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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  August 5, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> we are back for 30 is the time. let's get another check of the forecast with dave as we take a look outside. thankfully today. i think dave, the afternoons are going to be blistering know what like 70's 80's, 80's. we're talking about inland. yeah, this is this is pleasant
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summer time weather for early august to keep saying, i going to pay for this in september bikes. >> don't think that here's what we've got going good morning, james. good morning, everybody. on storm tracker 4, i'm kind of showing this because it's we see all this activity but not going to packed us. this is all up in the mountains for tahoe going on, included. but it's going to kind of a one-day event. and then from the standpoint of tahoe that's going to sink to the south and east. but it's leftover monsoon that keeps cooking. what's interesting about this is this has been going on all over night when the atmosphere has the least amount of energy in it and the rain tends to stabilize the atmosphere a little bit. so that will keep the fireworks down a little bit this afternoon is actually the system departs temperatures for you. we have the lower to middle 60's in the east bay up to the north bay. most readings in the lower 60's 60 for san francisco. san jose. you got 63 at the ballpark tomorrow. it's the giants versus athletics. not looking bad first, pitch 4, 0, 7, temps mid 60's for your saturday afternoon evening. variable
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clouds, cool. we'll call it with a west wind near about 10. all right. the temperatures, 65 am by 11. we're talking. 75 in a bit. we'll be taking a look at that extended forecast for you and also to the 4 zone james. all right, dave, thank you very much for 31. let's find out what it's like out there on the traffic front. still pretty good are westbound 80 ride, the rich or the bay bridge toll plaza camera showing us. it's a pretty smooth commute here from oakland and san francisco have been picking up anything on the chp logs. so >> it's a pretty open right out there for you. no matter where you are. and that includes the san mateo bridge. our live camera there shows you the westbound direction, which is your commute direction. this morning on the right side is moving well, no problems as you make your way from hayward out to foster city. to the north, the richmond, sandra fell bridge. let's check this portion of west bound 5.80, those headlights from richmond out towards sandra fell. and as you can see, no slow down at the toll plaza whatsoever. you're making good time out towards marin county. and then
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for those north bay planning on heading southbound one, 0, one across the golden gate bridge in the san francisco. so far. so good. no problems. nothing slowing you down as you make your way, least from that part of the north bay down into san francisco. we'll have another weather and traffic check coming up here in just a bit. but now let's get back to the headlines this morning at 4.33. now on the clock. and let's talk about monkeypox. we know it's already become a huge issue here in california, so much so that its ranks second in the nation for having the highest positivity rate. second only to new york. now, at least at last check the state had over 1000 monkeypox cases and that includes probable and confirmed cases by the cdc. san francisco is leading the state in monkeypox cases with more than 400 cases. again, that's in san francisco alone. and that's up from last week's 305. we spoke to a tyler timber termeer. he's the ceo, san francisco aids foundation about the declaration and he says it to look could come
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sooner. >> we're going to do everything that we can to end this outbreak. that is our commitment. and that's what we're going to make that we do that. >> public health emergency over of monkeypox outbreak that's infected thousands of americans. the department of health and human services making that move today in order to free up federal money and resources to fight the virus. and the demand for vaccines is been going through the roof, quite frankly, as case counts continue to grow. concern continues to grow. san francisco says it hasn't received enough monkeypox vaccine to meet the demand due to limited supply. they say vaccines, the monkeypox clinic at sf general actually had to close its doors to walk-ins for the rest of the week. and it didn't take any walk-ins on thursday at all. in the south bay, santa clara county is receiving over 2100 monkeypox vaccines from the state. the
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supply coming from the federal stockpile was county officials saying the vaccine supply still pretty low right now, more doses are needed. the county reporting 65 probable and confirmed cases of monkeypox at this point this morning. now the entire bay area is dealing with a shortage of monkeypox vaccines. but in san mateo county, there are no vaccine clinics at all. kron four's dan kerman explains why. >> well, limited numbers of vaccine has led to long lines and a handful of san francisco monkeypox clinics and san mateo county. there are no monkeypox clinics at all. i'm sure detail county can set up their own clinic say they did it for covid-19 and you're getting up to that patrick is and lives in san mateo county. he says he can't get through to the public health department and staff members of this county supervisor's office have told them to go wait in line in san francisco because san mateo county is sending its vaccine down their game are being pushed off the side, at least in san mateo county, which which i find
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very concerning. >> it reminds me very much of the age, a pandemic when that first started and how we were ignored. >> we recognize that we're in an evolving situation that's really challenging and sympathize with the questions and the concerns are working toward having the opportunity to get information from that. >> mark mellman is the director of public health policy and planning for the san mateo county public health department. he says vaccine doses are being sent to san francisco because they believe many of their at risk residents seek health care there. he also says some of the vaccine has been doled out to major health care systems in the county. but he knows more needs to be done. we are working on having an opportunity through our website for people to indicate their interest to filling out a short survey. >> and so that identifying them as individuals ever asks so that we are able to that contact them as vaccine becomes available and again,
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yes, if they indicate through that process that they're connected with health care provider has the vaccine will try and help make that connection. and if not, then we will work on setting up some clinics that can get the vaccine to folks that don't have that pathway, patrick hope. san mateo county changes that system quickly. it seems the county needs to get in front of this and say, hey, we do have more doses. let's give these doses out. and if there's extra. >> you know what? that's great. invite people from san francisco to come down. san mateo county, dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> yeah. meanwhile, california and san francisco's departments of health are thinking about requesting a different smallpox vaccine. this one is called a camp 2000. it's a smallpox vaccine that was approved back in 2007, 100 million doses apparently had been stored in the strategic national stockpile. since then. and the state has requested 200 of those doses. we're working right now to learn when we can expect those doses to arrive
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here in the bay area. california lawmakers, by the way, on both sides of the aisle are calling on the state to do more to slow the spread of monkeypox. there are more than 800 confirmed cases in the state right now. we've got 8 on wallace with more on the story. >> it's an important stop. an important step is how senator scott wiener describes the governor state of emergency declaration over monkeypox. it opens doors for more. >> efficient testing and vaccination and just allows us to be more nimble. he says it will allow the state to dedicate more funding to slow the spread of the viral disease that often present with flu-like symptoms, rashes and skin lesions to take steps. but the san francisco democrat says more must be done. >> he sent the governor this letter calling some to green light in emergency budget allocation of 38 and a half million dollars funding wiener says would directly assist the fight against monkeypox on a local level to support county. >> public health departments which are responsible for expanding testing vaccination
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and community outreach. we need to make sure the counties but their public health departments have the support that they need. it comes as we are set to chair a brand new monkeypox select committee serving on it with him. republican senator rosalie see a road show a boat. in a statement she said the committee will work to protect communities through education, uniform guidelines and that has doctors stress. there are ways to guard against the virus the way you can protect yourself. >> is making sure that the people who you are very close to that if they have a rash and then you might want to opt out of being very close to them. and if people have rashes, they want to make sure to see their healthcare provider, get that diagnosed and limit interaction with other so that they don't transmit to others. and members of the monkeypox select committee will hold their first meeting next tuesday reporting at the california state capitol. a tom wallace kron. 4 news. >> well, the berkeley city council was supposed to hold a meeting to talk about reinstating the discretionary
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use of >> tear gas and pepper spray for crowd control. now this comes on the heels of a protest of people's park which turned violent. but the mayor decided to cancel that meeting at the last minute. kron four's theresa stasi explains why. and what's next? >> it was canceled because i don't believe that we should appeal are. current prohibition on the use of tear gas for crowd control situations. that is berkeley's mayor jesse ever again on why thursday's meeting was quashed. that mayor explains the council was considering lifting the ban due to the need for more help. >> managing crowds such as in the case on wednesday as protesters clash with police at uc berkeley's new proposed development at people's park forms by the loudoun county sheriff's department. that because we have a ban on tear gas that they're not going to sen. >> personnel, it berkeley called joint. and that was concert. and the fact that people's park is in an urban environment
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>> it's very likely that things could spill over onto city and we do not have enough police to effectively manage the situation. so we're going to need help. the mayor says since then, he has spoken with the alameda county sheriff who promised mutual aid even with the ban. remember 2014 when there were a series of protests and solidarity, black lives matter movement and our police use quite a bit of tear gas and one night it that just the impact it has in public health in in indiscriminately impacting other people. also, i think creates a chilling effect for people engage in first amendment activity. 7 people were arrested during wednesday's protest and the development project is halted for now. uc berkeley spokesperson says school officials are trying to figure out the next phase need to assess. now we need to think about a different way forward. that we have some individuals
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in this community or willing and able to engage in highly dangerous, violent, unlawful activity. >> as a means of expressing their opposition to a project that's meant to benefit the entire community. >> to reset stasio kron, 4 news. >> time now is 4.41. coming up on the kron 4 morning news police releasing a letter they sent to alexis gabe's parents breaking down the timeline of her disappearance. we'll take a closer look. coming up. we're
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it is 4.45. let's head straight to the weather center. get another update on the forecast with the dave spahr standing by with a live look outside. good morning, david. good morning, james. good morning, everybody. sfo not looking too bad that we don't see like the fog in the foreground. from this perspective, corset. >> party. but up against the hills a little bit there. by the way, headed to tahoe. we talk about rain going on today in the forecast. they had flash flooding the last couple of days. looks like we're clearing things out. temps hold lower. 80's 83 for sunday monday about 82. there is that outside chance of a thunder shower maybe on sunday. back to the future cast here, our perspective, the clears out as we approach around noon will be some scattered afternoon clouds. there's your showers and thunder showers continuing in the mountains. and as we get more heating, it departs the region, as you will see, setting up for a nice weekend. return of our fog saturday morning and looks like everybody practically across the state looking at mostly sunny as we head into saturday afternoon, temps mid 60's to the far east bay. we have
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lower 60's line at the east bay shoreline. 59 for santa rosa looking at the longer movie with all of this. we see this. the monsoon really pushed out pretty much how the mountain chain until we get into early next week. it starts to sneak back in again. but from our perspective, that will still be pretty far from home. somebody can sneak in the mid layers of the atmosphere. something always kind of watch out for gives us little bit more in the way some humidity but looks like a will stay fairly clear. 4 zone forecast covering this friday. 69 san francisco will do that lower to middle 60's coast wide burlingame, 73, 78 foster city, 80 for palo alto, 81 for redwood city. meanwhile, in the south bay readings check in the lower 80's as well. 81 for san jose, 81 cupertino, east bay shoreline, upper 70's as we livermore and pleasanton mid 80's on that. 84 for a walnut creek. 84 conquered 68 for berkeley in valais hole at a cool 67. thank you. onshore winds. 82 fairfield. 75 for now up and 78. meanwhile, 4 santa rosa. we do see these
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90's try to sneak back by the latter portion of the forecast. we start to get to wednesday thursday. it looks like summer clears its throat and east bay shoreline temps will also return to the lower 80's. but in the meantime, weekend looks pretty sweet into early next week. chains. all right, john, thank thank you very much. yeah, let's take a look at traffic right now. quick check of your commute with the conditions here at the bay bridge approach. looking good. >> westbound 80. no problems for you as you make your way from oakland towards the peninsula and san francisco here to the south. we have our san mateo bridge traffic, fine, no issues here on 92 westbound or eastbound both directions moving at the limit. we're also checking out a nice ride on west bound 5.80, right. the richmond center fell bridge toll plaza where traffic again moving without any backup whatsoever. see making good time toward the north bay. and for those of you in the north bay working your way down, southbound 1 one to the san francisco all's well so far, no problems to report as you make your way across the golden gate bridge, more weather and traffic checks in the 5th. but now let's get back to the headlines this
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morning at 4.47. and the family members of alexis, gabe are sharing new details now about the 24 year-old woman's disappearance and presumed murder. the oakley woman has been missing since january. investigators believe she was killed by her ex-boyfriend who was himself later killed during a police confrontation. kron four's felipe gaal breaks down the key points. now in this new timeline in the case. >> antioch police detective john recently wrote alexis gabe's family a letter which they are making public. it details how investigators tracked this case for more than 4 months. from the night a lexus vanished to the day the man believed to have killed her was shot and killed by police. her ex-boyfriend, marshall jones on january, 26th gas station surveillance video shows a lexus making her way to jones's home in antioch, the forensic download of her car and cell phone data shows she was in the area of his home at 6.37. that night, though, there is no video of her arriving or ever leaving
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about 2 and a half hours after her car parked jones began a nearly two-hour phone call with his father, though police do not believe the 2 remained on the line with each other or that jones was with the phone the whole time. 4 minutes later, alexa says car turned on and began moving her phone was tracking with it. detective john notes historical data shows a lexus drove a specific way from any act to her home in oakley, with no deviations until this trip. the car parked in oakley about 12 minutes after leaving antioch. the driver exited the vehicle alone. with the lexus is phone. about 8 minutes later, the phone was turned off the drivers then tracked on surveillance videos walking from oakley to antioch, again, believed to be jones. investigators say when jones got back home before midnight, he wrote a lexus a text message asking if she made it home following an outgoing unanswered phone call the next morning. alexa says mom called jones asking if he saw her the
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night before he said yes. and later texted saying she left his house at around 9 o'clock. oakley police opened a missing persons investigation less than 4 hours later the next day, january 28th jones gave oakley police consent to search his house except the master and spare bedrooms. he also turned his phone over to police for forensic download less than 2 hours later, detective john states in the letter. but jones drove to his mother's house and unloaded several large, heavy garbage bags into the backyard or garage later that night. gps tracking and surveillance footage puts jones in the area of pioneer in amador county. investigators eventually shared with the public that a handwritten note believed to have been written by jones provided directions on where to dispose of the body on february. first, when police say jones was seen staying at his mother's house with a gun,
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investigators executed a search warrant of marshall jones's home and found traces of blood later found to have alexa says dna. the shower curtains in jones's bathroom were also missing. the next day, jones flew alone to washington to stay with his father in the ensuing 4 months. antioch and oakley police executed a search warrant that jones's sister's home in vacaville and conducted air and ground searches in pioneer in antioch, alexa says cell phone case was discovered by a search volunteer which had both alexa says and jones is dna on may. 19th jones's mother was arrested for aiding and abetting but she was released after no charges were filed less than 2 weeks later on june. first, jones was killed by police in washington after they say he lunged at officers with a knife. time to this day. alexis's body has not been. police are convinced she was murdered. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. 4.51. is the time. we'
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>> about the kron? 4 morning news. good morning, everybody. the live shot coming in from the golden gate bridge. a little glaze that we're starting with today. that fog, by the way, mixing up pretty quickly this morning only and will return this evening in the get into some of those inland valleys to just before dawn. 64 at this hour for any act east bay shoreline in the lower 60's. 59 up to santa rosa and the winds. we have a bit of a breeze. hang on a little bit, particularly around the delta and the
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carquinez strait a little bit. also, you can see down around the peninsula as well. so our breakdown today puts us at somewhat variable clouds for the morning hours as we start to mix out some of that fog. 65 at 08:00am by 11. 75? it is shaping up to be a wonderful summertime weekend forecast here. not too hot. not even that cool either. just right as we get into early next week as well. james. >> john dave, thank you very much. it is 4.55 check this out in ohio. the cincinnati zoo's most famous resident is officially a big sister, another baby hippo has been born. this newest addition arrived. what was a wednesday night and this is a mama bibi's second to the baby. the new calf weighing twice as much as big sister fiona, which is no big surprise because fiona was actually born 6 weeks premature. the new baby is already walking around. as you can see and takes a few to rest, just plops down wherever you get tired. the zoo hasn't yet
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officially announced the new name for the baby hippo have to keep you updated on that. very cute. to hear that click in. yeah. that loud clicking sound apparently is the first time anyone has ever documented and roasting ray making its own sound. researchers think the sting ray makes that sound by moving the respiratory openings right near ties. experts think that clicking sound may be a sign of distress or perhaps a defense mechanism. they're not sure they're going to study it more. but pretty cool. you just heard there something that's never been recorded before. all right. it is 4.56. we'll take a break coming up in the next hour, former mma star cain velasquez will be back in court for a hearing. will have a live update on what we expect today. >> coming up in a moment. meanwhile, officials in sonoma county are sharing details about their emergency response
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to the drought. it's bad. we're going to tell you what they're going to do and what you need to know in a moment. the biden administration also is declaring now public health emergency when it comes to monkeypox will break down. what we know about that so far. ♪ ♪ shop the lowe's bath style & save event now.
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♪ ♪ shop the lowe's bath style & save event now. in store and online. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news, former and i'm a star cain velasquez back in court today fighting an
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attempted murder charge. we're live at the courthouse. plus, how one bay area counties trying to come up with a new system to get people vaccinated against monkeypox and outside lands. music festival returning to golden gate park today. we'll tell you what you can expect. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> i with stranger in our midst morning, everybody. i'm james, thank you so much for joining us. my see you again to be back here. looking good, feeling. great feeling great. all right. well, that's excellent. everybody else is gone, though. yeah, so thank god for dave spahr who has stepped in saving the grey for friday. hey, good morning, james and darya. good morning, everybody. and our traditional fog checking in the east bay shoreline just a little bit here will mix in the late morning hours yielding a mostly sunny skies. as we get into the afternoon here. >>we


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