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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  August 11, 2022 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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guidelines. the changes come more than 2 and a half years after the start of the pandemic. here's what the changes look like. first, the cdc says americans no longer need to quarantine themselves if they come into close contact with. >> an infected person. second, the agency says people no longer need to stay at least 6 feet away from others. so no more social distancing. the cdc also ended its recommendation that students exposed to covid-19 should test regularly. the agency added all of that. all of this can change if there's another surge in infections and masks are still recommended in areas where community transmission is considered high. how will these new guidelines affect the bay area? joining us tonight, doctor about kerr on with stanford medical school specializing in infectious disease. thank you for your time this evening. so >> some people say that this relaxation of the cdc guidelines is long overdue. a lot of people are not even at hearing to them anyway. others few there's still a risk because covid is still prevalent. what is your reaction?
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>> thanks so much for having me. so i think there's a few things going on. one is that, you know, pragmatically, a lot of people have not been following the recommendations such as quarantining is when you're exposed and not yet confirmed to be sick and then isolating even the people that are may not be isolating for the entire time. you know, i i personally heard of people who are traveling were not able to change their plans. and so they just sort of, you know, did wear a mask in and continue onwards. so i think part of it was sort of the pragmatism. the tdc said, well, you know, if the people aren't following the guidelines to try to ease them up a little bit, but the facts are the facts and the transmission of the virus is the same. so if they said that you don't need to be 6 feet apart. the fact is the closer you are to somebody that's in fact, chess. the better chance that they transmit here. so there's no change there. the science is the same. quarantining, of course, is still and, you know, quarantining is a is a fundamental part of public health and epidemic response, which is that if you get
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exposed, you could be getting second trans being other people. so the fact that we're not going to have people doing this may not really have anything due to the cdc saying i think this has been happening for a while anyways. and then we're reducing testing is is not necessarily a good thing, right? because when you don't test, then you don't know if people are sick or not. you don't know if you're sick or not. so the overall i think what's happening is that we're moving or the cdc and the federal government are moving into a new phase. i've heard the term used living with at this time. we still have hundreds of deaths per day. thousands per week. thousands of infections that around the country, people out of and then people in hospital beds in icus. the numbers are the numbers. you know, that is the situation. we're in a in a very long surge. but as they warn, you know, if things get even worse, everything's relative, then they may have to go back and re institute some of these public health but i think the science is the same transmission is the same. none
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of that has changed sort reaction to it. so it's now kind of been put on us as individuals on our decisions on what we're going to do and how we're going to. >> follow this instead of a hearing to government guidelines were about to workplaces. is this going to give employers an opportunity to change their rules? because there are some employers who still have pretty strict covid regulations. well, these are recommendations by the cdc and of course, schools and employers and even state public health departments are all influenced by these, but these are not binding by any means. so. >> workplaces can still in institute whatever they the legality of that obviously is going to is going to change depending on on where you live in and what kind of place you're working at. but i think that, you know, you'll want out what what i suspect is that people that have continued to mask and they may be doing that because they don't want to get sick time. and owner of people at home probably continue to do it. people that haven't been asking for a while anyways. they probably there will be no change to how they behave. and so i think that's kind of all happened. and people have been doing individual things for a
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while now because we don't have a very coordinated response on this. it's very fragmented across states, even in our cross counties. >> so, doctor, i want to shift over another issue cropping up in your field, there's a cluster that showed up in one county in new york. london is now recommending that children under age 9 get boosters for polio course. this was something we >> all thought was >> what is your feeling about what's happening with polio right now? >> well, we know that, you know, there has been polio and other countries. we still do see vaccine-derived cases of polio, some people to get the oral polio vaccine can still transmit polio through their through their feces. and so what we know about this case is that this is a traveler who went to a country where oral polio vaccine is used. they were not vaccinated there from a community that i think has low vaccination rates. they came back here were diagnosed with polio and then there's polian now found in the water. and, you know, this is going to primarily affect kids that
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are not vaccinated. and as we know now for a while, there have been pockets within this country where there's been a lot of vaccine hesitancy for childhood vaccinations among certain groups. and so people that are not kids that are not vaccinated are, of course going to be at risk here, which is why the county and the state of new york are really focusing in here on this problem and why the uk is trying to get ahead of it as well. but i think broadly, you know, this really connects to a lot of other things. so with covid, for instance, there's been a lot of shift around how people view vaccines even related to with monkeypox. there's a vaccine shortage where we need more vaccine here. many countries have no vaccines. so this is a broader problem in where, you know, you need to have a lot of public buy in and you need to work within communities to understand why people are not getting vaccinated. and you set up my next question perfectly because that's exactly what i was going to ask you regarding monkeypox and everything else that's going on out there. you have 2 % camps yet. people who say how get a vaccination if it's going to help me live a safer life and others who just don't
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trust. >> the government don't trust vaccines. see on the anti-vaxers so. i i guess i'm asking you is the people who are getting vaccinated have a better chance of carrying on and moving forward and those who don't get vaccinated a higher risk of getting sick or even die. that's absolutely right. i mean, vaccines are the number one. >> public health tool that we you know, broadly speaking across all categories of diseases. so getting people vaccinated, it used to be something that people are happy to do wanted to do. we you know, we're celebrating the advent of vaccines and availability of vaccines. and now that is really change. and i think a lot of that this sort of social response to public health, how people view the government, whether or not they trust public health institutions and government leaders. there's a lot of work covid has made it a lot more challenging. there's a lot you know, as 2 sides of of how people are viewing covid and it really polarized the view on public health more broadly. so i think we're seeing that
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now with them. what's going on with and also what may happen with monkeypox doctor. real we're out of time. why are we seeing so many viruses crop up ball? it seems all of a sudden. >> you know, i think one part of it is globalization where we have a lot more in our connectedness between countries. but, you know, specifically talk the monkeypox once we stop vaccinated for smallpox. many people have been warning for a long time that, you know, there's a large susceptible population of people that are are, you know, growing up and don't have immunity. and we knew there's outbreaks of monkeypox happening in in sub-saharan africa. if we had put more attention in time in a controlling those and helping those countries and health systems, we may not be dealing with this today. so i think this is a big in terms of the end goal, global health equity is what we call it. >> yeah. hopefully that will be addressing its clear. that does need to be addressed and hopefully moving forward, more governments will be aware of that. and take the necessary action. thank you so much, doctor abrar occur on. we appreciate it. we appreciate
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and we're fine with that. yep, that is exclusive. caught video of debris raining down on a neighborhood after a deadly house explosion in the southern indiana city of
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evansville. 3 people were killed, at least 39 homes damaged. it's unclear whether the victims were inside the same home. officials say they have not completed searching of the other homes that were damaged and there could be additional victims. people reported feeling that blast from the explosion from all across the city. the cause is not determined yet. investigators are still on scene, including a structural collapse team to survey all of the homes in that neighborhood. a man accused of fatally shooting at least 2 muslim men in new mexico appeared in court for the first time. >> muhammad syed is the primary suspect in the killings of 4 muslim men in albuquerque between november and august. syed was arrested tuesday while driving more than 100 miles east of albuquerque. he denied any involvement, told police he was driving to texas to look for a new home because he was unnerved by the killings. a brother of one of the victims told nbc news site had previous confrontations with them over a scheme to sell back their products at a higher price 2 years ago, syed
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is being held on murder charges in 2 of the homicides. >> house speaker nancy pelosi, nancy pelosi is facing questions on why her son, paul pelosi, junior, joined her during her controversial trip to taiwan. the daily mail accuses paul pelosi status as a top investor at a small chinese telecom firm paul pelosi junior previously worked for but routes technologies and is now the second largest shareholder speaker. pelosi says her son who was not a member of the official delegation, traveled with her to asia as her escort when her husband could not make the trip. a spokesperson for the speaker says spouses and adult children are never included in the press releases about lawmakers, delegations abroad. coming up next in sports, jimmy garoppolo rumors heat up. >> as the cleveland browns consider a possible trade for the quarterback. director jason dumas has the details coming up. large out-of-state corporations have set
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insisted that they are willing to move forward with jacoby brissette at quarterback this season. watson suspension is currently under appeal in could be increased to a year. the drama never. and in the nfl. now there's a whole lot of new faces in the building for this raiders team. it's really hard for anyone not to get excited about the potential at florence right over there, even though their car has had a different coaching system to run pretty much every season. he's been with the raiders. this time it feels a bit different and he talked about just how this team has jolt and what he's learned from josh mcdaniels. >> over the last couple years, i felt our team was really, really close. and with some of those guys leave and bringing new guys and you hope that you can, you can create that. i think we talked about it in the offseason about this is a time for that is the time for learning. it's also time to get to know each other and be a team. you know, football as the as a team sport forever will be a team sport. and
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whenever you get everybody on direction just makes coming to - work. much better, you doesn't guarantee you winds, but it helps you for sure. and those moments and i think for me, you know, do going through all the changes and all those kind of things i really give credit to josh and our staff. they've done a great job of, you know, yes, well, changes are happening doing this with everybody in that room and and obviously we have great, great guys. you know, on that were captains last year, the private captains this leading that charge as well and you got max out there, just grab no receivers joking with you k receivers running backs myself. you other people just sitting at the same specialists and at the same table, it and that's the things that you want to see. you don't want to see just little groups except the line and you want them all to be together. but, you know, everyone else here, you see everyone kind of mingling around and all those kind of things. it's it's it's really cool to and i'm proud of that. there is covering him on a daily basis. really nice guy. >> all right. that's a look at
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sports. back to you guys. jason, thank you. after a bit of a hiatus cans flying tails is bad with a rescue flight involving one dog. >> 2 cats and 2 airplanes and 2 states. i was one of the pilots who helped get these pets to their new homes in oregon. >> this is time-lapse video from pilot paul armstrong as he flew 2 cats from ventura county to petaluma and the person is going to adopt him. >> i really likes that. they're both white and they both have green eyes. i it's like a prayer for cats are. so really do much >> these 2 unnamed kitties are joining this big boy named olaf has been recuperating from a host of ailments after his owner turned them over to lily senior dog sanctuary in petaluma. >> not anything major, but he had been years. he had infected eyes yet infected years. he had a lot of skin infections. you need to be neutered. >> with the cats in their crate and all off in the back seat were off.
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>> on a heading of 3, 4, 0, to cottage grove, oregon, just south of eugene. >> a lot got up to check out the view looking at the trinity outs in siskiyou county and mount shasta >> the cats were quiet. up ahead, there were scattered rain showers. if the visibility got much worse, i wouldn't be able to land at the destination and might have to divert to an airport in better weather. >> after about 3 hours, cottage grove airport came into view, landing involved skimming over the willamette river to the runway. >> on the ground, the cats looked unaffected. their new caretaker was camera shy but said they would be well cared for for him. olaf couldn't wait to see his new family. it. >> over the last few loss injuries have healed. he also found in his new home where the snacks were hit and there is 3 full bags of treats. he got every last stinkin crumb out of those bags tore at my
6:50 pm
treat bag and tiny didn't go sit in the carnage and take a picture of many look. >> he looked like he was not ashamed at and he was not everything that we were promisod isis to happy. happy boy. >> with the animals safely on the ground, it's time to point the airplane south and head back to the bay area. mission accomplished. >> animals. both of these situations, the dog, you know, had some injuries they recovered from using a bad situation where he was staying same with the 2 cats here are in a situation they should have been in now. they're both up in oregon living the good life coming from southern california from the bay area. so it took a lot of people to make it all happen. but, you know, the things we do for our pets, wry flying tails is back and that i know he's got some great stories in the hopper. so we'll be seeing those in the coming weeks 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside and show you the
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golden gate bridge which look spectacular tonight. and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing. but hey, guys got a side up above the bay area actually a couple things to check out. if you're headed outdoors tonight, you're going to want to look up to the sky. we've got a couple of events up there tonight. >> the first the perseid meteor showers. we're looking at the peak that taking place tonight. if you get lucky, you could see as many as 40 meteors per hour. but there's one ominous and sign showing that you might just not do that. partly cloudy skies. as we head through the night. fog will be a factor, especially along the coastline and along the bay. but we've got that big super moon that is rising up over the bay area at 8.30. is moonrise tonight. that's going to be last supermoon of the year. in fact, you're not going to see another supermoon until august of next year. so make sure you check that out. that is the sturgeon moon looking bright above the bay area for tonight. all right. out there right now, you can see just a couple of patches of fog over san bruno mountain sfo. the breeze blowing there as well. more that on the way some of that fog already
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started to make its way in toward the golden gate bridge. and that's going to the case overnight tonight. more fog on the way, but temperatures still very comfortable outside. 75 degrees. a beautiful evening in san jose. 76 in livermore. it is 71 degrees in berkeley. 73 in the bottle and 68 degrees in petaluma. nice evening. out there now. tomorrow. yeah, these temperatures could be a little bit hot inland. we're looking at some low 90's. the warmest spots in the valley, 70's and 80's around the bay and 60's coast side. some much warmer weather appears to be on the horizon. high pressure going to slowly build in over the weekend. that will continue to warm up the temperatures. but then as we get to monday and tuesday of next week, the heat is on. i think we're talking about some triple digit heat. a heat wave rolling into town next week. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. coming up, the dog almost hit by a car. luckily a trooper came to the rescue. >> we have the story after the >> we have the story after the break. first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. even walking was tough. i had to do something.
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one bank for now. for later. for life. oregon state trooper saved the dog that tried to escape during a traffic stop. the driver was pulled over for speeding. 1, 1, of her dogs jumped out the passenger window along interstate 5 and josephine county. the trooper says he used his quote, cat-like reflexes to grab the dog and prevented from running into traffic. it is pretty fast. the dog and its owner got off with just a warning. and the good news is the dog is back in the car. >> southwest airlines going
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the extra mile for a san francisco woman is a major milestone birthday. james smith believe in a celebrated her 100 and 4th birthday this year. the airline help make it special even when she had to cancel her plans to travel, she was scheduled to go to las vegas back in march, but she got sick and had to cancel. and that's when the airline brought the party to her home. complete with a cake and or kit and some southwest airline goodies. smith started her tradition of celebrating with southwest back in 2018 when she flew to las vegas for her one 100th birthday. this you had the last 2 years postponed because of the pandemic. airline officials said that it was just important too them to they visit the tradition for this very special passenger, even if it meant having to make a house call. that is very nice. new legal newlyweds who want to make sure they take a honeymoon after their big day. here's why. a new study. >> finds that couples who traveled together stay together. the survey conducted by honey fund highlighted the
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risk factors for missing honeymoons and matic trips. the survey asked 2000 americans to rate their marital satisfaction. 84% of those who said they had an excellent marriage said they travel together regularly on the other hand, 78% of the people who rated their marriage not so good, said they do not travel regularly. so unhappy marriage means take a trip. >> take a lot of that's it for kron. 4 news at 6. we'll see you tonight at 8. have a good evening.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: deadly explosi explosion. their ring camera captured the blast that rocketed an entire neighborhood. look what it did to their home. >> it blew out all of our windows and doors. >> announcer: then, family crisis. as the war between britney spears and her tj teenage sons escalate. >> you all better start respecting me. are we clear? >> announcer: and girl trip from hell. they booked an upscale resort. when they arrived, mold was everywhere. >>


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