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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  August 8, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news. 4. >> good morning and thank you for waking up with this bright and early year for the kron. 4 morning news on monday. august reyna harvey. hopefully you had a great weekend. maybe you got a chance to get out and enjoy the weather with your family. john sabol is out and dave sphar is in. it's always a nice time. have you. danielle was updated with facts. what's going on across the bay well, good morning good morning, starting things off with a pretty clear picture that we have going on here. the fog yet hasn't really developed from the ground level, but we do have moisture certainly.
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>> higher up a little bit that will help facilitate some fog development as the morning starts to progress. and just before sunrise, 64 antioch, we got 61 going on for concord. 59 for livermore. lower 60's line up the east bay shoreline with 52 for santa rosa winds. we still have a nice clip going on in the double digits in a couple of pockets com. otherwise. meanwhile, around the quirkiness trades, pretty windy there. as you can see around. 25 for fairfield going on. that's going continue again for this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon, pictures fairly clear for us. but towards our southeast, here comes that moisture bubbling up from the 4 corner states. more monsoon to be had a little bit in the mountains to make note of. all right, breaking the day down for you here. we've got cloud cover or more important. some fog developing a little bit here next. couple of hours, inland perspective. it should clear out by mid morning and around the bay as we approach around noon, 61 by 8 by 11, we've got 70 to check a bay area bridges and such reyna fill us in. all right, dave, thank you for that. let's get a look at your
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bay bridge commute. a 10 minute heading into the city. may see that fremont street exit. >> san mateo bridge about 9 80 to one on one. richmond, sandra fell 9 minute, pretty dark out there this morning. but still just a 9 minute right? golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls 20 minutes on this monday morning. well, a man is facing assault charges in connection to an attack. a former san francisco commissioner greg chew kron four's. justin campbell has the latest on that investigation. >> police tell me longtime commissioner greg to feels relieved knowing someone is behind bars after he was attacked on the streets last week. 70 year-old former san francisco commissioner greg chew outside the most goni center in san francisco last week who had been assaulted and pushed to the ground to suffered non-life-threatening injuries. sunday police arrested 34 year-old san francisco resident derek carr. be your be charged with battery, aggravated assault and elder abuse. police now
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trying to find a motive behind the attack. investigators will be attempting to >> interview the suspect and see if they can determine whether or not race or bias was a factor in the attack sunday. community leaders also held a rally to defeat and asian elders as attacks against asians have soared over the past year. others who live in the most goni center speaking out about crime in the neighborhood. i get scared sometimes which i never used to have this feeling. >> that may be that person that i just pass this on the hinges going to stick a knife in my back. police also gave tips for people living in the neighborhood on how to stay safe. not looking at your cell phone as you walk down the street, we see a lot of in the city. police say the suspect has been arrested before and they will look to see if he's related to any other crimes like this. >> reporting in the newsroom, justin campbell kron, 4 news. well in the east bay, the owner of an oakland cannabis store says he's devastated
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after. >> burglars stole around $100,000 from his business. the burglary happened early saturday morning at craft cannabis on the 2500 block. willow street. the owner says he saw it all unfold from outside. now he actually stayed away from those burglars after one of them brandished a handgun. oakland police in responding. but by the time officers arrived, they ran away from the scene. police say 3 cars were used and they also say power was cut off from the building and they forced their way in sight. unfortunately, no arrests have been made at this time. well, new video from the brentwood police department shows officers pursuing a one it burglary suspect. police say 31 year-old alexander hernandez attend to do flee from officers last wednesday. officers located hernandez down an embankment off highway 4 and sand creek road. he was taken safely into custody and no one was injured in that
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pursuit. and the north bay, santa rosa police made multiple arrests and they also impounded 9 cars following a sideshow that attempted to change locations on friday just before midnight, officers responded to the area of peddling hail in frazier avenue. that's close to where the sonoma county fair is happening. well, police say they found 20 cars were driving recklessly on an intersection with about 60 to 70 spectators watching those who are watching and participating in the sideshow left within minutes after police arrived about 30 minutes later, authorities got a call saying sideshow moved about a mile up the road this time with about 100 spectators. police say impounding those 9 cars took nearly 2 hours during that whole process. yet people throwing rocks and coins. can water bottles at the officers. no injuries were reported even though they were throwing things at the officers there. well, the fentanyl crisis here
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in san francisco is one that city leaders are still trying to fight. that is paul song or reports. it's an issue that continues nationwide and they're still trying to tackle. >> fentanyl is believed to be related in a case that killed a 15 year-old girl last month in roseville, roseville. police reminding the community this is yet another example of how extremely dangerous the drug us it could be the first time they've >> ever taken of fentanyl-laced product. that's all it takes. not a lot of information has been released on this case. but roseville this past week has seen a spike in cases. officer rob, the kara said the department responded to for suspected fentanyl overdoses from 3 incidents over a 2 day period. luckily, all 4 people survived after receiving the lifesaving drug narcan with 2 of the incidents. we believe they were associated with suspected fentanyl. that was purple in color, which >> makes it somewhat identifiable. although you may
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think that you are buying a legitimate of a legitimate as an a legitimate. >> hill, a there are times that you are not the spike in rising cases show the challenges communities across the country face with fentanyl. most recent data from the cdc shows overdose deaths involving fentanyl increase for more than 70,020 20 to more than 80,000 in 2021. overdoses are such a big issue in this country that they're now the leading cause of death. >> for 18 to 45 year-olds, no community is immune plaza county district attorney morgan geier told fox 40 earlier this week he plans to continue hammering criminals caught with the drug were caught selling it. and if you do something that, you know is dangerous and might likely lead to someone's death and you do it anyway, like some fentanyl. >> you can be charged with murder and placer county. you likely will be while police departments like roseville continue to crack down and arrest people with fentanyl. a cara urges parents to take a more active role in your child's life and intervene
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before it is too late. any bit of information, anything that help us track down the buyers, the sellers, the manufacturers of these products. we want those little bits of information. >> happening tomorrow, san francisco general monkeypox vaccine clinic is re opening. well, the city's department of health says it received their latest shipment of more than 10,000 shots. the clinic will be open from 08:00am to noon tuesday through friday. the department says kaiser permanente, ucsf and sutter health will be administering shots as well. you have to schedule an appointment if you want to get vaccinated by them. the department says it's working with community-based organizations to get shot out people may not have access to the walk-in clinic. our other healthcare providers. well, convicted killer scott peterson returns to court on thursday. this could be the last chance for peterson's lawyers to prove he got an unfair trial when he was convicted of murdering his wife, lacey and their unborn child. well, his lawyers
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arguing juror misconduct interfered in that original trial. if the court agrees pearson's original murder conviction could be overturned. if that happens, he could then face a new trial where new evidence could be introduced. well, a huge street festival returns to the east at hundreds of vendors taking over downtown fremont for the festival of arts kron four's camila barco takes us there. >> organizers say this is the largest free street festival west of the mississippi and on sunday fremont festival of the arts returned for the first time in 2 years. about 500. then you're set up their camp in downtown fremont as they returned for this year's festival of the arts put on by the chamber of commerce. >> the festival offered 4 miles worth of activities and entertainment. only just like arts and crafts booths, live music street performers and loads of food and drink options. organizers say this year they had food options from almost every corner of
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the world. the nonprofit the night of columbus serve their own specialty, dealing with this and which is a type of portuguese sausage. alex marina with the group says it's the variety of food and activities and makes 3 months festival of the arts special. there's a lot of offering here. you know, if you want different types of food, they have all the food. they have all the arts and crafts out here. >> a lot of vendors and i think it's just a great place to be back in the event attracts thousands of people every year, according to the festival's website, more than 13,000 glasses of wine or enjoy during the two-day event. >> 3,000 volunteers are needed to running and they've raised more than 11 million dollars in the festivals. 37 year, history that supports nonprofits, their local nonprofit. so >> it's something we can offer to the community to gather to have fun. and yet it also supports the community in ways that is really critical. the streets of downtown fremont will reopen to traffic on monday. i'm in 9th in fremont
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camila barco kron. 4 news. >> well, coming up on the kron, 4 morning news world dog surfing championship takes over a beach out and we're going to tell you about all the dock events actually took place. and a beloved creamery in the north bay is closing. we're going hear from bay area residents who made one last trip too cowgirl creameries last retail shop. and the inflation reduction act gets the green light from the senate. we're going to break down. what's the inside that is stuart package will be right back after the break. after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered?
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>> well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news here at on a monday morning. dave sphar is in today and you've been talking about whether what we can expect for the foreseeable future. good morning. >> well, good morning, good morning, everybody. and we know to some fog trying to develop here on the east bay shoreline, as you can see, all kind of lit up the shot from a uc berkeley. as you can see and what we have in the perspective is 2 different little weather systems around this kind of helping out from our perspective, little low out to see here continues to provide as good with that on shore flow. and the winds do pick up in the afternoon. but
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that insulate us from the monsoon this in the 4 corner states, this will be bubbling up again. returning up to the spot of the mountains for a little flair up going on. other looking out for potentially some very locally or isolated thunder showers at work there through today and tomorrow afternoon, lower 60's line up the east bay shoreline and inland as well. we don't see decoupling happening yet 50 for santa rosa. 59 san francisco. 63. meanwhile, 4 san jose handing it over to future cast for let's take care of marine layer moisture that happens around noon or so. but you can see this moisture from the east. yeah, we go to wave of the looks like the monsoon but it probably won't be much of a threat to us. even in the mid layers. we sometimes i worry about that. sometimes produces some lightning, dry lightning. we don't want to that. but the flareup of those showers and thunder showers in the mountains still possibility there return the marine layer for tonight yet again. and we do the whole program again for tomorrow, although they're starting run of the moisture in the mountains after tomorrow, getting into the
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latter portion the week ahead, back to those winds. don't forget, we have this low out to sea provides the on shore flow. the numbers pop, teens and 20's just like yesterday going on here and that's a mother nature's air conditioner. checking in. we have all this cold water around us to which helps out. we do the same thing. again, it looks like into your tuesday afternoon, although a little bit of waning happening indicating yeah, that high out towards our east. we'll see some warming by the middle of the week has put all together for you today. morning bay clouds and fog. we see the fog trying to develop here afternoon sunshine at work. mwld, though, 70's and 80's going on inland. this is august. hello early in the week. it's mostly sunny and mild inland highs. upper 80's building building. okay. and we do see some lower 90's towards the latter portion of the week. we can to get though it's still august. so it's not too much off our paradigm here. we've got day temperatures around the meanwhile and 60's around the coast. so let's take a look at the state with that low going on here. we have the cooling effect along the coast.
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meanwhile, inland, you can see those upper 90's work in the central valley. 97 fresno got 94 for sacramento where they're getting some of the heating from that high. 68 san francisco today. 72 for oakland, 78 for san jose. again, early clouds in the name of the game. middle 80's in the far east bay. and still some 70's hanging on up in the north bay course. we'll check out your 4 zone forecast a bit. but now rain want to check out bay area bridges right now? exactly. alright, let's go. look at your bridges this morning. a 10 minute maze to that fremont street exit. >> san mateo bridge just under 14 80 to one o one. let's head over to the golden gate bridge 30. some of the tolls about 20 minutes for your money this morning. the u.s. dollar is up more than 10% this year. and that's the nears highest level in about 2 decades. while that's great news for american tourists traveling overseas. it's causing debt problems for our emerging economies. the international monetary fund estimates that 60% a low income countries are currently at a high risk of debt
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default. the federal reserve's aggressive campaign to hike interest rates is only likely to make the dollar stronger. you've got some americans who are still worried about the possibility of a recession right here in the u.s.. and if that happens, it could lead to a global recession. well, california's economy still rebounding to pre-pandemic levels. she got new data from the federal government. this shows that our state is still needs to add about 176,000 more jobs before our economy can be considered fully recover. although it's currently at 94% of pre-pandemic levels. overall, the biggest employment gains have been in transportation's warehouses and the health care sector. now the mckinney fire has burned more than 60,000 acres and it's 40% contained this morning in siskiyou county. you have 87 homes and burned so far. one fire victim is trying to get enough resources to build back a place to call home. zach
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detail has that story. >> after a wildfire ravages a community, you either move on or rebuild. you know, there's not really much to go back to, but i that still the place where i want to be who was riccardi, his wife, his dog tango and their 3 cats lived along the klamath river. >> and they were working to restore an old golf course off of walker road. >> we were going to have somebody come out and do the the saw dona ana, the side of the turf and a couple of the next month. but the mckinney fire burned down their home. >> and took their livelihood. people you know, it's it's just stuff. but i mean, it's you know, for some of us, the main this is like, yeah, it's it's your entire life committed to keeping his how safe lewis state as long as he possibly could. it was 38 minutes from the time that first tree lit and i i literally like. i wanted to stay. you know, i just i i was
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afraid to die, honestly. i mean, like it. the fire was still 102 yards away and it was like so hot it can freeze. you know, that was like a. it was dark. there was ash coming down. i sent my wise out with my truck in my trailer and i. i rode one of our 4 wheelers out and it didn't have headlights, you know, so it was dark you know, it was it was pretty scary. >> one thing kept him going to get out and get to safety. >> my wife, you know. >> if not for her than i think i surely would have stayed. his home was one of the 87 residences destroyed and 132 total structures destroyed by the mckinney fire. now the rebuilding efforts begin. going to take time, but one thing i really love about this community is like a really
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>> hard working. you know, really good good people. >> working to help rebuild the community. they will once again call home. >> well, in national news, a major spending package is about to pass to congress after a democratic breakthrough in the senate. the bill addresses climate change, prescription drug costs as well as corporate taxes. washington correspondent hannah brandt joins us live with the latest. good morning, anna. >> rana, good morning. well, it took a united front from all senate democrats and a tie breaking vote from vice president harris. but over the weekend, the senate passed a bill that accomplishes a number of democratic priorities. >> and the bill as amended is passed. >> cheers erupted in the senate as democrats celebrated their 740 billion dollar budget bill. we've changed the world. >> in a way that you really get an opportunity to do that. >> the package makes the largest ever u.s. investment in climate programs. let's
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medicare negotiate the cost of prescription drugs and extends health insurance subsidies. it's paid for through a 15% minimum tax on wealthy corporations. senate leader chuck schumer promises families will feel the impacts now and long into the future. and i'm really confident that inflation reduction will endure. >> as one of the defining feet. of the 21st century. >> the bill fell short of the goal set by party leaders in their initial budget efforts because it took major compromise to get every democrat on board and every republican in the senate voted against it. democrats have already robbed. american families watched through inflation. another solution is to rob american families. you got a second time. senator mitch mcconnell called the package a reckless spending spree and insisted it won't help cut costs at all. and no, actually make inflation even worse. and the short term. >> the bill does have to pass the house before against a
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president. biden. lawmakers are expected to vote on it this friday live in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> well, still to come on the kron morning news. all right. is it on or is it off? is what elon musk is now saying about his offer to twitter. we'll talk about that. we get back from break. well, happening
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tomorrow, you have 54 year-old billy hymns. lee. >> he's expected back in court after being accused of shooting and killing his cousin in a vegas hotel room. he's being held without bail. this is him. you're looking at in court. metro police say he opened fire on the 8th floor hotel room at the mirage hotel and casino on thursday shooting and killing his cousin and injuring 2 women in the room. he was the face is an open murder and 2 attempted murder charges. well, elon musk says his proposed 44 billion dollar twitter purchased could move forward if he gets information on those spam bots. well, the billionaire is specifically asking for details on how the social media company measures, what accounts are run by real people are bought. twitter is suing musk to try to complete the deal after he tried back now. us countersued claiming twitter misled his team about the number of actual users on the site. twitter is not commenting us. his latest comments, but he's previously said less than 5% of user accounts are fake or spam.
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still ahead on the kron, morning news man shot at police on san francisco. streets is in custody were going to details when we get going to details when we get back from break. when a truck hit my son, going to details when we get backi had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. a time for you now for 29 going on for 30 am. hopefully you had a great weekend. it he got out and
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enjoy some of the weather. i do. i did. dave sphar join us this morning with a look at that forecast for your monday morning. good morning and welcome morning rain and good morning, everybody. and looks like some of the fog trying to collect a little bit here supposing it will shot here. what's going on right now? >> a look as far as temperatures are concerned, lot of 60's on the board there got some 50's up in the north bay here. 51 santa rosa, napa valley, both checking in at 57 62, antioch. 63 going on for san jose. half moon bay at 60 at this hour. got a little low out to sea. it's going help shield us from the monsoon in keep those temperatures down. help aid in the afternoon. winds still might see the flare up a few isolated thunder showers going up on the mountains a little bit. there. however, they're watching up because they had some flooding issues going on last week for any repeat performances, as isolated as it may be. breaking the day down for you again with some of that morning. fog and clouds. 61 going on by 08:00am by 11, clearing up in the inland spots. howard might have some bay fog still contend with his latest that 72


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