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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 5, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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plus, how one bay area counties trying to come up with a new system to get people vaccinated against monkeypox and outside lands music festival coming back to golden gate park today. we'll tell you what you can expect if you're telling. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> 06:00am to how you hold up james, his first day back. it's good to have you. thank you. good to be back. and i'm coming back on a day when temperatures are. >> pulling back just a little bit. which is kind of nice was warm inland this week then a little toasty there. i know. so what what we have for next dates. okay dorian. james, good morning, everybody. and a pretty pleasant weekend. in fact, we're going to kind of retired the 90's for about 5 days or so. but they will come back later on the longer range forecast. >> here's how we stand right now. east bay shoreline is start to get some daylight going on here. some leftover clouds. sun, though, trying to appear in a bit. temperature movement haven't seen much
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yet. still early, lower to middle 60's cover. good chunk of the east bay. 59 for santa rosa. 63 for san jose and 60 at this hour for san francisco. again, someone of the moderate side is what it looks like going forward. how busy it's been in the mountains still today. you can hear about the rain going on around tahoe. that will continue again for this morning and this afternoon. but late in the afternoon evening, that scoots off in the weekend. forecast up. they're not bad either. so it's just in time for the weekend. everybody is improving here. breakdown for you today. we'll call about 71 at 10:00am. by one, maybe about 82. some leftover some scattered clouds with all of that, but at least decent temperatures for today through the weekend and early next week. we'll get more into that coming up in just a bit, right. we'll check some bay area. bridges star you to listen. let's do that. the bay bridge is still so quiet, dave. look at that. look at those fun, cool clouds. don't know the extra puffy this morning. >> maybe riser extra puff. if you didn't get any sleep, you can catch up this weekend. taking a look here. the richmond center fell bridge and you have plenty of company, but it's moving well.
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there. sorry. that was a san mateo bridge. here's the richmond fell bridge, much quieter in this shot of the richmond center fell bridge and the golden gate bridge. it's a golden ride for you. it's not even that foggier cloudy, as you can see here on the deck. happening today, former mma star cain velasquez is going to be back in court for a hearing. yeah, he's charged with trying to kill a man accused of molesting one of alaska says family members. >> of our coast and by live in santa clara county with more on what we should expect today to be the morning. >> all right, james, the other case continues for the mma fighter here at the santa clara county court house today. the judge will hear arguments over motions filed by the attorneys. prosecutors say that cain velasquez, a former mma fighter, tried to kill harry goularte. a polar tate is accused of molesting a 4 year-old girl who is related alaska's alaska's allegedly chased the along highway one. 0, one and attempted to shoot
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him. but he ended up hurting another man during that alaska's has denied has been denied bail. and this morning he returns to court. his supporters have been showing up here at the courthouse. >> and believe he has been wrongfully accused. however, prosecutors, don't think so or tea. on the other hand, will he remains out of custody as he waits for his trial to start. he's being charged with lewd acts with a minor child. he has pleaded not guilty in that case as far as alaska, alaska's? well, he has yet to enter a plea. he is facing attempted murder charges. and diane james, if he is convicted. >> he is facing 20 years in prison. >> send it back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll check in with you later. camila 6, 0, 3 is the time and elsewhere in the east bay, a former richmond police officer will be arraigned on felony assault charges today. eric smith junior is accused of beating and tasing a man during a traffic stop back in april. and this is video of that encounter. you see him
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being tazed there. smith says he pulled over, saw mendoza junior because he suspected him of driving drunk and that the situation escalated when mendoza tried running off. in the end, though, the department fired smith for using excessive force during that arrest. now to some breaking news overnight in las vegas. a manhunt under way right now for a person that police say shot 3 people inside the mirage hotel. it was last night. one man died. 2 women were critically injured. police say they believe the victims and the shooter knew each other and that they got into some sort of an altercation before the shots rang out. police did not release information yet about the gunman, but they say at least one person who was in that hotel room does have ties to the area. >> the biden administration moves to declare monkeypox a public health emergency and it's supposed to bush the country's response to the outbreak. the u.s. has 7,100 confirmed cases. jessi turnure
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has the latest from washington. good morning. this announcement will free up money and other resources to help control the virus at a time when many states are having trouble keeping up with demand for vaccines. >> we're working hard to contain it while the u.s. remains under a public health emergency for covid-19, the biden administration declared another one thursday for a different virus. monkeypox. it is really i think the real time dimitri daskalakis is helping lead the national response to monkeypox, which has now infected more than 7,000 americans. the most important thing is to let people who have the knowledge of how he bought transmit. the virus spreads through skin to skin contact and sharing bedding towels and clothing. patients have been primarily men who have with men. but health officials stress the virus can infect anyone could clear messaging to people about how to prevent infection without drives. are there. there that the declaration comes amid criticism from major cities over monkeypox
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vaccine availability. some of that to stop offering the second dose to ensure supply of first doses. as soon as we saw that this outbreak was different. >> in transmitting much more rapidly. we quickly moved to order tens of thousands of more doses. white house press secretary karine jean pierre said the administration has made more than a million doses available and boosted the processing of tests to 80,000 per week. the declaration should help the federal government better track who is infected and vaccinated. but texas senator ted cruz called the announcement a purely political. they want to change the topic away. >> from their failed domestic agenda. >> and last week, the world health organization called monkeypox a public health emergency with cases in more than 70 countries. no one in the u.s. has died, but a few deaths have been reported in other countries in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> thank you, jesse 6, 0, 6, is the time. and back here in california, lawmakers are calling on the state to do
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more to slow the spread of monkeypox. so far there are more than 800 cases across the state. we have state senator scott wiener who represents san francisco saying the governor took a big step. yes, in declaring a state of emergency, but he says more still needs to be done. he went on to say that he sent the governor a letter calling on him to approve 80 or 38 million dollars to help with monkeypox at the local level. >> to support county public health departments which are responsible perks than the testing vaccination and community outreach. we need to make sure the counties but their public health departments have the support that they need. >> as senator wiener has been chosen to chair a brand new monkeypox select committee. that committee is trying to come up with guidelines and resources for the entire state and members of the committee will have their first meeting come next tuesday. california and san francisco. by the way, their departments of health are considering using a different smallpox vaccine to treat monkeypox. this vaccine
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they're looking at is called a cam 2000. it was a smallpox vaccine that was approved back in 2007. there's about 100 million doses of its toward right now in the strategic national stockpile. and the state has requested 200 of those shots. we're working now to learn when those doses are expected to arrive here in the bay area. >> as we know, the entire bay area is in short supply of monkeypox vaccines. but in a san mateo county, they have no vaccine at all coffers. dan kerman explains why. >> limited numbers of vaccine has led to long lines and a handful of san francisco monkeypox clinics and san mateo county. there are no monkeypox clinics at all. i'm sure detail county can set up their own clinic say that they for covid-19 and you're getting up to that patrick is and lives in san mateo county. he says he can't get through to the public health department and staff members of this county supervisor's office have told them to go wait in line in san francisco because san mateo county is sending its vaccine down their
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game are being pushed off the side, at least in san mateo county, which which i find very concerning. >> it reminds me very much of the age, a pandemic when that first started and how we were ignored. >> we recognize that we're in an evolving situation that's really challenging and sympathize with the questions and the concerns are working toward having the opportunity to get information from that. mark mellman is the director of public health policy and planning. >> for the san mateo county public health department. he says vaccine doses are being sent to san francisco because they believe many of their at risk residents seek health care there. he also says some of the vaccine has been doled out to major health care systems in the county. but he knows more needs to be done. we are working on having an opportunity through our website for people to indicate their interest to filling out a short survey. >> and so that identifying them as individuals at so that
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we are able to then contact them as vaccine becomes available and again, yes, if they indicate through that process that they're connected with health care providers has the vaccine will try and help make that connection. and if not, then we will work on setting up some clinics that can get the vaccine to folks that don't have that pathway, patrick hope. san mateo county changes that system quickly. it seems the county needs to get in front of this and say, hey, we do have our doses. let's give these doses out. and if there's extra. >> you know what? that's great. invite people from san francisco to come down. san mateo county, dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> the san francisco aids foundation is looking for health care volunteers to help give the monkeypox shots. they say you have to be authorized and trained to administer vaccines in order to volunteer, you can contact the organization if you're interested. >> in the north bay, solano county has reported its first human case of west nile virus.
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health officials say the person is from vacaville and is currently recovering. west nile virus is transmitted to humans and animals through the bites of infected mosquitoes in. that's why experts are advising everybody to drain standing water where mosquitoes breed and also to make sure that in the doors and windows have tight-fitting screens to try to keep those mosquitoes out and to use insect repellent to keep those mosquitoes from biting in the first place. county health officials say the risk of west nile virus increases during times of drought which clearly we're in in facts along the county's currently in what's considered to be extreme drought. we have some new information this morning for you. shocking jobs report just released and it shows that the u.s. actually added 528,000 jobs last month despite rising inflation and worries about a recession. that's more than twice the number that economists were expecting. the unemployment rate also dipped to 3 and a half percent. experts believe that the strong jobs market or jobs report has kept the economy
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from slipping into a full downturn. >> it's 6.11 and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, san francisco is suing the federal government hoping to save laguna honda hospital. we'll see if it will save it from shutting now. and after the break, sonoma county wants to save as much water as possible because of the drought, which means they're going to make you help out. >> a pretty nice friday and into the weekend, in fact, as well for today, some scattered clouds thrown in there and high temperatures inland in the 80's take a look at the
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>> we're back 6.14, is the time. and with most of california and the bay area experiencing severe drought officials in sonoma county are sharing some details about their emergency response to the whole situation during a virtual town hall county supervisors pointed out that rainfall has been well below average for the last 2 years during the meeting, they discussed their plans to expand the drop task force and what it can do. >> doubling the number of members providing work participation from all sorts of folks that are going to be having a hand in dealing with that effects of drought and the drought task force is concerned. we're going to smile. >> yeah. the town of windsor also discussed its program which gives out free water at recycle fill stations. the county is going to be holding their next drought meeting in september. unclear situation is going to get any better
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between now and then all i i'll yeah, i don't need to study it's been tough. >> we've got a standing by the weather center with a look ahead. any signs of any local rain, vocal rain. no, no, maybe my kick some coastal drizzle. if you're lucky. lucky in the morning hours. good morning, daryn. james, good morning, everybody. >> and some stratus a little bit off to the distance as you notice from east bay shoreline shot here as it will go into a mostly sunny mode as we get into the afternoon hours and rain. that's why james talking about local because it's not up in the mountains. it continues for yet another day. now the flash flooding in tahoe is over, but the rain is still continues today. and this will be focused on the morning hours in the very early afternoon before mixing out. here's what it looks like as we go. the futurecast for as we get more daytime heating. this is where the atmosphere is more energy in it because it's been somewhat stabilized by the early overnight rain and early this morning. it will actually be departing with allowed along with some of that moisture to here comes back. our fog tomorrow morning, clearing out
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for the afternoon, basically mostly sunny. but with the air mass in place, there can't level pop-up little shower there again, compliments with daytime heating lower to middle 60's cover the east bay east bay shoreline. also in the lower 60's, not much movement yet. 59 santa rosa, 60 san francisco in 63 san jose. the lowdown for the weekend and beyond. we get the morning clouds and fog to deal with 70's expected for the bay 80's inland today. and we'll keep that trend into the weekend and looks pretty nice for summer here. pleasant summer weather next week. warming by midweek. and that's when we return back to the lower 90's. it will be, but by thursday or so into friday. again, back to today. some scattered afternoon clouds for san francisco at 69. 74 81 turning somewhat mostly sunny and mild for san jose and even inland today, we're only have the middle 80's going on in the far east bay 70's in control of the north bay with a chilly 67 for delay. course, we'll have more on your 4 zone forecast for now. james, take a look at some of those
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barrier bridges. all right. thank you very much, dave. yeah, 6.17. we're looking at the bay bridge approach. find here. no major problems to report as you're making your way westbound. >> on the interstate 80 in san francisco, there is a bit of a slowdown up in el serino. it looks like 80 as you head towards the toll plaza is a bit backed up there. and that might be why we're seeing some light conditions here. but it's also friday and yeah, we typically have less volume on a friday. anyway from here, let's jump over to the san mateo bridge highway. 92. and as you can see, traffic moving well in both directions with a lot of between the car. so it's a smooth ride here along that stretch of 92. we're also monitoring the situation up in the richmond. sandra fell bridge where west bound 5.80. those headlights seem to be moving without any problems as you make your way from richmond out towards marin county. all in all, not bad. across the span. and our final stop for the golden gate bridge where traffic under gray skies is moving well across the golden gate. no problems from marin county in the san francisco, its 6.18,
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and for kentucky officers face federal charges for their role. >> in the death of breonna taylor, the 26 year-old a medical worker was killed by louisville officers during a drug raid at her home. >> and we have new charges now that include the violation of taylor civil rights. kaylee, the sun has more on the federal charges. >> former louisville metropolitan police officers, joshua jaynes brett hankison as well as current officers. kelly goodlett and sergeant kyle meany are all charged with violating brianna taylor civil right. prosecutors allege goodlett in jane's conspired to falsify an affidavit in support of the search warrant for taylor's apartment, according to the charging paper, the affidavit falsely claim the officers had verified suspect in a drug trafficking investigation had been receiving packages at the residence. we allege that the defendants knew their actions and falsifying the affidavit could create a dangerous situation.
6:20 am
>> and we allege these unlawful acts resulted in miss taylor's death. another indictment filed today alleges that after taylor was shot former officer brett hankison moved from the doorway to the side of her apartment. >> and fired 10 more shots through a window and a sliding glass door. he's been charged with 2 civil rights offenses alleging that he willfully used unconstitutionally excessive force while acting in his official capacity as an officer, officers are trained to shoot, trained to shoot. >> to see a target and to be able to discern that are sure that that part even after it was over, he continued to fire. so he went way beyond the deadly force policy was the way beyond whatever any of the street so he violated everything that he was taught. >> and a separate indictments as james and both knew the warrant used to search taylor's home, had information that was false, misleading and out of date. both are charged
6:21 am
with conspiracy and deprivation of to the war. >> that they that they got the it was it was doubled off to another set of officers. if i was one of those off the same guy, we're going do. >> that was kelly beeson reporting former louisville police sergeant jonathan mattingly who was shot at taylor's door retired last year. another officer myles cosgrove were investigators say fired the shot that killed taylor was dismissed from the department in january of 2021. it was a close call for a police officer in oakland. he was almost hit by gunfire. >> while in his car, this happened wednesday. and what happened was the officer was surveilling an armed robbery suspect on martin luther king junior way not far from the macarthur bart station. the officer was in an unmarked car when 2 people unrelated to this operation started shooting from both sides of the car. bullets didn't hit the car, but the officer was
6:22 am
not hit or hurt and detectives were able to arrest both shooters. >> former san francisco district attorney chase, a brigade says he will not run for reelection come november. he says he wants to focus on his family. now he tweeted the decision yesterday morning. dean also expressed concern that some of the programs that he created will and the current district attorney brooke jenkins will run in a special election in november to finish out blue jeans term. coming up on the kron 4 morning news, a popular jazz bar in san francisco is planning to shut its doors. we're going hear from the musicians who play there and the regulars who enjoy. >> that jazz club will tell you what they're going to try and keep it open.
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♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we only serve those who've honorably served. all ranks. all branches. and their eligible family members. yep, that is exclusive. and we're fine with that. >> so popular jazz bar in the haight-ashbury neighborhood of san francisco apparently is going to be shutting down. and i was just thinking you don't age as like, the problem and chance closer. so fun to go to into think we're going to have one less. this is club the locks and the owners sent a letter to the musicians announcing this plant shutdown saying the cost of french scott now to control the can afford it anymore. and that's what's been going on. by the way, to many and san francisco that rents are going up forcing them out. and you feel
6:26 am
if you rent yourself, you feel that pain to the owner. sarah wild says she'd like to move the club to a new location and try and keep it going. kerry young with san francisco's heritage that the nonprofit works to preserve the city's cultural identity and they're advocating right now for this club to be added to the san francisco legacy. business registry, which is a program that gives landlords financial incentives to extend affordable leases. >> i'm honored to to legacy businesses lease for 10 years or more and they can receive a grant in order to do so. and so this is interesting. we don't know when they're going to close for good, but they're figuring that out. we've asked the owner, they don't i think about it. so as it gets out of sight, right? you can't have these old tiny like funky clubs operate anymore and then maybe a big business or a big chain like, you know, i don't know who they can afford that
6:27 am
kind of red. but little places they on. and so that's a cultural thing. like you lose the flavor of the city. hopefully they can find a way to keep it open. what will keep following the story for you? >> 6.27, on the clock. we'll take a quick break. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. speaking of music outside lands returning to san francisco today. we'll tell you what you can expect if you're going to be heading out there for day one. >> of the festival will be right back.
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>> 6.29 and of talk about the old get as against these lever of some of these down tension in its because we're both old and you're back and i'm glad that you're back the and you brought a little a cool off with you call it a cool off. we're going to lose a few degrees with dry ice, which is yeah, actually is really great for our inland valleys. we got day following all that from the weather center. good morning, dave. >> okay. good morning, james and darya. good morning, everybody. and we have as you can see the satellite picture quite a bit of rain holding together up there in the mountains. and that will be the case at least early today is what we're looking at until some late afternoon. clearing is what we're expecting all of us here. and by the way, looks pretty nice for the weekend, by the way, for all to store. here's the breakdown for us. 71. it looks like by 10 by one. 82. we'll keep a little couple cloud pops in there for
6:31 am
even the afternoon at the ballpark tomorrow. it's going to be the a's versus the giants game time 4, 0, 7 variable clouds and cool as we get to game time into the early evening, got a west wind at about 10. so perhaps a little chilly in the wind. coming up a little bit. we'll have that, of course, 4 zone forecast for you and the extended as well. right now door is going to check in some bay area bridges for a start. let's take a look. the bay bridge approach was so quiet and it still isn't. even at 6.30, this could be an indicator that we're in for friday. light. >> but you'll have to stay posted. watch for traffic. it's the san mateo bridge. luckily, we do it frequently. 40's. you can see the traffic. san mateo ebb and flow. and it's a flowing very well here, even though you've got company, the richmond center fell bridge traffic has picked up. so you do see more cars on the road at this hour in this direction as they had from the east bay from richmond into sandra fell. but there's nothing really in your way. in the golden gate bridge is a breeze, a few more cars, but they're moving at the limit.
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the berkeley city council was supposed to hold a meeting last night to talk about reinstating the discretionary use of tear gas and pepper spray for crowd control because protesters have been at people's park. we've shown you the clashes happening with police and protesters and the university which wants to build student housing people's park. mayor jesse are going canceled the meeting last night because he says he doesn't believe that they should repeal the ban. this comes as protesters turns pretty violent. there were some arrests and face offs with the police there. people protesting brooke least plan to demolish the park and make way for student housing, which is approved to be built there. the mayor says the council is considering lifting the ban due to the need for more help managing crowds. >> formed by the loudoun county sheriff's department that because we have a ban on tear gas that they're not going to sen personnel. it berkeley called joint. and that was concert. and the fact
6:33 am
that people's park is in an urban environment >> it's very likely that things could spill over onto city ann's. we do not have enough police to effectively manage the situation. so we're going to need help. >> since then, the mayor has spoken with the alameda county sheriff who has promised mutual aid and even with that ban in place, 7 people were arrested during wednesday's protest. and the development project is halted for now. california farmworkers are headed to the state capitol in an effort to get governor newsom's attention. they want to sign a bill that would help them unionize and vote to unionize in private members of the united farm workers are marching 300 miles from central california to sacramento to ask the governor to sign a b. 21 83, which would expand current laws to give farmworkers more options
6:34 am
in the way they vote for or against forming a union. >> when you're asked to vote, you know, in terms of on your bosses property while your boss that's going to really chilling very suppressive effect on the way you choose to vote union election. so if you're able to receive a ballot in a way that's transparent and intractable by the a or b and yet. so have that that secret ballot, that privacy, that ability to make decisions participate in the election the way the want to that's going make workers certainly feel less vulnerable to retaliation >> the group plans to arrive in sacramento on august. 26, which is farm worker appreciation day. >> well, there's a new effort by san francisco city leaders to keep the doors of laguna honda hospital open. 2 lawsuits were filed against health and human services and the centers for medicare and medicaid services. the first
6:35 am
lawsuit is asking that federal funding for the hospital stay in place while the legal process plays out, the federal government is pulling that funding because of multiple health violations there at laguna honda. and if the city doesn't meet the mid september deadline to recertify that hospital, well, they could lose the funding altogether. the second lawsuit asks the patient transfers be stopped. that one is a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of patients. >> we know that laguna honda has challenges. we understand the need to make corrective action. and we've already implemented significant amounts of corrective action based on the recommendations of cms and what we know that we have to do. >> yeah, some patients have already moved to other facilities. and city officials say that 9 patients have died after being relocated. >> time now 6.35. and the family of alexis. gabe is sharing new details about the 24 year olds disappearance and
6:36 am
her presumed murder. the oakley woman, as you know, was missing, reported missing in january. investigators believe she was killed by her ex-boyfriend who was later killed in a confrontation with the police forcefully. pure dog breaks down the timeline of this case. >> antioch police detective john recently wrote alexis gabe's family a letter which they are making public. it details how investigators tracked this case for more than 4 months. from the night a lexus vanished to the day the man believed to have killed her was shot and killed by police. her ex-boyfriend, marshall jones on january. 26 gas station surveillance video shows a lexus making her way to jones's home in antioch, the forensic download of her car and cell phone data shows she was in the area of his home at 6.37. that night, though, there is no video of her arriving or ever leaving about 2 and a half hours after her car parked jones began a
6:37 am
nearly two-hour phone call with his father, though police do not believe the 2 remained on the line with each other or that jones was with the phone the whole time. 4 minutes later, alexa says car turned on and began moving her phone was tracking with it. detective john notes historical data shows a lexus drove a specific way from any act to her home in oakley, with no deviations until this trip. the car parked in oakley about 12 minutes after leaving antioch. the driver exited the vehicle alone. with the lexus is phone. about 8 minutes later, the phone was turned off the drivers then tracked on surveillance videos walking from oakley to antioch, again, believed to be jones. investigators say when jones got back home before midnight, he wrote a lexus a text message asking if she made it home following an outgoing unanswered phone call the next morning. alexa says mom called jones asking if he saw her the night before he said yes. and later texted saying she left
6:38 am
his house at around 9 o'clock. oakley police opened a missing persons investigation less than 4 hours later the next day, january 28th jones gave oakley police consent to search his house except the master and spare bedrooms. he also turned his phone over to police for forensic download less than 2 hours later, detective john states in the letter. but jones drove to his mother's house and unloaded several large, heavy garbage bags into the backyard or garage later that night, gps tracking and surveillance footage puts jones in the area of pioneer in amador county. investigators eventually shared with the public that a handwritten note believed to have been written by jones provided directions on where to dispose of the body on february. first, when police say jones was seen staying at his mother's house with a gun, investigators executed a search warrant of marshall jones's home and found traces of blood later found to have
6:39 am
alexa says dna. the shower curtains in jones's bathroom were also missing. the next day, jones flew alone to washington to stay with his father in the ensuing 4 months. antioch and oakley police executed a search warrant that jones's sister's home in vacaville and conducted air and ground searches in pioneer in antioch, alexa says cell phone case was discovered by a search volunteer which had both alexa says and jones is dna on may. 19th jones's mother was arrested for aiding and abetting but she was released after no charges were filed less than 2 weeks later on june. first, jones was killed by police in washington after they say he lunged at officers with a knife. time to this day. alexis's body has not been. police are convinced she was murdered. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. and some breaking news out of oakland. >> we have a fire burning on edgewater drive. this is video from the citizen app and you
6:40 am
can see the flames. they're shooting from the top of a building. this is near the oakland airport. fire crews office leon, seen this is a commercial business that's burning. we're working to gather more information right now. bring that to you as soon as we find that out. but the citizen app just showed us the video thought we'd share it with you while we had it. stay tuned for more. coming up, 6.40, is the time wnba star brittney griner has been sentenced now to 9 years in prison after being convicted of drug possession and smuggling charges. griner was arrested in february. you may remember after vape canisters and cannabis oil were found in her luggage. we have dance with more on what's happening. >> the 2 time olympic gold medalist and wnba superstar with a blank expression, as she learned her fate 9 years in a russian prison. the guilty verdict for brittney griner was expected, but calls from the u.s. continue to demand for her release bay
6:41 am
area. congresswoman barbara lee taking to social media saying the conviction was absolutely disgraceful and that griner should be home with her wife and loved ones but is instead being used by russia as a political, i think for most americans to think of someone receiving a 9 year prison sentence for a small amount of cannabis. >> it's shocking criminal attorney and legal analyst steve clarke says because of griner's high profile. >> her trial was more political than criminal. he believes russia is taking advantage of the situation and a prisoner swap with the u.s. might be the solution. it is a dangerous political game that's being played, though, because you could encourage other countries to hold americans in the show trials. >> for high criminal sentences seeking some diplomatic avenue to a release. the prisoner, despite president biden denouncing griner's sentence in calling it unacceptable. the president of san francisco
6:42 am
pride says the response from the federal government has been shameful pointing to griner being black and a a statement reads in part. >> too little too late intervention by the u.s. government is deplorable. it is sad but not shocking to see that the lives of black women are not readily protected and that the political class continues to ignore the threats that jeopardize the safety of our community. clark says one lesson to be taken out of this is understanding how the justice system works in other countries. this is an important lesson for all americans to recognize that when you travel in another country. >> the american system of justice does not go with you. >> well, that was dan thorn reporting. griner's lawyers say that they will appeal her verdict. the attention now centers on whether a prisoner swap is going to happen between the u.s. and russia. >> it's 6.42. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the jury in the alex jones defamation trial. has decided
6:43 am
that he has to pay millions of dollars in damages to to sandy hook parents was children were killed in the massacre that he called a hoax. when you see things differently, you can be the difference. this green space will help the sustainability committee reach our goals years faster than our initial projections. ♪ capella university looks at education differently. our flexpath learning format lets you set deadlines and earn your bachelor's on your terms. ♪ make your difference with capella university.
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nurse mariyam sabo knows a moment this pure
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demands a lotion this pure. gold bond pure moisture lotion 24-hour hydration no parabens, dyes, or fragrances gold bond champion your skin ♪ [children playing outside] reynolds wrap makes it easy to cook and clean up meals in no time. ♪ [food sizzle] so i don't miss all the fun stuff. [whoosh] [splash] easy prep, cook and clean. with reynolds wrap. >> it's 6.45 and a jury has ordered conspiracy theorist alex jones to pay more than 4 million dollars to the parents of the 6 year-old boy who was killed in the sandy hook elementary school
6:46 am
massacre. yeah. now the jury has to decide how much more money to award the family in punitive damages. >> we have markie, martin with the very latest. >> in austin, texas, courtroom, a jury handed down their verdict for infowars host alex jones. 3, a one and a half million dollars and questioned the 3 half a million dollars. the judge reading aloud each claims totaling to 4.1 million dollars. jones owes the parents of six-year-old sandy hook victim jesse lewis who said jones portrayal of the massacre as a hoax and parents is actors made it impossible for them to heal outside the courthouse. the parents attorney addressing the decision. i hope that any other media people who are watching >> and thinking that they may be able to defame a private person like this knows that there is a multimillion dollar consequence and we aren't done folks. so everybody tune in tomorrow. well, we'll be putting on additional evidence
6:47 am
will be sending jury back again and we'll have to decide what is going to be necessary to punish mister jones and make sure nobody ever does this during days of witness testimony, the jury heard from both parents about the anguish they've endured from jones, repeated lies 6 year-old son shot in the forehead with his first grade classroom. >> bearable when it stated that, yes, you that as an indication. >> that he didn't he did i was blessed with some have jones himself taking the stand for today's finally admitting under oath that the sandy hook shooting did in fact take place and his words and actions were irresponsible. it was especially concerned about the parish and it 200% real?
6:48 am
why do you think was a conspiracy? i saw powerful forces politicized. >> i think we should consciously didn't want to believe that this was being blamed. >> collectively on gun owners, jones also acknowledging he had historically raised false conspiracy claims about other heinous tragedies from oklahoma city and boston marathon bombings to mass shootings in las vegas and parkland, florida. perhaps the biggest shocking twist of the trial came wednesday when it was revealed that jones attorneys had mistakenly sent the parents attorney the last 2 years worth of text messages from jones cell phone. and as of 2 days ago, it felt pretty clear in my possession. and that is how i know you by sunday when you said you didn't have text message about saying that. >> 6.40, at the time. that was markie. martin reporting for us this morning. and this may not be the last time the jones has to pay out more money to families. a judge in connecticut has already ruled against him in a similar lawsuit. but by the way, he's declared bankruptcy. so who knows how much, if any money,
6:49 am
anybody is going be a challenge? >> 6.48 right now want to get a look at the weather traffic before you head out the door. let's the day shaping up like ok, daryn. james, good morning. good morning, everybody. and not a bad day in weekend. in fact, taken almost looks like a little bit of a break from summer. you know, we get those heat spike this time of year. >> we don't see that on the horizon right now. still dealing with this cloud cover along the coast. you'll see half moon bay. they're kind of overcast for now. if you're headed up to tahoe, the rain is going on now. but by the time we get to this weekend looks pretty clear it out. there is always that isolated chance of a we call the silent pops of a pop up a little thunder shower. just have this kind of summer come air mass here. lower 80's all the way through monday. back to the models here. we clear out some of this cloud cover as we get to the early afternoon. there's the rain showers continuing up in the mountains. but as we get more energy in the atmosphere, it actually starts to wane away. as moisture pulls away from that region. and even though there's a lot of energy in the atmosphere to heads to stabilize that, the rain that we get early in the day. it's
6:50 am
been raining all overnight, too. so by tomorrow morning of the traditional fog, again, sunny for us and the mountains. again, there's a stray little shower. that's a possibility. but for the most part to host looking pretty good. alright, temperature check for you. were in the lower 60's along the east bay shoreline. only mid 60's inland and up to the north bay. 59 santa rosa, 60 for now. also matching that san francisco week ahead. this is just the start keeping the monsoon at bay here. nothing no traffic from the pacific league does much of anything for us. however, we get to tuesday, looks like there's some trying to sneak up here a little bit. it might get to the mid layers of the atmosphere a little bit. there. and there you see the pulsating, the 4 corner states of the monsoon 4 zone forecast covering you for this friday. 69 san francisco got the lower to middle 60's along the coast. 73 for burning again. and how about this more 70's to the south popping a little lower 80's for palo alto, 81 for redwood city matching that of the south bay, too east bay shoreline, upper 70's mid 80's for tri valley. looks like 84 walnut creek in danville.
6:51 am
looks like 81 san ramon, 68 for berkeley valais host 67 82. meanwhile for fairfield, 75 napa and 78 for petaluma 7 day forecast. those 90's do come back again. it looks like by wednesday, thursday zone. meanwhile, the east bay shoreline will be treated to the 70 60 cool 60's at the coast. james, how the bay area roads doing well, they actually look pretty good. we've got our bay bridge check here, starting off the westbound 80. and as you can see, it looks great. >> now the san francisco side at the harrison street off-ramp. there was a motorcycle that went down blocking a few lanes. but as you can see, it doesn't seem to be backing things up on the span or here at the toll plaza. see, you're making good time. for that from here. let's go to the south. we've got the writ the san mateo bridge giving us a shot here, westbound 92. that's the right side will does matter east or westbound on 92. you're making good time. there's no backup whatsoever in either direction. the richmond, sandra fell bridge to the north west bound 5.80. that's where we're seeing things back up just a little bit as folks make their way from richmond
6:52 am
out towards sandra fell. otherwise he what your past toll plaza you're doing great on the span. and then for those in the north bay looking to make their way into san francisco will give you a look here at the golden gate bridge where traffic is moving. well in both the 1 one north and southbound directions, more weather and traffic checks in a bit. but now let's get back to the headlines. >> happening today, the outside lands music festival returns to golden gate park. that's a lot of people. 71 million dollars to. that's going to be pumped into the local economy. and that's because the big music festival brings and big business too restaurants, wineries and the likes. san francisco mayor london breed is excited. even though obviously there are still public health risks to think about. >> this is going to be so exciting for san francisco. and i know that in a major city like san francisco, we have our challenges, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't take an opportunity to have a good time. just have a good time
6:53 am
and don't spread covid like everybody's getting covid. and you know that even if you had your shots and you're boosted. >> you can still get get it. so be careful there. the police are also going make sure that everybody safe. they're going to be posted there for 72 hours and the outside organizers are strongly recommending that you take public transportation or do a rideshare or ask your mom? yeah. like my 6.53. is that i will be right back.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> ticking we know i had my eyes closed now. i see. no, you see rain fact. they're thinking that clicking sound is the first time anyone's actually and roasting remaking. >> the sound they make doesn't without sort electronic is sonar in a way took quick. yeah. researchers think they make the sound by moving some of those respiratory openings near their eyes. the biology of stingrays are pretty cool. that maybe i know why they're making that clicking noise. they don't know. they think maybe it's a sign of distress or maybe a defense mechanism because the camera was getting too close. yeah, kind of cool. so there you go. you you. you heard it for the first time here for that is really need.
6:57 am
and then we have something else to share with you from nature. the ohio, the yeah. most famous resident isn't new big sister. yeah. a big little baby. hippo because big anyway, are they even when they're born? yeah. this is the newest addition that arrived just wednesday night already walking around. >> so again, this is this is the latest to kids. and this new cap is twice as big as his big sister fiona, which is no big shocker because was born premature by about 6 she was already small to begin with. and here we have her, a baby brother walking around taking short naps every now. and then when he gets tired, you know what do want to look up is how big is a baby rhino? >> a hippo. i mean, sorry, because that up there. so huge as it is that i just as a mom who's given birth. i just
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
♪ i'm here for... your annual eye exam. because i'm having trouble... reading. exactly. they sort of make me feel... like i'm the most fabulous thing you've ever seen? exactly. i'll take 'em. ♪ >> now on the kron 4 morning news, a former mma fighter continues his fight against murder charges. we're live at the courthouse in santa clara county. desperate for monkeypox shots. one bay area county tries to come up with a new system to get people vaccinated and the covid risk from big events far from gone. but thousands are about to descend on golden gate park for the outside lands music festival. >> from the bay area's local news station.


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