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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  August 8, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. good morning. and happy monday to you at 07:00am that the kids are back to school in your district. i guess better wake him up. yeah. today the day we've got to get back into the back into the the rhythm of >> school, home or lunches, yeah. and picking out what you're going where the market is roll out of bed in the morning. just hang out in the summer you think you should sleep in your clothes and then you're ready for school in the mornings at good mom, if it's sure to make it easy. good morning, dave. the press yourself. and when you get sfo live shot coming in. they're not too much in the way of fog. >> block this here. you got to write a check eyes when a free commercial temperature check for you. lower 60's cover.
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good chunk of the bay with a lot of mid 50's up to the north bay. 53 santa rosa. 61 fremont and san jose and we've got 59 for san francisco. so the game plan is still the same. we have this low out to sea. it's going help for-to fire on shore winds. that's all cooling mechanism. keep those temperatures down. looks like will not even touch 90 still again. now we do have the monsoon that still hiding out of the 4 corner states spilling a little bit into the mountain chain. and there's that chance of an isolated shower or thundershower on the home front, taking care of the last bit of fog. 71 by 11 by 2 talking 81 venturing through the 80's for high temperatures will get more into that in a bed right now. rain is checking bay area traffic. what's going and well, we had an accident along the san mateo bridge. here's the good news. >> they just got that cleared off of the bridge night to westbound. that is slowing things down a bit. so as you're traveling from a 80 to one o one, a little under 17 minutes to make that drive heading into the city this morning. 13 minutes. once you finally reach the maze to that fremont street exit, let's go
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and check on a richmond center fell commute just 12 minutes, although looks like traffic a little slower than that. you can certainly make it across towards center fell in that time. taking one on one heading up. 85 to menlo park about 32 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thank you. reyna 7, 0, one. and today, students and teachers getting ready for their first day. back at school in oakland, one of the first districts to bring kids back to class this school year, though, as you know, is going to be little different than it was last year. we had several schools shut down. others that merged. >> 2 were already closed at the end of last year. so here's a closer look at what's going to be different this time around. we have rise elementary and new highland academy. they've merged to create one elementary school. sick kids are going to have to get used to that. and 6 in 8th grades were eliminated at last as la esquinita and hillcrest schools. >> also, 6 other schools are supposed to close sometime during this school year the 2022 23 years. they haven't shut down during the school year. that's he has a pretty destructive, very disruptive and happening right now. make
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sure you slowdown to around schools and open because they've implemented some new slow zones around half of the school and new speed limits because oakland wants to reduce crashes so 15 miles an hour is the new speed limit around several class schools because their been crashes that actually been deadly in some cases, injuring pedestrians as well. and some of those schools that are affected, garfield elementary on foothill boulevard. there was an accident. the slow zone has reduced their to 15 miles an hour and 10 other neighborhood schools also have a new 15 miles per hour limit. it was back in july that the new speed limit was announced. mayor libby schaff at the time said it was needed to protect families. and here's some of what you had to say. >> because of dangerous drivers. suffered too many tragedies in our streets. 2 years ago in a single 10 month period. we had 3 fatal traffic accidents. >> moms.
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>> simply getting their kids to school killed in our crosswalks. >> oakland officials say by the end of this school year, at least 10 more schools, we'll have their limits lowered to 15 miles per hour. >> well, covid-19, of course, still a concern as school districts are heading back to class. we talk with doctor george rutherford of ucsf about what parents should expect when it comes to covid and their kids going back to school this fall. >> school districts are going to play at each one is going to do it differently in terms of masking and social distancing and things like that. i suspect we're not going to see and we'll just taller background levels of infection, which with the omicron variants that we're seeing now, it's probably not the world's worst idea. it's not going to be. i you don't anticipate that they're going to be lots of hospitalizations or severe disease in this younger population, not impossible. and the vaccines to a great job credit that. so the first and foremost is to get vaccinated. >> yeah, doctor referred, went
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on to say that you can leave the hand sanitizer at home when it comes to your concerns about kids catching covid. they say while hand sanitizers do prevent other germs from spreading. there really is at this point, no surface transmission of covid. >> the school district is making it easier for kids to get a covid vaccine before the start of the school year. there on thursday there holding a vaccine clinic at willard middle school. >> and then they'll also be holding one at king child development center. if you can't make thursday, maybe go to that one on saturday. these are both for kids that are 6 months and older. >> well, a program in contra costa county, the supposed to give kids a head start is apparently falling behind was will tran has. the story is live this morning and the details. good morning. well, >> good morning, james and duryea. yes, the federal government stepped in in february and evaluated the system head start in contra costa county. and for those who are not familiar with head
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start, it's a book program in place to help kids from birth to 5 years old to get them ready for school. and this is important because it could set up them for the academic career. so how they take information in and how they learn. and it's a big deal. i got to tell you, full disclosure, my younger brother, he was in the head start program as well. >> as far as what they found out, they said there are many deficiencies that they need to work on. so they did the report the evaluation several months ago and now they will turn it over to the board of supervisors tomorrow saying you need to work on many things, including safety that they have to do a better job monitoring the kids to make sure that they have somebody in place at all times to watch the kids or system to make sure that they are safe. obviously, that's very important to the kids parents. they're also need programs regulations so they will know the system itself will know that they're doing a good job or not a good job. and if
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they're not doing a good job, what are you doing to improve it? and also let's face it, fiscal responsibility. what are they doing to make sure that is sustainable? now and into the future, the board of supervisors? well, they have about 120 days to look at it and respond and make improvements. obviously, this is very important because we doing back-to-school theme on all of this and the parents need to know not exactly sure what will happen if they don't make the improvements in x amount of time. but it's something of course, the parents need to know, especially if you're looking around for head start programs. >> back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll. >> time now. 7, 0, 7 and happening today, activists are going to be protesting in downtown san francisco to call out the federal government for its response to monkeypox. they want to see more. the protest is going to be in front of the regional human and health services at 04:00pm. protesters are calling on the department secretary xavier becerra to increase access to treatment the city. they say the recent
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health declarations do help when it comes to bolstering a response to monkeypox. but they say that declaration doesn't yield the immediate action that people need right now. also happening tomorrow, san francisco's general monkeypox vaccine clinic is going to reopen. the city's department of health says that they received their latest shipment of more than 10,000 doses. the clinic is going to be open from 8 in the morning until noon tuesday through friday. the says that kaiser permanente, ucsf and sutter health are also going to be administering shots, too. you have to schedule an appointment, though, if you want to get vaccinated through them. so make sure you do that in advance. the department says it's working right now with community-based organizations to try to get the shots to people who may not have access to walk in clinics or other health care providers and 7 away. and there's a man facing an assault charge now in connection with an attack that happened on for san francisco commissioner greg shoe. >> kron four's justin campbell has the latest.
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>> police tell me longtime commissioner greg to feels relieved knowing someone is behind bars after he was attacked on the streets last week. 70 year-old former san francisco commissioner greg chew outside the most goni center in san francisco last week who had been assaulted and pushed to the ground to suffered non-life-tyreatening injuries. sunday police arrested 34 year-old san francisco resident derek carr. be your be charged with battery, aggravated assault and elder abuse. police now trying to find a motive behind the attack. investigators will be attempting to >> interview the suspect and see if they can determine whether or not race or bias was a factor in the attack sunday. community leaders also held a rally to defeat and asian elders as attacks against asians have soared over the past year. others who live in the most goni center speaking out about crime in the neighborhood. i get scared sometimes which i never used to have this feeling. >> that may be that person that i just pass this on the
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hinges going to stick a knife in my back. police also gave tips for people living in the neighborhood on how to stay safe. not looking at your cell phone as you walk down the street, we see a lot of in the city. police say the suspect has been arrested before and they will look to see if he's related to any other crimes like this. >> reporting in the newsroom, justin campbell kron, 4 news at 7, 10 and in the east bay, the owner of an oakland cannabis shop is upset after burglars stole about $100,000. >> from his business, it happened early saturday morning. the craft cannabis shop was hit on willow street and the owner saw the whole thing unfold from outside. he stayed away because he saw one of the burglars had a gun. oakland police responded. but by the time we got there, the the fees were gone and they believe they got away in 3 getaway cars. the group cut the power to the building as they're forced their way inside. nobody's been arrested yet.
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>> a portion of a high-speed chase that played out in brentwood. officers were chasing a man wanted for burglary that identified him as 31 year-old alexander hernandez. he was trying to get away last wednesday when this chase broke out. luckily nobody was hurt. in the end, they found hernandez down an embankment off highway 4 in sand creek road. they took him into custody again. thankfully, nobody hurt. in the north bay. santa rosa. police made multiple arrests and impounded 9 cars following a sideshow was on friday just before midnight that officers responded to the area of petaluma hill and frazier avenue pretty close to where the sonoma county fair was happening. police say they found 20 cars driving pretty recklessly in that intersection with about 60, 70 spectators watching. then about a half hour later, they got a call that the sideshow had moved about a mile up the road and the crowd had grown to about 100 spectators. police say the impounding of those 9 vehicles took a couple of hours and during that whole time, they say they were
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pelted with coins and rocks and water bottles by the people nearby. nobody was reported hurt. >> it's 7.11. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, a man gets into a shootout with police in san francisco. we'll show you and hear from witnesses who saw it happen. plus, after the break, we'll introduce you to oakland's first ever female fire marshal. and as the bay area is getting ready for back to school, we love to see your pictures over the next few weeks. send us your kids in their back to school photos and we may feature them on our broadcast. just use the kron 4 app and hit the reported tab. without the right start to your day... your morning could hit a wall. that's not the door. i got it! belvita breakfast biscuits
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7.14, right now. and we're just talking about the back-to-school photos night. how many years did you make your kid do those? you know, wait, take a picture every year, right through a senior high score. well, my son, jack's going to be a senior this year and you're making my wife's already saying she's going to take take a picture while he's holding his kindergarten first you want that's adorable and a lunch box and the other. >> let's get to the weather center. we have dave standing by with a look at our back to school forecast this week a day. james and darya. good morning. good morning, everybody. some leftover fog a little bit at sfo, but the plane still moving. got traffic going on. meanwhile, that low out to sea. >> provide some insulation, not just from the monsoon, but the cool breeze coming in from the pacific did a little bit by are typical onshore breeze. that happens in the afternoon evening hours. lower 60's
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cover most of the east bay, although antioch, already racing ahead. it's 66 still in the 50's up to the north bay. 61, san jose and 60 for san francisco. so there it is. the monsoon add some daytime heating and the flareup of an isolated shower or thundershower return of our fog tonight for tomorrow morning. same program still left over monsoon at some daytime heating. we see the flar up for tuesday as well. so got to keep that as a mention in the tahoe forecast, although most of the activity appears to be south of reno and tahoe. so the breakdown for the game plan here is we already see some sun coming into the east bay shoreline that morning. clouds and fog break away for sunshine. mild, though those temperatures in the 70's for the east bay. meanwhile, 80's well inland that keeps going on for early part of the week into the upper 80's crack over 90, say about wednesday or so to finish off the week here. and then by the weekend, we cool back off again. so kids starting school. this is more like sometimes october weather a little bit. so it's a not bad. as for the numbers are concerned and this is how warm it can be when you don't have
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help from that low inland, the numbers are popping in the upper 90's. you can see bakersfield, fresno, upper 90's, 94 for sacramento, but san francisco at 68 today. let's to 72 for oakland. just mentioned a few little scattered clouds. we might get the mid layers of the atmosphere a little bit of the monsoon, the kind of drifts into our area. 78. we'll cover it for san jose and mostly sunny. mid 80's expected for the far east bay. but again, insulated in the east bay shoreline in mid 70's. and that will be coupled with those afternoon winds picking up in the 20's to even in some areas where gets channeled 30 miles per hour or so. checking bay area roadways and such anymore hotspots story about in your department. you know, not hot spots, but certainly traffic is busy out there. so if you're along highway 4. >> a 31 minute ride traveling from antioch into concord this morning. the bay bridge as you're traveling into the city, mary lights are on about a 15 minute, right, though, mesa, that fremont street exit. let's check on the richmond. sandra fell bridge 13 minutes as you travel out of richmond tolls to one o
7:18 am
one, a few of our other highways that are busy right now. crockett down towards the maze to 25 minutes for you. there. if you are in the south bay traveling up, 35 minutes. 85 part now to 37 82 2.80, traffic is pretty much moving at the limit. doubling down to fremont. we start the morning with a hot spot there. that's clear. now, 17 minute ride. and if you're taking 24 walnut creek down to 5.80, just under 13 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thanks it is 7.18, for your money this morning. one mattress company is looking for professional sleepers. >> and frontier cuts thousands of flights and several roads. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more. at least they've got something fall back on, you know, with the mattresses >> have an expert now. the mornings are for to our area. so frontier. yes, or cutting thousands of flights of this mainly involves their winter it has removed. 43 planned
7:19 am
routes. it looks like they're permanently gone and a further 24 have been pulled for sale between november and january. most of these domestic routes that were cut were started during the pandemic. a large percentage of them were flying to florida. well, told interns via e-mail in early july it would delay deciding whether to hire them, giving them the company extra time to assess their staffing needs. now it's so far the most prestigious program to change or cancel plans to offer in terms full-time jobs. it's not the twitter also said it would be delaying hires as did a number of startups and remote work is created yet another problem, colleagues who may be deepfakes people are pretending to be someone else in order to get a job. now, according to fbi alert, which was published in june, the number of cases where malicious actor successfully applied for work at home positions using stolen identifiable information is on the rise and a mattress brand is hiring for position were sleeping on the job is mandatory. casper sleepers will sleep in the stores and
7:20 am
an unexpected settings out in the world. according to job posting, the have to work a little bit, though. you have to post on social media live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane area. okay. so you have to wake up from time to time. >> okay. thanks for sharing. >> 7.20 is the time to oakland in the east bay. now where the fire department there is making history by appointing its first ever female fire marshal. felicia bryant is a name. she's worked nearly 20 years in the fire service, working all the way up from firefighter and a public information officer to information officer to lieutenant all within the bryant says she knows there's a lot of pressure on her, but she says she's keeping her focus on her priority, which is safety. >> i don't mind the attention is we get the work done out is is opportunity to help build healthy relationships in the community. people as they want to get to know me. i get to know them. i didn't understand what their goal is. and working in the city of oakland in, they can understand my
7:21 am
perspective in making sure that people feel safe. >> yeah, brian says one of her main goals is to make the community safer by offering safety education to everyone, including to the smallest children. now to some national news, a major spending packages head of the house now after a pretty dramatic breakthrough in the u.s. senate. yeah, this bill addresses climate change, prescription drug costs and corporate taxes. let's go to hannah brandt in dc for the latest. >> it took a united front from all senate democrats and a tie breaking vote from vice president harris. but over the weekend, the senate passed a bill that accomplishes a number of democratic priorities. >> the bill as amended is passed. >> cheers erupted in the senate as democrats celebrated their 740 billion dollar budget bill. we've changed the world. >> in a way that you really get an opportunity to do that. >> the package makes the largest ever u.s. investment in climate programs. let's medicare negotiate the cost of
7:22 am
prescription drugs and extends health insurance subsidies. it's paid for through a 15% minimum tax on wealthy corporations. senate leader chuck schumer promises families will feel the impacts now and long into the future. and i'm really confident that inflation reduction there will endure. >> as one of the defining feet. of the 21st century. >> the bill fell short of the goal set by party leaders in their initial budget efforts because it took major compromise to get every democrat on board and every republican in the senate voted against it. democrats have already robbed. american families watched through inflation. another solution is to rob american you got a second senator mitch mcconnell called the package a reckless spending spree and insisted it won't help cut costs at all and actually make inflation even worse. and the short term the house has to pass the legislation before president biden can sign it. they're expected to do that this friday in washington. i'm hannah brandt.
7:23 am
>> it is 7.22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, there's a chance that elon musk could still be open to buying twitter, though it comes with a catch. we'll tell you what the billionaire wants from the company if this deal is going to move forward.
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company gives them information on spam bots, the billionaire is asking for details on how twitter measures which accounts are real and which ones are. but twitter, as you probably know is suing must a complete the deal because he wants to back out. musk has countersued claiming twitter misled him about the number of actual users. twitter is not commenting on musk's latest actions but has previously said that less than 5% of user accounts are fake or spam. >> well, the u.s. dollar is up more than 10% near its highest level in 2 decades. and while that is good news for americans traveling overseas, it is causing debt problems for emerging economies that owe the u.s. money. the international monetary fund estimates that 60% of low-income countries are currently at risk of debt default. the federal reserve's aggressive campaign to hike interest rates is only likely to make the dollar even stronger, which some americans are worried. will lead to a recession right here in the
7:27 am
u.s. if that happens, that could eventually lead to a global recession. we'll take a break at 7.26. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. a well-known cheese shop is closing its north bay location. we're going hear from some bay area residents who made one last trip. >> to point rays. >> to point rays. for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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and this leon, as a chase private client, he's in the south of france, taking out cash with no atm fees. that's because this family of leons has chase. actually, it's león. ooh la la! one bank for now. for later. for life. chase. make more of what's yours. >> 7.29 right now checking out the weather for you on a monday morning before you head out the door. visit with dave spahr in the weather center. find out more about that
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today. >> daryn. james, good morning. and good morning, everybody and half moon bay still negotiating through some of these coastal clouds, as you will see, even though it's opening up nicely across much of the bay at this hour. temperatures still holding into the lower 60's except up in the north bay. it's a 50 story. also palo alto. come in. 54. 61 for san jose. not much left over in terms of rainfall in terms of the monsoon overnight. but once we get the daytime heating will see a flare up later on today. and even up around tahoe. so today, tomorrow, still looking for that isolated thunder shower. but we still have our low out to sea. and that helps fortify the onshore winds that we've got over the weekend. and today tomorrow, keeping those temperatures controlled. very nice going on. 80's, even in the inland valleys. however, central valley will be popping later today. mid 80's for high temperatures in the far east bay up in the north bay. lower 80's. 78 for napa. that trend continues tomorrow, too. and then it turns a little bit on us on wednesday would lose the support of the low and a
7:31 am
little monsoon trying to sneak in the mid layers of the atmosphere. just a touch there, however, will recover by the weekend. what's going on? the bay area roadways, accidents out there, dave. so in vacaville, if you're >> traveling along 80 westbound less than lagoon valley road. we have an accident. one lane is blocked. so you are seeing slight delays along 88 heading into the city right now. 90 minute drive maze to that fremont street exit. the meteor lights of the on for the past 2 hours or so. our golden gate bridge. 37, as you're traveling to the tolls, a little under. 25 minutes for you as you're traveling there, clocking down towards the major at around 30 minutes. and let's go ahead and get a look as you're traveling along, says 80 doubling down to fremont about 17 minutes. all right. james, back to you. thanks a lot. reyna new developments in a big story that we're following this morning. one man is in custody after a shooting that involved san francisco police. this happened over the weekend in the mission district right near shot. well, street. >> kron four's philippe call takes a closer look at what happened. >> at around 8 o'clock
7:32 am
saturday morning, san francisco police officers chased the man down the mission district after an attempt to detain him near 16th street and south van ness avenue during the foot pursuit, an officer involved shooting occurred. >> and then the suspect tempted to hype ahead a vehicle and continued to fire shots at officers. officer kathryn winters says the officers exchanged fire with them and the situation ended on shotwell between 17th and 18th streets. no one was shot in this incident and the suspect was transported to a local hospital with a minor injury. antonio perkins lives on shotwell heard police arguing with the gunman outside his home and the shots fired. i heard officer say put down the gun, put down the gun, put down the gun. >> and he went behind the core, i believe, called then calvary came based on what he heard and saw. perkins says he's certain the gunman started the gunfight. police say that is still under
7:33 am
investigation. they gave the guy a chance. they that they do that. whenever an officer is confined by somebody who shoots at them, you know, per our policy, they are. >> i allowed to defend their lives or lives of others with their firearms. if necessary. police department will host a public town hall in 10 days to explain what happened, including why an attempt was made to detain the man. >> meanwhile, the officers involved in shooting will be placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. in this case in san francisco, police just all wrong for any news 7.33, in the span. other high and watch robbery. it happened in danville saturday afternoon in the parking lot. >> of the livery shopping center. >> 3 armed robbers took a watch from the man was walking out of the shop. there. and a witness says that they tried to stop what was going on. but the witness got pistol whipped by one of the season. at one point, one of the robbers actually fired a gun. that shot didn't hit anybody. the
7:34 am
robbers took off in a car. the search continues for the robbers. >> well, convicted killer scott peterson returns to court this coming thursday and it could be his last chance for his lawyers to prove that he was treated unfairly during his last trial when he was convicted of murdering his wife, lacey and their unborn child. his lawyers are arguing juror misconduct interfered in that original trial. and if the court decides to agree with them, that means peterson's original murder conviction could be overturned. and a whole new trial with new evidence could then be held. we'll see what happens. >> tomorrow, 54 year-old billy hensley is expected to be back in court in las vegas areas before now. also in court, he's accused of shooting and killing his cousin in a vegas hotel. in it turns out was the mirage hotel. you may have heard ab ut the shooting that happened. they say that he shot his cousin and 2 women at the mirage on thursday and now he faces charges for that
7:35 am
7.34. is the time. and now to an update on a story we brought you last month about foster city's plan to kill about 100 geese. >> the city says they got an overpopulation problem of these canada geese and it's become a health and safety issue for them. so they proposed killing about 100 of them to get it under control. well, they held a hearing with a number of members of the community showing up to object to this plan and now they're reconsidering. in fact, they're trying something different. a nonlethal approaching. we've got some video here, but they're going to do. you see that in the background that robot dog? yeah. that's called spot. it's probably seen video this boston dynamic, that company that creates robotics develop it's called the device was going to say creature, but it's not a life, though. it looks like it. it basically goes around chasing the keys to weigh in. you know, you don't have to feed it. you don't have to clean up after it going to put somewhere else and they don't want the pope. foster city doesn't care where the geese go there just stay. >> you can stay put them on a bus. where diapers? i don't
7:36 am
know. we're just set your own dog out there. yeah, well, that's what they're trying to foster say. it's kind of cool people walking nearby, lawful stop and go look at that. pretty elaborate plan. and i can just see somebody messing around with a robot dog. now, you like that 7.35. right now, the north's a cowgirl creameries shop. >> is no point race issue. but you still buy their cheese poppers. gayle on caught up with folks who made the trip to the west marin. >> i was a bit sad. a little disappointed that they're going to be closing was kind of disappointed to hear that. but i definitely want to come you know, we've been coming for years and they got the best season of areas. >> traveling from livermore, walnut creek and san francisco. cowgirl creamery fans visited the bar and shop and cantina at point reyes station sunday after hearing the location is closing after 25 years. good friend of mine from san francisco. she posted on her instagram. that cowgirl creamery was closing in. we have been here before and we've got about a good excuse to come back up to find ray is
7:37 am
an maybe one last time that koegel creamery. we came up here and visited the cowgirl creamery and >> up here. so what is coming up before they close? the announcement was posted on social media this month. a statement from cowgirl creamery reads in part, quote. >> the decision to close our point reyes station location was incredibly difficult to make, but it was a necessary decision for the sake of the overall business. there are significant environmental constraints and logistical challenges with operating a retail shop in such a remote location. the point raise shop is where it all started known for crafting its own artists and she's using organic milk from local cows. just last year, cowgirl closed its ferry building shop in san francisco due to the pandemic. i was really excited when they kind of had gone to very building as well. >> it's kind of a statement. they're going to be a closing down the retail stores. and i'm hoping that, though, still to be found somewhere else and they will. the company noted cheesemaking will still go on and they're peddling the plant and customers will be able to
7:38 am
purchase cheeses at retailers nationwide. but the bar and shop and cantina will be closing after labor day september. 5th. >> hopefully the town right now like come out on top. we re station along. >> kron 4 news. you just to let you go in a gun. whole foods sale. kerry cowgirl creamery shoes. >> still ahead on the couple morning news, a proposed state bill would make state id cards available to everybody in california, regardless whether you are an illegal immigrant or whether you can even drive or not. plus, a huge street festival returns to the east bay. it came over the weekend at we're going to take a look at the celebration.
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well, it can. national university, supporting the whole you. >> we are back 7.40, is the time a new california bill would provide state id cards to everyone regardless of immigration status, california became one of the first states allowing undocumented immigrants to get driver's license. you may remember, but advocates say that a lot of immigrants were left out of that process because they either didn't drive or they were people with disabilities that don't have access to a car in the first place. so that really didn't help them. this new bill, though, would attempt to close that gap by allowing people to open up bank accounts with the state ids. they could rent a home or apartment get other services. the bill has already gone through. the state assembly passed its now moving its way through the senate. >> the ntsb is investigating 2 deadly motorcycle accidents involving tesla's. the ntsb is looking into whether the
7:42 am
tesla's were operating on partially automated driver assist program when these crashes happened. they were a crash that happened on freeways and in the dark one was on the 91 freeway in riverside on july, 7th and federal officials want to know if there might be a in tesla's system. >> that prevents it from recognizing motorcycles. it's 7.42. we'll be right back.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> 7.44 fun weekend in the east bay, hundreds of vendors took over downtown fremont for the festival of arts conference. camila barco takes a look. >> organizers say this is the largest free street festival west of the mississippi and on sunday fremont festival of the arts returned for the first time in 2 years. about 500. then you're set up their camp in downtown fremont as they returned for this year's festival of the arts put on by the chamber of commerce. >> the festival offered 4 miles worth of activities and entertainment. we're only just like arts and crafts booths, live music street performers and loads of food and drink options. organizers say this year they had food options from almost every corner of the world. the nonprofit the night of columbus serve their own specialty, dealing with this and which is a type of portuguese sausage. alex
7:46 am
marina with the group says it's the variety of food and activities and makes 3 months festival of the arts special. there's a lot of offering here. you know, if you want different types of food, they have all the food. they have all the arts and crafts out here. >> a lot of vendors and i think it's just a great place to be back in the event attracts thousands of people every year, according to the festival's website, more than 13,000 glasses of wine or enjoy during the two-day event. >> 3,000 volunteers are needed to running and they've raised more than 11 million dollars in the festivals. 37 year, history that supports nonprofits, their local nonprofit. so >> it's something we can offer to the community to gather to have fun. and yet it also supports the community in ways that is really critical. the streets of downtown fremont will reopen to traffic on monday. i'm in 9th in fremont camila barco kron 4 news. the traffic is open on the were
7:47 am
vendors. no, that's too all right. but the weather was fantastic for it. and the weather this week as a lot of kids are heading back to school for the first time this fall. >> also looking pretty good. hi, dave. >> okay, dorian, james, good morning. and good morning, everybody. an improvement here. some of the fog to lift off a little bit from the east bay shoreline. i checked half moon bay. this still got a lot of work to do. a lot of cloud cover overcast right now. meanwhile, up in still some leftover thunder showers today. tomorrow. we've got to keep that in there. very isolated, though. temps holding at about 80 we clear dry out wednesday, thursday. actually the monsoon some of that moisture mid-levels might spray a little bit off towards the western our general direction just a little bit. we don't think anything's going to become of it just may be some high cloudiness. and then we cool off a little bit into the weekend. but in the meantime, up though, those wiods into the teens 20's and even getting near 30 or so in the afternoon complements of that low. still here, however, it starts to move a little to the north. so we lose that support in start to warm up wednesday in the thursday, something to look for. we also have a tropical system. it's a
7:48 am
tropical storm. mister howard, here it becomes actually hurricane briefly. this is the latest model run. it was projected earlier. there is tropical low is expected to become. so it's not threatening any land. sometimes in the west coast like this. we watch out for some of the spring moisture from it that can sometimes fortified the monsoon. we saw that a couple years ago in 2020 when it threw up some moisture our way. give us actually some lightning storms. so that's thursday, as you can see, becoming tropical low 4 zone forecast for you today. 68 san francisco at the coast will keep it middle to lower 60's. 72 going on for burlingame to the south foster city. 75 76 palo alto, redwood city at 78 in the south bay, middle to upper 70's, not bad for august. 78 san jose east bay shoreline, lower to middle 70's tri valley at 81 livermore, pleasanton 83 for walnut creek, 83 danville, 85 for concord, 69 for berkeley, the late host, 71 the air conditioner. duck is open. 85 for fairfield, 78 for 4 napa
7:49 am
and santa rosa comes in at 83. not a big change in temperatures, but worth noting a little bit of a jump happening by wednesday thursday and the lower 90's temporarily by the weekend we drop back down to the upper 80's. again, this being that august, a nice little treat that bay area traffic treat raynor's a problem? you know what i would say? no major delays, but you certainly are going to run into. >> a little bit of traffic. so if you're traveling along one, 0, one, starting at 85 up to menlo park around. 45 minutes now to 80 looks much better 82 even better if you want to take that a 90 minute ride into the city major that fremont street exit meter light have been on for the past 3, 4, hours. 14 minutes tolls to want to one long, 5.80. so richmond, sandra fell bridge crockett down towards the maze. about 28 minutes for you. if you're taking 24 walnut creek down to 5.80, a little under 15 minutes doubled out of fremont of a 17 minute ride. 80 southbound. you're seeing traffic northbound side moving at the limit. darya james, back to
7:50 am
you. >> thank you very much. 9 should say 7.49. is the time and the world dog surfing championships kicked off this weekend in pacifica and pups of all shapes and sizes. got their paws wet. as you can see here in the video, the championship winners actually came on the kron 4 studios this weekend to talk about what it was like to be out on the surf and to win it all. >> they went very it's kind of up taking home 3 gold medals and one overall championship. so where stuff you had a great time down there, several with surf dogs and we love to put on a show and i share a love for the ocean and surfing with everyone. so we had a great time. >> do they do? i hang heads seriously? yeah. have these pick these action shots are incredible. homer and skyler. the dog doing their thing. that looks pretty incredible as they won the championship over the weekend get my dog on a kayak without feel like i'm in a typical my dog near water. yeah. and look at the
7:51 am
guy. loves it. all right. 7.50, right now and take a look at this teenager who is working to become the youngest person to fly solo around the world. and here he is in palo alto, 17 year-old mack rutherford left bulgaria on march 23rd and he was in palo alto over the weekend. he has so far traveled 125 days. and he's seen more than 20 countries and he's got a little bit of a ways to go. the areas with the police department selfies they want they want to be famous to because they know this kid is it great thing. he has been a licensed pilot since he was 15 years old. he should be done with this whole journey by next month. i think that's the bare minimum 15 in order to get a life and that he sure did right from the start. i thought maybe they pulled him over, but they did just a picture going way too fast. >> all right, 7.51 is the time. let's talk sports giants taking on the a's in the battle of the bay. picking it up here at the top of the 6 giants in the lead. and terrell strada hitting this one. deep. that's a home run.
7:52 am
and then we go to top of the 8th with the stress came here. also sending this one deep down center field. that one was over the wall as well. in the end, the giants won 6 to 4 % san francisco taking home the bay bridge trophy. no, don't call it the bay bridge. call it the basement. basement struggling like that. but the giants their last some of forty-niners news is coming out of training camp. no clear trade partners for jimmy. >> for starting quarterback reports surface. the san francisco is going to wait until the final roster cut down day on august. 30th before they make a move and move on from jimmy nfl network ian rapoport is saying the forty-niners in wait as long as possible before they cut or app he's also reported that it may take an injury or a crumbling starter for other teams to decide. yeah, we seattle in cleveland or 2 possible landing spots. they both need starting quarterback. it's 7.52. we'll be right back.
7:53 am
7:54 am
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>> 75 and check this out. as a new member, what? >> yeah, our am at green day. i mean, why am i saying era? so green day.
7:56 am
>> called a for a guitarist in a crowd and outside lands. that's in the pull a festival. and this is one of the people raises hand this case, 10 years old. and they say if i get up here and he played, i mean, it was 3 chords. they said you can do it and sure enough he did. but you really want to see wowed the crowd to with his moves into pretty cool. >> how fun was that? something i'll remember for ever green day and a green got it 76 the time. and it was also the annual march of the penguins over temperatures because over the weekend, too, they want to forget about them. 5 penguins graduated from fish school where they learned all kinds life skills like how to eat whole fish, how to swim, how to socialize. i they knew to do that. it's their head start program. they okay and great for them. they need a little helping. and here it is. the graduated. they're walking the where they get to join. the other hand already there was pretty cues to 7.56 right now.
7:57 am
and will it be a good day for a dip? that's the question. we've got the answer in weather. plus. >> what about the first day of school in oakland? there's some big changes for parents and kids will tell you about and problems with contra costa county's head start program. why information from a new report? >> shows are falling behind. we'll have a complete report on that. plus, a man facing charges now in the attack of a former san francisco commissioner. the latest on the investigation.
7:58 am
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>> from thr area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a monday. i'm darya and i'm james. 08:00am is the time as we take a look at a brightening sky behind us here in san francisco. >> all in all, not bad well, it might be bad for some. >> kids who don't want to go back to these days, though. kids appreciate going to school after covid everything they were like, oh, i guess it wasn't so bad holding that. >> good morning, dave. wishful thinking. going to the warning, everybody we're checking in with the not much the way sunshine here, although it's appearing through some of the fog. no delays happening this morning. so that's at least good news. there are lower. >> to middle 60's through a


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