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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 10, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> and thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. and daria and i'm james. we want to start this hour with a check of weather and should probably begin with the traffic because i know we have that accident scene at the bay bridge. start with rain and that means trouble on the roads, right? let's go ed. good morning. well, thankfully the trouble that we were seen in the last hour, finally almost handled what you're looking at right behind me to vehicle traffic collision right here at the toll plaza. both of those vehicles, one of them moved off to the side of the road. the other one towed away was pretty smashed in. and when it all happened was pretty chaotic there. yet people running back and forth out of the lanes. they have to do a traffic about 10 minutes ago or so. so now what you're seeing is the aftermath of that all pushed to the side of the bay bridge. they have one lane blocked. you can still see the flares. the air. so to vehicle traffic collision. we're still trying to see how severe the injuries were. looks like everybody walked away from that, though. chp is going to be here until they
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get this all cleared up and they complete that investigation. if you're wondering what your drive times are going to be still around. just 12 minutes to make it into the city right now. so the accident happened quick and they were just as quick to clean it clear that up. you still see that lane blocked there. but we're not seeing any major delays tow trucks still on scene. you can see the emergency vehicle still talking to people there. let's get a look at our other bridges. if you're not taking the bay bridge this morning, you probably want to know what the san mateo bridge looks like. a 12 minute ride a 80 to one o one heading across towards the peninsula out of richmond heading towards san rafale. just under 8 minutes of things have pretty quiet along our highways here. if you're checking want to one traveling up about 30 minutes, 85 to menlo park. 2, 80 82 looking great crockett down towards so just before you're approaching all that activity at the bay bridge just about under 60 minutes. that's a look at your traffic. a lot of people going back to work and school this week. john, how's the weather lookin yeah, we are seeing a beautiful sunrise this morning. rain a little
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bit prettier than that view of the bay bridge. unfortunately, if you look close. >> you can see downtown san francisco rising up through the low gray that is being seen all across the lot of the rest of the bay area. really nice start to this morning as some more of those kiddo's get outside to get back to school for another day. you can see also some of that same low gray sitting right across the bay. very patchy this morning. most of us are in seeing visibility issues. there are a couple of spots out there, though, where you should watch out for current temps in the 50's to 60's light cool conditions this morning. light jacket kind of step. i should say petaluma and nevada 54 right now. oakland, you're at 64 degrees. well, livermore at 59 light jackets on as you're getting those kids ready. darya james. >> thanks a lot. and as you are getting the kids ready, it's the first day of school for teachers and parents and students in milpitas. yeah. the district says families can expect to see new teachers, new programs even have some new crawford's will trend
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actually live for us in milpitas. now with a closer look at all of that. good morning. well, >> james, before i go into my report, i want to quickly ask you,d to you look forw the first day of school or did you hate it? >> i look forward to it. i was always excited. course about you will. of of course you did. no, no, of course. you did say though, id be dragged to school and i'm sure a lot of other parents will be driving their kids to school. >> you can see the lights on the right behind me at this elementary school in milpitas talking about 10,000 or so students within the school district summer is over. and now we're taking attendance in school. so get ready for buehler, buehler? yes, i just age to myself. the school district. they are ready to go. and unlike other school districts, many of them out there not just in the bay area but across the country. they claim within the milpitas unified school district. that staffing is not an issue. the
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students and the staff will have the full support that they need. once the big ends in a couple of hours from now, depending on your age, of course, high schools, 10 to start a little bit earlier than elementary schools. but the bottom line is it is back in session. so keep in mind, i want to give a friendly reminder to people out there. you know, that school zone that you went by this summer go a little bit slower as the kids are back in is going to be a little bit slower because many people will be taking pictures of their kids. they're thinking about today, guys, but the 're also thinking about the future. let me show you the innovation campus in milpitas. they actually broke ground on this 4 years ago and it's going to take another 2 years for them to complete. and just like new things. it's state of the art. it will cater to the needs of students in the future with all the bells and whistles at a cost of 91 million dollars. what do you get for it? well, according to a school administrator to get a lot. >> first of its kind, the m
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usd innovation campus will open doors and take us to another level in how we educate our students so that one day they can work for you. our partners, our businesses, founding members, the city of milpitas. the list is endless. and that is just the beginning. >> ok, as far as the innovation center, james and area, it's 66 million dollars and that money will come from the community. but it's a little bit short at a cost of 25 million dollars extra. so they are reaching out to the community to ask them if they can possibly donate. the bottom line is they do expect it to be finished in a couple of years. so now, but if your student, you're not thinking about the future, you thinking about that dreaded bell at 7.45, if you can possibly make it and not get the $0.10 on the first day, going to send it back to you. we are ready to go. talk to talk to administrators and parents
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this morning. i want to quickly show you we are in the back to school theme. i was showing you guys a little bit earlier this morning. i guess what grade i was been laughed at, but how young i look take guess how old i was here. i think that's great. we the 5th. i think that was your maybe 3rd year in the 5th grade. >> 10th >> grade. i was just a little a big g $100 bills. very cool. i love that back-to-school pictured fact. that's a great segue will. thank you very much because we want everybody to send in pictures just like we'll just did and show us what you look like as you're heading back to school this year. the kron 4 app use the reported tab. send it our way. we'll show it here on air you never appreciate when all you look so much younger than her age you get older, >> 6, 0, 6, is the time right now. and continuing our stories in the east bay. go to the next story and we'll pick
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it up from there. 6, 0, 6, just a school starting in the contra costa county district educators and staff. they're demanding better working conditions and pay. let's take a look at their demonstration. the contra costa county school education association rally at the office of education. they say that the students deserve smaller class sizes and more textbooks. educators want a better mental health program and a livable wage. we need to be able to retain more teaches. we've got teaches. >> great teaches that just completely bent. how and just moving on to different districts because the county is not listening to when asking the safety and children. >> currently, they are in the mediation process of the bargaining process and both sides are set to meet again soon. so we'll keep you posted. >> well, we have 2 backpack giveaways to tell you about today. first one is happening in san jose. sacred heart community service is putting it on the going to be giving away about 3800 backpacks during this giveaway, which is
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going to be on south first street, starting at 8 in the morning. and then the second backpack giveaways in sandra fell. the river center is going to be giving out 170 backpacks to families. each one will include a gift card so they can buy new clothes. the giveaway starts at 9. and again, it will be at the river center on richard street. and new this morning, we have a follow-up to a story that we first told you about on monday. the contra costa county board of supervisors says it will fix the problems with the county's head start program head start helps kids from births really all the way to 5 years old. help them get ready for school. well, during yesterday's meeting, the board acknowledged that there was a report by the federal government would show that their program has deficiencies in several areas, including safety practices. the county has 120 days now to fix these issues or the program could lose all of its federal funding. the board says it will have those problems fixed by that deadline. >> that could be a change in the way you get a monkeypox shot. the fda just approved new dosing guidelines up to
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now. if you get the vaccine, you get one vaccine with a full dose shot in the arm done. the new strategy is 2 shots a month apart and just one-fifth the dose injected under the skin. local doctors say this is been used with other vaccines in the past successfully. but some are concerned about how this could impact people who have unity disorders. >> 41% of people who are in this large 20,000 now, monkeypox outbreak across the planet are living with hiv. and so i would be worried, especially if the patient living with hiv isn't very well constitute a not medications i'd be worried about using the strategy in someone with hiv. >> leaders with the san francisco department of public health. so they're not going to be implementing these changes to the vaccine immediately. they're waiting for federal and state guidelines. it's 6, 0, 9 right now on news that we covering this morning, james. yeah,
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monkeypox could soon be renamed the world health organization is exploring a new name. >> because the current name of the virus has been criticized right now for being discriminatory and potentially stigmatizing monkeypox got its name when it was first study back in monkeys in the 1950's. well, the organization says the virus needs a new name because there is a race's history of black people being referred to as monkeys. an infectious disease expert at ucsf doctor peter chin-hong says that the name is a misnomer since the virus is actually found most often in small rodents and not monkeys at all. >> the last thing you probably want is a way that immediately brings to mind images that have a historical context and association with racism. that actually is a horrible make. it just gets stigmatize ing. it's even make sense that that which is absolutely talking about changing the name. >> now, the world health organization, names, diseases, but it's actually the international committee on taxonomy of viruses that decides the formal names. and as of this week, there's been
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no official name proposal to replace we'll keep calling at that. for now. >> the state's monkeypox select committee held their first meeting yesterday and they created this committee. both sides of the aisle say is to learn more about monkeypox and try to hopefully slow and stop the spread data from the california department of public health shows that here in california, we have more than 1300 cases, which is 500 more than there were last thursday. the federal government's public health announcement was made. governor newsom declared a state of emergency in the state and the committee is focused now on the vaccine rollout and d stigmatizing the virus. >> our goal is to do everything we can to control this outbreak. right now. it's not controlled. so we want to make sure that people have access to vaccines to testing and to the treatments that help make this less painful overall, it's just an opportunity for us to see and
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assess where we are so that we can move forward from here and have a lot of facts. >> the next meeting of the committee will be in the fall. >> we will take a break here at 6.12, but still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, the trump era travel ban is leaving thousands of o% immigrants in limbo. we'll explain why federal judge is ordering the federal government to do something about that. and after the break, republicans are coming to donald trump's defense after the fbi raided his mara lago as states. we'll tell you why his supporters say this may push him
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back 6.14, is the time to this morning. so good news for the economy. inflation numbers are down for the month of july. and prices are still up 8.5% for the from this time last year. but >> that is down from more than a 9% in june. prices also rose last month at a smaller rate in 2 years. prices still high on a lot of goods and services. president biden has pointed it to a declining prices as a sign that his policies are helping with these price problems. republicans trying to use inflation is a key issue in the upcoming mid term election. >> 6.15, right now and we're checking out. the forecast is back to school. so you got and how to dress the kids, even the jacket you handed to them. put it on. we've got john in the weather center. water temperatures like this early morning, john, you right now, we're really comfortable guys later on today. although we do get warm or not too terribly hot either. so this is
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actually >> a pretty good first back to school day for a lot of kids. i know it's the second day of school for some others, too. so as you are venturing outside, not that bad of news. as far as weather goes, light jackets this morning with clear skies over san jose. love to see a morning like that. not that bad. as far as air quality goes either. so good. a recess weather. most of the smoke from the fire continues to remain well to our north. any monsoonal moisture from thunderstorms out into the great basin. we are seeing a dry calm, clear morning for most spots. just a few spots of fog sitting right in the midst of the bay. we've been enjoying this dip in the jet stream that's been offering us a bit of a cool down to start this week. temperatures from this point forward will start to warm up, though, is a high pressure ridge to the east of us begins to build back in. as for current conditions, it's a little gray for some of us. but skies clear out nicely this afternoon. another dose of fog and low gray into tomorrow morning. couple of misty spots for your thursday. start same on into your friday morning as well. today's
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daytime highs really comfortable for san francisco 60's 70's for the city 60's right along the coastline and 70's for most of our bayshore cities. a few low 80's right along the bay as well in palo alto, up to san carlos, south bay temps, mostly low 80's for you with san jose. 81 degrees east bay shoreline in the 70's while the inland east bay, mostly in the 80's danville, 86 walnut creek. 85 oakland in richmond, both at 75 warmest spots being antioch in vacaville, 87 88. well, nevado at 82 tomorrow's temps. a little warmer than today's the very warmest days. that will be saturday and sunday with high temperatures will likely rise into the upper 80's to low 90's inland bayshore cities remain in the 70's while coastal areas not move in from the 60's. john, thank you for that, ok? so we were talking about that accident on the bay bridge. will. >> looks like they've got most of that cleared up there. still now because of that 17 minutes into the city residual
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delays. you are seen it may's that fremont street exit. no issues along or san matteo bridge. 13 minute drive. as you make your way. the one '01, 7 minutes out of richmond heading across the word. sandra fell. let's check on some of our highways if you're traveling along one. 0 one. 29 minutes from 85 to menlo park to 18. 82 also moving nicely at this hour. 5 80's to crockett down towards the maze. a 60 minute drive for you. there. highway 4. we are getting a little busy. 28 minutes. any act as you're traveling to congress to 42 and we still got this accident up here. it's not as bad as it was. 80 westbound east of 5 '05 north. that's up in vacaville. so you just see the slight delay as you're traveling a james. back to you. thanks. a lot of 6.18, and they're sending trump era. travel ban is still affecting tens of thousands of immigrants around the world who are in legal limbo. applicants are either still waiting for an interview or they were denied a visa during the ban despite paying up to well, thousands of dollars in
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fees this month. a federal court in san francisco ruled in the applicant's favor ordering the u.s. government to reconsider denied visas and waive any fees related to their visa applications for a second time. >> this is far from the end of the road, right? it's it's a victory. and it's an important victory. but it's really just a step. it's effectively in order that forces the government to come to the table talk. resolution and singer and helping us figure a way of kind of go forward. >> it's currently on queue clear how fast this process is going to work for getting the applicants their visas. >> well, happening today, prosecutors will be questioning former president donald trump under oath. it's all part of the new york attorney general's investigation into his real estate dealings. trump posted on social media that he is in new york. now for the deposition is some of the pictures of him arriving at trump tower last night. the investigation involves accusations that the former president's real estate company misstated the value of assets and misled lenders and
6:20 am
tax authorities. >> 6.19, right now and republicans are rallying behind former president trump after the mar-a-lago estate was searched by the fbi. yeah, the investigators are looking into whether he misled or mishandled classified documents. we've got hannah brandt standing by dc with an update on all of this. good morning, hannah. >> james darya. good morning. right now republicans are rushing to defend former president trump. many of them are brushing off any potential wrongdoing and instead focusing on how this could actually boost a possible presidential run. >> fbi when it comes to trump and other organizations of last the fbi raid on monday night prompted criticism from republican allies of the former president. >> and sparked a gathering of supporters outside of the mar-a-lago estate think it's abuse of power. a federal judge had to sign off on the fbi searches. agents trying to determine whether the former
6:21 am
president mishandled classified documents. but republicans like senator roger marshall using the justice department of playing politics. folks back home are real concerned about what the federal government has become. democrats in the white house say they have nothing to do with the investigation. the justice department conducts investigations independently. the president was not briefed, did not was not aware of it. no, no one at the white house was given a heads up. speaker nancy pelosi told nbc's today show she doesn't know much about the fbi's search but believes no person is above the law. not even a former president. senator lindsey graham has a different take. nobody's above the law. but the law needs to be politics. as the former president considers another run for the office in 2024, allies like senator graham and congressman jerry carl say this only strengthens his political position. i believe you is gonna run before. i'm a stronger not believe now the fbi has has fired his base up and they'll no stopping old school.
6:22 am
>> this investigation is separate from the investigation into the former president's connection to the january 6 capitol attack live in washington. i'm hannah brandt. thanks, hannah. >> time now 6.21, and also in the news today, we've got president biden signing the chips act in the law. that's that 280 billion dollar bipartisan bill that's supposed to make the u.s. more competitive against china. the legislation sets aside 54 billion dollars to ramp up domestic manufacturing of semiconductor chips. other funds will go towards tax breaks for semiconductor companies, which are making new investments. according to the white house, the u.s. currently produces only about 10% of the world's supply of semiconductor chips, east asia. accounts for 75% of global production. >> we need to make these chips here in america to bring down every day, costing create jobs. hundreds of thousands of high quality high paying manufacturing jobs. i felt like we needed to produce chips in america that go into.
6:23 am
>> cars and refrigerators and f 35. >> president biden noted that the chinese government is paying close attention to this. in fact, it was even lobbying u.s. businesses. >> against the legislation. it's 6.22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news police in albuquerque, new mexico have arrested a man who is suspected of killing. >> 2 muslim men last week. we'll have the latest on this case.
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>> 6.25 is the time and happening right now in the east bay. police are looking for the person who sexually assaulted a woman in fremont. it happened near the intersection of padre parkway and maori avenue. the victim was taken to the hospital. investigators are talking to witnesses. police say they have identified a potential suspect, but that person's identity is not yet being made public. >> time now 6.26 and a ban is on the loose. he robbed and assaulted another man at gunpoint in petaluma around 9 o'clock. last night the victim was walking on saint francis drive near coffee. elaine, when somebody came up behind him, pushed him and pressed a gun to the his back and then the thief made off with his wallet and cell phone. by the way, hit him in the face. first before it took off. police don't have a description of the attacker right now. new this morning, police in albuquerque, new mexico have charged a 51 year-old man for the deaths of 2 muslim man and he's the prime suspect in 2 other
6:27 am
murders. investigators say that mohammed site is considered the primary suspect in the deaths of all 4 of the muslim men who were killed. they tracked him down by a vehicle believed to be involved. and one of the slayings, the latest killing happened friday night to other muslim ellen men were killed earlier last week and a 4th was killed last november. the crime speedy spree us that kit crime spree that is has sparked fear in the muslim community and across the country. but we still don't have a motive or really know what's behind these killings. >> we'll take a break. it is 6.27 coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news. another watch robbery spree happening throughout the bay area. one redwood city man tells us what was like the rocket from his own home. and new details revealed in the disappearance of a truck 18. we'll tell you what investigators know so far. we'll be right back.
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>> 6.30, right now. we're checking out the weather for you on this. back to school. we can just depends which day your kid goes back. but it's kind of staggered week next week. >> my son goes back to school today, jack. jack, hope your wake. high school, though, right? high school. so as you now know, more roller bag heavy as he got away just him so cool. it doesn't seem like it should be back to school. i feel like summer just started
6:31 am
and yeah. that time now and hate mother nature is making it easy to get the kids back out there today. we do have your normal spatula spots of fog, but also plenty of sunshine piercing through that low grade that. >> hovering right in the bay itself. current temperatures are mostly in the 60's at this point. that's light jacket, kind of stuff, kind of sweater, weather kind of stuff this morning later on today. we are going to see some 80's inland 70's along the bay. nothing too terribly hot, either. so recess hours. look good as well waiting at the bus. stop both this morning and towards the afternoon. i will be talking about any changes, though. and that does include a bit of a warm up towards the tail end of this week. all still to come right now. john, thank you for that. will down in hayward along i-80 southbound north of west winton avenue. we got an accident there. so you are seeing a slight delay through hayward in castro valley to 38 looks fine, though, as you're traveling along there. let's go ahead you look at the bay and we have that earlier accident. all lanes are now clear. accident is clear as well. 18 minute ride maze to
6:32 am
that fremont street exit. as for traffic is consistently been city because of that delay. 8 minutes at a richmond via the richmond, sandra fell bridge along one. 0, one here, traveling up apart from 85. a 30 minute ride to 37 17 both moving at the limit and highway for about 30 minutes. antioch, as you're traveling into conquers to 42 darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of 6.32, and a redwood city man says that he still shaken up after he was robbed at gunpoint outside of his home he says someone stole his rolex right off his wrist. kron four's amanda hari has the story. >> it's it's it's a and come to field. >> just before 7 saturday evening out shower was says he was coming back to his redwood shores home. that's when pulled up. >> and >> they are 15 on the surveillance video shows a dark colored car following he
6:33 am
says when he parked the dark colored card turned around, he got out of his car and the suspect car pulled up right next to him. 2 men got out of the vehicle. you can see them on the edge of this security video this i want you keep saying want to give me a >> i gave him. i want. and then my books to the tune up and that's when they. and just left. >> like a shower was swiss terrier was laying down in the back of the car out of sight. when he let her out, she started barking at the suspects. so so grateful to he believes that she didn't start barking. they would have tried to take more from him than just his rolex, who sure that with a look at to public folder like he knew this one was in the back is to get his want get his >> but i think my that i was like really, really acting up. and that's when the just some of show us as redwood city police arrived quickly. >> and state to investigate for 3 hours for police door to
6:34 am
door and the i feel very comfortable and they're here. showers says he still loves living in his community and hopes this was an isolated incident. >> in the last month, rolex watches have been stolen in walnut creek in daly city, san francisco. police have even put out a warninl about it in redwood city amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> 6.34 is the time in the south bay, a 40 year-old cold case murder of a teenage palo alto girl has been solved. karen step was killed back in 1982. when police found a body in sunnyvale, she'd been stabbed. 59 times. well, now the santa clara county district attorney's office says they finally made an arrest in this case. officials charging 75 year-old gary ramirez with the murder. investigators say it was advancements in dna technology that made this possible. they actually took dna from the crime scene and started building a family tree using related public databases. >> we think you're related to the killer. can okay with
6:35 am
uploading their your dna to ancestry? 23 and me and and more often than not the answers. yeah. absolutely. >> now the district attorney's office says that the da a dna swab of ramirez matched the blood at the scene. investigators are still looking for a motive. >> time now 6.34 and the south bay santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez wants to get more guns off of the streets. she plans to give more funds to the district attorney to do it from force. charles clifford has the details. >> across santa clara county, law enforcement says they're seeing a growing problem of people who could be a threat to themselves or others possessing weapons. and they may soon get additional resources to take those guns away. good morning. santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez says she plans to ask the board of supervisors to provide more resources to law enforcement and the district attorney's office to enforce gun violence, restraining orders or gbr owes rose allow police to take guns from anyone who is a threat to
6:36 am
themselves or others. over the past few years, there's been a steady increase in the number of guns being recovered this way. >> and the district attorney's office says the problem is getting worse. they also say that the spread of illegally manufactured guns or ghost guns is making the need even more urgent. people who are prohibited from buying guns. they don't go to a gun store. they go to someone who's illegally manufacturing guns in their garage. >> we need to do better efforts to find those people who were manufacturing those illegal guns for distributing illegal guns that are brought in from out of state. and if we can reduce the illegal guns in the hands of people who are doing shootings, we're going to do it a lot better and reducing gun violence in our community. chavez says another goal of the plan is to encourage cooperation between different law enforcement agencies. you know, we don't send a single officer to go retrieve these. we sent teams and that requires resources. >> and we really want to provide whatever support we can to cities across the county that are already, frankly, really strapped for police officers. so
6:37 am
>> everything that we can do to make this easier on these departments to take this leadership. we want to support them in doing that in the south bay. charles clifford kron, 4 news. well in the east bay burglars targeted a car audio installation business in oakland stealing well over $100,000 worth of equipment. >> we have security footage from the south factory in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. according to the owner, the thieves snuck in through the roof on july 17th sometime between midnight. 02:00am. he says the alarm company never called him. the thieves made off with 3 vehicles and audio equipment totaling more than $150,000. the owner says crime in oakland is so bad. he's thinking of moving his business to another city. >> they were. and how many asian, years that have any type of problems with this type of possible juniors. and these my my you know you. so what are you just move out of town squad sort of time anywhere. hogan is really about right now as we did that. >> and the owner says the alarm company wasn't the only one to let him down that day.
6:38 am
he says police also took several hours to make it out to the shop to take a report. >> it's 6.37. we're continuing to follow the desperate search for a teenage girl who went to a party saturday in truckee and never made it home. and a press conference. investigators shared some new details when it comes to highly roads, whereabouts before she disappeared and revealed the activity on her cell phone from earlier that morning. really in a shed. x has the latest. >> this is 16 year-old kylie, rodney captured on surveillance from a shop in truckee hours before she attended a party where she was last seen early saturday morning. we did some surveillance video from the store at 6 o'clock the day that showed kylie. and so we have that information that confirms a timeline of events that investigators have been working with. >> kylie went to a senior farewell party at the prosser family campground attended by up to 300 teens and young adults. her car was parked right there.
6:39 am
>> on there. that's where you go. very thing. the party was set up over here. where that like her is where the majority of kids standing in between these 3 trees right here. this is where like, too hung up in cars on here. here's the road you take to get out here. she hasn't been seen since neither has her 2014 silver honda cr-v. the sheriff's office has since taped off the area. >> in the first press conference with allied agencies since kiley disappeared. detective sergeant scott alford says no tip is too small. >> we accepting from people who are involved. so that's coming into a single source so that team can evaluate it, looked through the video. surveillance video from other areas. he also shared the last information they've obtained from kylie cell phone from early saturday. we are with
6:40 am
the fbi right now. the last information we have >> so you're down to the 6th 33 minutes after midnight. >> investigators have received more than 200 tips, which they're working through today. the search continued for kiley with more than 100 volunteers that last location known our search expands from there. >> and then if we get a tip about another location, we're looking for resources and work to exhaustion. she recently graduated from force charter school where missing flyers with kylie's picture in the car are pasted in the front entrance to principal described her as kind well liked and a talented individual. >> those arena giving us the update. experts say it's important to communicate with your children about how to stay safe in dangerous situations. and there are just so many of us that are pulling for kylie's return. it's 6.40, right now in the north bay. a garbage truck load caught on fire in windsor. >> there's the garbage watch.
6:41 am
it was on fire. this is on robbins park on the street right in front robbins park. there it is smoldering as firefighters worked quickly to put a loud could to them a couple of hours and then they had to mop it up and now they're investigating the cause. >> well, in an unprecedented daily, low number of flu cases has been reported during the covid pandemic because we were wearing masks and we're wiping everything down. but some experts are worried now that that's all going to change this year as children are going back to school and they are the ones in the highest risk data from countries in the southern hemisphere which are currently in their flu season show that cases are now higher than they were before the pandemic. and they say children have the highest rate of cases because of that. health experts say it's really important to get your flu vaccine this year. many are recommending you do it sooner rather than later. mosquitoes carrying the west nile virus have been found now in a small area of cupertino. that virus was detected in the area
6:42 am
around stevens creek boulevard and north stirling road. santa clara county officials say it's pretty normal torsee an increase in west nile virus during the summer months because this is when mosquitoes thrive. it's during hot weather. the county is using a surveillance program right now to try detect the presence of the disease, including west nile virus. and that data which they're collecting right now will be used to predict locations of where it's likely to affect people in the future. santa clara vector control is going to be doing a mosquito treatment tomorrow night at about 10 o'clock. >> can it just be a cheat? i mean, can't they got to give you a disease? >> all right. just 42 right now. paid still ahead, school districts are struggling to find teachers to fill the classrooms. while we're get back to school this week, we'll take a look at that. >> i'm rich demuro. that's coming up in tech. smart. and we are seeing some conditions out there this morning that are clear for most of us. just a little low gray sitting up about
6:43 am
>> the have to pay, which looks really nice. 80's inland. later today, 70's along the bay 60's 70's, the coast. more ahead. >> well, we started off this morning with a few delays. still looks like we have some residual issues from an accident on the bay bridge earlier this morning.
6:44 am
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6:45 am
>> we're back. 6.45. your time? if you're tired of golf carts, maybe want to try. one of these are called golf
6:46 am
boards. never seen these before or you i? well, i am tired of walking site. >> it's a mix between a scooter and a skateboard and a golf cart. yeah. but your bags in there, how cool? that's pretty rich demuro actually gives us a test drive. step onto a golf board. and suddenly a golf cart seems old fashioned. >> have anybody here that doesn't just love it. great connect loves his, which mixes aspects of snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding. not traditional for sure. >> but definitely is in addition, you know, t of clubs plus accessories and let you cruise along courses at between 5 and 10 miles an hour. one of the things about the goal for this very unique, as you can kind of see here that when you're turning. >> the wheels actually can't be in this way. the board can go at least 18 holes on a
6:47 am
charge. we firmly believe that in 20 years to is going to be more individual rider devices on a golf course because it's so much more efficient to play it almost imports might want to support my entire way. i got to try it out at 10. throw a breathtaking course in bend. oregon left here yet. >> all right. i feel turning. there is a bit of a learning curve since you lean to turn instead of using a steering wheel. >> ok, so i've gotten the hang in. the gulfport now need to get the hang of golf itself. hundreds of courses offer gulfport rentals, you can purchase one too. >> it's just one more way to modernize the game. like faster, play a relaxed dress code and music on the course. if goff is to survive. we've got a look at what people want. steve eisenberg is a golf expert with more than 50 years of play. he says the gulfport can be a fun, more physical addition to the game. if the course is really want to embrace this technology, they have to be aware. the safety factor may have to let people know that, you know, you've got to be careful.
6:48 am
>> that cool. one or $2000. yeah. i was just checking the price is little bit steep. but the nice thing about golf carts, as you can actually sit down for a second. and like rest ernie's, well, you're going from because you're so tax. well, all very far. so, and you it's walking a lot. let's see. want to be out there today. john, what's going to i actually grew to shame on the shielding right over the so you want like a little per sharing is stand up the swing. you could just perch and you could sit that if they do. the board would like a little stool. you could sit on while i and i'm all for might be the next level? that's the 2 point over a day and yes, it is definitely a nice day to be getting out there for some golfing or maybe just taking the kids back to school today as we are seeing the first day back to
6:49 am
school for even more of those kiddo's this morning. >> we do have some gray in the distance, but nice bright skies making its way down to quite hour, not even smokey. so this is good news for recess time or just your jog outside the smoke from the kincade fire staying out of our neck of the woods. chances of thunderstorms staying to the east of us that high pressure ridge firing up some more monsoonal moisture across the southwest. we're not going to see that in the bay area, although we could see a few rolls of thunder up in the sierra nevada. this low pressure area that's been offering us a cool start to the week is about to retreat, allowing high pressure to build back in and allowing the heat back in with it this afternoon. it's all about the sunshine. so bring the sunscreen as you're heading outside. stay hydrated. will be warm inland in the 80's, not by any means. our tomorrow morning starting with some more low gray and fog followed by more sunshine into your thursday afternoon. same into friday and saturday as well. today's highs in the 60's and 70's for san francisco we are seeing some 60's pretty consistently at the coast and
6:50 am
then some 70's to just barelyp low 80's along the bay shore. burlingame at 79 saying carlos, through palo alto in the low 80's south bay temperatures mostly in the low 80's as well with the east bay shoreline in the 70's in the inland east bay, back up into the 80's, dublin and san ramon. 82. well, danville and conquer to 86 oakland, richmond in. i-75 for you. while antioch in vacaville are very hottest to 87 88 santa rosa in petaluma each at 80 degrees. here's a look ahead. temperatures today will be our coolest, as i mentioned. that's especially true for inland areas which see some low 90's come this weekend. bayside city stay pretty steady in the 70's while coastal areas remain in the 60's rain. that they'll 80 westbound 5, 80 east in oakland. we have an accident there. lane is blocked. >> and so you see the traffic building just behind that as you're traveling towards the maze. once you do reach the maze 2, that freeman street
6:51 am
exit a 20 minute. why cause we start off the morning with an earlier traffic collision right there at the toll plaza to them. a little lot of get that cleared up 13 minutes. san mateo bridge a 80 to one. 0 one. let's check on highway 4. 34 minutes of traffic is building last time. right around 20 checked in the traveling to concord's to 42 well in the south bay long want to one 36 minute ride. 85 up towards menlo park. 2.80, in 82 fun. looking really nice at this hour. the kraken down towards the maze. 19 minutes because of that accident scene right there. darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of 6.51, and as students are getting ready to go back to school, school districts are struggling to find enough teachers to fill the classrooms. teachers, a lot of them are leaving the profession and it's having a big impact. nicole berlie has more. >> as schools across the country prepare to reopen their doors. the number of teachers heading back to the classroom at a new low, according to the bureau of labor statistics between 2020 2022. approximately 600,000 teachers and staff left the
6:52 am
field. that's down nearly 3% last august. >> 30. >> 7% of our members. we're looking to leave the classroom this year. wary of 2022, it was suddenly up to 55%. the massive decline and educators leaving classrooms empty, threatening the basics like english and math and hitting special education. hard. >> one of the reasons money, the average starting salary for a teacher. $43,000. the overall average for teachers. 61,000, the national education association says in may of this year, there were a whopping 380,000 positions available in public education compared with 2019 when there were 155,000 jobs available. that's an astounding 70% increase. >> this profession has one of the highest rates burnout
6:53 am
because it is a hard vocation to >> that was nichole berlie reporting here in california about 80% of school districts are experiencing a teacher are experiencing a teacher shortage i'm bringing back my spicy chicken strips. while i'm at it, my most popular former employee, mark hamill. well, what's my motivation? to not get fired again... i can work with that. actors! spicy chicken strips and me, mark hamill, back for a limited time.
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look at them sitting there. just sitting there. can't believe we hired a director for this. spicy chicken strips starting at $5.49 are back at jack in the box. >> 6.55, and we have a programming reminder for you. if you like football kron 4 is your ticket. >> 2 raiders preseason games this sunday they're taking on. >> the vikings and the coverage starts at 12, 30.
6:56 am
>> right here on kron 4 tune in. >> james wendy's is adding french toast sticks to the breakfast. one more reason to go to wendy's. they want to get better breakfast option just yeah. wendy's french toast sticks are now going to be on the menu. you get for a get 6 and all sounds like too french toast sticks a day. if they had that, it not at wednesday's but these to get the frozen ones that have that for popular. >> dip it in the syrup. >> sue. yeah. anything unity with their hands on all 6.56. right now. coming up in the next hour, kids are getting back to school so you might be rushed for breakfast and then income. the french toast. we'll be back with a look around the bay at that. plus, monkeypox could be changing the way that you get. the shot might be a little different. we'll have the latest on that. and republicans coming to donald trump's defense after raided by the fbi. te was p-
6:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> morning and thanks for waking up with us on a wednesday. i'm daria, i'm james. 07:00am in its wake up time for a lot of kids heading back to school today first week of time because, you know, then you have to wake him up again and again. 5 minutes. oh, no. i mean, all
7:00 am
morning, now. yeah, it could be yes, some people probably in that boat. we got john with your back to school forecast. let's start the hour. that way. job. i'd rather have the snoozing kid than the king. that's wide awake at either way it's up earlier than you're probably used to this morning as we are seeing so many kids coming right on back to school. and good weather is you're doing so we've got the bright skies over the east bay. nice view right there. looking down at berkeley. that's the way to get your morning. started off with nice, dry conditions. pretty favorable for getting back out there. make sure to keep the low jackets, light sweaters on this morning this afternoon. you won't be needing those 50's 60's for current temps, san jose at 61. oakland, you're at 64 right now. one of our cooler spots santa rose at 52 degrees. >> well, san francisco and san mateo hanging out in the low 60's to get this back to school morning started. i'll be talking about a slight warm-up for the rest of the week. still to come right now, john, thank you for that. well, if you're traveling along 8, 8, hayward southbound just north of west winton avenue, we have


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