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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  August 4, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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week they've distributed more than 600,000 doses across the country and are now able to perform as many as 80,000 tests per week. white house has been criticized for responding too slowly to the monkeypox outbreak. local doctors hope today's announcement from the white house will get critical resources out faster to those most at risk. >> we need to make it easier to roll this out to the people who need them most, which is that at msm population and trans people have with men until this is it's probably going to bleed over into the general population and time is of the essence. time is ticking. the longer we wait, the more and more expensive. it's going to be not only in terms of dollars, but in terms of emotional scars. >> monkeypox spreads through skin to skin contact, including hugging and kissing, sharing bedding towels and clothing. people have gotten sick so far been mostly men was who are intimate with
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other men. but health officials emphasize the virus can infect anyone. the entire bay area is dealing with the shortage of monkeypox vaccine. and in san mateo county, no vaccination clinics at all comports. and current reports on the struggle in that county. >> limited numbers of vaccine has led to long lines and a handful of san francisco monkeypox clinics. >> and san mateo county, there are no monkeypox clinics at all. i'm sure santa county can set up their own clinic say they did it for covid-19 and you're getting up to that patrick is and lives in san mateo county. he says he can't get through to the public health department and staff members of this county supervisor's office have told him to go wait in line in san francisco because san mateo county is sending its vaccine down their game are being pushed off the side, at least in san mateo county, which which i find very concerning. >> it reminds me very much of the age, a pandemic when that first started and how we were ignored. we recognize that
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we're in an evolving situation that's really challenging and sympathize with the questions and the concerns are working toward. >> having the opportunity to get information from that. mark mellman is the director of public health policy and planning for the san mateo county public health department. >> he says vaccine doses are being sent to san francisco because they believe many of their at risk residents seek health care there. he also says some of the vaccine has been doled out to major health care systems in the county. but he knows more needs to be done. we are working on having an opportunity through our website for people to indicate their interest to filling out a short survey. >> and so that identifying them as individuals at so that we are able to then contact them as vaccine becomes available and again, yes, if they indicate through that process that they're connected with health care provider has the vaccine will try and help make that and if not, then we
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will work on setting up some clinics that can get the vaccine to folks that don't have that pathway, patrick hope. san mateo county changes that system quickly. it seems the county needs to get in front of this do have more doses. let's give these doses out. and if there's extra. >> you know what? that's great. invite people from san francisco to come down. san mateo county, dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> due to a limited supply of vaccine. the monkeypox clinic at san francisco general is closed for walk-ins for the rest of the week. it did not accept walk-ins today, though the state has earmarked more than 10,000 new doses for san francisco. it is unclear when the doses will arrive. now, city health officials are thinking about requesting a different smallpox vaccine that is called a camp 2000 vaccine. that is a smallpox vaccine, which was approved back in 2007. there are 100 million doses stored right
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now in the national stockpile. we've learned california has requested some of those doses, but it's not clear yet whether those doses will be put to use. and santa clara county just received a monkeypox vaccines from the state. it comes from the federal stockpile. the county's health officials say the vaccine supply remains low and more doses are needed in order to combat this outbreak. the cdc reports are more than 800 confirmed monkeypox cases here in california. >> now some lawmakers in sacramento are calling on the state's do more. our capitol bureau reporter 8 on wallace talked with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle about action they say is needed to slow the spread. >> it was only 3 days ago. governor gavin newsom declared a state of emergency over monkeypox in california. something he says will free up resources and money to help fight the disease. but here at the legislature, some say that's just a start. it's an
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important stop. an important step is how senator scott wiener describes the governor state of emergency declaration over monkeypox. it opens doors for more. >> efficient testing and vaccination and just allows us to be more nimble. he says it will allow the state to dedicate more funding to slow the spread of the viral disease. >> that often present with flu-like symptoms, rashes and skin lesions to take steps. but the san francisco democrat says more must be done. he sent the governor this letter calling on newsom to green light in emergency budget allocation of 38 and a half million dollars funding wiener says would directly assist the fight against monkeypox on a local level to support county. >> public health departments which are responsible for expanding testing vaccination and community outreach. we need to make sure the counties but their public health departments have the support that they need. it comes as we are set to chair a brand new monkeypox select committee serving on it with him. republican senator rosalie see a road show a boat. in a statement she said the committee will work to protect
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communities through education, uniform guidelines and that has doctors stress. there are ways to guard against the virus the way you can protect yourself. >> is making sure that the people who you are very close to that if they have a rash, then you might want to opt out of being very close to them. and if people have rashes, they want to make sure to see their healthcare provider, get that diagnosed and limit interaction with other so that they don't transmit to others. and members of the monkeypox select committee will hold their first meeting next tuesday reporting at the california state tom wallace kron 4 news. >> we are following a developing story out of bloomington, minnesota, the famed mall of america was under lockdown as of a couple of hours ago as police responded to a shooting there. police say they're still looking for a gunman. no victims have been found so fao. video shows says you can see here large police presence officers with guns out inside the mall. again, the mall has been evacuated. it is closed
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for the evening. even though the lockdown is over, we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. >> the family of alexis, gabe is sharing new details about the 24 year olds disappearance and presumed murder. the oakland woman has been missing since january. investigators believe that she was killed by her ex-boyfriend who was later killed during a confrontation with police forcefully. chagall takes a look at key points in the timeline of this case. >> antioch police detective john recently wrote alexis gabe's family a letter which they are making public. it details how investigators tracked this case for more than 4 months from the night. a lexus banished to the day the man believed to have killed her was shot and killed by police. her ex-boyfriend, marshall jones on january, 26th gas station surveillance video shows a lexus making her way to jones's home in antioch, the forensic download of her car and cell phone data shows she was in the area of
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his home at 6.37. that night, though, there is no video of her arriving or ever leaving about 2 and a half hours after her car parked jones began a nearly two-hour phone call with his father, though police do not believe the 2 remained on the line with each other or that jones was with the phone the whole time. 4 minutes later, alexa says car turned on and began moving her phone was tracking with it. detective john notes historical data shows a lexus drove a specific way from any act to her home in oakley, with no deviations until this trip. the car parked in oakley about 12 minutes after leaving antioch. the driver exited the vehicle alone. with the lexus is phone. about 8 minutes later, the phone was turned off the drivers then tracked on surveillance videos walking from oakley to antioch, again, believed to be jones. investigators say when jones got back home before midnight, he wrote a lexus a text message asking if she made it home following an outgoing
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unanswered phone call the next morning. alexa says mom called jones asking if he saw her the night before he said yes. and later texted saying she left his house at around 9 o'clock. oakley police opened a missing persons investigation less than 4 hours later the next npday, january 28th jones gave oakley police consent to search his house except the master and spare bedrooms. he also turned his phone over to police for forensic download less than 2 hours later, detective john states in the letter. but jones drove to his mother's house and unloaded several large, heavy garbage bags into the backyard or garage later that night. gps tracking and surveillance footage puts jones in the area of pioneer in amador county. investigators eventually shared with the public that a handwritten note believed to have been written by jones provided directions on where to dispose of the body on
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february. first, when police say jones was seen staying at his mother's house with a gun, investigators executed a search warrant of marshall jones's home and found traces of blood later found to have alexa says dna. the shower curtains in jones's bathroom were also missing. the next day, jones flew alone to washington to stay with his father in the ensuing 4 months. antioch and oakley police executed a search warrant that jones's sister's home in vacaville and conducted air and ground searches in pioneer in antioch, alexa says cell phone case was discovered by a search volunteer which had both alexa says and jones is dna on may. 19th jones's mother was arrested for aiding and abetting but she was released after no charges were filed less than 2 weeks later on june. first, jones was killed by police in washington after they say he lunged at officers with a knife. time to this day. alexis's body has not >> police are convinced she
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was murdered. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> san jose police say they arrested a man who they believe shot several people at random with a pellet gun. the youngest victim is just 9 years old. 38 year-old nicholas montoya of campbell has been charged with 7 counts of assault with a deadly weapon saw assault causing great bodily injury. montoya is accused of shooting pellets from a rifle at 7 victims in different locations. in the past few months, 6 of the 7 victims are girls or women. they include a 15 year-old girl who was shot in the back with a pellet gun near valley fair mall. the projectile caused her lung to collapse. she has since recovered after having surgery. police say was montoya's unique car that led them to find him. air rifles had. optics on them. so they had scopes. these were not they were our biggest fear as our task force. >> that was lee in our salt in
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it was that this person was going to square, had chalk on somebody and killed him. these were very serious wounds and that we can't. begin to know what was in this person's head. he targeted specific individuals he'll obviously have his day in court but 7 different times, he was very calculated and how he carried out these attacks. >> and toy is being held without bail. he faces up to 21 years in prison if he's convicted. in the east bay. a former richmond police officers been bailed out of jail. that happened this afternoon. he was arrested after the department fired him for beating a man with a taser. we want to show this is an update to a story we first brought you yesterday and we do want remind you that the video connected to this case is rather graphic. eric smith junior was seen on the surveillance video back in april beating a man with a taser after a traffic stop. richmond police department fired smith junior for using excessive force against a man on the ground. tonight he's
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being held again. he was being held on $60,000 bail. he has since bailed out. >> coming up on kron, 4 news at 6. the very latest on the fast-moving brush fire threatening structures in martinez. several agencies launching an all-out assault to keep those flames from spreading. >> a beloved jazz club is closing its stores in the city. how the local music community is coming together. >> and i'll have the very latest on current conditions with chaco fire and also what to expect for the end your workweek forecast in just a workweek forecast in just a fe you said you'd never get a dog. you said you'd never do a lot of things. but you never knew all the things a dog could do for you. and with resolve you never have to worry about the mess. love the love, resolve the mess.
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>> in san francisco, a popular jazz bar in the haight ashbury neighborhood is closing the owner of club to look sent a letter to musicians about the closure saying the rent is just kron four's. rob nesbitt talked with some of those musicians and regulars about closure. he joins us now live with more on what they're doing to try to help out rob. >> can i see multiple posts online from people who are upset about the club closing. i've received several phone calls from people who want to help. clearly this club has had an impact. walk through these doors any given night of the week and you'll find the sounds of jazz. i probably brett young who has become a regular club deluxe since moving to san francisco. >> but that has this kind of feel as soon as you walk in the door, it's almost like stepping back in time to another era when this music was, you know, commonly found
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musicians have been playing the haight ashbury venue since it opened in 1989, you can find tenor, saxophone and clarinet is cameron ortiz playing there a few times a month giving all you can and people like giving it right back with energetically. just like feel like everybody's like, oh, man. this is they just feel really good. his book to play friday night. but that could be as last musicians received a letter from owner sarah wild. the club deluxe will be closing despite her best efforts. the owner says she's doing everything she can but can't afford to stay in the current space. kathy lemond is a regular performer with her touring blues band. the lucky losers. >> since moving to san francisco in 1987, she seen around 20 music venue, shutter their doors. we're losing our culture in san francisco is clear. >> it has to do with mets. in her letter. wild says she would like to move to lux to a new location to see it continue. in the meantime, lovers of the jazz club are doing what they can to keep it in haight-ashbury. it's really learning about that this
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morning. kerri young with san francisco heritage says the nonprofit that works to preserve the city's cultural identity is advocating for club deluxe to be added to the san francisco legacy. business registry run by the city's office of small business and legacy title against landlords incentives to extend affordable lee says merge be to legacy businesses lease for 10 years or more. >> and they can receive a grant in order to do so. >> whatever the future holds for club deluxe regulars hope san francisco stays in the address. frustrated to no get another fixture could be priced out. and when you take this away from the city. >> it's like you're carving out part of the city's soul and just throwing it into a dumpster. >> it's unclear when club deluxe plans on closing for good. i've reached out to the owner for comment but have not heard back reporting live in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thank you, rob. today president biden hosted a discussion on the democrats, new inflation reduction act. the president says he's going
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to be a landmark bill for green energy. >> this is going to thousands of good paying jobs. apprenticeship opportunities, manufacturing jobs clean construction projects short projects when project create hard, try place reduction mean, we're making the largest investment ever in clean energy. >> supporters of the bill say it will reduce inflation, encourage domestic production and lower the deficit. republicans say it's a tax increase on the middle class. west virginia, democrat senator joe manchin called those claims a, quote, outright lie. >> tonight, we are monitoring a brush fire that threatens an elementary school in martinez. firefighters say the pacheco fire is burning near at last month. s elementary school off a boulevard. so far that fire has burned fewer than 10 acres and crews now say it has been slowed significantly. structure protection has been successful. no evacuation is
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required. fire crews are asking people to continue to avoid the area, though. and fire crews are making progress on the mckinney fire burning in northern california. it is now 10% contained. flames have burned more than 57,000 acres near the oregon border in siskiyou county. 4 people have died. more than 100 homes have been destroyed about 1300 residents are still not allowed to go back to their homes. >>athe fire broke out last friday in the klamath national fars. firefighters are dealing with forest land left dry because of the drought. grayson rodriguez joins us now with what's going on out there. we had a lot of lightning strikes associated with this monsoonal flow. is that continuing or is that pretty much wrapping up? fortunately, drying out for the bay area. we're noticing that mugginess, though, out there right now. that's going to continue through friday. but the good news is that threat of thunderstorms not going to be an issue for our bay area forecast tonight into tomorrow. so >> right where that fire is burning. we're seeing cooler temperatures now that the sun
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is starting to set and that's increasing relative humidity, flirting with that 30th percentile range. but the one thing we need to watch out for are those gusty winds speeds because we could see gusts upwards of about 25 miles per hour right now. and in through tonight. but we will notice calmer conditions at and around midnight back into the single digits after midnight. so that certainly going to help out firefighters. but very dry conditions are latest drought monitor map showing severe drought still holding steady for most of the bay area. and temperatures today warmed up into the 90's for warmest inland valleys. mainly for those of you in the east cooling down significantly into the low 80's for concord in livermore, starting to see a little bit of that cool sea breeze influence out there right now with mid 60's along the san francisco peninsula coastline from downtown san francisco to half moon bay. but redwood city warm temperatures out there right now in the mid 80's with widespread 70's. for those of you in the north in cooler weather is expected for the end of your workweek forecast
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you don't know how much pressure you put on your septic system. but rid-x does. ask your dermatologist in a 21 month study, scientists proved that rid- x reduces up to 20% of waste build up every month. take the pressure off with rid-x. >> a texas jury has ordered conspiracy theorist alex jones to pay more than 4 million dollars in compensation to the parents of a 6 year-old boy
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who was killed in the 2012 sandy hook elementary school massacre. nearly 30 people. most of them children were killed. get for years. jones repeated public claims that the attack was a hoax. >> and that the parents and children are simply actors. the jury's decision marks the first time the conspiracy theorist has been held liable for his false claims. markie. martin has details on today's deliberation. >> it was especially concerned about the parents and it's it's 200% real nearly a decade after the sandy hook mass shooting stole the lives of 20 children and 6 teachers in newtown, connecticut, infowars host alex jones finally conceding in court. the tragedy did, in fact happen. why do you think was a conspiracy? i saw powerful forces politicized. >> i think we should consciously didn't want to believe that this was being blamed. >> collectively on jones also acknowledging he had
6:26 pm
historically raised false conspiracy claims about other heinous tragedies from the oklahoma city and boston marathon bombings to mass shootings in las vegas and parkland, florida following a week of evidence, witness testimony and 2 days with jones himself on the stand, the jury began deliberating thursday deciding how much money jones ost the parents of 6 year-old sandy hook victim jesse lewis 6 year-old son shot in the forehead in his first grade classroom. scarlett lewis and neil heslin asking the jury for 150 million dollars in actual damages saying jones portrayal of the massacre as a hoax and the parents as actors to his millions of followers made it impossible for them to heal from their child's murder when it stated that, yes, she that is an indication
6:27 pm
>> do i was blessed with some have for >> perhaps the biggest shocking twist of the trial came wednesday when it was revealed that jones attorneys have mistakenly sent the parents attorney the last 2 years worth of text messages from joan cell phone. and as of 2 days ago, it felt pretty clear in my possession. and that is how i know by sunday when you said you didn't have text message about saying courts in texas and connecticut have already found jones liable for defamation for spreading his conspiracy theories. >> that was markie. martin reporting tonight. coming up, donald trump junior and trump have testified in a civil tax fraud investigation. why the former president is accused of >> illegal financial dealings and wnba star brittney griner found guilty of drug possession in a russian court. the white house now pledging to find a way to try to bring her home. plus, the battle
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over the future of san francisco's laguna honda hospital continues. the city attorney's office now stepping in to sue the federal health department. details ahead.
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