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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 9, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. i give them my love. and then stuff that you know, and that's day. just left. >> redwood city man says he still shaken up after he was robbed at gunpoint right outside of his home. good evening. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. this all happened saturday with the suspects taking the man's rolex well for some and a harry talked with him about the experience and what stuff those that's this from taking more. >> it's it's it's a and come to the field. >> just before 7 saturday evening out shower was says he was coming back to his redwood
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shores home. that's when was pulled up. >> and just hold >> they are 15 on me. surveillance video shows a dark colored car following he says when he parked the dark colored card turned around, he got out of his car and the suspect car pulled up right next to him. 2 men got out of the vehicle. you can see them on the edge of this security video. yes, i want you can say want to give me a >> i gave him. i want and then my books to the tune up. and that's when day. just left. >> like a shower with terrier was laying down in the back of the car out of sight. when he letter out she started barking at the suspects. so grateful to have he believes that she didn't start barking. they would have tried to take more from him than just his rolex, who sure that with the took my to public folder and like he knew this one was in the back
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is to get his want get his >> but i think my that i was like really, really have to up. and that's when the just some of show us as redwood city police arrived quickly. >> and state to investigate for 3 hours for police door to door and the i feel very comfortable and they're here. showers says he still loves living in his community and hopes this was an isolated incident. >> in the last month, rolex watches have been stolen in walnut creek in daly city, san francisco. police have even put out a warning about it in redwood city amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> meantime, in the east bay burglars targeting a car audio installation business in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. they stole well over $100,000 worth of equipment to now the owners considering relocating his business to another city kron four's haaziq madyun has that story. >> you're looking at security surveillance videos of burglars inside the sound factory car audio installation
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business on international boulevard in oakland's fruitvale district. this happened back on july, 17th between midnight and 02:00am. how did the burglars get in? >> to the she opened up a hole in their will. >> i spoke by phone to the owner of sound back 3 jose torres who describes what happened to talk was just everything. >> but they learned company that never, i mean, never in there. and they were living all somebody was inside the shop. they they by 8.30, in the morning. >> by it was all over. he says the burglars got away with 3 of his customers vehicles, which they feel he says with the expense of audio equipment, including stereos, amplifiers and speakers from his auto shop. last saw that on a $60,000. torres says the alarm company is not the only service that let him down. he says after he notified the oakland police department, it took officers several hours to respond just to take a report. we don't have any type of year. the play that i think it s those because a part of the
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city, they don't have that much for them in the 20's. how long have you been in business day at that location in fruit, though? >> 33 years has anything like that ever happened in these 33 years how many asian, years that have any type of problems to step up. our coaching isn't sorry double my from it in on you. so >> out of town squad is sort of time anywhere. okay. this is really about right now is leading anyone with information about the sound factory, burglary is asked to contact oakland police as mud. kron 4 news. the family of alexis, gabe has launched an online petition in an effort to get charges filed against the mother. >> of gabe's ex-boyfriend. the reason they'll is that she helped her son evade authorities. >> that happened after police said that they believe was murdered inside the boyfriend's home in andrea. father says that he plans to meet with the contra costa county district attorney to talk about charging alicia coleman. clark clark is the
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mother of the boy friend marshall jones. back in may oakley police arrest a clark also suspicion of aiding a criminal, but district attorney diana becton disc line to file any charges and release clark so far that petition has almost 9,000 signatures in the south bay has been 40 years since the killing of a 15 year-old palo alto girl. today. >> authorities announced an arrest in the cold case. kron four's justin campbell explains how investigators tracked down the 75 year-old suspect. >> 15 year-old karen state took a bus from her home in palo alto to hear in sunnyvale back in 1982, her boyfriend later that evening, walked her back here and left her at the bus. stop. he was because he was scared. he needed to get home before curfew later that morning she was found behind this cinder block wall sexually assaulted and stabbed. 59 times karen states death went on soft since 1982,
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but now nearly 40 years later, the santa clara district attorney's office is charging this man, gary ramirez for the murder. it's passed through the hands of every cold case. prosecutor. >> it's passed through hands of multiple detectives and we've worked very hard. so everybody knows this case. deputy district attorney ron baker says advancements in dna made it possible. >> sunnyvale detective worked with the geologists. they took the dna from the crime scene and started building a family tree off related public databases. we think you're related to the killer. >> can okay with uploading their your dna to ancestry? 23 and me and and more often than not the answers. yeah, absolutely. baker says it took 2 years and finally they narrowed it down to a 75 year-old man living in hawaii. i think the person that left this blood at the cairns kit at the karen state crime scene is is one of these 4 brothers, according to the district attorney's office, a dna swab
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of ramirez match the blood at the scene. baker says so far, no motive on why ramirez allegedly killed stitt. but baker says members of her family who are still alive are happy to finally have closure. detective called her and let her know the news. and she was thrilled. >> you know, he even after all this time reporting in sunnyvale, justin campbell kron, 4 news. >> the siskiyou county sheriff is calling out several news agency saying their coverage of the mckinney fire is quote. >> inexcusable and unprofessional sheriff jeremiah larue says his office is now open an investigation into a number of media outlets. he says they invaded burned properties. it law enforcement had not yet search for human remains last week, the sheriff said one tv station brought a civilian on the private evacuated property in the fire zone. he says once the investigation is complete, all the information we sent to the district attorney's office, u.s. forest service is mourning the loss of a longtime employee in the mckinney fire. 73 year-old
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kathy should come in, died at her home in the community of klamath river. the day the fire started served as a wildfire look out for the forest service since 1974, she's being remembered as a talented artist gardner, an animal lover, total of 4 people died in the fire. crews are still searching for other possible victims. the fires burned more than 60,000 acres. it is now 60% contained tonight. >> let's check on our 4 zone weather forecast. a live look tonight sfo where it looks pretty clear supposed to be kind of breezy out there tonight. can yeah. and the fire zone continues up in siskiyou county near the oregon border with a warrant. colonel here, checking the conditions up there. yeah, got really windy in and around the fires. we had wind gusts over 30 miles an hour around those active fires. things have backed off a little bit this evening. still blown 16, 17 miles an hour. look at direction. coming up on the south. a lot of times you see more of a northwesterly wind at this time of year. but we've got low off the
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coastline. we've got rhe rich to the east of us. and really it kind of getting that generated that southerly wind. the good news is that is more of a moist wind flow that is moving in that directions so that as a advance of some of those fires, fire weather warnings have been posted that not only the active fires. this is further little bit to the east and the north up in a climate falls. as you make your way in oregon. and also alter us is you've got some very windy conditions there and some thunderstorms so threatening to bring some more lightning strikes in that direction. now, the activity got low pressure off the coastline, asking that southerly flow again. and then the monsoon making its way across the sierra nevada, really into parts of nevada say that has been the main focus. even some lightning strikes today over this year. but you can see those storms rolling out over the desert. there in nevada. and boy, it has been coming down there. they've got flash flood watches posted a continuing there when the muck about a mountain all the way to elko. so you're traveling in the deaths or watch out. you're likely to see some more of those storms tonight and
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probably going to see that develop again by tomorrow. we'll see more of those storms rolling in that direction. the continued summer monsoon. so we're catching a break here in the bay area. but it is still been very muggy outside. we've got that low pressure off the coastline. so humidity still staying very high, but no threat of thunderstorms for here. we could just get some of that rain that they had without the lightning with that. all right. thank you, lawrence. >> tonight, we continue to follow the desperate search for a teen girl who went missing saturday in truckee. in a news conference today, investigators shared new details on kylie rodney's whereabouts before she disappeared and reveal the activity on her cell phone from early that morning. reporter shaddox has the latest. >> the placer county sheriff's office has confirmed to fox 40 that they are working with sacramento police regarding information from a sacramento resident. the same night, 16 year-old kylie, rodney went missing in a post 3 days ago. the resident says his
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surveillance camera caught a topless female running down his street at 01:00am. >> he described a honda crv or toyota rav 4 chasing her as she hid behind cars. she fell into the grass and then was pulled up and into the car which then took off fox 40 saw the video and the female appears much older. however, it's a tip that investigators aren't ruling out. it has since been handed over to sacramento police at this point in the investigation, detectives say no tip is too small. >> we accepting from people who are involved. so that's coming into a single source. so that team can evaluate it, looked through the video. surveillance video from other areas in the first press conference with allied agencies since kiley disappeared early saturday morning. >> detective sergeant scott alford shared information regarding videos they're collecting alford. also says the last information they've obtained from kylie cell phone is from early saturday. we are
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with the fbi right now. the last information we have >> so data is the 6th 33 minutes after midnight. >> we do know that a text was sent from kylie to her mother shortly before that we got home around 11 and she sent me a text at 11, 30 telling me that. >> she was going to be leaving at about 12, 15 and coming home. and that was i asked her to wake me up when she caught in is always you know, like what we did >> and she said, ok, mom, you. and that is the >> investigators have received more than 200 tips, which they're working through. today, the search continued volunteers that last location known our search expands from there. and then if we get a tip about another location will divert resources and work to exhaustion. alford says
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they've obtained surveillance video with kylie before the party, which helps confirm a time line of events. we did some surveillance video from a store at 6 o'clock the day that showed kylie. and so we have that information. >> again, that was rowena shaddox reporting for us tonight in an effort to stretch out the nation's limited supply of monkeypox vaccine. federal health officials have authorized new way to administer that vaccine. people will now get 2 shots spread over the course of a month. but with just one 5th of the dose, they are getting now. kron four's dan kerman talk with bay area doctors for their take on this change. >> up to now those getting the monkey pox vaccine have been given a full dose deep into the fatty layer of the skin. but the second dose put off indefinitely. but now to make the nation's limited supply of vaccine go further. federal health officials have approved a new strategy. give 2 shots one month apart, but only give
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one 5th the dos and inject just under the skin. >> lot more immune cells just waiting. to look at enemies coming in and because a lot of immune cells already there, you don't need to use as much vaccine. that is basically the premise, ucsf, infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin. hong says the strategy has been used with other vaccines and has proven to be effective. >> though there's only one study showing effective with this vaccine. still, he says, with limited supply in a high-risk population of 1.0, 7 million people who need 2 shots. this is the correct course of action. >> we have to wait and see and more people suffer over the next few months because we are still not curve going steep in points. all we try to the blanket immunize people with enough evidence was studying in the same time. i think it's an understandable strategy not opposed to it. but i want to be east and limited way. i
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want the u.s. to concentrate getting more vaccine. ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor monica gandhi agrees. this is a tried and true strategy. >> but gandhi also serves director of general hospital's hiv clinic believes the smaller dose should not be used for those with hiv. >> 41% of people who are in this large 20,000 now, monkeypox outbreak across the planet are living with hiv. and so i would be worried, especially if the patient living with hiv isn't very well constitute each of the medications i be worried about using the strategy in someone with hiv. federal health officials promised additional studies in the coming months. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news. meanwhile, leaders at the san francisco department of public health say that they are not implementing changes to vaccine doses immediately. they are waiting for federal and state guidance on exactly how to best. switch to the new
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fda protocol. >> officials also say the new method of administering the vaccine will require updated protocol and additional training for a lot of the staff members adding that it may the slower to administer a statement reads in part sfdph needs understand adjustments that would need to be made to operations to ensure san francisco's vaccine providers continue to reach as many people who need the vaccine as quickly and equitably as possible than a monkeypox has been criticized by many as being discriminatory and stigmatizing. coming up at 10, 30, we're going to take a look at the origins of the name and what's being done to change it. in national news. monday night's fbi raid of former president trump's mar a lago home continues to rock washington. questions have been raised about exactly what the agents were looking for and why the search is happening now. kron four's catherine heenan has details. >> people familiar with the investigation say the search focused on classified material. the president
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brought home to florida after leaving the white house. we already know he was asked earlier this year to return 15 boxes of material to the national archives. they contained government documents momentos gifts and letters. he did so only after a delay of months. so quite a search now, it's not clear yet, but loyola law school professor jessica levinson explains what would have happened leading up to this move. >> what happened here is that federal law enforcement officer swore under oath that there was probable cause of 2 things, one that a federal crime occurred and 2, that the evidence of that crime was at mar-a-lago where they wanted to execute the search warrant. then a federal judge, magistrate judge to independently look at that and make an assessment. donald trump was in new york during the search called it an assault saying agents broke into his safe. this was the scene as police and secret
10:19 pm
service agents stood guard outside mar-a-lago monday. in a statement trump said in part the search was an attack by radical left democrats. >> who desperately do not want me to run for president in 2024. california, congressman kevin mccarthy, the republican leader in the house says he wants an investigation. other republican lawmakers want the attorney general and the fbi director to come to congress to testify. >> merrick garland, chris wray come to the house judiciary committee this friday and answer our questions about this action today, which has never happened in american history. what was on the war? what would you really do and what were you looking for? why not talk to president trump and having get the information you're after? >> that was catherine heenan reporting tonight. political observers say that this surge probably has 2 potential legal trouble for the former president as he signals he may make another run for the white house in 2024. meantime, a federal appeals court ruled
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today that former president trump's tax frazier returns rather must be turned over to the house ways and means committee. the committee is investigating how the irs audits presidential tax returns. they've been trying to get their hands on trump's 2015, 2020 tax returns for several years. but trump has sued in federal and state courts prevent them from being shared. trump has a week to appeal this latest decision. the trump era travel ban, although now void is still affecting 10's of thousands of immigrants around the world who are left in a legal limbo. >> this month, a federal court in san francisco ruled in their favor to force the u.s. government to do more to help kron four's ella sogomonian explains. >> in 2017, then president trump enacted a travel ban on several muslim majority countries. immigration lawyers rallied at airports fought in court against it when president biden took office, he rescinded the ban as promised. the trouble is according to bay area based legal nonprofit parse equality
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center. there was no clear answer for the nearly 40,000 applicants around the world. we're left in an administrative limbo. they're still waiting for their visa. they're still waiting for reconsideration. >> so the travel bans the rescinded, but the harms continue applicants are either still waiting for an interview or were denied a visa during the ban despite paying up to thousands of dollars in fees and travel for their shot at the american dream applicants from countries without a u.s. embassy have to pay for flights and hotels to a 3rd country where they could apply and complete a health exam. >> pars equality center reports this iranian family lost their father to covid-19 in armenia in 2020 during the legal process. they are now brokenhearted and stuck with a medical bill. in addition to the grief and lengthy time spent applicants like these are left wondering whether the money invested went down the drain. so this month, a federal judge in san francisco
10:22 pm
ruled in their favor ordering the u.s. government to undo harms by the travel ban. reconsider denied, be says and waive any fees related to their applications for a second time. this is far from the end of the road, right? p% it's it's a victory. >> and it's an important victory, but it's really just a step. it's effectively in order that forces the government to come to the table talk. resolution and singer and helping us figure a way go forward. >> he says people who have been waiting for a are, of course, excited. but wary as the wheels of government most often turn slowly in san francisco. i'm ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. >> still ahead on kron, 4 news at 10 treating covid could soon be as easy as using an over the counter nasal spray. we're going to show you about the research being done right here in the bay area. west nile virus found in the south bay. we'll tell you where and when we return, president biden signing the chips act into law. how it will affect the global semiconductor industry.
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>> president biden signed the chips act today. it is a 280 billion dollar bipartisan bill and is aimed at boosting u.s. competitiveness against china. the legislation sets aside 54 billion dollars to ramp up domestic manufacturing
10:26 pm
of those all important semiconductor chips, other money will go towards tax breaks for semiconductor companies, which are making new investments. according to the white house, the u.s. currently produces about 10% of the world's supply of semiconductor chips, east asia accounts for 75% of the global production. >> we need to make these chips here in america to bring down every day, costing create jobs. hundreds of thousands of high quality high paying manufacturing jobs. i felt like we needed to produce chips in america that go into. >> cars and refrigerators and f 35. >> president biden noted that the chinese government is paying close attention to this and was even lobbying us businesses against the legislation. >> is it? 10 contra costa? educators rallying today for better working conditions and a pay raise for going to tell you what else they're asking for. plus, renaming monkeypox ran to tell you about the
10:27 pm
efforts that are underway to do just that. and when we return, bay area, researchers developing a nasal spray that treats covid how it could be a game changer in the fight against the pandemic. kron. 4 news at 4 or 10. we'll be right back. and temperatures remain rather mild around parts of their the fog rolling in right now. but >> there could be a heat wave on the horizon. you only see it on our 10. 10 forecast coming up next.
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>> scientists uc berkeley are developing what they're calling a potential game changer in the fight against it is an easy to use treatment that could be used to both prevent and treat covid for say that the sacking has more. >> a simple nasal spray could be the future of covid-19. treatment and prevention. according to scientists at uc berkeley who created a new therapeutic professor of metabolic biology at uc berkeley. unders nar says he and his team have been working on this breakthrough for 2 years. part of the virus that we're targeting. >> it's >> pretty much invariant and all of the different versions of the virus that have been identified so far. >> so all the different variants of concern for beta delta and omicron the song. they're all the same and this sequence. and so in fact, our therapeutic works equally well against all of that. but contracts with vaccines which have a they basically
10:31 pm
diminishing and so we think this could be potentially a game-changer. >> unlike vaccines nar says this new therapeutic uses synthetic snippets of dna that is highly effective at preventing the virus from replicating human cells. he says their studies found that this technology was also effective at preventing and treating covid-19 in mice and hamsters. we decided to apply our detailed knowledge and power. >> to target rna. so the rna virus using antisense technology so for short, he said basically molecular velcro stud farms to the bar, laura gums it up jam stu borrow a copy machine to prevent the virus from making copies of itself are says this nasal spray could be significantly cheaper to produce and easier for other developing countries to access. he says they're now working to prove that the treatment is safe and effective in humans.
10:32 pm
>> if the treatment passes testing, an fda approval, the technology could be used to combat other viruses like influenza. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. the state senate's monkeypox select committee held its first meeting today. members on both sides of the aisle say they've created the committee to learn more about monkeypox and hopefully find ways to slow it down and eventually stop the spread. >> according to the california department of public health, there are now more than 1300 cases in california. and that's an increase of 500 since last thursday. it comes after the federal government's public health emergency announcement and governor newsom, state of emergency declaration last week. committee members say they will ensure more money is spent now to try to slow the spread. >> our goal is to everything we can to control this outbreak. right now. it's not controlled. so we want to make sure that people have access to vaccines. >> to testing and to the treatments that help make this less painful overall, it's
10:33 pm
just an opportunity for us to see and assess where we are so that we can move forward from here and have a lot of facts. >> there is a debate in the medical industry surrounding the name of the monkeypox that virus. it has been criticized by many as discriminatory and stigmatizing, but it's not just easy to switch. kron four's rob nesbitt expla ns the name of that virus dates back to the 1950's. >> last week i went to renegade bio and berkeley where they are processing monkeypox tests its way first heard the term mpx an alternative name for monkeypox. it's being used out of respect. monkeypox got its name because it was for study in monkeys in the 1950's infectious disease expert at ucsf doctor peter chin-hong says the name is a misnomer. it's really reservoir in rats, small rodents. squirrels. >> but not monkeys. more than 60 years later and we're experiencing a new outbreak of the virus in 99. countries. a large number of new cases are being reported among people of
10:34 pm
color. the world health organization is exploring a new name for the virus since there's a racist history of black people be referred to as monkeys names immediately conjure up images that may be stigmatizing to cultures and stigmatizing to populations. doctor chin-hong says the name change won't be fast since the virus has been around for more than half a century. and will most likely be changed to a longer version of what already exists and will be probably something like. >> poxvirus monkeypox, some aren't waiting for an official change. that actually is a horrible may. doctor monica gandhi is the medical director of the word 86 hiv clinic at ucsf where the virus is referred to as mpx. >> an abbreviation that many physicians, scientists and patients have also adopted to avoid racist stereotypes to get away from that monkeypox more. it just it sort of stigmatizing. it's even make sense that that which was absolutely talking about changing the world health organization, names, diseases,
10:35 pm
but the international committee on taxonomy of viruses decide the formal names. >> as of this week, there have been no official proposals to replace monkeypox reporting the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> an unprecedented low number of flu cases have been reported during the covid pandemic. and some health experts worry that. >> that's going to change this year. they say children could be at high risk data from countries in the southern hemisphere which are currently in their flu season show that cases are exceeding prepandemic levels and they say children have the highest rate of cases because of that. health experts say it's important to get the flu vaccine this year. many are recommending doing it sooner than usual. >> mosquitoes carrying west nile virus have been found in a small area of cupertino. the zip code is 9, 5, 0, 1, 4, santa clara vector control district says that it will conduct a mosquito treatment on thursday night. about 10 o'clock. the county says that it is normal to see an increase in west nile virus are in the summer because
10:36 pm
mosquitoes thrive in hot weather. the county is using a surveillance program to detect the presence of diseases such as west nile virus. st. louis encephalitis and west, an equine encephalitis. all of these diseases are transmitted through the bite of infected mosquitoes. >> the data collected through the surveillance program is used to predict locations that are more likely to be infected in the future. >> now to the 4 zone forecast with a live look at a pretty quiet the bay bridge toll plaza looks like a pretty calm night out there. and lawrence standing by to tell us what's ahead for wednesday. yeah, a little fog forming out there right now, guys. a lot of sunshine, though, expected in the afternoon that fog has been breaking up even along the coastline last couple of days and you see just patch out there right now, moving over san francisco lo king live for the transamerica building right now. that's what you get at this time of year. not that thick fog back. you start to see things break up a bit and get a little more sunshine, especially coast site. very interesting. the dew points are staying a very warm. that is the point that
10:37 pm
the temperatures to drop to start to see some do form. usually that's about where you get the low temperatures. so we're looking at 62 degrees right now in pacifica. pretty muggy out there as well. pretty muggy around the bay area. these temperatures holding in the 60's around much of the bay are outside right now. that's where they are going to state that is courtesy of this low that's spinning off the coastline. and as a spin-off, you got that counter clockwise circulation that's bringing that nice, a humid air into the bay area. and of course, you got the monsoon up over the sierra nevada, very active up there. but locally in the have that early on today. and then it started to break up in the afternoon and then looking good. the seabreeze have been a little gusty this afternoon. but even those winds start to back off a little bit. so still on shore breeze is showing you see the southerly component right to the delta, though, as we head towards fairfield to 21 miles an hour. even 23 but low pressure is going to start to lift a little bit. i think that is going to help out in the coming days. but tomorrow, think we're still talking about some muggy conditions outside and some more thunderstorms popping up over
10:38 pm
the sierra nevada with that monsoon once again rolling on through air quality, though, looking very good out there. a lot of green out there all around the bay area. it's going to stay that way for tomorrow afternoon. 2, in fact, air quality looking good from the coast to the bay and looking good everywhere you go around the bay area's the nice fresh ocean air continues to move on shore temperature wise numbers going break down like this about 71 in san francisco. 66 in the sunset. you can see temperatures are moving in the 60's. almost 70 degrees out near the coastline by tomorrow afternoon. you will start out with a couple of patches of fog there, but lots of sunshine moving on in 79 degrees, redwood city, 77 in mountain view. lot of 70's and 80's in the south bay, the east bay. tomorrow, you've got some mid 80's in pleasanton livermore. 85 in dublin about 84 in moraga plan on about 75 in san leandro about 86 degrees in concord. so get the idea of warm temperatures inland. not real hot, but that could soon change impact. our 10, 10 forecast looking impressive. we're going to watch these temperatures warming up into the weekend. maybe get in t e 90's. but
10:39 pm
look what happens after that? i think late next week watching this very closely right around next wednesday, thursday. i think we're starting to talk about some triple digit heat rolling in the bay area. that may be could get a lot hotter than that. but we'll have to wait and see looks like. we could be looking at a major heat wave toward the middle of the month, cowboy. okay. even more. think you all right. new tonight at 10 tribal leaders across the state of california are voicing their concerns to state lawmakers about access to a clean water supply. >> during a joint legislative hearing, tribal leaders said an entanglement of federal state and other jurisdictions. he's made it difficult for the tribes to access adequate water resources. >> we have to figure out how do we in law forced the counties to make sure that the tribes have senior rights to the water, especially if it was built on the reservation. >> tribal leaders stress that water is not only a basic necessity, but also a factor
10:40 pm
of cultural and religious significance to native americans in the east bay, just as school is about to start educators and school staff rallied for better working conditions and a raise members of the contra costa county school education association gather this afternoon outside of the contra costa county office of education. they say students deserve smaller class sizes and more textbooks and educators want stronger mental health programs. plus a livable wage that keeps up with inflation. >> we need to be able to retain more teaches. we've got teaches great teaches that just completely bent how and just moving on to different districts because the county is not listening to when we're asking the safety and skills. >> currently the association is in the mediation step in the bargaining process with the county board of education management. both sides are set to meet again tomorrow. we reached out to the office of education will let you know when we get that from them.
10:41 pm
>> gasoline prices are continuing to fall. the national average has dropped to just about $4 a gallon. the last time we saw prices under $4 was in early march back in june. the national average hit a record high of $5.3 across the country. the drop in prices is largely credited to the price of crude oil also falling. california, of course, still has the highest gasoline prices in the nation averaging $5. and $0.42 and the bay area leading the way with high prices. unfortunately, as you can see, a gallon of gas going for $5.56 in san francisco. on average, the cheapest gasoline in vallejo for $5 and $0.32 a gallon. the trial begins tomorrow in the lawsuit filed by kobe bryant's widow. vanessa, in her case against los angeles county. she is suing the county after graphic photos were taken at a helicopter crash site. >> where her husband died and then shared between la county sheriff's deputies and fire department personnel. vanessa
10:42 pm
bryant is seeking millions of dollars in damages for emotional distress. meantime, the county maintains there were no damages because photos never reached the public domain. 9 people, including kobe bryant, died in that helicopter crash in january of 2020. >> still ahead on kron, 4 news at 10, we're taking a trip to napa checking out a couple of spots that will make you want to know more. and next in sports, giants looking to make it 4 in a row as they take on the padres in san diego. and it was a wild one. sports director jason dumas has the highlights. coming up.
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national university, supporting the whole you. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the giants looking to make it 4 straight wins. they were in san diego taking on the padres game. 2 of that series and another beautiful night at petco park. what else is new to san diego is always beautiful. there. 8th inning padres up to to offer ha seong kim. he takes one on a ride to the wall. >> it bounces over the wall for a ground-rule double a run will score. san diego extends their lead to 3. >> the boy were we not done. top of the 9th giants cut the deficit to one evan longoria at the plate. he slaps one to left and look at that play by jurickson profar. he lays out
10:46 pm
a run scores for the giants to tie the game. but profar he saved the game with that play. bottom of the frame to offer manny machado, tyler rogers just frozen meat ball over the plate and machado makes him pay a 3 run, walk off for the win machado's 20th of the season. giants fall 7 to 4. look at take the series in the rubber match on wednesday. and the a's looking to snap a 3 game skid. but they'll have to get pas this guy shohei ohtani. he's the best player in baseball. bottom of the time he strikes out jonah bride to end the threat. 6 shutout innings. 5 strikeouts for ohtani. more from him later. >> top of the 5th annual with 2 on taylor ward. he takes james deep to left. angels extend their lead to 4 on the three-run blast. just for good measure, we've got to show this guy tiny striking guys out throwing no-hit ball and
10:47 pm
hitting lasers to right field. he does it all angels pad that lead a fall 5 to one. the look to avoid the sweep on wednesday. the niners take the field for the first time in a game situation this friday night, levi stadium. you've got to be they're taking on the packers. so, of course, at practice, the focus does that much more as the guys are owned in on green bay. >> tuesday's practice was a breath of fresh air for quarterback trey lance. we'll show much better command after what kyle shanahan called a, quote, rough practice last weekend. shanahan said he'll know more about his preseason plan after practices on tuesday and wednesday. but as of now, he expects forty-niners fans will be able to see in get a good look at lance and most of the other starters. >> we had a pretty good idea. i definitely these practices go these first 2 days i'd like
10:48 pm
to get guys to play in this man because i don't plan second game. on the scrimmage. a morning, the scrimmage than the game and have a chance going to play game. 4 days after that first houston will get back sunday morning will be tough. so that's why don't play much in that game. so hopefully a little and little and 3 and the last 17 days get ready for week. in my mind right now like trying to get in means one in 3. >> and guess what? i know a lot of people here in the bay roll their eyes when we bring up the raiders. but there's still a lot of fans here in the bay. and guess what? they got a game on sunday and we will be airing it on kron 4 pre-game coverage starts at 12, 30 in our post-game show begin soon as the final whistle blows kylen mills and i will anchor coverage. vikings raiders sunday only on kron 4 be here for the party.
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when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> a valley this 30 miles long, 5 miles wide. pretty come packed. napa offers a wide range of unique experiences in that short little piece of land. sure does. kron 4 noelle bellow takes a look at a couple of spots. it might even make it feel like royalty. nestled at the top of the bay area lies. napa valley wine country. >> the rolling hills winding with grabe vines are home to more than 400 wineries. yeah.
10:52 pm
special place at the top of the valley is sits. calistoga is very own castello di amorosa a k a castle of love. fanatic medieval history and heat end of the he wanted to make sure that this is not a cheesy castle made to not only look like a 14th century castle, but feel like one, too, is he? so is all the materials from europe, like all the all the doors and windows also came from a family and all of the stones like you see here don't the site is celebrating 15 years this summer and it's reservation only guests can schedule a tasting or a full tour for your group. you can choose between a standing casing in one of state what you get a sit-down tasing him. 5 different rights. or you could choose to go just don't sit too much or you might end up in the torture chamber. and we cast in the century headed change >> and down to just wanted to make an with friendly animals
10:53 pm
like jacomo the goat wandering the property guests will enjoy breathtaking views of the valley and vines, not just about the wind. it's also about show you south. now it's close by. it's great for a day trip, even better if you. >> stay overnight. if you find yourself needing a little guidance with your trip, hit up. visit napa located on first street in downtown, really encouraged everyone to get off off the beaten path and and see whole valley. the 5 towns each have a distinct personality. you can go to our website at visit napa valley dot com. we have a great trip planning itinerary tool there. they also have the scoop on happenings outside of wine tasting like riding a hot air balloon or checking out some summer concerts. piece is here for everybody. if you like a little bling with your buzz pattis jewelry in downtown napa is a true hidden gem. i don't think you'll ever see this many rings in one place located on first in franklin, the family-owned wine in
10:54 pm
jewelry business carries a wide range of brands and jules. so pretty offering a shopping experience paired with the winery's best chardonnay and cabernets. >> so this is a great way to area wanting. so what we love to do is have people come enjoy a glass of wine and then also look at it, is you can make a reservation or just walk-in. whether you're in napa for special occasion or just browsing new styles. >> pat u.s. team will make sure your glasses full. well, you get jeweled. people are always looking for that special memento to take back from a vacation or a special occasion that they're celebrating. >> so when they leave here, they feel like part of the family, diamonds and wine in napa valley. noelle bellow doesn't get kron. 4 news. >> right behind. >> dramatic pictures of a fiery small plane crash on highway 91 in riverside county happened just after 12, 30 this afternoon in the city of corona. you can see the single
10:55 pm
engine piper cherokee fell from the sky, hit the freeway and left a trail of burning fuel as it slid toward the sound barrier. pilot told the chp is experiencing possible engine failure during the crash. playing also hit a truck that was carrying 3 people. but fortunately, nobody was hurt. >> major security changes coming to whats app. the platform says it will allow users to prevent some people from knowing when they are checking messages. the new feature will also allow users to leave groups without letting others know parent company. meta says that the move is to make messages as secure as face-to-face conversations. the privacy features will be available within the next few weeks. >> the battery percentage logo might be making return to the home screen on the iphone. it's a feature that has been sorely missed ever since apple got rid of it when it introduced the iphone 10 back in 2017, the battery percentage was removed from the home screen to make room for a notch at the top of the
10:56 pm
screen, forcing users to swipe down to see that information. that's a lot of work. the latest a beta version of ios 16 now gives users the option to show their battery percentage on the home screen in sight. the battery icon in the world is a much better place now in that funny that such a big deal. yeah. i mean these things these little things ap due to people. >> and the new iphone 14 is coming up very shortly. hope the check and that one last check of weather around the bay area tonight. you do have some of that patchy fog that is creeping over san francisco right now. just >> a few patches you can see it's already broken out there right now. looking good as we head toward tomorrow. temperatures rather warm outside. you've got 65 degrees in hayward. 67 in palo alto and 64 degrees in blade. oh, boy, this moist out there in the atmosphere that does it keep these temperatures up during the night and makes it feel a little muggy outside still storms kind of ending
10:57 pm
for today. the monsoon pushing for the east but likely to make return again for tomorrow highs tomorrow. you're looking mid 80's. i think a little bit warmer inland 70's, a few 80's around the bay and warm along the coastline. temperatures in the 60 some places near 70 degrees. but we'll see some bigger changes coming our way. i think we watch as temperatures warming up a little bit as we head toward %pthe weekend. but next week, yeah, there's a good chance we could be talking about some serious heat up in the triple digits. possibly the following wednesday and thursday of next all right. thank you, lawrence. thank you for being with us tonight. have a good night and we'll see you
10:58 pm
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