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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  August 8, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> from thr area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a monday. i'm darya and i'm james. 08:00am is the time as we take a look at a brightening sky behind us here in san francisco. >> all in all, not bad well, it might be bad for some. >> kids who don't want to go back to these days, though. kids appreciate going to school after covid everything they were like, oh, i guess it wasn't so bad holding that. >> good morning, dave. wishful thinking. going to the warning, everybody we're checking in with the not much the way sunshine here, although it's appearing through some of the fog. no delays happening this morning. so that's at least good news. there are lower. >> to middle 60's through a good chunk of the bail, though
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we got some cooler 50's up there. the north bay. still 66 for antioch. 62. meanwhile, for livermore, do have those onshore winds calm the single digits, although they're popping in some selective little spots here. we'll have the onshore winds returning this afternoon and your tuesday afternoon as well. there's the monsoon. they're a little bit the way some showers to our south or register the south of tahoe. we will see the flare up today. tomorrow. looks like of a few isolated thunder showers there. it is the season to see some of that going on. we're being insulated by the slow out to see those 75 by high noon. basically mostly sunny 81 by 3. we should probably also mentioned some selective spots in the east bay. some breezy to windy like conditions to look forward to as well. checking bay area traffic roadways, rain to fill us in. all right. well, we are definitely busy this morning on a monday morning. a lot of people. >> heading into the city around 19 minutes. so that free wall street exit as you're traveling there, the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. you're looking at around. 21 minutes for you. so traffic is moving along the
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golden gate bridge. a richmond center fell commute holes to one o one about 15 minutes for you and then and the south bay one. 0, one. 85 up to menlo park around. 47 minutes. is back to you. thank you. are a nato on. let's get back to back to school. students and teachers are getting ready for their first day. it's back to school in oakland. it is. yeah. the first district do that this week, this school year, though, is going to be different. a lot of parents know this. >> students to because several schools have have or are going to be closed or merged. 2 were already closed at the end of last year. and here's a quick breakdown of what we know is going to be happening this school year rise elementary school in new highland academy. they're going to be merging to create one so unified school that students are really going to have to deal with and cope with. and also 6, an 8th grades were eliminated at la and hillcrest schools and 6 other schools are supposed to be closing some time. this school year 20 to 23 school year. and there's
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also going to be some new schools. slow zones, i guess is what you call that is you have to slow down now in front of some schools in oakland, way down to like 50 miles an hour. yeah, the reducing the speed limit in those areas around schools that have had a lot of accidents. some have been fatal crashes involving pedestrians and one of those includes garfield elementary on foothill boulevard. there's a 50 mile per hour school zone there and there's 10 other neighborhoods that also have that reduced limit. yeah. back in july when the speed limit was announced, mayor libby schaff talked about the need to protect families. and here again is some of what she said. >> because a dangerous drivers. suffered too many tragedies in our streets. 2 years ago in a single 10 month period. we had 3 fatal traffic accidents. >> moms simply getting their kids to school killed in our crosswalks.
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>> oakland officials say by the end of this school year, there will be another 10 schools, at least that will have those lowered 15 miles per hour. speed limits around them. >> well, covid-19, obviously still a concern as schools are coming back into session. we had a chance to talk with doctor george rutherford with ucsf and he talked about what parents should expect in terms of covid as kids are heading back to class. >> school districts are going to play at each one is going to do it differently in terms of masking and social distancing and things like that. i suspect we're not going to see and we'll just call or background levels of infection, which with the omicron variants that we're seeing now, it's probably not the world's worst idea. it's not going to be. i you don't anticipate that they're going to be lots of hospitalizations or severe disease in this younger population, not impossible. and the vaccines to a great job credit that. so the first and foremost is to it, get vaccinated.
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>> doctor rutherford went on to say that you can leave the hand sanitizer at home, at least when it comes to covid concerns. he says the sanitizers do help prevent some germs from spreading. but at this point, this research shows almost no surface transmission of covid and there is some where you can go to get covid shots for your kids in berkeley before school starts there. they're offering students that are. >> well as young as 6 months old and older to get their shots at 2 clinics. one is this thursday. the district holding a vaccine clinic at willard middle school. that's from 9 to 4. and then there's another one on saturday at the king child development center. also from 9 to 4. >> 8, 0, 5, is the time and a program in contra costa county. that's supposed to give kids a head start is apparently falling behind. kron four's will tran has the details live this morning from contra costa county. good morning. well, >> the federal government to put it in a different way. they're almost teachers who came in and grated what contra costa county has done and they did not come back with an 8 or
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a in a way. they said you need more work if they had to tell the parents nearby. what i mean by that is head start is important to a lot of parents out there for the kids because it's a program in place between birth. >> and 5 years old. and it's a little bit loud. here is a fire truck goes by. so i want to acknowledge that. but it is a program in place for kids from birth to 5 years old to get them ready for their academic life. >> and they actually tested this out or lease evaluated back in february and they plan to release the report to the board of supervisors tomorrow. and they said you need a lot of work in terms of safety. obviously, that is paramount to all parents out there that they could do better to keep the kids safer. perhaps always monitor in person or some device or system in place to make sure that the kids are safe. also have a system in place way. you can evaluate yourself whether you're doing
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good or you need improvement on that particular front as well. so lots going on as far as improvements for head. start and like you said, it is a program according to the federal government that is falling behind in contra costa county. the supervisor they will be be presented with this report tomorrow and they have up to 120 days to acknowledge it and then to see what they need to do to make improvements. and this is a big deal, of course, because here at kron we're doing back-to-school theme and this is almost preschool, of course, between birth and 5 years old to set you up for the rest of your academic life. >> back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll. >> 8, 0, 7 is the time and happening today. activists are going to be protesting in downtown san francisco, calling out the federal government for its response to monkeypox. the protest is going to be in front of the regional health and human services building at 4 this afternoon, protesters are calling on the department secretary xavier becerra to increase access to treatment and testing and vaccines in
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the city that while they say recent health declarations are bolstering the response to monkeypox, they say more immediate action needs to be done. well, happening tomorrow, san francisco's general monkeypox vaccine clinic is going to be reopening. the city's department of health says that they did receive their latest shipment of more than 10,000 doses. the clinic is going to be open from 8 in the morning till noon tuesday through friday with the department saying the kaiser permanente, ucsf and sutter health all available to administer the shots as well. you do have to schedule appointments to make sure you do that. first. the department says that at this point it's working with community-based organizations to try and get the shots out to people who may not have access to walk in clinics or to other health care providers. it's 8, 0, 8 and a man faces assault charges now in connection with the attack on a former san francisco commissioner greg shoe. >> kron four's justin campbell has the latest. >> police tell me longtime commissioner greg to feels relieved knowing someone is behind bars after he was attacked on the streets last
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week. 70 year-old former san francisco commissioner greg chew outside the most goni center in san francisco last week who had been assaulted and pushed to the ground to suffered non-life-threatening injuries. sunday police arrested 34 year-old san francisco resident derek carr. be your be charged with battery, aggravated assault and elder abuse. police now trying to find a motive behind the attack. investigators will be attempting to >> interview the suspect and see if they can determine whether or not race or bias was a factor in the attack sunday. community leaders also held a rally to defeat and asian elders as attacks against asians have soared over the past year. others who live in the most goni center speaking out about crime in the neighborhood. i get scared sometimes which i never used to have this feeling. >> that may be that person that i just passed. that's on the hinges going to stick a knife in my back. police also gave tips for people living in
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the neighborhood on how to stay safe. not looking at your cell phone as pou walk down the street, we see a lot of in the city. police say the suspect has been arrested before and they will look to see if he's related to any other crimes like this. >> reporting in the newsroom, justin campbell kron, 4 news. in the east bay, the owner of oakland cannabis store had to sit by and watch as burglar stole about $100,000. >> from his business at the store was hit early saturday morning. it's called the craft cannabis shop on willow street and the owner saw the whole thing unfold from outside because he needed to stay away. he saw that the burglars, one of them had a gun. oakland police responded, but by the time they got there, the blurb burglars were gone and it turns out that first of all, they got to weigh in 3 getaway cars. but before they hit the place, they cut power to the building and then forced their way into the shop. nobody's been arrested yet.
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>> some drama unfolding on the freeways out in brentwood is the police we're chasing a man wanted for burglary. they identified the suspect. they were after us. 31 year-old alexander hernandez who was trying to a getaway last wednesday. officers found him, though, down an embankment off highway 4 and sand creek road. they say that he was able to be taken into custody without anybody getting hurt. in the north bay. santa rosa police made multiple arrests and in the end impounded about 9 cars following a sideshow. it was friday just before midnight that officers had to respond to the area of petaluma hill and frazier avenue right near the cinema affair that was going on. so police say they found about 20 cars driving recklessly in that intersection with 60 to 70 people watching and then about a half hour later, they got a call that the sideshow had moved about a mile up the road. and this time the crowd had grown to more than 100 spectators. police say that impounding those 9 cars took them a couple of hours. and during that whole time, they say they were pelted with coins and rocks and water bottles from people nearby.
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nobody was hurt. we'll take a break at 11. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the inflation reduction act. >> hes got the green light from the senate. we're going break down. what's inside that historic package. and after the break, we'll introduce you to oakland's first ever female fire marshal. >> it looks a pretty good day today with those temperatures in the inland valleys, still reaching into the 80's, doing the same for tomorrow. a little bit of a warm-up midweek. we'll be talking about it right now. >> we're tracking an accident along i-80 eastbound. if you're heading out of the city across to open, we'll talk more about that and get a look at your drive times once we get back frompbreak. >> and as everybody is getting ready to go back to school, we want to give you a chance to show off your kids, take a picture of them as they're ready for day one of school and send them to us. use the kron 4 app and the reported tab there to get your photo. we'll show them on air will on our website kron 4 dot com. it will be a lot of fun. make sure you get those pictures in. we'll be right back.
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national university is here to support all your titles. national university. supporting the whole you. national university. are 15 is the time and another chaotic weekend of travel across the u.s. with thousands of flights being canceled or delayed over the weekend. >> we're already seeing today about 188 cancellations nationwide with more than 600 delays. so here's a look at some of the specific courtesy of the web site. flightaware you can see on friday they had about 1500 flights canceled with nearly 8,000 delayed saturday over 600 flights
8:16 am
canceled more than 7200 delayed. and as of yesterday, they had about 1000 canceled flight 6300 laser that the headaches continue. travel experts, in fact, say they expect things to slow down even more in the next few weeks as kids are going back to school in demand goes down, but it will eventually maybe by next year. get back to quell normal. i thought you were going to say things will be normal. we stop so when everybody doesn't want to fly anywhere, everything be on time. midweek that helps them. that's always. that's a pro tip right there. those little cheaper to a lot of the kids are going back to school and college. so they're taking flights this week, especially. yeah. yeah. thank you. to get through school close to. all of so when pick kids are getting dressed, what you think shorts, t-shirts this week, mainly yeah. but you know, almost you want to think almost october almost in this because, you know, we have 80's in october, the inland valleys. so in august you have steam bass stuff going on. not this go-around. pretty sweet forecast. even 7 days. well. >> take a look at what's going
8:17 am
on here of the east bay shoreline. finally get the sun coming out here. but still, some fog clouds left over off to the distance and those blue skies too, have that low. that's out to see a bit. it provides a nice on shore flow. it's going to be the insulation from the monsoon. that's still with us to our far southeast temperature check for most readings in the 60 69 for antioch 50's up to the north bay napa. 58. 55 for santa rosa. 62 san francisco and 64. meanwhile for san jose. so there is that some of that monsoon moisture that will be kind of venturing in parts of mid layers of our atmosphere as we get to the middle of the week. but we won't really have anything to do anything with with that. so just kind of be there in terms of some high cloudiness again, wednesday, thursday, ish. meanwhile, now it's hanging out towards the mountains and will have again, the marine layer coming back again with daytime heating tomorrow. expect a little bit more thunder shower activity happening this go around, maybe further south of reno. and after that, i think tahoe can take a little bit of a breather, but it continues to fire up in places like yosemite and sequoia national
8:18 am
park down to the south morning clouds. they fought going on. we still have some of that now. but to afternoon, sunshine, mild, 70's and 80's working this again, 70's and 80's. this is october, almost feeling early in the mostly sunny and mild. upper 80's. so forget the triple digits. we're not going that gain late in the weekend, we warm up to lower 90's and such but still looking pretty good with 80's happening on the east bay shoreline. we might flirt with them 60's. meanwhile, the coast, yes, this is potentially what it could be inland. you can see in central valley, upper 90's expected today. 98 for bakersfield. 97 for big bear at 75. not about in the mountains for the forecast today, 68 san francisco. 72 for oakland. 78. meanwhile for san jose quite across the wider real estate middle 80's in the far east bay and up to the north bay, still hanging on to some 70's. and that will be coupled with those strong on shore winds. the keeps the east bay shoreline in the mid 70's checking out bay area traffic
8:19 am
rain. what's happening? well, we had a busy one. we aggressively have been getting worse across the bay bridge on the eastbound side. >> so 80 eastbound west of treasure island, what we've got an accident there. we are seeing delays as you're heading out of the city traveling into the city, no accident, just an uptick in traffic. about 14 minutes. we're at 19 minutes. last time i checked in. so things are still moving along. richmond center fell bridge tolls to one o one just under 16 minutes as you head out to richmond. let's check on a call to call a near was about 24 oakland. we have a traffic hazard so elaine, there is blocked eastbound side moving along pretty nicely. westbound is when you're seeing the delays crockett down to the maze. about 20 minutes as you're traveling along 5, 18, 80 and in the south bay one. 0, one. 85 up to menlo park just under 44 minutes, darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of let's get you updated on the wildfire that's burning in siskiyou county. the mckinney fire. >> it's burned more than 60,000 acres and it's 40%
8:20 am
contained this morning. but it has already destroyed 87 homes. we spoke with one of the victims. >> after a wildfire ravages a community, you either move on or rebuild. you know, there's not really much to go back to, but i that still the place where i want to be who was riccardi, his wife, his dog tango and their 3 cats lived along the klamath river. >> and they were working to restore an old golf course off of walker road. >> we were going to have somebody come out and do the the saw dona ana, the side of the turf and a couple of the next month. but the mckinney fire burned down their home. >> and took their livelihood. people you know, it's it's just stuff. but i mean, it's you know, for some of us. mean, this is like, yeah, it's it's your entire life committed to keeping his house safe. lewis state as long as he possibly could. it was 38 minutes from the time that first tree lit and i i
8:21 am
literally like. i wanted to stay. you know, i just i i was afraid to die. honestly. i mean, like it. the fire was still 102 yards away and it was like so hot it can reach. you know, that was like a. it was dark. there was ash coming down. i sent my wise out with my truck in my trailer and i. i rode one of our 4 wheelers out and it didn't have headlights, you know, so it was dark you know, it was it was pretty scary. >> one thing kept him going to get out and get to safety. >> my wife, you know. >> if not for her than i think i surely would have stayed. his home was one of the 87 residences destroyed and 132 total structures destroyed by the mckinney fire. now the
8:22 am
rebuilding efforts begin. going to take time, but one thing i really love about this community is like a really >> hard working. you know, really good good people. >> working to help rebuild the community. t%ey will once again call home. >> and we'll be right back. a >> and we'll be right back. a 21 is the time. we changed our fries to make 'em hot & crispy every single time. high-fryve! and every single time, toby insists we “high fryve.” high-fryve? high-fryve. high-fryve!! it'll catch on. right?! try wendy's hot & crispy fries! preferred almost 2:1 over mcdonald's.
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national news, a major spending package is now headed to the house after it worked its way through the senate over the weekend. there's a lot climate change. prescription drug costs and corporate taxes. hannah brandt has the latest from dc. >> it took a united front from all senate democrats and a tie breaking vote from vice president harris. but over the weekend, the senate passed a bill that accomplishes a number of democratic priorities. >> the bill as amended is passed. >> cheers erupted in the senate as democrats celebrated their 740 billion dollar budget bill. >> we've changed the world in a way that you really get an opportunity to do that. >> the package makes the largest ever u.s. investment in climate programs. let's medicare negotiate the cost of prescription drugs and extends health insurance subsidies. it's paid for through a 15% minimum tax on wealthy corporations. senate leader chuck schumer promises families will feel the impacts now and long into the future.
8:26 am
and i'm really confident that inflation reduction will endure. >> as one of the defining of the 21st century. >> the bill fell short of the goal set by party leaders in their initial budget efforts because it took major compromise to get every democrat on board and every republican in the senate voted against it. democrats have already robbed american families, wasser inflation. another solution is to rob american you have a second senator mitch mcconnell called the package a reckless spending spree and insisted it won't help cut costs at all. and no, actually make inflation even worse. and the short term the house has to pass the legislation before president biden can sign it. they're expected to do that this friday. >> in washington, i'm hannah brandt. >> a 26 the time. thank you, hanna. coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, a well-known cheese shop is closing its north bay location. we're going hear from some area residents who made one last trip to enjoy it out the points race. we'll be right back.
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>> 29 right now and can't believe what is it >> him and kids are going back to school store yeah, it seems earlier and earlier every year, dave joining us in the weather center with our back to school forecast this week. is this still 180 days they go. is that still the deal or is it something else now? i think it's all about some parts of the world is 200 and something or whatever. so seems a key pumping up that start time every year. anyway,
8:30 am
we're in a morning, guys. good morning, everybody. we're improving the sky conditions in the east bay shoreline. look at that. fog just evaporate away. >> opening up the skies nicely. as you see all the sunlight filling up the east bay shoreline. so going to a off in terms of temperatures. we've got 60's in the east bay, 69 already, but still falling behind up in the north bay in the upper to middle 50's. 66 62 san francisco and 64 for san jose. there's a little bit of a way that few showers kind of holding together a little bit. that's the western extent of the monsoon. next couple days. we might still see the flare up isolated as it will be not as involved as in the 4 corner states. but what's helping us is the slow you can't make out too well, not a lot of cloud cover with that, but it does provide that onshore flow and cooling mechanism for us. middleweight is expected for high temperatures. as you can see, 81 livermore, 83 santa rosa. 68 for san francisco in 78. meanwhile, 4 san jose a peak in the next several days. we're going to hang here like this for a couple days. the 90 we'regoing to pop up a little bit wednesday. thursday, minor
8:31 am
warm-up. nothing too terrible. no triple digits will have your extended 7 day forecast in a bit. right now. rain is checking into bay area traffic right now. they've actually day we've been following this accident on the eastbound side. >> of the bay bridge here, west of treasure island road. so you are seeing the delays all along one. 0, one this morning as you're heading out of the city, how does the commute look coming into the city right now? just under 15 minutes of traffic is improving on the westbound side is the eastbound side. we have that problem heading across towards the peninsula. a 80 to one o one just under 14 minutes to make that drive a check on a 80 silly down to milpitas about 31 minutes for you. traveling up. things are looking much better on the northbound side and in the south bay. 85 up to apart just under 41 minutes. kerry, james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain. a 31 and the big story that we're following this morning. a man is in custody after a shooting involving san francisco police. yeah, this happened over the weekend in the mission district right near shot will street. >> forcefully to call takes a closer look at what happened.
8:32 am
>> at around 8 o'clock saturday morning, san francisco police officers chased the man down the mission district after an attempt to detain him near 16th street and south van ness avenue during the foot pursuit, an officer involved shooting occurred. >> and then the suspect tempted to hype. you had a vehicle and continued to fire shots at officers. officer kathryn winters says the officers exchanged fire with them and the situation ended on shotwell between 17th and 18th streets. no one was shot in this incident and the suspect was transported to a local hospital with a minor injury. antonio perkins lives on shotwell heard police arguing with the gunman outside his home and the shots fired. i heard officer say put down the gun, put down the gun, put down the gun. >> and he went behind the core, i believe, called calvary came based on what he heard and saw. perkins says he's certain the gunman started the gunfight. police say that is still under
8:33 am
investigation. they gave the guy a chance. they that they did do that. whenever an officer is confined by somebody who shoots at them, you know, per our policy, they are. >> i allowed to defend their lives or lives of others with their firearms. if necessary. police department will host a public town hall in 10 days to explain what happened, including why an attempt was made to detain the man. >> meanwhile, the officers involved in shooting will be placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. in this case. >> in san francisco, police kron 4 >> well, in the east bay, another high-end watch robbery this time in danville. it happened saturday afternoon in the parking lot of the livery shopping center. police say 3 armed robbers. grab to watch from a man walking out of a who tried to step in, but that person was pistol whipped by one of the thieves. at 1.0, one of the robbers fired a gun, though. thankfully nobody was hit. the robbers then took off in a car. the search for those suspects continues this
8:34 am
morning. convicted killer scott peterson returns to court on thursday. and this could be the last chance for his attorneys to prove that he got an unfair trial when he was convicted of murdering his wife lacy and their unborn child. his lawyers argued that juror misconduct interfered with that original trial. and if the court agrees peterson's original murder conviction could very well be overturned. and a whole new trial could get underway where new evidence could be introduced. >> time now and a 34. and tomorrow, 54 year-old billy hemsley is back in court in las vegas. he's accused of shooting and killing his cousin inside the mirage hotel. it happened last thursday. the police there say that he shot his cousin and 2 women in the hotel room. hemsley faces a number of charges in connection with that. it's a 34 in today's border report. a political battle is heating up between texas governor greg abbott and new york city mayor eric adams. but the second time in
8:35 am
3 days, abbott said a bus filled with migrants to new york as part of push hold democrats accountable for the border crisis. tre clark takes a look at what's going on. >> after a long three-day journey, they look exhausted yet exhilarated to be in america's largest city migrants from various south american countries arriving in new york city friday and sunday on buses with one-way tickets from texas to new york is unimaginable. >> of that. what the governor of texas has done all goal is to be ugly. find out each family. >> texas governor greg abbott has sent thousands of migrants and refugees to new york city and the nation's capital since april abbott claiming his state can no longer bear the responsibility of caring for migrants. so he's sending them north 2 cities where he says democratic leaders claim they
8:36 am
can have asylum. i got one thing to tell you and to tell them there are more buses on the way as we gather at this conference that. >> the governor says so far he has sent 6500 migrants to d c dc mayor muriel bowser requesting the national guard to come in to help handle what she calls a growing humanitarian crisis. the pentagon quickly declining her request. we sent an amended request. >> the mayors of dc and new york city complaining the new asylum seekers. >> have created a severe strain on their city's homeless shelter system. and they are asking for federal resources because they know more buses are on the way and not let us know what time the buses to leave >> they're not letting us know what it needs of the people on the bus. and i giving us any information. >> that was dray clark reporting. the mayor says they're going to find a way to accommodate and support anybody who wants to stay. in the north. a cowgirl creamery
8:37 am
has closed its last retail shop at point reyes station. 25 years in business now you can still get the cheese like whole foods and nuggets. but this shop was a beloved part of the food scene. the announcement posted on social media and in a statement, cowgirl creamery says in part the decision to close our point reyes station location was incredibly difficult, but it was necessary for the sake of our overall business. there are significant environmental constraints and logistical challenges with operating retail shop in such a remote location. >> good friend of mine from san francisco. she posted on her instagram. that cowgirl creamery was closing in. we have been here before said, well, it's a good excuse to come back up to find ray is an maybe one last time. >> that shop is where it all started. cowgirl known for their own partisan. she's using organic milk from local cows. >> and again, even though they are not going to be having that retail shop that still making the cheese at the pedal on the plant. you can. >> find it at any retailer. i
8:38 am
get oh, >> 37 the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. the san jose state university football team is ready for the new season. take a closer look at how they're preparing. coming up next. a visit to the last blockbuster store step inside for a blast from the past and find out how it staying in business these days. i'm rich demuro. that's coming up in tech. smart. >> these temperatures we've got for highs. we've got the middle 80's going on. and this is still early august up in the north bay. 70's will suffice. 71 going on. delay hope. thank you very much. andra winds. >> a look ♪ feeling supported. ♪ ♪ bad vibes thwarted. ♪ ♪ this is activia+. ♪ ♪ c, d, zinc. no need to think. ♪ ♪ head over heels. get a+ feels. ♪
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spicy chicken strips starting at $5.49 are back at jack in the box. >> and we're 40. the oakland fire department is making history by appointing its first ever female fire marshal felice bryant, this her name. she's worked nearly 20 years in the fire service, working her way all the way up from firefighter to public information officer to lieutenant all in the oakland fire department. brian says that she feels the pressure of this new role, but her main priority continues to be the safety of the community. >> i don't mind the attention as long as we get the work done out is is opportunity to help build healthy relationships in the community. if people as they want to get to know me, i get to know them. i get to understand what their goal is and working in the city of oakland in. they can understand my perspective in making sure that people feel safe. >> yeah, brian says one of her main goals is to make the
8:42 am
community safer by offering fire safety education to everyone, including to the smallest children. we'll take a quick break here. the 42. we'll be right back.
8:43 am
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♪ sure, feels good when you get it right. and with the number one powered toothbrush brand recommended by dental professionals. philips sonicare makes it easy for you to always get brushing right. >> 44 be kind. rewind look at
8:45 am
kids its blockbuster and there's one left rich demuro visits the last standing store in today's tech smart. >> selfies outside smiles inside. i'm having flashbacks from that mind this is the last blockbuster still operating today in bend, oregon. everything is exactly the same as it was. you know, 20 years ago. sandi harding is general manager. the store still rent movies, but just st to which, you know, you've got to have around. ironically, bend is a city with an emphasis on outdoor activities. people a lot of times the kids because we have terrible wi-fi. that must be why we don't have we have a blockbuster still, which is not the case. all you have to step inside here for a minute. and the memories just come flowing right back. >> it is just like i remember rentals now. just a small part of the overall businesu. most people that come in want to relive the past. take pictures
8:46 am
and buy souvenirs are heading for the oregon coast, but we made a detour just to get to >> sure, we blood pressure. there are the signature yellow walls, the return box you really side candy and a literal wall of vhs tapes. they're not already. well, no, no, they're not. and he intentionally left them like on and i know millions of other people. allen payne is author of bill to fail just to put it in perspective. half the population would be in a video store every week. then alternatives came along, including dvds by mail and kiosk. and it's interesting to note the blockbuster was really in and really are broken company and and our financial con netflix ever started streaming blockbuster filed bankruptcy in 2010 just as streaming started to take off. so much friday night at the video store is becoming a distant to bring it all back. the clerks
8:47 am
are friendly to computers, barely hanging on. and it's these hats and t-shirts that keep this bit of movie magic alive. i think we still have a couple years in bend, oregon. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> that is a blast from the the good old days. yeah. they weren't that it's better that you have not like they were great. dave remembers oh, my goodness. and you get the favorite part of the movie to get dropped out dean point. got good morning, everybody. here's what the shot is in the east bay shoreline. lots of blue skies appearing on through a little bit left over fog. it's kind of mixing out just a bit here for us. >> headed up to tahoe the next couple of days. we're still negotiating with the tail wind. some monsoon here today and tomorrow. this is very isolated. may not see it at all, but sometimes it may pose a little bit of a local problem. it spreads out of that 79, something wednesday by thursday, a slight warm up and from that perspective, the kind of shut the rain off a
8:48 am
little bit. but some of the monsoon kind of spreads out a bit so we might get in the mid layers of our atmosphere just some high cloudiness with all that. meanwhile, compliments of this low here comes on shore when little bit off to it in the afternoon hours. you can see that's today. let's do it again for tomorrow. so that keeps a nice climate control in place and temperatures very palatable at that. the bigger picture shows are low or star here is going up there to the north. so we lose it for a while. but by the weekend, we'll get again more relief to so these temperatures them and how you look at even the warm-up. pretty control. nothing triple digits for us. 4 zone forecast covering you this monday. we're looking at this 68 san francisco mid 60's along the coast. pacific of the cool. 63. remember, we have that onshore wind. 69 south san francisco, burlingame at 70 to 75 for foster city. 78 san carlos, palo alto at 76 to the south bay. we have upper 70's san jose at 78 cupertino as well. although scott wilson, 81, 85 morgan hill, let's do those 70
8:49 am
still on the east bay shoreline might start to scratch near 80 or so towards of the middle of the week. 81 livermore pleasanton 83 for a walnut creek. 69 for berkeley. billy, what? 71 onshore wind. thank you. 85 fairfield, napa, 78 83 for santa rosa next couple of days. again, we're in the 80's department. we pop to about 90 for wednesday for a couple of days. again, returning to the 80's heading on into the weekend. looking good on that bay area. traffic still the hot spot issue, rain or what's going on what they fully all lanes are now clear, but were seen residual delays. this is 80 eastbound west of treasure island road. >> so they just cleared off that accident. but now you're going to slowly but surely see traffic continue to pick up. but for the time being, things are still pretty slow. heading out of the city across towards the east bay on the westbound side. let's check on that. they are look at that just under 17 minutes. mace that fremont street exit. so traffic is moving. it's not the delay we saw in the earlier morning hours, san mateo to one o one just under
8:50 am
14 minutes heading across towards the peninsula are richmond center fell commute about 14 minutes for you as you're making that drive. let's head to the south bay. want to one 85 up to apart. 41 minutes there to 37. no major issues. 17 also moving at a limit. and 80's san leandro down to just under 33 minutes. james, back to you. all right. >> thank you very much. 50 is the time the san jose state university football team is ready to start the 2022 season off strong. we've got kron four's kylen mills checking out san jose state's training camp this weekend. what's got them so fired up. >> this is a true brotherhood. culture is a word in sports. second separate winners and losers at san jose state university football players say it's more than a winning culture. >> it's family. we have an amazing team and everyone has bought in and the amount of extra we're doing is is the best i've since i've been here once the once i got here, they treat me like a really good time. all i mean,
8:51 am
>> they found over here just a 24 7 in the locker around them and having a good time. that atmosphere is exactly what led quarterback chevan cordeiro to transfer to san jose state after playing at the university of hawaii for 3 seasons. the 6, one honolulu native has quickly emerged as a leader of the spartans offense. we get each other better. >> sharpens iron i know we've got scott put it together when it comes to saturday's without perform is an awesome young man. >> very accurate. very talented. he's shown some really great leadership in the offseason. it's been really good when you put him plug him into our our offensive group with the o-line all the skill they're excited to play with him because they know what he is. and that's and that's a fun thing to watch in the funding to get to coach on defense. the spartans return a majority of their starters from 2021. san jose state's de was the 4th best in the mountain west conference in in rushing yards allowed defensive end cade hall who was named the 2022 preseason mountain west co-defensive player of the year says the
8:52 am
expectations for that group are sky-high. we have a lot of returning guys. so i think i think just being able to play with each other and all be on the same page is going make a really big difference. there's a lot of experience. a lot of football is played and they've been together a long time. they've been. >> to the top of the mountain. they've been at the and everything in-between. so they expect a very high level of effort, intensity in each other and offensive. it's hard to play san jose state head football coach brent brennan says the focus for training camp is simple. get better every day. >> read into the program. that was one in 11 2018 and led them to their first mountain west title in 2020. now brennan in the spartans look to sustain that success and climb the mountain for years to come. we look back 5 years ago to where we're at now works out about we're at now. we've got a great coaching staff here. we've got great leadership, great administration >> what we're trying to do its part in football and now it's just up to us to put the pieces together and put in the work and put something on the field that our alumni or fans
8:53 am
are faculty. everybody can be proud of. >> and it is 8.52. will be right back. it's a 55 right
8:54 am
8:55 am
now. and are you looking to give your brain a boost to get in the pool side to say that swimming is better than any other aerobic activity that you can do when it comes to
8:56 am
improving your memory. your cognitive function in response. immune response and your mood? they have proof of this. they said as this exercise, although they don't know exactly why it's better to just is better. a lot of scientists believe it may have something to do with swimming involving all your major muscle groups. and that leads to greater blood flow that can lead to an even larger release of endorphins. so, yeah, it's really good for your health in less. you're a terrible swimmer like me and you kill yourself. that would be good. how about this one you've heard of versus doing showjumping. how about bunnies? these rabbits are jumping for show best in show. this is some kind of the competition has been going on since the he's. >> when the swedish actually invented this unique not everybody can hop as well as you think. some are a little on the heavier side. are still having the whole of that one is doing a great job anyway.
8:57 am
yeah. they're having a good time and fun video to bunnies jumping for competition. this slow mo is always yeah. >> it that 56 coming up next. today's the first day of school for students in oakland will tell you how things have i% changed for the kids and for parents. >> and problems arising in contra costa county with their head start program. a new report shows it's not doing as well as people were hoping. we'll explain. and the man facing charges now in the attack of former san francisco commissioner greg schoo. we'll have the latest on that investigation in just a minute. well well well, what have we here? a magical place...
8:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> and thanks for waking up with us. and if you're an open, maybe the kids are already late for school yeah, and that's the first district up. it will take some getting used to all week long. different districts are going to coming back to class and dave's got now are all important. school weather forecaster. get that back going again. dave, james and tara. good morning. good morning, everybody. and not a bad early for august forecast going on here. kind of overcast. i'm seeing here at sfo from our windows. but the east bay shoreline looks to be improving. look at this. lot of sunshine peering on through. so turning into a kind of a mostly sunny day for much of the bay already, we have 60's controlling most of the east bay up to the north


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