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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  August 5, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now at 3 protesters and security officials clash at an oakland elementary school that's closed its doors. how the district is now responding. and cain velasquez back in court today. what's next for the former mma fighter facing murder charges. plus, the outside lands music festival is officially in full swing at golden gate park tips on how you can enjoy the festivities safely before you head out the door. now from the area's local news station. >> this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> there's nobody trespassing. only people, trespassing is
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usd. that's right. on this community. >> i hated situation unfolding there now at 3, a monthslong sit in at parker elementary school has turned violent following allegations that the school district security officers assaulted parents. thanks so much for joining us here on the kron. 4 news at 3. i'm stephanie lin activists, 7 gathered at parker elementary school in oakland for about 2 months after the district decided to close the school and several others because of a budget deficit. on thursday, the occupation got heated after school officials clashed with those parents. kron four's haaziq reports. >> this is video recorded thursday of a person inside parker elementary school in oakland experiencing a physical altercation usd security guards who appeared to be trying to remove people
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occupying the building. school district officials say they are trespassing. >> there's nobody trespassing. only people, trespassing is usd right on this community. and they've been doing this for almost a 20 year period of closing schools and communities that need them the most. >> it was unthinkable that the district would send a group of poorly trained security officers to injure oppress and antagonize peaceful community where children were receiving services. >> the park elementary school liberation activist in organizers set up the occupation on the last day of school. back on may 25th. they say they are protesting the school board's decision to close the school. what the district says, lack of funding. however, this is the first time that a physical altercation took place during the occupation. oakland city councilmember carroll fife was on the scene when it happened. it was very disturbing. >> to witness what eyewitness yesterday saw someone walking out. of the school being
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walked out. >> with a mouth full of blood with blood on his shirt. >> he stopped to look at me and said this is what they did to me. >> your concerns. my concerns. our that this incident will drive a further wedge between the parents and community members that are looking to reopen schools and the administration. oakland unified school district officials said kron 4 a statement that reads, quote. >> parker k through 8 is now closed. the individuals at parker have been and continue to trespass. we have directed them to leave from day one and have continued to do so on many other occasions of great concern is that the children that were on site were sleeping in unsafe conditions and that the adults were running in unsafe and unlicensed child care program. we continue to demand that they find other ways to peaceably expressed their concerns and pull. in oakland
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haaziq kron. 4 news. >> the ban on tear gas in the city of berkeley will stay in place. a scheduled city council meeting reviewing the policy was canceled just last night. and that's despite violent protests like this one you see here breaking out over this week over a proposed construction project in people's park, mayor jesse and canceled the meeting last minute saying he doesn't believe the ban on tear gas or pepper spray should be lifted on wednesday, demonstrators clashed with police over uc berkeley's plan to start construction in the park for new student housing berkeley city council was thinking of ending its tear gassed and to help with crowd control. >> forms by the loudoun county sheriff's department that because we have a ban on tear gas that they're not going to sen personnel. it berkeley, coffee, joint. and that was concert. and the fact that people's park is in an urban
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environment >> it's very likely that things could spill over onto city and we do not have enough police to effectively manage the situation. so we're going to need help. >> now since sharing that statement with us, the mayor says he's spoken with the alameda county sheriff and they've promised to provide mutual aid to the city if they need it without the use of tear gas. 7 people were arrested during wednesday's protest and that development project in people's park is halted for now. we're getting reports that 4 people are dead after a shooting near dayton, ohio. there's an active scene in butler township right now as people search for the 39 year-old suspect video from the neighborhood shows us to homes taped off with crime scene tape. you can see that on your screen right now. an active law enforcement presence there. and we know that officers from multiple departments are investigating this. they've been going in and out of homes all
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afternoon. it's believed that one of the victims in this shooting was a teenager. neighbors say that this is usually a quiet neighborhood. in the south bay and then they start cain. velasquez has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder charges called for kron four's. charles clifford has the latest from the courthouse. >> former mma star cain velasquez is facing multiple charges, including attempted murder. and after being in custody for months. he has now entered a not guilty plea to all charges. friday morning cain velasquez entered the courtroom wearing a face mask and quickly waving to his family and friends sitting in the audience despite being arrested back in february and appearing in court multiple times since then blazquez. >> didn't enter a plea in the case until today. kane is accused of trying to kill this man. harry glory. in a separate case, color t is accused of sexually molesting a 4 year-old boy who is related to kane. prosecutors allege the back on february. 28 cain pursued already in a high-speed car chase along one
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0 one and then attempted to shooting with a handgun, wounding another man in the process. king was arrested without incident on the same day and has been in custody ever since in court. on friday. canes attorneys said that they want to review evidence from the case against terry glory, including interviews with authorities, alleged victims. prosecutors say that benause the investigation into that case is ongoing and that the alleged victims are minors. ehey are reluctant to turn over some evidence at friday's hearing. the judge declined to make a ruling on the issue. now, the cain has entered a not guilty plea. the case against him can move forward. a preliminary hearing has been set for september 26th in san jose. charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> the arraignment for a richmond police officer accused of beating a man with a stun gun is pushed back to a new date. eric smith junior faces felony assault charges he allegedly beat and tased a man during a traffic stop in april. and this is video you're watching right now from that night, smith junior said he pulled over south mendoza
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junior because smith junior thought that men do za junior might be driving drunk. that situation then escalated when mendoza tried running away. in the end, the department fired smith junior for using excessive force. that's how they described it during that arrest. the new court date is set for august 31st. in health news, demand for the monkeypox vaccines continue to outpace supply as during the first day of on this first day of the public health emergency across our nation. now, more than 7,000 americans have been infected. we know several bay area counties including san francisco and santa clara are holding vaccination clinics with the supplies they currently have available. yesterday's declaration by the white house should give health departments across the country access to emergency funds, more staffing just in general, it better overall coordination for this outbreak. but some republicans are saying it's overkill for the white house
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to declare a public health emergency over this in the first place. >> they want to change the topic away from their failed domestic agenda. >> health officials say the risk to the general public is still low at this time. a reminder that the virus spreads through close intimate contact and in some cases through respiratory droplets or through contaminated surfaces and linens. on the peninsula. people living in san mateo county hoping to get their monkeypox vaccine, maybe another step closer to finally getting it. the county's website added an information page and a place to sign up for the vaccine and county health officials say that they will notify people when the shots become available and where to go. get it. there are currently 20 confirmed cases in san mateo county and right now there is no way to get hold of the vaccine in san mateo county. they san francisco aids foundation is looking for health care volunteers to help administer
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monkeypox shots. they say you have to be authorized and trained to administer vaccines in order to volunteer. you can contact the organization if that's something you are trained in and are interested in helping out with. in the north bay solano county reported its first human case of west nile virus. health officials there say the person is from vacaville and is currently recovering. west nile virus is as a reminder transmitted to humans and animals through the bite of an infected mosquito experts advise people living in the bay area to make sure to drain their standing water. you want to make sure your doors and windows have tight-fitting screens to help keep the mosquitoes out and make sure to use insect repellents to help keep the mosquitoes from biting county officials also at the risk of west nile virus increases during a drought and that's a big problem for solano county because they're currently in an extreme drought. in national news today, president biden addressed a surge in jobs market. the newest report
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showing the u.s. added 528,000 jobs just last month. and that's more than double the number economists were expecting the unemployment rate also dipped to just 3.5%. >> today there are more people working in america. then before the pandemic began. in fact, there are more people working in american any point in american history. >> experts say that a strong jobs report has kept the economy from slipping into a full down turn. happening right now. the outside lands music festival is back in golden gate park this year. the festival expected to bring more than 71 million dollars to the local economy. the event showcases bay area food wineries and of course, music. san francisco mayor london breed share her thoughts about the festivities. >> this is going to be so exciting for san francisco. and i know that in a major city like san francisco, we have our challenges, but it
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doesn't mean we shouldn't take an opportunity. >> to have a good time. >> mayor breed added that she hopes people who are not feeling well to please stay at home to prevent the spread of covid infections. as deputy says they will have officers both in and outside of the event for 72 hours and the festival. organizers are strongly recommending festival goers to take public transportation to get to the event. coming up here at the kron. 4 news at 3. >> a popular jazz bar in san francisco is closing your from musicians and regulars who are fighting to keep it open. and a new state bill pushing for stronger abortion rights is on are night owls, but just how well to our brains really function after midnight. the new theory from one scientist.
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plus is a beautiful day in the bay. but if you're headed to tahpe, thundersto ms may slow
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>> welcome back. governor newsom and democratic state lawmakers continue to push for stronger abortion rights in california. our capitol bureau reporter eytan wallace spoke with one bay area lawmaker about her new proposal on the table and the opposition. it faces. >> and there are several
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abortion rights bills going through the legislature this month. bill supporters say will help safeguard the right to choose. but anti-abortion groups say the legislation will send the state in the wrong direction. >> they're taking away your freedom. governor gavin newsom, not missing words today releasing this video criticizing republican governors in states where abortion is either completely outlawed or significantly restricted the truth that this why these red state governors that are preening and pretending to be about freedom. they're increasingly nothing more than just bullies. it comes as newsom has stressed, california will always be a safe haven for abortion, especially in light of the u.s. supreme court's 5 to 4 decision to overturn roe v wade, wake up. wake up america, some endorsed a statewide ballot measure set to go before voters this november. that would enshrine abortion rights into the california constitution that has lawmakers of the capital are taking steps, they say will further protect abortion across the state. my message is to pass the bill. that's what oakland democratic
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assembly member buffy wicks hopes will happen to her bill. >> known as ab. 22 23. the proposal would make it illegal in california to be investigated and criminally prosecuted for ending a pregnancy or experiencing pregnancy loss here in california. >> you know, we fundamentally believe that women agency over their own bodies. and i will also say this applies to anyone who's coming from out of state. so if we have folks coming from out of state seeking abortion care, they cannot be criminallyo prosecuted here in california. but the bill does face opposition. it is the most extreme abortion bill we've ever had in california. mary rose short is with california right to life. the question is, is it justified? that's a moral question. and for lifers, no over just a fight. >> and the bill still needs approval from the appropriations committee will then need to pass the senate chamber before can head to the governor's desk reporting at the tom wallace kron. 4 news. >> the fight over reproductive rights continuing and other parts of our country. florida
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governor ron desantis suspended tampa's elected state prosecutor andrew warren for not enforcing the state's new abortion ban. desantis also criticizing warren for supporting gender transition treatments for minors and warren identifies as a democrat. his office calling this suspension a politically motivated attack from governor desantis. okay. switching gears now to talk about the taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. just a gorgeous day out there hopefully not too warm, though, for looking to get a head start on their weekend, though, britney, that is the truth. it is actually a lot cooler compared to yesterday. that's the good news. as we peak into the area, you can see traffic slowly picking up overall. >> it is a beautiful day, although it was foggy this morning in as you roll out saturday morning. same story. so keep that mind, make sure of litter at will. make sure to update you throughout the day. alright, weather headlines today. the good news. yeah, it's cooler by 5 to 10 degrees. so that's the good news. the next couple of
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days are going to stay in the 80's saturday. that foggy start and no problems with the air quality, at least for right now. of course, we'll update you throughout the day. but this is a big story for us. yesterday was really hot. we're in the 90's. that temperature change, especially in places like concord in livermore. you're going to see those cooler temperatures. really is going to be the theme for the next couple of days. temperatures right now as we speak, santa rosa, 75 half moon bay. 64 down to the south san jose. 81 livermore. 81, any act we're looking at 82 in concord. we're looking at 77. so temperatures are still warm there. just thankfully not as warm as they were yesterday. let's plan that weekend for you saturday. 86 in the bay. 72 the coast. 67 sunday. not bad for you. mostly cloudy can see 80 for inland bay. 71 65 for the coast. but all eyes really when we think about traffic and weather. what about your weekend plans, especially if you're walking out the door right now as we speak to tahoe, thunderstorms could slow you down show you a traffic camera will take a look at 50 make sure you're
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prepared. not only for today, but the weekend as well. >> a popular jazz bar and the haight ashbury neighborhood of san francisco is closing the owner of club deluxe sent a letter to musicians about the planned shutdown saying the cost of rent is just too high. the owner of the club says she would like to move her business to a new location and the nonprofit group, san francisco heritage is fighting for the club to be added to the san francisco legacy. business registry that would help provide incentives for the landlord of the club's building to extend a more affordable lease. >> and large agree to legacy businesses lease for 10 years or more and they can receive a grant in order to do so. >> it's unclear, though, when club deluxe plans on closing for good. we've reached out to the owner for comment and have not yet heard back.
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>> where this lightning strike came down and killed 2 people. plus intense video out of los angeles shows a violent and deadly car crash unfolding on a busy roadway. what we're l now to a tragic
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story out of los angeles. police arrested the driver accused of triggering a fiery crash in windsor hills that killed 6 people.
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>> including a pregnant mother and her baby reporter mark meester has the latest. >> new details at 1 o'clock this afternoon involving this horrific crash that was caught on camera in windsor hills thursday afternoon. authorities arrested the driver who they've identified as a 40 year-old nurse who will be charged with vehicular manslaughter. it comes after video caught this mercedes traveling 75 miles per hour above the speed limit, running a red light and striking 2 other vehicles and all of a sudden a baby liter lly flew in the middle of the intersection to the middle of the gas station. >> landed right on the floor in front of me. and one of workers came and saw me with the baby and took the baby out of my somebody tried to >> you know, during recess to take the baby that the baby >> authorities confirming 6 people were all pronounced dead at the scene. among the
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dead is a pregnant woman identified as 23 year-old ashley ryan of los angeles. family members say that ashley was 8 and a half months pregnant and was traveling to a doctor's appointment when she was killed. her unborn child is being counted as the 6th victim is the kids. what touched more anything this. >> it's a is to treat you. >> that was mark mester reporting for us and police have not confirmed whether alcohol or drugs were factors in the crash, but a friend of the suspect told our sister station ktla, the driver may have been impaired after a fight with her boyfriend. an update this afternoon on last night's las vegas strip shooting. a suspect is now in police custody. that shooting reported 8.30 last night at the mirage hotel. investigators say an argument broke out inside of a hotel room between several family members. that's when the suspect opened fire. 3 people were shot and one of them died. the other 2 victims
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remain in critical condition. the suspect is being held on murder charges. next. at the bottom of the hour, the fbi director says crime in america is a growing concern. >> details on the agency's plans for public safety. plus, what's being done about the border and terror threats? and speaking of crime, a manhunt for a thief goes viral as police search for a suspect who looks a lot like a famous actor. can you guess what it is? and a new study from uc davis highlights the dangers of wildfire smoke in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity,
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using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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conditions are making it difficult for firefighters to make progress on the mckinney fire in siskiyou county. >> right now it's just 10% contained. that blaze broke out last friday and it's burned nearly 60,000 acres so far. strong wind gusts today are causing a lot of concern conditions in the area become so intense there creating an independent weather system. 4 people are dead and more than 100 homes destroyed. new research out of uc davis shows children exposed to wildfire. smoke can experience inflammation in their blood stream and that could lead to serious health risks. kron four's crop forcefully juggle spoke with the authors of the study. >> from 2017 to daily collection of blood samples taken from 100 healthy
3:30 pm
children, ages 9 to 11 in the sacramento area show exposure to air pollutants caused by wildfire smoke can have an immediate negative impact on the young body. they had reduced. >> cardiac autonomic regulation. so that's a marker of overall regulation of heart activity. phd candidate in a and associate professor doctor chameleon hostin, our authored the study out of the department of psychology at uc davis. >> their research was published this week in the journal, new directions for child and adolescent development. the data is based on the levels of pollutants recorded by the environmental protection agency during major fire events, including the mendocino complex fires in 2018 levels of pm. 2.5, which are a small particulate -atter in the air that is released during wildfires. >> was associated with levels of inflammation and children's slide. i think it's important to recognize that children are
3:31 pm
more vulnerable to air because organs and systems are just developing. >> and because inhale more relative to their body weight compared to adults. 27 1% of the kids studied experienced inflammation in their blood when fires burned around their neighborhoods and recorded high levels of fine particulate matter. these types of cardiac autonomic regulation. >> levels or or measures can the associate with childhood obesity in childhood, but they also may be predictive of later heart health outcomes like the risk for heart attack. when people are older, study suggests a public response is required to reduce children's exposure to parti ulate matter. >> police to do. >> kron news >> 2 people are dead and 2 others critically injured. following a lightning strike. it happened just across the street from the white house. people say the victims are rather police say the victims, 2 men and 2 women. we're riding out a thunderstorm under a tree in lafayette park
3:32 pm
when they were struck the 2 dead. a couple in their 70's were visiting from out of town. a witness described that lightning strike is massive and says it sounded like a bomb had gone off. president biden is expected to visit kentucky on monday to tour the damage left behind by the catastrophic flooding. there. he'll be accompanied by first lady jill biden. they are set to meet with kentucky governor andy beshar along with fema officials before meeting with families who've been impacted by the disaster. at least 37 people have died from the floods after nearly 2 feet of rain fell in just 2 days in the eastern part of the state. the trip is pending a negative covid tests from the president. okay. a very different situation, though. over here in the bay area. nice and dry conditions out there. and i'm not much in terms of rain that we can expect, though, right? brittany? yeah, that's a good news. not here. but if you're headed to tahoe for the next couple hours, what we're
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watching is radar for you for the potential of rain. looks like when i check them behind the scenes on 80 50. >> things are looking a lot better compared to when we had our newscast at noon. but the next 2 hours, we're not out of the woods. so i still have a caution flag out for you on 15. 84 headed to south lake tahoe. but as we fast forward your clock, you can see saturday, we're looking at sunny conditions for you. 79 sunday, mostly sunny, a high of 83 and monday, 83. so really just the next couple of hours, if you are headed to south lake tahoe, i would wait. but saturday is going to be much better day for you. driving condition lies. take a look closer to home. you can see half moon bay not too bad for us to really is warmer conditions and was the theme earlier. but today, yeah, we're kind of down. that's the good news for about 10 to 15 degrees. so that's the good news. as we plan today and the next couple of days. and you can see that right here. san francisco, 72. so just a little bit above average by the coast, half moon bay, which we just showed you yesterday. you were in the 70's today. we're looking at 65. so get those cooler temperatures for you. south
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san francisco. 71 even burlingame. we're looking at 73 as we roll into redwood city where in the 80's 81 mountain view. 76 and down ld those warmer temperatures as well, campbell. 82 morgan hill, 83. >> and take a look near oakland. you can see that reported issues a lot like yesterday. but quickly, let's take a look at this forecast. we're showing you friday. 85 saturday right here inland 86 sunday. we're looking at 84 so in the bay. we're looking at 70's for the next couple of days. in the corner of your screen, you can see 90's. we'll break it down for you. coming up next. >> a new warning today from the fbi about the rise in violent crime across our country. the fbi director says the nation is facing, quote, unimaginable challenges. dray clark has the story. >> file in time i think is number one issue i hear about from our law enforcement partners, fbi director christopher wray testifying in front of a bipartisan group of senators thursday telling them america's violent crime
3:35 pm
problem is out of control. gangs, terrorizing neighborhoods, carjackings at an all-time high rising robberies and police officers targeted this june. >> more officers were murdered in this country than in any single month. in the past 4 years. another area of vulnerability, the u.s. border with mexico, illegal guns and drugs are being smuggled into the u.s. by the drug cartels from mexico. >> violent gangs then sell and distribute the guns and drugs. >> throughout the country, it is a major, major and it is represent >> concerns for us. the director pointing to 3 arrests that highlight how bad the problem is. a dozen gang members arrested in arizona on gun and drug charges in people arrested with guns, meth and fentanyl. and in texas, 18 people with suspected ties to mexican drug cartels arrested
3:36 pm
for drug trafficking. and that is just 3. >> fbi field offices in a single week. >> and that was dray clark reporting for us. and with the midterm elections approaching, the fbi is also warning that election and politically motivated violence could surge later this year. police in georgia are searching for a thief who they say looks a bit like actor bradley cooper. what do you think? take a look at this of the suspect was caught on camera stealing a rotary laser in a home depot last month. there's the photo now many on social media were quick to notice the resemblance to bradley cooper. so that's hooper's photo on the right and the suspect's photo on the left there. some even joking on social media about the actor apparently going through some hard times. i think that's pretty unlikely cooper has not commented on his look instead, he's on the set of his latest film working that. it's called maestro where he plays broadway composer. leonard bernstein.
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coming up, there's a benefit to taking a very, very short walk after your meals. >> what some experts are telling us.
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>> for your health, turns out that need to walk off a big meal can actually be good for rour health. new research finds that just 2 minutes of walking after a big meal may do the trick. in a new study published in the sports medicine journal, scientists
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found 2 to 5 minutes of walking is all you need to moderate your blood sugar levels. that's compared to those who just plop on the couch. when you're done eating. and if you don't feel like walking, researchers found that even standing a little bit can make a big difference. for your money. american airlines says it's cutting 2% of its flights from its schedule in september and october. across the board, airlines continue to struggle with staffing shortages as passengers ramp up their travel plans. so make sure you check your boarding times when you get to the airport. and still ahead, how soon could we see a four-day workweek in california? >> the results coming out of a
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mouth or tongue swelling,... ...problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. can't afford your medication? astrazeneca may be able to help. if you have copd, ask your doctor about breztri.
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if you have copd, does a four-day workweek sound pretty good right? >> well, it's gaining traction worldwide. and supporters of the idea say that this could help improve employee morale and productivity reporter mike mash. kia drought takes inside to connecticut towns testing out a shorter workweek. >> happy thursday. julia youtube thursday is the new friday for julia and becky town hall employees and ellington. what started as an idea a few years ago is now a reality with the town adopting a four-day workweek for a 90 day trial period. this means that town hall will be closed on fridays at lincoln town. all they have their new town
3:44 pm
office hours posted here at the entrance now to make up for friday off, employees will be starting their day half hour early and ending in a half hour later monday through thursday. this week. severance been very cheerful that done like the longer days are absolutely great tradeoff. along with improved employee morale, they're excited for a better work life balance. i think it's going to be. >> so convenient to schedule personal things with family. my kids are at home on summer break. so to be nice to take them to the lake town hall employees will still work 40 hours to earn the three-day weekend in the new hours are already learning in job candidates. we had a. >> a few candidates come in for a new job interview and everything we asked them. what attracted you to the town of ellington? and they told us that the four-day workweek earlier mornings in later nights they believe will cater to more residents schedule. she always came before the day
3:45 pm
started and the phone was ringing ellington's four-day workweek experiment comes at the same time as there's been one unifying. >> part that they all want and that's a more balanced work life. michael per car was referencing a recent town survey. the pandemic, he says accelerating the interest for a four-day workweek. >> all age groups in agreement with so many remote jobs, it could be the incentive to keep people coming to the office. it absolutely needs to be looked at in order. >> for the employer or employers to remain competitive in this workforce around the globe. several countries have adopted or tested four-day workweeks, including iceland, the uk, spain and belgium. >> companies in these countries have reported a boost in productivity, hire talent, attraction and retention, improved mental health among employees and energy cost savings. have a good weekend. >> that was mike mash could really reporting for us. the bill here in california would have required companies with
3:46 pm
more than 500 people to work only 32 hours a week. but that bill failed to pass a committee in the state legislature back in may. better luck next time right? >> well, for your health, if you work the graveyard shift, you might not want to hear this, but still stay tuned. a new study shows that our brains are not meant to be awake after midnight and they function differently during the daylight hours. so one hypothesis from scientists is that we're more drawn to negative emotions late into the night. and our inhibitions weekend making us more vulnerable to dangerous ideas. a researcher researchers think that the human sleep cycle is involved in these critical changes. so some pretty interesting stuff. it might be worth it just to get to bed a little bit earlier and not stay up too late at night. all right. so that we can see here. that's a bit about our forecast. be king weekend. last right. what at night? i good luck with that. you know, that's the tree dies or the graveyard shift. and i haven't done it for 2 months. and i
3:47 pm
look 10 years younger. so i'm all about that story. you know what, britney always look fact it and, you know, we're taking this great ally is if look over at echo summit you know, that whole fog of area was just i remember that there was a period of time. it was all the other in flames for a period time. it's just so nice to see. >> you know, things have recovered a bit since then. that true. a little bit. you feel a little grateful when you see that camwra. why we're watching it right now is really are driving conditions as you head to the mountains for the next 2 hours because we have the potential for rain and thunderstorms. now when we checked in with this camera around noon, we were concerned it was a wet, sloppy things. look to be drying out. but we still have the potential for again, thunderstorms for the next 2 hours. so it's something we're going continue to update you on, especially if you're headed out that way. now getting closer to home. it is beautiful. it's cooler than yesterday. that's the good news. it is beautiful day. it was foggy this morning in this area is going to be foggy as you wake up tomorrow as we take a look at the radar to show you those foggy conditions for the early morning hours. so keep that in
3:48 pm
mind as you plan your day around 9.30, that fog will start to lift for you. temperatures right now still warm santa rosa. 75 san jose. we're looking at 81 half moon bay, 63, even antioch. 82 7 watching those temperatures and the next couple hours we're going to hit that high. you can see it right here. so again, a little bit warmer than average in san francisco averages around 66 today, we're at 70 to mostly sunny oakland. 74 partly sunny and san jose day. we're looking at 82, mostly sunny. so again, cooler than yesterday. but it still one right? all right. take a look at your weekend saturday. 86, you can see that bay 72 coast. 67, we're going to really say in the 80's in the 70's 60's for you respectively for the next couple of days. but we're going to the 90's. we'll take a look at your 7 day coming up next. looking forward to it. thank you. brittany and tourism. that yellowstone park dropped to about 40% this summer after devastating floods in june, the raging waters wiped out roads in around the park. as you can see from that video there 2 of
3:49 pm
the park's 5 entrances were also blocked because of all the debris from that rest swept up by that. >> running water park officials say it could be years before all of those roads are fixed. and time now to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on for us tonight. >> tonight on dan abrams live on news nation. we take on the hypocrisy of both the left and the right. the democrats for propping up extreme right wing candidates as an election strategy and certain members of the gop for touting bills they voted against. that's tonight on dan abrams live. >> and you can find newsnation on the channels listed right there on your screen. more details available on our website. kron 4 dot com. california farmworkers are heading to the state capitol in an effort to get governor newsom's attention. they want him to sign a bill that would help ag workers unionize and vote in private members of united farm workers are marching 300 miles from central california to
3:50 pm
sacramento. ufw was asking the governor to sign a b to an a 3 and that would expand current laws to give farmworkers more options and how they vote for or against forming a union. >> what you're asked to vote, you know, in terms of on your bosses property while your boss that's going to really chilling very suppressive effect on the way you choose to vote union election. so if you're able to receive a ballot in a way that's transparent and intractable by the a or b and yet. so have that that secret ballot, that privacy, that ability to make decisions and participate in the election the way the want to that's going make workers certainly feel less vulnerable to retaliation. >> the group plans to arrive to sacramento on august. 26, that's farm worker appreciation day. okay. a wacky new low for high
3:51 pm
fashion. >> how much is charging for their luxury trash bag welcome
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
back. >> a french physicist makes a midi mistake. take a look at this. what he thought. and this was a photo of the star proxima centauri taken with the james webb space telescope. turns out it's not it's actually a slice of looks
3:54 pm
like pepperoni and he posted this photo on twitter and he did later apologize to his followers saying, quote, no object belonging to spanish charcuterie exist anywhere. but on earth. and i think i have to agree with that. okay. the home theodore geisel. >> this is what hard zones are trees. the usoc row all around here. >> and that's scene from the movie, the lorax now the home of theodor geisel, better known as to the world as doctor seuss is up for sale for the first time in 75 years. the creator and longtime san diego and did all of his most famous works from this 5,000 square foot estate with views stretching from catalina to 2 won a great spot to find inspiration. the 4 acre property is offered for sale at just under 19 million dollars. 1 9 million. all
3:55 pm
right. the home has 4 bedrooms, 4 and a half bathrooms and a swimming pool for you to relax. it. well, the high and purses inspired by trash. take a look at this. but the aga is out with this custom trash pouch. the price tag. britney, can you >> was good. yes, but you know what? it's $1800. it's a drawstring bag meant to look like a garbage bag. so this is intentional it's available in blue or yellow. and of course, black. the classic. as i know >> and the designers calling this the most expensive trash bag in the world. and you know what? it really probably is. >> i'm not sure if that would be the investment i would want to make. i know the good thing i and i said this before. com3ercial break is worth yes side about is well, thankfully no one is going to think it's
3:56 pm
a trash bag. so there is a positive start your. but why go out? i think it, you know, spend that much money on sunday. lyoks like a trash bag. that is true. but we can make some money. they make some extra money and there you go. cause another woman's treasure, there you go there you want to do it. let's end the fill us in on the situation outdoors, though. not as trashy, right? yeah, not exactly. let's make somebody. let's talk about what you do need to know a peek outside again. it shows you it really is a beautiful day. >> temperatures a little bit cooler than yesterday. we're going to say in that it is for the most part for the next couple of days. and as take a look our data really backing that up. so cooler temperatures expects lee in places like concord. we're looking a difference of 11 degrees to the north fairfield 6, san francisco, 6, even santa rosa, 7. let's plan that weekend. of course. don't forget tahoe. if you're headed that way for the next 2 hours, we are still watching the potential thunderstorms on 50 80. so keep that in mind. but as you roll into saturday sunday and >> things to get better. alright, let's talk about the
3:57 pm
7 day forecast again, cooler than yesterday in la your highs in the 85 bay. 72 coast. 68 as we roll into saturday, mostly sunny for you 86 bay, 72 coast. 67. and you can see we're going to say >> inland in the 80's for the next couple of days, but released a corner of your screen. you can see we're at 92. so enjoy the cool off while you can. because things will start to heat up in the next 7 days. so something to think about, of course, all eyes really are the tahoe area for those thunderstorms, things look better. but all update you throughout the day. all right. thanks very much, brittany. that's it for us at the kron. 4 news at 3. >> thanks so much for joining us. i'm stephanie lin. stay cool. stay safe. have a great weekend.
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