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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 4, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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when fun time. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. you're going to do everything that we can. >> to end this outbreak now at 8, a public health emergency declared nationwide. president biden is ordering action has more than 7,000 americans test positive for monkeypox. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 8. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. today's declaration from president biden is meant to help make it easier for local health agencies to tap into federal money. >> kron four's catherine heenan joins us from the newsroom tonight with more on the effort to improve access to vaccines, treatment and
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testing catherine. yeah, that's what they're hoping for, pam. and can officials say? >> in just the past week they've distributed more than 600,000 doses of the monkeypox vaccine all across the country. and they say they're now able to perform as many as 80,000 tests every week. the white house, as you know, has been criticized for responding too slowly to monkeypox. local doctors say yes, they hope the announcement from the white house today. we'll get critical resources out faster to people who need them. most. >> we need to make it easier to roll this out to the people who need them most, which is that at msm population and trans people have with men until this is it's probably going to bleed over into the general population and time is of the essence. time is ticking. the longer we wait, the more and more expensive. it's going to be not only in terms of dollars, but in terms of emotional starts. >> with monkeypox now
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considered a public health emergency and the country. some lawmakers in sacramento are calling on the state to do more. california does have more than 800 confirmed cases more than a half of them are here in the bay area. senator scott wiener is set to chair a brand new monkeypox select committee. that appointment comes after he requested an emergency budget. a 38 and a half million dollars from the governor. wiener says the money would directly help in the fight against monkeypox. >> on a local level. to support county public health departments which are responsible perks than the testing vaccination and community outreach. we need to make sure the counties but their public health departments have the support that they need. >> members of the monkeypox select committee will have their first meeting next tuesday. monkeypox again spreads through skin to skin contact, including hugging, kissing, also, things like sharing bedding and towels, clothing. the people getting sick have mostly been game and
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so far. but health officials do emphasize the virus can affect just about anybody. ken and pam. all right, katherine, thank you for that. due to the limited supply of vaccine, the monkeypox clinic at san francisco general hospital. >> is closed for walk-ins for the rest of the week. it did not accept walk-ins today, either though the state has earmarked more than 10,000 new doses for san francisco. it's unclear when those will arrive. now, city health officials are thinking about requesting a different smallpox vaccine. it is called cam 2000 vaccine. that is a smallpox vaccine first approved back in 2007, there are 100 million doses stored right now in the national stockpile. we've learned california's requested some of those doses, but it's not clear yet if those doses will be put to use santa clara county just received 2154 monkeypox vaccines from the state today. it comes from the federal stockpile. the county's health officials say
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that vaccine supply remains low and more doses are needed to combat the outbreak. >> well, really, the entire bay area is dealing with a shortage of monkeypox vaccine. and in san mateo county, no vaccination clinics at all. kron four's dan kerman reports on the struggle on the peninsula. limited numbers of vaccine has led to long lines and a handful of san francisco monkeypox clinics and san mateo county. there are no monkeypox clinics at all. i'm sure santa county can set up their own clinic say they did it for covid-19 and you're getting up to that patrick is and lives in san mateo county. >> he says he can't get through to the public health department and staff members of this county supervisor's office have told him to go wait in line in san francisco because san mateo county is sending its vaccine down their game are being pushed off the side, at least in san mateo county, which which i find very concerning. >> it reminds me very much of the age, a pandemic when that first started and how we were
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ignored. >> we recognize that we're in an evolving situation that's really challenging and sympathize with the questions and the concerns are working toward having the opportunity to get information from that. mark mellman is the director of public health policy and planning for the san mateo county public health department. >> he says vaccine doses are being sent to san francisco because they believe many of their at risk residents seek health care there. he also says some of the vaccine has been doled out to major health care systems in the county. but he knows more needs to be done. we are working on having an opportunity through our website for people to indicate their interest to filling out a short survey. >> and so that identifying them as individuals at so that we are able to that contact them as vaccine becomes available and again, yes, if they indicate through that process that they're connected with health care providers has the vaccine will try and help
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make that connection. and if not, then we will work on setting up some clinics that can get the vaccine to folks that don't have that pathway, patrick hope. san mateo county changes that system quickly. it seems the county needs to get in front of this and say, hey, we do have our doses. let's give these doses out. and if there's extra. >> you know what? that's great. invite people from san francisco to come down. san mateo county, dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> coming up tonight at 8.30, tide year, the ceo of the san francisco aids foundation will join us to talk about this scaled up response to the monkeypox outbreak. and for the latest information on the disease, including a monkeypox case tracker and vaccination sites. you can scan the qr code on your screen. it will take you to our website for more information. right now. the berkeley city council was supposed to be considering whether to reinstate the discretionary use of tear gas asd pepper spray for cup crowd
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control. this comes on the heels of a protest at people's park that turned violent yesterday. but the mayor canceled tonight's council meeting at the last minute. kron four's terisa stasio has more. >> it was canceled because i don't believe that we should appeal are. current prohibition on the use of tear gas for crowd control situations. that is berkeley mayor jesse ever again on why thursday's meeting was quashed. that mayor explains the council was considering lifting the ban due to the need for more help. >> managing crowds such as in the case on wednesday as protesters clash with police at uc berkeley's new proposed development at people's park forms by the loudoun county sheriff's department. that because we have a ban on tear gas that they're not going to sen. >> personnel, it berkeley called joint. and that was concert. and the fact that people's park is in an urban environment
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>> is very likely that things could spill over onto city and we do not have enough police to effectively manage the situation. so we're going to need help. the mayor says since then, he has spoken with the alameda county sheriff who promise mutual aid, even with the ban. remember 2014 when there were a series of protests and solid a with the black lives matter movement and our police quite a bit of a tear gas. and one night ige it that just the impact it has public health and indiscriminately at impacting other people. and also, i think creates a chilling effect for people to engage in first amendment activity. 7 people were arrested during wednesday's protest and the development project is halted for now. uc berkeley spokesperson says school officials are trying to figure out the next phase need to assess. now we need to think about a different way forward. >> given the indisputable fact that we have some individuals in this community who are willing and able to engage in
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highly dangerous, violent, unlawful activity. >> as a means of expressing their opposition to a project that's meant to benefit the entire community. >> to reset stasio kron, 4 news. also in the east bay, a former richmond police officer has been bailed out of jail this afternoon. he was arrested after the department fired him for. >> beating a man with a taser. this is an update to a story we first brought you yesterday and we want to remind you, the video connected to this case is graphic in some instances. eric smith junior was seen on surveillance video. >> back in april, beating a man with a taser after a traffic stop the richmond police department fired smith junior for using excessive force against a man who was on the ground. >> former san francisco district attorney he says he will not run for reelection in november. he says he wants to focus on his family. he tweeted out his decision this morning. also expressed concern that some of the programs he created will end the current da, brooke jenkins will run in a special election
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in november to finish out shootings term. there will be a regular election for the position in november of 2023. fire crews are making progress on the mckinney fire burning in northern california. it is now 10% contained. flames have burned more than 57,000 acres near the oregon border in siskiyou county. >> 4 people have died and more than 100 homes have been destroyed. about 1300 residents are still not allowed to go back home. the fire broke out last friday in the klamath national forest. firefighters are dealing with cars land that's left drive because of the drought. now to our 4 zone forecast looking at the view from mount temple pilots and a brace of our biggest standing by with update on what's happening. weather their tenants have. yeah, let's take a look at current conditions where that mckinney fire is burning along the california oregon border. >> calm conditions now, but as you can see, pop-up thunderstorms to its south and east over susan built could
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bring pop-up thunderstorms throughout siskiyou county as early as tonight after midnight and then again tomorrow afternoon. fortunately temperatures ranging from mid 70's to mid 80's. so no red flag warnings or excessive heat warnings in effect there. but closer tos home in the bay area. tracking fog dust out there right now. still very dry conditions with their latest drought monitor map showing most of the bay area holding steady under severe drought conditions. but here's a look at that moisture. we're going to have one more day of that muggy, tropical feel but no threat of pop-up thunderstorms for your bay area. forecast temperatures out there right now about a 15 degree difference from our warmest inland valleys tour. coolest coastal cities, concord, 73 degrees, but pacific up to half moon bay and downtown san francisco currently in the low 60's. all have your full weekend forecast coming up because we're going to cool down starting friday lasting all weekend long. back to you. ken and pam, thank you. marie said today marks a year now since the dixie fire destroyed
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the town of greenville in plumas county. >> the dixie fire burned across 5 different counties in the sierra foothills. the fire was driven by bone, dry vegetation and 40 mile an hour gusts. >> well, that rage to the sierra nevada town more than 1000 structures were destroyed, including 547 homes. 69 structures were damaged. >> coming up tonight at 8, 8, months after her disappearance. alexis, gabe's family is sharing new details on what may have happened to the 24 year-old woman was a race to save laguna honda hospital in san francisco as hundreds of patients hang in the balance. but first, a beloved jazz club closing its stores. the response from patrons in san francisco.
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>> popular bar haight-ashbury is closing the owner of club deluxe. the jazz barr sent a letter to musicians about the closure saying the cost of rent is too high. and that is something a lot of people in the bay area can relate to kron four's. rob nesbitt talked with some of the musicians and the regulars about the shutdown plans reports on what they're trying to do to help. >> walk through these doors any given night of the week and you'll find the sounds of jazz. i probably brett young who has become a regular club deluxe since moving to san francisco. >> but that has this kind of feel as soon as you walk in the door, it's almost like stepping back in time to another era when this music
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you know, commonly found musicians have been playing the haight ashbury venue since it opened in 1989, you can find tenor, saxophone and clarinet is cameron ortiz playing there a few times a month giving all you can and people either like giving it right back with energetically. just like feel like everybody's like, oh, man. this is it just feels really good. his book to play friday night. but that could be as last musicians received a letter from owner sarah wild. the club deluxe will be closing despite her best efforts. the owner says she's doing everything she can but can't afford to stay in the current space. now to hear that there, that this might be their their last month. i'm i'm just devastated. and her letter wild says she would like to move to lux to a new location to see it continue. in the meantime, lovers of the jazz club are doing what they can to keep it in haight-ashbury. it's really sad to learn about that this morning. kerri young with san francisco heritage says the nonprofit that works to preserve the city's cultural identity is advocating for club deluxe to be added to the
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san francisco legacy. business registry run by the city's office of small business and legacy title against landlords incentives to extend affordable lee says merge be to legacy businesses lease for 10 years or more. >> and they can receive the grant in order to do so. >> whatever the future holds for club deluxe regulars hope san francisco stays in the address. frustrated to no get another fixture could be priced out. and when you take this away from the city. >> it's like you're carving out part of the city's soul and just throwing it into a dumpster. it's unclear when club deluxe will close for good. i've reached out to the owner for comment but have not heard back reporting in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> thers a new effort by san francisco city leaders to keep the doors open at laguna honda hospital. 2 lawsuits have now been filed against the federal government. >> they were filed against health and human services and the centers for medicare and medicaid services. the first lawsuit asks that federal funding for the hospital stay
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in place while the legal process plays out, the city could lose that money by mid september because of several procedural violations at the hospital. the second lawsuit asset patient transfers be stopped. that is a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of the patients. >> we know that laguna honda has challenges. we understand the need to make corrective action. and we've already implemented significant amounts of corrective action based on the recommendations of cms and what we know that we have to do. >> some patients have already been moved to other facilities. city officials say that 9 patients died after they were relocated. >> solano county's health department has confirmed the first human case of west nile virus in that county. health officials say the person is from vacaville and is currently recovering. west nile virus is transmitted to humans and animals through the bite of an infected mosquito. several bay area counties have
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reported finding more mosquitoes carrying west nile experts advise residents to drain standing water, make sure their doors and windows have tight-fitting screens to keep the mosquitoes out and use insect repellent to help keep mosquitoes from biting. all right. let's check on our 4 zone forecast on this thursday night. a beautiful picture of the golden gate bridge everybody pretty quiet out there. looks like nobody's coming into the city from rand. let's check in with a there, ken and yeah, let's take a look at temperatures today above average about 48 degrees above normal. >> downtown san francisco trying the floor with 70's. but 69 degrees when you should be in the mid 60's. >> but livermore about 8 degrees above average warming up to 93 degrees. so we're tracking fog dust out there right now. not just along golden gate bridge, but even the east bay shoreline as well. live look over berkeley. so very stubborn marine layer only going to become more widespread during the
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overnight hours. bringing us a round of drizzle fest during your overnight and early morning commute for friday. so just keep that in mind. traces amount of rain, but then a mix of sun and clouds and cooler temperatures for your friday afternoon. temperatures out there right now. still pleasant for those of you in san jose, concord and even and chuck in the low to mid 70's low 60's, but just barely for downtown san francisco in half moon bay with everything else in between and overnight lows tonight, going to stay on the mild side. mainly for those of you in san jose in antioch, staying in the mid 60's half moon bay, though, and even nevado at 57 degrees with high temperatures tomorrow. cooling down to exactly where we should be by early august standards, mid 60's for downtown san francisco. 72 degrees for oakland and mid 80's for conquered in livermore with santa rosa and san jose in the low 80's for your friday afternoon. and then cooler weather by sunday into monday with below average daytime highs. most of our inland valleys struggling to
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warm up into the low 80's. but great weather and not going to be as muggy as it was last weekend. so it's going to dry out. finally feeling cooler with some relief along the coast. okay. well, we know some people who might appreciate that forecast. the outside lands music festival is. >> returning this weekend for its 14th year golden gate park in san francisco. more than 200,000 people are expected to attend the three-day event. lot of people come for us. i again, brings us the word from event organizers and from the mayor. >> the final preparations are underway for outside lands 2022, which happens friday here at golden gate park in san francisco. this is going to be so exciting for san francisco. >> and i know that in a major city like san francisco, we have our challenges, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't take an opportunity. >> to have a good time. but having a good time come sect into keeping people safe for san francisco. mayor london breed. the ultimate goal is to keep people safe to make sure
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everyone's having a good time. sfpd deputy chief robert o'sullivan is in charge of outside lands. join public we will have a full and very visible complement of police all 3 days for the 72 hours for this event, both on the interior and the exterior. if you are planning on packing a bag to bring with you for the day. >> keep this in mind. if you're coming in to bring a backpack, please bring clear bags. we've had this policy for several years. >> and that is important. you'll be turned away. your bag will be turned away if you don't bring a clear bag. there is no mask requirement to enter the music but again, we want people to understand that covid and monkeypox are still. >> issues that are out there and the department of public health at this time does not believe that events like this should not continue as a result this year. it is anticipated that outside lands will generate over 71 million dollars for the local economy, including showcasing bay area
8:23 pm
food vendors and wineries. >> and lot of local it's not every festival has green day this year. >> we have this year which are really excited about. >> the mayor and event organizers strongly recommend taking public transportation or ride share. if you do dry, they advise that you do not leave anything valuable in your car and that you do not block any driveways. there will be tow trucks everywhere and we will respond accordingly in francisco housing read you from 4 news. >> still ahead tonight at 8, a car slams into a store near lake tahoe. the crash, as you see caught on camera, jobless claims are up. mortgage rates are down. we're going to tell you by how much after this.
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>> u.s. jobless claims approaching their highest level since november applications increased to 260,000 last week. that is up 6,000 from the previous week. the four-week average for filings rose to almost 255,000. overall, the number of americans who collected benefits for the week that ended july 23rd increased to a little more than 1.0. 4 million tomorrow. the department of labor's expected to release its jobs report for the month of july. mortgage rates, though, fell below 5%
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for the first time since april. the relief to homebuyers comes after rates were as high at were at a 13 year high of 5.8% back in june. higher rates crushed homebuyer confidence sales of previously owned homes have been on a downward trend since january. more over a survey from the mortgage bankers association shows that purchase activity among homebuyers is 16% lower compared to this time last year. >> coming up next tonight on kron, 4 news at a monkeypox now, a public health emergency in america and the ceo of that san francisco aids foundation joins us live to discuss. plus, another message from gavin newsom to state a state center outlawing abortion. the governor hopes to draw business from those states here to california, an antioch police released details on new evidence tied to the disappearance of an oakley woman. alexis a public health
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emergency declared for the country. the city of san francisco in the state of california offer monkeypox virus is spreading fast. and right now the lgbtq community has the highest number of cases a mere is the ceo of the san francisco aids foundation. he >> joins us to talk about the response so far. thank you for your time. let's start with the fact that you have been expressing frustration, sense this outbreak occurred about the lack of vaccine, the lack
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of response outreach on and on and on. so how are you feeling now about the federal declaration? >> now, this is very much a moment of mixed emotion. i think a federal declaration is something we've been asking for for a number weeks. this will help bring more awareness to the issue and hopefully provide more resources for more swift and effective response. with that in mind, it is infuriating that it is taking this long. the data has been the writing on the wall for weeks, if not months, stating back to late may early june, we could have foreseen this very preventable wide spread monkeypox across the country. and we have done very little from the federal response to prepare for the situation that we're now. and here in san francisco jam. any thoughts on why that is why it took so long >> you know, there are many
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thought about. >> the delay in naming a federal emergency. one reason that we have heard is that because monkeypox is not fatal. there was cops that we should not declare this level of emergency. but while it is not, they don't. that is true. what can't speak overstated is that there is extreme distress, anxiety, fear and very real pain that members of the lgbtq+ community have been going through and there will be very long lasting consequences for the failure that has been the inability to respond quickly to this outbreak. yeah, that's what i want to ask you. what you're hearing from patients about those who have exposure to. >> monkeypox. so we're hearing that it's a skin to skin contact is the primary transmission method. but also that respiratory drops or even on betting in clothes and things like that might lead to transmission. so it seems that medical officials are still trying to figure this out. but
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what are you hearing from the patients who actually experienced this about the symptoms of pain and whatnot? >> and we started a monkeypox hotline many weeks ago. harking back to the very first program of san francisco aids foundation. we came together as a community to answer questions and many of those questions concerns and fears that are coming in are folks that have symptoms and don't know where to go on to get access to treatments or feel that they may have been exposed and don't know how to access testing. this is for folks who have been confirmed with monkeypox, both a painful experience, one that can leave lasting scars and one that has caused emotional distress that will remain with the community for quite some time. >> they talk about the similarities and differences was aids, hiv and monkeypox because you are with the aids foundation aids and hiv are still with us. but certainly doesn't have the devastating effects. and it did back in
8:34 pm
the 80's when it was claiming so many lives, particularly here in the bay area monkeypox is not fatal. but again, it's seems to be prevalent among men, particularly even though can affect anybody. but it's not fatal. so are talk about that as being part of the aids foundation and being involved with monkeypox. is it is it primarily right now gase are suffering the most because of this. >> you know, in 1982 san francisco aids foundation 40 years ago this year formed in a moment of public health crisis. and it was a community of folks mainly men and their allies that have to come together in a moment resilience to fight for the access that they needed and deserved. when the federal government failed them. in response, san franciscans were abandoned to respond to the hiv epidemic and we had to fight every day to ensure that people could live and try to make it to this day where 40 years later we are able to be
8:35 pm
in a place where we may see 0 new infections. it it deserves its own story line. it is a stain on american history in a way that the government did not respond. but what is similar is this moment where there has been a lack of swift action, a lack of urgency in responding to this crisis and many of us believe that it is because of what has impacted community lgbtq+, folks, i have long been marginalized and in this moment and mookie pops has been both stigmatizing and politicized on our population. that was one of the other things i wanted to ask is about concern over shaming so many in the lgbt q community. >> have expressed concern that since the numbers right now are highest in your community in that community. that shaming is an issue. are your the people coming to you experiencing that? >> yeah, i think this is that
8:36 pm
at the moment where folks are very much stigmatized for infection that they might now have. we know that while there's no biological reason and that game and bisexual men and trans folks might be at higher risk. but that is who this infection is currently impacting the and that's predominantly because many of them have the same social and networks. what we need to do with public health officials is providing clear and direct information about who is at risk and ensure that everyone knows that this is a public health concern because it spreads from skin to and not based on what you look like or orientation that you may have. >> talk outreach. a lot of communities, particularly communities of color, low income communities have of people haven't been able to stand in the long lines and good get to the low. the few locations where vaccinations are available when they have been there is a concern that,
8:37 pm
of course, this is not going to stay just within the community. talk about the access issues that concern the broader community. >> yeah, this has been one of our highest priorities and temperance iscariot foundation. we have a lot of concerns with the limited amount of vaccine we have in the community that vaccine equity won't be left out in this moment. for example, while latinx community makes up 15% of the population in san francis o, more than 30% of the confirmed cases of monkeypox are among black. next identify folks who have been eligible to receive testing and vaccination. we have a lot of concern folks are unable to go take the day off and go stand in long, long lines for long phone trees. they're not clinics on evenings or weekends and materials have not all been translated into the languages that they need to be most accessible for those who need them the most. we have a lot
8:38 pm
of work to do and we have a lot of lessons that should phave been learned from the last few years. the covid we now how to scale up vaccination testing and treatment in a fast and efficient way from the last few years. and there's no reason that we can't do the same during this time. >> tyler to mirror the ceo of the san francisco aids foundation. thank you so much for your time. we appreciate your perspective. and of course, we all hope that with this new declaration of emergency across the country that feels vaccine stirt rolling out a lot faster and the people who get the shots they need. thanks again. thank you. thank you. >> coming up tonight in sports, giants manager gabe kaplan came unglued at oracle park during the game with the dodgers today. what happened? >> and a south bay man is in custody tonight. accused of opening fire on half a dozen unsuspecting people with a pellet gun, putting at least
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>> san jose police have arrested a man accused of shooting people at random with a pellet gun. they say between april 14th and 15th. this man, nicholas montoya shot 7 people with lead pellets from a high-powered rifle. 6 of the 7 victims were women, including 15 year-old gianna that to rally back in june. she talked to kron 4 about what happened to her. she says the pellet entered her lung, causing it to collapse. she had emergency surgery and she has since recovered.
8:42 pm
>> we have multiple victims who have pellets in them for the rest of their life. he really set about on a campaign of terror. these were not childish pranks with a low powered weapon. these were deliberate sniper attacks on innocent victims. >> police say a unique suspect vehicle description led them to montoya. he's being held without bail and has been charged with 7 counts of assault with a deadly weapon. if convicted, he could spend up to 21 years in prison. >> take a look at this. a cannabis dispensary in nevada is cleaning up after that car slammed into the store near lake tahoe. security camera video shows that car smashing through the front windows of new leaf lake tahoe dispensary in incline village. sheriff's officials say the elderly female driver failed to put the car in park and a shopping center across the way the vehicle rolled backwards turned 180 degrees, crossed a highway and then landed in the
8:43 pm
store. the driver was treated for minor injuries. the front desk clerk which is standing right by the car. luckily was not hurt. coming up next, a new details from the months long investigation into the disappearance of alexis. gabe, what police sa
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
>> the family of alexis, gabe is sharing new details about the 24 year olds disappearance and presumed murder. the oakland woman has been missing since january. investigators
8:46 pm
say they believe she was killed by her ex-boyfriend who was later killed during a confrontation with police kron. 4 sweeps you call takes a look at key points in the timeline of this case. >> antioch police detective john recently wrote alexis gabe's family a letter which they are making public. it details how investigators tracked this case for more than 4 months. from the night a lexus vanished to the day the man believed to have killed her was shot and killed by police. her ex-boyfriend, marshall jones on january, 26th gas station surveillance video shows a lexus making her way to jones's home in antioch, the forensic download of her car and cell phone data shows she was in the area of his home at 6.37. that night, though, there is no video of her arriving or ever leaving about 2 and a half hours after her car parked jones began a nearly two-hour phone call with his father, though police do not believe the 2 remained on the line with each other or that jones was with the phone the whole time. 4 minutes
8:47 pm
later, alexa says car turned on and began moving her phone was tracking with it. detective john notes historical data shows a lexus drove a specific way from any act to her home in oakley, with no deviations until this trip. the car parked in oakley about 12 minutes after leaving antioch. the driver exited the vehicle alone. with the lexus is phone. about 8 minutes later, the phone was turned off the drivers then tracked on surveillance videos walking from oakley to antioch, again, believed to be jones. investigators say when jones got back home before midnight, he wrote a lexus a text message asking if she made it home following an outgoing unanswered phone call the next morning. alexa says mom called jones asking if he saw her the night before he said yes. and later texted saying she left his house at around 9 o'clock. oakley police opened a missing persons investigation less than 4 hours later the next
8:48 pm
day, january 28th jones gave oakley police consent to search his house except the master and spare bedrooms. he also turned his phone over to police for forensic download less than 2 hours later, detective john states in the letter that jones drove to his mother's house and unloaded several large, heavy garbage bags into the backyard or garage later that night, gps tracking and surveillance footage puts jones in the area of pioneer in amador county. investigators eventually shared with the public that a handwritten note believed to have been written by jones provided directions on where to dispose of the body on february. first, when police say jones was seen staying at his mother's house with a gun, investigators executed a search warrant of marshall jones's home and found traces of blood later found to have alexa says dna. the shower curtains in jones's bathroom were also missing. the next
8:49 pm
day, jones flew alone to washington to stay with his father in the ensuing 4 months. antioch and oakley police executed a search warrant that jones's sister's home in vacaville and conducted air and ground searches in pioneer in antioch, alexa says cell phone case was discovered by a search volunteer which had both alexa says and jones is dna on may 19th jones's mother was arrested for aiding and abetting, but she was released after no charges were filed less than 2 weeks later on june. first, jones was killed by police in washington after they say he lunged at officers with a knife. time to this day. alexis's body has not police are convinced she was murdered. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> and never too early to plan for your weekend getaway. let's take a look at your sierra forecast. we're tracking calmer conditions out there right now. radar for zooming into south lake tahoe and we're tracking drier
8:50 pm
weather. thunderstorms, though, going to be an issue once again tomorrow we have a flash flood watch going into effect by tomorrow. even also with that, that threat of pop-up thunderstorms with dry lightning. that could also be an issue for your friday afternoon and early evening hours. going to start out the day with light scattered showers. but thanks to daytime heating, it will intensify, possibly giving us a threat of pop-up thunderhtorms dry lightning that could spark fires. but as you can see, we are also tracking a lot of much needed moisture in that area and then drier, calmer and clear conditions by friday night. so your getaway forecast for your friday low to mid 70's for south lake tahoe and truckee. then we're going to see a warming and drying trend by saturday and sunday about 10 degrees of warming from friday into saturday, holding steady on sunday with temperatures in the low 80's.
8:51 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> welcome into sports. i'm kylen mills in san jose where an incredible tennis match just wrapped up superstars. naomi osaka and coco gauff just faced off in the second round of the mubadala silicon valley classic golf came out on top 6 for 6 for. we'll have a look at that action coming up at 9 o'clock. just up the road in santa clara. the forty-niners training camp is underway in the offense is shaping up nicely. according to the coaching staff wide receiver deebo samuel just signed a massive extension earlier this week that help shore up the wide receivers room. as for the run game, the pack field is loaded. last season's leading rusher elijah mitchell will look to follow up a record-setting rookie campaign running back. jeff wilson junior as healthy as he enters his 5th season in the red and gold. the forty-niners added to the backfield depth when they drafted tyrion davis price in the 3rd round. so where does that leave second-year running back? trey sermon serving hopes to
8:52 pm
rebound from a stunted rookie season. the forty-niners third-round pick out of ohio state suffered a concussion on the first carry of his nfl career sermon only had 40 carries the rest of the season. however, he believes his off-season training will carry him to a much better we definitely want be more physical. i mean, >> here that just being physical in the run game is a big part of this that's really just our mentality. i definitely learned a lot from from last even though wasn't still practicing hard and definitely took a lot of positives from it. and and i feel like that's what prepared me. now. the end, the system, a more comfortable. what allow me to play faster? >> some baseball, the san francisco giants trying to say the last game of a four-game set against the dodgers. this cutie would be smiling for long. sadly, the giants jumped out to an early to one lead until the top of the 4th mookie betts says i don't
8:53 pm
think so. crushes this ball way out to left. that's a three-run homer, his 25th on the season. 4, 2 dodgers lead in the 6 after losing 8 straight games to the dodgers manager gabe kepler finally pop his cork getting into it with umpire phil cousy capital are gets tossed for the first time as the giants manager dodgers take this game 5, 3, the giants are off tomorrow after being swept by la. they face the a's on saturday in the bay bridge series. well, the giants are busy getting stands are busy cooling down in anaheim looking for a win against the angels. they got exactly that. the a's exploded in the 3rd with the bases loaded ramon lauriano ropes, a grounder that it's the 3rd base bag. 2 runs come in to score to tie the game at 2 later on the inning, the a's up for 2 separate brown sends this ball on a ride out to right his 16th, homer of the season 6 to lead. however, the
8:54 pm
angels came clawing back hitting 7 solo shots tying a major league record. the a's able to hold on for an 87 nays are also off tomorrow before they host the giants of the coliseum. the bay bridge series opener is coming up on saturday. that's all i have for sports. for 8 o'clock live from san jose and
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
that wraps up kron. 4 news at
8:57 pm
8 o'clock. >> but we certainly have a lot more ahead. coming up on kron, 4 news at 9, catherine heenan and vicki liviakis are here to tell us what's ahead. we are here. we are. thank you. can take you coming up at 9, the monthslong trial of wnba star brittney griner ended today in russia where a judge sentenced her to 9 years in prison. how her case is fueling debate over both sports and global politics. also why the president of the san francisco board of supervisors says the city needs to do more about recent murders in the city's southeast neighborhoods. he will be talking about that live. >> that's ahead on kron. 4 news at 9.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news has not made on the >> that but i had no 2 breaking russian i never meant to hurt anybody. >> tonight at 9 we're getting local reaction now to britney griner's sentencing in russia. the basketball star was convicted on drug possession charges today she was sentenced to 9 years in prison. thanks for joining us, everybody on vicki liviakis and i'm catherine heenan. this case is really grabbed international attention while mixing sports and global politics. >> and the lgbtq community is weighing in on the verdict.


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