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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  August 5, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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reporting 17 cases bay area. health officials tell us help is on the way san francisco's getting more than 10,000 shots. alameda county, which ranks second in the bay area for the number of cases is getting 3,000 tonight. kron four's dan kerman talk to a community partner in alameda county. that's working to get those shots into arms. guess what? this is not going to just go away. >> joe hawkins is co-founder and ceo of oakland's lgbtq center. he's talking about monkeypox right now. alameda county is more than 80 cases, but he's just received another 3,000 doses of the vaccine. well, some shots will go to healthcare systems. others will go to the center's glenn burke wellness clinic. >> people feel a lot more comfortable coming to the lgbtq center here in oakland because it an lgbtq space. that's a safe space for our community where we've already help people with sort of
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services and other other resources. since last week the center has been providing monkeypox shots by appointment only. >> on tuesdays and fridays to those eligible. there's a sign-up sheet on their website and so far they've been vaccinating about 40 people per day. but that's just scratching the surface. we have about 800 people registered and growing every day. >> souls expect to be over 1000 in the next week. hawkins says now that more vaccine has been allocated. alameda county, they're hoping to open a mass vaccination clinic across from the center to get more people vaccinated. he believes the federal government has been slow to act in mali, hopes they'll step up and provide resources. >> he's not all that optimistic. >> i was there in the days social worker back try to be launch that happened. and then 80's. it was very devastating. and seeing and it's very reminiscent. but it's not
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deadly. as a child. he was there, but it's just traumatizing and stigmatized. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> san francisco health officials are saying that they've just received more than 10,000 doses of the monkeypox vaccine coming from the state. but it's also part of the federal supply, the walk-in clinic at san francisco general. it's going to be opening tuesday through friday of next week. 08:00am to noon and will be open next saturday 08:00am to 3.30. you can make appointments with kaiser ucsf and sutter for the monkeypox vaccination. we do have details on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> san francisco aids foundation is looking for health care volunteers to help administer monkeypox shots. they say you have to already be authorized and trained to administer vaccines in order to volunteer, you can check our website kron 4 dot com to find out how to sign up. the
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cdc released a new report on monkeypox today. the agency gather data from cases reported in the u.s. this year between may 17th and july 22nd. they say they found that 99% of the cases were men. 94% reported male to male contact and most of them had multiple partners. the majority of patients have rashes on their genitals. the second most common symptom is rashes on the arms. health officials say they want to balance giving factual information while avoiding stigma. >> now that makes mention about the importance of considering reducing the number of partners and also considering a specter's, the most important thing is to let people who have the knowledge and how about box transmits and give them advice if they can make decisions that are the right ones for that and to their community. >> the deputy coordinator of the national monkeypox response says it's still possible to contain the
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outbreak and the risk to the general public is still considered to be low. there are more than 7,000 cases nationwide. no deaths have been reported. >> another big story, a sit in at parker elementary school which have been locked. it turned violent last night. this was an oakland. there are allegations that the school districts, security officers assaulted. the cut the locks in order to enter activists have been gathered at parker elementary school for about 2 months after the district decided to close the school. >> and several others due to the budget deficit. there. the occupation did get heated last night. there were clashes between school officials and parents kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >> this is video recorded thursday of a person inside parker elementary school in oakland experiencing a physical altercation usd security guards who appeared
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to be trying to remove people occupying the building. school district officials say they are trespassing. there's nobody trespassing. only people, trespassing is. >> usd. that's right. on this community. and they've been doing this for almost a 20 year period of closing schools and communities that need them the most. it was unthinkable that the district would send a group of poorly trained security officers to injure oppress and antagonize peaceful community where children were receiving services. the park elementary school liberation activist in organizers set up the occupation on the last day of school. back on may 25th. >> they say they are protesting the school board's decision to close the school with the district says lack of funding. >> however, this is the first time that a physical altercation took place during the occupation. this moment is very important. >> for our community. and our children. and the parents want to calling for these
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officials. the school district to investigate. >> and get to the bottom of this oakland unified school district officials sent kron a statement that reads, quote, parker k through 8 is now closed. the individuals at parker have been and continue to trespass. we have directed them to leave from day one and have continued to do so on many other occasions of great concern is that the children that were on site were sleeping in unsafe conditions and that the adults were running in and say and unlicensed child care program. we continue to demand that they find other ways to peaceably expressed their concerns and cool. in oakland haaziq kron. 4 news. >> the president of seiu issued a statement today saying that union represents hundreds of school staffers across the district saying they're shocked at how security guards removed the people who broke into the
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school last night saying the union stands in solidarity with those who have been briefly fighting to save oakland schools from closing. >> in san francisco supervisor shamann walton is facing accusations that he verbally abused a san francisco sheriff's cadet. could butler told his side of the story today. you said the incident happened during a pride event when walton was going through the security checkpoint inside city hall. the cadet said the supervisor used racial slurs when asked to take off his belt on going through a metal detector. >> looked at me point that the glass and said is a words like you who look like me. that's always a problem. and then continue on to say that the process was summit where so. it was. i mean, it's and there's a apologize now. it will mean much. i just want him to look his constituents and eye and tell them that he lived. >> supervisor walton's office released a statement on the incident and it reads in part, quote, these incidents are in clear dispute and seek to vilify me and my character. i
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would never expect the sheriff's department to provide an accurate account of what transpired between 2 black men. we did reach out to or's office again for a response to butler's comments. but we have yet to hear back. >> in santa clara county, former ufc fighter cain. velasquez's pleaded not guilty to a string of charges today including attempted murder. he is accused of trying to kill harry go live in a separate case. and in that case, cloudy is accused of sexually molesting a 4 year-old boy who is related to kane. prosecutors say february 28th the last chased after him and his car on highway one o one then tried to shoot him, wounding another man in the process. he was arrested the same day. a preliminary hearing has been scheduled for next month. >> now to our wildfire coverage. brutal conditions are making it difficult for firefighters to make progress on the mckinney fire in siskiyou county. right now, it's only 10% contained. the
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blaze broke out last friday and it's burned almost 60,000 acres. it's the biggest fire in california. strong wind gusts today are causing real concern. conditions in the area become so intense. the are recreating an independent weather system. 4 people are dead more than 100 homes have been destroyed. >> new uc davis research is showing that children exposed to wildfire. smoke can experience inflammation in their blood stream and that can lead to various health problems. kron four's felipe call. talk to the authors of that study. >> from 2017 to daily collection of blood samples taken from 100 healthy children, ages 9 to 11 in the sacramento area show exposure to air pollutants caused by wildfire smoke can have an immediate negative impact on the young body. they had reduced. >> cardiac autonomic regulation. so that's a marker of overall regulation of heart activity. phd candidate in a
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and associate professor doctor chameleon hostin, our authored the study out of the department of psychology at uc davis. their research was published this week in the journal, new directions for child and adolescent development. >> the data is based on the levels of pollutants recorded by the environmental protection agency during major fire events, including the mendocino complex fires in 2018 levels of pm. 2.5, which are a small. >> particulate matter in the air that is released during wildfires was associated with levels of inflammation in children slide. i think it's important to recognize that children are more vulnerable to air because the organs and systems are just developing. >> and because inhale more relative to their body weight compared to adults. 27 1% of the kids studied experienced inflammation in their blood when fires burned around their neighborhoods and recorded high levels of fine particulate matter. these types of cardiac autonomic
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regulation. >> levels or or measures can the associate with childhood obesity in childhood, but they also may be predictive of later heart health outcomes like the risk for heart attack. when people are older, study suggests a public response is required to reduce children's exposure to particulate matter. >> police did go wrong >> kron four's mabrisa rodriguez joins us now with a look at what to expect with the weather and the smoky conditions really bad up there. but so far we've been spared. yeah, we really have just because it's so far north and that california, oregon border. so fortunately that smoke and ash from that mckinley fire. >> not going to impact the bay area. neither is the smoke and ash from the oak fire to our east. so let's take a look at radar for where that mckinney fire is burning because we are going to see a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms. unfortunately, tracking calmer conditions tomorrow. winds out of the east 5 miles per hour and also temperatures
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throughout siskiyou county anywhere from mid 70's to mid 80's. so that is great news right now. we are tracking some pop-up thunderstorms near empire. there was a cell over lake ii, but that has now shifted west heading towards mount shasta. but the good news is so far we're tracking it dry and calm conditions for the most part where that fire is burning. but that could change later tonight, especially a pop-up thunderstorms form for us in the bay area. thanks to that cool sea breeze. we're tracking great air quality. so green is certainly good. and that's what we're going to see tonight and all weekend long. and also outside lands rocking out right now. great forecast for this weekend. more my full weekend outlook in just a few minutes. back to you, catherine and ken. >> thank embrace coming up. the new state bill aimed at stronger abortion rights and the opposition. it is facing. >> also, 4 people killed in a shooting in ohio today. the
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>> we are following developments in ohio. police are looking for the gunman who shot and killed 4 people this morning. that happened in a butler township neighborhood near dayton, ohio. investigators say all the victims were found dead at the scene. one of them is a 15 year-old girl. riley phillips has the story. >> we're learning more about the man police believe is connected to the shooting. police believe this man, steven marlowe is connected to the shooting. they're asking people to be on the lookout for him. he's a 39 year-old man who is 5.11 and weighs 160
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pounds. he has brown hair and brown eyes. now police believe he left the scene earlier today where 4 people were shot and killed. police say there are multiple crime scenes. we've seen 2 homes takes off with yellow crime tape here. a family member on-scene also told us at least one of the victims is a teenager. marlowe was driving a 2007 white ford edge. the license plate number is j e s 9, 8, 0, 6, now there's still a lot of questions surrounding the shooting were working to learn how stephen marlowe is connected to the victims, whether he knew the victims or whether this was random. we're also working to learn a motive. but police here say their investigation is only just beginning in butler township. i'm really philips. >> there is an update on last night shooting in a hotel room at the mirage on the las vegas strip. a 54 year-old man has been arrested. police say there had been a dispute between family members and the suspect shot and killed his cousin. 2 other people were critically injured. authorities say the dispute
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apparently began with what was described as play fighting and the hotel room and a suspect identified as bill hemsley lost his temper. he is being held on murder and attempted murder charges. developing news tonight, the indiana house has passed a bill that would >> ban nearly all abortions in the state. the version of the bill does include accent exemptions for rape, incest, and the life of the baby and the pregnant mother. now it's back to the state senate in indiana to confer on house changes. if the bill is approved, indiana lawmakers will become the first in the nation to pass new legislation restricting access to abortions since the u.s. supreme court's ruling in june to remove abortion as a constitutional right. the measure would then go to the governor of indiana, eric holcomb, who has not indicated whether or not he will sign it. >> governor newsom and democratic state lawmakers continue to push for stronger abortion rights in california.
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our capitol bureau reporter 8 on wallace talked with a bay area lawmaker about her new proposal on the table, the opposition that it faces. >> and there are several abortion rights bills going through the legislature this month. bill supporters say will help safeguard the right to choose, but anti-abortion groups say the legislation will send the state in the wrong direction. >> they're taking away your freedom. governor gavin newsom, not missing words today releasing this video criticizing republican governors in states where abortion is either completely outlawed or significantly restricted the truth that this why these red state governors that are preening and pretending to be about freedom. they're increasingly nothing more than just bullies. it comes as newsom has stressed, california will always be a safe haven for abortion, especially in light of the u.s. supreme court's 5 to 4 decision to overturn roe v wade, wake up. wake up america, some endorsed a statewide ballot measure set to go before voters this november. that would enshrine abortion rights into the
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california constitution that has lawmakers of the capital are taking steps, they say will further protect abortion across the state. my message is to pass the bill. that's what oakland democratic assembly member buffy wicks hopes will happen to her bill. >> known as ab. 22 23. the proposal would make it illegal in california to be investigated and criminally prosecuted for ending a pregnancy or experiencing pregnancy loss here in california. >> you know, we fundamentally believe that women agency over their own bodies. and i will also say this applies to anyone who's coming from out of state. so if we have folks coming from out of state seeking abortion care, they cannot be criminally prosecuted here in california. but the bill does face opposition. it is the most extreme abortion bill we've ever had in california. mary rose short is with california right to life. the question is, is it justified? question? and for lifers, no over just a fight. >> and the bill still needs approval from the appropriations committee will then need to pass the senate
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chamber before can head to the governor's desk reporting at the tom wallace kron. 4 news. >> all right. time for another look at the forecast. a beautiful shot overlooking a san francisco. this is from sutro tower. think sunny cloudy. the city always looks pretty dang good, doesn't doesn't >> and always with fog dust in the background, i love that this time of year, we can't complain here for bay area forecast. not tracking any monsoonal moisture. so certainly feeling cooler and drier as a result live look outside golden gate bridge. temperatures throughout the san francisco peninsula coastline in the mid 60's for downtown san francisco and half moon bay. widespread low to mid 70's. every earls, pleasant temperatures for our warmest inland valleys. at this hour, san jose and livermore both at 76 degrees. so we are tracking a cooler air mass now that that monsoonal moisture starting to make its way out of the bay area. so we're tracking a very dry and calm outlook for your weekend temperatures near average. so
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daytime highs into tomorrow. 84 degrees of peace for concord and antioch, san jose trying to flirt with 80's. but 79 degrees 70 degrees for you in downtown san francisco. exactly where you should be in the mid 60's with low 70's. for those of you in oakland at 72 degrees. so taking a look ahead at your next 7 day outlook. gradual cooling trend for warmest inland valleys. the coolest day will be monday with our warmest inland valley, struggling to warm up into the low 80's with low 90's returning thursday and friday of next week. back to you. ken and catherine. >> thank a breeze. so all the pentagon has rejected a request by washington, dc's mayor to have national guard members step in to help with the ongoing migrant crisis in that city. the defense secretary says the deployment would negatively affect the readiness of the dc national guard and its members. the city has been overwhelmed by the arrival of buses of migrants sent by the governors of texas and arizona. the governors argue that the white
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house has been ignoring huge problems caused by what they described as the fed's open border policies. roughly 6500 migrants at this point have been boston to washington, d.c., as the mayor of the aerial bombs or does not have the authority to personally order a national guard deployment. >> the republican national committee will host its 2024 national convention in milwaukee. the are the rnc announced seen animas decision earlier today. wisconsin is a battleground state in milwaukee's democratic mayor called decision a moment of bipartisanship. he thanks the rnc and said and look forward to showing the world his city, milwaukee had been selected to host the 2020 national democratic convention. but that was held virtually because of the pandemic. >> coming up, democrats say they are close to passing what's called the inflation reduction, that even though it's unlikely to do much to actually lower inflation, what actually lower inflation, what it will do, it.
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pre-rinsing your dishes? you could be using the wrong detergent. and wasting up to 20 gallons of water. skip the rinse with finish quantum. its activelift technology provides an unbeatable clean on 24 hour dried-on stains. skip the rinse with finish to save our water. >> today, president biden addressed a surging job market. the newest report show the u.s. added 528,000 jobs last month. that is more than double the number that economists were expecting. the unemployment rate also dipped to just 3.5%. >> today there are more people working in america. then before the pandemic began. in
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fact, there are more people working in american any point in american history. >> experts say that a strong jobs report has kept the economy from slipping into a full downturn. >> senate democrats say they have enough votes to pass the inflation reduction after it is considered a top priority for the biden administration. despite the name, the bill does not directly address inflation, though it will touch on health care, climate taxes. the idea is to make investments in key industries. so the market prices are lowered, which could offset inflation costs. the bill would be aimed at bringing down health care premiums and would create new investments in green energy. opponents argue it will only create more national debt. california senator alex padilla says that won't happen. >> by making wealthiest corporations in america pay more of their fair share. we're going to cover these costs and reduce the federal deficit will which will ease
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the pressure on the people's tax bills across the board. so it really is a win win, win, win. >> that vote could happen as early as tomorrow. they say senator padilla says he is confident the bill will pass. >> coming up, intense video out of los angeles shows a violent and deadly car crash unfold on a very busy intersection. what we're learning about the victims and the driver. tensions escalate over taiwan. china's latest move targeting the united states. the response from the white house days after nancy pelosi is high stakes visit to that island. plus, go inside the east bay lab. this the east bay lab. this developing a more efficient psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to.
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>> monkeypox is now a local state and national health emergency. the biden administration made it official this week freeing up emergency funding when it comes to testing. patients have been facing long delays in getting results. >> but a lab in berkeley is working to improve the turnaround time for those waiting in pain, kron four's rob nesbitt took a look at a tour of the lab where this is happening has more on it. rob. ken and catherine renegade started in march of 2020 to meet the needs of covid testing. >> but in the last 2 months, they've shifted to also help respond to the national health emergency. that's monkeypox. with monkeypox time is of the essence and the 102 workers that renegade understand that checking a patient into


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