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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  August 4, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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don't leave yet. i see a plane taking off at sfo. the shouldn't be any holdups because it looks pretty nice out there better than yesterday, john. yes, definitely clear. then yesterday, daria, no clouds over sfo and not a lot of them sitting over coit tower in san francisco right now. either. >> a little bit of a breeze. is that cool? ocean air moderates, temperatures near the coastline inland areas. you are set for a hot afternoon, though, climbing into the 90's for a lot of her in the neighbors. brentwood, you're already at 77 redwood city, san mateo, san jose as well as pittsburgh livermore. dublin conquered already tapping into the 70's at 09:00am. this morning. most of us out of the 50's at this point back at least into the 60's. i'll be breaking down everything else as we approach the weekend. still to come back to daria. thanks a lot. we have breaking news in to kron. 4 wnba star brittney griner has just been sentenced to 9 years. >> in a russian prison, she was found guilty on drug charges as she'd been held for
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6 months, almost since she was arrested at the moscow airport for having vape cartridges with traces of cannabis oil. she did speak in court. she said that she had no intention of breaking the law and the state department has said they have every intention of trying to bring her back, that they're working on it. the u.s. government trying to do a prisoner swap. so now that the trial is over, we'll see if we can bring her home. developing news that we're following. the search is on for a gunman who shot and killed a passenger on a muni bus in san francisco. accomplished camila barco has the latest from san francisco with the investigation. >> yeah, daria bus ride that turned deadly. san francisco say 2 people were shot on a muni bus in the middle of the day yesterday. one person is expected to be okay. however, the second victim died shortly after being taken to the hospital. take a look. this is video from the scene not too long after the shooting happened. police. high crime
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tape wrapped around the bus and blocked off the streets as they investigated. the shooting happened just before 3.30, yesterday afternoon in the sunny dale neighborhood, officers rushed to glasgow avenue in santo street. that's where they found 2 people who had been shot on the muni bus from the looks of the video. it happened on a number 8 bayshore bus that was headed to fisherman's wharf. police say paramedics took the victims to the hospital. one had non-life-threatening injuries and the other person had life threatening injuries and later died at the hospital at this time. it is unclear what led up to the shooting and if the shooter is someone on the bus, someone who is a random person or if it was one of the victims. we have reached out to san francisco police to get more information. we're waiting to hear back now. this is the second shooting that has happened on a muni transportation service in the last month and a half. you're taking a look at the last one that happened back in late june at the castro station. police arrested. 26 year-old job on green. investigators allege that green shot and
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killed one man and hurt another person you need subway train. but as far as the latest muni shooting goes, daria, san francisco police have not released any details about a suspect. they say no arrests have been made. but the investigation is ongoing. as far as >> the muni service goes, well, many buses are back up and running. we have reached out to the agency to talk a little bit more about the violence that has been going on. >> on their transportation services. but once we know more well, we'll update you on air and online at kron 4 dot com. but for now, back to you. all right. thanks for that. camilla. >> and the south bay police think they've caught the pellet gun shooter who terrorized the streets of san jose for months. the man now faces several charges for injuring multiple people. conference or stinson is live in san jose with an update. sarah. >> gloria, that's right. they've made an arrest in this pellet gun shooting there. 7 victims, the youngest being 9 years old. let's take a look at who san jose police
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arrested and that is nicholas montoya is 38 years old from campbell. and he's been charged with 7 counts of assault with a deadly weapon and assault causing great bodily injury. montoya is accused of shooting lea lead pellets from high-powered rifle at 3 victims in 3 different locations. that was within a 45 minute period on june 10th. and that list of victims just kept on growing. that includes a 15 year-old girl who shot in the back with a pellet gun near valley fair mall. at first didn't know what happened. she told kron 4 that she thought was a small cut. but when she went to the doctors, they found a bullet in her lungs, which caused along to collapse. she got surgery and has recovered since police say they put a task force together to find the shooter and detectives discovered there are more pellet gun shooting victims bringing the total to 7 the victims were hit with high-velocity projectiles believed to be pellets. the victims range in age from 9 to 56 years old and 6 of the 7
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victims are girls or women. now police say it was montoya is unique car which led them to him. once they found montoya, issued a search warrant and that led to evidence against him. now this morning in about one hour from now, we'll hear from san jose police. they will tell us more about this investigation. more about montoya and the charges against him for now. do you send it back to you? all right. thanks for the update. sarah. >> it's not a 5. and an east bay protesters stopped bulldozers from rolling over people's park for now, uc berkeley has paused construction on its new student housing site because protesters, well, they started showing up early yesterday morning as we reported live here on the kron 4 morning news. police started clearing out the homeless encampment in the park and then throughout the day, as you can see, the demonstrations grew with people marching through the streets. advocacy groups say they want the park to stay open because of its historic nature and the role it played in the civil rights movement, multiple streets around the park are still close. you
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can't go into the park and cal berkeley said, you know, they got approval and this has been in the works for some time now because they are lacking student housing will tell you who wins this battle and how it turns out a richmond police officer is facing felony assault charges after he was caught on camera tazing and beating a man during a traffic stop kron four's gayle ong has the story. >> tough couple days, especially know the videos out reliving. will be okay. is talking about his client's all mendoza reliving the moment in this video. >> police body camera video capturing mendoza being tased and beaten by a former richmond police officer eric smidt junior back in april. officer smith's actions are unacceptable. >> this behavior deviated from our training and will not be tolerated. wednesday, richmond's police chief announcing smith juniors termination after an internal investigation.
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>> junior faces felony assault charges and outcome mendoza's lawyer says is appropriate. tip our to the contra costa >> district attorney's office for for a city are and also to richmond pd for pretty up and to officer according to police smith junior tried to pull over mendoza suspected of drunk driving. >> police say mendoza did not comply and got out of the car and walked away and do za let officers smith junior on a foot chase. then the situation escalated. >> moved to. i mean this and i want to see this is video of the former officer junior being featured in the richmond police video. a statement to kron 4 from smith juniors lawyer reads in part, quote. >> eric smith is a brilliant police officer. any great young man. it isn't easy dealing with a violent criminal element these days. the suspect was likely armed would one pistol which he discarded. it was entirely reasonable for young officer smith to believeche might have
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another mendoza's lawyers reaction to the statement to the fact that this year trains bringing charges. >> pretty clearly reflects that there was no reason for the about a that was used on and if not for the officer's body cam. you know, this probably would have never seen the light of day. we'd like to also reacting to the case bay area, civil rights attorney adante pointer. we'd like to see. >> other district attorneys, other district attorney offices. you know, do the same thing, which is there should be more prosecutions taking place against officers who violate the public trust. >> smith junior will be arraigned at a later date in contra costa county superior court gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> san francisco da from jenkins is getting tougher on drug dealers trying to stop the fentanyl problem. her plan would change the city's policy on plea offers in drug cases
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and harsher punishments to crawford says magoon has more. >> the war on drugs in large part was also focused on the users of drugs. and that is not what i'm announcing today today. it's about those who are selling drugs. >> at this press conference, san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins announced a new policy for holding drug dealers accountable. then to know dealers being the number one targets. because for the past year or more of the previous administration. did not. >> obtain a single, but in all sales conviction, despite as i said, 1500 overdose since 2020, the da's new drug policy includes a possession limit of 5 grams, a criminal charge enhancement for selling fentanyl within 1000 feet of a school and pre trial detention, extreme drug, dealing cases. the district attorney also revoked over 30 open plea offers by revoking these plea offers.
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>> i will be seeking felony charge. felony charges for them to plea to and some of these offers will now include jail time. normally rebel to say don't take this deal. according to the san francisco public defender's office, the average trial date is delayed over 174 days with 78 felony cases within the last 2 years. still waiting for a date in court. >> which public defender, mano rogers says is a violation of the constitutional rights to a speedy trial and motivation for some defendants to take that offer from the d a as opposed to waiting behind bars. >> which makes it much more difficult to encourage clients to not take deals and that leads to wrongful convictions which happened every single day in courts across this country. but it's even more likely to happen in this new year. you don't have a date certain for your jury trial. >> however, district attorney but jenkins remains focused on keeping our word to san francisco voters. i promised san francisco. that we would
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restore public safety. and that is what this new policy is intended to do in san francisco haaziq kron. 4 news. >> it's 9.10 and no monkeypox shots are going to be given out today at san francisco general. they've run out of vaccines. in fact, they ran out just 20 minutes after they started vaccinating people who had waited hours in line yesterday. so what about the 10,000 shots that san francisco said was on the way? well, they're not here yet. we'll keep you posted. and senator scott wiener of san francisco is going to be the chair of califoia's new senate select committee on monkeypox. the committee also includes 6 other states senators. the group is tasked with improving california's response to monkeypox. they plan to me with experts from different professions and community backgrounds to talk about what can be done long-term efforts to prevent outbreaks of contagious viruses. it's 9.11 and still ahead on the kron, g 4 morning news. >> oakland police want your
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help there. looking for these burglars who hit a number of shots in little saigon. what they know so far.
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♪ ♪ whether someone is across the neighborhood, across the street, or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome. >> 14 right now and take a peek at the weather and it is all clear, i think at the airport sfo and pretty much around the bay, john. yeah, nice and clear out there compared to yesterday, which is pretty great for a lot of spots. quite our sure does look nice under all that sunshine and not all smoky
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either. even though we do smoke from our fire burning up in northern california, that smoke has been sent out to the east and for the most part out of state. the mckinney fire is still growing rapidly, though. and if we do see a ceange in wind direction in the upcoming forecast, all that smoke direction could change. as for today, it's nothing but sunshine for us to see the abundance of monsoonal moisture resulting in thunderstorms down in the south eastern deserts of the state. now that will work its way up towards the sierra nevada today, resulting in the potential of thunderstorms this afternoon for mountain neighbors. meanwhile, back here at home, it's just the sunshine and the heat. it's back to the triple digits. we go across the central valley today. not so much for the bay area, though. our temperatures under sunshine will only peak in the 90's. still really warm. and that's only for our for this inland spots. 60's at the coast. a little bit of cloud cover on into tomorrow morning. some fog and mist along the coastline. tomorrow is set to be a cooler one overall. so today or last day with 90's tomorrow, we should
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be seeing most of those spots back down into the 80's. today's highs in san francisco, 60's and 70's 60's right along the coast and 70's and 80's along the bay shore. burlingame, 82 foster city, 83 woodside as well as cupertino saratoga campbell, those kettles in morgan hill in the low 90's while san jose 88 today fremont hayward through san leandro in the 80's 90's inland in the tri valley, in from danville, up to concord. well, oakland up to richmond in on over allay only in the 70's antioch vacaville. you're too hot spots again at 97. and 98. pretty warm from santa rosa to nevado at 86 degrees. each your lookahead shows temperatures inland falling into the 80's bayside areas remained pretty consistent in the 70's aside from our spots in the 80's south of oakland today, coastal areas remain consistent as well. only in the 60's as far as our bridges go, it's been a better day to cross the bay bridge. but you still have the backup there. it's a 14 minute drive across it. san mateo bridge, 13
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minute drive to get you across that 100. nothing but sunshine. richmond center fell below 10 minutes and definitely a little emptier than my last check with you. finally, the golden gate bridge not as foggy as yesterday, but you still have the gray overhead and a bit of a breeze as you make your crossing. daria, thanks a lot. john is 9.16 in national news. former white house counsel pat cipollone has been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury. >> investigating efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election. cipollone recently testified on capitol hill serving as a key witness and a separate investigation by the house january 6 committee, several media agencies report that he's conferring with his attorneys about appearing before the grand jury and dealing with the issue of executive privilege. the 21 year-old man charged in the 4th of july parade. mass shooting in illinois pleads not guilty to all 117 felony counts against him. 7 people were killed and dozens more injured when a gunman started
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shooting people randomly at the parade and there are the victims and their photos. the motive for the shootings is still unknown. but prosecutors say when police located and arrested robert crimo, he admitted to the parade shooting and said he was thinking about carrying out another attack in wisconsin. a city in southern california is considering becoming a sanctuary for life. essentially an abortion free zone in california, which is supporting abortion rights. the san clemente city council will discuss a resolution that states that the council considers life beginning at conception. that stands against planned parenthood. however, this resolution does provide exceptions for rape or incest. it's not clear how it might be enforced. planned parenthood groups in orange county are already mobilizing how is the pandemic shaping our next generation? dena blaire takes a look at how lockdowns masks and social distancing have affected our kids. >> so we're going to go over
9:19 am
our conversation. rules. >> at little steps in highland park, leaving your weekly speech sessions. sometimes he has a hard time understanding how to initiate a conversation listening. ears are on. we're listening to what our friends are saying next with occupational and physical therapy. 2 foot tall, one foot. yeah. they are at an l a make strides pre-covid. we did have those issues and not an ally has been therapy since she's been 2 and a half years old in the last 2 years since the pandemic, we've her a little bit >> more delayed. mayor now isn't working on those social language skills, so understanding other people's facial expressions, understanding other people's emotions. we weren't able to experience those normal interactions with kids and >> we weren't able to problem solve. we were on screens are we were just isolated. so that just caused a big delay. and i think from our little ones all
9:20 am
the way up in high school in a large ongoing study of child neurodevelopment researchers at brown university and rhode island hospital. >> some children born during the pandemic have significantly reduced verbal motor and overall cognitive performance compared to children born prepandemic every just kind of affected in their own way in babies. it might be establishing eye contact, joint attention, play skills or speaking first words for preschool and school-age children, articulation or speech sounds an expressive and receptive language skills may be impacted, including reading comprehension or the ability to express wants and needs older kids may experience deficit in social language skills. it's our ability to like have conversations. i understand people's facial expressions. i understand. others point of use. you just can't read your friends feeling. you know, your friend doesn't want to play right now. you know, maybe she's you just can't read what your friends.
9:21 am
>> facial you can see there. >> while masks can hinder facial cues speech therapist page see on seal a says isolation plays a critical role. we pick up so much from people's facial expressions. even our language too. >> so i think the pandemic played a big role in that for her harley feeling right now. now the 6 year-old is learning to express yourself before frustration sets in. it's not something to be embarrassed you when you see prior to a pandemic and then, you know, you have a pandemic and you see that progression >> you kind of say, you know what, we really need to help her through it. it's 9.21, coming up on the kron. 4 morning news. how is the new stores starting quarterback doing with the niners? trey lance will take a peek at his progress.
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>> taking on the angels in game 2 of the series. this is not not well of the game scoreless until the 4th inning. when sean murphy gets a hard shot past. david fletcher at second base. watch this. and incomes. ramon
9:25 am
lauriano the angels tied up the game in the 5th. but murphy comes to again in the 6. he has another homer, his 13th homer of the season and its way out to left and the a's beat the angels 3 to one. not a win, though, for the giants. they just can't seem to beat la the dodgers in san francisco and the giants fell behind early. they couldn't get any up. got the ball. couldn't get any offense going. >> and they lose again. this time was final of 3 to nothing. let's try to win the last one. today. first pitch is at 12. 45 at oracle. and then after that. >> the giants are going to play the a's in oakland for the 2nd half of the bay bridge series that gets underway on saturday. let's talk a little bit of football. trey lance continues to make progress. the team's starting quarterback had a couple of touchdown passes yesterday and the defense has taken notice. >> i think he is really doing
9:26 am
a great job of really taking hold of offense and leading those guys. you just see him growing as a leader. i you see him getting i'm encouraged by that and just want to keep encourage him understand. we're all in this together. >> and if you're more of a raiders fan, well, preseason football kicks off with the las vegas raiders taking on the jacksonville jaguars in the annual hall of fame game. so it's played in canton, ohio, home of the national football hall of fame. and then so that's 4 preseason games for the raiders. we've got 3. you can catch 3 of those right here on kron 4 starting august 14th. here's the schedule. we also have us pre-game and post-game specials. so check that out right here on kron. 4. and coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news. how can we prepare better for a heat wave, but maybe giving you notice of how long and hot it's going to be. there's a new system they're thinking about. we'll tell you about it when we come back.
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breztri was proven to reduce flare-ups by 52%. breztri won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. it is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition... ...or high blood pressure before taking it. don't take breztri more than prescribed. breztri may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling,... ...problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. can't afford your medication? astrazeneca may be able to help. if you have copd, ask your doctor about breztri. >> 9.29 and as we like say in past is going to be weak and hat. >> actually, it's not going to that. we i mean, if you compare to boston. >> yeah, no. boston has been
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90 so humidity just makes it worse. had a little bit of that muggy feel but nothing like the east coast. it's really nice out there today. enjoy this sunshine in. cool feel. well, we've got it because we've got one more day in the 90's inland and then a slight cool down into the weekend. even more of a cool down into early next week. we're sitting right now is with just a little bit of cloud cover at the coastline. the rest of the bay area, nothing but sun and under the sun shiny conditions. temperatures are wasting no time warming up. san mateo redwood city, san jose, dublin livermore, concord, just a few of our 70's, brent, with all the way up at 79 already a little on the cooler side for santa rosa, berkeley and san francisco still in the low 60's timber on one of our only spots in the upper 50's. i've got the rest of your forecast. still to come back to you darya. it's 9.30 in the east bay. oakland. police are trying to track down a group of burglars who broke into a number of shops in little saigon. >> they targeted a strip mall on international boulevard proffer. dan thorn has more.
9:31 am
>> in just under 2 hours, this group of burglars hit every shop at international plaza in oakland. the coin machine at this laundromat ransacked early monday morning. the thieves also broke in through the ceiling at vietnamese restaurant via nj jus shop. >> mad all the emotions. >> simon loose as the burglars only made off with some change, but the damage and having to close the restaurant for repairs has been costly. but is really bothers me. >> without repaired. i can open for business and every day i'm not open was the video from the laundromat goes on to show the burglars handing off bags of stolen money. >> in a separate video, one of those bags is seen being dropped from the roof and exploding coins onto the sidewalk. the burglars are then captured walking through an alleyway. well, a homeless man stands by one of the
9:32 am
masked men gives them an some of the stolen money. the laundromat owner who did not want to talk on camera says crime in little saigon is getting out of hand. lou agrees more both in line when oakland police introduced officer when as little saigon as liaison officer last week, it follows band's from the neighborhood for a crackdown on crime. investigators say at least 5 people seen in these vehicles are being sought in connection with the strip mall. burglaries reporting in oakland, dan thorn kron. 4 >> another rolex watch was stolen in the east bay happened saturday night in walnut creek. man was held at gunpoint and he had his watch taken from him in the parking lot of the bounty hunter restaurant. witnesses saw 3 people arrive in the guy. and this is just the most recent in a string of rolex robberies all around the bay last month. and walnut creek was robbed of his rolex, a gunpoint, his
9:33 am
driveway and our robbers stole a man's role like outside a trader. joe's in danville, san francisco. police say they're investigating more than 2 dozen high value watch robberies since the start of the year. think or i mean, if it's not real rolex know you never know. vesta gators, thank san francisco as the organized crime ring going on. this trying to hit, you know, these high-end watches, resell them in the south bay. san jose police arrested a man they think is responsible for killing another man and setting the car on fire. officers got a call about a vehicle fire in the area of pomona avenue and barnard avenue on sunday morning. and that's where they found the car burn and the man's body inside during the investigation. they arrested march and cabrera at a homeless encampment on the same day. investigators don't know the motive at this point. the victim's name has not yet been released. it is san jose's 20th homicide of the year. but then on the hospital gives families an update after patient transfers were put on
9:34 am
hold. the hospital was ordered to shut down and move patients because of health care violations. kron four's ella sogomonian has the details. >> 4 people have died since being forced to transfer out of a city-run facility called laguna honda hospital in san francisco. >> they were part of a group who believed they had to go after the centers for medicare and medicaid services decertified the nursing home for poor care. now transfers are on pause, but no one knows for how long attorneys with the berkeley based nonprofit california advocates for nursing home reform insisted safer for the hospital to stay open and instead to focus on improving care, they hosted a virtual town hall wednesday. >> to educate the nursing home residents on their rights that are also protected under tenant laws, both at the federal and state level. there's nursing home specific rules. >> the facilities have to comply with in rights that are given to the residents to ensure that they >> control to some extent of the where they go, but
9:35 am
ultimately where they go is safe and appropriate. matthew reed and has lived there for 7 years and says he's staying put. >> until something better is presented but redone explains. he is one of a few of the 600 residents who understands his rights. >> that he can legally stay as long as he likes. >> that was ella sogomonian reporting for us this morning. it's 9.35. right now and other news that we're following this morning. zoe has just become the world's first named heat wave. >> and on the same day that seville, spain implemented this new heat wave naming system. california is considering a heatwave warning system to 8 on wallace takes a look. >> let me tell you, we are certainly feeling the heat here in sacramento annow members of the legislature hope california is prepared for many, many more hot days to wrote 20 s and her kids enjoyed a stroll to capitol park, but they could only be outside for so long due to the extreme hot temperatures. it's
9:36 am
pretty warm. we tried to come out here about 10, 30 thinking. we're going to avoid some of the heat. >> we are still in it. it's part of a trend. she says she's noticed more and more as of late. feel like last year was definitely as the state continues to experience. sizzling days, these lawmakers say more action is needed to save lives. assembly member loses the loss of the san fernando valley is behind a bill that would create a heat ranking similar to how scientists ranked the dangers of hurricanes before they strike. >> the system will provide a number rating system for heat waves before they strike. if we are warned ahead of time and we know what to do based on what category heat wave is coming our way then people like that live in our district. second, the san fernando valley, southeast la, the central valley all over california. >> can be better something member walking around below of fresno, who also is a medical doctor, says if more is not done, the health of vulnerable populations, including the
9:37 am
elderly and those in underserved communities. >> could be at risk. i don't believe this problem is getting any better and because of climate change, it's important for us. >> to make sure that we comes up with solutions going forward. >> he also put forth his own bill that would look into how exceptional heat impacts pregnancies that they think they do that. as this mother says she has taken precautions. lots of sunscreen. let avoid sunburns and >> want to just make sure. like i said, we stay very hydrated. keep safe. >> and the bill still need approval from the senate appropriations committee. then they must pass both houses of the legislature and only then will they reach the governor's desk reporting here at the california state tom wallace kron 4 news. >> hey, guess what? you go see the mariposa grove of giant sequoias yosemite. now again, the grove is reopening and the shuttles are rolling. now the firefighters have the washburn fire 100% contained more than 4800 acres burned. that rainbow, you never know if you see that. but this doesn't
9:38 am
mean everything is open. the washburn the western portion of the perimeter trail and the trail from the mayor of post grove towards will wanna those are still closed and off limits. but my gosh, there's plenty for you to see 9.37. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news will house speaker nancy pelosi's visit to taiwan impact the u.s. supply chain? we'll take a closer look and local fire agencies are helping to battle the mckinney fire. we'll have the latest on why a south bay department says it's very important to help out.
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only from gold bond. and i swear it seems like everybody has covid again, right and again and again that there are 4 places in california listed as low risk for covid those counties. sierra county, nevada county, alpine county and mono county and all of them border, the state of nevada. the cdc considers the county's hospitalization rate and the number of hospital beds being used by covid patients. and in those counties, it a low risk or you can get a medium or high ranking. there's an updated list that's expected later today. so kron 4 will keep you posted. also, we're going to keep you posted about new rules from the cdc on quarantine. now, this is that if you have covid, but if you've been exposed to somebody has covid. the plan
9:42 am
says that people who are sick, you should still isolate. but if you've been exposed, that's going to change. also, the cdc expected to d emphasize regular screening for covid in schools as a way to monitor this spread. these things are always changing. so we'll keep you posted. go to kron 4 dot com to. we'll be right back. for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27?
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they area firefighters are part of an army of crews trying to put out the mckinney fire before it kills anybody else. 4 people have already died in the flames in siskiyou county kron four's. justin campbell has the latest over the course of 4 days. thousands of acres in siskiyou county. now look like something out of the apocalypse. >> the entire mountainside rich with burning trees. daytime looks like nighttime from heavy smoke. mandatory evacuations are still in place as cal fire works to contain the flames. 10 helicopters, dozens of dover's and more than 1300 pairs of boots on the ground, including prepared to respond to emergencies. a crew from here in san jose. there are occasions such as these large wildfires where >> we really need to rely on other agencies to come to our aid for department spokesperson erica ray says 25
9:46 am
firefighters were sent from san jose along with 5 fire trucks and one suv for the battalion chief. >> they will be joined by firefighters from san francisco, santa rosa and alameda county. all 3 working to bring california's largest wildfire of the season to contain reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> but rising from the ashes. look at this puppy. everything's bird out. look at the car. somehow he survived. his name is patches and he was found in the rubble on saturday by a photojournalist who is looking at the damage. and then there's this puppy. look, she took him back to the car game, some water. >> and a little blanket the and he settled right in. can you believe it? and then they took him to a rescue center and he was reunited with his owner, how he made it through miracle. looking at it right dry and, you know, dogs, they can freak out and run and you don't know how he got separated, but just amazing that he survived and he just looks so happy to see people to get some water, probably
9:47 am
mostly hit. >> glad that i'm patches is back in safe hands this morning that will make anything feel better this thursday morning. but a little helping out with the sunshine to that certainly doesn't hurt. yesterday was so great to start the day for a lot of us. san jose are right back to the sunshine. we are seeing smoke from the mckinney fire pushing to the east mostly out of state. so we've had minimal impacts here in the bay area. it's going to really well for actually enjoying the day today. look at what's going on in southeastern california. out in the eastern deserts. we do have monsoonal moisture firing up thunderstorms already. that potential will stretch all the way into the sierra nevada today, but not for the bay area. today is set to be a nice and calm one for us a bit breezy at times as that cool coastal air tries to make its way out through the carquinez at least having that cooling impact for a few of us. it will be hot inland, though, with triple digit heat for the central valley and some 90's for our inland valleys right here at home. futurecast shows today sunshine. we will have a few
9:48 am
passing clouds tomorrow morning. likely increase dose of fog and marine layer, maybe even some drizzly spots. and we will see later burn off of that fog. as for tomorrow's daytime highs, not quite as hot as today so we can work our way in the right direction. as far as temperatures less hot continually through the forecast by the start of next week, it's low 80's at our warmest for most spots. as for today, 60's and 70's for san francisco 60's right along the coastline, 70's to 80's along the bay shore today. definitely a warm one along the bayshore compared to what we're used to anyway. so if you don't have that ac, get yourself to a cooler spot. campbell cupertino, morgan hill, los gatos among spots in the south bay in the low 90's in mid to even upper 90's for some spots like the tri valley, concord and walnut creek, oakland, richmond, over allay among our most comfortable only in the 70's. well, antioch in vacaville, among our hottest at 97 98 santa rosa through nevado each 86. here's a look ahead. temperatures today are very hottest after this. still some
9:49 am
upper 80's inland, but low 80's by next monday and tuesday, bayside cities in the 70's pretty consistently, especially for oakland enrichment spots like that coastal areas not leave in the 60's. in this forecast, a look outside at the bay bridge. it is still a busy one as people try to make their crossing. but that back up through the toll plaza is lessening and lots of sunshine will make any sort of wait, feel just a little better. san mateo bridge. it's a 13 minute all across it. and looking at those same clear skies. >> richmond center fell is moving along just fine below 10 minutes to get you across it. and the golden gate bridge. it's definitely gray out there at the golden gate. 20 minutes novato down to the toll plaza. daria. >> thanks a lot, john. it's 9.49. and the question is, is the supply chain going to suffer now? the pandemic is over, but in los angeles are keeping an eye. it's the busiest container port in their concerns that nancy pelosi is recent visit to taiwan and the tension with china could make things worse.
9:50 am
nancy loo has the story. the are coming here to southern california from china, the executive director here at the port of la tells news nation. >> then increasing u.s. china. tensions are very delicate situation. >> about 60% of all over imports into los angeles begin in china as executive director of the port of la jeans or rocha's help to navigate this key piece of the supply chain through some extreme turbulence. a covid shutdown and ongoing labor issues with truckers rail and dock workers. >> but now possible retaliatory trade fall out from house speaker nancy pelosi's visit to taiwan is looming. we count on china so much for the goods that we bring in parts and components for factories and what we buy at our stores. i think the concern is very low level from an industry perspective within the supply chain. but we'll watch this very closely. the concern is higher among others along the supply chain since
9:51 am
china has already hit back at taiwan with bans on the import of some taiwanese food items last year, u.s. exports to china totaled more than 151 billion dollars. but chinese imports to america topped half a trillion dollars. shiny controls a lot of him for a supply chain that was so reliant upon. so. >> they've got a large stick to logistics expert kevin coombs says even a small swing could hurt american consumers. any type countermeasure from from china's part in relation to what's going on is not good. i think the supply chain in particular is a key indicator. a lot of that. >> china's foreign ministry is warning of countermeasures to come. but so far, no trade threats. that was nancy loo reporting. and there's been no mention of trade, but both sides are well aware that the u.s. imports more than 3 times the amount of goods. >> then which exported to china. it's 9.51. will be right back.
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you go by lots of titles. veteran, son, dad.
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-it's time to get up. -no. hair stylist and cheerleader. so adding a “student” title might feel overwhelming. but what if a school could be there for all of you? career, family, finances and mental health. it's coming along. well, it can. national university, supporting the whole you. >> the morning news is almost over, but let's go to the newsroom and see what's up with olivia horton and live in the bay today. high livia. >> hi, darya. good morning. it is thursday which means we have an amazing lineup on today. show. it's national chocolate chip cookies. day
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everybody. and we're celebrating in a guilt-free way. healthy swap outs that won't sacrifice this week. then the summer's not over yet. everyone from grilling outdoors for the family to cooling off from the heat. best reviews is back in studio, sharing their top products. plus, looking to get out and cool off by the water. how about checking out jack london square this weekend. we have all the details on the upcoming events. speaking of events outside lands music festival and arts kicks off tomorrow and we want to hear from you in our question of the day. so scan that qr code because we want to know what's been your favorite concert. musical experience. just go ahead and send in your answer. and it could be read today on the show live at one date myself. bruce franks saying ha ha, i don't think to you because everybody is a bruce springsteen fan, right loss. all right. thank you, olivia. thanks, guys. that's fun and outside lands while this weekend. that's going to be great. also, another thing you can do is go did all the
9:56 am
national parks in the whole country for free. >> the park service is celebrating the great american outdoors act which guarantees permanent funding for the land and water conservation fund. so that means you can get free admission to any place and that just a big parks like you're 70, but even national monuments like that are closer to home near woods is free. but, you know, this does not cover fees like for camping or special tours or anything like that. we've got a whole list of the participating park should go for free on kron 4 dot com. >> man takes flight and becomes a flight attendant. well, he's actually just most handing out water because he's got this new water brand and its called manalo and it uses aluminum instead of plastic. plus, he gave away in conjunction with hawaiian
9:57 am
airlines 10,000 free miles. check this out. the best energy ever. i'll >> wouldn't think he play that ended but that he is perfect and the weather is going to be perfect today. we'll see you back here tomorrow. yeah, we'll see right here. same place. all right. see later, good day.
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