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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  August 8, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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do. i did. dave sphar join us this morning with a look at that forecast for your monday morning. good morning and welcome morning rain and good morning, everybody. and looks like some of the fog trying to collect a little bit here supposing it will shot here. what's going on right now? >> a look as far as temperatures are concerned, lot of 60's on the board there got some 50's up in the north bay here. 51 santa rosa, napa valley, both checking in at 57 62, antioch. 63 going on for san jose. half moon bay at 60 at this hour. got a little low out to sea. it's going help shield us from the monsoon in keep those temperatures down. help aid in the afternoon. winds still might see the flare up a few isolated thunder showers going up on the mountains a little bit. there. however, they're watching up because they had some flooding issues going on last week for any repeat performances, as isolated as it may be. breaking the day down for you again with some of that morning. fog and clouds. 61 going on by 08:00am by 11, clearing up in the inland spots. howard might have some bay fog still contend with his latest that 72 forecast calls for 68 for
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san francisco. scattered clouds cool. 72 oakland, those early clouds mild for the day get breezy 78 san jose and mostly sunny and mild over the next couple of days. look at this lower 80's the next few days, we lose a little bit insulation helped by wednesday as we start to get a little bit more of real summer in here for wednesday into thursday. nothing too crazy that will have that extended forecast for you and the 4 zone right now. checking bay fill us in. dave, thanks for - that bridge and looking great. tim in is that fremont street exit across the bay bridge. >> san mateo bridge just under 14 80 to one o one. and let's take on the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes on this monday morning. new developments in a big story we're following. one man is in custody after a shooting involving san francisco police. it happened saturday in the mission district on shot will streak forcefully to. kyle has an update. >> at around 8 o'clock saturday morning, san francisco police officers
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chased the man down the mission district after an attempt to detain him near 16th street and south van ness avenue during the foot pursuit, an officer involved shooting occurred. >> and then the suspect tempted to hype ahead a vehicle and continued to fire shots at officers. officer kathryn winters says the officers exchanged fire with them and the situation ended on shotwell between 17th and 18th streets. no one was shot in this incident and the suspect was transported to a local hospital with a minor injury. antonio perkins lives on shotwell heard police arguing with the gunman outside his home and the shots fired. i heard officer say put down the gun, put down the gun, put down the gun. >> and he went behind the core, i believe, called then calvary came based on what he heard and saw. perkins says he's certain the gunman started the gunfight. police say that is still under investigation. they gave the
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guy a chance. they that baby whenever an officer is confined by somebody who shoots at them, you know, per our policy, they are. >> i allowed to defend their lives or lives of others. >> with their firearms, if necessary, police department will host a public town hall in 10 days to explain what happened, including why an attempt was made to detain the man. the officers involved in shooting will be placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. in this case. >> in san francisco, police called kron 4 >> on the peninsula, man is under arrest after police say he exposed himself to a little boy in the park. palo alto police arrested. 59 year-old mover taylor fox in that incident. it happened at el camino park on friday. police say a father was with his son in the park when he saw his son go over to a table to talk to fox father says he saw foxx private area exposed and touching himself while he was talking to the 4 year-old boy, fox eventually ran off. he was later arrested and now faces
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charges. well, happening today, you have students and teachers are getting ready for their first day. back at oakland schools. oakland is the first district to return to classes in the bay. this school year will be different from last year's because you have several schools. going to get a closing or merging. so too, are already close at the end of last year. and so here's a breakdown of what's happening this school year. it rises elementary highland academy. they're going to merge to create one elementary school. you have 6 and 8th grades. they were eliminating at l school lead to and hillcrest schools and 6 other schools are supposed to close sometime during the 2020 to 2023 school year. we talked with ucsf epidemiology professor doctor george rutherford about what parents should expect in terms of covid as they start to send their kids back to school in the fall. >> school districts are going to play at each one is going to do it differently in terms of masking and social distancing and things like
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that. i suspect we're not going to see and we'll just call or background levels of infection, which with the omicron variants that we're seeing now, it's probably not the world's worst idea. it's not going to be. i you don't anticipate that they're going to be lots of hospitalizations or severe disease in this younger population, not impossible. and the vaccines to a great job credit that. so the first and foremost is to it, get vaccinated. >> well, doctor, also said you can leave the hand sanitizer at home. at least one comes to catching covid while hand sanitizer can help prevent other judges spreading. there's almost no surface transmission from covid. on the peninsula. you have a local nonprofit. they handed out hundreds of backpacks filled with school supplies over the weekend. the samaritan house distributing nearly 3500 backpacks to local students ranging from preschool to college in san mateo, nearly 1000 people registered this year compared to last year's. 700. goal was take the economic burden off of family shoulders. nearly 60
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volunteers who helped in the effort. well in the south bay sent to school in san jose. hold a backpack giveaway for their students. there. san jose police also helped out the kids picked a much needed supplies. head of the upcoming school year. in the north bay cowgirl creamery is closing its last retail shop at point reyes station. was gayle ong caught up with fans who made a trip to west morant after they heard the news. >> i was a bit sad a little disappointed that they're going to be closing. what kind of pointed to hear that. but i definitely want to come you know, we've been coming for years and they got the best in the various traveling from livermore, walnut creek and san francisco. cowgirl creamery fans visited the bar and shop and cantina at point reyes station sunday after hearing the location is closing after 25 years. good friend of mine from san francisco. she posted on her instagram. the cowgirl creamery was closing in. we
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have been here before and we've got about a good excuse to come back up to point reyes and maybe one last time that koegel creamery. we came up here and visited the cowgirl creamery and >> up here. so what is coming up before they close? the announcement was posted on social media this month. a statement from cowgirl creamery reads in part, quote. >> the decision to close our point reyes station location was incredibly difficult to make, but it was a necessary decision for the sake of the overall business. there are significant environmental constraints and logistical challenges with operating a retail shop in such a remote location. the point raise shop is where it all started known for crafting its own artists and she's using organic milk from local cows. just last year, outgrow closed its ferry building shop in san francisco due to the pandemic has really excited when they kind of gone to very building as well. >> it's kind of a statement. they're going to be a closing down the retail stores hoping that, though, still to be found somewhere else and they will. the company noted
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cheesemaking will still go on and they're peddling the plant and customers will be able to purchase cheeses at retailers nationwide. but the bar and shop and cantina will be closing after labor day september. 5th. >> hopefully the town right come out on top. re station along want more news. >> all right. well, now to an update we brought you last month. we're talking about foster city's plan to kill 100 geese. well, the city says an overpopulation of a canadian geese has become a health problem. so labor boost killing about 100 of them. now after hearing from members of the community who objected to those plans. the city is trying something a little different. we're going to show you this. a spot. he's an automated robot made by the company. boston dynamics. the city says it's their latest pursuit of non lethal alternatives. this video was filmed at leo ryan part with spot. you know, he's walking around kind of scare in the east. as you can see, the robot doesn't hurt to ages
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gives them a little scared. i mean, heck of a soft spot out there at probably be scared, run only 2. well, the last blockbuster on earth. i believe i'm saying this is bringing up 90's nostalgia with its iconic blue and yellow move east of local rich demuro takes a trip down memory lane in this morning's tech smart. take a look. >> selfies outside smiles inside. i'm having flashbacks of my this is the last blockbuster still operating today in bend, oregon. everything is exactly the same as it was. you know, 20 years ago, sandi harding is general manager. the store still rent movies, but just even just to which, you know, you got to have her daughter. and ironically bend is a city with an emphasis on outdoor activities. people a lot of times the kids because we have terrible wi-fi. that must be why we don't have we have a
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blockbuster still, which is not the case. all you have to step inside here for a minute. and the memories just come flowing right back. > it is just like i remember rentals now. just a small part of the overall business. most people that come in want to relive the past. take pictures and buy souvenirs are heading for the oregon coast, but we made a detour just to get to >> sure. we blockbuster. there are the signature yellow walls, the return box. really side candy and a literal wall of vhs tapes. they're not already. well, no, no, they're not. and he intentionally left them like that. i'm on and i know millions of other people. calland pain is author of bill to fail just to put it in perspective. half the population would be in a video store every week. then alternatives came along, including dvds by mail and it's interesting to note that blockbuster was really and really a broken company and and our financial conditions
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before netflix ever started streaming blockbuster filed bankruptcy in 2010 just as streaming started to take off. thanks so much friday night at the video store is becoming a distant memory. this is the place to bring it all back. the clerks are friendly. the computers barely hanging on. and it's these hats and t-shirts that keep this bit of movie magic alive. i think we still have a couple years. all right. a trip down memory lane. >> we'll take a look at this. a teenager is trying to become the youngest person to fly solo around the world inland in palo alto over the weekend. this is 17 year-old mack rutherford. he left the gabriel march to either yesterday was his 120th day of travel. how he says travel to more than 20 countries. what a cool life. he landed yesterday afternoon at the palo alto police department was able to take some pictures with the young pilots, the air. well, the vote has been a licensed
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pilot, says he was 15 years old. he plans to finish his world record journey by next month. what a cool guy. coming up next to the global morning news, a bay bridge series between the giants and a's came to a close when it to you. we've got the win at the coliseum will be right back after the break.
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i brought in ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks. uhh... here, i'll take that! yay!!! ensure max protein, with 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar enter powered by protein challenge for a chance to win big! >> well, the world dog surfing championships kicked off this weekend in pacifica and the
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pups of all shapes and sizes got their paws. wait to compete. we talked with the championship winners on how it felt being out on the serve. well, one of them to the talking anyways. >> they went very it's kind of up taking home 3 gold medals and one overall championship. so where stuff you had a great time down there, several with surf dogs and we love to put on a show and i share a love for the ocean and surfing with everyone. so we had a great time. >> well, congratulations to homer on art and skyler. the surf and dog on their big win. obviously, it's really cool. we have dogs out the air on the water because, you know, i was out there on the water can probably barely stand out without going over. all right. well, let's get a look at your weather is the weather looked. it las really nice out there for all that dog surfing day ever. somebody didn't body, sir. that's a the surf is the purest way of surfing. you get all the kinetic energy. just. >> your one on one with nature
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there. good morning, very morning, warning radar. here's a quick check of some of the fog developing the east bay shoreline, as you'll notice off to the distance here. still can make out, though, the ground very nicely all lit up here. this is what it looks like up in tahoe, though. we still have some of the monsoon left over for today and tomorrow tuesday, an isolated thunder shower in there. and then we dry out, as you can see wednesday into thursday. now our temperatures are actually going to climb a little bit as we get to the middle latter portion of the week ahead. but nothing too crazy. we're not going to triple digits or anything still staying into the 90's. temperature check for you. 62 antioch, lower 60's line up the east bay shoreline. 51 santa rose almost chile. 59 for san francisco, 60 for half moon bay. 62 san jose. so there's that low insulating us. you can barely make it out. not a lot of cloud cover associated with that. the monsoon got to get some daytime heating before we see anything. but again, the spine of the mountains. we're going to watch this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. so that will play out monday tuesday, that low stakes to the north. we start to warm up to finish off the week and then to bring
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us back to where we are little front out to sea help call us back down again to the upper 80's to get this is wonderful stuff for august here. so thing we need is rain and that will be in perfect. okay. 4 zone forecast checking and 68 san francisco along the coast. we have the middle to lower 60's hanging on 72 for burlingame. 75 foster city upper 70's heading down south. 76 for palo alto in the south bay readings still holding in the upper 70's. 85 for morgan hill got 81 for los gatos east bay shoreline. lower 70's livermore valley about 81 today. pleasanton as well. 83 for walnut creek, 83 danville, these numbers can easily be 100 this time of year. we see him pop. 73 for san leandro. 69 for berkeley, the late hosw. 71. don't forget those winds helping out a little bit. but even along the carquinez strait, we have lower 80's going on here. 86 for any act. 85 fairfield, 78 for now to an 83 for santa rosa in the 70 forecast, again, somewhat mild to start
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things off and then the warm-up gets here on wednesday. thursday, lower 90's, working here. we do get some relief from a front coming in here as we get into next weekend. back to the business of the upper 80's. checking out the area, bridges and such reyna all right, dave, thanks for that. to see this morning, 10 minute right? so that freeman street exit, the san mateo bridge. >> 80 to one o one just under 14 minutes as you're traveling, our richmond center fell. comey still about a 9 minute ride and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls 20 minutes on this monday morning. let's talk sports. well, the giants taking on the a's in the battle of the bay top of the 6 with the giants in the have i strong he hits that one and that's a home run dji's lead. 41 and then let's head over to top of yeah. yeahs rips that one down center field. and that's another omar for the giants. giants win 6 to 4 services will take home bridge series
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trophy after winning 3 out of the 4 and the a's on the season. i was a news out of the forty-niners training camp with no clear trade coursework quarterback jimmy garoppolo right now reports of service at san francisco's willing to wait and to the final roster cut down day on august. 30th moving before moving on from jimmy g if nfl network insider ian rapoport who said that the forty-niners will wait as long as possible before cutting jimmy g. he also reported that it may take an injury or a crumbling starter for jimmy g's trade to come to fruition. yeah. seattle in cleveland are 2 possible landing spots as both are currently in need of a starting qb. so we'll see happens there. well, the san jose state university football team ready to start the 2022 season off strong. you have kron four's cali meals and check out san jose state's training camp last week on what has him so fired up and ready to go.
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>> this is a true brotherhood. culture is a word in sports. second separate winners and losers at san jose state university football players say it's more than a winning culture. >> it's family. we have an amazing team and everyone has bought in and the amount of extra we're doing is is the best i've since i've been here once the once i got here, they treat me like a really good time. all i mean, >> they found over here i to say 24 7 in the locker around them and having a good time. that atmosphere is exactly what led quarterback chevan cordeiro to transfer to san jose state after playing at the university of hawaii for 3 seasons. the 6, one honolulu native has quickly emerged as a leader of the spartans offense. we get each other better. >> sharpens iron ore i know we've got scott put it together when it comes to saturday's without perform is an awesome young man. >> very accurate. very talented. he's shown some really great leadership in the offseason. it's been really good when you put him plug him
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into our our offensive group with the line all the skill they're excited to play with him because they know what he is. and that's and that's a fun thing to watch in the funding to get a coat on defense. the spartans return a majority of their starters from 2021. san jose state's de was the 4th best in the mountain west conference in total yards allowed and 3rd in rushing yards allowed defensive end cade hall who was named the 2022 preseason mountain west co-defensive player of the year says the expectations for that group are sky-high. we have a lot of returning guys. so i think i think just being able to play with each other and all be on the same page going make a really big difference. there's a lot of experience. a lot of football is played and they've been together a long time. they've been. >> to the top of the mountain. they've been at the and everything in-between. so that they expect a very high level of effort, intensity in each other and it's offensive. it's hard to play san jose state head football coach brent brennan says the focus for training camp is simple. get better every day. >> read into the program. that was one in 11 2018 and led them to their first mountain
4:52 am
west title in 2020. now brennan in the spartans look to sustain that success and climb the mountain for years to come to look back 5 years ago to where we're at now works out about where we're at now. we've got a great coaching staff here. we've got great leadership, administration >> what we're trying to do, it's part of football. and now it's just up to us to put the pieces together and put in the work and put something on the field that our alumni or fans are faculty. everybody can be proud of. >> all right. we're going to >> all right. we're going to be right back after the break. meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels... nice try. really? this leon's paying for his paint job on the spot... and this leon, as a chase private client, he's in the south of france, taking out cash with no atm fees. that's because this family of leons has chase.
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you've heard of the horse show jump in. >> well, now you can witness rabbit show jumping. it's a real competition has been around since the 80's when the sweetest develop the unique sport, most competitions are held in europe. the rapids, jump hurdles and go up and down ramps and 2 titles. not all bad, but suited for it because experts say many lack the athletic ability or the temperament to do the so those that are there are the real athletic brat. all right. well, a celebration of everything was held at the san jose convention center over the weekend of bin seen advertisements for that going on its six-year. the crunchy roll expo featured. premier are working at unique panels, exclusive merge crunchy roll is the world's largest online collection of anime content.
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the server has over 5 million paid subscribers as access and over 200 countries and territories. it was started by students at uc berkeley back in 2006 coming up in the next hour. today's the first day of school for students and teachers in oakland. what know as you get your kids ready for school. >> and problems are rising in contra costa counties head start program over deficiencies in co compliance is. we'll have more details in a live report. plus, a man is facing charges in the attack of a former san francisco commissioner greg shoe. we'll have the latest on that investigation will be right back.
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loud. i want do it. let's do it right. and it's warm right when it gets warm there you go. the time now it's a hey. good morning, guys. good morning, it but this is pretty mild weather, though, for mid august, like this least. we're getting a break on that front. >> little in the way of some fog trying to develop here. we have a another hour before we get some good, strong sunshine in here to start working its magic a little bit. 62 for antioch at this hour off to the east bay. most readings in the lower 60's livermore. 58 50's up to the north bay santa rosa. 50, by the way, 61 off to san jose. there are the current winds pretty much single digits over most of the district occur. keenest rate. they're being chandra little bit little higher there. up to fairfield a 25 this afternoon. just like yesterday afternoon. they will pick up a little bit. so we're in the perfect spot. talk about joe centrica ideal real estate here we have this low off the coast, providing us some relief. meanwhile, off to the east, the 4 corner states getting that monsoon moisture hot and sticky and all that kind of business. we may see the flare up again of some isolated showers or thundershowers


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