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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  August 8, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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loud. i want do it. let's do it right. and it's warm right when it gets warm there you go. the time now it's a hey. good morning, guys. good morning, it but this is pretty mild weather, though, for mid august, like this least. we're getting a break on that front. >> little in the way of some fog trying to develop here. we have a another hour before we get some good, strong sunshine in here to start working its magic a little bit. 62 for antioch at this hour off to the east bay. most readings in the lower 60's livermore. 58 50's up to the north bay santa rosa. 50, by the way, 61 off to san jose. there are the current winds pretty much single digits over most of the district occur. keenest rate. they're being chandra little bit little higher there. up to fairfield a 25 this afternoon. just like yesterday afternoon. they will pick up a little bit. so we're in the perfect spot. talk about joe centrica ideal real estate here we have this low off the coast, providing us some relief. meanwhile, off to the east, the 4 corner states getting that monsoon moisture hot and sticky and all that kind of business. we may see the flare up again of some isolated showers or thundershowers up
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there, maybe potentially causing some issues breakdown for you. we'll do. 63 by 09:00am from the inland perspective will start to see some scattered clouds left over by high noon. everybody should be clearing out at 75 checking bay area roadways right now. fill us in. all right, dave, thank you for that. if you are hitting the road and headed into the city right now. >> about 7 minutes for you may that fremont street exit as you're traveling there. let's check on the bridges, 7 minute drive toast of one. 0, one. as you head out of richmond. and if you are traveling along one o one of the south bay, 85 up in the park about 27 minutes. 2, 80 82 to 37. major delays. darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain, a 5, a one. and today students and teachers getting ready for their first day back at school in oakland. yeah, oakland, the first district to come back to in the entire bay area. the school this year is going to be. >> a little bit different the school because several schools are going to be closing or merging as we know. so. >> people are going to go into schools that maybe they're not
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familiar with 2 were already closed as the as of the end of last year. and here's a quick breakdown of what's happening this school year. we have rise elementary and new highland academy merging to create one elementary school and 6 in 8th grade. so were eliminated at la and hill chris schools. >> and 6 other schools are supposed to be closing some time during the 2022. 23 school year. happening now. make sure that you slow down around the schools in oakland. if you're driving around the city has some new slow zones around a handful of schools. >> oakland is now cutting the speed limit around many schools to just 15 miles per hour. and they're going strictly enforce it. it's partly in response to several crashes in the area that resulted in pedestrian injuries. and in some cases, deaths as well. some of the member on garfield elementary on foothill boulevard so far on oakland added the 15 an hour school zones, the 50 mile an hour zones in 10. >> different neighborhoods in
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july when the new speed limit was announced. mayor libby schaff said that it was needed to protect families. >> cause a dangerous drivers. suffered too many tragedies in our streets. 2 years ago in a single 10 month period. we had 3 fatal traffic accidents. >> moms. >> simply getting their kids to school killed in our crosswalks. >> oakland officials say by the end of this school year, at least another 10 schools, we'll have lowered speed limits around them. so do know that it's 15 miles per hour in those areas. >> covid-19, obviously still a concern for other school districts are preparing to go back to school. we had chance to talk with the ucsf epidemiologist professor doctor george rutherford about what parents should expect in terms of covid as they send their kids to school this fall. >> school districts are going to play at each one is going to do it differently in terms
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of masking and social distancing and things like that. i suspect we're not going to see and we'll just call or background levels of infection, which with the omicron variants that we're seeing now, it's probably not the world's worst idea. it's not going to be. i you don't anticipate that they're going to be lots of hospitalizations or severe disease in this younger population, not impossible. and the vaccines to a great job that. so the first and foremost is to it, get vaccinated. >> and doctor rutherford also said that you can leave the hand sanitizer at home, at least when it comes to catching covid while hand sanitizers can help prevent other germs from spreading. there's almost no service transmission from covid. so that's something good to know. the berkley school district is making it easier for kids to get a start with their covid vaccines before they start school for the school year. >> this thursday, the district is holding vaccine clinics at willard middle school from 9 to 4. and that's for children who are 6 months and older. and then this saturday, there
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will be another clinic at the king child development center. that's from 9 to 4 as well. and that is for the same age group, 6 months or older. >> well, happening today, activists are going to be protesting in downtown san francisco to call out the federal government's response to monkeypox. the protest is going to be in front of the regional human health services building at 04:00pm. protesters are calling on the department secretary xavier becerra to increase access to treatment and testing and vaccines in the city. while they say they know recent health declarations are supposed to help bolster the response to monkeypox. they say the declarations aren't yielding immediate actions that people need. happening tomorrow. san francisco's general monkeypox vaccine clinic is going to be reopening. the city's department of health says it's received their latest shipment of more than 10,000 shots. the clinic is going to be open from 8 in the morning until noon tuesday through friday. the department says kaiser permanente, ucsf and sutter
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health will be administering those shots as well. you have to schedule an appointment, though. if you want to get vaccinated a vaccinated by them. so make sure you keep that in mind. the department says it's working right now with community-based organizations to get shots out to people who may not have access to walk-in clinics or other health care providers. >> it's 5, 0, 5 and a man is facing assault charges now in connection with the attack of a former san francisco commissioner greg shoe kron four's. justin campbell has the latest on the investigation. >> police tell me longtime commissioner greg to feels relieved knowing someone is behind bars after he was attacked on the streets last week. 70 year-old former san francisco commissioner greg chew outside the most goni center in san francisco last week who had been assaulted and pushed to the ground to suffered non-life-threatening injuries. sunday police arrested 34 year-old san francisco resident derek carr. be your be charged with battery, aggravated assault and elder abuse. police now
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trying to find a motive behind the attack. investigators will be attempting to >> interview the suspect and see if they can determine whether or not race or bias was a factor in the attack sunday. community leaders also held a rally to defeat and asian elders as attacks against asians have soared over the past year. others who live in the most goni center speaking out about crime in the neighborhood. i get scared sometimes which i never used to have this feeling. >> that may be that person that i just pass this on the hinges going to stick a knife in my back. police also gave tips for people living in the neighborhood on how to stay safe. not looking at your cell phone as you walk down the street, we see a lot of in the city. police say the suspect has been arrested before and they will look to see if he's related to any other crimes like this. >> reporting in the newsroom, justin campbell kron, 4 news. >> and we have new developments this morning in a big story that we're following. a man is in custody after a shooting involving san francisco. police had happened
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over the weekend in the mission district. crop forcefully to call now with the story. >> at around 8 o'clock saturday morning, san francisco police officers chased the man down the mission district after an attempt to detain him near 16th street and south van ness avenue during the foot pupsuit, an officer involved shooting occurred. >> and then the suspect tempted to hype ahead a vehicle and continued to fire shots at officers. officer kathryn winters says the officers exchanged fire with them and the situation ended on shotwell between 17th and 18th streets. no one was shot in this incident and the suspect was transported to a local hospital with a minor injury. antonio perkins lives on shotwell heard police arguing with the gunman outside his home and the shots fired. i heard officer say put down the gun, put down the gun, put down the gun. >> and he went behind the core, i believe, called then calvary came based on what he heard and saw. perkins says
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he's certain the gunman started the gunfight. police say that is still under investigation. they gave the guy a chance. they that they do that whenever an officer is confront by somebody who shoots at them, you know, per our policy, they are. >> i allowed to defend their lives or lives of others with their firearms, if necessary. police department will host a public town hall in 10 days to explain what happened, including why an attempt was made to detain the man. >> meanwhile, the officers involved in shooting will be placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. in this case in san francisco, police called kron 4 >> and the east bay, the owner of an oakland cannabis store says he is devastated after burglars stole about $100,000 from his business. that place is burglarized early saturday morning. it's called craft cannabis on willow street. the owner saw all of this unfold from the outside. but he stayed away after one of the
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burglars. he saw a handgun. oakland police responded. but by the time the cops got there, the burglars were gone. 3 cars were used in this burglary and the group cut the power to the building as they forced their way in. no arrests have been made. >> yes, some tense moments there from brentwood as police officers were chasing. a man wanted for burglary. police say 31 year-old alexander hernandez was trying to run away from officers last wednesday. they ended up finding him down an embankment off highway 4 and sand creek road. police say they were able to take him into custody without anybody getting hurt. in the north bay. santa rosa police made multiple arrests and impounded 9 cars following a sideshow on friday just before midnight, officers responded to the area of petaluma hill and frazier avenue. that's pretty close to where the sonoma county fair was happening. police say they found 20 cars driving
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recklessly on an intersection with about 60 to 70 spectators watching about 30 minutes later, authorities got a call saying that sideshow that moved about a mile up the road this time about 100 people had crowded to watch. police say impounding those 9 vehicles took about 2 hours during the process. people through coins and rocks and water bottles at police. no injuries, though, reported. we'll take a break. 5.11 that i'm still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news. the inflation reduction act gets the green light from the senate over the weekend. we're going break down. what's inside this historic package. >> and after the break, we're going introduce you to open its first ever fire marshal. more on that in a minute. >> and we're looking for relatively mild august weather. take a look at these numbers. 63 at 9 o'clock at high noon. 75 as we take care of that morning. clouds and fog situation. a little bit of a warm up towards the middle of this week. rain. >> and hit the roads. back on your monday morning. we are tracking your commute. will
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have an updated look at that. when we get back. >> and as the bay area gets ready for school to get back into class, we'd love to see your pictures over the next few weeks. send us your kids as they head back for the first day of school for show them here on air. just use the kron 4 app and the reported tab to send us. those pictures will also posting them on kron 4 dot com as well. we'll be 4 dot com as well. we'll be right back. where's mommy? oh, oh hey sweetie. mother nature is at work, but father nature is here. i'm hungry. okay... let's see. oh, how about some smucker's natural? first ingredient real strawberries. ugh, he hit the window again didn't he? - you okay? - there's a flex alert today so i'm mentally preparing for the power outage. oh, well we can help stop one because we are going to reduce our energy use from 4-9pm. what now? i stepped on a plug. oh that's my bad! unplugging. when it comes to preventing outages the power is ours. ♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive
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it's something we pride ourselves on at folgers... 5.14, to the oakland fire department is making history by appointing his first ever. >> female fire marshal felicia bryant work nearly 20 years in the fire service. she worked her way up from firefighter to public information officer to lieutenant bryant says that she feels the pressure, but her priority is safety. >> i don't mind the attention is we get the work done out is is opportunity to help build healthy relationships in the community. if people as they want to get to know me, i get to know them. i get to understand what their goal is and working in the city of oakland in. they can understand my perspective in making sure that people feel safe. >> about that, bryant says her primary goal is that the community feel safe in the city by offering fire safety and education to everybody, including to the smallest child. >> it's 5.15, right now. and speaking of small a lot of them are starting school this week as dave was saying to some pretty warm temperatures
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this week. good well, good morning, james and darya. good morning, everybody warming up compared to where we've been. but, you know, no triple digits in this program. so that's at least good news there. live shot coming the east bay shoreline. you can see some of that fog trying to develop in the last hour here. >> before we start to get some solar heating to start to work the atmosphere a little bit here. what we are is in the perfect spot between this low out to sea and the monsoon that's in our southeast. now, i know that you may be hearing about some flash flooding and so forth that this has been responsible for it yet. yes, they're still drought going on, but also the monsoon could be problematic because it is very isolated in terms of causing those issues. but also the lightning that can cause big issues over a longer range of good news is this insulate sus for that low from all the monsoon, the pops up, but it still would be an issue that will bubble up in the mountains today tomorrow. 63 antioch, most east bay ratings are in the 60's, lower 60's at that. 58 for livermore up to the north bay. lots of 50's rosa, 59 for san francisco. futurecast for show some of
5:17 am
that monsoon already bubbling up here. even in the mid layers of the atmosphere that stays to our east and the central valley today, again, an isolated shower or thundershower. what is daytime heating that dissipates? here's marine layer coming back again tomorrow morning. and then for tomorrow afternoon, another flare up. this seems to be pushing to the south a little bit more as the monsoon retreats of that. now we lose the support of the slow. so we'll see some warm up for the middle of the week and latter portion of it. but it provides us with a little extra on for those afternoon winds. look at that across southern moran right over there to contra costa county solano county strong onshore wind into the teens, even the lower 20's do the same thing. again, it looks like a little bit into your tuesday as well. nice to geography being covered him on what all that. and it gives us some cooling relief from what's going on towards our east. do not get far from the bay area to see those numbers start to pop, though, upper 90's in the central valley, fresno at 97, sacramento, 94, 71 for moderate, even santa barbara at about 79. let's do today.
5:18 am
68 san francisco with all of this. 72 for oakland, 78 for san jose with mid 80's in the far east bay. well, take a look at bay area roadways in such harvey has details. we an exactly if you are hitting the road on this monday morning may be traveling into the city. >> about 8 minutes to make it from the maze to that fremont street exit. no traffic or delays there. a 7 minute run out of richmond as you're traveling on the tolls to one o one. our san mateo bridge also nice and light for you. there. and golden gate bridge still at 20 minutes westbound if you're traveling along 5, 18, 80 crockett down towards the maze. about 15 minutes for you and in the south bay, if you're hopping on one about a 28 minute ride from 85 up to menlo park darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. it's 5.18. let's get you caught up on the wildfires. the mckinney fire in siskiyou county burned more than 60,000 acres. >> it is 40% contained right now. it's already destroyed. 7 homes. we spoke with one of
5:19 am
the victims trying to get enough resources to rebuild. zach has their story. >> after a wildfire ravages a community, you either move on or rebuild. you know, there's not really much to go back to, but i that still the place where i want to be who was riccardi, his wife, his dog tango and their 3 cats lived along the klamath river. >> and they were working to restore an old golf course off of walker road. >> we were going to have somebody come out and do the the sot on the side of the turf and a couple of the next month. but the mckinney fire burned down their home. >> and took their livelihood. people you know, it's it's just stuff. but i mean, it's you know, for some of us to make this a slide. yeah, it's it's your tire life committed to keeping his how safe lewis state as long as he possibly could. it was 38 minutes from the time that first tree lit and i i literally like. i
5:20 am
wanted to stay. you know, i just i i was afraid to die. honestly. i mean, like it. the fire was still 102 yards away and it was like so hot. reads, you know, that was like a it was dark. there was ash coming down. i sent my weiss out with my truck in my trailer and i. i rode one of our 4 wheelers out and it didn't have headlights, you know, so it was dark you know, it was it was pretty scary. >> one thing kept him going to get out and get to safety. >> my wife, you know. >> if not for her than i think i surely would have stayed. his home was one of the 87 residences destroyed and 132 total structures destroyed by the mckinney fire. now the rebuilding efforts begin. it's it's going to take time, but
5:21 am
one thing i really love about this community is like a really >> hard working. you know, really good good people. >> working to help rebuild the community. they will once again call home. >> 5.20, is the time. and in national news this morning, a major spending package is now headed to the house after a democratic breakthrough in the senate. >> the bill addresses climate change, prescription drug costs and corporate taxes. hannah brandt joins us from dc with the latest. good morning, anna. >> darya james, good morning. well, it took a united front from senate democrats and a tie breaking vote from vice president harris. but over the weekend, the senate passed that bill and it accomplishes a number of democratic priorities. >> and the bill as amended is passed. >> cheers erupted in the senate as democrats celebrated their 740 billion dollar budget bill changed the world. >> in a way that you really
5:22 am
get an opportunity to do that. >> the package makes the largest ever u.s. investment in climate programs. let's medicare negotiate the cost of prescription drugs and extends health insurance subsidies. it's paid for through a 15% minimum tax on wealthy corporations. senate leader chuck schumer promises families will feel the impacts now and long into the future. and i'm really confident that inflation reduction will endure. >> as one of the defining feet. of the 21st century. >> the bill fell short of the goal set by party leaders in their initial budget efforts because it took major compromise to get every democrat on board and every republican in the senate voted against it. democrats have already robbed american families, wasser inflation. another solution is to rob american families. you got a second senator mitch mcconnell called the package a reckless spending spree and insisted it won't help cut costs at all and actually make inflation even worse. and the short term. the house still has to
5:23 am
pass legislation before it heads to president biden. >> they're expected to do that this friday live in washington. i'm hannah brandt. thank you. hannah. >> it is 5.22, coming up on the kron. 4 morning news. there's a chance that elon musk could still buy twitter, but it might come with a catch. we're going to tell you what the billionaire wants from the company for the deal meet three sisters. the drummer, the dribbler, and the day-dreamer... the dribbler's getting hands-on practice with her chase first banking debit card...
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♪ of travel i've had my share, man ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere ♪ ♪ no matter what type of dog you have... or, cat you have... frontline® plus lets you take them everywhere... no matter how you define it. frontline®. the #1 name in flea and tick protection. without the right start to your day... your morning could hit a wall. that's not the door. i got it! belvita breakfast biscuits are baked with slow-release carbs and provides steady morning energy to help you rise and thrive. >> elon musk says his proposed
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44 billion dollar deal to buy twitter could still move forward. but only if twitter give some information on spam bots. the billionaire is asking for details on how twitter measures which accounts are run by real people and which ones are bought. twitter is meantime suing musk to try to complete the deal u.s. backed us countersued claiming the twitter misled ham about the number of actual users on the site. twitter is not commenting on musk's latest accusations, but has previously said that less than 5% of user accounts are fake or spam. >> well, the u.s. dollar is up more than 10% near its highest level in 2 decades. and while that's great news for american tourists traveling overseas, it is causing debt problems for emerging economies. the international monetary fund is estimating that 60% of low-income countries are currently at high risk of debt default. the federal reserve's aggressive campaign to hike interest rates is only likely
5:27 am
to make the dollar even stronger. some americans are still worried about the possibility of a recession right here in the u.s.. and if that happens, could lead to a global recession. we'll take a break at 5.26. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. a well-known cheese shop is closing its north bay location. we're going hear from bay area resident who made one last trip. made one last trip. >> t we changed our fries to make 'em hot & crispy every single time. high-fryve! and every single time, toby insists we “high fryve.” high-fryve? high-fryve. high-fryve!! it'll catch on. right?! try wendy's hot & crispy fries! preferred almost 2:1 over mcdonald's.
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bright and early or dark and early part right now and cloudy in some spots. we've got dave spahr with a look at that outside at james and darya. good morning. good morning. everybody can see the fog working there and as well here there's the east bay shoreline getting covered over as the fog. it's this little last moment here before the sun starts working its magic in the mixing process 50's up to the north bay. 57 in vallejo got 60's covering most of the east bay. but livermore donna, 58 them. but the cold air drainage and the livermore valley. 61 for san jose. so we're in the right spot between what's going on in the monsoon door far east of the 4 corner states, a little low that you really can't make out all. but that's okay. it's the one the mechanical work of shielding us from all of this, providing the nice coastal impact. what you see in the morning hours. but also in the afternoon, the winds start kicking up, really keep our temperatures controlled. 68 san francisco today. 72 going on for open 78 for san jose. delightful numbers going to keep this up for the next couple days. little bit of a warm-up in the middle of the week. check and area roadways right now. what's going on?
5:31 am
they thank you. that things are still pretty light out there about a 30 minute drive as you're traveling along 1, one. 85 upton in park. >> we're looking at 2, 80 79 to 37. no major delays or issues there. well, heading into the city right but a drive may so that fremont street exit traffic's moving nicely. let's check on the richmond center fell bridge tolls to one o one just under 8 minutes. and if you're taking it a southbound oakland down to 2.38. about a 10 minute ride for you. darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of 5.31 a program in contra costa county. that's supposed to give kids a head. start is falling behind kron four's. will tran talk some more about that here in a live report. good morning. will. >> good morning, james and area. yes, the contra costa county board of supervisors. they will get a report from the federal government and federal government evaluated the head start system back in february and they will hand over their analysis tomorrow. and it is not good for the county and more specifically for the parents because they
5:32 am
say head start in terms of this county, they need to do a lot better. now head start is a program in place to help kids from birth to the age of 5 years old for them to get ready for school. so they did this evaluation guys and it comes back. many things they did need to improve on and they have about 4 months to make the improvements or they might have to at the federal government step in. so we'll see what happens with that. but in terms of some of the bullet points that they found, they said that they need to improve on safety for the kids. obviously, that is very important for the parents that they have to monitor the kids a lot better. they also have to have a system in place so they will know some of the areas that are working and not working so they can make improvements on that. then they talk about the finances, the fiscal plan moving into the future. so a lot of things that they need to work on. i know this is important because school is starting very soon for the kids. not just in contra costa county but all
5:33 am
over the bay area. so this is important evaluation for the parents to consider as they want to look at the head start or other areas to get their kids ready for school will try to talk to some parents this morning. but i think you guys said it best head start in contra costa county, according to the federal government, seems to be falling behind. >> not good. all right. thank you very much. well, 5.33 is the time in the east bay, another high and watch robbery this time in danville early set. well, actually in the afternoon saturday in the parking lot of the live reach shopping center, 3 armed robbers took a took a watch from a guy who was out walking. he was walking out of a shop and witnesses tried to stop it. one of the witnesses got pistol whipped by one of the thieves. and one point the robbers fired the gun too. but thankfully the shot didn't hit anybody. and then they took off in a car. the search
5:34 am
continues for the robbers this morning. >> convicted killer scott peterson is going to be back in court this coming thursday. miss could be the last chance for his lawyers to prove that he received an unfair trial when he was convicted of murdering his wife lacy and their unborn child. his lawyers have argued the juror misconduct interfered with that original trial. if the court agrees peterson's original murder conviction could be overturned. and if that happens, well, he could then face a whole new trial where new evidence could be introduced. >> happening tomorrow, 54 year-old billy hemsley is expected back in court las vegas. he's accused of shooting and killing his cousin in a vegas hotel room. he's being held right now without bail. here he is in the courtroom before a metro police say that he shot his cousin and 2 women at the hotel mirage. and on thursday, he faces an open murder and 2 attempted murder charges. >> back here in bay area, an update on a story we first brought you last month about foster city's plan to kill about 100 geese. the city says
5:35 am
an overpopulation of canada geese has become a health and safety problem. so they propose killing about 100 of them. well, now after hearing from members of the community who objected to those plans, the city has decided to try something different. this is we're going to show you here a picture spot. you see him there in the background. it's an automated robot. type thing you've probably seen. that is of it from boston dynamics, a company that created it. the robot basically goes around, chases the keys away from where they are. city says it's their latest. a pursuit of nonlethal alternatives. given my honey of dogs and i could set loose over people would you know, yeah, said their dogs loose and they can to get some exercise the you've seen dogs before but never seen. one of these was that ryan park biden on friday where they tested it out. as you can see, it worked well and the robot doesn't hurt the geese, obviously because some dogs will. my dog could never catch those guy now any be cheaper? well, i do it for
5:36 am
>> but couldn't draw spectators like that would be kind of fun just show up and watch a way. that's what they're trying now up in foster city. calif like a spider weird slater. in the north. a cowgirl creamery is closing its last retail shop at point. reyes station is just too far out there. kron four's gayle ong has more. >> i was a bit sad a little disappointed that they're going to be closing was kind of disappointed to hear that. but i definitely want to come you know, we've been coming for years and they got the best season of areas. >> traveling from livermore, walnut creek and san francisco. cowgirl creamery fans visited the bar and shop and cantina at point reyes station sunday after hearing the location is closing after 25 years. good friend of mine from san francisco. she posted on her instagram. that cowgirl creamery was closing in. we have been here before said, well, it's a good excuse to come back up to find ray is an maybe one last time that koegel creamery. we came up here and visited the cowgirl creamery and >> up here. so what is coming up before they close? the
5:37 am
announcement was posted on social media this month. a statement from cowgirl creamery reads in part, quote. >> the decision to close our point reyes station location was incredibly difficult to make, but it was a necessary decision for the sake of the overall business. there are significant environmental constraints and logistical challenges with operating a retail shop in such a remote location. the point raise shop is where it all started known for crafting its own artists and she's using organic milk from local cows. just last year, cowgirl closed its ferry building shop in san francisco due to the pandemic. i was eally excited when they kin of had gone to very building as well. >> it's kind of a statement. they're going to be a closing down the retail stores. and i% i'm hoping that, though, still to be found somewhere else and they will. the company noted cheesemaking will still go on and they're peddling the plant and customers will be able to purchase cheeses at retailers nationwide. but the bar and shop and cantina will be closing after labor day september. 5th. >> hopefully the town right now like come out on top. we re station along kron 4 news.
5:38 am
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5:41 am
>> california became one of the first states allowing undocumented immigrants to get driver's licenses. but advocates say that many immigrants were left out of the process because they can't or don't drive, including people with disabilities or those who don't have access to a car. so this new bill would attempt to close that gap allowing more people to open bank accounts and rent a home or apartment or get other services. the bill has passed through the state assembly and it's now moving through the senate. >> it's 5.41 and the ntsb is investigating 2 deadly motorcycle crashes involving tesla's as well. the ntsb says they think the cars used the partially automated driver assist program with these crashes happened on freeways. it was dark out. one of the crashes happened on 91 in riverside on july, 7th, federal officials are trying to determine if there is a flaw in the tesla system that prevents it from recognizing motorcycles. it's 5.41. we'll be right back.
5:42 am
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5:45 am
arts returned for the first time in 2 years. about 500. then you're set up their camp downtown fremont as they returned for this year's festival of the arts put on by the chamber of commerce. >> the festival offered 4 miles worth of activities and entertainment. only just like arts and crafts booths, live music street performers and loads of food and drink options. organizers say this year they had food options from almost every corner of the world. the nonprofit the night of columbus serve their own specialty, dealing with sandwich is a type of portuguese sausage. alex marina with the group says it's the variety of food and activities and makes 3 months festival of the arts special. there's a lot of offering here. you know, if you want different types of food, they have all the food. they have all the arts and crafts out here. >> a lot of vendors and i think it's just a great place to be back in the event attracts thousands of people every year, according to the festival's website, more than
5:46 am
13,000 glasses of wine or enjoy during the two-day event. >> 3,000 volunteers are needed to running and they've raised more than 11 million dollars in the festivals. 37 year, history that supports nonprofits, their local nonprofit. so >> it's something we can offer to the community to gather to have fun. and yet it also supports the community in ways that is really critical. the streets of downtown fremont will reopen to traffic on monday. i'm in 9th in fremont camila barco kron. 4 news. >> so much over the weekend. yeah. right at outside lands with the part. a lot to do this past and the weather was great and let's see what the is in store for the week ahead take another gasp. good morning, james and darya. good morning. good morning, everybody. and we are delivering on all of that. here's some fog kind of left over a little bit. but looking at some of our camera shot, looks like the fog is not particularly very deep going on up to tahoe. might get that as tuesday before things start
5:47 am
to change, clear out a little bit here going into the middle of the week. little bit of a warm-up that we're going to fill in the home front. this is mister howard. you can see out of the pacific, no threat to land. but just to give you the puck ordinance and all of this, 50 mile per hour winds, max, tropical storm becoming a tropical low. as you can see going forward to about wednesday or so again, no threat to land. one thing we tend to watch is how much of that moisture is going to be screwed up our way. going to the longer range forecast. by the way, we lose the support of our low warm-up midweek here towards the end of the week will get another front to kind of cool things off again or bring the temperatures down. just a touch, cool off, but not as warm as we're looking at wednesday. 4 zone forecast for you this monday. 68 san francisco. we're keeping the 60's at the coast ill 72 for burlingame san bruno. 65 75 for foster city. palo alto at 76 in the south bay readings in the upper 70 still still blubbering. 85 going on morgan hill and the los gatos about
5:48 am
81 east bay shoreline to the south, lower to middle 70's. meanwhile, off to the livermore valley. 81, again, this being august, not bad at all. 83 for danville. 83 also for walnut creek, concord, at 85. as we get that wind onshore from the carquinez strait. and here we have the decoupling of our temperatures staying in the 70's along the east bay shoreline, even berkeley at 69, maybe a few little later scattered clouds. 71 for vallejo. 78 napa, 83 for santa rosa. 7 a game plan. here's a little warm up. by wednesday. we lose the support of a low, but we get another trough towards the end of the week into the weekend and temperatures backtrack to upper 80's in the inland valleys. second bay area, traffic rain. what's going on day? thanks for that. we do have a hot spot if you're traveling along 6 80's southbound 6 ad north of and write a role here. so you are seeing just slight delays as you're traveling there to signal. >> let's check on the bay bridge right now. a little under 12 traffic is still pretty light. the meteor lights are off at this time. the san mateo bridge across
5:49 am
towards the peninsula just under 13 minutes to make you from 80 to one o one. well in the south bay traveling up, 85 in menlo park along 1 one. 31 minutes to 37 17. no major issues. the air also 82 into a good alternate for you. if you're traveling, if you're traveling along 5.80, clocking down towards the maze just under 17 minutes. darya. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain. the time now is 5.49. and the world dog surfing championships kicked off this weekend in pacifica and pups of all shapes and sizes got their paws wet to compete. as you can see there in the video, the championship winner came by kron 4 studios actually to talk about how it felt being out on the surf well, one of them did the talking. take a look. >> they went very it's kind of up taking home 3 gold medals and one overall championship. so where stuff you had a great time down there, several with surf dogs and we love to put on a show and i share a love for the ocean and surfing with
5:50 am
everyone. so we had a great time. >> how come the dog to get the sunglasses? august 13. how about that? so congratulations t bad. like that. they make a pretty good team. >> and take a look at this teenager who is working to become the youngest person to fly solo around the world. he landed in palo alto for the weekend. 17 years old. his name is matt rutherford and he left bulgaria on march 23rd and yesterday was his one 100th no 100 25th day of. yeah. like sorry, he's been 125 days flying. he's traveled to more than 20 countries so far and yesterday afternoon it was in palo lt. he was there with the police, taken pictures with the young pilot there. he has been a licensed
5:51 am
pilot since he was 15. he figures he's going to finish this whole world journey by next month. wow, that's pretty cool. looking aircraft, too. all right. let's talk sports quickly. giants taking on the a's in the battle of the bay. top of the 6 we go. giants in the lead. ide of hitting this one deep enough to bring in another run. that was a home run. >> then top of the 8th. estrada says he rips this one down the center field. a line. that's another homer for the giants. the giants winning 64 san francisco taking home the bay bridge series trophy after winning 3 of the 4 against the a's. >> this season for we've got some forty-niners news at a training camp with no clear trade partners for quarterback jimmy garoppolo. right now reports of surface that san francisco is willing to wait until the final roster cut down day, which is august. 30th before they move on from garage. nfl network insider ian rapoport said the forty-niners are going wait as long as possible before they
5:52 am
cut lucy also reported that it may take an injury or a crumbling starter for a trade to come to fruition and somebody say, oh, we need jimmy seattle in cleveland are 2 possible landing spots their bus currently in need of a starting quarterback. we shall see 5.52. and we'll be right back.
5:53 am
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oh, my gosh. it's the it's the future of a lifetime. a kid is pulled up on stage 10 years old at outside lands with green day and it is to perform there is there another guitar playing the play? cut anybody and everybody raised their hand and then they pulled that kid up 10 years old and hit it. >> he only needed to learn 3 can 3 which and i'm sure he a great day fan. so he probably played that song to perfection in a gray and the crowd went wild and it was a crowd. let me tell you, you can see the little hands down there, all the the figures and i will go get it was at the polo fields. okay. i i understand there were like between 50 75,000 people. wow. okay. probably the biggest crowd for program. jump look out lee is are very cool. >> we also have the annual march of the penguins to tell you about this at the san francisco zoo that happened over the weekend. 5 penguin
5:56 am
chicks were fresh off graduation from fish school. they've learned how to eat whole fish and swim and socialize and now they can join all the other penguins. 52, the score for that and you can now i don't feel so. that's one hand the harry princess cecilia and >> glenn, you can tell them apart. know that peak with an event that they are getting in the water. nice having a good time again at this. and over the weekend, 5 of the 6 right now coming up in the next hour. today is the first day of school back to school in oakland, believe is still early. >> we'll tell you what you need to know, especially if you're driving around the schools. speaking of schools, problems arising in contra costa county's head start program. why information from a new report shows that that program apparently falling behind. >> plus, a man facing charges now in the attack of stanford's former san francisco commissioner. great to the latest on that investigation as well.
5:57 am
5:58 am
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5:59 am
>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> and thanks for waking up with us. i guess the kids will be waking up early this morning. some of them left in
6:00 am
the next schools in oakland. we'll talk more about that coming up in a live report before we get there, though, let's find out what well, as i have short, a teacher for sure. it's a good thing about how to dress the kids in the morning. this is true and they never want to wear a sweater. darya good morning everybody. but it's almost a tumble by our standards or at least early fall kind of feeling these temperatures are going to hang around these mild temperatures just about all week. we have little warming trend by the middle of the week of this fog. this is about the best effort we're going to get now. it's mixing away now. east bay shoreline still kind of in view. they're a bit lower 60's line at the east bay shoreline. 63, antioch, livermore, little cooler. 59 50 up to santa rosa. 57 for and 60. meanwhile, 4 san jose got those winds this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. there you see the pockets of the winds going on with teens in some locations here. but generally speaking pretty calm for now. good thing is the direction coming in on shore. and that's a nice climate control. this low provides us with some really can't see much cloud cover associated with it. but the mechanics are with providing it. and meanwhile, to


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