare for hot weather.
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i mean, john, you'll say hot, hot, hot, but do we really listen? >> we have something that might make your ears perk up and could save lives. plus, we've got the latest on the crews battling the mckinney fire. 6.20, right now. and we
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can't wait to tell you about
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the heat wave saying the warning system because that's really exciting. it's and would you ok and would you rank our heat? and does. is it worthy of ranking right now? i would say for inland spots. because field for reading will be up at one. 0, 7, okay. but not not for the bay area and now for the bay area as much some 90's out on where these rankings and i would reserve it for 100. you see on bay area. you know, the bay area, those 90's there and to see does this look nice to look at those clouds? what a wonderful morning, right? so yesterday you remember how great it was. yeah, that's a this morning has been really nice a little bit more like we were on tuesday as opposed to yesterday's gray skies. >> nice view downtown san francisco to some nice white puffy clouds there in the distance, nothing minister scary-looking. we had the north bay showers briefly during morning hours really just at the coastline. >> not going to be looking at those this morning 50's and 60's for most of us right now. light jacket, kind of stuff.
6:30 am
alameda hayward, fremont and san mateo at 61. some 50's up in the north bay. we do have brentwood being the standout as per the use. 74 degrees right now. i'll be talking about when this and heat starts to back off a little bit. all still to come. >> 6 29 and in the east bay, oakland, police are trying to track down a group of burglars who broke into a number of shops in little saigon. police say they targeted a strip mall on international boulevard on monday. dan for kron four's dan thorn spoke with one of the shop owners. >> in just under 2 hours, this group of burglars hit every shop at international plaza in oakland. the coin machine at this laundromat ransacked early monday morning. the thieves also broke in through the ceiling at vietnamese restaurant via nj jus shop. >> sad, mad all the emotions. >> simon loose as the burglars only made off with some change, but the damage and having to close the restaurant
6:31 am
for repairs has been costly. is really what bothers me. >> without to get repaired, i can open for business and every day i'm not open was the video from the laundromat goes on to show the burglars handing off bags of stolen money. >> in a separate video, one of those bags is seen being dropped from the roof and exploding coins onto the sidewalk. the burglars are then captured walking through an alleyway. well, a homeless man stands by one of the masked men gives them an some of the stolen money. the laundromat owner who did not want to talk on camera says crime in little saigon is getting out of hand. lou agrees of feel like more. both in line oakland police introduced officer when as little saigon as liaison officer last week. it follows demands from the neighborhood for a crackdown on crime. investigators say at least 5 people seen in these vehicles are being sought in connection
6:32 am
with the strip mall. burglaries reporting in oakland, dan thorn kron. 4 news and more robberies. police say robbers targeting people wearing expensive jewelry are becoming a trend throughout the bay area. >> the most recent was in walnut creek kron four's felecia gaal has more on the crimes. >> after a bite to eat at bounty hunter in walnut creek. saturday night police confirm a man was held up at gunpoint and robbed of his rolex watch the restaurant's general manager says the victim's wallet was also taken and confirms the theft happened in the back parking lot. that does concern really shocked when expected downtown here. still haven't. johnson says will not twice about wearing his rolex, which is worth more than $20,000. this is pretty safe area to meet pleasant hill. want to create this whole area. lafayette. >> now, i really don't think about it. the general manager says 3 suspects were involved. he's made all of his staff aware and is looking into possibly adding lights in the back parking lot to make
6:33 am
patrons feel safe or and women i kind of and pay attention more to. >> standings especially being by myself and want to be the robbery happening near broadway plaza where police have added patrols in recent months to deter retail thefts at high-end scores. i just feel like the economy is making everything much more difficult making higher. last month, a man and woman creek was robbed of his rolex at gunpoint on his driveway. armed robbers also stole a man's rolex outside trader joe's in danville. these thefts are happening regionally and across the state. >> san francisco police say they are investigating more than 2 dozen high value watch robberies since the start of the year. investigators there saying they are likely connected to organized crime. >> in walnut creek, phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> in the south bay, san jose police arrested a man they believe is responsible for killing another man and setting the car. the victim was in on fire. officers got a
6:34 am
call about a vehicle fire in the area of pomona avenue in barnard avenue on sunday morning and found a man's body inside during the investigation. police arrested martin cabrera at a homeless encampment on the same day. investigators say the motive is still unclear. the victim's name has not been released. this incident marks san jose's 20th homicide of the year. it's to hospital gives families an update after patient transfers were put on hold. >> the san francisco hospital is ordered to shut down laguna honda and move patients out because of health care violations. kron four's ella sogomonian has the details. 4 people have died since being forced to transfer out of a city-run facility called laguna honda hospital in san francisco. >> they were part of a group who believed they had to go after the centers for medicare and medicaid services decertified the nursing home for poor care. now transfers are on pause, but no one knows for how long attorneys with the berkeley based nonprofit california advocates for nursing home reform insisted
6:35 am
safer for the hospital to stay open and instead to focus on improving care, they hosted a virtual town hall wednesday. >> to educate the nursing home residents on their rights that are also protected under tenant laws, both at the federal and state level. there's nursing home specific rules. >> the facilities have to comply with in lights that are given to the residents to ensure that they >> control to some extent of the where they go, but ultimately where they go is safe and appropriate. matthew reed and has lived there for 7 years and says he's staying put. >> until something better is presented but redone explains. he is one of a few of the 600 residents who understands his rights. >> that he can legally stay as long as he likes. >> that was ella sogomonian reporting for us this morning at the hospital could provide better care with more staff. according to read in the san francisco public health department is working right now to get the hospital recertified by a september 13th deadline.
6:36 am
>> there are 4 places in california listed as low risk for covid. those counties are sierra county, nevada county, alpine county and mono county, all of them border, the state of nevada. the cdc considers a county hospitalization rate and the number of hospital beds used by covid patients in order to come up with it rankings. was there low medium or high? an updated list is expected to be released later today. >> and the cdc is apparently going to be changing the quarantine rules for if you're exposed to covid exposed, not if you have it. >> the plan says that people who are sick with covid, you would still have to isolate, but they're also expected to change the rules upon contacting somebody has covid. andy emphasize regular screening as well for covid in schools as a way to monitor the spread. these changes could be released this week. so we'll keep you updated. 6.36. will hold out a heat ranking system, extreme heat
6:37 am
in california is prompting some lawmakers to talk about just that and proposed bills that would help the state address the scorching temperatures. 8 on walls explains. let me tell you, we are certainly feeling the heat here in sacramento and now members of the legislature hope california is prepared for many, many more hot days to rosy 20 s and her kids enjoyed a stroll to capitol park, but they could only be outside for so long. >> due to the extreme hot temperatures, it's pretty warm. we tried to come out here about 10, 30 thinking. we're going to avoid some of the heat. >> we are still in it. it's part of a trend. she says she's noticed more and more as of late. feel like last year was definitely more work as the state continues to experience. sizzling days, these lawmakers say more action is needed to save something member loses. the loss of the san fernando valley is behind a bill that would create a heat ranking similar to how scientists
6:38 am
ranked the dangers of hurricanes before they strike. >> the system will provide a number rating system for heat waves before they strike. if we are warned ahead of time and we know what to do based on what category heat wave is coming our way. then people like that live in our district. second, the san fernando valley, southeast la, the central valley all over california. >> can be better something member walking around below of fresno, who also is a medical doctor, says if more is not done, the health of vulnerable populations, including the elderly and those in underserved communities. >> could be at risk. i don't believe this problem is getting any better and because of climate change. it's important for us. >> to make sure that we comes up with solutions going forward. >> he also put forth his own bill that would look into how exceptional heat impacts pregnancies that they think they do that. as this mother says she has taken precautions. lots of sunscreen. let avoid sunburns and >> want to just make sure. like i said, we stay very hydrated. keep safe. >> and the bill still need
6:39 am
approval from the senate appropriations committee. then they must pass both houses of the legislature and only then will they reach the governor's desk reporting here at the california state tom wallace kron 4 news. it's 6.38, and bay area. firefighters are part of an army of crews trying to put out the mckinney fire before it kills anybody else. 4 people have already died in the flames. burning in siskiyou county kron four's. justin campbell has the latest. >> over the course of 4 days, thousands of acres in siskiyou county. now look like something out of the apocalypse. entire mountainside. rich with burning trees. >> daytime looks like nighttime from heavy smoke. mandatory evacuations are still in place as cal fire works to contain the flames. 10 helicopters, dozens of dover's and more than 1300 pairs of boots on the ground,
6:40 am
including prepared to respond to emergencies. a crew from here in san jose. there are occasions such as these large wildfires where >> we really need to rely on other agencies to come to our aid. her department spokesperson erica ray says 25 firefighters were sent from san jose along with 5 fire trucks and one suv for the battalion chief. >> they will be joined by firefighters from san francisco, santa rosa and alameda county. all 3 working to bring california's largest wildfire of the season to contain reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> it is a heartwarming story in the midst of the ashes, a puppy named patches was found in the rubble last saturday. a photo journalist who was surveying the damage found the puppy wandering through the burned area all alone. he took the dog back, gave it some care, some some water that just was taken to the rescue center. he was reunited with his owner. and i'm glad
6:41 am
because i would be everybody. would i mean, think about it, john, we talk about when it gets hot out >> be careful. walking your dog. you don't want to pause to get hot. what did that talk survive? it's it's a miracle. just looking at the devastation around the puppy and he's just so excited. you'll get that support that he get that water. probably most importantly. >> well, happening today, 5 months after a fire destroyed their tasting room. the larson family winery in sonoma is reopening. now. this is video from back in the fire in march. not only did it destroy the tasting room, but it also destroyed decades worth a family memorabilia. the family says they have been working around the clock to be able to reopen. you can once again visit the tasting room starting today at 11. >> still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news officials with the port of los angeles are keeping an eye on potential supply chain issues. we're taking a look at that as we're
6:42 am
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♪ i'll take 'em. continue to pour in to honor the life and career of legendary sportscaster.
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>> vin scully and that includes a ceremony before last night's giants. dodgers game at oracle, converse taylor bisacky takes us there. >> he epitomizes baseball world class in terms of late. >> you know what it means and what it means to baseball. i feel like he's just he represents it. and i'm just sad to see him go. dodgers and giants fans united wednesday night over their love for baseball and vin scully, a man who became a symbol of the game. vinsko is really the reason i got so interested in baseball. >> i was a kid. i moved from pittsburgh to l a and started listen to vin scully. i would listen to him. >> describing sandy colfax on the mound and tend to be sandy colfax in my bedroom. scully was the longest tenured broadcaster with a single team in pro sports history. >> he was the voice of the dodgers for 67 years and was just as much a part of the team. he was the greatest dodger ever. that's when he was, you know, he made the los
6:46 am
angeles dodgers who they are in los angeles, scully, retired in 2016, but remain a pillar in dodger baseball. he died tuesday night at the age of 94 players. fans and coaches took part in the special tribute wednesday night at oracle park. dodgers manager dave roberts as skelly was like family not only to the team but to the millions who listen to for 16th gates. obviously these legacies live >> our responsibility is people in baseball is to continue to tell those great stories and how are life manager gabe kepler says he'll never forget scoby is voice and his impact on baseball. one of the top 5 broadcasters ever voice is really important. my childhood and i a lot of people. around the country, but also in california, specifically i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> 6.46, right now. want to get a look at the weather and we're seeing some beautiful live shot. i love those
6:47 am
clouds. they seem unusual job. yeah, these low clouds kind of are unusual because normally it's just great yesterday. that's the way it was. but we've got some light puppies with actually a little bit of vertical growth on them. the reason for this is there is some monsoonal moisture presence in the atmosphere. it's not going to result in any of those on the dust storm clouds building, but out there to get a little vertical growth. you can see the little bumps and i'm out there. we're not going to see really anything in the way of any chance of rainfall for us. we are solidly nice. it's clear and warm day ahead of us were not hazy either. any smoke from the mckinney fire is being sent to the east and oak fire. smoke is almost nonexistent at this point. that's boding well for us here across the bay area, even though we don't have a chance of thunderstorms here locally, you can see those thunderstorms popping up this morning across the south eastern deserts of california down towards las vegas in arizona where we've seen ample monsoonal moisture resulting in thunderstorm after thunderstorm down there saw that flooding in las vegas just last week. they area nice
6:48 am
and quiet. we are warm inland but not near as hot as or for this to inland areas like the central valley, high pressure ridge, it's in place. building heat for those inland spots of the desert southwest is going up. fire danger as well as thunderstorm potential in the sierra nevada. any chance of dry lightning ups, fire danger as well here locally are heat comparatively, not as bad, but we're still in the 90's inland, which is still really warm. as for the next several days. today is the hottest of the remainder of the forecast. we have some fog tomorrow morning. some afternoon, sunshine and daytime highs inland, mostly falling back into the 80's. that's where in windsor areas are going to stay through the weekend into the start of next week. today's highs, 60's 70's for san francisco 60's right along % the coastline and 70's and 80's along the bay shore. burlingame, down through redwood city, palo alto and mountain view. all 80's woodside, though, campbell saratoga, los gatos, as well as cupertino in morgan hill. each in the 90's, san jose at 88 80's continue from fremont
6:49 am
on up through san leandro. well, 90's from the tri valley through concord and walnut creek, oakland, berkeley and richmond, some of our most comfortable spots along with the late show in the 70's, antioch in vacaville are hottest spots at 97 in 98 degrees today. let's get a look at our inland highs. you see after today we've primarily fall back into the 80's this weekend with low 80's by monday and tuesday, bayshore in coastal cities from the 70's and 60's through the rest of this forecast. as for our bridges bay bridge, look at all right. it's only a 40 minute drive in that beautiful sunrise in the distance. maybe more interesting to look at has not been near as rough of a commute over the bay bridge this morning as it was yesterday, san mateo bridge, a similar 14 minute drive and rolling along just fine. there. richmond center fell at 13 minutes to get you across it. and the golden gate bridge. pretty nice, too. just a little hint of some cloud cover and fog right above yet. but plenty bright back to you. darya. thank you, john. 6.49. and new this morning. prosecutors in russia.
6:50 am
>> asked to convict american basketball star brittney griner and give her 9 and a half years in prison. closing arguments were yesterday in her drug possession trial. griner was arrested, as you know, nearly 6 months ago. now at the moscow airport for having vape cartridges containing cannabis oil in her bags. the state department says that griner is being wrongfully detained and after the verdict, there's a possibility of a prisoner swap to get her back. meantime, the supply chain is still suffering. as we know, months after the peak of the pandemic in los angeles at the nation's busiest container port. there are concerns that things could get even worse because of more tension with china. nancy loo has the story. >> the vast majority of u.s. imports are coming here to southern california from china, the executive director here at the port of la tells news nation then increasing u.s. china. tensions are very
6:51 am
delicate situation. >> about 60% of all over imports into los angeles. begin in china. >> as executive director of the port of la jeans or rocha's help to navigate this key piece of the supply chain through some extreme turbulence. a covid shutdown and ongoing labor issues with truckers rail and dock workers. but now possible retaliatory trade fall out from house speaker nancy pelosi's visit to taiwan is looming. we count on china so much for the goods that we bring in parts and components for factories and what we buy at our stores. >> i think the concern is very low level from an industry perspective within the supply chain. but we'll watch this very closely. the concern is higher among others along the supply chain since china has already hit back at taiwan with bans on the import of some taiwanese food items last year, u.s. exports to china totaled more than 151 billion dollars. but chinese imports
6:52 am
to america topped half a trillion dollars. shiny controls a lot of that in for a supply chain that were so reliant upon. so. >> they've got a large stick to logistics expert kevin coombs says even a small swing could hurt american consumers. any type countermeasure from from china's part in relation to what's going on is not good. i think the supply chain in particular is a key indicator. a lot of that. >> china's foreign ministry is warning of countermeasures to come. but so far, no trade threats. >> the time now is 6.52. and we are following lots more news for you here on the kron. 4 morning news. so we don't want you to miss it. we'll be right back.
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6:55 am
>> man in the air. i like the flower. is there passing out drinks on a flight on hawaiian airlines. my god, would you have a heart attack? >> bumping into everybody. yeah. he can his own seeing. so he's actually on board this to promote is new. >> on an water brand which uses aluminum instead of plastic water bottles. so he's
6:56 am
getting out yeah, i'll take. i'll try that. everybody like usually you do want to drink like no. oh, yes, yes, stewart is or whatever. you know, flight attendant. i break the heat of race, the role. i appreciate this. i will buy the water now. >> to want to forget them. i'll look at the congrats for get them get the water like that's just a gift in itself to be able to cj some of all of that kind of cool. >> all right. the time now is 6.56. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, uc berkeley pauses construction plans for student housing because of protesters throwing a wrench into the project. and san jose police have arrested a man they think he was behind the pellet gun attacks that terrorized san jose. plus, the latest on the search for a killer who shot a person on a muni bus.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
>> now on the kron, 4 morning news, san francisco police looking for the gunman who shot and killed a passenger on a muni bus. and a former richmond police officer faces felony charges after being caught on camera using excessive force. plus, an update on the standoff over
7:00 am
people's park in berkeley. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> it's 7 o'clock on a thursday. i think it's time to rise and shine as the sun is up. i'm darya. yeah. certainly helps out. i'm john filling in for both rain and james. big ok? >> first shoe to drop as weather then we'll do traffic and then will be on with the news. exactly what's happening with the heat. so the heat definitely back today. today's the last ever ninety-degree inland days, though. so we can hold on to that. if you love the heat will then joy it. but if you don't love the heat, much nicer stuff to look forward to bay area. certainly a lot clearer than yesterday. look at this sunshine piercing into downtown san francisco making for a really nice morning. that will we care right up. radar shows much clear skies. and yesterday we had a couple of sprinkles near the north bay coast yesterday. that's long gone this morning. right now our temperatures range from the 50's near the coast, b


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