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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  August 9, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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depending on where you and i think everybody is going to end up with a little sun later. it all. absolutely. yeah. james and darya. good morning. good morning, everybody. it's another sweet day across the bay today and mild temperatures for this being in august sfo. we are dealing with some of these clouds going on here. there, low ceiling. so 45 minute delay, not a lot there. just to remind you there and 60's going on in the east bay, upper 60's at that lower 60's to mid 60's up to the north. and 66 for san jose. what's been helping out has been this low offshore low and is hanging around another day to provide an onshore wind later on with daytime heating will get a nice good clip going on. still watching out for showers and scattered thunder showers up in the mountains. they were responsible for some fires and accident. so you are seeing delays. 2.80, looks like a much better out at this hour. cause of that accident.
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>> heading into the city 90 minutes. mace to that freeman street exit. let's go ahead and check on our san mateo bridge just under 15 minutes. a 80 to one o one. we're at about 20 minutes in the last hours. so things are improving there. our richmond center fell bridge tolls to want to one 10 minute drive for you. let's check on the south bay traveling up along one. 85 to menlo park. now you're at 51 minutes. might want to take to 80 or 82 darya. james, back to trump's mar-a-lago estate in florida and sees hundreds of document. insiders say this all relates to an investigation. they've been conducting looking into whether the former president mishandled. >> presidential records. we've got chris wolfe with a closer look. >> what are they looking for and why former president donald trump says the fbi searched his palm beach. florida estate known as mara lago and had broken open a safe. my initial thoughts are that this is absolutely
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historic. there is no historic corollary to having the fbi executed a search warrant on the private residence of a former president. according to reports, the national archives discovered in january. >> but at the end of his presidency, donald trump took 15 boxes from the white house. >> that contained government documents, momentos gifts and cluded classified documents which are subject to the presidential records act. it requires that all documents and records involving official business be turned over to the archives. mister trump returns the boxes to the national archives. so why the search in florida now? what happened here is that federal law enforcement officers swore under oath that there was probable cause of 2 things, one, that a federal crime occurred and 2, that the evidence of that crime was at mar-a-lago where they wanted to execute the search warrant. then a federal judge, magistrate judge to
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independently look at that and make an the former president was seen leaving trump tower in new york monday. he was not in florida when federal agents searched his property. >> trump described his home as being under siege. quote, it is prosecutorial misconduct. >> the weaponization of the justice system and an attack by radical left democrats who desperately don't want me to run for president in 2024, it doesn't mean that the former president will face criminal indictment, criminal charges if we are in fact, looking at the former president improperly taking documents, classified documents with him and not handing them over when he left office. >> one of the potential punishments here would be that he could not serve in office again, that he would be ineligible to serve and federal office. obviously that has huge political implications. that was chris wolfe reporting. the white house says it was unaware of the search prior to trump
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announcing it publicly. >> all right. let's turn our attention now to the monkeypox situation and the fact that vaccine shots are available in san francisco. now. fact thousands of shots available. yeah, a lot of people are in line and with those along a bill last kron four's will trao is live in san francisco. >> so i think you have shots for everybody that you see behind you are they have to come back. >> well, san francisco general, they said that they have 10,000 doses. in fact, they came out a little bit earlier this morning and handed me a statement and they said probably that they have 10,000 doses of monkeypox vaccine from the state through the federal supply. and they say that it is more than double the previous amount of 414200. so not that i walked around and counted people 10,000 seems to be a lot. and look at this. we're one hour into the shots given out and the line still very long. if you saw say 8 o'clock, it was a natural breaking it because of this traffic. but now that
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break is gone. so this is at the end of the line and it goes all the way down. in fact, you might be able to see that man in the white t-shirt there. that's not even where it bends skies. so it's quite far. let me show you some video from earlier this morning. people here are not taking any chances. a lot of them got here around 3, 4 o'clock in the morning just so they could be among the first in line to get the monkeypox vaccine. it has been very difficult. and san francisco, if you've been following this story, they have been telling the federal government we need more, especially since san francisco has 36 percent of the monkeypox cases in california. i got a chance to talk to some people in line. a lot of them. they just want to be preemptive guys. >> it kind of came out of nowhere. so i'm glad that they're doing something now to get a lot of those was my first have to get the shot. so here we are
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>> why was it so important for you to get the shot? do you have any symptoms or you just want to make a man with here, i guess i'm a high risk with covid, think any list city wait to get worse. you know. >> now san francisco general did not tell me exactly what's going on. they have the workers here, but where around the campfire, as they say, if you get your hands on a questionnaire form and a post-it sticker more than likely, that means that they have the supply ready to go. if you're filling out forms and have that ready to go in there you hand it to them and it looks like the shots they've been doing this before. now they have a lot more so we shouldn't take very long. can't guarantee it. but if you get handed those forms, there's a good chance better today than yesterday that you will get your vaccine back to you. >> all right. thanks. a lot of people are still complaining about the response and they protested outside of san francisco federal building demanding more action against
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monkeypox cases continue to go up in a proper taylor per second had a chance to speak with them about what their >> complaining about. >> i've been through this with the aids crisis in the 80's and this feels very similar. i'm extremely disappointed in the city, the state and the country. every levy is among many who are frustrated by the slow response to monkeypox. >> he and other protesters gather outside of the san francisco federal building on monday to demand more action from leaders. it's the lack of right now. one of the organizations, the simpsons, great rendition has a 10,000 person waiting list. >> that's crazy. >> you know what i don't think we're going to be able to prevent monkeypox, but from becoming endemic in the united states on the recent federal and state emergency declarations are designed to reduce red tape barriers you learn how to organize this event says. >> there are so many bureaucratic hurdles reducing access to vaccines and treatment. something michael learned the hard way as the
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condition probably by like the start of the second week. >> it just started to get excruciating lee painful. so for like 5 or 6 days, i was experiencing a lot of pain. and i was extremely frustrated that there was basically no information up there in terms of what to do to treat that pain. the only drug available to treat the virus is called which is fda approved to treat smallpox, but not monkeypox. >> getting hold of it. >> he's extremely difficult. there's active treatment antiviral treatment for people who are infected with monkeypox is caught. he talks to people we actually significant national stockpile of these treatments, but because they're not specifically of specifically approved for doctors have to. spend like 2 hours per patient philippine court and jump hoops to get clearance from the cdc to use it. that's ridiculous.
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>> well, now the monkeypox has been declared a national public health, emergency vaccination and testing for monkeypox is expected to get better. but patients could still have a hard time getting their hands on medicine. t pox, as we've heard this morning is an antiviral drug that's being prescribed to patients with the most severe symptoms. but getting that prescription can take days and a whole lot of paperwork and even then you still aren't guaranteed that the cdc will approve your request. doctor monica gandhi, an infectious disease expert at ucsf tells us that the reason it's so hard to get approved for tea pots right now is the fact that they haven't done any official randomized trials of the drug. >> it's hard for the act. you get what's called an emergency use authorization status like they did for paxlovid or the did for the covid vaccines. >> doctor gandhi says the national institutes of health has started a trial to study the effects of it. but as of right now, monkeypox is spreading in 99 countries, the world health organization also
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is considering changing the name of this virus after has been criticized as being discriminatory and stigmatizing. >> this city of oakland had 5 homicides in 3 days along with multiple shootings and robberies over the weekend. it's been a hectic weekend at a news conference monday. oakland's police chief around armstrong made it very clear that the police force doesn't have the staff to respond to all these crimes as they're happening. >> here's a graphic showing 5 locations where shootings happened over the weekend in total, 4 people were killed and a 5th victim, unfortunately, is not expected to survive. and while 2 of those shootings were going on, a store was burglarized. but police say they just didn't have enough officers to respond to that. >> while we understand the importance of responding to this call at that time, every resource that we had in the city of oakland was tied up on these 2 shooting incidents and multiple incidents that were happening in the east in as well where they were dealing with another shooting. that was occurring out east as well
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the investigation of a assault and a barricaded arm says suspect when, you know, people who are engaged in this type of crime, somebody has to say something. and that's what we're not having enough people speaking up to say, i know who's involved in activity. i'm not ok with that activity and helping us actually identify them and bring them to test >> and in addition to everything that you just hear there over the weekend, police had to deal with 100 cyclists who took over a gas station on grand avenue and a sideshow at lake merritt. the chief is assuring the public. they're doing what they can to adjust their strategies and trying to tackle the crime. >> we'll take a break here. 9.11 still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news as students come back to the classroom. parents, of course, worried about covid-19 wondering what they can do to keep their children safe. we'll take a closer look. meanwhile, the parents of gabby petito have announced no wrongful death lawsuit over their daughters. murderer going to tell you who they're taking the court for 50 million dollars. and as the
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bay area gets back to school, we want to remind parents to show off their kids as they're dressed up and ready for the first day of class. send us those pictures and we'll show them here on air. just use the kron 4 app and the reported tab to get us those photos of also post them on our website too. kron 4 dot com. we'll be right back.
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with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? hide my skin? not me. dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema, with clearer skin and less itch. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. >> big name come. >> 9.14, right now. and we're checking on the weather for you. also talking a little bit about business, which is coming up with rob. glad we
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got him in a moment after weather and traffic, though. so let's start off with dave in the weather center. a day changed. are a good morning. good morning, everybody. and it's a return to little bit. >> this is not the bay area. i think that was this is what's going on the golden gate bridge. we've had the fog return a little bit here for however, is going to mix out here in the next couple of hours. we've already seen him do that a bit. so the fog is kind like that. a piece when you go a fruitcake or what everybody passes along its irwin locations at sfo and then over the golden gate. well, today after daytime heating looks like some showers, mostly south of tahoe, i should say thunder showers because that's where the concern is. returning a little bit to yosemite and then less moisture which to work with for tomorrow. it looks like we'll have the fog again returned. but clearing out for a nice day. what's great is our temperatures are really been behaving themselves during this time period. back to tahoe. by the way, after today, looks like pretty much smooth sailing, essential, mostly sunny, got temperatures hanging about 80 or so. so for august, this is a pretty good forecast. now, here's it could be inland
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valleys, looking at temperatures near 100 or so. but we're being shielded from that by good, strong onshore flow. 68 san francisco, 82 for lax and 86. meanwhile, for san diego, 68 san francisco going on here. scattered clouds, cool. 73 going on for oakland and 79 mean well for san jose. sure. we've got some 80's. no 90's, though, mid-eighties at that in the east bay. they're pretty much concentrated there. again. compliments of good, strong win. we'll check in the 4 zone forecast little bit later on. but rain, it's now the time it starts to settle down with traffic, right? we're going okay it. you know what? i wish i could say that. no hot spots, but accidents. >> now it's bound to 80 north of 85 north in sunnyvale. we've got an accident there. so you are seeing some of issues just behind that accident along 2.80, the los in sunnyvale. so keep that in mind as you travel and you might want to 82 or maybe have a lot to one 90 minute ride into the city may so that fremont street exit. let's check on a richmond center fell ridge. things are much lighter. 9 minutes as you travel out of richmond heading
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to sandra fell all highway 24 westbound walnut creek down to just under 14 minutes. so things are looking great there down towards the maze around. 23 minutes for you as you're traveling and leave with a look at highway 4 a few hours ago, we were at 40 minutes now down to 15 antioch in to conquer. daria, back to you. time to talk winners and losers with our financial expert rob black morning, rob. >> good morning. deiah. i see a name and your headline and i was like mike on. >> micron is like cisco. >> so i don't know. i just remember it million years ago. >> yeah, and a million years ago as a big tech company. and now it's more of a commodity company. how much the rams on your computer who makes for dram? you probably don't now. so it did become to come on. it's not like gas and oil or, you know, steel or copper, but it is a commodity and it's tell us we're using less pieces are buying fewer pcs and they warned in video or yesterday since we conduct ers are pulled the market back
9:18 am
set. you know, they're costas producers are going up. so they're as much money next year is the thought. and again, that's kind of a warning on the big picture as well as you know, a bullet shot right there. morgan stanley saying the same exact thing warning that, you know, next year's earnings are going to be very micro nash in the sense that they're going to warnings coming sooner rather than later. so this is some of the big stories out there coinbase's report tonight. they'll give us a big feel on bitcoin. and where does that go? my opinion bitcoin is it's here for good because there's too many lawyers to meet and people in it. i don't think it goes to 0, but man, it's or felt like it was good as for a while there, yeah, i was somewhat another one that caught my eye was this electric vehicle and the price going up because i ordered a vw. >> the id 4 and i thought, well, that price could go up. but ford is. >> like $8,000 higher than you thought when you booked. you know, when you make reservation for this vehicle. >> yeah, here's real example of inflation. and tomorrow the cpi numbers going to come out
9:19 am
and we're going to see a headline up, 9% up, 8%, whatever. it's going to be and wall street react. but here's the real headline is a ford f one, 50. they just raise the price overnight for the electric version to a p 500 bucks. it's between $47,000 and $97,000 for a new one. and it's because their components are costing more money to dig out of the earth and to make electric vehicles for as far as batteries go, that's digging out errors. but they also make steeled stuff like that. and they're just getting everyone's getting what inflation, including wage inflation. so ford's not immune to it. they're passing the buck to you and me, the consumer. well, or if a cost that much. i'm going to cancel out. we'll see. >> i'm so glad you're tennis fan are too. that's why we're talking serena. what aside from the fact that she's got a venture capitalist company, that she's going to be spending more you know, manning. >> you know me, it's all about money. don't think i've ever seen a whole tennis match from start to finish but she won 23 grand slam. but of course i have. that's more than any woman or man and and alive.
9:20 am
she said this morning, i don't want it to and i don't want it to be over and bite. i'm ready for what's next. and i look at what's next. she's got plenty. she's a venture capitalist. she wants her to venture capital speak. that said 98% of all venture capital money goes to men, not women. she goes, i won and probably be the first female athlete billionaire. he's got 45 million sponsors this year at nike with atnt. yeah, i'm with gator age. now we're going to watch the u.s. open with a lot of attention in august because it may be her last one. so i think this is a great story. congratulations to her. congratulations to to women. i think she's just a fantastic example of, you know, just what an athlete should can be amazing. and the mom and a woman and year. >> yeah, yeah. >> she 40. she's far from hang it up a disney. what do you got? new with disney today. >> yes, i'm going this is tomorrow. i'm not on tomorrow. i have to go back to school if
9:21 am
my son. okay. but he went to disney this year and you know, disney's earnings are to be a really important indicator on inflation. the revenue per user at the part, we're going to be listening to that. are people going to disney world? they are. but are they spending as much money as they used to? disney has to start making money because they canceled their devon. and while they did this, disney plus venture. so they added 7.9 million users disney-plus last quarter when netflix lost a million subscribers. so there's a big, big, big play on the markets tomorrow at cpi in the morning, consumer price inflation and then disney in the afternoon when the reporter but okay a long like myself, you tell me how are they supposed to make money because they can't charge anymore. >> like my ticket to disneyland is not going to help them. they that that's got to stop would look for the money elsewhere. >> yeah, but that that's where you're you know, you're being coy and i know you are because when the park first opened was a dollar, now 110 plus dollars to get a park and people are lining up outside to get at. and you know, if you want to get on the right first, that's
9:22 am
an extra $20 per person that jump to the front line, making money hand over fist coca-cola, peas them to sell coca-cola at their parks. law to hooked on sugar you're a genius company. i just want them to stop the disney plus because it's been hurting the stock. i just met a parent and he's raising his little kids. 10 to think that soda is poison. >> and so the kid like is it an out seen people fill up their cups east at that drinking the poison? >> yeah. it's called bad paired you and me. he wants to get out 40's and but i she's a fall on moderation. moderation. you tease could fall out all kinds of what it's the stuff you say to keep your kids, you know, on the street now. thank you, rob. thank you. never heard anybody. all right. let's take a look at how you can reach drive. if you want to e-mail of you can your complaints about me. about me. >> or reach him on face we changed our fries to make 'em hot & crispy
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♪ sure, feels good when you get it right. and with the number one powered toothbrush brand recommended by dental professionals. philips sonicare makes it easy for you to always get brushing right. philips. of the men found guilty of killing ahmaud arbery have been sentenced to life in prison. 2 consecutive life. prison sentences for travis and george mcmichael convicted of federal hate crime charges along with attemptod kidnapping and weapons violations. and that's on top of their state murder conviction. ahmaud arbery was killed in february of 2020 while he was jogging in brunswick, georgia. travis
9:26 am
mcmichael claims that he shot arbery in self-defense. william roddie bryan, who recorded cellphone video of the killing was sense too. 35 years in prison. >> the family of gabby petito has announced plans to file a 50 million dollar wrongful death lawsuit against the moab city police department in utah. a notice of claim was filed yesterday with the family accusing police of failing to recognize the petito was in a life-threatening situation last year when they investigated a domestic violence incident between her and her then boyfriend brian laundrie. the 2 were on a cross-country trip when they were pulled over and they were allowed to leave after being ordered to just spend one night apart. petito's body was found a month later in wyoming's grand teton national park. and officials say that laundry strangled her. petito's parents spoke out about that traffic stop and about her life. >> as man was a watching this very painful and i want to jump to the screen.
9:27 am
>> that's people. >> you know that you pay at and there are. >> laundrie was later found dead in a florida swamp after an apparent suicide. the city of moab has 60 days now to respond to the legal claim before the family can officially file that lawsuit. >> it's 9.27. and coming up next after the break, fbi agents execute a search warrant on former president trump's home in florida. what were they looking for? in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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and if you're waiting for the sunshine to break the long we some here here. yeah. and you can share will share beginning to show up in the south bay to it looks like we've got doing weather center a day and i want i just want you to forget daryn. good morning, james. >> and everybody, this is that we have in the south bay. we were fighting clouds a lot earlier, even late in the day to like 8 o'clock or so. so it's been kind of whac-a-mole with the fog jumping all over the place here. >> still have that low off the coast. we have the onshore winds continuing today. still have the flare up of some showers and a few scattered thunder showers, mostly south of tahoe. and then after that kind of in the clear live shot of the winds now onshore to good clip into the teens and single digits. a little bit more around solano county and this will provide a little relief into the afternoon temperature check for you. we've got up to 72 for any act now. most of the district into the 60's. the breakdown for
9:31 am
you today. 78 by one by 4 81. i'm very traffic are right now. is that wrecked one? issues, ok? we've got the mike on. there we go. >> southbound one. 0 one, san francisco. if you're traveling along there, a day. it's going on southbound south of silver avenue. we've got the accidents. we are seeing a backup 2.80, much better alternate. if you're trying to get around that traveling into the city. 19 minutes, mace to that fremont street exit. let's go ahead. a look at the san mateo bridge just under 13 minutes, 80 to one o one. well, if you're on the south bay traveling up, starting at 85 up towards menlo park. 44 minute drive seen a slight delay along 2.80, because issues we have there earlier, crockett down towards the maze. 21 minutes highway 24 walnut creek down to 5.80, around 13 minutes for your drive. darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain. it's 9.31, in the big story this morning. fbi agents rated donald trump's home in
9:32 am
mar-a-lago, florida and they may be investigating whether he mishandled presidential records. we've got jade out with a closer look. >> former president donald trump left trump tower in midtown manhattan monday night without warning his destination not immediately known. but we do know what's on his mind, namely the fbi's raid at his mar-a-lago property in palm beach, florida. mara lago, which functions as a resort is also one of trump's many homes. trump released a lengthy statement which reads in part, quote, after working and cooperating with the relevant government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate. the associated press reports the fbi search is connected to an investigation into whether the former president took classified information from the white house will a raid on a former president's home is and highly unusual. >> certainly in modern times, i don't think we've ever seen that. alan sanders is
9:33 am
professor emeritus of political science at saint peter's university in jersey city. >> he says because donald trump is no longer president and considered an ordinary citizen, he is not afforded any special protection from this kind of fbi action. the standards would be that for anyone else and the standards for getting a warrant is showing of probable cause that a crime may have been committed. that has to be made in front of a judge. so this is not just prosecutors acting on their own. they have to come up with some level of evidence presented to a judge. >> and claimed that this evidence shows probable cause that a specific crime may have been committed by the target of the warrant. >> that was jay dow reporting for us happening today. members of the contra costa county school education association are going to demonstrate for a better learning environment for students. they want smaller class sizes in teacher pay. the keeps up with inflation to keep teachers from leaving the
9:34 am
district. the union is in the mediation stage of the bargaining process and they say that the board is refusing to include the fully funding cost of living adjustment, which was increased to 6.5, 6% in the final budget agreement. the rally begins at 03:00pm today. >> well, as the new school year gets underway in oakland, administrators and parents are dealing with a number of challenges. yes, and oakland's board of educator director talks about these challenges from teacher shortages. >> to private security to investigating last week's fight between people protesting the closure of parker elementary school. >> and because we don't have a police force as a part of our school district anymore. somebody authorize using these outside contractors as a police force. and that's really the issue that has a school board director. i want to make sure that we address and that nobody within the thinks that they have the
9:35 am
authority to authorize these sorts of actions. >> yeah, but johnson went on to say that the school board does plan on discussing this incident. what happened with it? but it will be a closed door session during the school's first board meeting which is set for tomorrow. well, with the first bayer's students now back in the classroom, some parents are asking what they can do to make sure their children are safe from covid them. harry takes a look. >> a lot of us think that there will be maybe surge coming in the fall. doctor, yvonne maldonado, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at stanford says right now we're seeing a plateau in covid-19 cases. she says many people have immunity through vaccines or infection. >> but it's not over. unvaccinated. people are still around and they are still being hospitalized. doctor maldonado says they're anticipating another surge as we get into the fall months. people go back indoors and students will be in the classroom. she says infectious
9:36 am
disease specialist. no, this happens. the flu virus every year and they expect covid to be the same. all should be really focusing on ventilation and just keeping things clean. >> as much as possible, she says the best way to protect your child is to get them vaccinated against covid-19. she says doctors are seeing a trend where the younger child is the less likely they are to be vaccinated. i think if we look at some of the surveys that are most parents of younger kids just think that may think that their kids are not at risk for serious illness. so the problem is that we in the children's hospital systems are seeing little kids were coming in the hospital because they can't breathe or they're having a heart issues. she says it will also protect your children and teachers and staff members are fully vaccinated. she adds there's one piece of advice she's been recommending for years. and i would just say what i've said, the poor even
9:37 am
before omicron or before a covid happened. if you're sick, you shouldn't be going to school or work. doctor maldonado says with less people testing in changing variance. the most important tool for tracking the virus in the community will be wastewater surveillance. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> well, next year, san jose state university is going to be offering new online degrees for undergrads. the program is aimed at helping adult learners, especially those who are juggling a career while also trying to further their schooling. this degree offering is going affect well, it's going to be offered in a number of different field. anthropology is one economics information, science, engineering and community leadership. it will be about $450 per credit and the admission cycle opens up on september first. so make sure to apply if you're interested. >> it's 9.37. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news authorities are looking for a teenage girl who went to a party in truckee and never got home. we'll tell you what her
9:38 am
mom has to say. plus, an update on the condition of actress and haitian after she was speeding and crashed her car into a home in la.
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(laughter) the spell is cast. halloween time is back with spook-tacular experiences in disneyland and disney california adventure parks! (laughter) >> it's 9.40, right now in a fire broke out in contra costa county last night is contained. now it started around 9 o'clock and was threatening homes for a time near the deer valley road. and pruitt ranch road area where
9:41 am
it was burning and there was a reinforcement from a structure protection unit was called out. no homes ended up being damage and crews are now investigating the cause. >> well, the mckinney fire speaking of fires, the one burning up in siskiyou county appears to have caused the deaths. now tens of thousands of fish in the klamath river. that's the situation this morning. the try believes that flash floods caused by heavy rains over the burn areas caused a massive amount of debris to flow into the waterways there along buck creek and mckinney creek area leading to oxygen levels that we're down near 0, which, of course, suffocated the fish. at last check, the mckinney fire had burned more than 60,000 acres and is just 55% contained 9.41. is the time we'll be right back.
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9:45 am
you off if she wants to and she's she's a fighter. >> she's not one to just sit there and not say anything. just last friday, kylie's mom, lindsay, rodney niemann says her daughter decided to go to a party. >> at the prosser family campground, she asked me if she could have a leader. curfew are curfews, usually 11, but she has to stay out to 11. 12, 30, a few hours into the party. she told her mom she was planning to leave at 12, 15 saturday morning. and that was i asked her to. >> wake me up when she caught in is always you know, like what we did >> and she said, ok, mom, you. >> and that is >> once rodney neiman woke up and realized her daughter never made it home, she started to call her friends and headed straight to law enforcement, kylie's friends even went back to the campgrounds to go looking for her. she wasn't their >> we drove all over town looking for places that she might have parked her car to sleep after not being able to find kylee or her car
9:46 am
throughout the weekend. the placer county sheriff's office is now treating this case as a crime. we are treating the case as an abduction and solely because we're unable to locate her vehicle while leads are coming in to the sheriff's office. they are urging anyone with information to come forward. we believe out of the 2 to 300 juveniles and young adults who are at that party. somebody must know something as family and friends search her mom has one use those whose whose though, sorry. >> you re doing everything that we can it. if you have or please. can really >> it was genuine reporting for us this morning. anyone with information about kylie's whereabouts is asked to contact placer county sheriff. >> 9.46, we do want to take another look at the weather because it's later in the morning. so things may be clearing things getting brighter day. yeah, daryn. james, good morning. and good morning, everybody. san jose state. look at this. almost completely blue skies got some
9:47 am
publicly off into the distance or doing a good job on that front later on today with the daytime heating, there's the monsoon thunder showers. don't forget, it's the western edge that's getting into the mountains. james mentioned a good point about this. every time we're talking about one of these fires going on. remember going into the wet season. that's going to be very sensitive area because there's no resistance. all the vegetation is burned away, so becomes concrete. and it just starts to flow way. so that is an issue as we get into tomorrow, by the way, doesn't look at will have as much activity up in the mountains. 72 antioch, at this hour, most the district in the 60's. 72 also for novato. so our friendly low still hanging out again today. providing that onshore wind. the high also the 4 corner states providing the effects of those thunder showers in the afternoon. this is mister howard. still a hurricane category one, losing his punch, however, to a tropical storm tomorrow. then a tropical low later on moving away from land. there is a successor to his to the south. we don't know what it's going to be yet, but that plume of moisture in some of the model shows to be bubbling up in our
9:48 am
general area, but not into our direct area. 68 san francisco got mid to lower covering the coast. 73 for burlingame to the south as 77 foster city. 78 for palo alto in the south bay, 79 san jose, santa clara. 76 along with milpitas mid 70's does it for the east bay shoreline livermore and pleasanton 81, 82 walnut creek. 83, 84 for danville. meanwhile, on the east bay shoreline, 70 64 berkeley, the les, what 70 81 benicia in pittsburgh at 81 79 for napa. and let's do around in 80 for santa rosa. someone of her persistence forecast and if we have to do with these are the good numbers to do. sometimes we talking about that with that being 100 ish. this go around. not so much. so 70's going on the east bay shoreline. all right, randi, give us some good news and traffic. what's happening? well, things are improving, but some things are slow. so 2.80, to look great. but if you're traveling along one, 0, one. >> still a 45 minute. drive from 85 up to menlo park.
9:49 am
let's get a look at your ride into the city. still about 90 minutes factor that in once you reach the maze so that fremont street exit san mateo bridge under 14 to things. look great 80 to one o one crockett all the way down towards the maze and 19 minutes. you see that concentrated traffic through berkeley and emeryville. there. if you're hopping on, 24 wannacry down to 5.80, that's under 15 minutes. a 15 minute ride. any x one, 60 in to conquer to 42. we're checking on a richmond center fell. can you just 8 minutes, tulsa, one-on-one and doubling down the stream along 6.80, around. 23 minutes darya. james, back to you. >> thanks a lot. it is 9.49 right now and we're learning more about what happened to and haitian. we know that she's in a coma, but it was a high-speed crash where she ran a card to a house. mary beth mcdade takes a closer look at what happened. >> about a half an hour before being involved in a fiery crash in mar vista, actress and hage was apparently buying a wig it in venice beach, beauty salon and was here on
9:50 am
you by the red and >> it was just random out of the blue. she popped in through the back door and asked if you could buy the red with the salon's owner, richard glass as he took this photo with her around 10, 30 friday morning. and then she crashed her car into a home around 11. i was just so taken aback and i was like you what happened? because she didn't. like i said, she didn't seem fair to me, although the lapd is investigating whether haitian was impaired at the time of the accident. the last says he didn't smell any alcohol. i was with another client. so i don't know if i was able to. >> gage state of you know. >> under the influence miss, there are several videos of haitians blue mini cooper speeding and driving erratically through mar vista and the surrounding area prior to the crash. several residents say they heard the commotion. i live right up here on the corner and i heard
9:51 am
somebody driving like just like a maniac town here. >> moments later, the actress crashed her car into this wall road avenue. house neighbors ran to help her as her car and the house quickly became engulfed with flames. i was able to open the back doors and crawl in a little bit and get closer to. >> we're headed where where i could hear her response. she said, no, she wasn't ok, the flames were too intense to free haitian. they had to leave that to the firefighters. >> but they did manage to get the woman who lived in a house out a gofundme page has been set up to help lynn michaux who lost everything. it's not much left. >> i mean, besides the fire, just the impact alone took out half the house. >> that was mary beck, beth mcdade reporting for us. we're going to take a quick break here at 9.51. will be right back.
9:52 am
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>> 9.54 is the time in after announcing plans to discontinue the choco taco klondike now says it may just bring it you don't know. i like the klondike bar, ok? well, that's too much going on with the chopper. talk you know, say i'm a fan of it. i didn't partake in this online petition, but a lot of fans didn't. so klondike says they heard it. they hear you and
9:55 am
they're hoping to bring back the looks at least in the coming it time to an ice cream cone but its shape. look at taco james. you realize the in there, but it's just a nice so good and better because it's in a taco in the meantime, they've got the final batch that they're giving away. yeah. >> forget fido luna is the most popular dog named luna and all the dogs. yeah, and this isn't just california to the whole country. lou is the most popular pooch name. >> in 35 states and the second most popular name is bella. and then comes charlie and this company i don't know. it was like a dog toy company. the hardest thing. yeah. park my so if you call out these names, a lot of dog to come running. if you train your dog or you could call. >> many, many like mine. you never got to see maybe is was really little. i don't know. and should try to push that
9:56 am
>> all right. and then a quick a programming reminder for everybody. remember to tune into kron 4 come this weekend because we are your ticket to the raiders preseason football coverage this sunday. the raiders are going to be taking on the vikings with our coverage starting at 12, 30 in the afternoon right here across 4. we're going have a pre-game special and a post-game special. so they're going to be a lot going on sunday, starting at 12 whole lot going on. you're going to be sitting on your so much more. now. ball is back. >> all right. for those of us still go outside, hey, it's pretty sweet deal for no triple digits. no 90's. how about 80's going on here for you? and along the east bay shoreline, 70's to 80 ish or so. we are still monitoring some thunder showers up in the mountains a little bit there today. >> not so much going on tomorrow. and james, you mentioned the burn areas. watch out this fall and sand winner because those are all going to be sensitive areas like i want to knock on wood because those temperatures don't don't look like, alright, i got to feel like we're going to pay for. this is going to be september is going to you never know until
9:57 am
we get into halloween. we can halloween stuff is out look at radar. you have you want to have my ring but i was looking at the temps today. certainly get out. get a hike in doing that monday, though, and yeah, so all right. well, that's it for us here on the kron. 4 morning news. thank you so much for joining us this morning. great study study in school.
9:58 am
for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27. ♪ sure, feels good when you get it right. and with the number one powered toothbrush brand recommended by dental professionals. philips sonicare makes it easy for you to always get brushing right.
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