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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 8, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we'll talk more about that coming up in a live report before we get there, though, let's find out what well, as i have short, a teacher for sure. it's a good thing about how to dress the kids in the morning. this is true and they never want to wear a sweater. darya good morning everybody. but it's almost a tumble by our standards or at least early fall kind of feeling these temperatures are going to hang around these mild temperatures just about all week. we have little warming trend by the middle of the week of this fog. this is about the best effort we're going to get now. it's mixing away now. east bay shoreline still kind of in view. they're a bit lower 60's line at the east bay shoreline. 63, antioch, livermore, little cooler. 59 50 up to santa rosa. 57 for and 60. meanwhile, 4 san jose got those winds this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. there you see the pockets of the winds going on with teens in some locations here. but generally speaking pretty calm for now. good thing is the direction coming in on shore. and that's a nice climate control. this low provides us with some really can't see much cloud cover associated with it. but the mechanics are with providing it. and meanwhile, to our southeast, the monsoon
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might see an isolated shower or thundershower up in the mountains today. 67 will do by 10:00am already clearing out on the east bay by 1 o'clock. 78. so great numbers to be had. we'll have more of that. but rain will check traffic right now. rain what's happened now? what we do have a hot spot we've been talking about dave, if you're traveling along 6.80, year, southbound justin 84 easton so you see that traffic building all the way back into pleasanton. >> at least 3 lanes are blocked. it looks like they've opened up those 3 lanes. and now you one still blocked the air. and so you're seeing that factor that into your morning ride. 2 minutes into the city may so that fremont street exit meteor lights are now on to traffic, slowing down, heading across towards the peninsula. a 80 to one o one just under 14 minutes for you. there. all right. commute about a 7 right? and let's check on the south bay for you. so traveling along one o one, 85 up towards menlo park around 30 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thank you. are in a 6, 0, one and students and teachers getting ready for their first day.
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back at school in oakland, the oakland, the first district have kids come back to class. >> the school there is going to be a little different, though. you've got to remember that because last year we had several schools shut down or merged with other schools. 2 were already closed at the end of last year. so here's a quick breakdown of what's going to be happening this time around. rise elementary and highland academy. they merge to create just one school. so those students are going to get used to that and 6 and 8th grades. they were eliminated at la escuela lita and hillcrest schools and 6 other schools are supposed to close sometime. >> during this 2022, 23 school year. that's going to complicate things. >> and also happening right now, make sure you slowdown around schools in oakland because the city has some new slow zones at a handful. yeah. a new school year and new speed limit set at 15 miles an hour now around some of the school's partly. >> in response to several crashes that happened involving pedestrian injuries and deaths. some of those have happened around garfield
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elementary on foothill boulevard. so that's one area. and oakland added to 50 miles per hour zone infected 10 different neighborhoods. snow is back in july when the new speed limit was announced. mayor libby schaff saying that it was needed. >> to protect families. >> because a dangerous drivers. suffered too many tragedies in our streets. 2 years ago in a single 10 month period. we had 3 fatal traffic accidents. >> moms simply getting their kids to school killed in our crosswalks. >> oakland officials say by the end of this school year, there will be another 10 schools that will have that lower speed limit 15 miles an keep that down. >> covid-19, by the way. still a concern as other school districts are preparing to head back to class. we talk with doctor george rutherford, ucsf about what parents should expect in terms of covid as they send their kids back to school this fall.
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>> school districts are going to play at each one is going to do it differently in terms of masking and social distancing and things like that. i suspect we're not going to see and we'll just call or background levels of infection, which with the omicron variants that we're seeing now, it's probably not the world's worst idea. it's not going to be. i you don't anticipate that they're going to be lots of hospitalizations or severe disease in this younger population, not impossible. and the vaccines to a great job credit that. so the first and foremost is to it, get vaccinated. >> yeah. doctor rutherford went on to say that you can leave the hand sanitizer at home, at least when it comes to, you know, worries about catching covid. he says hand sanitizers, prevent other germs from spreading. but at this point, there is no are almost no surface transmission. >> of covid. there are going to be some more places for to get a shot for your kid. the berkeley unified district is making it easier for little ones to get their vaccine before the start of the school year there on thursday, they're holding a vaccine clinic at willard middle school from 94. these clinics
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are for anybody that 6 months and older and this saturday, there's another one at the king child development development center. also from 9 to 4 and same age there 6, 0, 4, right now and a program in contra costa county supposed to give kids a head start and instead it's falling behind. apparently kron four's will tran joins us live in fremont to explain. good morning. well, >> what the reason why? because the federal government is their job to monitor. and so they looked at the program back in february and they are ready to hand over the report to the board of supervisors tomorrow to tell them they have a lot of work to do because let's face it at the center of all this are the kids. so they want the kids to be ready to go as well and head start in case you don't know. it's a program in place across the country to help kids from birth to the age of 5 years old to get ready for school, which obviously sets them up for the rest of their academic life and how that
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performs is a big indicator, according to the federal government, they say contra costa county needs to improve on safety monitoring to make sure that the kids are always being watched, whether it's in-person or maybe even with cameras. but their safety is paramount. and they say that needs to be improved. they also need to have a system in place so that system tells them if they're doing well or they need improvements. they say the current system simply is not working. another bullet point that they plan to present to the board of supervisors they need to have a fiscal plan in place. so this plan, program to sustain itself into the future. so lots of things. but the board of supervisors to consider and they're on the clock, james and area because once they get the report, they have approximately 120 days to make the improvement. this is important, of course, because parents they rely on these programs to have the kids ready to go. and of course,
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we're doing back-to-school back all right. thanks a lot. well. >> well, 6, 0, 6 happening today. activists are going to be protesting in downtown san francisco to call out the federal government for its response to monkeypox. the protest is going to be in front of the regional health and human services building at 04:00pm. protesters are calling on the department secretary xavier becerra to increase access to treatment and testing and vaccines in the city. and while they say they know that recent health declarations are supposed to help bolster the response to monkeypox, they say those declarations are yielding immediate actions and that's what people need right now. happening tomorrow, san francisco's general monkeypox vaccine clinic is going to be reopening with the city's department of health, saying that they've received their latest shipment of about 10,000 doses. the clinic is going to be open from 8 in the morning until noon tuesday through friday. the department says the kaiser permanente, ucsf and sutter health. all going to be administration as well. and you have to schedule an appointment. if you want to get vaccinated by them. so
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make sure you do that. first the department says it's working right now with community-based organizations to get the shots out to people who may not have access to walk in clinics or other health care providers. it's 6, 0, 7. and a man faces an assault charge now in connection with the attack on former san francisco commissioner greg shoe. >> kron four's justin campbell has the latest. >> police tell me longtime commissioner greg to feels relieved knowing someone is behind bars after he was attacked on the streets last week. 70 year-old former san francisco commissioner greg chew outside the most goni center in san francisco last week who had been assaulted and pushed to the ground to suffered non-life-threatening injuries. sunday police arrested 34 year-old san francisco resident derek carr. be your be charged with battery, aggravated assault and elder abuse. police now trying to find a motive behind the attack. investigators will be attempting to >> interview the suspect and see if they can determine
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whether or not race or bias was a factor in the attack sunday. community leaders also held a rally to defeat and asian elders as attacks against asians have soared over the past year. others who live in the most goni center speaking out about crime in the neighborhood. i get scared sometimes which i never used to have this feeling. >> that may be that person that i just pass this on the hinges going to stick a knife in my back. police also gave tips for people living in the neighborhood on how to stay safe. not looking at your cell phone as you walk down the street, we see a lot of in the city. police say the suspect has been arrested before and they will look to see if he's related to any other crimes like this. >> reporting in the newsroom, justin campbell kron, 4 news. it's 6, 0, 9 and a man is in custody after exchanging gunfire with the san francisco police. yeah. police say this all happened. >> while officers tried to detain him, this is about 8 o'clock or so saturday morning, right near 16th street and south van ness avenue >> they say he then ran away and as police chased him,
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that's when those gunshots were fired. >> the man hid behind a car and he kept firing at the cops. police tried to de-escalate the situation. they saying call for reinforcements. >> yeah. one resident says he saw the whole thing from inside his home. here's what he had to say about it. >> heard officer say put down the gun, put down the gun, put down the gun. >> they gave the guy a chance. they that they did do that. >> that's what the witness says. the officer involved in the shooting is on administrative leave anyway because that's protocol. the san francisco police are going house to public tell meeting about this in 10 days. >> in the east bay, the owner of an oakland cannabis store is devastated after burglars took about $100,000 from the business. it happened early saturday morning. they hit that craft. cannabis shop on willow street and the owner saw the whole thing unfold from outside. but he stayed away. >> because he saw that one of the robbers had a handgun. oakland police responded, but by the time they got there, the burglars were gone. 3 cars
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were used in this hit and the group cut the power to the building before they forced their way in. nobody's been arrested yet. >> and some pretty intense moments playing out here in brentwood as police we're pursuing a man wanted for burglary. they say he's 31 year-old alexander hernandez. they claim you're trying to run away from them on wednesday, officers found him down an embankment off highway and sand creek road. he was eventually taken into custody. nobody hurt, but some pretty intense moments there on the freeway as that chase was happening. 6.11 is the time in the north bay. santa rosa. police made multiple arrests and impounded 9 cars following a sideshow on friday. just before midnight, officers responded to the area of petaluma hill and frazier avenue pretty close to where the sonoma county fair was happening. police say they found about 20 cars driving recklessly along that intersection with about 60 to
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70 spectators watching. then about a half hour later, police got a call saying that sideshow had moved about a mile up the road. and now the crowd groaned about 100 people watching police say impounding those 9 vehicles took a couple of hours and during that whole time, they say people were throwing coins and rocks and water bottles at them. nobody was hurt. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the inflation reduction act getting the green light from the senate. we're going break down what's inside this historic package. >> and after the break, we're going introduce you to oakland's first ever female fire marshal. >> and for today, looking for those temperatures still staying on the mild side. 67 by 10 o'clock to about 78 at one most. the fog is a pretty much taken care of all most of this hour. look at that forecast. and traffic has been building out there as you hit the road on this monday morning. we also have an update to that hot spot in seminole. we'll be right back after the break. >> and as the bay area gets ready for back to school, we'd love to see pictures of your
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little ones getting ready to head out. send us those photos and we're going to show him on air. just use the kron. 4 app and the reported tab and we'll get that on air. also posted on our website kron 4 dot com as well.
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>> 6.15, is the time and another chaotic weekend of travel across the u.s. thousands of flights were canceled or delayed over the weekend. we're already seeing
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him today to about 188 cancellations. so far, 657 delays nationwide. and these are the numbers is all according to the website. flightaware on friday, more than 1500 flights were canceled with more than 7,000. nearly 8,000 were delayed. saturday was much better, especially when it comes to delays. more than 7200 delayed flights. and then yesterday close to 1000 flights were with more than 6300 delays. the is there's no rhyme or reason either. you know, i mean, it's all was a holiday weekend. >> it's a it's not back to school and back to the to actually get worse in the next tew weeks as kids go back to school, right? more generally because kids go typically later. one of our stories is oakland starts today. but most of the districts start a little later than that. so probably till next year before things get back to quote, unquote, normal who comes to these? do you know what? it's great and all that. >> about that? and you got your flight you know, while just never know. we're still waiting for john to fly back.
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in the we've got here with us. graciously thanked the the airport, taxicab service. you're right here by the way, sfo are no delays. weather related as far as what the infrastructure still a different story, but not too much in the way of falling as you can see off to a pretty good start. >> there's the low out to sea. it's providing us a little bit of relief going on here. keeping those temperatures on the mild side. monsoon not too far away, but we keep it in the mountains for the most part. some mike venture into the mid layers of the atmosphere a little bit today. tomorrow. that could be most in the central valley. no lower 60's 60's line up the east bay shoreline. 59 livermore up to the north bay got a lot of 50's at work here. 60%. jose. 59 for san francisco. here we go the monsoon, you can see a little bit of off to the east. the concern is maybe an isolated thunder shower may actually still cause some problems either the dry lightning phase, but also even locally, some flash flooding sometimes
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with all of that. and that's very, very isolated with all of that. yes, we still have a droughts. we have 2 things happening at one time tomorrow. we'll have another dose of all of this, although not as impressive. still keeping in the forecast, though, for the mountains as we get that daytime heating for an isolated thunder shower going on. after that, we kind of dry out from that phase. so for today, we've got some morning fog going on in clouds for around the immediate bay. but afternoon sunshine, mild 70's and 80's. this is an august forecast early week. it keeps up upper 80's. we do pop into the lower 90's as we finish off the week and we'll have 80's covering portions of the bay and still 60's at the coast on the cool side there. but give you an idea how the rest the state is. fairing were being insulated here off to the central valley, upper 90's for today expected sacramento. but 94 72 from monterrey and 83 for san diego. so 68 will do it. san francisco, 70 to oakland, 78 san jose. there you have it in the mid 80's in the east bay and up to the north bay. still some 70's holding on and complements of those winds
6:19 am
later on. 71 for delay health. check of the 4 zone forecast later on. but rain is going to check in bay area traffic right now. >> today we had a hot spot earlier and the good news now hot spot is clear. however, you're seeing residual delays. so this was along southbound 6.80, and now you can see a 22 minute drive. if you're starting in dublin, heading down to 2.62 in fremont. so again, accident clear now residual delays of about 20 to 25 minutes heading into the city. 11 minutes. the meteor lights on right now. so traffic has been building there. no major delays. san mateo bridge just under 14 minutes, 80 to one o one heading across towards the peninsula. now we have a report of a fire just off of the freeway the year 5.80, eastbound, just west of buchanan street in richmond. tpso you are seeing delays traveling east there looks like the westbound side. we're seeing a few issues from people looking on as well. traveling up along one, 0, one 20 minute drive a fundamental part to 2. no major delays.
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darya. james, back to you. thank you, anna. >> 6.19 is the time national headlines this morning. a major spending package now headed to the house after the senate was able to reach a breakthrough and pass the bill. this bill addresses climate change to prescription drug costs and corporate taxes. so >> it's pretty widespread and it's going to fact a lot of people. hannah brandt has the latest from dc. good morning, anna. darya. james, good morning. well, yeah, it took a united front from senate democrats and a tie vote from vice president harris. >> but over the weekend, the senate did pass that bill and it delivers on a lot of democratic priorities. >> and the bill as amended is passed. >> cheers erupted in the senate as democrats celebrated their 740 billion dollar budget bill. we've changed the world. >> in a way that you really get an opportunity to do that. >> the package makes the largest ever u.s. investment in climate programs. let's
6:21 am
medicare negotiate the cost of prescription drugs and extends health insurance subsidies. it's paid for through a 15% minimum tax on wealthy corporations. senate leader chuck schumer promises families will feel the impacts now and long into the future. and i'm really confident that inflation reduction will endure. >> as one of the defining feet. of the 21st century. >> the bill fell short of the goal set by party leaders in their initial budget efforts because it took major compromise to get every democrat on board and every republican in the senate voted against it. democrats have already robbed. american families wants inflation. and now their solution is to rob american you had a second time senator mitch mcconnell called the package a reckless spending spree and insisted it won't help cut costs at all. and no, actually make even worse. and the short term. >> the house has to pass the legislation before it heads to
6:22 am
president biden. they are expected to do that this friday live in washington. i'm hannah brandt. thanks, hannah. >> it is 6.21. we'll take a quick break here on the kron. 4 morning news ahead. there is a chance the elon musk could still buy twitter. it will come with a catch, though. we'll explain what the billionaire says he wants from the company if this deal is going forward. we'll be right back. it's started. somewhere between a cuddle and a struggle, it's...the side hug. tween milestones like this may start at age 9. hpv vaccination - a type of cancer prevention against certain hpv-related cancers, can start then too. for most, hpv clears on its own. but for others, it can cause certain cancers later in life. you're welcome! now, as the "dad cab", it's my cue to help protect them.
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the oakland fire department making history by appointing its first ever female fire marshal felicia brand, we're near nearly 20 years in the fire service were color well away up for you as a firefighter, a public information officer lieutenant in the open fire department. and she says that she s feels the pressure of the job, but she says her priority is to ensure safety. >> i don't mind the attention is we get the work done out is is opportunity to help build healthy relationships in the community. people as they want to get to know me. i get to know them. i didn't understand what their goal is. and working in the city of oakland in, they can understand my perspective in making sure that people feel safe. >> yeah, brian says that one of her main goals is to make the community safer by
6:26 am
offering fire safety education to everyone, including the smallest child. >> elon musk says his 44 billion-dollar twitter deal could still move forward, but only if twitter gives information on spam bots. the billionaire is asking for details on how twitter measures which accounts are run by real people and which ones are bought. twitter is still suing mosque to try to complete the deal because he has backed out busk has countersued claiming that twitter misled him about the number of actual users on the site. twitter is not commenting on musk's latest actions, but he's previously said that less than 5% of user accounts are fake or spam. >> 6.26 is the time. we'll take a break. but coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news. a well-known cheese shop is closing its north, a location. we're going hear from bay area residents who made one last trip out the points race. we'll be right back.
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6:30 am
looks like. oh, yeah. i mean, that's an eagle eye view of the weather days. so airplane commercial right your life, whatever we love to fly here on the ground and like, you can look at the screen and ok if your retina don't worry. that is the point, though, gang. we good morning, everybody. we have that fog at the lower levels clearing out. >> and this is the shot from the ground. this is probably one of the most fog induce that we're actually seeing really. and this is going to mix out within a couple of hours. there's to the east bay shoreline still kind of interview with the 6.30, hour. >> temperature check. most readings in the 60's. 59 for san francisco 50's up to the north bay 60. meanwhile for san jose, thank you very much. low-pressure doing your thing, keeping those onshore winds and temperatures reduced monsoon being kept that they although will fire up a few little thunder showers up there in the mountains. we're looking at mid 80's for highs in the far east bay. 78 for napa. 83 for santa rosa. we're going to the 4 zone forecast in a bit right now. rain is standing by with a look at
6:31 am
your traffic is going on right now. they will. we have a report of a fire just eastbound year. >> as you're traveling along 5 5.80, eastbound, just west of central avenue in richmond. you've seen a slight delay because of that is people are traveling heading into the city right now. so once you do reach the maze, finally just under 13 minutes maze to that 3 months, exit heading into the city, our san mateo bridge picking up 40 minute, drive 80 to one o one. let's go ahead and check on richmond. sandra fell bridge 8 minute drive as you're traveling out of richmond, 6.80, double down to fremont. remember, we had a hot spot there. that's clear. 20 woman right now for you. 80 southbound side. seen a slight delay there. northbound side is moving, have to limit. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain is 06:31am. and new developments in a big story that we're following. one man is in custody after a shooting involving san francisco police. this all happened over the weekend in the mission district right along shot. well, street. >> trump forcefully to go explains what happened. >> at around 8 o'clock saturday morning, san
6:32 am
francisco police officers chased the man down the mission district after an attempt to detain him near 16th street and south van ness avenue during the foot pursuit, an officer involved shooting occurred. >> and then the suspect tempted to hype ahead a vehicle and continued to fire shots at officers. officer kathryn winters says the officers exchanged fire with them and the situation ended on shotwell between 17th and 18th streets. no one was shot in this incident and the suspect was transported to a local hospital with a minor injury. antonio perkins lives on shotwell heard police arguing with the gunman outside his home and the shots fired. i heard officer say put down the gun, put down the gun, put down the gun. >> and he went behind the core, i believe, called then calvary came based on what he heard and saw. perkins says he's certain the gunman started the gunfight. police say that is still under
6:33 am
investigation. they gave the guy a chance. they that baby do that whenever an officer is confined by somebody who shoots at them, you know, per our policy, they are. >> i allowed to defend their lives or lives of others. >> with their firearms, if necessary, police department will host a public town hall in 10 days to explain what happened, including why an attempt was made to detain the man. the officers involved in shooting will be placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. in this case. >> in san francisco, police called kron 4 >> in the east bay, another high and watch robbery this time in danville. it happened saturday afternoon in the parking lot of the livery shopping center. police say 3 armed robbers stole a watch from a man who was just walking out of the shop. a witness tried to step in but got pistol whipped by one of the thieves. in fact, at 1.0, one of the robbers fired a gun. luckily nobody was hit. the robbers then took off in a car. the search for the suspects continues this morning. convicted killer
6:34 am
scott peterson is back in court on thursday. and this could be the last chance for his attorneys to prove that he was treated unfairly during his trial. that ended in a conviction of the murder of his wife lacy and their unborn child. his lawyers have argued that juror misconduct interfered in that original trial. if the court agrees peterson's original murder conviction could be overturned and that could mean a whole new trial where new evidence could be introduced. >> it's 6.34 and happening tomorrow. 54 year-old bill hemsley is expected back in court in vegas. police say that he is the one who fired a shot and killed his cousin in the mirage hotel. he's being held without bail right now. metro police say that he shot his cousin and 2 women in a hotel room in the mirage hotel and casino thursday. and now he faces charges for that. it's 6.30, for the ntsb is investigating 2 deadly motorcycle crashes that involved tesla's the ntsb is thinking are suspecting that
6:35 am
the cars were using the partially automated driver says program of these crashes happened on freeways. it was dark out in both cases. one of the crashes was on 91 in riverside on july, 7th. they're trying to determine if there may be a flaw in the system or somehow that still system doesn't recognize motorcycles. >> well, now to an update on a story we brought you last month about foster city's plan to kill about 100 geese. the city says it's an overpopulation of canada geese to become a health and safety problem for them. and so they proposed killing about 100 of them to control that population. well, now after hearing from members of the community who objected to that plan, the city says it's going to try something different. something high tech. meet spot. you see him in the background there. >> you know, yellow. thank that robot dog created by boston dynamics ahead it is ahead on on use that technology to go and assess like, you know, after an
6:36 am
explosion or something like that to go make sure the area safe before rescuers going well, right now it's being employed in a whole different way to freak out the gate. yeah. nonlethal way of getting rid of the games. you know what bit here's the thing. >> they come with this big high tech solution. what they don't like is pope put diapers on the now you don't like the no, not at all. 6.36. right now coming up on the kron 4 morning news. we've got more on the border report. a political battle is heating up between texas governor greg abbott and new york city mayor eric adams. for the second time in 3 days, abbott sent a busload of migrants to new york. and that's part of his push to hold democrats accountable for the border crisis. tre clark takes a look. >> after a long three-day journey, they look exhausted yet exhilarated to be in america's largest city migrants from various south american countries arriving in new york city friday and
6:37 am
sunday on buses with one-way tickets from texas to new york is unimaginable. >> of that. what the governor of texas has done all goal is to be ugly. find out each family. >> texas governor greg abbott has sent thousands of migrants and refugees to new york city and the nation's capital since april abbott claiming his state can no longer bear the responsibility of caring for migrants. so he's sending them north 2 cities where he says democratic leaders claim they can have asylum. got one thing to tell you and to tell them there are more buses on the way as we gather at this conference that. >> the governor says so far he has sent 6500 migrants to d c dc mayor muriel bowser requesting the national guard to come in to help handle what she calls a growing humanitarian crisis. the pentagon quickly declining her request. we sent an amended
6:38 am
request. >> the mayors of dc and new york city complaining the new asylum seekers. >> have created a severe strain on their city's homeless shelter system and they are asking for federal resources because they know more buses are on the way and not let us know what time the bus is. a leaving. >> they're not letting us know what it needs of the people on the bus. and i giving us any information >> that was dray clark reporting. the mayor says that they will find a way to accommodate and support anybody who does want to stay. >> california's economy is almost back to looking like prepandemic levels. >> not fully can to have a recovered yet, though there's new data from the federal government and shows that our state still needs add about 176,000 more jobs before our economy is considered fully recovered. it is currently at 94% of prepandemic levels. overall, the biggest employment gains have been made in the transportation
6:39 am
warehouse and health care sectors. >> well, the u.s. dollar is up more than 10%, which is near its highest level in 2 decades. and while that is great news for american tourists traveling overseas, it is causing debt problems for emerging economies. the international monetary fund is estimating that 60% of low-income countries are currently at risk. high risk of debt default. the federal reserve's aggressive campaign to hike interest rates is only likely to make the dollar even stronger. some americans are still worried, of course, about the possibility of a recession here in the u.s. which that happens could lead to a global recession. a new california bill would provide state id cards to everyone regardless of their immigration status. california has become one of the first states allowing undocumented immigrants to get a driver's license. but advocates say that many immigrants were left out of that process because they can't or don't drive, including people with disabilities who don't have access to a car. the new bill would attempt to close that gap and allow more people to
6:40 am
open bank accounts, rent a home or an apartment or get other services. the bill has passed through the state assembly and it's now moving through the senate. >> 6 39 and in the north bay cowgirl creamery is closing its last retail shop at a point reyes station kron four's gayle ong caught up with fans who made that last trip. >> i was a bit sad. a little disappointed that they're going to be closing. what kind of the point here that i definitely want to come you know, we've been coming for years and they got the best in the various traveling from livermore, walnut creek and san francisco. cowgirl creamery fans visited the bar and shop and cantina at point reyes station sunday after hearing the location is closing after 25 years. good friend of mine from san francisco. she posted on her instagram. that cowgirl creamery was closing in. we have been here before and we've got about a good excuse to come back up to find ray maybe one last time that koegel creamery. we came up here and visited the cowgirl
6:41 am
creamery and >> up here. so what is coming up before they close. the announcement was posted on social media this month. a statement from cowgirl creamery reads in part, quote. >> the decision to close our point reyes station location was incredibly difficult to make, but it was a necessary decision for the sake of the overall business. there are significant environmental constraints and logistical challenges with operating a retail shop in such a remote location. the point raise shop is where it all started known for crafting its own artists and she's using organic milk from local cows. just last year, cowgirl closed its ferry building shop in san francisco due to the pandemic. i was really excited when they kind of had gone to very building as well. >> it's kind of a statement. they're going to be a closing down the retail stores hoping that, though, still to be found somewhere else and they will. the company noted cheesemaking will still go on and they're peddling the plant and customers will be able to purchase cheeses at retailers nationwide. but the bar and shop and cantina will be closing after labor day
6:42 am
september. 5th. >> hopefully the town right now like come out on top. re station along kron 4 news. >> 6.41 is the time. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the san jose state university football team is ready for the new season. we'll show you how they are preparing. a visit to the last blockbuster store step inside for a blast from the past and find out how it's staying in business these days. i'm rich demuro. that's comi panera chefs have crafted a masterpiece... succulent, seared chicken... a secret aioli... clean ingredients... in a buttery brioche roll. made fresh, to leave you... speechless. panera's new chef's chicken sandwiches. $1 delivery fee on our app.
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>> 6.44. and be kind rewind. look at kids the last place that you can buy and deming of videos. the dvds is closing blockbuster rich demuro visits the last blockbuster video store in today's tech report. >> selfies outside smiles inside. i'm having flashbacks of my this is the last blockbuster still operating today in bend, oregon. everything is exactly the same as it was. you know, 20 years ago, sandi harding is general manager. the store still rent movies, but just even just to which, you know, you've got to have her daughter. and ironically bend is a city with an emphasis on outdoor activities. people a lot of times the kids because we have terrible wi-fi. that must be why we don't have we have a blockbuster still, which is
6:46 am
not the case. all you have to step inside here for a minute. and the memories just come flowing right back. >> it is just like i remember rentals now. just a small part of the overall business. most people that come in want to relive the past. take pictures and buy souvenirs are heading for the oregon coast, but we made a detour just to get to >> sure, we blood pressure. there are the signature yellow walls, the return box you really side candy and a literal wall of vhs tapes. they're not already. well, no, no, they're not. and he intentionally left them like that on this. and and i know millions of other people. allen payne is author of a bill to fail just to put it in perspective. half the population would be in a video store every week. then alternatives came along, including dvds by mail and kiosk. and it's interesting to note the blockbuster was really in and really are broken company and and our financial conditions before netflix ever started streaming
6:47 am
blockbuster filed bankruptcy in 2010 just as streaming started to take off so much. and really, i on friday night at the video store is becoming a distant memory. this is the place to bring it all back. the clerks are friendly to computers, barely hanging on. and it's these hats and t-shirts that keep this bit of movie magic alive. i think we still have a couple years in bend, oregon. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> and remember when the one you want to would be out you have to go back is the video that the movie that he opened up to reveal what moving back to the future. trip down memory get signed. if you didn't really want to get fined. you did to become a couple all right. we've got day also getting a over there in the weather center about all as a day doc. >> these going on here. good morning, guys. morning, live shot coming in from half moon bay still have to deal with
6:48 am
coastal clouds and everything like that. still some bay fog, but >> for the most part, we see some really good clearing going on 4 of the early part of the week up in tahoe. we do have some last minute thunder showers, a possibility today and tomorrow temperature check for you will be around 80 ish, if you will, slight warm up towards the middle to the latter portion of the week reflected up there as well as on the home front winds that we do see the nice pop happening this afternoon. this is all helping us keep those temperatures down on shore. thank you. that low out to sea but also inland heating contrasted with what we're seeing around the immediate bay. so that contrast will help drive the winds today and do the same kind of program for tomorrow. now, after that, we have a high pressure kind of flattening out a little bit. and we'll get the with-with a little bit of monsoon. perhaps the mid layers of the atmosphere, but nothing really worth writing home about. so on balance, we're not going to get much impact f om that. just a slight warming until the next front gets here into the weekend. these are very, very minor changes. they don't really show up much here at all. you see the 4 corner states popping, of course, and
6:49 am
the buildup of the cloud cover a little bit in the mountains with the daytime heating their early. we lose our low, but a new trough comes in here just in time for the next weekend and beyond. and that will help bring temperatures back down again. so this is a sweet forecast. your 4 zone for this monday. 68 san francisco. let's keep it in the 60's along the coast. there. 65 half. moon bay, 72 for burlingame. to the south foster city. 75 palo alto at 76. you know, we have those he spikes. these numbers can pop and the lower 90's. 78 for san jose. 85 morgan hill. 78 for cupertino, east bay shoreline to the south, lower to middle 70's, almost 80's lower 80's out to tri valley with livermore and pleasanton and 81, 83 danville, walnut creek at about 83. 69 for berkeley, the les, what 71? 85 fairfield, 78 for napa and santa rosa comes in at 83. some of the forecast on the left-hand side of your screen. we've got the 80's and move up to 90 by wednesday. little
6:50 am
warm-up phase here. and then another reduction into the weekend. thanks for little trough coming in from the pacific to give some relief area traffic. what's going on? the roadways, rain day. we're busy out there as you're traveling along 5, 80, 80 crockett down towards the maze. >> around 24 minutes topping on 24 right now. wannacry down to 5.80, just under 15 minutes for that dry heading into the city. 30 minutes so that fremont street exit, the metering lights are on now. and the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula as traffic continues to get busy there. a little under 17 minutes to make it from a 80 to one o one. all richmond center fell bridge a 13 minute right tools to one. 0 one. let's check on highway 4.30, minutes. traveling into concord's to 42 darya. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain is 6.50. is the time the san jose state university football team is ready to start the 2022 season off strong with the kron four's kylen mill with a check of san jose state's training camp last weekend. what's got them so fired up.
6:51 am
>> this is a true brotherhood. culture is a word in sports. second separate winners and losers at san jose state university football players say it's more than a winning culture. >> it's family. we have an amazing team and everyone has bought in and the amount of extra we're doing is is the best i've since i've been here once the once i got here, they treat me like i'm a really good time. all i mean, >> they found over here i-24 7 in the locker around them and having a good time. that atmosphere is exactly what led quarterback chevan cordeiro to transfer to san jose state after playing at the university of hawaii for 3 seasons. the 6, one honolulu native has quickly emerged as a leader of the spartans offense. we get each other better. >> sharpens iron that's one i know we've got scott put it together when it comes to saturday's without perform is an awesome young man. >> very accurate. very talented. he's shown some really great leadership in the offseason. it's been really good when you put him plug him
6:52 am
into our our offensive group with the o-line all the skill they're excited to play with him because they know what he is. and that's and that's a fun thing to watch in the funding to get to coach on defense. the spartans return a majority of their starters from 2021. san jose state's de was the 4th best in the mountain west conference in total yards allowed. and 3rd in rushing yards allowed defensive end cade hall who was named the 2022 preseason mountain west co-defensive player of the year says the expectations for that group are sky-high. we have a lot of returning guys. so i think i think just being able to play with each other and all be on the same page is going make a really big difference. there's a lot of experience. a lot of football is played and they've been together a long time. they've been. >> to the top of the mountain. they've been at the and everything in-between. so that they expect a very high level of effort, intensity in each other and it's offensive. it's hard to play san jose state head football coach brent brennan says the focus for training camp is simple. get better every day. >> read into the program. that was one in 11 2018 and led
6:53 am
them to their first mountain west title in 2020. now brennan in the spartans look to sustain that success and climb the mountain for years to come. we look back 5 years ago to where we're at now works out about where we're at now. we've got a great coaching staff here. we've got great leadersh%p, great administration >> what we're trying to do, it's part of football. and now it's just up to us to put the pieces together and put in the work and put something on the field that our love fans, our faculty, everybody can be proud of. >> 6.53 is the time. we'll be right back.
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6:57 am
important because we've seen some rabbits that are just chonky little things that probably could get that much air and then you it's like this guy crazy. very split is flying. yeah, it is. cool and light. some fun video for you this morning. it is 6.56. we'll take a break. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news today is the first day of school for a lot of students. and teachers in oakland will tell you what you need to know to get the kids ready for class today. >> and problems are rising in contra costa county with its head start program. we'll tell you what information a new report shows and it's not good for the program. plus, a man facing charges now in the attack of a former san francisco commissioner will have the latest on
6:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. good morning. and happy monday to you at 07:00am that the kids are back to school in your district. i guess better wake him up. yeah. today the day we've got to get back into the back into the the rhythm of >> school, home or lunches, yeah. and picking out what you're going where the market is roll out of bed in the morning. just hang out in the summer you think you should sleep in your clothes and then you're ready for school in the mornings at good mom, if it's sure to make it easy. good morning, dave. the press yourself. and when you get sfo live shot coming in. they're not too much in the way of fog. >> block this here. you got to write a check eyes when a free commercial temperature check for you.


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