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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  August 9, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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now. 52 up a santa rosa. that's nice and refreshing. 62 for san jose and 60. meanwhile, 4 san francisco. so there we are with the lineup of the showers left over from overnight in the mountains. once we get the daytime heating again, flaring up tahoe, there is that chance of an isolated thunder shower and this very quiet low doing its job. insulating us from the monsoon. there's our onshore winds going to pop this afternoon. just like yesterday. the breakdown for 62. it looks like by 08:00am still negotiating through some leftover cloud cover by 11. we're mostly sunny 72 as those in the high start reaching out there to get to the 80's. this is what looks like in the bigger board here. lower to middle 80's in the far east bay up to the north that was looking at 79. 74 vallejo and 84 santa rosa. course, we'll have bit more. your 4 zone forecast and the extended right now. let's check out those bay area bridges. all right, dave, thanks for that. >> let's start with the bay bridge here heading into the city may so that freeman street exit traffic is moving meter light are often minutes for your drive. san mateo
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bridge 80 to one o one just under 14 minutes as you're making your way across towards the peninsula. let's get a look at the golden gate bridge. it will be about 20 minutes for you as you're traveling from 37 to the tolls. well, a violent weekend in oakland has left 4 people dead. one person wounded. the police department say they don't have enough manpower to respond to the rise in crime. kron four's. dan kerman has an update on that. >> we dealt with several incidents, including homicides, shootings, illegal sideshow activity. >> robberies and out of control weekend in oakland and police chief leronne armstrong admitting there just aren't enough cops to deal with it all. we've this recent spike in crime draining our resources across the city. these 5 locations account for 5 shootings that occurred friday saturday and sunday and all 4 people killed bringing oakland's murder total. the 73 for the year and a 5th victim wounded is not expected to
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survive. and while 2 of the downtown shootings were going on, a cannabis store is burglarized. police unable to respond. while we understand the importance of responding to this call at that time, every resource that we had in the city of oakland was tied up. >> on these 2 shooting incidents and multiple incidents that were happening in the east in as well where they were dealing with another shooting. that was occurring out east as well the investigation of a assault and a barricaded arm says suspect. right now the opd is fielding 653 officers. >> almost 100 less than at the start of 2021. and chief armstrong says that means the public has got to do more when, you know, people who are engaged in this type of crime. >> somebody has to say something and that's what we're not having enough people speaking up to say, i know who's involved in activity. i'm not ok with that activity and helping us actually identify them and bring them to test
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>> in addition to the shootings, police had to deal with 100 cyclists who took over a gas station on grand avenue as well as dirt bike and atv sideshow activity at lake merritt that proved to be too much for police. the chief says more resources planned for this weekend as well as new tactics were going to adjust our strategies. >> we are going to be more present in the downtown. you will see some environmental changes mean that we will shut down blocks where we see large people, large groups of people gathering to maintain much more control of areas where we have large crowds to make sure that we have the resources to to make sure that it's safe. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news. well, hope police are searching for the person responsible for shooting an alpaca with a pellet gun. last week linda farm workers discovered the 4 year-old alpaca named calvin with a shotgun wound. a pellet was lodged in his cheek and now he's currently being treated at uc davis where he's being
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given pain medications and antibiotic injections. loma linda workers say calvin is recovering well. the swelling in his cheek is down at his fever is down and he's eating. happening now. and a placer county and sierra. the sheriff's department is investigating the disappearance of the 16 year-old girl as an abduction. now officials say you get a good look at her. they have not found her car. the team is identified as kiley, rodney. she was last seen on saturday near the processor family campground in truckee. police say she was at a large party with other teens and young adults. her phone has been out of service in stand now. her mother big for her daughter to be returned home. >> over, please. can really that. >> so sad. kylie has blonde here. she's 5 feet. 7 inches. she's about 115 pounds. she has numerous peers scenes, including nose ring. we also have details on the car.
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police are looking for cade look at his license plate. it's a silver honda cr-v model year 2013 with california license plates. it's a why you are one to 7. there's a $50,000 reward being offered in the case. if you have any information, please come forward. in the east bay. the city of oakland is warning people harmful algae blooms at lake merritt over the weekend. oakland public received a report of brownish, red water, a sign that the toxin could be present in may. it was determined at low levels of the contaminant were in that area. harmful algae blooms can produce toxins that are dangerous to humans and animals. the city is recommending people to stay away from the 12 to 1400 blocks of lakeshore avenue. now the new school year is underway for students in the oakland unified school district usd florida. educators director mike hutchinson says he's keeping an eye on multiple challenges from a shortage of teachers. do getting to the bottom of last week's physical arc
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altercation between people protesting the closure of parker elementary school. private security. >> and because we don't have a police force as a part of our school district anymore. somebody authorize using these outside contractors as a police force. and that's really the issue that has a school board director. i want to make sure that we address and that nobody within the district thinks that they have the authority to authorize these sorts of actions. >> chins says the school board plans to discuss the incident during a closed door session at the schools. first board meeting of the new school year on wednesday. now with the first bay area students back in the classroom. some parents are now asking what precautions they should take to protect their children against covid kron. four's amanda hari has an update for us. >> a lot of us think that there will be maybe surge coming in the fall. doctor, yvonne maldonado, a pediatric
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infectious disease specialist at stanford says right now we're seeing a plateau in covid-19 cases. she says many people have immunity through vaccines or infection. >> but it's not over. unvaccinated. people are still around and they are still being hospitalized. doctor maldonado says they're anticipating another surge as we get into the fall months. people go back indoors and students will be in the classroom. she says infectious disease specialist. no, this happens. the flu virus every year and they expect covid to be the same rules should be really focusing on ventilation and just keeping things clean. >> as much as possible, she says the best way to protect your child is to get them vaccinated against covid-19. she says doctors are seeing a trend for the younger child is the less likely they are to be vaccinated. i think if we look at some of the surveys that are most parents of younger
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kids just think that may think that their kids are not at risk for serious illness. so the problem is that we in the children's hospital systems children's hospital systems are seeing little kids were they can't breathe or they're having a heart issues. she says it will also protect your children and teachers and staff members are fully vaccinated. she adds there's one piece of advice she's been recommending for years. and i would just say what i've said before, even before omicron or before a covid happened. if you're sick, you shouldn't be going to school or work. doctor maldonado says with less people testing in changing variance. the most important tool for tracking the virus in the community. we'll be wastewater surveillance. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> the next year, san jose state university will offer new online degrees for undergrads program targets adult learners, especially those who are juggling a career with their school work. the degrees offering will be in anthropology economics, information, science engineering, as well as
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community leadership. the degrees will cost $450 per credit. the admission cycle opens up september 1st. californians who work in public service have until the fall to apply for federal debt relief. there's a program eligible borrowers can receive credit for past payments made on federal loans to apply. you must have worked full time for qualifying employers during the prior periods of repayment. the deadline is october 31st. for more information on this student loan forgiveness program, we've got over on our website at kron 4 dot com. and the south bay. 2 sisters are calling on the community to help save their church after they've been hit hard during the pandemic. kron four's ella sogomonian has their story. this is what my father's office. the ship, the on the price founded the light of the world church in san jose. back in 1964. >> when he passed away in 2009, he passed down the torch to his daughters who continue to serve the south bay
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community. ko pastors, theodore, us, young and price probably took on the duties and have led the apostle a congregation ever sense. this is very uncommon. >> apostolic church is that's what the lead with. they're mostly male dominated and my father, i'm really believed women. preachers, pastor young says she and her sister have answered their calling. >> and they are now hoping that the community will hear their call for help during the pandemic membership dwindled. and the church filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. well, some still rely on joining sermons online, pastor young says about 40 devoted parishioners attend services in person on both tuesdays and sundays. the church hosts bible studies for adults and kids who are also served breakfast on sunday, twice a month at their site over on quimby road near mount hamilton road. pastor young describes her church as diverse and energetic. one thing i love about this
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church, we allow our children to participate. >> they can run. this is this is just the unit just not sitting down. you can run if you feel you can shout, you can raise your hands. so is the energetic asthmatic, a type of church? >> i don't believe it's not a it is totally different. and i really love how anybody can participate. it doesn't the nationality of everybody. it's all under that about is where one body of christ. and that's what matters. >> the light of the world church has been hosting community projects in the evergreen area to get the word out while helping out giving away homegoods despite their own struggles. pastor young tells me the goal is to raise at least $100,000 by october to get pass a chapter 11 bankruptcy and keep their doors open. we've posted details on kron 4 dot com in san jose. i'm ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. well, still to come on the kron 4 morning news. the raiders continue their training camp as they begin. >> preparations for their
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all right. well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. time for use now for in on a tuesday. >> and i'm thinking about dave, you know, making some
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plans today. but i just need an update on the weather to know what i can do, what you want to do, only they want to get outside. want to take a walk or hike today. it's 2 thumbs up. it's it's awesome. so we've got all that going on here. just some of the morning fog, which will be in here. anyone that's still dealing with out around the bay. >> good morning, everybody. here's a live shot coming in from the golden gate bridge. got know that glaze going on. the fog is a bit more stubborn today are like i hear much more that we saw from yesterday. now taking a look at our projections today. the little thing that's different is the flare up in the mountains that's going to be to the south more. although tahoe has that chance of seeing a little bit of an isolated shower or thundershower, by the way, those winds do pop again today that some nice relief from the afternoon the evening hours for those that don't have air conditioning, a little warmer. so you have an onshore wind that helps out. mister howard is a hurricane becoming back again. a tropical storm and a tropical low as he starts to venture away from the continent. checking things out, we lose the support of
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the slow. don't worry. we have a little front to replace that given the same effect, keeping the monsoon the 4 corner states, although it doesn't bleed into the mountains. a look at your 4 zone forecast for this tuesday. 68 san francisco 60's along the coast. once we take care of that morning, fog and coastal clouds, 73 for burlingame foster city, 77, palo alto, 78 south bay, upper 70's since i'm not sure mid 70's light up the east bay shoreline, tri valley livermore. 82 will do about 83 walnut creek. 84 for concord. look at that at 70 carquinez strait, lower 80's with antioch about 85. 79 going on for napa and 80 santa rosa. 7 day forecast is kind of a steady state forecast again being in the spot that we're in upper 80's through the period as you can see right into the weekend. meanwhile, along the east bay shoreline will be into the 70's. we might wink at 80, but 60's remain at the coast. there are your plans what's going on with area bridges to get a look at averages and into the city right now. maze
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to that fremont street exit just under 11 minutes. >> san mateo bridge 80 to one o one around 14 for your drive. a richmond sandra fell commute just under 9 minutes as you head out of richmond. the time for you now 04:46am. and in sports, the raiders getting ready to take on the minnesota vikings and the giants took on the san diego padres sports director jason dumas has those highlights for us. >> the giants looking to ride the momentum after sweeping their two-game series against the a's and taking home the tom public bridge trophy. they were down in san diego taking on the padres for a three-game set. >> it was a hazy sunset in san diego, one of the most beautiful cities in our country. top of the 4th. >> no score judge with the bases loaded. he gets an a for that to get a run in evan longoria comes into score. it ain't pretty. but it gets the job done one. nothing. >> giants alex, what he had another stellar outing. bottom of the 6. he strikes out. juan
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soto, juan soto had hit a home run since he got traded to the padres. would 6 plus shutout innings. he struck out 5. of the 7th one on for posse on kim. he hits a liner down to 3rd base line that will go all the way to the wall. brandon crawford. >> 2. joey bart. and guess what? he can't get brandon drury at home. he's ruled safe at the plate. but let's take another look. game. guess what? leave over place. he just makes his arm and but he is he is caught out now to how about my man right here. camillo do ball. there was 103 miles per hour to end the game. that's a record. a cutter has never been recorded that fast. the giants struck shut out. the padres won nothing. they've now won 3 in a row. game 2 is on tuesday.
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the a's hosted the angels game. one of a 3 game set. >> top of the first no score luis fold. takes cole irvin deep to left. taken early one. nothing lead. let's go to the top of the 6 angels looking to pad their lead. but herb and gets his revenge your money fo he gets him to ground into the ending, ending double play to end that threat. jury are being thrown. 8 innings of one-run ball. he struck out 6 but his counterpart, jose suarez, he was even better bottom of the 7th he gets stephen piscotty swimming on a high heat. suarez threw 7 shutout innings, struck out 8. i said he was just a little better angel shut out the a's one does it game 2 on tuesday? it's game week for both the raiders and the niners the
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niners had the day off. but the raiders, they were busy prepping for their sunday matchup with the vikings. vegas won their first preseason game last week in the hall of fame game in canton, ohio. now they're back in the bright lights of the sin city and for head coach josh mcdaniels. this will be his debut in that fancy new stadium. >> i've never coached there. you know, i've been in it a few times for you know, since so super excited. what a great place to excited to to, you know, be with our our fans and raider nation in there and just see what that's like, you know, during the course of the game. and i understand it's a preseason game. but i think our team is excited. you know, we have a lot of guys that have never played in the stadium either. coaching staff are our team, our i think everybody's looking forward to this, you know, kind of excited. we haven't done that with the 1 o'clock. you know, one 25 time slot because
4:51 am
that's where kind of most of our games will be. so it'll help us kind of stimulate our preparation also. so we're going to use this for that. definitely excited. this is going to be fine on sunday. >> and guess what? you can catch that raiders game right here on kron 4 this sunday. our pre-game coverage starts at 12, 30. our post-game show begins as soon as the final whistle blows kylen mills and i will anchor the coverage. vikings raiders sunday only on kron 4. you only place to be sunday afternoon. on monday, the golden state warriors unveiled their new classic edition jerseys for next season in. if you love the run tmc era, who did it, you're going to love these u.s. to the jerseys. the team wore from 88 to 97 captains, bad jewel, the right there on the chest. as you can see that see right there. so one step curry, don's that jersey next year. we'll have to see. he'll have the classic warriors in in the front. it's going to be
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a nice looking in. they're going to make some money on those jerseys. >> right. and we'll be right back after the break.
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kill lea. the active volcano on the big island of hawaii is undergoing continual collapse and refill patterns is a time lapse video. now, dave are looking at this. maybe you can describe a little bit about what's actually going on here. and i have i'm really i'm just watching with you to pretty fascinating. do you know the thing is it causes extinctions and will cain is also the known. >> the cause life on earth to do 2 things at one time that i know one way looking at it not to be afraid of numerous cycles like these happen in the 18 in new lava flow refills. the crater floor beneath the service cross out of you as other lava later flows out and geologists are now measuring activity with precision laser. so we've come a long way. we kind of keep doing that to help build continents, too. by the way, rain and you need that activity. we need plate tectonics to keep the clintons around sun. nothing to be with a with a with a roadway if we didn't have it. so a good thing. the volcano's alert level is currently at watch. so, you the an opportunity of
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a trip there keep in mind were under watch. keep in mind. all right, ok? so we now know switching gears here, the name of the most popular dog names in california. asked you to guess. but for 7 to tell you, it's actually the same name. that's most popular for pooches and 34 other dave, can you guess what? the new coffee for this? i'm not going to say because i cheated a bit. i did not. it did not expected. really? i i actually knew somebody who was named that put any too. okay. the name is according to the pet toy company bark the runners up for the most common dog named in the u.s. is bella harley charlie. my goodness not. i was not expecting it like that. like he does like a bill. that's a bill right there. and then that's frank right there. and then as stir we got. >> okay, great. all right. the study by pulling 10 years of customer data that included information on more than 3 million doggies. >> it says it found there's not much variety dog names around the country. the fact they say regardless of region are political, lean americans
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have a strong common ali. what they name their dogs. coming up the next hour, get former president donald trump's mar-a-lago estate. >> has been raided by the fbi. find out why the location was chosen to be investigated and the monkeypox vaccine clinic at zuckerberg, san francisco general hospital is re opening today as the city receives a big supply of vaccines. plus, the city of oakland has seen a sharp rise in shootings. how the police chief is now responding. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news far. >> good morning. and happy tuesday to august 9th. my brother's first thanks stephen. i'm daria. happy birthday, stephen. yeah, i'm james. we've got david rain here. >> set to start off this tuesday birthday tuesday morning. and let know what the birthday forecasted. okay. well, the forecast all i can predict is we're going to lunch. dave, what be on that up? pretty good lunch forecast in the patio. you want to have a good morning daryn. james, good morning. everybody. taking care of the fog, though. first, we have a little bit more in the stubborn fog this morning to be around for a few more hours. we saw kind of clear out real quickly yesterday. temperature check for you right now. we have lot of 60's in the east bay. 53 at the santa rosa. 58 for the 60 san francisco in 63 san jose. so very mild. start to your day today with a mild afternoon forecast by august standards.


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