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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  August 11, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> now at noon, a convicted killer possibly getting a second chance. we're live outside the courthouse with the latest on scott peterson's fate. plus, conquering california's drought before it's too late. how a new a new strategy. state leaders, a new strategy. state leaders are introducing that they say can help save water. and our top story, a man is shot dead in a gym parking lot in brentwood. well, police are saying about this brazen act of violence. >> from the bay station, you're watching kron. at noon.
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>> hi, thanks so much for joining us on the kron. 4 news at noon. i'm stephanie lin. one person is dead and 3 more injured after a shooting outside a gym in brentwood. the act of violence. shocking people familiar with the area. kron 4 sarah stinson brings us the latest on the investigation. >> an argument broke out on or near the basketball court inside this 24 hour fitness and it led to a shooting right in front in the parking lot. one man was killed and 3 others injured. people trying to go to the gym this morning. he really shocked that it would happen here. i mean, i just started working out few months back and it's been a great facility to be at. >> you know, not too many problems. and everyone really just a set themselves. haven't had any problems that arguments or anything to where, you know, give us pay to get in here. but you're here just a plane and go home. so. >> that's that's awful. the shooting happened at one. 44 this morning at the 24 hour,
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fitness at 5, 9, 6, one lone tree way. an argument took place near that basketball court inside the 24 hour fitness and it escalated to the parking lot where at least 2 people grabbed their guns in their cars and started shooting. >> a man was killed. 3 other men injured. police believe one was a minor. the 3 injured took themselves to the hospital nearby based on surveillance footage. police say they believe 2 shooters exchanged gunfire and they know that multiple vehicles and people fled from the area. anyone who has information or video is expected to call or contact brentwood police. they say it would truly help their investigation. police are working to talk with the people in the hospital. look over the video and figure out did these men know each other or was this a random argument that took place a lot still to be investigated, of course, are trying to figure out the motive for now. i'm sara stinson reporting in brentwood. back to you. >> happening now, attorneys for scott peterson give closing arguments to determine
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if he gets a new trial. peterson was convicted of killing his wife and unborn son 20 years ago. kron four's charles clifford is live outside the courthouse for us in redwood city with the latest on this. and charles, what have you learned so far? >> well, the hearing is ongoing, although i believe they are about to take a lunch break. let's going take a look at some video from inside the court today. peterson did appear in person who's wearing an orange jumpsuit, a face mask on and peterson. as you mentioned, i was convicted of murder back in 2004 for killing his wife and unborn son was originally given a death sentence that was changed to life in prison. now his defense team is trying to get him a new trial and the crux of their argument is they claim one of the jurors in the original trial was rochelle nice. they say she's guilty of misconduct, that she misled the court during the jury selection process and that she had a bias again. scott peterson this morning, a peterson's defense tried to paint her as being unreliable. they showed you know, inaccurate statements over the
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course of time and pointed out that she it was not happy connor, the peterson's son had been killed. now the defense or the prosecutors said that michelle nyce richelle did her duty that she showed up that she did the best she could during the jury selection process and that she didn't know that he was going to assign to this trial originally. so she didn't come in with any sort of bias. now we're not expecting any sort of decision today from the judge. she has 90 days to make that decision in the end. if she agrees to give peterson a new trial, the entire process would start over his conviction to be thrown out if she denies the request for a new trial that scott peterson would go back to san quentin, presumably finish out his life sentence there. now we're going to stay here throughout the afternoon. hopefully hear from the defense prosecution, possibly some family a little later today and have that for you later on here on kron. 4. but that's the very latest here in san mateo county, charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> a lot of eyes on this story. thanks so much for staying on top of the force. charles. milpitas man is behind bars this afternoon for
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allegedly engaging in assault with a teenager. detectives say they got a tip about a relationship between this man. 51 year-old kevin cable and a 15 year-old investigators say the 2 met on a dating app and that cable who is a registered offender would often provide alcohol. police arrested cable on wednesday. they say he admitted to deputies he had with other miners as well. based on this, investigators believe there may be more victims and are asking anyone with information to come forward. new at noon, governor newsom has given a dire warning about the state's water supply is our drought emergencies. it shows no sign of improving. he paid a visit to antioch today where he laid out a new strategy to help conserve water kron four's camila barco joins us live in the newsroom with more details coming >> stephanie, california is expected to lose 10% of its water supply in the next 20 years. due to climate change. but today, governor gavin
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newsom and state officials unveiled a plan to respond to these hotter and drier conditions. take a look. here is the plan in order to have enough water for generations to come. officials say they're going to have to create storage space for up to 4 million acre feet of water. recycle and reuse at least 800,000 acre feet of water by 2030, free up to 500,000 acre feet of water for new purposes each year by eliminating water waste and also capture storm water and it's ocean and salty water in the ground basins. now this will help secure enough water for about 8.4 million households. and in order to make that plan work, don't need the cooperation from local federal and tribal partners. newsom state officials unveiled the plan in antioch at the city's new to sally desalination plant being built once it's fully constructed, the plant will create 6 million gallons of fresh water per day. and stephanie, we are in a race against climate change, according to officials, they
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have mapped out a timeline for all of these strategies before for us in california. and hopefully those strategies will make a difference. >> and the latest drought monitor map released today. as you can see the image on your left most of the central valley has fallen into that dark, exceptional drought category. >> as the driest of all and compare that to the image on your right. and we saw just seconds ago taken 3 months ago. and in that image, we saw that most of the bay area has been under a severe drought all summer long. here to talk to us more about that is kron 4 meteorologist kyla grogan here with a closer look at the current drought conditions. kyla. yeah, it's 70. you you that map in place for things have gotten worse. the central valley, which is where, of course, a lot of food is grown. so it is certainly a part of the state that we keep a really close eye on. and it has gone into that exceptional drought. now, the good news, if there is any from this, is that the actual bay area
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itself star that jump to me there the actual bay area itself is still kind of in the same place that we were in. that is to say that we are dealing with a severe drought conditions here, but it is not gotten worse. so some good news there. at least there's been no change. and of course, we don't really have our season of rain until we get into more than november. december, january, february, time frame will see how we do this year. >> no rain to speak of, but we do have some clouds have been hanging on a little fog that's been hanging on as well at the coast is take a live look at half moon bay. you can see some those clouds there. so half moon bay right now, visibility about 4 miles and also the other part that's kind of getting stuck or getting a little hung up on. here is a point. raise everybody else, though. we're getting an awful lot of sunshine out there. you can see that here to take a live look at the golden gate bridge. just a beautiful day yet again. we'll see temperatures a little bit above average today. so still that slight warming trend can see right now at 66 in san francisco. 77 in santa rosa, 70 in hayward at about 74 in san jose. i'll be back at extended forecast in just a bit for now. i'll send it back to the desk. thanks very much.
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appreciate that. now vice president kamala harris is in the bay area this afternoon. she's holding a round table in san francisco with state lawmakers and health care advocates. today's visit is part of the vice president's ongoing efforts to address reproductive rights after the supreme court overturned. roe v wade harris has slammed the high court's decision and criticize states passing anti-abortion laws on friday. the vice president is expected in oakland for an event on the commercial space sector and support for students as well. and meantime, you can thank inflation for the rising cost of back-to-school materials and essentials like glue markers, pens and backpacks. the data collection company clover found shoppers spending more on school related purchases this year compared to 2021, even though they're shopping less and buying fewer items, the only exception when it comes to higher prices is crayons. and frustrated. teachers, parents and families in oakland are calling out the
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school district for the way that they're claiming the district is treating people protesting at school closures. now, these teachers and parents are claiming that the district is retaliating against educators and community members who participate in demonstrations. kron 4 s taylor bisacky explains. >> is the ultimate trespassing on education outraged, upset and disappointed oakland, unified families and teachers are protesting recent decisions by the school district may at the continuing. >> you know, recklessness of this school district that that's supposed to be defending public schools. the supposed to be all about public education that has been acting 2 private eyes. public schools closing them, you know, under resourcing and are supporting them and then to close them and then turn it over to private country. craig gordon is in oakland education association, representative. >> and a longtime educator in the city. however, as of
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monday, he's now a former substitute teacher. he says he was wrongfully fired out of retaliation after he joined protesters occupying parker elementary on thursday who want to keep the school open. this is video from that day when security officers tried to get them >> very aggressive and very violent toward so that people who are in their heart entry is one of dozens of schools in oakland, unified plans to close or merge over the next 2 years. many people have joined the fight to keep their doors open, saying the closures will negatively impact students of color district should be, you know. >> a change of what it is to attack the rights students and families in the city and protect the group is now calling for school district leaders to stop its retaliation immediately reverse the decision to terminate teachers who have spoken out against the closures, not going to back down and we're not going to let them intimidate us. you
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know, try to pick us off one by one. or be deterred by the violence that we saw last week. were threats of, you know, firing. we reached out usd for response to these claims but haven't heard back yet. >> i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> coming up on the kron, 4 news at noon. a big boost for california children. how the state says it will make it easier for those kids to go to college. plus, new developments in the case of detained wnba star brittney griner. how she could be coming home soon from a russian prison. and a fight over affordable housing is brewing in livermore. why attorney general rob bonta is getting invo
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california's attorney general is getting involved with an affordable housing dispute in the east bay. rob bonta says he supports the city of livermore as plan to build low-income housing downtown. but the move does face opposition kron four's. dan thorn explains. >> this would soon be the site of 130 unit, low-income housing complex. if everyone in downtown livermore was on board over the last year, the 4 story proposed project on south l street and railroad avenue has hit some legal speed bumps organizations like save livermore downtown and move even housing or against the project's location. raising concerns about parking
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traffic congestion and an overall degradation of downtown. the groups have called for an environmental review of the housing plan. but city leaders now joined by attorney general rob bonta want that process sped up or dismissed bonta weighing in on the battle says while the state is facing a major housing shortage, this continuing litigation is just dragging things out and that, quote, save livermore downtown has jeopardized the project's financing and potentially put the entire viability of the project at risk. livermore's mayor telling kron 4 news. i believe it's unconscionable for a wealthy elitist and her small group of close associates to use frivolous lawsuits to block much-needed affordable workforce housing opponents of the project of also filed a lawsuit against the city in an effort to have the plan go before voters in the fall. they would rather the complex be built somewhere else and that this land would instead be turned into a community green space. some city leaders say the lawsuits are a waste of time and
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ultimately wasting taxpayer dollars. bonta says it's critical for the project to move forward. reporting in livermore, dan thorn kron, 4 news. >> the state of california launches a new program that works to provide college saving savings accounts for low-income families. the cal kids program will invest nearly 2 billion dollars into accounts for school-age kids. grades one through 12. each account will be created in the children's names with seed investments of between $51500. the only catch here is that kids have to be born after july. 1st of this year to be eligible, additional funds will be available for the homeless and foster children. and the uc system is expected to admit a record number of first year. students from california officials say more than 85,000 freshman applications from in-state students were accepted for the fall. that's over one percent higher than last year offers to out of state students fell 19% and 12% for international
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students. the uc system changed mission policy after a state audit found the school's practices were unfair to california students. and you can expect a spectacle in the sky tonight. you'll be able to see this. sturgeon supermoon, the moon will be closest to earth in its orbit, making it about said look about 7% bigger than usual thursday. supermoon will be the last one of the year. so don't you don't want to miss out on this. and if you look closely, you might even be able to see saturn in the sky tonight. it's going to be visible around 06:36pm. this is so cool from meteorologist corey grow and standing by with our forecast in just more about this really cool phenomenon. yeah, i was just looking at why is it called the sturgeon moon rise or last supermoon of the year? and the reason is the algonquin tribe. >> they found that it was easier to fish for sturgeon the fish this time of year. so that's how it got now considering our sunset is not until 8 o 7. obviously, that's
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the peak at 06:36pm. tonight that will probably see a little bit later. hopefully if we do have the fog holding off now, that's the big if, right? because we do have a little bit set to move in as we get later into the day. but boy, right now, it is gorgeous out there getting a lot of blue skies. and by the way, the perseids meteor shower is also going to be happening as we get into the next few days. so a lot going on. if you want to do a little stargazing, high pressure is in the 4 corners and that is going to be building over the next few days. we've seen our low pressure kind of lift to the north. and as this happens, we're seeing our inland communities get a little bit warmer. that will continue for us as we go throughout the weekend. by the way, when that high pressure kind of rolls towards us a little bit, it also means it could bring some of that stormy weather back. it looks like if we do have any of that, it's going to be likely monday into tuesday. we could see a little bit of that instability move our way and also the potential for some offshore wind as we get to monday and tuesday. just slight, nothing extreme. it looks like we'll be in north bay only, but we'll certainly be keeping an eye on that. today's highs are for 71 in san francisco. so above
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average. but 87 in santa rosa, 76 in oakland and 82 in san jose. so show you future cast and talk about what i was just saying where we get some of that unsettled weather coming our way. so this is saturday. you can see the weekend looks really nice. lots of sunshine out there. but as we get into that monday tuesday timeframe, notice we start to see those storms firing up again in this year. that will be looking out for a little instability to see if any of that moves towards us wouldn't really be concerned about rain, so to speak, but it will be more lightning that i would be watching out for. and your extended forecast. just to give you a look here. you can see we do see that temperature move up a little bit as we get through the weekend and even beginning of next week starting to see some of those inland communities get into those low to mid 90's. back to you. thanks very much, kyra. still ahead on the kron, 4 news at noon, a scary sight in the water and look at that. >> the shark seen swimming near a large group of people. why experts say, though, there's no danger here. and after the break, a disturbing voice message left on a local congressman's phone line threatening to kill him and his family as well as other democrats. his concerns ne
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and some history being made there. president biden signing a measure into law, expanding health care benefits for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits in iraq and afghanistan. the bill was named for sergeant first class heath robinson who died of cancer
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after being exposed to burn pits overseas. roughly 3.5 million veterans will be eligible for the expanded benefits. president biden promising the department of veterans affairs will move quickly to help veterans seeking care. east bay congressman eric swalwell says he's concerned about his family's safety after getting a threatening phone call. he shared the voicemail on his social media as a way of illustrating how potentially deep dangerous the political divide can be. kron four's. amanda hari has this report and we want to let you know that what you're about to hear may be disturbing for some viewers. >> falwell to work with people. but his wife's head off to kids as off. i don't give up. >> that statement was repeated over and over again during a voicemail left for former presidential candidate and congressman eric swalwell who represents part of alameda and contra costa counties. he tweeted out saying, quote, listen to this death threat against my children since the
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fbi search of mar-a-lago, trump, mccarthy and mag of republicans are stoking violent rhetoric against lawmakers and law enforcement. someone is going to get killed. everybody believing your. >> there's been a real live. it work with. somebody just needs to. >> you democrats your way. >> small well also received this separate message, calling him a traitor and a spy for china, threatening that he should be hung. this is this kind of behavior. is is unfortunately out there and it's anti democratic. it's it's anti american. but unfortunately, you know, it's it's encouraged by our former president michael yaki is a political analyst attorney and serves on the u.s. commission on civil rights. he says they're seeing more of these types of violent intimidation. we've seen a huge uptick in hate crimes groups over the past 10 years. jackie believes it started after president obama was elected and then
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grew into a more common occurrence under president trump. the anonymous caller that left a message for representative swalwell vocalized his support for trump near the end of the call. trump 2020 ball. >> trump 20 points off of the gop rules. jackie, things trump could stop this type of behavior. trump has the ability. >> to tone down the rhetoric, ability to speak to these people and say, you know, this isn't part of what the america that we all signed up for, but he doesn't do it, encourages it. he revels in it. he actually is energized by it by the state run. jackie was also on the san francisco board of supervisors and was an advisor to nancy pelosi. he says during that period he received death threats to and can sympathize with how small well may feel. there's a pit in your stomach. you worry first you worry about your loved ones. >> and in the case of carson swallow when they're threatening his wife and children and that that's just i mean, that's just cowardly. that's just sick. yockey says
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in these situations, authorities are notified and the person being threatened will receive extra security and protection amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> new at noon, russia officially acknowledges talks are under way on a prisoner exchange that could free 2 americans, including wnba star brittney griner. last week, griner was sentenced to 9 years in prison for drug possession. the other american is paul whelan, a security consultant who russia convicted of spying. the state department says both are wrongfully detained. one of the proposed trades is believed to include a russian named victor bout an arms dealer known as the merchant of death. he's serving 25 years in federal prison. no timetable has been given yet for these negotiations. next. at noon cases of monkeypox are skyrocketing across the bay area. health officials in one east bay county now sounding the alarm. plus, an embattled school board member fall dealing with fallout from a
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racist comment. now at the center of another controversy, the vote cast in san francisco that has some people again calling for her resignation. and the search efforts growing more desperate for the missing teen last seen at a party in truckee. her boyfriend shares what he knows about the on capi
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h-ll, congress is nearing the finish line on the massive inflation reduction act.
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democrats are praising the bill while republicans say it won't help with inflation. our washington correspondent trevor shirley has more. we're expecting house lawmakers to vote on that legislation tomorrow. >> less than a week after the senate passed the same bill this past sunday. it's expected to pass the house without any republican support. the inflation reduction act is basically a lighter version of president joe biden's build back better plan which collapsed earlier this year. the legislation provides 400 billion dollars to fight climate change. that includes tax credits for buying electric cars and money to help power plants lower emissions. the bill also allows medicare for the first time to negotiate prescription drug prices. it also caps out of pocket drug costs at $2000 a year for seniors on medicare and extends health insurance subsidies to help keep around 13 million americans insured. this bill is mostly paid for
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by creating a 15% corporate tax on companies making at least 1 billion dollars a year. and democrats say average americans will not see any tax increase themselves. republicans, though, warn the legislation will only make inflation worse. no bill is perfect. >> there are things i wish were still included in in this final package. we can't make the perfect the enemy of the good. and this is a big, big deal. democrats are bringing us another breathtaking, the bad taxing and spending bill. >> that will only make inflation worse and extend the current recession. that house vote is scheduled to happen tomorrow. >> president biden says he plans to sign that legislation into law as soon as it gets to his desk reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. >> a woman who was dragged out of an nba finals game at chase center is now suing the san francisco police and fire departments. curry mcknight says she and a friend tried to walk onto the basketball court to protest the overturn of roe
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v wade on june 13th. she claims after security removed her, an officer threatened to inject her with a sedative. she's also accusing a paramedic of giving her a shot while she was strapped to a gurney. >> because you don't know what they just injected us. i've never no one really probably never had that experience where somebody would come up to you against your will and inject you it. it's absolutely horrific. >> city attorney's office says in a statement they have not yet been served with a lawsuit saying >> if and when that does happen, they will review it and respond appropriately. the city of newark will be installing at least 20 automated license plate readers around the city soon. the city approving that measure just last month. newark police already has some. they already have some license plate readers in some of those are attached to police cars. but they say that these new ones are expected to be installed in areas where people will be coming in and out of the city. the department will be presenting
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their license plate reader policy to city council in early september and the cameras will not be installed until sometime after that. fair health. this afternoon, monkeypox is again becoming an increasing concern in contra costa county. there are now 31 confirmed cases. it was just one month ago contra costa county reported its first confirmed case like we've seen in other counties. there does not appear to be enough vaccine to go around and doses. we're learning are especially hard to find in contra costa county officials saying they've gotten 10 times fewer vaccine doses than san francisco and 3 times fewer than alameda county. despite that contra costa county's public health director says his office is doing what it can to slow the spread. he along with many other bay area counties are vaccinating people. >> as long as they meet the high priority group. they don't have to be a resident park across the county. so we urging community members if
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they're eligible the tri multiple venues that says their chance of being vaccinated time. >> the county says it intends to make online applications for vaccination appointments later available later this month. but for now, health officials say they're in the process of notifying those most a high risk of monkeypox to go book an appointment and the city of oakland is warning the public of harmful algae at lake merritt algae blooms can cause health issues like a rash and eye irritation in both humans and animals. the city has any food and food containers later in the lake can make the algae bloom problem. we're so make sure you pick up after yourselves. and staffing shortages have forced princess cruises to cancel 11 trips aboard its diamond. princess cruise liner. the bruises were set to depart from san diego between september first and mid-november affected guests can either get a refund or switch to adequately crews on another ship. the company says
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they're having a hard time keeping up with the rise in demand. governor newsom is nominating patricia guerrero as the next chief justice of the california supreme court. mayor has been on the court since march and is its first latina member. the nomination must first be confirmed by the commission on judicial appointments and then by voters in november guerrero will replace the current chief justice who is stepping down in january. all right. it's bit about our forecast now as we take a live look outside over downtown san francisco looking really pretty and gorgeous out there. love this shot is overhead shot of the entire city. a kron 4 meteorologist kyla grogan live for us. here now with more details on what we can expect as we step outdoors. kyla. yeah, beautiful day. if you like the warm temperatures from yesterday, you're going to love them today to you can see what's happening right now as we take a look at san francisco at 67 degrees. we're you can see that 81. they're close to him say, carlos, that 78 degrees. >> it's going to be nice. 85 right now in antioch, we take
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a look outside and just in the last hour, i've watched a lot of these clouds clearing out of half moon bay. they were kind of hanging on this morning. but you can see we're getting some beautiful blue skies out there now. so nice day to be out of the coast and it is a little bit breezy. we have that kind of north northwest flow that happening a little onshore flow. so about 70 miles per hour in francisco's, we keep that breeziness with us as well. so going to be a little bit above average all across the map, expecting low 70's in san francisco. we got up to 72 yesterday. so we're going to get really close to that again today. upper 80's up in santa rosa. if you head across the bay, really nice and oakland and hayward in the 70's, but head a little further inland in concord. you're flirting with 90 degrees. for 89 91 in antioch. you can see down in morgan hill also looking out for 90 degrees. so there's going to be a little bit of heat there. it's going to continue as we get through the weekend because high pressure, it's going to be expanding. what's happened here is low pressure has moved to the north. so that allows this to expand. and when that happens, our inland communities get influenced by that high
12:38 pm
pressure and we start to see those temperatures pickup. thankfully nothing too extreme. as we zoom in here now, though, you can see as we take a look at our satellite and radar, we're doing pretty good. and as we get into tonight, i know a lot of you could be looking out for the super moon may be trying to see saturn as it's at its brightest point in the sky over the next few days or even the perseids meteor shower 8.30, is our moonrise. now. we're going to be little fog out there. so we'll have to see if we're able to get some good visibility here. but a lot going on tonight. if you've got a telescope is a good night to check it out. stephanie, back to sounds like it's going to be a very fun night for people who love to look up at the sky. >> all right. today the search continues in placer county for kylie, rodney. she disappeared nearly a week ago and now we're hearing from kylie's boyfriend reporter. we know shad ix has the story. >> it's been 5 days since kylie's boyfriend jack or westfall has heard from her. he says the exchange text messages before she left for a senior farewell party at the prosser family campground. the
12:39 pm
last place. anyone so far has reported seeing her. and so just like, okay, be safe. don't play do anything stupid. he says he complained about his day and she 10, 30. >> she responds what i was saying and just said, oh, i'm sorry that you're going through that. and that was lost my home. >> kylie's close friend know says they spent the afternoon together on friday just hou s before she disappeared. the day of the there may come so everything. >> i mean, i >> while law enforcement, including the fbi, continue their search in and around the prosser campground and reservoir jagger, kate and another friend went to reno to search for themselves for kylie. kate says they were in reno the day before the party. >> and reno is a place jacaranda kiley could go for some alone time. we followed them to a location in the
12:40 pm
hills where jagger and kylie spent some time in the past. i definitely feel like that this current situation that she's safe. >> i don't know where she is. we don't have anything to go off at this point, but fully believe that she's alive and well. and i fully believe that. look, 2 of those 3 of us or other people are going bring her home safe. >> coming up, a special celebration for a bay area woman marking a major milestone. how one airline helped her party. plus, after a viral video led to allegations of racism. the changes now coming to sesame place. and a second shark attack has been reported in monterey county. what experts say is causing these incidents. if you're planning
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a trip down to monterey county this weekend, officials want you to be extra careful if you plan to be in the water. >> kron four's justin campbell reports on another shark attack that unfolded in pacific grove. >> a local was out on a stand-up paddleboard with his dog when all of a sudden a shark attack them. you are looking at bite marks left by a shark. it managed to tear through the installation of a 12 foot paddleboard. well, it's a large shark and the only species that are in our waters that are large enough to create a bite like that are usually white sharks or the great white pacific grove.
12:44 pm
police say the shark swam underneath the board then turned around and took a chunk out of the front end of the board, knocking the man and his dog into the water. thankfully, the man on the board alongside his dog got away and back to shore on harmed so many cases we think that sharks might occasionally bite people, whether they're swimming or or on a paddle boarder surfboard because they mistake them is pray. in addition to looking for food. doctor chris lowe with the shark lab at cal state long beach says the shark could have also felt threatened less than 2 months ago. another man was attacked by a shark in the same area. but was it the same one? unlikely that you have a big shark spending that much time in a place like that without a lot of food around. so it it's unlikely that it's the same shark doctor low will work with the state to examine the bite marks to determine what type of shark bit the paddle board reporting in lovers point justin campbell kron, 4 news. >> and a large shark also came close to swimmers in florida.
12:45 pm
check this out this moment captured on drone video. it happened last thursday near the popular daytona beach boardwalk. the person flying this drone follow the 7 foot shark from deeper waters as it came just feet away from beachgoers. well, this looks pretty scary, experts say, but the swimmers were probably not in any danger. that's because experts say that this animal appears to be a lemon shark, which do not attack humans. that's good to know. now it's common for lemon sharks to look for food in shallow waters. so that may be why it was so close to the shore. nfl news despite being suspended for the first 6 games of the regular season. cleveland black browns quarterback deshaun watson will start in the team's preseason opener against the jaguars this friday. the team and watson are still waiting on the results of an appeal made by the nfl to get watson suspension extended to a full season. a judge ruled and decided on watson's current
12:46 pm
six-game suspension after he was accused by more than 2 dozen women of inappropriate conduct during massages. a civil trial is underway over graphic photos of the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant. his daughter and 7 others and the federal lawsuit. vanessa bryant claimed that images of the crash that happened in january 2020 were shared by first responders inappropriately. those pictures have never been seen by the general public. bryant's attorneys said the photos were leaked by sheriff's deputies and la county firefighters and posted on social media or vanessa bryant and her legal team. they're looking for jurors that are very sympathetic to them for los angeles county. >> they're looking for people that can actually separate the emotional feelings they have from the reality that these pictures were never publicly disseminated. >> bryant is seeking an
12:47 pm
unspecified amount of damages. the county is arguing that any emotional or mental damages were not caused by photos or county workers. but by the fatal crash itself. actress and remains in a coma after a fiery car crash last week. her car smashed into a los angeles home. a person inside of that home suffered some injuries and required medical attention. and because of that, the lapd is investigating this incident as a felony. investigators believe page was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time this happened. a federal judge ruled walgreens can be held responsible for contributing to san francisco's opioid epidemic. the judge said walgreens gave out highly addictive drugs without proper oversight. between 2006 2020. the pharmacy distributed more than 100 million prescription opioid pills in san francisco. data shows between 2015 2020. the city showed a 478% spike
12:48 pm
in opioid-related deaths. city attorney david chiu tells us walgreens continually ignored what it was supposed to do. >> as san francisco's largest prescriber prescription it. walgreens did not flag suspicious years. do not get their pharmacist time to due diligence. pharmacists are pressure to fill phil phil. and as a result, walker flooding are over us. we have seen how this heartbreaking epidemic has played out on our city streets, costing our city millions upon millions of dollars to a t. >> there will be a separate trial to determine how much money walgreens will have to pay the city. the company says that it's disappointed in the decision and intends to appeal 2 other opioid makers allergan and teva settled their lawsuit with the city last month agreeing to pay 54 million dollars in cash and overdose reversal. drugs. the san
12:49 pm
francisco school board voted this week to recognize a muslim holiday as an official school holiday. but not everyone supported the resolution. kron four's dan kerman explains. >> thunderous applause from students and parents tuesday night as the san francisco school board votes 4 to one to create official school holidays for eat 2 of the most significant holidays for the arab and muslim community. it's not just about. >> recognizing as a holiday and taking the day off from school. it's also about us feeling listen to and feeling. seen and heard by the city and bias if usc and the by the board member chris. >> prior to the vote, parents and students talked about the double standard which forces muslim students to miss a day of learning to celebrate their culture. muslim students, staff and families have said time and time again that they shouldn't have to be forced to choose between the community have education and employment.
12:50 pm
>> recognizing the would bring more racial equity to district. it's become calendars organized around the christian calendar. there's no situation where christian children have to choose between a family in culture and their academics or health. however, muslim students over the past few years have had to make those choices. i think that children should. >> that deserve that. does it have to feel the happiness and excitement that their students feel on their holiday break? recognizing eid is a great initiative to building confidence and show us that most american students that they have valued members of the school and of the community at large, the only person voting against the measure was embattled school board member and shoe. >> who has faced criticism for comments about black and brown families. we need criteria. >> and process and without that, the in place. but there's this request and that ripple effects that may come if this request is granted, were going around in just
12:51 pm
problem. >> other board members voiced similar concerns about not having a process in place for selecting school holidays. >> but in the end, voted in favor of the measure. we're immensely proud to be part of this effort. woodmansee proud to lead california to be the country and a lot of in issues of racial and social justice backers of the initiative say the san francisco unified school district is the first in the state to observe this holiday. it goes into effect during the 2023 2024 school year. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> the sesame place theme park in philadelphia is introducing new diversity initiatives. the changes coming after a viral video showing a character apparently snubbing to young black girls at a parade. you can see that exchange right there. now, the parents of one of the girls filed a 25 million dollar class action lawsuit against the park alleging discrimination. all workers at sesame place, which is operated by seaworld will
12:52 pm
now go through training programs that address bias and inclusion. seaworld ceo is reportedly meeting with the girl's parents today. and southwest airlines goes the extra mile for a san francisco woman celebrating a major milestone james smith turned 104 years old this year. there she is. happy birthday to her. to las vegas via southwest in march but got sick and had to cancel. and that's when the airline brought the party to her home. complete with a cake in newark. it in some southwest airline goodies. asma started flying with southwest in 2018 and that's when she first flew to las vegas for her one 100th birthday. wow. airline officials said it was important to them to revisit the tradition for smith, even if that meant making a little house call. it's so nice to see her smiling face there at 104 say the thing is, look at the smile. you know, she's happy and she's living life.
12:53 pm
and if you can live that long and still be happy, i think that's that's awesome. absolutely. happy birthday to her. >> indeed, indeed, that makes middle aged a very different kind of number, right? if you're going to 104. yeah, that's true. that's true. does hold back a little bit for yeah. >> i like that idea how conditions looking like out there. so we have another beautiful day out there, stephanie. and one of the reasons we're starting to temperatures warm up a little bit high pressure is starting to expand as our low pressure, his track to the north. >> and that is going continue this warm up as we go through the weekend. it's nothing extreme. but by the time we get into the beginning of next week, we're talking mid to low to mid 90's in some of our inland communities. you can see all this unsettled weather that will also start to kind of head back towards california as we get over the next few days as well. but right now, everything is pretty clear. it is really nice out there. quite beautiful. really. we've even had some of those clouds clear away from places like half moon bay. they're kind of socked in. so today we'll see above average temperatures yet again. san francisco looking after 71. 76 in oakland will see some low 80's and san jose
12:54 pm
livermore about 87 89 in concord, santa rosa, about 87 as well as tae a look at your son did forecast. i'll show you that warm up. i was talking about as we get through the weekend. notice you have a time we get from thursday to say next tuesday we're talking 5 or 6 degrees warmer in our inland communities. again, nothing terribly extreme. i'm not talking about triple digits, but certainly we're going to see e wwwm-up in the marine layer will compress a little bit as we start to see that high pressure increases. that should mean it eases up a little bit on the fog in the mornings to stephanie, back tu. you. thanks very much, kyra. >> and next at noon from the capital chambers to the soccer field by some state, lawmakers spent their night passing a ball instead of bills.
12:55 pm
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12:57 pm
>> yeah, i mean, that's what >> a quick thinking. oregon state trooper is credited with saving a dog that tried to escape during a traffic stuff. look at that. well, the driver was pulled over for speeding on i-5 when one of her dogs jumped out of the passenger window. as you can see there from that body cam video from the from the officer, the oregon police officer said on social media that the trooper used his, quote, cat-like reflexes to grab the dog and prevent it from running into traffic. frankly, i think that dog was excited to see the officer the dog and its owner got off with just a warning. so both very, very lucky there. and some cat-like reflexes at state trooper cases, state lawmakers. they traded in their suits for cleats and shin guards as they took part in last night's 5th
12:58 pm
annual capital cup. legislative soccer game. that's quite a mouthful. there. as our capitol bureau reporter eytan wallace, 8 8 on well as shows us. this match was not just for bragging rights. >> he shoots. he scores. he is no major league soccer player. no, he is california attorney general rob bonta minute after his goal. this from state senator ben allen. ellen was on the southern california team onto on the northern california team. all of it part of the annual legislative soccer game at crystal ray high school where lawmakers from each part of the state went head to head. >> the interesting thing about them at it's not about who wins or loses, not even about republicans versus democrats. instead, it's about scoring a goal for a good cause. >> that's how much the event raised to benefit stanford, sierra youth and families, sacramento based organization
12:59 pm
dedicated to helping at-risk foster youth and matching them with forever homes. >> what is really meaningful to me is the legislators are out there playing on behalf of foster gift. foster youth don't have a voice otherwise. >> while the northern california team ended up defeating the southern california team 5 to 2, some of the state's top leaders from both sides of the aisle agreed tonight was about something greater than themselves are use this money and and they put to good causes young people. a lot of us probably need to train a little bit more and get better say, but it's a great way to for us to to kind hang out outside the capitol and do something good for the reaching across the aisle, bipartisan for a good is who we are as californians and a proud to be part of it. tonight, part of a night republicans and democrats came together to pass not a bill but a ball to make a difference. in sacramento. eytan wallace. looks like they had a lot of fun. >> now, the bay area football, the san francisco forty-niners are getting ready for their first preseason game tomorrow
1:00 pm
night. yesterday was the last full practice before the game. they're having a walk through today before hosting the green bay packers tomorrow night at levi stadium. the niners defense has looked impressive so far. and trey lance is expected to start kickoff at 5.10. and that will do it for us here at the kron. 4 news at noon. thanks so much for joining us. an encore presentation of live in the bay starts right now. >> thank you so much for joining us today for an encore presentation of live in the bay. i'm olivia horton. well, we take a little summer break. we wanted to take a look back at some of our most memorable shows and guests today. we take a look back at when we met the local break dancer who started his own baking business. we chat with whack donuts. plus the 2 east bay moms who started ready festive for your home. coming up today. >> he lends his voice to a hit animated series on disney


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