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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 4, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news has not made on the >> that but i had no 2 breaking russian i never meant to hurt anybody. >> tonight at 9 we're getting local reaction now to britney griner's sentencing in russia. the basketball star was convicted on drug possession charges today she was sentenced to 9 years in prison. thanks for joining us, everybody on vicki liviakis and i'm catherine heenan. this case is really grabbed international attention while mixing sports and global politics. >> and the lgbtq community is weighing in on the verdict. kron four's. dan thorn is in
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the newsroom tonight and joins us with more on that part of the story. dan. >> well, catherine, vicki, the 1 31 year-old basketball star was found deliberately smuggling cannabis oil into a russian airport. griner was arrested back in february, accused of having the illegal vape cartridges in her luggage. but there have been concerns that griner has been detained as a political because of the united states stance on russia's invasion of ukraine. today, sentencing brought about strong reaction, including what comes next for griner. >> the 2 time olympic gold medalist and wnba superstar with a blank expression, as she learned her fate 9 years in a russian prison. the guilty verdict for brittney griner was expected, but calls from the u.s. continue to demand for her release bay area. congresswoman barbara lee taking to social media saying the conviction was absolutely disgraceful and that griner should be home with her wife and loved ones
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but is instead being used by russia as a political, i think for most americans to think of someone receiving a 9 year prison sentence for a small amount of cannabis. >> it's shocking criminal attorney and legal analyst steve clarke says because of griner's high profile. >> her trial was more political than criminal. he believes russia is taking advantage of the situation and a prisoner swap with the u.s. might be the solution. it is a dangerous political game that's being played, though, because you could encourage other countries to hold americans in the show trials. >> for high criminal sentences seeking some diplomatic avenue to a release. the prisoner, despite president biden denouncing griner's sentence in calling it unacceptable. the president of san francisco pride says the response from the federal government has been shameful pointing to griner being black and a a statement reads in part. >> too little too late intervention by the u.s.
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government is deplorable. it is sad but not shocking to see that the lives of black women are not readily protected and that the political class continues to ignore the threats that jeopardize the safety of our community. clark says one lesson to be taken out of this is understanding how the justice system works in other countries. this is an important lesson for all americans to recognize that when you travel in another country. >> the american system of justice does not go with you. >> griner's lawyer said that they will appeal her verdict. the attention is now centering on whether a prisoner swap will happen between the u.s. and russia reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron. 4 right? and it is official. monkeypox is now on national public health president biden made that announcement today as the number of u.s. cases top 7,000. >> biden's declaration does make it easier for local health agencies to tap into
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federal funding and improve access to vaccines. treatment testing more than 600,000 vaccine doses have been distributed nationwide with health workers not performing as many as 80,000 tests a week the white house has been criticized for responding too slowly to the monkeypox outbreak. local doctors say today's announcement could help get critical resources out faster to the people most at risk. >> we need to make it easier to roll this out to the people who need them most, which is that at msm population and trans people have with men until this is it's probably going to bleed over into the general population and time is of the essence. time is ticking. the longer we wait, the more and more expensive. it's going to be not only in terms of dollars, but in terms of emotional starts. >> california has more than 800 at this point confirmed
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cases and more than half of those are here in the bay area. senator scott wiener is set to chair a brand new monkeypox select committee. his appointment comes after the senator requested an emergency budget of 38 and a half million dollars from the governor. members of the monkeypox select committee will have their first meeting next tuesday. monkeypox spreads through skin to skin contact, including hugging, kissing, also, things like sharing bedding towels and clothing. the people getting sick, half mostly been game and so far. but health officials emphasize the virus can infect anyone. we have the long early morning lines of san franciscans. true. >> trying to get a monkeypox vaccination, that one of a handful of vaccination clinics. but no such clinics exist in san mateo county. they're the public health department is giving vaccines to major health care systems in the county. and much of the rest is just being shipped up to san francisco. the county
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director of public health policy and planning says that's because they believe many of their at risk president are seeking health care there. but he knows more needs to be done. >> we're hoping next week to be able to have a better system in for people to register with us that are in the high-risk populations so that we can use that information to inform any clinics that we might be able to do or direct them to appropriate healthcare provider has that. >> due to limited supply of vaccine. the monkeypox clinic at san francisco general is closed for walk-ins for the rest of the week. it did not accept walk-ins today, though the state has earmarked more than 10,000 new doses for san francisco. it's not clear when they will arrive now, city health officials are thinking about requesting a different smallpox vaccine. it's called cam 2000 vaccine in that is a smallpox vaccine first approved back in 2007, there are 100 million doses storm
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right now in the national stockpile. and we're learning that california has requested some of those doses, but it's not clear yet whether those doses will be put to use for the latest information on the disease, including a monkeypox case tracker and vaccination site. you can scan this qr code. it will take you right to our website. solano county's health department has confirmed the first human case of west nile virus in that county. the person is from vacaville is said to be. >> recovering west nile is transmitted to humans and animals through the bite of an infected mosquito. several bay area counties have now found mosquitoes carrying west nile. people being reminded drain any standing water, make sure doors and windows have tight-fitting screens and use insect repellent when outdoors to the north bay. now, sonoma county held a virtual town hall sharing. details about emergency planning under way to respond to the drought. >> conference gayle ong has
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the latest for us. >> we're in a significant drought, conserve water. every drop counts. >> instead of the counties for the virtual town hall on the drought county supervisor, james gore sa thursday includes expanding a drought task force for doubling the number of members providing work participation from all sorts of folks that are going to be having a hand in dealing with that effects of drought and then drop task force is concerned. we're going to small sonoma counties classified under severe drought conditions and in its 3rd driest water year. >> the panel of experts address the challenges that pose threats like electrical
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power production, wildfires and water rights. a senior engineer with the state water board says those along the russian river watershed can expect more water restrictions after federal energy regulators gate pgd, the green light to reduced reversion from that you are ever found for lake mendocino. the town of windsor is giving out free water at a recycled water fill station, offering residents and businesses a new way to help keep landscaping alive during the drought. >> is recycled water safe? recycled water is regulated, but the california water resources control board windsor staff are responsible for demonstrating that it needs the strict standards that are set by the board and it's safer areas. >> the county will hold the next round meeting in september. gayle kron. 4 news, a grass fire that was threatening buildings and martinez has been contained. d about 17 acres, an error for los santos elementary school
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on pacheco blvd. firefighters were able to contain it before any buildings or structures were damaged or before evacuations became necessary. crews say there are still a lot of hot spots and that will require some mopping into the evening and they're warning people, of course, expect delays in this area because of hoses on the roads. investigators believe the fire began in or near a homeless encampment fire crews say mowing sparked this brush fire in fairfield today. you're looking pictures that were posted on the fairfield fire department's facebook page. the fire grew to about 15 acres after starting around 10, 20 this morning off discovery way. nobody injured. no buildings were damaged. firefighters are making progress on the mckinney fire. that's burning here in northern california. to is that now at 10% contained. >> flames have burned more than 58,000 acres so far near the oregon border in siskiyou
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county. 4 people have died and more than 100 homes have been destroyed. about 1300 residents there still not allowed to go back to their homes. the fire broke out last friday in the klamath national firefighters are dealing with forest land left drive because of the ongoing drought. this morning, san francisco fire department is sending out a task force to assist with the mckinney fire for type 6 engines and and emergency services water. tender arrived in county. >> around 4 o'clock this afternoon, they are joining other firefighters from their department as well as others from all around the bay area who have been deployed there. >> all right. joining us now is kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. you've been monitoring these really dry conditions. it continues to be pretty bad. yeah, not just here in the bay area, but also for much of the west coast as well. let's take a look at current conditions out there right now where that the to the fire is burning. you're the california oregon border.
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very calm and dry out there right now. but just to its south and east over susan bill, there are already reports of pop-up thunderstorms with lightning being reported in this storm expected to make its way near where that mckinney fire is burning after midnight tonight with some more severe weather arriving in that area by tomorrow afternoon. but we're drying out and also clearing up for those of you throughout this year. we did see pop-up thunderstorms earlier today with flooding concerns in that area. and another flood watch going to be issued overnight into friday for the sierra as well because of those pop-up thunderstorms. radar for though we are tracking very dry conditions, but also seeing the return of fog dust out there right now, giving us some much needed moisture in the form of drizzle right along our bay area coastline. so expect a semi slick commute for your friday morning. but then partial clearing by your friday afternoon and cooler temperatures as well today, certainly on the mild side above average by 4 to 8
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degrees. check out livermore warming up to 93 degrees when you should be in the mid 80's conquered. also in the 90's. but 92 degrees when you also should be in the mid 80's this time of year. so certainly warm temperatures today, but we are seeing fog dust out there over half moon bay and we're holding steady with temperatures. widespread 60's for most of the bay area to concord, though, the one outlier at 70 degrees, 10 degrees warmer than pacifica and half moon bay. but timber on and petaluma already cooling down into the 50's but upper 50's currently at 59 degrees and overnight lows tonight on the mild side, even during the overnight hours for san jose in antioch, only cooling down into the mid 60's was just just an indicator of how warm we were today. and santa rosa. 54 degrees for your overnight temperatures. but daytime highs tomorrow we are going to cool down to exactly where we should be for this time of year. 60's along the coast. and we're tracking low 70's for those of you in
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oakland and even hayward. but mid 80's for concord and livermore santa rosa and san jose in the low 80's, very seasonal temperatures for everyone in the bay area and then gradual cooling by sunday into monday, about 5 degrees below average with most of our warmest inland valleys, struggling to warm up into the low 80's, but holding steady along the coast and east bay shoreline with 60's and 70's continuing their back to you, catherine and vicki, alright debris. so thank you very much. well, tonight, the berkeley city council. >> right about now was scheduled to be talking about whether to reinstate the discretionary use of tear gas and pepper spray for crowd control. >> and this comes on the heels of a protest at people's park that turned violent yesterday with mayor canceled tonight's council meeting at the last minute. kron four's terisa stasio has more now on what the meeting was canceled and what happens now on this controversy, a project. >> it was canceled because i don't believe that we should appeal are. current
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prohibition on the use of tear gas for crowd control situations. that is berkeley's mayor jesse ever again on why thursday's meeting was quashed. that mayor explains the council was considering lifting the ban due to the need for more help. >> managing crowds such as in the case on wednesday as protesters clash with police at uc berkeley's new proposed development at people's park forms by the loudoun county sheriff's department. that because we have a ban on tear gas that they're not going to sen. >> personnel, it berkeley called joint. and that was concert. and the fact that people's park is in an urban environment >> it is very likely that things could spill over onto city and we do not have enough police to effectively manage the situation. so we're going to need help. the mayor says since then, he has spoken with the alameda county sheriff who promise mutual aid, even with
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the ban. remember 2014 when there are a series of protests and solid a with the black lives matter movement in our police quite a bit of tear gas and one night it that just the impact it has in public health in indiscriminately at impacting other people. and also, i think creates a chilling effect for people engage in first amendment activity. 7 people were arrested during wednesday's protest and the development project is halted for now. uc berkeley spokesperson says school officials are trying to figure out the next phase need to assess. now we need to think about a different way forward. >> given the indisputable fact that we have some individuals in this community or willing and able to engage in highly dangerous, violent, unlawful activity as a means of expressing their opposition to a project that's meant to benefit the entire community. >> to reset stasio kron, 4 news. a plainclothes police officer was very nearly hit by
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gunfire. yesterday, the police association says that officer have been keeping watch on an armed robbery suspect on the 3600 block of martin luther king junior way and says the officer was inside an unmarked car when 2 people unrelated to the operation began shooting from both sides of the car. bullets hit the car. the officer was not hurt. detectives were able to arrest both shooters. also in the east bay, a former richmond police officer has been bailed out of jail this afternoon. he was arrested. >> after the department fired him for beating a man with a taser. this is an update to a story that we first brought you yesterday and we do want to remind you that the video connected to this case is graphic. eric smith junior was seen on surveillance video back in april beating a man with a taser after a traffic stop. the richmond police kpdepartment fired smith junior for using excessive force against the man on the ground. tonight he's being held on a $60,000 bail. california
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farmworkers are heading to the state capital in an effort to get governor newsom's attention. >> yeah, a cropper. zealous live for us in the to talk about that a little. what exactly do they want the governor to do? >> well, became catherine. they wanted to sign a bill that would help ag workers unionize and to vote in private. members of united farm workers are resorting to this grand display marching 300 miles alongside supporters from central california to sacramento. they handed out yesterday from a site that's historic to the farm workers rights movement. that's a town called delano. they were joined by activist dolores huerta and many supporters. ufw is asking governor newsom to sign a b. 21 83 that would expand current laws to give them more optnons in the ways that they vote for or against forming a union. >> what you're asked to vote, you know, in terms of on your
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bosses property while your boss that's going to really chilling very suppressive effect on the way you choose to vote or engaging in election. so if you're able to receive a ballot in a way that's transparent and intractable by the a or b and yet. so have that that secret ballot, that privacy, that ability to make decisions and participate in the election, the windy want to that's going make workers certainly feel less vulnerable to retaliation. >> and, you know, while they're marching, it is really hot out there. one person was actually treated for signs of heat exhaustion already. but these are conditions of farm workers face on the job regularly. so the ufw rep you just saw there tells me they are willing to face at again for this cause. the group plans to arrive to sacramento on august. 26, that's actually farm worker appreciation day live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news.
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>> thank you, ella. coming up, it is official falling out. why the former san francisco da says he will not run for reelection this fall. and a terrifying scene after a car runs a red light near a gas station ending in tragedy. what officials say led up to this horrific crash and with outside lands returning tomorrow. safety is top of mind what you should and should not take with you. if you're planning to be there.
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the outside lands music festival returns this weekend for its 14th year at golden gate park in san francisco. >> more than 200,000 people are expected to attend the three-day event. a lot of people from force has made. you brings us said the word from the van organizers in san francisco, mayor london breed. >> the final preparations are underway for outside lands 2022, which happens friday here at golden gate park in san francisco. this is going to be so exciting for san francisco. >> and i know that in a major city like san francisco, we have our challenges, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't take an opportunity. >> to have a good time. but having a good time come sect
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into keeping people safe for san francisco. mayor london breed. the ultimate goal is to keep people safe to make sure everyone's having a good time. sfpd deputy chief robert o'sullivan is in charge of outside lands. join public we will have a full and very visible complement of police all 3 days for the 72 hours for this event, both on the interior and the exterior. if you are planning on packing a bag to bring with you for the day. >> keep this in mind. if you're coming in to bring a backpack, please bring clear bags. we've had this policy for several years. >> and that is important. you'll be turned away. your bag will be turned away if you don't bring a clear bag. there is no mask requirement to enter the music but again, we want people to understand that covid and monkeypox are still. >> issues that are out there and the department of public health at this time does not believe that events like this should not continue as a result this year. it is anticipated that outside lands
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will generate over 71 million dollars for the local economy, including showcasing bay area food vendors and wineries and lot of local it's not every festival has green day this year. >> we have this year which are really excited about. >> the mayor and event organizers strongly recommend taking public transportation or ride share. if you do dry, they advise that you do not leave anything valuable in your car and that you do not block any driveways. there will be tow trucks everywhere and we will respond accordingly in san francisco housing, let you run for news. >> coming up next, the debate over the future of san francisco's honda hospital continues. the city attorney's office is now stepping in to serve the federal health department. and we sit down with san francisco supervisor shamann walton. why he says more police are desperately needed in this district. that
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interview coming up after the break.
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for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27. >> there's a new effort by san francisco city leaders to keep the doors of laguna honda hospital open. 2 lawsuits have now been filed against the federal government. they were filed against health and human services and the centers for medicare and medicaid services. the first lawsuit is asking that federal funding for that hospital stay in place while the legal process
9:29 pm
plays out, the city could lose the money by mid september because of several procedural violations at the hospital. and the second lawsuit is asking that patient transfers be stopped. that's a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of patients. >> we know that laguna honda has challenges. we understand the need to make corrective action. and we've already implemented significant amounts of corrective action based on the recommendations of cms and what we know that we have to do. >> some patients have already been moved to other facilities and city officials say 9 patients have died after being relocated. san francisco supervisor shamann walton is speaking out saying that the city should do more in response to recent murders in the southeast neighborhoods. >> sunnydale and visitation valley. and we're joined now by the supervisor who is representing san francisco's district 10. thank you.
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supervisor week. appreciate your time that you are spending and doing this. but let's get another issue just out of the way. quickly at the top. as you know, the mayor said this week, you should apologize sheriff's department cadet who accuses you of calling him the n word and physically threatening him. you're not doing that. you disagree with his version of events, but where is this headed? there is now a formal investigation. does that alter your response in any way? >> so as you know, i came here. it's not a course to talk about the violence in community. i have given a written statement about that incident. i stand by my statement and most certainly the that have been report by the sheriff's department and retaliation for me trying to hold them accountable and pushing for sheriff's oversight. it's something that obviously this is a part of that most certainly we're here tonight to talk about the violence that is existing and community and what we need to do response to that.
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>> yeah, absolutely right. and we will talk about that. but again, the mayor is saying you should apologize. you do disagree. what are the inaccuracies? can you tell us that you see in the version of events which have been presented. >> yes, i have written statement that can most certainly re send out to our media the written statement has been set up and i can send you the written statement again. so you can read it and actually see the comments and statements that i have. but i stand by my statement. >> we're going to go ahead and let that be and will will address that at some other point. you want to talk about the homicide rates in your district why are so high? and you're asking for more police attention in that in that part of the neighborhood talk. talk to us about that. >> so at the major concern is,
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you know, there's been an outcry about retail theft. there's been an outcry about certain instances and certain crimes and community. i just that 2 homicides within 3 days and sunny day out is that haitian valley community. and there's been no outcry but certain city leaders who talk about wanting to prevent crime and keep people safe. we have a district 10 safety plan that we have to continue to use it at that resources for to make sure that we have more community ambassadors, make sure that we have more workforce development programs to make sure that we do we can to prevent violence. but there's no outcry around these murders. but people are prioritizing retail and sending and the point officers who could bn community also patrols working with our community. my baby, you captain captains, the the officers in my district complain all the time about their officers been taken from their stations and deploy to
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union square in other areas of with that, they're prioritizing. that does not have the same level of violent crime. so most certainly it's not just about the police response, but it's about making sure that we do everything we can to stop by the crime stuff combined to keep people safe and deployment and how they can put officers here. and cisco has been 100% in equities. >> so supervising your so that you need emergency resources. what does that look like? what kind of emergency resources are you asking for? well, senate floor? >> making sure that our our stations and beat him officers that can walk on foot beats used to have officers that were on bicycles, but they have taken all the officers from rd 10 stations and the put them to union square to put them to tenderloin the most. certainly there are other issues across san francisco, but that needs to happen football. aside from that resources for more community ambassadors, resources, more for us. peabody its intervention and prevention programs that work on prevention, work on
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intervention, work on mediation. we have a plan that's in place. and of course, you can find it on our website on the board of supervisors is going to him. you'll find our safety plan and 3 languages, english, spanish and chinese. and it really tells you about how we coordinate and work together with all the folks in all the stakeholders that are responsible for keeping communities safe. if we invest in that plan and put the resources in, that plan will see more successes in terms of keeping people from making bad decisions and stopping the violence. and we've got a lot of work to do as a community, but it is not helpful. one police officers and when people are deployed out of our precincts, 2 other areas of siskel and prioritizing retail theft over the lives of human beings. nobody's out right about the fact that we just lost 2 young people to homicides and a visitation valley. sunny, go community. this has to stop it. most certainly people who outcry about crimes outcry, but these violent crimes that happen and help us to combat gun
9:35 pm
violence. >> understood. and we certainly appreciate you taking the time to be able draw our attention to it because obviously we in the media as well. >> we'll follow where the videos are coming through are the outcry is right now. we're concentrating a lot on the tenderloin. >> and as you know, the mayor and the thank you so much supervisor for talking the situation, visitation valley and sunnydale your community there. >> thank you so much for having me. i apologize for the >> oh, that's right. we see and hear loud and clear. thanks, supervise. think you have a good evening. former san francisco dha says that he will not be running for reelection in november. he says that he wants to focus on
9:36 pm
can tr police have discovered? >> and the latest drought monitor map released in the bay area today. details on that and your full weekend outlook coming up in just a few minutes. and in sports, coco gauff and naomi osaka facing off in the silicon valley classic round of 16. >> our own kylen mills has a live report from san jose. coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> welcome to sports. i'm kylen mills coming to you live from san jose were some fantastic. tennis is being played this week superstars nymeo saka and coco gauff just based off and the second round of the mubadala silicon valley. classic your san jose state university goff came out on top 6, 4, 6, 4, she says composure was the key to success for her. tonight. another key her, sir goff had 7 aces and also won 86% of points on her first serve. the 18 year-old american covered a lot of ground. she received osaka's 115 miles per hour.
9:40 pm
serves really well. only allowing 3 aces goff took home. the first set. however, osaka wasn't going down without a fight. the japanese star was down 5 one in the second. osaka won 3 straight games, spending off 7 match points before coughs or was just too much. let's talk. this performance is promising a she's fresh off left achilles injury that kept her out of wimbledon goff who broke into the world top 10 rankings for the first time this week showing she could take over a match on all surfaces. >> you know, even though it's 40 love, have the matching the bag. and obviously she because, you know, you play just she can play lights out tennis, which i feel like maybe 2 of the match points that actual site on which is that miss a second return. but other than that, i mean, ne sais, i why was it like i was just like a potentially and calm down. and if it doesn't come down tonight, that's probably not my day.
9:41 pm
>> meanwhile, just up the road in santa clara, the forty-niners training camp is underway and the coaching staff says the offense is shaping up nicely wide receiver deebo samuel just signed a massive extension earlier this week to help shore up the wide receivers room. the ground game in good shape as well. the forty-niners are going to have a really deep backfield just last season leading rusher elijah mitchell broke a record for the franchise and he'll look to follow that up. running back. jeff wilson junior is healthy as he enters his 5th season in the red and gold. the forty-niners added in the backfield depth. this offseason when they drafted teary and davis price in the 3rd round second year running back, trey sermon hopes to rebound from a stunted rookie campaign. the forty-niners third-round pick out of ohio state suffered a concussion on the first carry of his nfl career serve and only had 40 carries the rest of the season. however, sermon believes his off-season training will carry him to a much better year. >> we definitely want be more physical. i mean, here that just being physical in the run game is a big part of this
9:42 pm
that's really just our mentality. i definitely learned a lot from from last even though wasn't still practicing hard and definitely took a lot of positives from it. and and i feel like that's what prepared me. now. the end, the system, a more comfortable. what allow me to play >> on to some baseball, the san francisco giants trying to say the last game of a four-game set against the dodgers. that cutie you just saw would be smiling for long. the giants jumped out to an early to one lead until the top of the 4th mookie betts is i don't think so. that's crushes this ball way out to left. that's a three-run homer. his 25th of the season. 4, 2 dodgers with the lead in the 6th after losing 8 straight games to giants manager gabe kaplan finally pop his cork getting into with umpire phil cousy kapur is tossed for the first time as the giants manager doctors
9:43 pm
take this game 5 to 3. the giants are off tomorrow. they face the a's on saturday in the bay bridge series well, the giants were busy getting a's. fans are busy down in anaheim looking for a win against the angels. that's exactly what they got. the a's exploded for 6 runs in the 3rd with the bases loaded ramon lauriano ropes, a grounder that he's the 3rd base bag. 2 runs score to tie the game up at 2 apiece later in the inning with the a's up for to brown sends this ball on a ride write his 16th pulver of the season. 6 to 8 lead. the angels made a comeback hitting 7 solo homers, tying a major league record. however, the a's were able to hold on. they win this game. 8, 7, the final score opened also has the day off tomorrow before they host the giants in the bay bridge series opener on saturday. that's all we've got for sports kron. 4 news. we'll be right
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for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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>> at least 5 people were killed, 7 more injured in a crash at a gas station in los angeles county. this is the surveillance video of that horrific fiery crash there happened about one 40 this afternoon in windsor hills. officials say among the dead are a baby and a pregnant woman. 3 vehicles were obliterated in that collision and at least 2 others were damaged. the chp still investigating the cause of the crash. alexis, gabe's family is sharing new details about the 24 year olds disappearance
9:47 pm
and presumed murder. >> the oakley woman has been missing since january. investigators believe that she was killed by her ex-boyfriend who was later killed during a confrontation with police. our conference felicia gaud gives us a look at key points in the timeline of the case. >> antioch police detective john recently wrote alexis gabe's family a letter which they are making public. it details how investigators tracked this case for more than 4 months. from the night a lexus vanished to the day the man believed to have killed her was shot and killed dpby police. her ex-boyfriend, marshall jones on january, 26th gas station surveillance video shows a lexus making her way to jones's home in antioch, tce forensic download of her car and cell phone data shows she was in the area of his home at 6.37. that night, though, there is no video of her arriving or ever leaving about 2 and a half hours after her car parked jones began a nearly two-hour phone call with his father, though.
9:48 pm
police do not believe the 2 remained on the line with each other or that jones was with the phone the whole time. 4 minutes later, alexa says car turned on and began moving her phone was tracking with it. detective john notes historical data shows a lexus drove a specific way from antioch to her home in oakley, with no deviations until this trip. the car parked in oakley about 12 minutes after leaving antioch. the driver exited the vehicle alone. with the lexus is phone. about 8 minutes later, the phone was turned off the drivers then tracked on surveillance videos walking from oakley to antioch, again, believed to be jones. investigators say when jones got back home before midnight, he wrote a lexus a text message asking if she made it home following an outgoing unanswered phone call the next morning. alexa says mom called jones asking if he saw her the night before he said yes. and later texted saying she left his house at around 9 o'clock.
9:49 pm
oakley police opened a missing persons investigation less than 4 hours later the next day, january 28th jones gave oakley police consent to search his house except the master and spare bedrooms. he also turned his phone over to police for forensic download less than 2 hours later, detective john states in the letter that jones drove to his mother's house and unloaded several large, heavy garbage bags into the backyard or garage later that night, gps tracking and surveillance footage puts jones in the area of pioneer in amador county. investigators eventually shared with the public that a handwritten note believed to have been written by jones provided directions on where to dispose of the body on february. first, when police say jones was seen staying at his mother's house with a gun, investigators executed a search warrant of marshall jones's home and found traces of blood later found to have alexa says dna. the shower
9:50 pm
curtains in jones's bathroom were also missing. the next day, jones flew alone to washington to stay with his father in the ensuing 4 months. antioch and oakley police executed a search warrant that jones's sister's home in vacaville and conducted air and ground searches in pioneer in antioch, alexa says cell phone case was discovered by a search volunteer which had both alexa says and jones is dna on may 19th jones's mother was arrested for aiding and abetting, but she was released after no charges were filed less than 2 weeks later on june. first, jones was killed by police in washington after they say he lunged at officers with a knife. time to this day. alexis's body has not police are convinced she was murdered. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. all right. time for another look at the forecast as we look live. this beautiful shot overlooking the embarcadero with the >> bay bridge there in the
9:51 pm
background. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here to talk about, well, the beautiful day in the city and also not so beautiful. the drought. yeah. fortunately it hasn't gotten worse, though. even with armenia, heat waves. but >> we're still under severe drought for most of the bay area. so still dry out there. and also we're going to see a dry weather pattern this weekend as well. once that monsoonal moisture finally exits the bay area. but let's take a look at radar for your getaway forecast. for those of you heading out to the sierra. we're tracking drier and calmer conditions out there right now. but we will have another flood watch going into effect overnight through friday because of severe weather in the form of thunderstorms that could bring flooding concerns for most of this year, including south lake tahoe. so let's take a look at futurecast for because as you can see, it's going to be a relatively dry night. but then instability will start to arrive as early as the sun rises. so that's what we're going to see. scattered light
9:52 pm
showers. but then during the early afternoon hours because of that daytime heating, that's when we're going to notice a lot of instability with the threat of severe weather in the form of pop-up thunderstorms with dry lightning possibly in the forecast. but the good news is this storm is also packing a lot of moisture. so the threat of it actually sparking fires very slim. so that's the good news right there. by friday night. we start to dry out there but low to mid 70's. that's what you can expect for your friday afternoon. highs for truckee and south lake taho . and then temperatur warming up gradually by saturday. thanks to that extra sunshine, drier and calmer conditions warming up flirting with 80's. but by sunday it is going to be the warmest day of the weekend. 81 degrees. so if you are planning on heading out to this year, take advantage of saturday because it is going to be noticeably safer. you don't have to deal with the threat of thunderstorms and that slick commute. taking a look at your bay area forecast a mild night after a warm day. we're about 48 degrees above average from
9:53 pm
coast to valley's downtown san francisco. still in the low 60's, but just barely pacifica. 59 degrees. san jose, 10 degrees warmer than that. flirting with 70's out there right now at this near 10 o'clock hour with low 70's for those of you in concord, widespread 60's for most of the north bay. but petaluma 59 degrees and temperatures for your friday afternoon. cooling down to exactly where we should be. still going to have a little bit of that muggy factor. so tropical feel that temperatures, cooling down to 67 degrees. oakland at 72 napa in the mid 70's with fremont. 83 degrees for your friday afternoon highs that cooling trend and drying trend going to continue as monsoonal moisture exits, leaving behind plenty of sunshine and warming up in the low 90's one week from today. back to you, catherine and vicki. alright, reset after the break. >> ok, is this a planet, a star or something else entirely to the picture. this blurring the lines between astronomy and yes, strong to
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
>> french physicist, hey, tim klein made at one meeting mistake. he jokingly claimed this is a photo of the star proxima centauri taken with the james webb space telescope. well, it's not it's a slice of haha, i think this is funny. but klein was forced to apologize to his followers for the misdirection saying finally, according to the
9:57 pm
contemporary cosmology, no object belonging to spanish charcuterie exist anywhere. but on earth. that's cute. i think that is people got kind of upset. i thought that was the start it is hysterical and it's great in pie a a oh, yeah. yeah. from the galaxy pepperoni? and then on yes, sure. yeah. okay. that wraps up kron. 4 news at again, the way out of world thank you very much, catherine van. here we go. this is what's coming up at 10 o'clock. >> a group of farm workers are braving the august heat to try to get to the state capitol this week. why they're trying to get the governor's attention last the latest on the drought, one north bay county urging its residents to save more water. the changes that experts say families can expect to see if drought conditions continue to get worse. and meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is tracking a cool down just in time for the weekend. kron. 4 news at
9:58 pm
10. coming up next.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> tonight at 10 and most of the state of california is still in the severe to extreme drought category. thank you for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at


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