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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 11, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> now making a change to covid protocols. the centers for disease control announces an overhaul to guidelines that we've been using for more than 2 years. sounding the alarm on california's dwindling water supply out. governor newsom says he plans to save the state from a crippling drought and stepped up security measures at stanford university tonight after a woman is raped on campus. the man responsible is still on the lips. >> and that is our top story tonight on kron. 4 news at 8. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. campus. security say it learned of the alleged rape about 3 hours after on tuesday
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evening. kron four's justin campbell joins us live from stanford tonight. justin, what are students saying tonight? yeah, ken and pam. this rape happened in broad daylight yesterday afternoon on campus in students in coming that we spoke to say they are now taking precautions. >> since i heard about that, i've been walking around pepper spray, incoming freshman student trying to protect herself after stanford sent out an alert tuesday afternoon that a woman near wilbur hole >> was grabbed, taken to a restroom and rate. i feel kind of concerned. megan, jerry, another incoming freshman, studying engineering, pull this why she is concerned. daschle as a female coming on campus. and i think wilbur's one of the freshman dorms, the other student now carrying pepper spray who didn't want to be identified. can't believe it happened at stanford. it being like a suburb. it's like known to be like a safe and secure environment. but like after hearing that, that just like
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not the case, stanford says the perpetrator was 6 feet tall, thin build brown eyes and a faded beard. the victim also stated she has seen the person on campus before both students. we spoke to say their residential assistant or let them know there are resources available for assault. had like this conversation with us, which i thought was. >> really nice. police say the victim isn't ready yet to talk to law enforcement about the attack. >> pam. >> justin, any word on whether or not the victim is a student at stanford? >> i've reached out to the police here at stanford about that multiple times today and they haven't gotten back to us yet on that connection. as soon as we have that information will give it to you. reporting here live at stamford, justin campell kron, 4 news. thank you, justin. >> the search is intensifying tonight for 16 year-old kylie,
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rodney, who disappeared from a campground party near lake tahoe just north of truckee almost a week ago during a news conference today, officials shared this picture kylie in the picture. she's wearing several pieces of jewelry, including 3 gold colored necklaces and her family. usher said she was wearing the night of her disappearance right now investigators are poring through a lot of tips along with cell phone video for clues that could help them retrace her last steps. but there is a lot of ground to cover. >> i think everybody realizes that the longer that goes on, the harder it is to keep people engaged and keep those things going because we don't have the right area to search to. we don't have a location to go to. >> placer county sheriff's department says that it's treating her disappearance as a possible abduction since her car, 2013 silver. honda cr-v is also missing. authorities said that rodney's phone was fast registered at 12:33am. saturday morning. a $50,000 reward is being offered for
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information that helps find her. >> a decision could still be months away, but the closing arguments are now down in scott peterson's latest court battle. his lawyers arguing that there was a juror misconduct when peterson was convicted back in 2004 for the murder of his wife lacy and their unborn child. o for has been reports on what happened inside the courtroom today. today was scott peterson's last chance of convincing a judge to grant him a new murder trial. the focus being put on juror 7 and if she lied during jury selection. >> the convicted murderer said in orange while his lawyers argue that juror number 7, richelle nice lied when answering 116 juror questionnaire. the defense saying nice wrongfully answered no to the questions of whether she had been involved in a lawsuit or she had been a victim of a crime. that, in fact, when she was pregnant. >> she had been assaulted and she was in fear for her baby's life leading into the nickname little man that they say nice gave to lindsey peterson's unborn child. connor, as well as the added to the juror had
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when deliberating with other jurors before she even sat down at the table when she was admitted to that jury room, according to juror, at she said, let's get mister peterson for what he did to little man, judge and christine mizzou low made the point that the defense would have access to the juror questionnaire and could have followed up with nice about her answers 20 years ago. david harris for the prosecution argued that nice dude would ensure is supposed to do during a high-profile murder case. fears actual proof that she went back there. she did what she was instructed by the judge to do. >> and she reached a verdict here is is that nice may have had wrong answers on the questionnaire that are being wronged. does not make her a liar, arguing that instead mean she was filling out the 23 page questionnaire that she, quote did the best she could get jury summons in the mail. and she testified she put it up on the refrigerator. how did she know that that particular piece of paper was going to change her life in which it has in this particular case. this hearing
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that has lasted for 3 years ended today with closing arguments. the judge now has until december to make her decision on if there was juror misconduct reporting in redwood city. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> now to our 4 zone forecast as we get the view of a little bit cloud. the foggy cloud coming into the 4 grand. i'm trying the best. help me out liz. let laura is filling in chief meteorologist andy buh. yeah, beautiful summer evening out there right now. we do have a couple patches of fog forming. not much, though, so far. >> hey, it was a nice day out there. sunshine even breaking out along the coastline. couple clouds hanging out over san bruno mountain. otherwise, we've got mostly clear skies that sea breeze has been kicking up, though. it's been blown all around. so you can see have the clouds kind of moving on through the camera and right there, the a golden gate bridge right in the background. but we've got more fog developing overnight tonight, but much warmer days are ahead. still very nice outside 72 degrees right now in palo alto to 67 degrees in fremont 67. also in dublin, 71
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in berkeley right now. 68 degrees in tehran and 69 degrees in napa. so yes, some nice weather outside high pressure trying to build back in that area of low pressure that's been spinning off the coastline that moving further north. so the good news is we're going to see more sunshine and warmer temperatures on the way the fog. we'll be back again tonight. we saw that stretch inside the bay overnight. last night will be back again tomorrow morning. but by tomorrow afternoon, most that is long gone. we're enjoying some hotter temperatures inland. i think you look at low 90's in the valley, 70's 80's around the bay plan on 60's. a little sunshine out toward the coast. >> thank you, lawrence. now to our monkeypox covers. the united states has now surpassed 10,000 monkeypox cases. the cdc reports every state except wyoming has reported cases of the virus. the largest numbers are in new york, florida and in california with more than 1900 cases reported here in california, los angeles has the most cases at 776 and
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francisco follows with 539. alameda county has 112 cases of monkeypox. the ceo of the company that makes the only monkeypox vaccine approved by the fda. >> says that he is concerned about the new strategy to split the doses and change the way the vaccine is injected. >> in the letter that told the biden administration, the company has, quote, some reservations about the new approach due to the very limited safety data available as well as the fact that more people experienced adverse reactions after vaccination. the new math is splits up those doses and uses one-fifth as much vaccine per shot. the idea comes as the united states works to conserve the limited supply. turning now to covid-19 and vaccines. the ceo of moderna says people should expect vaccines to quote. >> evolve like an iphone by that. he means that future covid shots will combined vaccines in the same way the
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iphone combines music with a telephone and a camera moderna says it hopes to roll out a single dose booster shot on an annual basis which will not only cover coronavirus but also the flu and other common respiratory viruses. moderna is estimating will take about 3 to 5 years for the development of the new multi vaccine. meantime, the nation's public health agency relaxed its covid-19 guidelines dropping certain recommendations, said we've become used to as true kron four's. ella sogomonian is here in the studio to explain. >> the latest on why we're going to see these changes. no ella. well, one expert tells us that it's really the cdc just meeting people where they are already at. a lot of people have already ditch the masks in certain situations. for example, and the centers for disease control explained that they're dropping the stricter recommendations because about 95% of americans, 16 and older have some level of immunity either from being vaccinated or infected with covid-19. so moving forward, their guidance says people no longer need to
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stay at least 6 feet apart and don't have to quarantine if they come into close contact with an infected person the cdc also and its recommendations that students exposed to covid-19 should test regularly. ucsf infectious disease expert doctor peter chin. hong explains that these updates are based on what we have come to learn about the disease over time. >> mean, the downside is if give up everything and the cdc is not saying that they're seeing, you know, let's focus ventilation is that's focus on the right type of mask, less focus on being up to date on vaccines. let's do testing when it's really most important wishes. and the setting of an exposure or when people have symptoms but not randomly test except in certain situations. >> so the doctor explains what people should instead continue to focus on really is better ventilation, depending on where you're at and how many people are in the building. and that eventually really
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help prevent all sorts of illnesses, not just a lot we're dealing with right thank you. >> coming up tonight at 8, the former president's home raided by the fbi attorney general merrick garland explains the reasons behind the unprecedented move. >> and in the east bay, one person is dead, several injured after a shooting at a 24 hour gym. the latest on the investigation and some good news on gas prices are dropping again significantly. we'll have the details.
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>> the pain at the pump is finally starting to ease. gasoline prices are going down across california. you can see today's current statewide average, according to aaa, is $5 and $0.38. that is down $0.15 from last week and down $0.70 from a month ago. prices in california, of course, still well above the rest of the country. however, the national average dropped below $4 a gallon today. the statewide average is about a buck 40 higher than that. house lawmakers are expected to cross the finish line on the massive inflation reduction act tomorrow. the massive bill is expected to pass the house without any republican support. it's not needed. it provides 400 billion dollars to fight climate change, including tax credits for buying electric carson money to help help power plants lower their emissions. the bill also allows medicare to negotiate
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prescription drug prices for the first time and extends health insurance subsidies. it will be mostly paid for by creating a 15% corporate tax on companies that make at least a billion dollars a year. president biden said he plans to sign the bill into law when it gets to his desk. the california high-speed rail project is getting 25 million dollars in additional money. the grant funded by the u.s. department of transportation will provide more than half of the expected. 41 million dollar cost for the madera to merced said design contract. >> that contract will be considered by the california high-speed rail authority next week. there are currently 119 miles under construction in the central valley with more than 30 active construction sites. 17 local government and transit agencies in california are set to get tens of millions of dollars to help upgrade public transit systems to 0 emission buses. 236 million dollars in grants will come from the department
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of transportation is part of last year's bipartisan infrastructure law. some of that money will be coming to the bay area, including more than 15 million dollars for the vta and santa clara county, 12 million for the city of fairfield and 6 million dollars for the napa valley transit authority. house speaker nancy pelosi is facing questions about why her son paul pelosi, junior, joined her during her controversial trip to taiwan. the daily mail revealed that paul pelosi status as a top investor at a small chinese telecom paul pelosi junior previously worked for overall looks technologies and is now the second largest shareholder speaker. pelosi says that her son who was not a member of the official delegation, traveled to asia with her as her escort when her husband could not make the trip. a spokesman for the speaker says spouses and adult children are never included in press releases about lawmaker, delegations abroad. the
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department of justice is filing a motion to unseal the warrants related to the search of donald trump's mar. a long go home. >> this follows days of top gop lawmakers and others calling for an explanation as to why this unprecedented step was taken u.s.. attorney general merrick garland says a property receipt of what was taken from the former president's home will be available for the public to see. if the judge allows said he also revealed who exactly approved seeking that warrant. >> i personally approved the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter. second, the department does not take such a decision lightly. where possible in a standard practice to seek less intrusive means as an alternative to a search and to narrowly scoped any search that is undertaken. >> garland also says the motion to unseal the warrants comes in light of mister trump publicly confirming the search. he says trump's council was provided a copy of the warrant and property
8:18 pm
receipt on the day of that search. almost half of voters polled say they approve of the fbi's execution of a search warrant at former president trump's residents in florida. a new political poll says 49% of registered voters approved of the decision with 37% of the count strongly approving democrats approved at a much higher rate than republicans. 68% of democratic respondents and just 7% of republicans expressed strong approval. >> sky watchers are getting ready for one of the biggest meteor showers of the year. the percy are expected to peak about 3 hours before dawn tomorrow and again on saturday. the light show is characterized by lots of fireballs leaving long streaks as they burn up entering earth's atmosphere under ideal viewing conditions. people can see 50 to 100 bright and colorful meteors an hour. but astronomers say a second u.s. astronomical treat could put a
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damper on the viewing the light from tonight's supermoon could actually some of the fainter streaks. well, here's a live at the bay area from mount tam a pious. it's not dark enough yet to see a those streaks of light flying across the script. skype is going to be pretty funny. happens. >> always one of the funds to see to, you know, coming in the middle of a summer. and here we go. we've got of pretty nice night to start out with. we are going to see more patchy fog rolling on in. but you get a chance walk look up. hey, good to see a couple of the things up there. couple slushy would light up there tonight as we've got the perseid meteor showers. those of you want to look to the northeast. that's the best way to go. look toward the constellation perseus and yeah, maybe for as many as 40 meteors per hour. and i'm pam did mention the sun and the moon. the moon more likely going to be factor overnight tonight and that will factor in forecast and your viewing as we're looking at that moon rising up above that 8.30, as moonrise tonight and that supermoon, the last supermoon
8:20 pm
of the year. in fact, we're not going to see another supermoon until august of next year. up to the left of the supermoon, you may notice a bright spot to that's actually saturn up there, too. so if you get a nice little telescope, you might be able to see some of the rings around saturn later on this evening. all right. the big thing is we want to keep it clear to right now we do have a a breezy conditions out there. we've got a couple patches of fog so far i think will work out, ok, as far as the weather is concerned, maybe not so much along the coastline. some of that fog moving in there. so tomorrow looks like another nice day. lots of sunshine coming our way. temperatures start to heat up though. and as we get in toward this next week, we're talking about some hot weather tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week. speaking of hot, i'm going to break some news right here on kron 4 tomorrow at 5, 6. the great cardinals hitting the road. that's right. i'm going live from an undisclosed location on my gosh. you'd like to see it. only 5, 6 tomorrow you know about that. they do call them right now. >> all right, lauren, thank you. well, still ahead tonight
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at a flood water flowing out of a san francisco building. once again, the continued troubles that 33 to a bay area woman almost missed out on celebrating a big birthday. how a company stepped in to help out.
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>> spent about 90 years since
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the first federal prisoners arrive to alcatraz. see incarcerated men arrived on the island for the first time on this day in 1934, for its nearly 30 years of operation. the rock was sought to be inescapable. the federal prison closed in 1963 and of course, now to national park and museum. >> well, that's not the only momentous occasion is a big birthday in the bay area. san francisco woman celebrating a major milestone. jane smith said 104 years old this year she was scheduled to travel to las vegas on southwest airlines back in march. but she had to cancel once you get sick. so the airline decided to bring the party to her home, complete with a cake and or kit and some southwest airline momentos some crew members and already met chain. she flew with southwest from san francisco to las vegas for her one 100th birthday in 2018. so the airline officials said it was just too important and they want to revisit the tradition, even if it meant
8:25 pm
making a house call. we fund the party in vegas with her. coming up next tonight on kron, 4 news at 8. sad to say gunfire erupting in the bay area gym parking lot, leaving one man dead. what police say happened right before the shooting making a plan to address the ongoing drought emergency. governor newsom sharing his vision for >> a future full of water and former raider and oakland native marshawn lynch facing dui charges after getting pulled over in las vegas. coming up, the body camera
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>> our top story tonight at 8.30, the ongoing drought in california. the latest drought monitor map released today. as you can see that image on your left. most of the central valley has fallen into the dark or exceptional drought category. the driest of all. compare that to the image on your right taken 3 months ago. as you can see, most of the bay area has been under a severe drought all summer long as the state's ongoing drought intensifies. governor newsom is announcing a plan that he says >> will create more water storage for california's future kron. four's capitol bureau reporter eytan wallace reports from contra costa county where the governor >> talked about his concerns for what could happen if no action is taken. and the governor says it's time to use modern day technology to fight this drought. for instance, you see all this water over here. well, this is all salt
8:29 pm
water part of the san joaquin river here in the delta. but the governor says with his plan will one day this. >> could supply fresh water to much of this region. we can't do the same thing anymore. that was governor gavin newsom's message today as he addressed the state's response to the ongoing drought. a record dry spell. he worries may only get worse 12 and year drought. >> exists and persist over the western united states. i mean, let's wake up. he says of no action is taken. california could lose about 10% of its water supply in the next 20 years. mother nature, it's still bountiful. but she's not operating like she did. that's why today he unveiled this 19 page plan pledging 8 billion dollars to increase storage and modernize the state's water infrastructure infrastructure like this, antioch construction site newsom tort. it one day will open as 110 million dollars to settle his ation plan taking salt water from the san joaquin river and converting it into fresh water. one of several projects newsom says will allow the state to refocus its water strategy
8:30 pm
were so deeply anxious because we've been consistently in the scarcity mindset that it's about reduction and people feel like they've done enough. we've got to move away from that mindset. because there's a lot more. but it's out there for more creative in terms of how we approach things. for now. he says he'll leave any mandatory water restrictions to local governments. that is he appointed onetime rival, former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa as the state's new infrastructures are in charge of bringing in more funds for future projects. newsom's current gubernatorial opponent, republican senator brian dolly of lassen county. >> says he's skeptical the state will see results. there's millions and millions and billions of dollars that have been put into these projects that have been implemented. he's talking about implementing these projects. that's have question with gavin newsom's philosophy is get something done. stop talking about and actually get something done. >> and as for that new the selling is ation plant here in antioch. well, that is expected to be up and running sometime in 2023. reporting here in antioch, a tom wallace
8:31 pm
kron. 4 news. >> all right. we're joined now by our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. talk more about the drought. yeah, this was scary. this is something similar. we saw back 1200 years ago. and so california and the whole western half united states has records of these immense droughts, a 10200 years long verge of starting one like we could be right now. we need to really think about our water. we're going to get right about that. yeah, so scary stuff ahead. so we're going to try and drum up a couple raindrops, but that's not come away. really to the rain season kicks in. not till about the 3rd week, the 4th week in october, but out there, you can see our drought monitor map and this is as of last october and the entire western half the united states under some form of a drought conditions. and then we're all for we did get a little love rain, though, the during the season, little more than we had last year. that helped us out a little bit. but still we're in severe drought conditions across the entire bay area. the exception, extreme drought conditions in eastern slama county. but love to get some rain here. not seen any work anytime soon. in
8:32 pm
in woodside. 76 degrees in mount view. those temperatures running up the 70's and the 80's in the south bay should be a beautiful day in the santa clara valley. nice and warm there. and then it starts to get a little hot as you head inland. probably will see some of those temperatures start to spike into the 90's in the pleasanton into livermore, getting close and dublin. and that will be the case. i think in the coming days as this ridge of high pressure going to start to build in out of the desert southwest. that is brought some record breaking heat parts of the united states during the summertime here. that is going to be backing out in our direction here the next couple of days. and that is going to really heat those temperatures up 60's co side at stinson beach tomorrow. should be a nice day there about 89 warm and santa rosa. 76 in the bottle and 77 degrees in mill valley. as we
8:33 pm
look out over time here, the that ridge of high pressure kind of slowly builds in the next couple days. you see the hot temperatures really in the valleys, but then as we get into next week for those temperatures really soaring 90 some triple digits on tuesday and wednesday, a real possibility even along the coastline. some of those temperatures near 70 degrees. thank you, lawrence. 2 people have been detained in connection with a deadly shooting today in brentwood. it happened at the 24 hour. fitness in the 5900 block of lone tree way. 4 people were shot. one man died at scene kron. 4 sleep. scott tells us it all started inside the gym. >> 24 hour fitness, brentwood is temporarily closed until further notice following a deadly shooting earlier in the morning. members was stunned to learn thursday. the city's second homicide of the year happened in the gym parking lot on lone tree way. usually i would expect nothing like that to happen at this particular point bar and this. but you know, stuff like that. after reviewing surveillance video from the gym, which the
8:34 pm
police department is not making public. tenant running says an argument on the basketball courts inside the continued into the parking lot at around 2 o'clock in the morning. least 2 suspects hold firearms. >> fired multiple shots. striking 4 people killing one to 10 broadening describes the victim who died as a man in his 20's. the 3 who survived with non-life-threatening injuries drove themselves to hospitals for treatment. >> 2 men and a 17 year-old boy soon after the shooting, police detained 2 men in connection with this case over a basketball game. i was loving the game. all of that. now investigators are working to determine a motive, women or information suggest that this was an isolated incident. this was not a random act of violence. >> we want to assure, you members of our community that we're doing everything we can working very diligently following up on leads. the surveillance footage. >> and, you know, making every
8:35 pm
effort to identify the suspects are responsible and get them into custody. police say there is no threat to the public in brentwood, phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> take a look at this. the luxury apartments at 33 to him. a street in san francisco have flooded for a second time in just 2 months. no one has been able to live in the building since the first a water main failure back in june. and now residents worry about yet another roadblock in their ability to return to their homes. well, for state of the second has been on this story since the first flood. she is talking with residents and we'll have much more coming up tonight on kron. 4 news at 9. still ahead, a vice president kamala harris is in the bay area. her first stop was in the city. >> what she's saying about abortion rights as she met the state leaders and the body camera footage released showing the arrest of marshawn lynch in las vegas. a police say they found the former raider stopped.
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>> an instagram and only fans model is now facing murder charges. 26 year-old courtney clenney was arrested in hawaii. >> she's accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death back in april at their florida apartment during a domestic dispute. clowney who is also known as courtney tailor on instagram. he's claiming it was self-defense. authorities say she was in a volatile relationship relationship with the victim. christian open sally for about 2 years. she
8:39 pm
is awaiting extradition to florida county has more than 2 million followers on social media. while it's still unclear whether actress and hey, she will survive her injuries after a fiery crash into a southern california home. she may face more serious criminal charges. los angeles police say she's now being investigated for felony dui. the 53 year-old was initially facing misdemeanor charges, but police are now considering felony charges since a woman who lived in that home suffered injuries and required medical attention. according to tmz reports hace was under the influence of cocaine and possibly fentanyl. she was severely burned and remains in a coma in what is said to be extreme critical condition. new body camera footage shows the recent dui arrest of former raider and oakland native marshawn lynch. police say he was asleep behind the wheel before he was arrested according to las vegas police lynch was drifting in and out of sleep as the officers tried to talk to him.
8:40 pm
>> police say the car he was sitting in had significant damage, including a missing whale. the body camera video shows officers trying to talk lynch out of the car before resorting to physically removing him. >> what i not be all right. >> want to get on your stomach over and by no more games today. >> lets his attorney say they expect to beat these charges because lynch was in a parked car which was turned off. however, in the body camera video, one officer says they believe he was previously driving in, quote, loops through parking lots and that markings in those loves are what led the officer to lynch's car. marshawn lynch is facing charges of dui driving an unregistered vehicle and failure to drive in a travel lane. he is due in court on december. the 7th. russia
8:41 pm
confirming it is negotiating a deal to release w nba star brittney griner and another jailed american former marine paul whelan. the washington post is reporting that russia's foreign ministry says talks are being conducted. the special channels that up between presidents biden and putin. the united states has reportedly proposed free. no russian international arms dealer who is imprisoned in the united staes in exchange for the release of griner and whelan griner was sentenced to 9 and a half years. whelan is serving a 16 year sentence. coming up next in sports, jimmy garoppolo rumors heat up as the cleveland browns are considering a possible trade for the quarterback. >> vice
8:42 pm
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
president kamala harris is praising california leaders for protecting abortion rights and slamming leaders of other states for doing just the opposite as kron four's. dan kerman tells us those comments were made at francisco's fairmont hotel this afternoon during a meeting with state leaders. the government. >> should not be in the position nor should it have a right. to make the most intimate and personal decisions. that anyone can make about heart and home. >> vice president kamala harris slam both the supreme court's decision overturning roe versus wade as well as states that have banned abortion altogether while meeting with california
8:45 pm
leaders in san francisco. she also took the opportunity to praise them for understanding the principles this country was founded on freedom and liberty. we hear trust. we trust people. >> to know what is in their own best interest. we are laser focused on ensuring that california is a reproductive freedom. state leaders of planned parenthood told harris their clinics are already seeing the impacts of states. >> that have severely restricted or banned abortion altogether in the last few weeks. one of our affiliates reported a 75% increase in the number of out of state patients here in california. the legislature is committed to not only protecting our rights. >> but doing everything that we can to ensure those rights are protected in the future. >> california state senate president pro tem toni atkins told harris the legislature is moving 13 bills to increase, expand and protect abortion
8:46 pm
access, culminating in a november ballot initiative. >> proposition one is a constitutional amendment to make it explicitly clear that our state's constitution guarantees the fundamental right to abortion and contraception. the vice president's visit to the bay area continues friday with a visit to oakland. at the fairmont san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> as of now, the browns have insisted that they are willing to move forward with jacoby
8:47 pm
brissette at quarterback this season. watson suspension is currently under appeal and could be increased to a year. tonight was the field of dreams game in major league baseball. it's become. >> an annual game that mlb play-in in dyersville, iowa to commemorate the classic movie field of dreams. this year's game featured the cubs and the rents. last year, though, movie star kevin costner was the centerpiece of the festivities and this year baseball focus on the memorable father and son relationship in the movie using baseball's most treasured father and son to recreate the scene. again, this is a tribute to the 1989
8:48 pm
film about a mythical field. we're ballplayers from past heiress came to play america's past time. of course, there was also a game to play for standing. nico hoerner drops in the rbi single to left in come saya suzuki. it's 2, nothing cubs. later in the inning in half. he knocks in a double to left center field. plating hirner 3, nothing cubs and they held on to win. 42. the nba announced today that the bay area's bill russell will have his number 6 retired across the nba. after his passing last month. russell becomes the first player in nba history to have his jersey retired league wide. in addition, all nba players will wear a patch honoring the former mcclymonds and usf standout the league previously recognized russell's
8:49 pm
contributions when it named the finals. mvp after him in 2009. just a tremendous honor for a >> the memory him. now, i did read that. >> the players who are number 6 now. they can wear number 6 in till they retire. so for instance, lebron james wears number 6, right? he doesn't have to change is number now. but you know, when he retires, obviously the ways until he retires elsewhere days. so there's a bunch of people. number would would he with a live to is into the rafters lebron's into the rafters with a number 6, even though that question, we have to figure that out. so a great question. remember lebron for more than half of his career also wore number. 23, saint james's 6. >> but for the russell, though, again, you know, we'll see like for the retire to numbers for kobe bryant 8.24 are both in the rafters for kobe. so. bill reh, so did so
8:50 pm
much on the basketball court and so much off the basketball court. i mean, he he should be recognized for the complete package that he was 100%. i agree with everything you just said all across the nba. yes. love that. all right, jason, thank you. coming up. fine tales are sq flight carrying a dog and 2 cats to their new home from california oregon. >> healing journey for these free fast friends. free fast friends. for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves
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support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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>> what we've been missing, flying tails, but now can has brought it back with a special rescue flight involving one cat. no one dog, 2 cats and 2 airplanes. and 2 states said i was one of 2 pilots who helped get these pets, their new homes in oregon. >> this is time-lapse video from pilot paul armstrong as he flew 2 cats from ventura county to petaluma and the person is going to adopt him. >> i really likes that. they're both white and they both have green eyes. i it's like a prayer for cats are. so i really do >> these 2 unnamed kitties are joining this big boy named olaf has been recuperating from a host of ailments after his owner turned him over to lily senior dog sanctuary in petaluma. >> not anything major, but he had been years. he had infected eyes yet infected years. he had a lot of skin
8:54 pm
infections. you need to be neutered. >> with the cats in their crate and all off in the back seat were off. >> on a heading of 3, 4, 0, to cottage grove, oregon, just south of eugene. >> i've got to check out the view looking at the trinity outs in siskiyou county and mount shasta >> the cats were quiet. up ahead, there were scattered rain. showers at the visibility got much worse. i wouldn't be able to land at the destination and might have to divert to an airport in better weather. >> after about 3 hours, cottage grove airport came into view, landing involved skimming over the willamette river to the runway. >> on the ground, the cats looked unaffected. their new caretaker was camera shy but said they would be well cared for for him. olaf couldn't wait to see his new family. it. >> over the last few loss injuries have healed. he also found in his new home where
8:55 pm
the snacks were hit and there is 3 full bags of treats. he got every last stinkin crumb out of those bags tour at my treat bag and go sit in the carnage and take a picture of many look. >> he looked like he was not ashamed at all and he was not everything that we were promised. he's just a happy, happy boy. >> with the animals safely on the ground, it's time to point the airplane south and head back to the bay area. mission accomplished. >> beautiful animals. yes, off was a senior dog. and that's what lily's senior sanctuary in petaluma does take care of those animals. give them good homes. he's in a much better place. now in the 2 cats were in a bad situation as well. their health was starting to decline. so now they're with a new caretaker in oregon. so both animals are doing great. yeah, you know, we were mentioning that can been doing fly. tales were a little bit. but now that you're back as covid, you stopped everything. but you've got a couple great
8:56 pm
stories in the hopper. so next a falcon that was brought into a wildlife rescue in the north was returned back to the wild. and i got to take of falcon down to southern california where it was really. so that's a great story. and then better story is a cat from ukraine. a family has moved to the bay area fleeing the war, but they had little girl had to leave or cat behind. well, guess what? we've got the cat. the cat is back it's an international rescue. vicki and catherine was just asking about that ukrainian cat story. good at all. and love you put that one together. that's excited that i'm really looking forward to. but this was q 2. so one person will keep the 2 camps together. yes, okay. that's it. you know? >> they look so and perhaps we're projecting. yeah, they know they actually got that way. it's it's interesting. they wouldn't know, seem to know it all. you're going to take care of. and there had to be very grateful that right? thank you. you better. she ate
8:57 pm
that. well, here's what working on for kron. 4 news at a 9 o'clock. we've ways to test for monkeypox new ways inside the bay area company that says it. >> blood testing technology could actually help stop the spread of this disease. the nightmare continues at a san francisco high rise apartment complex and we are not talking about the millennium tower. we've got the latest on another round of flooding that's kept people out of their homes for months. stay with us.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news the though. it had been in the front for 2 months already. >> tonight at 9 more major water problems at a high-rise apartment complex in san francisco after the luxury apartment to 33 to hama street flooded again. it is the second time in just 2 months. thanks for joining us. i'm vicki liviakis. you know, this has been a mask. i'm catherine heenan. nobody has lived in the building since the first water main failure in june. now residents are worried about yet another roadblock to returning to their homes. kron four's taylor bisacky has the story. >> my life has been really disrupted because of kaylee jordan is in disbelief that her san francisco apartment at 33 to has flooded


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