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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  August 12, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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issued new guidelines. also we have a right to the weekend. john travel has been tracking that forecast election. i've been asking about the begins. it's monday now really count because it's friday. good morning, john. now's the at the super sturgeon moon out there. rain. if you're fishing for a view of it. >> you can see it through a little bit of the low cloud cover that we have sitting right across san francisco right now. there's a little bit of a clear view of it. that's going help to brighten up your morning as you're venturing outside, maybe a little bit extra early because you're getting the kids away, cutting them already for the last day of their first week of school. in some cases. now this morning, we are looking at a co-operative morning, not a lot of drizzle nor low visibility from the low cloud cover. it's sitting right above us. 50's 60's for most of our current temps, fairfax, down in the upper 40's, though, our cold this morning so far this week we've been seeing temperatures to start the week during morning hours. pretty nice and mild, but his conditions of dry back out now our morning lows have gotten
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colder in our daytime highs are getting warmer. we're going to see a few 90's for inland areas today. most of our bayshore area stay in the 70's with cooler 60's at the coastline. sunshine all around later today in a reall , really nice way to start the weekend. all of all the details about it. still ahead, john, thank you for that. let's get a look at your bridges to minute drive may so that free must re exit heading into the city this morning. well, the san mateo bridge about 13 minutes from 80 to one o one. our richmond center fell bridge still pretty light at a 9 minute commute for you. >> and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes on this friday morning. well, the center for disease control relax some of its covid-19 guidelines. the cdc is dropping stricter recommendations because about 95% of americans, 16 and older have some level of immunity already either from being vaccinated or being infected with covid. their guidance says people no longer need to stay at least 6 feet apart. you don't have to quarantine
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if you come into contact with an infected person. now, the cdc also in its recommendations on students that are exposed to covid-19 having a test regularly. ucsf infectious disease expert doctor peter chin. hong explains he's updates based on what we have come to learn about the disease and the cdc is meeting people where they are. >> in the downside is if give up everything and the cdc is not saying that they're seeing, you know, let's focus ventilation is that's focus on the right type of masks. let's focus on being up to me and vaccines. let's do testing when it's really most important wishes in the setting of an exposure or when people have symptoms but not randomly test except in certain situations. >> well, doctor peter chin-hong says what people should instead continue to do is focus on better ventilation, which helps prevent all sorts of illnesses. meanwhile, more than 10,000 americans have now tested positive for monkeypox.
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the cdc reports every state except wyoming has reported cases of the virus. a large numbers are in new york, florida and california. there's been no deaths reported in the u.s. so far. california's health department just released the latest numbers of monkeypox cases. they're more than 1900 cases in the state. los angeles county has the most cases at 776. we have san francisco of 539 alameda county has 112 cases of monkeypox. now, as we've reported, there are talks of splitting monkeypox vaccine doses in order to conserve limited supply. but the ceo of the company that makes the only fda approved monkeypox vaccine says he's concerned about that approach because the new method splits of the doses and uses one 5th as much of vaccine per shot. and a lot of the ceo told the biden administration at the company is so reservations due to the very limited safety data available as well as the
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fact that more people experience and versed re actions after vaccination. meanwhile, one bay area company says its blood testing technology can help limit the spread of monkeypox kron. four's gayle ong has that update. >> with a single blood drive test results for monkeypox can take 24 look for to ceo of kerry is a blood diagnostic company located in redwood city says the process is faster than the traditional way to test for monkeypox. you actually have to wait till someone has skin lesions. >> you bring them into a clinic, you have to get fluid from the lesion and then you have to test that fluid on a machine for dad's blood testing is more safe for health care workers, draining of a blister fluid from an active infection can pose a significant health risk. and so we have an opportunity just by taking a sample of blood remain a present, that same kind of risk. as of thursday. the cdc reports more than 10,000 americans have tested positive for monkeypox. san
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francisco has more than 500 confirmed cases and limited county has reported 112 cases. the disease mostly spread skin to skin contact. health experts say demand for the monkeypox vaccine is far exceeding supply. that's why ford says blood testing can help limit the spread as we're testing people when they're pretty late in the disease. so if we want to stop this before, it is transmitted to others. if we want to reduce the risk for health care workers. >> we're going to need to act much more rapidly think areas but test contest over 1600 kinds of infections. >> this test is available at bay area hospitals, including kaiser permanente. the hope is to expand to the public sector. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> an investigation underway after a man armed with an ar 15 tries to breach the fbi office in cincinnati early thursday. the suspect fled the scene after an hours long standoff with police was later killed in a shootout with authorities. officials identified the suspect as 42 year-old ricky schaffer.
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investigators are now looking into whether he had ties to far-right extremist groups, including the proud boys, whether he was also involved with the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. the attempt to breach comes just as the fbi director is saying, agents and the justice department officials are being threatened over the search of donald trump's home in florida, attorney general merrick garland is now asking for the search warrant used on former president trump's florida estate be made public. raquel martin has the latest from dc. >> good afternoon. attorney general merrick garland says the department of justice is seeking to unseal the warrant used to search former president donald trump's home monday in light of the former president's public confirmation of the search, the surrounding circumstances and the substantial public interest, garland maybe sudden announcement thursday afternoon, he says the court approves search was conducted with probable cause and came after garland personally signed off on the request upholding the rule of law
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means applying the law evenly without fear or favor under my watch. that is precisely what the justice department is doing. garland also defended fbi agents now facing increased threats following the search thursday, a man with an ar 15 gun attended to enter in ohio fbi facility. the men and women of the fbi and the justice department. our dedicated patriotic public servants since the search, many republicans have accused the fbi's actions of being politically motivated. south carolina republican senator lindsey graham says that's because the doj is not being transparent and called on the fbi to, quote, lay their cards on the table. the department does not take such a decision lightly garland and says the department is following standard procedure to protect their investigation. according to court filings, president trump's team now has until 03:00pm friday to indicate whether or not the of debt to making the warrant public in
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washington. raquel martin. well, the i r s might be doubling its size soon. the senate passed inflation reduction act calls for >> hiring more than 80,000 irs agents over the next decade. democrats say the move is an effort to make sure that corporations and wealthy americans pay what they owe in taxes. they also say the additional agents will not target the middle class. the republicans disagree. >> these new taxes will fall on every taxpayer and the irs will focus on every taxpayer. >> that say the plan is about ensuring the wealthy pay their fair share. today the house is expected to pass the inflation reduction act with a straight party line. governor newsom unveiled a new plan responded to the intensifying drought we're seeing right here in california. he says his plan will create more needed storage for water across the state. our capitol bureau reporter 8 on wallace was with the governor in contra costa county.
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>> and the governor says it's time to use modern day technology to fight this drought. for instance, you see all this water over here will this is all salt water part of the san joaquin river here in the delta. but the governor says with his plan will one day this could supply fresh water to much of this region. >> we can't do the same thing anymore. that was governor gavin newsom's message as he addressed the state's response to the ongoing drought. a record dry spell. he worries may only get worse 12 and year drought. exists and persist over the western united states. i mean, let's wake up. he says of no action is taken. california could lose about 10% of its water supply in the next 20 years. mother nature is still bountiful. but she's not operating like she did. that's why today he unveiled this 19 page plan pledging 8 billion dollars to increase storage and modernize the state's water infrastructure infrastructure like this, antioch construction site newsom toward. it. one day will open as 110 million
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dollars to settle his ation plan taking salt water from the san joaquin river and converting it into fresh water. one of several projects newsom says will allow the state to refocus its water strategy were so deeply anxious because we've been consistently in the scarcity mindset that it's about reduction and people feel like they've done enough. we've got to move away from that mindset. because there's a lot more. but it's out there for more creative in terms of how we approach things. for now. he says he'll leave any mandatory water restrictions to local governments. that is he appointed onetime rival, former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa as the state's new infrastructures are in charge of bringing in more funds for future projects. newsom's current gubernatorial opponent, republican senator brian dolly of lassen county. >> says he's skeptical the state will see results. there's millions and millions and billions of dollars that have been put into these projects that have been implemented. he's talking about implementing these projects. that's have question with gavin newsom's philosophy is get something done. stop talking about and actually get something done.
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>> and as for that new desalination plant here in antioch. well, that is expected to be up and running sometime in 2023. reporting here in antioch, a tom wallace kron. 4 news. >> well, coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, a trade might be in the works for jimmy g our sports director jason dumas says he's going break it all down. we'll be right back after the break.
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mark coleman: south florida is very transient. people are coming and going constantly. twenty-seven years ago, i planted the church that we're at now. in the first summer, a third of our congregation moved away and they were all leaders. ringing in my ear was dr. stanley saying, "trust god, trust god."
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>> well, after a bit of a hiatus, flying tails is back with a rescue flight involving one dog. 2 cats and 2 airplanes in 2 states. four's ken wayne was even one of the pilots who helped get these pets to their new homes in oregon. take a look. >> this is time-lapse video from pilot paul armstrong as he flew 2 cats from ventura county to petaluma and the person is going to adopt him. i really likes that. they're both white and they both have green eyes. i it's like a prayer for cats are some really know much >> these 2 unnamed kitties are joining this big boy named olaf who's been recuperating from a host of ailments after his owner turned them over to lily senior dog sanctuary in petaluma. >> not anything major, but he
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had been years. he had infected eyes yet infected years. he had a lot of skin infections. you need to be neutered. >> with the cats in their crate and all off in the back seat were off. >> on a heading of 3, 4, 0, to cottage grove, oregon, just south of eugene. >> a lot got up to check out the view looking at the trinity outs in siskiyou county and mount shasta >> the cats were quiet. up ahead, there were scattered rain showers. if the visibility got much worse, i wouldn't be able to land at the destination and might have to divert to an airport in better weather. >> after about 3 hours, cottage grove airport came into view, landing involved skimming over the willamette river to the runway. >> on the ground, the cats looked unaffected. their new caretaker was camera shy but said they would be well cared for and more olaf couldn't wait to see his new family. >> over the last few loss
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injuries have healed. he also found in his new home where the snacks were hit and there is 3 full bags of treats. he got every last stinkin crumb out of those bags tore at my treat bag and tiny didn't go sit in the carnage and take a picture of many looked. >> he looked like he was not ashamed at all and he was not everything that we were promised isis to happy. happy boy. >> with the animals safely on the ground, it's time to point the airplane south and head back to the bay area. mission accomplished. >> that was ken wayne reporting, a feel-good story for this morning. i seen flying tails and happy that those animals found their forever homes. it will back here at when our forever homes. time talk about the forecast for the weekend. good morning. they got great weekend for something i and
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maybe doing a little bit of walking around the neighborhood at the very least, at least. >> we are seeing out there this morning, coit tower looking nice and clear. just a little bit of low cloud cover sitting across the bay air quality remains good and any chance of thunderstorms remaining out of the region. so if you're heading up to the sierra, we're staying in the bay. either way, we're looking really solid with dry skies. and just that heat continuing much like we felt it yesterday. high pressure ridge still sitting right around the same location it did yesterday resulting in monsoonal moisture. those thunderstorms for the desert southwest here in the bay area and the sierra, as i mentioned, not really tapping into that just to gradually increasingly warm forecast. temperatures today right around the same as yesterday. tomorrow set to be a little warmer in getting even warmer into next week. lots of sunshine today. tomorrow morning. just a few low clouds, even less than what we have this morning and more sunshine towards tomorrow afternoon. as we make our way through the afternoon today, do expect a similar feel to yesterday 60's and 70's for
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san francisco 60's right along the coast and 70's to just barely low 80's along the bay shore. again, this is all familiar staff, palo alto in saying carlos at 79 san jose right at 80 santa clara milpitas in the upper 70's while fremont hayward on up through oakland and eventually to richmond all in the 70's danville, 86 conquer to 89 degrees today, antioch in vacaville, making the low 90's. well, santa rosa through center fell in the 80's. getting a look ahead our next 7 days. temperatures will remain solidly in the 90's for many of our for this inland spots all the way through the beginning of next week. and then tapping into the low triple digits likely for a few of our for this inland spots. bayside areas remain mostly in the 70's will coastal areas in the 60's. if you need an escape from the heat, rain. >> that's a warm one, john. okay. let's get a look at averages heading into the city of the of the bay bridge. a 10 minute ride may's to the fremont street exit san mateo
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bridge to check on things there. 80 to one o one just under 14 minutes for you on this friday morning. let's take ridge was ever fell bridge a 9 minute commute as you head out of rich and we'll have more weather and traffic coming up that the morning for now. let's talk about some sports. he's going to trade me in the works for jimmy g an iconic scene from the field of dreams. if you remember that recently was recreated on the pitching feel. kron four's sports director jason dumas ce gives us a look. >> well, it's that time of year i can smell the pigskin in the fumes at the tailgates. we're about a month away from week one. and jimmy g he's still on the niners roster. just, you know, bill winds currents every day, but reports surfaced on thursday that. >> if, in fact, the shawn watson suspension does get extended beyond 6 games. the browns would consider trading for jimmy g. i know a whole lot of speculation and hoopla at them. now the browns have insisted that they're willing
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to move forward with jacoby brissette at quarterback watson suspension is currently under appeal and could be increased to a year drama. drama? drama always in the nfl. thursday was the field of dreams game in major league baseball. it's become an annual game that the mlb plays in. >> dyersville, iowa is probably only thing to do in iowa to commemorate that classic movie field of dreams. this year's game featured the cubs and the red last year. the movie star kevin costner, what the centerpiece of the festivities this year, baseball focus on the memorable father and son relationship in the movie using baseball's most treasured father and son to recreate that scene. this is
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again, a tribute to the 1989. >> we about a mythical field where ballplayers from past errors came to play america's pastime. of course, there is a game to play for sending nico hoerner drops an rbi single to left. in comes saya suzuki's 2, nothing cubs later in the ne. in half. >> smokes one up the middle to. turner comes on in the score. guess what the cubs hold on to win this one. 4 to 2. >> the nba announced on thursday that bill russell will have his number 6 retired across the nba. >> following his last passing last month, russell becomes the first player in nba history to have his jersey retired a league wide. in addition, all nba players will wear patches honoring the former mcclymonds in usf stand
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out the league previously recognize russell's contributions when it named the finals mvp award after him in 2 >> 1009. >> well, a program reminder for you, kron 4 is your ticket to raiders preseason football this sunday, the raiders take on the vikings coverage starts 12:30pm, right here on kron 4. you won't want to miss it. so set your alarms now. we'll be right back. after the break.
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>> a quick thinking. oregon state trooper saved a dog. the tried to escape during a traffic stop. look at this. a driver was pulled over for speeding. well, one of her dogs jumped out of the passenger window along interstate 5 and josephine county. the trooper says he uses cat-like reflexes to grab the dog and prevented from running into traffic. john, do you do take trips with the doggie? oh, yeah. he's ever had gram. he hates being in the car so he would probably want to do but you will of the window. so doesn't happen, ok? >> now the owner got off with just a warning. >> now a new addition popped up at a zoo in the united kingdom. cameras captured the first moment of a rare rothschild giraffe after it was first born of the enclosure keepers have named the baby giraffe stanley after mount stanley. that's the tallest mountain in uganda. only about 2500 rothschild's
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giraffe remain in east africa, but numbers are increasing due to conservation efforts. so maybe one day we'll get a chance to go there and visit may be standing. >> coming up in the next hour, vice president kamala harris is in oakland today. we'll have a live report in just 10 minutes. and according to a new report from the washington post, the fbi's raid at trump's house was for nuclear weapons documentation. we'll break down what that means for the former president moving forward. and newly appointed district attorney brooke jenkins office is already in turmoil. we're going hear previous staff or why they left her office will be right back to make sure you stay with us.
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning and happy friday. and every this and i'm james. yeah. august 12th. >> we finished our first week of most districts coming back to school. so how does it first, we can hear more and getting hot is how it's going to feel it on the job. at least caught and arrested right for all the >> parents out there who are
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getting a little break during the middle of the day. at least a lot of us. >> your view out there right now is definitely on the gray side further up. but looking down at the east bay, you can see pretty clearly we aren't seeing any visibility issues as skies are overall nice and clear this morning in temperatures really are all that chilly. we're in the 50's to 60's light jacket, kind of stuff as you're getting the kids and gear for that one last day of the first week back to school for our coastal areas. today's daytime highs are going to stay in the 60's. really, really nice day at the coastline with nice clear skies towards the afternoon. now for inland areas. we are going to see some 80's to back to the low 90's for some of us. i'll be having the details and what to expect for the weekend forecast. all still to come, tom, thank you for that. or i on this friday morning. a lot of us waking up hitting the roads today. >> an 8 minute ride as you're traveling from the maze. 2, that fremont street exit across the bay bridge. let's check on the san mateo bridge. a 80 to one o one just under 13 minutes


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