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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  August 11, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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it's a first in california, a latina will now be the chief justice of the california supreme court. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> and welcome to the finest hour. 9 o'clock when things are looking up. yeah, things warm up brighter. if have kids that you hopefully already got them out of the house, maybe you're back now and can enjoy like 5 minutes of peace. for the next we got john in the weather center starting off the 09:00am. good morning, john. yeah. now that moment of quiet to this is if you want to go outside some actual nice, enjoy weather to get out there. maybe get back in the routine of a jog or something. >> look at this. nice clear skies above quite hour right now. doesn't matter where you're at with your at the coast or further inland, there's just patches of low clouds out there. some of our coastal areas are actually a little clearer this morning and some of our bayshore
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cities are we are going to see less and less of that low grade through the day and that will set us up for some really nice sunshiny and pretty comfortable conditions later on. most of us are still hanging out in the 60's right now, livermore and dublin at 65 allay 64 petaluma and berkeley at 61. brett, what your first spot back in the low 70's followed very closely behind by pittsburgh at 68. now today is going to be a little warmer than yesterday. the big warm up arrives this weekend into next week. and the details about that are still ahead. rain. john, thank you for that. was atm heist. really an accident there. so you are seeing some delays both on the northbound and southbound side. 5 80's, a little sluggish as you're heading into the city. >> and the same with 13. so things are starting to pick up heading into the city, wants you to reach the maze 30 minutes for your drive there. that's a nice commute for you. san mateo bridge just under 16 80 to one o one as you're heading across towards the peninsula. well, richmond center fell bridge tolls to 1 one there just at 12 minutes.
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so things are improving in this 9 o'clock hour. we still have this accident down in milpitas northbound 8.80, south of montauk. you expressway, daria. james, back to you. 9, 0, one is a time. and let's get to the breaking news that's happening in britain. would there's an investigation because one person was shot and killed in a gym parking lot this morning kron 4. sarah stinson is at the scene for us in brentwood. >> with what we've discovered so far, sarah. >> james, an argument occurred near the basketball court inside this 24 hour. fitness in brentwood. and then the men involved took it outside. it escalated and ended with one man being killed and 3 other men being injured. and police believe one of those men is actually a minor. let's take a look at the map. those you can see exactly where this 24 hour fitness is. it's at 59. 61, lone tree way again. an argument taking place near that best part basketball
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court inside it escalated to the parking lot where at least 2 people grabbed their guns and started shooting. 4 people total shot. the man was killed. 3 other men injured. again. police believe one of those men was actually a minor. this happened at one. 44 this morning. right now, the gym is closed. people keep pulling up asking if they can come inside a very confusing that, of course, they're shocked when they learned what happened. but there's no scene inside. want to make that clear. the shots fired right in front in the parking lot. and based on surveillance footage, police believe 2 shooters exchanged gunfire with a total of 4 being hit. now, again, people very, very stressed out about this because this is their beloved jim. they come here every single day to get their fitness on and they're learning that someone was killed right in front. they can't believe that a shooting even happened here. so let's take a listen to the gym goers. >> just started working out few months back and it's been
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a great facility to be at, you know, not too many problems. and everyone really to station themselves. haven't had any problems that arguments or anything to where you, you know, give us an pay to get in here. but you hear just a plane and go home. so, that's that's awful. >> their initial reaction me tell what happened was complete and utter shock to one person being killed. the 3 people injured. they took themselves to the hospital and that's where police identified the mother talking with them to figure out the extent of their involvement. a lot of people fled the scene here, of course, playing for their lives because there's gunfire. they're trying to get in contact with those people ask if they have any information, they have any video because they say that would be very helpful to their investigation in terms of when this 24 hour fitness is going to re open a bit unclear. police say they they last heard from the gym. they're going to reopen at 10. but then we're also hearing
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from the police on the scene that they're going to close for the day. so that's something we'll try and nail down. but either way, definitely a shocking situation where those coming up in trying to go to the gym darya james can say, oh, you're like a lot of people, you know, are scrambling in the party who is in the parking lot. who's going 20 profit one 30 in the morning. >> makes me wonder, did everybody know everybody else? because let's meet at the gym at one 30 am. that's not like a normal workout time. >> well, i mean, it's a 24 hour fitness and people love this type of jim because they can come at any hour. you may have it on job our like me. and, you know, don't know. so i it's it's a it's a it's a time that many of us don't go. but the time that some do not. >> thanks for all the info on the update. sarah, thank you. 9, 0, 5, the other big news we're following is out of the south bay were convicted. wife killer scott peterson is going to be back in court today. he's not going to be able to get out of san quentin buddy might be able to get a whole new trial. kron four's will tran is live in redwood city
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with what happens today in court. will. >> this will begin in one hour from now. closing arguments. we are in front of the courthouse waiting for scott peterson's family to arrive. they will be in court to listen to his attorneys argue that they deserve a new trial. look at this, james and area. look at all the camera crews. this case is still compelling after nearly 2 decades with a burst onto the scene, infamously when scott peterson at the time was accused of killing his pregnant wife lacy and their unborn child. connor. in 2004, he was convicted of that and he's been night. he's been in sync when all this time now he and his attorneys, they argued that the case was stacked against him because of one particular juror. her name is rochelle. nice. and they say that she did not disclose in the pretrial questionnaire that she was a victim of domestic violence. had they known that they say it, they would never have allowed to be a part of the jury. and they
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say that's the reason why they claim that they came back with a guilty verdict. they're hoping the judge grants him a new trial. this case is infuriated. let's face it. a lot of people who think he should not go free. i want to make it clear to you guys at home that this is not going to be. he will go free. it means that basically they will hit the reset button and do it all over again. if the judge grants and new trial. the judge could theoretically guys decide today, but more than likely the judge in the case, she has up to 90 days to make a decision. we have total team coverage on this. so keep it here on kron 4 as well as our website will let you know exactly what happens. and again, this should start in about 55 minutes from now. >> back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll >> turning our attention now to east bay congressman eric swalwell. he's pretty concerned for his safety. his family's safety now after you've got a pretty
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threatening phone call. he posted this voicemail on twitter. >> because he wanted to show how dangerous the political divide has become kron four's amanda hari is going to play the voicemail for you. we want to warn it threatens graphic violence. >> falwell to work with people. but his wife's head off to kids as off. i don't give up. >> that statement was repeated over and over again during a voicemail left for former presidential candidate and congressman eric swalwell who represents part of alameda and contra costa counties. he tweeted out saying, quote, listen to this death threat against my children since the fbi search of mar-a-lago, trump, mccarthy and mag of republicans are stoking violent rhetoric against lawmakers and law enforcement. someone is going to get killed. everybody believing your. >> it's been a real live. it work with. somebody just needs to. >> you democrats your way. >> small. well, also received this separate message, calling
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him a traitor and a spy for china, threatening that he should be hung. this is this kind of behavior. is. >> is unfortunately out there. and it's it's anti democratic. it's it's anti american. but unfortunately, you know, it's it's encouraged by our former president michael yaki is a political analyst attorney and serves on the u.s. commission on civil rights. >> he says they're seeing more of these types of violent intimidation. we've seen a huge uptick in hate crimes groups over the past 10 years. jackie believes it started after president obama was elected and then grew into a more common occurrence under president trump. the anonymous caller that left a message for representative swalwell vocalized his support for trump near the end of the call. trump 2020 ball. >> trump 20 points off of the gop rules. jackie, things trump could stop this type of behavior. trump has the ability. >> to tone down the rhetoric. he has ability to speak to these people and say, you know, this isn't part of what
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the america that we all signed up for, but he doesn't do it came courage. is it? he revels in it? he actually is energized by by the state run. jackie was also on the san cpfrancisco board of supervisor and was an advisor to nancy pelosi. he says during that period he received death threats to and can sympathize with how small well may feel. there's a pit in your stomach. you worry first you worry about your loved ones. >> and in the case of carson's following their threatening his wife and children, that that's just i mean, that's just cowardly. that's just sick. yockey says in these situations, authorities are notified and the person being threatened will receive extrt security and protection amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> it's 9.10, and parents and teachers in oakland are calling out the school district for the way they're treating people protesting school closures. they claim the district is retaliating against educators and community members participating in protests.
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sometimes they are organized to speaking events. sometimes they are fights physically breaking out in the hallways and schools to protest the closures. the district plans to close dozens of schools over the next 2 years. and a lot of people have joined in the fight to open, saying the closures will negatively impact students of color. the group is ialling for district officials to reverse their decision to terminate educators who spoke in a gown set against the closures. >> not going to back down and we're not going to let them intimidate us. you know, try to pick us off one by one. or be deterred by the violence that we saw last week. or threats of, you know, firing. >> we reached out to the district for a response to the claims of retaliation. we have not heard back. it's 9.11 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, why students won't have to miss school anymore in san francisco to celebrate muslim holidays. >> plus, if you have a newborn child,
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>> we're back. in 9.14, in the east bay, a warning of harmful algae growing in lake merritt. certain types of this algae can cause health problems for humans and their pets. proffers gayle ong takes a closer look. >> the department of public health is keeping an eye on the waters along the oakland and alameda estuaries. the city of oakland is warning people of harmful algae bloom at lake merritt over the weekend. oakland public works
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received the report of brownish, red water near the 1200 to 1400 blocks of lakeshore avenue assigned a toxin could be present back in may. it was determined that low levels of the contaminant. we're in the area harmful algae blooms can produce toxins that are dangerous to humans and animals and cause health issues like a rash. an ira taishan on wednesday. brown water could be seen in alameda. this woman walking her pet says she is not worried about the conditions. i'm not swimming. just another crisis. harmful algal bloom is generally form by bacteria that multiply as the water gets warmer. public works. staff is requesting property owners around lake merritt to avoid over irrigating their lawns to prevent excess nutrients from entering the waterways. the city food and food containers littered into the lake can contribute to harmful algal bloom. >> and public works says they will continue testing the waters and will provide appropriate warnings to the public reporting from alameda gayle ong kron. 4 news and don't think that somebody is not going to drink it and not
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by somebody. i mean, you like your pet because i've taken the dogs to the beach and that salt water no, don't do so. >> keep them on a leash and keep away from the water for now. all right. >> let's check in with john. yeah. in the weather center with a look outside. gorgeous looking shot there behind yeah. and nice day to be getting out there today. maybe keeping that extra distance from lake merritt and just maybe heading out there to enjoy a walk around the neighborhood. we've got nice clear skies right above the financial district currently. but you can see some cloud cover in the distance there. some cloud cover across the bay area burns off later today. not looking at any smoke that staying well to the north of us. mckinney fire smoke is still an issue right around the reading in towards eureka, but not drifting down into the bay area. we just got a few passing clouds this morning, less and less of those low clouds come the afternoon in temperatures despite a cloudier start to the day will actually be warmer. come the afternoon ahead of u.s.. high pressure ridge that the building back in now will help to result in
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temperatures climbing steadily each and every day. setting us up eventually for some daytime highs next week that are starting to get a little warmer than i think we'd like. as for today, cloud cover less and less already mentioned that tomorrow morning, starting the day with a bit of clouds after today's sunshine. and seeing retreat of them come the afternoon and more sunshine again for your friday weekend gets a little bit warmer. but the real he arrives into next week. as for today, we are going to be in the 60's and 70's for the city. really nice day again. 60's at the coast. a nice window of sunshine out there for you. some 70's for most of our bayshore cities mixed with just a couple of low 80's on the peninsula. south bay temps also in the low 80's with san jose. 82 same for you in cupertino. 70's consistently along the east bay shoreline. while 80's consistently for the inland east bay conquered in pittsburgh, up to 89 today, will antioch in vacaville, our first spots that will be in the low 90's. joined by more 90's come tomorrow and
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especially into next week weekend is warmer than this week has been and next week will be even warmer yet. witten by next wednesday, average highs inland will be at 97. a couple triple digits likely bayside and coastal areas will again be are scapes from the heat. continuing to be just in the 60's to 70's rain. john, thank you for if you're traveling along one, 0, one southbound just south of embark darrow road and palo alto. we've got an accident there. so you are seeing delays. >> look to 18. 82 good alternate for navigating and getting around that head into the city. the lights are now off 13 minutes maze %o that freeman street exit, the golden gate bridge. look at that. just about 20 minutes as you're traveling from 37 to the tolls and in the south bay heading up along one, 0, one 34 min right. 85 to menlo park to 37. also no major issues. we see that accident i was just telling you about right there, the kraken down towards the maze along 80 around 20 minutes. and 24 westbound walnut creek down to 5.80,
9:19 am
just under 15 minutes. darya. james, back to you. 9, 18 and in national news prices are coming down for a lot of things. but does that mean the economy as a whole is on the right track? hannah brandt has the latest from dc. the good news is there was no increase in inflation from june to july. >> the bad news is overall inflation is still 80.0. 5 1%. but the white house is optimistic. we're turning a corner and we're seeing some signs. >> inflation may be getting to monitor. president biden was quick to tout the new consumer price index, which shows gas plane tickets, including are all getting cheaper. but the price of rent and food are still increasing as far from done. >> effort to bring inflation down. but we're moving in the right direction. >> commerce secretary gina raimondo attribute some of the improvement to supply chain fixes gnarly problem. but we're making progress and consumer see it. she also says lower gas prices were a major reason for dropping inflation. but there's a risk of those
9:20 am
could go back up the part that is hard to protect is the war in europe, which will absolutely have an impact gas and food prices, though, as congress prepares to pass the inflation reduction act, democrats are hopeful the economy will continue to improve the spending package includes measures to fight climate change, lower drug prices and raise taxes on wealthy businesses that confident that all will continue to have an impact on inflation and bring down inflation. but republicans say the bill will only drive up costs for americans and with the house preparing to vote on the legislation on friday, congressman tom cole is warning we cannot tax and spend our way in the lower inflation. the inflation reduction package is expected to pass the house and become law, but it likely won't get any republican support. >> in washington, i'm hannah brandt. >> well, the city of newark will be installing at least 20 automated license plate reading cameras around the city in the near future. the
9:21 am
city approved the measure last month in newark. police say these new cameras are going to be installed in areas where people enter and leave their city. the department is expected to present their license plate reader policy to the city council in early september. and the cameras are expected to be installed sometime after that. >> low income families with newborns can get some help from the state to start a college account. the governor announced a new program is called cal kids and it will invest nearly 2 billion dollars into college savings. accounts to catches. when i say newborn, i born like if you're chosen months old and has to been born july first 2022, or later. so can you imagine junior on a lock? plus you have to qualify financially. if you do, the state will give your baby an account in their name with seed investments from 500 to $1500. an additional funds will be available for homeless and foster children. >> coming up on the kron, 4 morning news, a fight over affordable housing is really brewing out in livermore. we'll tell you why one group
9:22 am
is opposed to building more housing downtown.
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>> it's 9.24 and the state attorney general is now getting involved with an affordable housing dispute in the east bay. rob bonta is throwing his support behind livermore's plan to build low-income housing. but some neighborhood groups are against it. kron four's dan thorn has the story.
9:25 am
>> this would soon be the site of 130 unit, low-income housing complex. if everyone in downtown livermore was on board over the last year, the 4 story proposed project on south l street and railroad avenue has hit some legal speed bumps organizations like save livermore downtown and move even housing or against the project's location. raising concerns about parking traffic congestion and an overall degradation of downtown. the groups have called for an environmental review of the housing plan. but city leaders now joined by attorney general rob bonta want that process sped up or dismissed. >> bonta weighing in on the battle says while the state is facing a major housing shortage, this continuing litigation is just dragging things out and that, quote, save livermore downtown has jeopardized the project's financing and potentially put the entire viability of the project at risk. livermore's mayor telling kron 4 news. i
9:26 am
believe it's unconscionable for a wealthy elitist and her small group of close associates to use frivolous lawsuits to block much-needed affordable workforce housing opponents of the project of also filed a lawsuit against the city in an effort to have the plan go before voters in the fall. they would rather the complex be built somewhere else and that this land would instead be turned into a community green space. some city leaders say the lawsuits are a waste of time and ultimately wasting taxpayer dollars. bonta says it's critical for the project to move forward. reporting in livermore, dan thorn kron, 4 news. >> coming up to heavyweight politicians are headed to the bay area today on live with what governor gavin newsom and vice president kamala harris will be talking about after the break.
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♪vibes♪ ♪ ♪everything's everything's alright alright♪ get a free storage upgrade and case when you pre-order. >> 9.29 just talking about plans to get out. enjoy the weather. yeah, it's going to be nice and warm. i want to ask you this week. i think it's because we're all talking about kayaking, but i know you have to move. yeah, that would be lot of a lot of lower back working gate. my in my opening the windows in a flow or backward to like the outdoors a way that they're right there. >> but hey, whatever you're doing this weekend, definitely get out there. enjoy a relatively mild weather. we've got now before the real he
9:30 am
gets here next week. we've got some changes ahead of us. it does involve getting a whole lot warmer and the days to come right now we're sitting really nice increasingly bright skies at the embarcadero. it's still some light jacket. kind of weather out there. you can see our pockets of cloud cover on the peninsula in the bay itself. been really sunny across the golden gate bridge as well as across much of the north bay. current temperatures, mostly in the 60's were still nice and cool. grey jogging conditions for the time being later today are going to notice a slightly warmer feel to it. and that ever warming feel is something really notice this weekend. and next week, all those details are still ahead. rain. >> that will if you're traveling along southbound 6.80, north of red deer own wannacry. we've got an accident there. so you're seeing slight delays as you're taking that commute heading into the city this morning, we went from 13 back up to 60 minutes. so things are starting to get busy again across the bay bridge. san mateo bridge just under 40 minutes for your drive. 80 to one. 0, one looks like they got little construction going
9:31 am
on. they're not slowing folks down, doubling down to fremont along southbound 6.80, about a 22 minute ride 8.80, southbound. you're seeing pockets of delays, especially. we are passing through fremont and in the south bay, one on one. 85 in middle park just under 35 minutes. daria. james, back to you. thanks, reyna 9.31. in today. 2 big political heavyweights come to the bay area of firstly. we have governor gavin newsom. and then secondly, vice president kamala harris are both going to be in town for separate events where the rivers up a couple of firsts as has more on their business. what are they up to camilla? >> all right. well, governor gavin newsom is talking drought and the state's water supply and james vice president, kamala harris is talking about reproductive rights. the vice president is making a stop here in san francisco later today. the white house says she will hold a roundtable with state legislators and reproductive health care advocates. she's already met with state legislators from 17 states to talk about protecting
9:32 am
reproductive rights. she recently expressed her disapproval for new antiabortion legislation. so harris will be talking about later today in the city. but in a separate event in the east bay this morning, governor newsom is going to be in contra. costa county newsom is expected to announce a new water supplies strategy as the conditions get hotter and drier in california and this year's january february and march had the least rain and snow in more than 100 years right now. 97.5 1% of california is in the severe drought. category newsom is also. expected to announce who will need california's infrastructure efforts. and james newsom is expected to speak around 10, 30 this morning. i'll have more on his visit and his plan for water supply coming up at noon. but for now, i'll send it back to you. ok, good enough. we'll look for the update, dan. thank you. camila. it's 9.30
9:33 am
to governor newsom is nominating patricia guerrero as the next chief justice of the california supreme court. >> guerrero has been on the court since march and is its first latina member. the nomination first has to be confirmed by the commission on judicial appointments and then by voters in november, correll will replace the current chief justice who stepping down in january. well, students in san francisco won't have to miss school days anymore to celebrate a muslim holiday. the san francisco school board agreed to muslim festivals known as will be official school holidays off. yeah. that tuesday's board meeting students and parents spoke. >> of the double standard that exists, which forces muslim students to miss a day of school in order to celebrate their own culture. >> there's no situation where christian children have to choose between family, in culture and their academics or health. however, muslim students over the past few years have had to make those choices.
9:34 am
>> well, the only dissenting vote on this measure came from and battle school board member and shoes faced criticism in the past for comments about black and brown families. she said last night that the district should have more specific criteria and the process in place for selecting school holidays. >> a woman who was dragged out of a warriors game for trying to demonstrate on the court is now suing the san francisco police and fire departments. kron four's. rob nesbitt has the story. >> cream mcknight was at game 5 of the nba finals between the celtics and the warriors on june 13th. she says she understands what she was removed from the game. she doesn't understand why a sedative was put into arm when she wasn't posing a threat to herself or others. this video courtside captures the moment curry mcknight was dragged away by security at the chase center. the 42 year-old carried a banner with her to the main floor protesting the supreme court's landmark ruling overturning roe versus wade ground for women and girls.
9:35 am
>> when his country in she was able to record herself on her cell phone, an ambulance after she says the san francisco police officer threatened to have are injected with a sedative and a paramedic performed the injection while she was strapped to a gurney. keep asking over and over. what did you give me? what did you give me? >> i asked the personnel. how do you know? i'm not going to have an allergic reaction. i didn't know if i'd have an allergic reaction. mcknight says her medical records show that the sedative used is called for said and commonly used during surgery and talking slow. i'm obviously going affect her friend. magpie key was with her and also dragged out of the chase center but says unlike mcknight she was immediately released and then began some of the worst. 45 minutes of my life because i was worried for kareem's life. mcknight has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city police and fire departments. her attorney john burris says he wants to see criteria for the use of injections and proper training for police and fire personnel that in and of itself is a use of force.
9:36 am
>> it's an invasion of a president. biden a control and there has to be standard for that as well. but the reality is like somebody has fight for it. make night is now using her voice for 2 causes. a woman's right to choose as well as the right to peaceful protest without being injected. no one really probably never had that experience. >> where somebody would come up to you against your will and inject you it. it's absolutely horrific. san francisco police and fire departments would not comment on the pending litigation. but the san francisco city attorney's office released a statement about the incident saying, quote, we have yet to be served with the lawsuit. we will review it once we are served and respond appropriately. reporting in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> it's 9.36. and new this morning a man is arrested in santa clara county. he's accused of sexually assaulting a teenager in a park. sheriff's deputies got a tip about a relationship between 51 year-old kevin cable and a
9:37 am
15 year-old at rancho san antonio parking could in cupertino. cable is a registered offender. authorities say he and the 15 year-old met on a dating app and sheriff's deputies say the admitted to engaging in acts with the teenager and with other miners. well, monkeypox cases are rising in contra costa county. the first confirmed case was reported about a month ago and now they're dealing with 31 cases. >> and like we've seen in other countiei, there isn't enough vaccine to go around, especially hard to find in contra costa county because that county received 10 times fewer vaccine doses in san francisco and 3 times fewer than alameda county. despite that health officials say they are doing what they can to slow the spread. >> we along with many other bay area counties are vaccinating people as long as they meet the high priorities were they don't have to be a resident contra costa county. so we urging community members if they're eligible the tri
9:38 am
multiple venues that says their chance of being vaccinated time. >> you know, the county intends to make online vaccination appointments available later this month. for now, it's in the process of notifying thoee at high risk groups to book an appointment. we will take a break here at 9.37, but still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, one east bay laundromat owner is joining this. >> mass exodus of the day. he says crime is just getting too much. we'll talk more about what happened to his businesses. plus, a paddle boarder and his dog were attacked by a shark in monterey county will have next to their story coming up in a moment. and after the break, we're also looking inside the 9, 8, 8 suicide crisis lifeline call center in san with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? hide my skin? not me. dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema, with clearer skin and less itch. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes,
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>> it's 9.40, and the 9, 8, 8 suicide and crisis lifeline has officially been up and running now nationwide for about a month in the bay area. members working at star vista and san carlos. it's a nonprofit that has been providing similar services in our area for years. the center gets about 1200 calls per month. congresswoman jackie spear says the hotline will eventually grow to provide additional services for everyday life. >> over time, the vision for 9, 8, 8, is the have additional crisis services available in communities across the country. similar to the accessibility that we have come to expect from emergency medical services.
9:42 am
>> there is a bill moving through the state legislature that would give more money to expand 9.88 services.
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and it's happened again. a man was attacked by a shark off of lovers point in pacific grove. yeah. according to police, he was on a paddleboard with his dog when a shark apparently
9:45 am
came up from underneath a bit. paddleboard. >> the man of the dog were knocked into the water. they were able to get back on the board, though and paddle to shore without being her. a couple of things you want to wear a life jacket and a lot of people who are out don't remember the one 2 months ago. >> he was now in a letter he was swimming, swim and surf and a surfer had to go out and help him because, yeah, very place. i think john had a good point. they should rename that. it's not very loving. the lovers point doesn't seem like it now. all right. also, check out this cool bit of video. >> that's one of the wow. that what that looks like. it's yeah. that's what you say. when you see a fire generate tornado like winds that world the flames around like that. this is from the sam fire burning down along i-5 and the grapevine down near la 150 acres burned so far. portions
9:46 am
of the highway had to be closed for a time. but this is what happens when you have extreme heat like that, that the fire can generate its own winds and when it when it works out like this, it creates a tornado. that's just looking at the mckinney fire, 90 square miles. that's big. that fire is that. but 2 contained. so that's good news will keep you don't we don't want this hot weather in this kind of conditions. you know what a fortunate does look like temperatures are going start climbing up. john. good morning. yeah. and as the mckinney fire just continues to grow a little bit more, it is nice to see that at least firefighters had made some advancements during this cooler weather because you guys are exactly right. next week. we are going to see temperatures climbing well into the upper 90's, if not triple digits. >> right around reading in fire danger still going to remain a huge concern. mckinney fire smoke is staying to the north. so not seeing an impact from that here in the bay area. what we're looking at overhead, when you see those gray skies really just some low cloud cover that's sitting across parts of the bay area. we're really clear
9:47 am
in areas like the golden gate, much a marine county in the north bay. some pockets of cloud cover still hanging out across the bay and the south into the peninsula. high pressure ridge slowly building back in. that's what's going to contribute to our increasingly warm forecast. as for now, we're still pretty similar to yesterday, our days leading up to this week, which haven't been too terribly hot. we've got another sun shiny afternoon tomorrow morning. some more cloud cover tomorrow afternoon. more sunshine and temperatures just a little bit warmer than today's. we'll continue to see that gradual rise in temperatures through the weekend, then especially into next week. that's when temperatures will get so very warm. as for today, it's 60's and 70's for san francisco 60's and a good dose of sun near the coastline. most%y 70's at the bay shore, but also a couple of low 80's like in san carlos in redwood city, mostly low to mid 80's in the south bay today. san jose. a nice 82. it's warm but not as warm as you're going to be next week. pleasanton and livermore. 87 while solid 70's
9:48 am
from fremont hayward through oakland and up to richmond conquered as well as an er as pittsburgh in the upper 80's antioch in vacaville. you will be in the low 90's or for spots this week to get there. and we're going to see even more 90's starting tomorrow and all the way into next week with mid to upper 90's can be found inland by tuesday and wednesday, likely even a couple of triple digits. bayside and coastal areas will continue to be your spots to get to. if you want to escape the heat with highs in the 60's to 70's rain. john, thank you for that. if you're headed into the city right now, a little under 60 minutes. >> may's to that fremont street exit. let's go ahead and check on the richmond. sandra fell bridge. now you're down to under 11 minutes as you're traveling from the tolls now to one o one. well, the san mateo bridge heading from a 80 to one o one just under 13 minutes as you're traveling. and if you are in the south bay traveling up one o one heading from 85 to menlo park just under 36 minutes. story of james. back to you.
9:49 am
>> thank you, brandon. i-40 at the time the owner of an oakland laundromat says he's had to move his entire family out of the bay area. after all 5 of his businesses were targeted by burglars this year. derek tom says a wave of crime has prompted him to make this decision. he sent his family to alabama. he says in these recent robberies he didn't hear back from police because they told them that their hands are full, responding to violent crimes elsewhere. his lake merritt longer matt was targeted by thieves for 3 days in a row last week. still in shock. >> they back through. right through the front of the longer after they are gone after the atm on >> tom's family laundromat business has been in the east bay for 45 years. he says it doesn't know how much longer they can survive. well, 49, a great frank gore facing charges now of assaulting a woman in atlantic city, new jersey police say they were called to the tropicana casino and hotel back on july 31st. and according to a criminal complaint filed against gore by the state of new jersey.
9:50 am
he's been charged now with violently dragging a naked woman by her hair down a hotel hallway. now when police arrive, they say the woman had no visible injuries and decided not to file a complaint, but at the end of their investigation, they say gore will face a misdemeanor assault charge in court in october. the running back, as you may remember, played 10 seasons with the forty-niners. in fact, he was set to be inducted into the 49 er hall of fame. at some point this season. >> authorities are investigating a reported rape on the stanford campus. a woman said that she was attacked in a parking lot near wilbur hall tuesday night. she actually told someone who them notified campus security around 08:30pm. >> bay area leaders called on governor newsom to sign a bill that would go on to legalize the safe drug consumption sites across the state. now, supporters say what's happening in cities right now. >> needs to end. >> there's nothing more radical or extreme then
9:51 am
allowing people to lie on our streets to use drugs and to die without intervention. >> p 57 is the bill that would allow safe injection sites to open in san francisco, oakland and los angeles. critics, though, say the sites are the wrong answer. 2. well, what you know, how to solve the problem of drug use in communities. but supporters say the sites are humane, realistic response to this deadly drug crisis right now, san francisco is on pace to suffer 600 overdose deaths this year. some leaders say the sites will not only help those drug users, but also the communities as well. >> highland hospital are public hospital in oakland sees at least a person a day with an injection related infection or other life-threatening harm. second, we know these sites improve neighborhoods. they prevent
9:52 am
our children from seen drug use on our streets in our parks. >> and the bill is waiting to be signed by governor newsom. he hasn't indicated which way he'll go on it. so we'll keep you updated. >> time now is 91 and bars in california could stay open later if a bill moving through the state legislature passes. it's a measure that calls for bars and some areas to be able to. >> extend. they're closing time and senate to and they could stay open until 04:00am. there are pilot programs going on right now in oakland and san francisco and supporters say it's going really help struggling bars recover from the pandemic. but opponents say it could lead to more drunk driving crashes and crime. if it's signed, the bill would take effect in 2025, it's 9.52. and we'll be right back.
9:53 am
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9:55 am
>> time to football cause it's almost football time. the forty-niners get ready for their first preseason game. >> it's tomorrow night. it is james. what he's supposed to. where does it matter? can you do have a special? sure you need to watch, you know, for or the loop for the preseason. get in a matter of keep it simple since everything's kind of up in the air anyway, but i will start wearing my 9 or tie for the home game. ok? very good. well, this one versus the green bay packers. you and is tomorrow night at levi's.
9:56 am
>> and the niners defense is looking pretty good. so far. defensive coordinators says it's time for the next step where they want to, you know, be in somebody's in a different uniform playing together for a >> is the perfect time. everybody is kind of at that point in camp where you kind of tired of going against the same guy. all right. same offense, a scheme. so it's a really great opportunity for for those guys to go out to sea. can a truly on the fundamentals and techniques that we've been coaching these guys and president is stressing these guys over there technique and fundamentals. now, can they go and take it again? it's all right. another receiver, another style offense go out and perform and do the things that they've been coached to do. so i'm excited to see those guys is take hold of that and go compete at a high level on friday and they're eager. and then a quick note to the raiders. don't forget, too, that the kron 4 sunday to catch them take on the minnesota vikings. our coverage begins at 12 30. we are your raiders station and
9:57 am
we also do more weather and traffic than anybody on the planet. so it's going to be like we sure do. and we are looking at lots of that ahead of us. lots of good weather, i should say ahead of today. the last of our days with 80's honor average inland. it's only getting hotter from here. so if you need to escape from the heat next week, just get closer to the bay and and have you notice more traffic now that the kids are coming back? just a lot going to see those games say just leave a little bit earlier. that's right. i'll be back tomorrow, but lie. >> i just notice the 3.
9:58 am
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