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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  August 11, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> well, good thursday morning and thanks for waking up with us bright and early here on the kron. 4 morning news. hopefully. >> he slept good. you know, john, i got up just much better sleep last night last night. so hot. it was keeping me up. but i made sure a busted out the fan today terms of the weather. what we need to know. i'm also slip so good last night. so i think ever come up well rested this thursday. the weather certainly get help with that. >> had a nice little cool down last night. we do have a bit of a low gray sitting across the bay. >> you can faintly make it out right there above some of our taller buildings in downtown
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san francisco after a nice cool evening. we're set for a hotter day ahead of don't let this nice cool morning for you. we are still in prison. really hot weather this afternoon. right now. satellite radar showing dry conditions. few misty spots in the coastal ranges. aside from that, though, mass majority of us really just sitting under a little layer of low clouds this morning, 50 60's for current temperatures fairly similar to yesterday morning. a little bit cooler for some santa rosa. you're at 55 54 while berkeley, san francisco and san mateo each at 61 degrees later on today. daytime high r warmer. a few 90's for this to inland. although most of us stick with those 80's 60's and 70's closer to the coast and the bay right now. >> even that let's get a look at your traffic this morning. a 10 minute ride maze that fremont street exit san mateo bridge just under 40 minutes. as you're making your way from a 80 to one o one. the richmond, sandra fell commute just under 9 minutes andthe
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golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls a 20 minute morning right east bay congressman eric swalwell, sears and alarming voicemail that threatened his life and saying on twitter that if violent rhetoric against lawmakers, law enforcement continues, someone is going to get killed, kron four's amanda hari talk with a political analyst and has that audio of the voicemail now want to warn you before we play this, what you're about to hear is disturbing. >> falwell to work with people. but his wife's head off to kids as off. i don't give up. >> that statement was repeated over and over again during a voicemail left for former presidential candidate and congressman eric swalwell who represents part of alameda and contra costa counties. he tweeted out saying, quote, listen to this death threat against my children since the fbi search of mar-a-lago, trump, mccarthy and mag of republicans are stoking violent rhetoric against lawmakers and law enforcement.
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someone is going to get killed. everybody believing your. >> it's been a real live. it work with. somebody needs to. >> you democrats your way. >> small well also received this separate message, calling him a traitor and a spy for china, threatening that he should be hung. this is this kind of behavior. is. >> is unfortunately out there. and it's it's anti democratic. it's it's anti american. but unfortunately, you know, it's it's encouraged by our former president michael yaki is a political analyst attorney and serves on the u.s. commission on civil rights. >> he says they're seeing more of these types of violent intimidation. we've seen a huge uptick and hate crimes groups over the past 10 years. jackie believes it started after president obama was elected and then grew into a more common occurrence under president trump. the anonymous caller that left a message for
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representative swalwell vocalized his support for trump near the end of the call trump 2020 fall. >> trump 20 points off of the gop rules. jackie, things trump could stop this type of behavior. trump has the ability. >> to tone down the rhetoric. he has ability to speak to these people and say, you know, this isn't part of what the america that we all signed up for, but he doesn't do it came courage. is it? he revels in it? he actually is energized by it by the state run. jackie was also on the san francisco board of supervisors and was an advisor to nancy pelosi. he says during that period he received death threats to and can sympathize with how small well may feel. there's a pit in your stomach. you worry first you worry about your loved ones. >> and in the case of carson's following their threatening his wife and children, that that's just i mean, that's just cowardly. that's just sick. yockey says in these situations, authorities are notified and the person being threatened will receive extra security and protection
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amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> well, a woman protesting the right to an abortion says a paramedic sedated her against her will. now she's suing the city of san francisco curry. mcknight says this happened while lawyers fans were gathered at chase center for an nba playoff game against the boston celtics. you see the video from june 13. you can see them actually dragging her away by security. according to midnight, she and a friend were being removed after attempting to walk on to the main floor to protest the overturning of roe v wade unite claims a police officer threatened to have her injected with a sedative and that a paramedic made injection while she was strapped to the gurney. >> because you don't know what they just injected us. i've never no one really probably never had that experience where somebody would come up to you against your will and inject you. it's absolutely horrific. >> the night is filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city of san francisco as well as the san francisco police. a fire department. the city
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attorney's office released a statement about the incident saying we have yet to be served with the lawsuit. we will review it once we are served and respond appropriately. members of san francisco's arab and muslim communities are celebrating a victory. san francisco board has agreed that i need, which is composed of 2 religious festivals will be official school holidays. the kron four's dan kerman reports. not everyone on the school board supported designating that new ordinance. take a look. >> thunderous applause from students and parents tuesday night as the san francisco school board votes 4 to one to create official school holidays for eat 2 of the most significant holidays for the arab and muslim community. it's not just about. >> recognizing as a holiday and taking the day off from school. it's also about us feeling listen to and feeling. seen and heard by the city and bias if usc and the by the
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board member chris. >> prior to the vote, parents and students talked about the double standard which forces muslim students to miss a day of learning to celebrate their culture with slow students. staff and families have said time and time again that they shouldn't have to be forced to choose between the community have education and employment. >> recognizing the need would bring more racial equity district. it's become calendars organized around the christian calendar. there's no situation where christian children have to choose between family, in culture and their academics or health. however, muslim students over the past few years have had to make those choices. i think that children should. >> that deserve that. does it have to feel the happiness and excitement that their students feel on their holiday break? recognizing the need is a great initiative to building confidence and show us that most american students. but they have valued members of the school and of the community at large. the only person voting against the measure was embattled school board member and shoe.
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>> who has faced criticism for comments about black and brown families. we need criteria. >> and process and without that be in place. but there's this request and the ripple effects that may come if this request is granted to, we're going adjust same problem. >> other board members voiced similar concerns about not having a process in place for selecting school holidays. >> but in the end, voted in favor of the measure. we're immensely proud to be part of this it's a proud to lead california to be the country and a lot of in issues of racial and social justice backers of the initiative say the san francisco unified school district is the first in the state to observe this holiday. it goes into effect during the 2023 2024 school year. dan kerman kron. 4 news authorities are investigating a rape on stanford's campus. it happened sometime after 5 in the evening. >> on tuesday in a parking lot
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near wilbur hall. the crime was later reported to campus security around a 30 what someone who is mandated to notify authorities contacted the stanford department of public safety that an adult woman reported she had been sexually assaulted by a man. she did not know. the investigation is currently ongoing. well, the owner of an oakland laundry mat says he has moved his entire family out of the bay area. he says there's just too much crime and he's considering moving his business as well. kron four's haaziq madyun has that story. >> they had a stolen truck. they've through. right through the front of the longer after they are gone after the atm you hear reports that some folks are thinking about leaving the bay area. >> you can count laundromat owner derek toms. among those that actually made the move. you're looking at surveillance videos up some of the reasons why. >> it's just crime everywhere
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you have. it has it. >> it's the beginning of the year. he says all of his family own laundry mats have been targeted by burglars in oakland, san leandro, hayward, alameda. and here in berkeley where this video was recorded. >> well, the birthday, what i saw recently. >> in fact, he says last friday, saturday and sunday, his lake merritt laundromat was targeted by the 3 days in a >> the thompson family has been in the laundromat business in the east bay for 45 years. >> derrick thomas personally got into the business close to 6 years ago. he says he's never seen anything like this, right? i mean, i mean, year 6 right now, the first 5 years. >> there's he says the oakland police department having their hands full responding to violent crimes makes reporting what's happening to his business is virtually impossible. nobody ever contact me not being able to take it anymore. he says this past june, he moved his entire
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family out of the bay area. some to hawaii. the vast majority to alabama. so is the grass greener for this businessman, a lifelong bay area resident of 40 years? and happy now because there? >> i'm happy i'm happy about. it's been bought. >> haaziq kron. 4 news. >> well, coming up on the kron 4 morning news, the sam fire creating its own natural phenomenon. we're going to explain what we know so far in that case. and vice president kamala harris is expected in the bay area today. we're going to break down what we know so far about her trip and the white house and lawmakers in dc all making responses to the recently released place in numbers. we're going have a live report from dc and just a few minutes. make sure you stick around.
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>> well, now to monterey county, where a man was attacked by a shark off the coast of lovers point. and does it grow old? it happened as the man was on a power but with his dog on wednesday. well, for us, justin campbell has that story. a local guy was out on a stand-up paddleboard with his dog when all of a sudden a shark attack them. you are looking at bite marks left by a shark. it managed to tear through the
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installation of a 12 foot paddleboard. well, it's a large shark and the only species that are in our waters that are large enough to create a bite like that are usually white sharks. >> or the great white pacific grove police say the shark swam underneath the board then turned around and took a chunk out of the front end of the board, knocking the man and his dog into the water. thankfully, the man on the board alongside his dog got away and back to shore on harmed so many cases we think that church might occasionally bite people, whether they're swimming or or on a paddle boarder surfboard because they mistake them is pray. in addition to looking for food. doctor chris lowe with the shark lab at cal state long beach says the shark could have also felt threatened less than 2 months ago. another man was attacked by a shark in the same area. but was it the same likely that you have a big shark spending that much time in a place like that without a lot of food around. so it it's unlikely that it's the same shark doctor low will work
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with the state to examine the bite marks to determine what type of shark bit the paddle board reporting in lovers point justin campbell kron, 4 news. >> that's one of the wow. that is a tornado. >> i mean, check out this fire tornado. this happened wednesday evening near the grapevine on i-5 in los angeles county. i would be terrified. fhsaa this driving as crews battled the samphire. so this is part of the sand fire. the wildfire has burned at least 150 acres and he's actually forced the closure of highway one. 38 ingram. and if you take that, this can happen when extreme heat is coupled with turbulent winds, more than 200 fire personnel are battling that fire and are reportedly making good progress. but look at they have to deal with this. no structures are threatened and there aren't any evacuations. at last report. it was about 60% contained. some john, when our 2 biggest raced always have to go to the great line, taking it up. so i can only
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imagine when people seen on their ride down the air, but no fire. nato's back here at home. >> those fires can create quite their own, whether that's something that crews have to battle all the time is the fact that not just are you dealing with the high winds that often come along with these fast growing buyers, but then and that was vortex a psychic created is that he rises around the blaze itself. so indeed, pretty crazy video to look at right there right now. as far as what we have this morning. you're right. no fire native we're okay with that. that's a stick with a little bit of a light dose of low gray sitting right above us. you've got the east bay right here seem faintly below with some low cloud cover. complimenting it. >> really nice morning. overall. we still do have the mckinney fire burning to our north. that's the biggest smoke producer, but not for us. that smoke stays to the north. so we in the bay area are holding on to some good air quality in another nice calm day today, clear skies temperatures, just a touch
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warmer. really not a huge change from where we were yesterday. high pressure ridge centered across the southwest still resulting in ghunderstorms out that direction as well as some a very, very hot conditions to our east. we're sitting right at the edge of the retreating low pressure area that has been keeping us cool to start the week but will have less and less of an impact on us as we move our way into the weekend and eventually into next week. that means warming temperatures, especially into next week. this morning. we do have some low grade that gets out of the picture pretty quickly, much like it did yesterday. setting us up for a good amount of sunshine later on today. tomorrow, more low greater in the morning, followed by more afternoon sunshine. and we'll see that same thing happened on into saturday as well. now, as far as today is concerned, you're going to notice temperatures just a little bit warmer than yesterday's still solid 60's right along the coastline. some 70's to just barely make in the 80's along the bay shore on the peninsula. redwood city and san carlos. 81 south bay temps right around the same as you were yesterday with san jose. 82
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fremont hayward through oakland all in the 70's while pleasanton and livermore are holding on to the 80's. but a little warmer of a range of 80's. and yesterday, concord, up to 89 oakland, you are at 75 yesterday today. 76 antioch in vacaville, just barely scooting back up into the low 90's at 91 degrees. each petaluma at 83 nevado at 85. a look ahead shows 90's returning on average for the rest of the forecast after today. we stay that way through the weekend in getting especially high into next week. flirting with the triple digits by wednesday of next week inland. if you do need an escape from the heat, bayside and coastal areas will be the spots to be with highs only in the 60's to 70's, john, thank you for that. and unfortunately, we do have a hot spot. this is a long 8, 80 southbound at fremont boulevard. >> a pretty severe accident. the air that has impacted that off-ramp. a lot of the highways not impacted that off-ramp there. if you do typically get in fremont,
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southbound, you won't be able to do that. you have to go just a little further past that accident. >> head into the city right now. a little under 10 minutes, macy that freeman exit. >> let's check on the san mateo bridge. it will be about 14 minute ride as you're traveling from 8.80, to one o one. the time for use now for 20 and happening today, vice president kamala harris is coming to the bay area with stops in san francisco and oakland. >> the white house says harris will hold a roundtable with staff legislators and reproductive health care advocates in the city friday, harris will visit oakland for any event on commercial space sector. she's in to go to a 30 then that's going to highlight efforts to support students. and governor newsom is heading to contra costa county today to discuss the actions the state is taking regarding california's water supply. he's expected to speak around 10, 30. the governor's office say that the state needs to adjust its water strategy amid a hotter drier climate newsom
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is also expected to announce new leadership for california's infrastructure efforts. in national news, new economic numbers are in and they show that prices are falling. and while the biden administration says things are headed in the right direction, republicans say things are about to get much worse. washington correspondent hannah brandt joins us live with the latest. good morning, anna. >> rain at that morning. well, the good news is that there was no increase in inflation from june to july. the bad news is overall inflation is still at 8.5%. but the white house is optimistic that we're turning a corner. >> we're seeing some signs. inflation may be getting to monitor. president biden was quick to tout the new consumer price index, which shows gas plane tickets, including are all getting cheaper. but the price of rent and food are still increasing was far from done. >> their effort to bring inflation down, but we're moving in the right direction. >> commerce secretary gina raimondo attribute some of the
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improvement to supply chain fixes gnarly problem. but we're making progress and consumer see it. she also says lower gas prices were a major reason for dropping inflation. but there's a risk of those could go back up. the part that is hard to protect is the war in europe, which will absolutely have an impact gas and food prices, though, as congress prepares to pass the inflation reduction act, democrats are hopeful the economy will continue to improve the spending package includes measures to fight climate change, lower drug prices and raise taxes on wealthy businesses that confident that all will continue to have an impact on inflation and bring down inflation. but republicans say the bill will only drive up costs for americans and with the house preparing to vote on the legislation on friday, congressman tom cole is warning we cannot tax and spend our way in the lower inflation. the inflation reduction package is expected to pass the house and become
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law. >> but it is unlikely to get any republican support live in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> thank you for that update. anna. well, coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. another warning issued in alameda county. well, harmful algae blooms in the water. what you need to know to keep yourself and your furry friends safe. we'll be right back after the break. in the
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east bay, a warning of harmful algae bloom in lake merritt.
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certain types can cause health issues for both humans and pets. as kron four's gayle ong reports similar algae have spotted along the oakland estuary and in other nearby communities. take a look. >> the alameda county department of public health is keeping an eye on the waters along the oakland and alameda estuaries. the city of oakland is warning people of harmful algae bloom at lake merritt over the weekend. oakland public works received the report of brownish, red water near the 1200 to 1400 blocks of lakeshore avenue assigned a toxin could be present back in may. it was determined that low levels of the contaminant. we're in the area harmful algae blooms can produce toxins that are dangerous to humans and animals and cause health issues like a rash and eye irritation. on wednesday, brown water could be seen in alameda. this woman walking her pet says she is not worried about the conditions. i'm not swimming. just another crisis. harmful algal bloom is generally form by bacteria that multiply as the water gets warmer. public works.
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staff is requesting property owners around lake merritt to avoid over irrigating their lawns to prevent excess nutrients from entering the waterways, the city food and food containers littered into the lake can contribute to harmful algal bloom. >> and public works says they will continue testing the waters and will provide appropriate warnings to the public reporting from alameda gayle ong kron. 4 news still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news. a community in mourning after a student dies. >> after football practice what we know so far of that
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welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. a time for use now going on for 38. am here on a thursday morning. john. i'm excited about thursday because that means. >> but one day, just one day to the weekend, i guess we need to know with the weather. it's going to be like so we can plan a job that he had got to got to get those plans ready, rain and we are looking. >> a good weekend to be getting outside, especially closer to the bay and the coastline. we're going to start to feel temperatures warming up gradually from this point forward for inland areas. so we're back to the 90's for some of us, especially in the next week. we're sitting this morning. nice and cool. we have some low gray sitting across the bay pretty similar dose of fog and grays to yesterday, which is saying not a whole lot of it is going to burn up really quickly. setting us up for sunshine pretty early on this thursday. 50's 60's for current ter


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