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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  August 12, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the middle of the day. at least a lot of us. >> your view out there right now is definitely on the gray side further up. but looking down at the east bay, you can see pretty clearly we aren't seeing any visibility issues as skies are overall nice and clear this morning in temperatures really are all that chilly. we're in the 50's to 60's light jacket, kind of stuff as you're getting the kids and gear for that one last day of the first week back to school for our coastal areas. today's daytime highs are going to stay in the 60's. really, really nice day at the coastline with nice clear skies towards the afternoon. now for inland areas. we are going to see some 80's to back to the low 90's for some of us. i'll be having the details and what to expect for the weekend forecast. all still to come, tom, thank you for that. or i on this friday morning. a lot of us waking up hitting the roads today. >> an 8 minute ride as you're traveling from the maze. 2, that fremont street exit across the bay bridge. let's check on the san mateo bridge. a 80 to one o one just under 13 minutes for you as you're
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traveling there. our highways still pretty nice and light. 27 min right up from 85 to menlo park to 80 into 37. no hazards along those highways. 5, 18, 80 14 minute ride. if you're taking 24 want to creep down to 5.80, just under 13 minutes and highway 4, antioch to concord, about 14 minutes. tara, james, back to you. thanks. a lot rain. a 5, 0 one and and in the east bay, vice president kamala harris is going to be they're launching a new program in oakland. yeah, it's called the a generation fund and it's supposed to be that was supposed to help and generational poverty. we have kron 4 sarah stinson standing by in open to explain. good morning, sara. >> that's right. a huge announcement right here in vice president kamala harris's hometown of oakland. she'll be joined by libby schaff to announce this generation fund. and let's talk about who this benefit in benefits of low
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income families and babies into 4 years old. take a look at your screen. you can see the fun will give a total of 50 million dollars to support low-income students there. 2035 and breaking that down. that's $500. college savings accounts will be made for all oakland babies born within the next 4 years in low-income families, $1000 annual scholarships for income. oakland public school students while they're pursuing their college degree or trade certificate within 4 years, the generation fund will serve 30,000 students for the next generation. and this will this was helped put together by made by the mayor, mayor libby schaff community partnerships. it was a local school district and hundreds 100's of local and regional donors. the goal is to break the cycle of poverty but increasing college access and completion for those most underserved people in oakland. now this morning, we'll hear from vice president kamala harris herself and we'll hear probably some personal stories as to why
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this generation fund is so crucial to making sure that oakland is not only survives but thrives. now. the event kicks off at 10 15 and we'll be right here for use. you can see all of it for yourself for now. we'll send it back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot, sarah. 5, 0, 2 is the time. and vice president harris also made a trip to san francisco thursday to discuss reproductive rights in a roundtable with other california leaders. she slammed the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v wade as well as other states that have banned abortions altogether. >> as a former prosecutor. for quite some time. i specialized in child assault cases in violence against women and children. the idea that states would be passing laws. that would take from an individual their right to self-determination after they have endured such an atrocious act of violence is unconscionable. >> the vice president is
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expected to attend a another event today regarding commercial other commercial space sector. we're going full coverage of that event. >> on kron on 5, 0, 3, right now on a developing story this morning, the washington post is reporting that the fbi was looking for classified documents about nuclear weapons when they raided donald trump's home in florida earlier this week, the mayor a lago estate not clear if the nuclear weapons discussed in the documents belong to the u.s. the post's report also doesn't say whether any of those documents were actually found. attorney general merrick garland said yesterday that he personally approved the decision to seek a warrant for the search of mar-a-lago. he also said that the justice department has filed a request now with the courts to make that search warrant public. and overnight, the former president posted on social media calling for the immediate release of those documents. trump's attorneys have until noon to officially notify the court if they plan to protest or contest the justice department's request. well, if those documents are
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made public, it's not clear exactly how much information will be included. yeah, we don't know about that. and in addition to the search warrant, we know the justice department has also requested the receipt listing the items that were seized during the search. they want those to be made public as well. it's 5, 0, 4, and the san francisco assistant da is calling it quits. >> because of distrust in the direction the da's office is going. the assistant da tells kron 4 at brooke jenkins is driven by political gain. and that is why this assistant resigned. kron four's dan thorn has the story. >> the san francisco district attorney's office is seeing its latest stafford leave under brooke jenkins short time as the boss and assistant district attorney says she's quitting because jenkins is not the leader the city needs, frankly. i think that they are. >> with a lot of. for student attorneys to take this for all the change and has created in the community
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>> concerns me lacks a greener who was hired by former progressive dha dean is also an advocate for criminal justice reform. she had been working in the white collar unit on ghost gun cases and was the offices. only environmental prosecutor graner says after 15 of her fellow staffers were fired just days after jenkins took over, she was then demoted. graner believes politics have taken over the office. i concerned about the priorities of wrecking >> i believe that put her political agenda. the needs of our she says. full disclosure of. >> triple graner is also taking issue with reports saying jenkins was paid more than $100,000 to help recall chase of dean and did not disclose that payment until after she was appointed. graner says for now she'll be taking a break before working to get a different da in office.
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>> i will be actively campaigning so that our next district attorney is one that we can really trust. >> reporting in san francisco, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> november special election for san francisco da is currently set to be a 3 way contest. criminal defense attorney and former san francisco police commissioner john, a saki is planning to run as a reform minded candidate. former san francisco fire commissioner joe do virani says solidified his intention to run and 2 other candidates. maurice chin year and austin hills have said that they intend to run, but they have not officially thrown their hat into the ring yet. >> well, happening today, the family of alexis gabe plans to protest in contra costa county to demand the district attorney's office filed charges against the mother of gabe's ex-boyfriend. they allege alicia clark helped her son marshall jones evade authorities after police said
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they thought gave might have murdered inside the boyfriend's home in antioch. police haven't been able to find gabe's body, but her family is accusing clark of knowing where the body is and helping her son cover it up. in may. oakley, police arrested clark on suspicion of aiding a criminal. but the district attorney declined to file charges and ended up releasing her. the protest will be in front of the county courthouse starting at 9 o'clock this morning. >> time now is 5, 0, 8. governor newsom unveiled a new plan to save water as our drought continue. yeah, he says he's plan is going to create more water shortage, their in the states. we've got a ton wallace to break it more in detail for us. >> and the governor says it's time to use modern day technology to fight this drought. for instance, you see all this water over here will this is all salt water part of the san joaquin river here in the delta. but the governor says with his plan will one day this could supply fresh water to much of this region. >> we can't do the same thing anymore. that was governor gavin newsom's message as he
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addressed the state's response to the ongoing drought. a record dry spell. he worries may only get worse. year drought. exists and persist over the western united states. i mean, let's wake up. he says of no action is taken. california could lose about 10% of its water supply in the next 20 years. mother nature, it's still bountiful. but she's not operating like she did. that's why today he unveiled this 19 page plan pledging 8 billion dollars to increase storage and modernize the state's water infrastructure infrastructure like this, antioch construction site newsom it. one day will open as 110 million dollars to settle his ation plan taking salt water from the san joaquin river and converting it into fresh water. one of several projects newsom says will allow the state to refocus its water strategy were so deeply anxious because we've been consistently in the scarcity mindset that it's about reduction and people feel like they've done enough. we've got to move away from that mindset. because there's a lot
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more. but it's out there for more creative in terms of how we approach things. for now. he says he'll leave any mandatory water restrictions to local governments. that is he appointed onetime rival, former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa as the state's new infrastructures are in charge of bringing in more funds for future projects. newsom's current gubernatorial opponent, republican senator brian dolly of lassen county. >> says he's skeptical the state will see results. there's millions and millions and billions of dollars that have been put into these projects that have been implemented. he's talking about implementing these projects. that's have question with gavin newsom's philosophy is get something done. stop talking about and actually get something done. >> and as for that new the selling is ation plant here in antioch. well, that is expected to be up and running sometime in 2023. reporting here in antioch, a tom wallace kron. 4 news. >> it's 5.10, and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, an apartment building floods for the second time in 2 months. we're going hear from a woman who's not going to able to get back into her
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home. knows how long and the inflation reduction act is on the brink of becoming law. how will it help you and the economy? >> and the long wait is over in about 12 hours and now the forty-niners will take the field. this is the official start of the football season. coming up, we will talk about whether or not trey lance will take the field tonight. and today we kick up the weekend with temperatures. this warm is the low 90's for some of our for this inland areas. >> most of us will be in the 70's 80's this afternoon. i've got more on your forecast. before you hit the roads on this friday morning, you need to know what your commute is going to be. will have an updated look at those drive updated look at those drive times. once we get back. we changed our fries to make 'em hot & crispy every single time. high-fryve! and every single time, toby insists we “high fryve.” high-fryve? high-fryve. high-fryve!!
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>> it's 5.14, right now and the forty-niners kick off the preseason tonight. lot of excitement, coach shanahan says will get to see qu new role as starter. how much will get to seize the question? we've got kron four's will tran standing by live at stadium in santa clara morning. well, >> i think he'll play a couple of series it for up to coach kyle shanahan. he wouldn't play altogether, but he realizes that he wants to test drive trey lance. i mean, they paid a king's ransom last year drafting him number 3. so he will take the field and a
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little more than 12 hours from now. he will not play a preseason game. 2, the last time the niners and the packers got together. packers aaron rodgers. they were sent packing because they beat them at lambeau field in the playoffs in aaron rodgers took a beating in the offseason. now he'll be here, but he won't take the field. let's face it. he'll be bubble wrap because they want to make sure that he's ready to go for the season opener a little bit less than a month from now. actually one month from yesterday, the forty-niners they will take the field most of their starters will play games, one 3. they will not play game to a preseason because coach kyle shanahan believes that he can see more of his players performances during scrimmage. but he roll roll them out. if you're curious about jimmy g he still on the roster, james and area, but you better believe he will be bubble wrap. you will have
5:16 am
bodyguards right next to him as well. just to make sure that he does not trip and fall in the locker room because they are looking to trade him to anybody at this particular point. there are rumors that possibly he will go to the cleveland browns, but they don't want hurt. it's almost like selling a house skies. you want to make sure the house is nice and clean immaculate. nobody walks through for the potential buyer to go in there and paid maximum dollars as far as the game tonight. if you have tickets, i suggest you go as well because you're paying maximum dollars because even though it's preseason the nfl, the niners, they're charging you regular season prices can't wait for football season. my fantasy football league is off and running. james, you want to join? let me know. give me a text. haha. kowtow said i know you to do i got given will my money every single year. so i >> his dog, 1, 2, in a row.
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somebody it one of his dog pick the team 9, 1, 1, 2, years. goes to show it's just the luck of the draw. all right. 5.16 right now. we want to check the weather little more scientific when it comes to that. think john, as we at. yeah. but the forecast for my dog, though, actually, that's my do this. you can yet. but he's a super cute better than me. that's for sure. >> we are out there quite hour. looking at some clear skies up above just partly cloudy conditions to start this morning. skies are definitely not too terribly foggy. so okay. no chance of rain or thunderstorms for the bay area and not likely in the sierra nevada this weekend either. if you want to head up that direction, we are in the midst of another crystal clear afternoon, even out towards the coastline, seeing a lot of sunshine. so get out there and enjoy it. high pressure building back in is going to result in gradually warming
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temperatures, although today is right around the same as yesterday was tomorrow starts to get a little bit warmer next week, getting a whole lot warmer. lots of sun this afternoon. just a little bit of cloud cover tomorrow morning. less than even seeing this morning tomorrow afternoon. temperatures getting a little bit hotter sunday, getting a little hotter than that with monday and tuesday following up with ever increasing heat 60's and 70's for san francisco today. 60's right along the coast, 70's to just fairly low 80's along the bayshore. these numbers seem very familiar because yesterday we were right around the same as what you're seeing in your 4 zone forecast today, upper 70's to mostly low 80's in the south bay 70's along the east bay shoreline and 80's for inland areas conquer to 89. while oakland and san leandro. at 75 each antioch in vacaville yet again. our spots in the 90's with pittsburgh getting close to 89 santa rosa in sandra fell at 85. your lookahead shows those 90's only becoming more and more apparent with upper 90's by monday and
5:19 am
tuesday and wednesday. but those triple digits on there. that's where we'll be at our very hardest. most inland areas will be in the upper 90's on those days, though, bayside areas in the 70's to 80's. will the coast remaining steady in the 60's, john, thank you for that. we had an accident. just cleared a -% northbound one. 0, one at cesar chavez street. >> and you can already see the highway looks much better. things are moving along as you're traveling out of the city heading into the city right now, maze to that fremont street exit about an 8 minute ride for you. there. let's check on the richmond. sandra fell bridge so tolls to one o one about 7 minutes as you travel out of richmond, 5.18, 80's still pretty light, not the limit. 15 minutes for you. 24 walnut creek down to 5.80, under 13 minutes for that right? 27 minutes along one o one 87 in menlo park. we have about little to no traffic along 2.80, or 82. if you are taking those highways and antioch into conquered about 15 minutes for you on this friday morning. are you,
5:20 am
james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain. it's 5.19, in national news. a big spending bill is on the brink of becoming law. yet today the house is going to vote on the inflation reduction act, which addresses climate change, health care and corporate taxes. so a big umbrella. hannah brandt is live in dc what's going to happen? hanna? >> darya james, good morning. well, they're voting on it today and it's called the inflation reduction act because the democrats put it together, say it will help cut costs. but republicans say that's not true. so when the house does vote on later today, it's expected to pass right along party lines. >> democrats are about to push a major spending package across the finish line. it's a huge moment. one of the primary pieces of the 740 billion dollar legislation is the investment makes to fight climate change. congressman jim mcgovern says that will make a significant difference for the earth and for people's utility bills. it provides cheaper, cleaner energy and give us our planet a fighting chance. the bill also includes provisions to
5:21 am
allow medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, extend health care subsidies and cap seniors out of pocket drug costs $2000 year. congressman paul tonko cause that victory. huge step forward for people for affordability. >> and to have accessibility for their their health care republicans disagree. all it is is tax and spending. congressman bruce westerman is particularly critical of the bills. 15 1% minimum tax for wealthy corporations. he predicts that will continue to drive. inflation is throwing more money. >> and a problem with this administration has shown that they failed. but the biden administration argues there anti-inflation policies are already working on thursday, aaa reported that the national average price for a gallon of gas fell to $3.99 a lot of drivers. that's real money. >> its money in their pocket, money spend on other things. white house economic adviser heather boucher says it's proof that what they're doing is having an impact. the
5:22 am
president's been to this, not all the different things that he called the livers. he could pull to help address rising costs for families. >> and the non-partisan congressional budget office found that the legislation will raise revenue and help cut the deficit live in washington, i'm hannah brandt. >> thanks a lot. hannah. it is 5.22, coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news. 2 people arrested for a deadly shooting at a gym. we're going to tell you how it happened. coming up after the break. meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels... nice try. really?
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one bank for now. for later. for life. time and an update to a story that we first told you about yesterday morning. 2 people are now behind bars in a deadly shooting in the parking lot of an east bay. jim. it happened early thursday morning at the 24 hour. fitness on lone tree way in brentwood. one person was killed. 3 others hurt. one of them, a 17 year-old boy. police say it was an argument that broke out on the basketball court in the gym that then kerry down into the parking lot and that they say is where at least 2 people pulled out guns and started shooting. police aren't releasing surveillance video of the incident at this point. no word on a motive yet or what triggered this altercation in the first place. we'll keep you updated as we learn more. >> stanford is investigating a rape on campus that happened in daylight to of woman was walking near wilbur hall,
5:26 am
which is a student housing complexes, multiple freshman dorms. there. and she says she was grabbed taken to a nearby restroom and rate. incoming freshmen say they are concerned about hearing about this and they're taking precautions. >> since i heard about that and walking around pepper spray, it's like known to be like a safe and secure environment. but like after hearing that, that just like not the case. >> police have not said if the victim is a student at stanford, they have told us that she she hasn't been able to talk to him about the attack. she actually told it to a mandatory reporter who then told the district, you know, the stanford police and the police, what happened and now they're investigating. >> coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, the cdc finally changes their covid-19 guidelines rolling back a number of rules that we've been living with for 2 years to speak to a local health expert about that decision.
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picture on your phone, though, it doesn't look quite as when you're actually your gut. i stop taking because every time i do their i thought you're good. so maybe yours will be good at the actions of proper camera located on those john the stem cell phones, they make everything look super small. and then that i like that not i couldn't even see the sturgeon on them. so it's like why even take it's called the super surgeon men. not okay, but there's no surge. and that's to of day. it is nice and bright out there. thank you, supermoon for that. keeping things. >> pretty easy going as we are making our way outside for our last day of the first week of school for at least many kids across the bay. a little bit of cloud cover sitting above the bay, but not really talking fog this morning. okay. temperatures are on the cool side. i mean, look at fairfax are at 49 right now. most of us in the 50's and 60's to get this morning started petaluma are very step. 48 degrees. while berkeley and a cool 58. so definitely don't forget those light jackets as you step
5:31 am
outside. that may be snapped that picture and share with us rain. >> that right. if you are heading across the golden gate bridge, 37 to the tolls about 18 minutes for your drive this morning. heading into the city 9 minutes maze to that freeman street exit. so the bay bridge traffic moving along really nicely. san mateo bridge, a 80 to one o one just under 13 minutes. make your way across towards the peninsula out of richmond about a 7 minute right holes to one o one. and if you're taking 5.80, crockett down towards the maze 15 minutes, 24 westbound wanna creek down to 5.80, just under 13 darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. it is 5.31 and the luxury apartments. a 33 to him a street in san francisco are under water again. second time in 2 months. second time. yeah, no one's been able to live in that building since the first water main failure back in june. and now. >> residents are worried about yet another roadblock in getting back into their apartments for sale of the second has the story. >> my life has been really disrupted because of kaylee
5:32 am
jordan is in disbelief that her san francisco apartment at 33 to has flooded yet again. >> residents at the building took this new video wednesday night as they relived the nightmare from june. 3rd, when the water main failure sent 20,000 gallons of water surging down. 35 floors of the high-rise apartments. building management company, heinz says. >> this most recent incident happened at the same location of the original flooding that left the building uninhabitable last night at around 06:00pm. we got a notification that the >> building is no longer accessible for mail they're letting people into just pretty much pack up and move jordan plan to move the rest of her belongings out of the damage departments on thursday. >> but he's been told no one is allowed back into the building due to this most recent flooding. she and 500 other residents have been living in hotels or short-term rentals for 2 months. i've been living at a to see cases is june 3rd. >> and i have able to go back into the building and get stuff. but it's not. i have a
5:33 am
significant place to stay right now. last month. >> hines told residents they would no longer provide housing reimbursements after august, 17th despite tenants not being able to react buy the building until late 2022. early 2023, it's now unclear if this second disaster will push back that timeline. michael's just nice resume. my life is like house doesn't have as much communication as possible and just get my son because i don't know what's going on. that that. >> everyone's like pretty much going. same kind says it's in the process of assessing the damage and it's unsure when residents can return to grab their belongings in san francisco, taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> 5.33, the time. and in the south bay, the san jose police officers union says that it expects a mass exodus of officers over the next few years. data from the department shows more than 200 officers now are planning to resign 150 of them within about 3 years. union leaders say the city has ignored chronic staffing problems. san jose has roughly 1100 police
5:34 am
officers compared to san francisco, which has more than 2100 and well may serve a smaller area. santa clara county supervisor and mayoral candidate cindy chavez blames current mayor sam liccardo. she released a statement saying the mayor has not addressed the staffing shortage and has led this which is now lead the department now to being slow to respond to crimes. san jose officials say that since 2021, they've hire 208 officers and that their vacancy rate is under 3%. >> the cdc has relaxed some covid guidelines. they are dropping the stricter recommendations because about 95% of americans, 16 and older have some level of immunity. now there because they got covid or they were vaccinated. the guidance from the cdc says that you no longer need to stay at least 6 feet apart. and you don't have to quarantine if you come into close contact with somebody who's infected. the cdc also
5:35 am
ended the recommendation that students exposed to covid have to regularly test ucsf. infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong says these are lies. guidelines are based on what we have come to know now about the disease and the cdc is meeting people where they already are. >> i mean, the downside is if give up everything and the cdc is not saying that they're seeing, you know, let's focus ventilation is that's focus on the right type of masks. let's focus on being up to on vaccines. let's do testing when it's really most important wishes. and the setting of an exposure or when people have symptoms but not randomly test except in certain situations. the doctor says >> people should instead continue to focus on better ventilation, which helps prevent all sorts of illnesses covid and everything else float in the >> more than 10,000 americans
5:36 am
have now tested positive for monkeypox data from the cdc shows every state except wyoming as reported cases of the virus. new york, florida, california, they have the largest number of cases. there been no deaths reported in the u.s.. so there's some good news there. california's health department just released the latest number of monkeypox cases. and there are more than 1900 cases throughout the state. los angeles county has the most cases 776 san francisco follows in second place with 539 cases and alameda county ranks 3rd with 112 confirmed cases of monkeypox. one bay area company says that its blood testing technology can help slow the spread of monkeypox current carry us blood diagnostic company located in redwood city says that its process is faster. then the traditional way to test for monkeypox with a simple blood draw. karius says that it can test results or get test results in about 24 hours. the ceo of the company says that their tests are also safer for health care workers.
5:37 am
>> draining of a blister fluid from an active infection can pose a significant health risk. and so we have an opportunity just by taking a sample of blood remain a present, that same kind of risk. >> yeah. as of thursday, the cdc reports, as we said, more than 10,000 americans have tested positive for monkeypox across the nation. san francisco, again, more than 500 cases, allegheny county, as we mentioned a moment ago 112 cases. >> it is 5.37. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, dozens of transit agencies in the state are getting funded to upgrade to 0 emission buses. and new details in the dui arrest of former raider and oakland native marshawn lynch. what police say happened when they were arresting him. plus, after the break, the search for sixteen-year-old kiley run the intensifies. now 7 days after she went missing at a campground party in lake tahoe.
5:38 am
>> today it will be upper 60's at the coast with a good dose of sun out there. if you want some heat well, head further inland. temperatures going to be well into the 80's. even a couple low 90's today. your forecast is ahead. >> and before you hit the road, you need to know how the roads look, we are tracking those drive times. we'll have a look at those highways and
5:39 am
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>> 5.40, is the time the california high-speed rail project is getting 25 million dollars in additional funding. the grant funded by the u.s. department of transportation will provide more than half of the expected. 41 million dollar cost for the madera to merced said design contract when? well, yeah, when it's well, that's the question i just want to see this. i know. when will this particular contract will be considered by the california highway high speed rail authority next week. they're currently 119 miles under construction right now. the central valley with more than 30 active construction site. so they are getting some work done. but boy, this is way past due and well over second, i say it again with area area area or the area. >> 17 local government transit agencies in california are set to get hundreds of millions of dollars for the buses that are running the mass transit that is working public transit systems and they want to convert them to 0 the mission.
5:42 am
buses, 236 million dollars in grants are coming from the department of transportation. it's part of last year's bipartisan infrastructure law. some of the money is coming to the bay area, including more than 15 million for the vta and santa clara county, 12 million for the city of fairfield and 6 million for the napa valley transit authority. 5.42. and we'll be authority. 5.42. and we'll be right back. authority. 5.42. and we'll be right back. think of us as grandma's coffee? heck yeah, we are. and 35 million more with equally, excellent taste. ♪ livin' in the past it's a new generation ♪ allow us to reintroduce ourselves, folgers. after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth.
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>> 5.44 is the time and happening today, the saint anthony foundation is giving away free backpacks in san francisco. they plan to give away free school clothes and supplies as well to families in need. the giveaway starts at 8.30 this morning. it's going to be held at the uc hastings college of law. i remember when they started doing the roller backpacks. oh, yeah. and i made my kid, you know, use it on because it's so good for their back. but then she was like abducted to take it you know, you know that down the thank you. later, when they do not lower back problems can well. will they think this will be show them? the old school pictures that we ran and we want you to send more bearish or kids more by having them see themselves on tv. >> i would to share your back to certain age. they're not there's, you know, like they're happy. but then there's that line when they get into high school go use the breaking news. a kron 4 dot com email after send us. those pictures will show on air and will also put them on our website to kron 4 dot com. in fact, if you scan that qr
5:46 am
code, yeah, that will take you to our back-to-school section that all our back-to-school story. you know, at what point they are embarrassed of the photo on tv. it's the same time that they say dad dropped me off down the block. yes, like i don't need. want them to see me with you. >> didn't some people may have experience that they're the first time this year dropping the kids off at school for this first week of school. mother nature made it easy for us. even if the traffic wasn't necessarily all that good, you can see outside this morning we've got another easy one for your first friday of the school year with a little bit of cloud cover up above. but no fog blocking out visibility. now we do have another day of thunderstorms, but not for us out into the desert southwest from the sierra to the bay area. things are nice and calm and clear today reading through the weekend. great weekend to be getting up into the sierra. now as this high pressure ridge builds back in. we are going to see temperatures gradually warming. so do expect daytime highs to be warmer than they have been
5:47 am
earlier this week and next week, an even hotter. so enjoy our 80's. what we've got them for most of our inland areas, abundant sunshine this afternoon, just a little bit of low clouds tomorrow morning. really, some of our lightest dose of it. we'll see on into tomorrow afternoon. more sunshine and temperatures just a little bit warmer than today's are about to be sunday is also about to be a little bit warmer than saturday. so you see that trend going upwards, 60's and 70's for san francisco 60's right along the coast. 70's to just barely low 80's for some of our bayshore cities. palo alto seeing carlos at 79 south bay. temperatures in the upper 70's to low 80's as well with san jose 80 degrees. east bay shoreline stays really comfortable. union city at 75 oakland. also at 75 concord in pittsburgh. back up to 89 where you were yesterday, antioch in vacaville back into the low 90's. also where you were yesterday, a few more 90's on the map starting tomorrow into sunday and even a couple of triple digits for for this to inland areas by
5:48 am
tuesday and wednesday of next week. bayside spot stay mostly in the 70's to just barely low 80's while coastal areas remain steady in the 60's, john, thank you for that. lift you up on one. 0 one. now you're making a good time. this is traveling. >> from 85 up towards menlo park. 31 minutes for you 2.37. to 80 17. i'm also not seen any major accidents or hazards there. >> nominate romney is to the fremont street exit as you travel into the city, the meteor lights are still off. the san mateo bridge, a 80 to one o one about a 13 minute ride as you're making your way across towards the peninsula. well, doubling down to fremont about 14 minutes. if you're hopping on 8.80, southbound and northbound both moving at the limit. darya james, back to you. thanks. a lot of 5.48. and a developing story. the placer county sheriff's office says they've gotten 500 tips so far about the disappearance of kiley, rodney. it's been a week since she was seen at a party in tahoe and there's still no sign of her or her
5:49 am
car. nancy loo has the latest. >> i don't know where she is. we don't have anything to go off at this point, but fully believe that she's alive and well. kylie rodni's boyfriend says he is optimistic sharing what he told her before. she went to the party friday night with her friend. so just like, okay, be safe. don't like do anything stupid. but now he is among the many others putting up flyers in the massive search for the california teen. if you have video. >> of that night, detectives want more of it. there has been a lot of provided and some of it i had to do with a fight that occurred at the party. detectives right now are asking for any additional video that you have. law enforcement are searching across the tahoe national forest. well, over 200 young people had gathered near the prosser family campground for a senior last bash. >> kylie's grandfather is missing their musical moments
5:50 am
and offering belated advice. if your child. >> wants to go to a party or go somewhere, make sure they go with someone and make sure they returned with those people. don't leave anybody behind. >> driving out of that campground area at night is treacherous. but so far, no sign of kylie's suv or her law enforcement released images of a sweatshirt. kiley borrow that night with an eerie caption reading. you don't want to be forgotten. you just want to disappear. kylie's mother is garnering strength from the community. it's this that standing behind me and standing with me and supporting me and holding that >> allowing need to take you guys into all thinking that i have it we just got word out so that more eyes are out because we don't have an exact spot to look for. >> and that is unusual, especially with a large object like a car. >> i was nancy loo reporting. law enforcement is continuing to asked those who were at
5:51 am
that party to send any photos or videos that they have from that night. and they say not to be afraid to contact authorities because they're not interested in punishing kids if they weren't as underage drinking at that party. >> we are learning more about the recent dui arrest of former raider and oakland native marshawn lynch. police say they found him asleep behind the wheel is body camera video. they say when they started talking to him, he would speak for a brief moment, but then fall back asleep again. police say the car that he was driving had significant damage. the car was missing a rim or tire on the front driver's side wheel and the rear driver's side wheel. they say it was apparently ready to fall off. police say lynch told officers he wasn't drinking and he doesn't do drugs. buddy, not in his head and smiled. when asked if he stole the car. >> i not be >> want to get on your stomach over. and by no more games
5:52 am
today. >> so there you see them. you sitting in my in handcuffs chains. remember the mug shot? i don't know where you look at. look like you have close. yeah. and it in that kind of explains it. yeah, lynched right now facing charges of dui driving an unregistered vehicle and failure to drive in a travel lane. he's going to be due in court on december 7. remember dui driving under the influence doesn't necessarily mean because he said, you know, he wasn't drinking real thing is certain parent anyone. see what comes out when he appears in court 5.52. right now and we're waiting for a judge to decide if convicted wife killer scott peterson is going to get a whole new trial. the closing arguments happened yesterday. peterson's attorneys argued there was juror misconduct when peterson was convicted of killing his wife and unborn child. they say that richelle nice, the juror lied when answering a jury
5:53 am
questionnaire. this before the whole trial started, the judge made the point that the defense would have had access to the juror questionnaire and could have followed up with her about her answers 20 years ago. this all forget david harris with the prosecution argued that nice did not. it did what a juror is supposed to do at the time. before she even sat down at the table when she was admitted to that jury room. according to juror at she said. >> let's get mister peterson for what he did to little man that she went back there. she did what she was instructed by the judge to do. and she reached a verdict. >> if the judge finds that there was juror misconduct them peterson. >> will be granted a new trial. the judge has until december to make her decision. >> it's we'll be right back.
5:54 am
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only pay for what you need. it's 5.56. and coming up on the kron, 4 morning news, vice president kamala harris is in her hometown of oakland today. we'll tell you what for his back watch something big. and according to a new report from the washington post, the fbi raid at trump's home in florida was for nuclear weapons. documentation will have more on that. and a newly appointed district attorney brooke jenkins already in turmoil in the office. we're going hear why one attorney in going hear why one attorney in the office just left. we changed our fries to make 'em hot & crispy every single time.
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because we only serve those who've honorably served. all ranks. all branches. and their eligible family members. yep, that is exclusive. and we're fine with that. wait. you're a night manager and mom and birthday cake baker? so adding “and” student might feel daunting. national university is here to support all your “ands.” national university. supporting the whole you. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a friday. i'm daria and i'm james. and on this friday as we wrap up the first week back to school for a lot of students was fine with the forecast is for the weekend at high guys. it is the first weekend of the school year. now i know the kids are looking forward to and after what has been a co-operative week for getting everyone ready for school
6:00 am
again, looks like this weekend is going to be co-operative for getting back outside. we are going to see dry skies and a warm conditions inland, pretty comfortable for the rest of the bay. definitely in the clear side of things this morning, clear all the way out to the coastline this afternoon as well as for inland spots. it is a chilly morning. look at fairfax nevado in petaluma sitting in the upper 40's. first time we're seeing 40's this week, oakland and alameda at 61, san mateo and san francisco. 59, we may be a little bit cooler this morning, but temperatures this afternoon just as hot as yesterday's all update you on that. still ahead, john, thank you for that little traveling into the city this morning via the bay bridge. you're at about a 10 minute ride. >> may's to that freeman street exit is traffic continues to move on. there. san mateo bridge, 12 minutes, a 80 to one o one heading across towards the peninsula. if you are traveling and the south bay starting at 85 san jose up to menlo park around. 29 to 30 minutes for you. there to 18. 82 also good options to 37. no delays


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