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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  August 12, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now at 3, a homecoming for vice president kamala harris, how she's promising to break a cycle of poverty for 10's of thousands of oakland children. plus, a tragic accident takes a turn for the worse actress and is declared brain dead one week after a fiery crash in los angeles. and a new call for charges months after only woman alexis gabe's disappearance. why her family says justice can still be served. >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> what the world is trump doing with these documents
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anyway, but doesn't surprise me. but it does disturb me. the fbi raid of president trump is a complete abuse, an overreach of its authority. >> and that breaking news that we're following. is this a judge just released the search warrant from the seizure, a federal former president trump's mar-a-lago home. thanks so much for joining us here on the kron. 4 news at 3. i'm stephanie land. trump's team had until noon today to authorize the release after a showdown with the justice department. both sides were in agreement. donald trump and his legal team as well as the dust. just a department of justice on the release of this fbi search warrant to the public reporter. kareen wynter has details on what they reveal. >> blockbuster details in this newly released 7 page. fbi search warrant at a federal court judge unsealed the 45th president of the united states under investigation for possible obstruction of justice, espionage and
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removing government records. former president donald trump called the raid unnecessary and unwarranted and contends the documents were declassified. how do you feel mister job just as startling as he's alleged violations of the contents of the property list that were seized when agents raided his mar-a-lago mansion. this week officials retrieved 11 sets of classified documents including highly classified material. some that, quote, were marked as top secret and meant to be only available in special government facilities. also roughly 20 box of items, binders of photos, a handwritten note and the executive grant of clemency for trump ally roger stone, one of trump's closest advisers who received a pardon in 2020, according to the search warrant, there was also information included in that list about the president of france. trump's attorneys double down on claims that the former president used his authority to declassify all this material before leaving office. but the question remains, did he follow the federal regulations required to do so? there are laws against the improper handling.
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of of this material. there are laws against that and we have to recognize that we have serious questions. gop leaders demanded more oversight in the procedures that prompted the search. officials say before the execution of the search warrant, the former president refused to comply with requests to hand over the sensitive material earlier this year after being subpoenaed for the records are request remains >> the director of the fbi in that original, this close to this committee the imminent national security threat upon which they based their decision to order a raid up on the president's home included in the search warrant. details of the area searched on trump's sprawling estate along the 17 acre lavish florida location. >> federal agents zeroed in on the quote, 45 office, all storage rooms and all other rooms or areas within the premises used available to be used by the former president of the united states and his staff. >> and which boxes of documents could be stored, including all structures or
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buildings on the estate. >> that was kareen wynter reporting for us and we will have more reaction from republican lawmakers coming up at 3.45. today. vice president kamala harris returned home to oakland this afternoon. she announced the generation fund a program that aims to help break the cycle of poverty in oakland by making it easier for children in hardest hit communities to go to college kron four's camila barco has the details. >> in her hometown of oakland, vice president kamala harris helped launch the oakland generation find. it's an investment that will help 30,000 oakland students in their education. >> a 50 million dollar fine is now in the bank and ready to get to the next generation of students. with the help of many donors, the oakland generation fund has been established. the fund will expand to programs that have already been up and running the brilliant babies and the scholarship program at the
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oakland promise. here's how it works of $500. college savings account will be made for all open babies born within the next 4 years going after their college degree or trade certificate within 4 years, that's going to help 30,000 kids by 2035. vice president kamala harris spoke how the oakland community invested in her and how it helped her succeed. >> i grew up in this community. >> that told us we could be anything. >> we dreamed of being i grew up in this community that said dream with ambition. >> the goal is to break the cycle of poverty by increasing college access and completion for those most underserved people in the process of maximizing our collective future. >> this will also help our nation. i sample. to do what
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we must do to close the wealth gap in our country. the education gap in our country and the opportunity gap. that still exists in far too many communities. the fund was put together by oakland, mayor libby, schaff and community partnerships with the school district and donors. >> in oakland, camila barco kron. 4 news. >> and after that event, the vice president took a tour of the chabot space and science center in oakland. she heard from several companies about some of the challenges and opportunities they're facing in this space industry such as building commercial space stations and using new technology to observe earth from space. now, harris is the chair of the national space council and has led the white house's efforts to create a globally competitive commercial space sector kron four's dan kerman. we'll have much more from this event coming up on the kron. 4 news at 5. a big story we're
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following out of hollywood family members of actress and hayes say she's been declared brain dead. she remains on life support while doctors work to find transplant recipients for her organs. this comes a week after the 53 year-old suffered severe injuries when she crashed into a house in los angeles that caught on fire. developing news out of new york award-winning author, someone rich rushdie is airlifted to a hospital after a man apparently stabbed him in the neck. it happened at the chautauqua institution where the author was preparing to give a lecture security quickly detained the attacker. no word yet on a motive. but we do know rushdie's book the satanic verses has been banned in iran since 1988. he's gotten death threats from the country. an iranian religious foundation also offered a bounty of more than 3 million dollars for anyone who kills the author. in the east bay, the family of missing oakley woman-alexis believes the mother of gabe suspected
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killer knows where alexis's body is and they're calling on the district attorney to press charges. kron 4 s charles clifford has more on the protests. the family held this morning. >> even though police believe the man who killed alexis gabe is dead. her family believes that justice has not yet been fully served where we friday morning family and friends of alexis, gabe protested outside the contra costa county district attorney's office in martinez. they are calling on da diana becton to keep the investigation into a lexus is murder active in to file criminal charges against alicia coleman park. mother of a lexus is killer. alexis? gabe was last seen alive on january. 26th investigators believe her ex-boyfriend, marshall curtis jones had murdered her that evening. a motive for the attack remains unknown and gauge remains have never been found in a timeline of events constructed by investigators. jones is believed to have traveled to his mother's house shortly after killing gave. and then again, a few days later on
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february second, he flew to seattle to stay at his father's house. alicia clark was briefly detained on may 19th on suspicion of aiding and abetting, but da back to declined to file charges against her. and she was released in early june. jones was fatally shot by police in seattle when officers attempted to arrest him on murder charges. alexis gabe's father says he believes that alicia to face consequences. you know, marshall. >> jones is but it doesn't mean the case is someone and that would his mother. lisa. clark kron 4 has reached out to the contra costa county district attorney's office for comment. >> but as of friday afternoon, we have not heard back. >> alexis, gabe's family is also appealing to state attorney general rob bonta to take a look at this case. but for now in contra costa county, charles clifford kron, 4 news >> new details on the deadly shooting at the 24 hour. fitness in brentwood yesterday
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morning. police now have a 17 year-old in custody. they have not yet released his identity today. the contra costa county coroner's office identified the victim of that shooting as 21 year-old cesar from antioch. 3 others were hurt in this shooting. coming up here at 3 opposition to safe injection sites continues to grow in the bay area. we hear from both sides of this issue. >> plus, why at least one city official is blaming san jose mayor sam liccardo for a police officer. staffing shortage. and i'm keeping an eye on the weather getting you ready for the weekend. lots of sunshine out there right now. have details coming have details coming for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty.
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prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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>> in the south bay, the san jose police officers union says it expects more officers to leave the force over the next few years. data from the department shows more than 200 officers are planning to resign. 150 of them within about 3 years. union leaders say the city ignored what's being described as a chronic staffing problem. san jose has roughly 1100 police officers. and while crime statistics do very city by city, san francisco has more than 2100 officers to serve a smaller area compared to san jose santa clara county supervisor and mayoral candidates in each other as blaming current mayor sam liccardo for that staffing shortage. she released a statement saying the mayor
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failed to address the problem and that has led to slow emergency call response times by the department. meantime, other san jose officials say since 2021, they've hired some 208 officers. a san francisco assistant da is quitting because she says she doesn't trust her new boss kron four's. dan thorn explains. >> the san francisco district attorney's office is seeing its latest stafford leave under brooke jenkins short time as the boss and assistant district attorney says she's quitting because jenkins is not the leader the city needs, frankly. i think that they are. >> with a lot of. student attorneys to take this for all of that, just trust that change and has created and the community >> concerns me lacks a greener who was hired by former progressive dha dean is also an advocate for criminal justice reform. she had been working in the white collar unit on ghost gun cases and was the offices. only
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environmental prosecutor graner says after 15 of her fellow staffers were fired just days after jenkins took over, she was then demoted. graner believes politics have taken over the office. i concerned about the priorities of wrecking candidates. >> i believe that put her political agenda. the needs of our she says. full disclosure of. >> triple graner is also taking issue with reports saying jenkins was paid more than $100,000 to help recall chase abboud dean and did not disclose that payment until after she was appointed. graner says for now she'll be taking a break before working to get a different da in office. >> i will be actively campaigning so that our next district attorney is one that we can really trust. >> reporting in san francisco, dan thorn kron. 4 news.
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>> november special election for san francisco. da is the san francisco da's office, rather is currently set to be a 3 way contest. criminal defense attorney and former san francisco police commissioner john thomas aqui announced thursday. he is planning on running as a reform-minded candidate to oppose jenkins. a self-described reform-minded candidate rather and former san francisco fire commissioner joe alioto. their names also solidified his intention to run as well. and 2 other candidates murray's chain cheney and austin hills and said they intend to run. but have not officially started their campaigns. okay. switching gears now to talk a bit about the weather taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. traffic moving along quite nicely there as people get jump start on their let's check in with kron 4 meteorologist kyla grogan with more on what we can expect as we step outdoors. hey kylen. yeah, i-70. that got some good news for the weekend. we're going to see lots of sunshine. temperatures warming up a little bit. all courtesy of
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high pressure. >> which by the way, has been kicking off those monsoonal storms yet again and flooding in las vegas. you can see this over the last few hours. how the heat of the day just acts as a catalyst to fire these storms up. once all of that moisture is dragged in and that's what's been happening now. it is not reaching anywhere near this today. and as you can see, you know, here in san francisco, we in fact, have our marine laaer being pushed offshore a little bit. and we've got a lot of sunshine of wall to wall sunshine, no matter where you are, whether you're headed outside to take a walk across the golden gate bridge or, >> you know, maybe you're even out at the coast already where we haven't had to deal with a lot of fog to current temperatures right now. 69 degrees in san francisco already up to 87. >> in santa rosa, 89 and conquer. you can see 91 in antioch, 78 in san jose. if you are headed to see the game tonight, the forty-niners taking on the packers at about 5.30. it's going to be i-76 degrees. little bit of a breeze out there. so you might want to bring a jacket with you just in case. but i should be really nice out there in the 70's to be outside and look at your extended forecast shows you that we do have a
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warm-up on the way the continues and it will peak as we get into. >> tuesday, monday, tuesday, basically inland communities are the ones they're going to see. those numbers go from the mid to upper 90's. but for the rest of each check this out around the bay. we're talking upper 70's low 80's, just gorgeous and out of the coast in the 60's. as you can see, lots of sunshine across the way too. we do have a little bit of a potential for some offshore wind in the north bay sunday into monday. i'll talk a little bit more about that. thankfully, doesn't look like any major fire danger, but something to keep an eye on for now. send it back to stephanie. thanks very much. >> now the fate of a bill that would legalize safe injection sites in parts of our state, including oakland and san francisco is now in the hands of governor newsom. our capitol bureau reporter eytan wallace spoke with supporters and opponents who a very different demands of the governor. >> time is running out for the governor to make a decision on this bill. a bill supporters say will help people battling addiction. but one opponents argue will only make matters worse.
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>> we're looking at the reality on the ground in several california cities, the visual of used needles along sidewalks and in the streets serving as a reminder of rampant drug use impacting some of the state's most populated areas. but backers behind the proposal senate bill. 57 say the bill would help those who are battling addiction by creating safe injection sites where drugs can be used under supervision. get the drug use off the streets. we need get people into treatment and we need to save people's lives. democratic assemblymember matt haney of san francisco co authored the bill, a bill that already passed both chambers of the legislature and now is sitting on the governor's desk as part of the proposal. the injection site will be part of a 5 year pilot program in the city of oakland, the city and county of los angeles and the city and county of san francisco. it's about saving lives, which is most important. it's also about getting this open air drug use off of the streets. >> getting people help getting people connected to our neighborhoods, our cities.
3:20 pm
>> under siege. he says the concept has worked in other parts of the country, but others including democratic assembly member jim cooper say the sites will only hurt the people who need help. it's just really going down the wrong road. >> well, it may sound good. it doesn't work. injection sites do have a magnet effect. why? because annex know the dealers are going to be there so they can purchase their product. and they operate and really feeling that it's that it's a free zone and that makes causes irretrievable tragedy. at a thursday press conference, the governor was asked whether he will sign the bill that's on your desk. i just found out yesterday so i haven't a chance the governor has 10 days to either sign the bill into law. >> or veto it. reporting here at the california state tom wallace kron 4 news. >> the luxury apartments at 33 to him. a street in san
3:21 pm
francisco flooded for a second time in just 2 months. no one has lived in the building since the first water main failure in june that started on june 3rd when a water main failure sent 20,000 gallons of water surging down. 35 floors. since then, more than 500 people have been forced to live in short term rentals or hotels. residents say they spotted this new leak on wednesday night. >> we got a notification that the building is no longer accessible for mail packages and they're letting people into just pretty much pack up and move. >> the building's management company told residents they would no longer provide housing reimbursements to those residents. after august 17th. and it's unclear if this second disaster will push back that timeline at all. >> and flooding of another kind happened in las vegas. heavy downpours from the weather brought more flash flooding to the las vegas strip last night. this is the
3:22 pm
scene from the parking garage of right lane hotels, which >> frankly, look more like a raging river. look at all that damage there. >> and the flooding didn't just happen. outdoors. rain also poured in through the ceiling of planet hollywood soaking the casino floor. this is the second time in recent weeks. heavy rains have flooded this buildings. so probably not a fun experience for people visiting the area there. >> still ahead at 3.45 forty-niners just hours away from kicking off their preseason. >> who will play? who will stay and how the team is getting ready. and an attempted bank heist doesn't exactly go. according to plan what we know about the not so what we know about the not so smooth criminal
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>> from this, a collapsed tunnel. he was found trapped 20 feet underground in an area with 2 tanks nearby. a tunnel is located under a storm that led to one of the bank's entrances and the crew spent 8 hours trying to free this sky while giving him oxygen and liquid food. he's now hospitalized with severe injuries, but is expected to survive. police say this man was convicted in the past for other robberies. curious to know house an emergency call that out in the first place to find out that this guy was trapped underground. really interesting. but i sure he's
3:26 pm
glad to be alive. all right. a woman in south carolina is dead after being impaled by a beach umbrella. this happened wednesday afternoon in garden city. 63 year-old tammy up aerial. it was struck by the umbrella after was blown from the ground and into the air. police say the umbrella struck the victim in her chest. she died on the way to the hospital. a study shows about 3,000 people are injured by beach umbrellas every year. coming up next at 3, 30 lawmakers in dc expected to pass the inflation reduction act this afternoon. >> how advocates say the bill will help the u.s. economy. and student loan payments are set to resume in about 2 weeks. well, the biden administration administration extend the repayment pause. plus wildfire season is now year-round. we take you inside the new east bay fire station working to provide
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in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. >> on this vote, the yeas are 220. the nays are 207. there solution. the motion is adopted. >> now the bottom of the hour, congress has passed the inflation reduction at democrats 430 billion dollars bail, tackles climate change and lowers prescription drug prices. but republicans are
3:30 pm
calling it a spending spree. our dc correspondent anna wiernicki is in washington with more. >> good evening. the bill has been more than 18 months in the making. democrats say just getting this far is a huge win. while republicans return to washington united in opposition. >> house took up the inflation reduction act on friday. if you are sitting at your kitchen table, wonder how you're going to pay the bills, your health care bills, you're a prescription drug bills. this bills for you. democrats praised their bill as a life. changing legislation is a really big deal. the inflation reduction act >> is going to dramatically improve the lives of everyday americans. the bill fights climate change and lower some prescription drug prices and is estimated to raise over 300 billion dollars over 10 years in new tax revenue in the bill. 728 pages. we got from the senate this week. has
3:31 pm
anybody read it? but republicans stood unanimously opposed to the bill, calling it a reckless spending spree that over a billion dollar average per page missouri republican jason smith says it will make inflation worse by raising taxes on average amedicans. still lots of spending up front. lots of debt up front. >> and then maybe savings 8 years from now. how is that going to put out the fire of inflation enough? >> with this with the fear mongering by their site. but democrats rejected that claim and say the bill will only ensure corporations and the wealthy pay the taxes they owe. after today's vote, the bill will head to the president's desk where president biden says he plans to sign it. >> for now in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> student loan repayments are scheduled to start back up again at the end of the month. and there's no word yet from the white plans to forgive
3:32 pm
those debts or offer an extension on those payments. the white house previously shared it could forgive up to $10,000 in student debt per borrower. the naacp says if the administration wants to help close the income gap between black and white americans, they must act quickly. they say failing to act could hurt democrats in the midterm elections. >> i know that average black has about $53,000 in student debt. really think about this as an opportunity, right? opportunity to bring more people into our economic system. voters are really getting inches. >> the white house press secretary says president biden will have something to announce before august 31st and will make sure to let you know the latest on that. and california is the first day in the u.s. to offer free meals to atudents in public schools. starting this school year, students can get free breakfast and lunch regardless of their income status in the past, they had to qualify for meals based on their parents,
3:33 pm
income taxes, zip code or the level of poverty in the school's area. the universal meals program is expected to benefit roughly 6 million students. state leaders say it's important that every student has access to a meal, especially with rising inflation and food costs. today, contra costa fire fighters celebrated the opening of a new facility in bay point as kron four's. reports officials hope this move will help improve emergency response to the region. >> with and the collective bush of engine 86 into the new fire station. 86 on global drive. they point turns the page on more than 7 decades of continuous service from the now shuttered station. 86 on willow pass road about a mile away from the contra costa county fire protection district's new digs up highway it really is an piece of architecture in an amazing facility. >> that's going to service for a really long time on fire
3:34 pm
closed the old building down and celebrated the new 13 million dollar facility friday. the new station is now operational and is considered a major upgrade. the old firehouse was run down, became overrun by rodents and was unsafe for firefighters and has the support and, you know, lies the people that we know to be out on the front line making that happen fire. factor cancer prevention and the station's design and it will house oversized equipment, including the district's bulldozers. >> which have proven essential during major fires. decontamination showers, specialized trucks, tractors. >> to pull contaminants out of our firefighters, protective clothing and modern exhaust extraction systems to take harmful diesel exhaust particulate out of the station. crestview mobile home village now live directly across the street from a fire station and they're grateful. i care from 85 year-old father. i can't tell you what this means to me. my father
3:35 pm
sleep so much better knowing that these men are here. this continues a busy months long stretch of the which recently combined with the former east contra costa fire protection district caught fire stat station. 95 in plans to reopen fire station for in walnut creek later this month. >> in league kron, >> all right. let's talk a bit about our forecast now as we take a live look outside from our walnut creek camera. traffic moving along quite nicely. there as people enjoy what i believed to be some pretty nice weather. a kron. 4 meteorologist kyla grogan here to tell us all about it. yeah, absolutely 70. we're off to a good start. beautiful sunshine out there. and it's all kind of courtesy of high pressure which has been building in. >> and as that happens, we'll see those temperatures continue to warm up a little bit now we get to sunday monday. there's actually just a little bit of offshore wind. we're going to watch out for the north bay as well. and that, of course, always gets my interest because that does increase our fire danger. now, this does not look major. it's not going to be anything is going to be watches or
3:36 pm
warnings, but it does bear repeating that we are in that time of year when you really have to be mindful being fire safe. current temperatures out there right now. 69 degrees in san francisco. lots of sunshine in the city by the bay. 87 in santa rosa. 72 in oakland, beautiful around the bay right now. >> that 74 in fremont and 78 in san jose. we've got a little wind out there is out of the north northwest. can see that 24 miles per hour in san francisco. so certainly if you're going to be out and about tonight, i want to take a jacket with you. it's it's a little breezy down here in the city. so we're going to see those patchy clouds and a little bit inland. fog returns tonight. it shouldn't be too pronounced this evening because we have little bit of a compression of that marine layer courtesy of that high pressure is moving in tomorrow. check this out. temperatures yet again. warming up, especially check out livermore concord to be 91 degrees for 90 in santa rosa. when you can see the averages there are in the 80's. i'll be back in a little bit with the rest of your extended forecast for now. send it back to you, stephanie. all right. looking forward to it. cuyler. appreciate it. and new york city public health officials say they've detected the virus that causes polio in the
3:37 pm
city's wastewater. >> experts say that discovery suggests the virus is circulating in the city just weeks ago, a new york man came down with polio that left him paralyzed across new york state. 80% of the population is vaccinated against this virus. medical experts say the vaccine is proven to be nearly 100% effective. and health officials are urging the unvaccinated to please get their shots. coming up, the ceo of 6 flags in hot water over his remarks to raise entrance fees for teenagers. we explain. >> plus, if you're headed to florida, there's a vacation rental scam. you'll want to watch out for. and a new study says overthinking does make us tired. what we know about this
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without talking to your doctor. ticket prices to reduce the number of teenagers. it says that its parks across the country. >> that's according to the company ceo who told analysts they've been offering too many discounts, the park that is calling the park's, quote, a cheap daycare center for teenagers. attendance is down over 20% this year at the parks, according to data from the company and 6 flag customers took to social media to complain about all of this. some of them even reportedly canceling their season passes over this announcement. for your money. state leaders are warning people planning to vacation in florida. several
3:41 pm
travelers were scammed by fake vacation rentals. the state's attorney general issued a warning for tourists to please be careful whenpyou're making those online reservations. travel experts recommend using a credit card to rent rooms up because this provides some protection for customers in case you need to dispute any charges. >> house republicans are demanding an investigation into the fbi search of former president trump's florida home. i'm reshad hudson in washington and i'll have more
3:42 pm
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>> now to our top story, lawmakers in washington are reacting to the news. fbi agents searched former president donald trump's home in florida. this comes after we learned thursday attorney general merrick garland personally authorized that search. our washington correspondent reshad hudson has more. >> newly released court documents show the fbi removed 11 sets of classified records from former president trump's mar-a-lago estate. trump says he did nothing wrong here in washington. house republicans say they want answers about the fbi's investigation. the fbi raid of president trump is a complete abuse, an overreach of its authority. new york congresswoman elise tiffany claims the doj is using the fbi as a political weapon. president donald trump is joe biden's most likely as political opponent in
3:45 pm
twenty-twenty for former president trump says he's being treated unfairly and many republicans are following his lead. the scales of justice should be balanced. and the eyes of justice should be blind. this is a big, big deal. >> we don't know the contents of these documents. we we believe by to reputable news outlets that we have. some kind of nuclear information and their missouri congressman emanuel cleaver and house speaker nancy pelosi say this information doesn't belong to the former president. >> there are laws against the improper handling. of of this material. >> the search has sparked a wave of violent threats against the fbi and ohio republican congressman mike turner says that has to stop. >> and we condemn any actions of violence against any law enforcement personnel. >> reporting in washington, reshad hudson. >> let's talk a bit about our forecast now as we take a live look outside at sfo. looks
3:46 pm
like it's going to be a pleasant day for a flight. wherever set on going to kron 4 meteorologist kyla grogan here with more details on what we can expect this weekend. yeah, i was thinking people that you heading out of town this weekend, speaking of sfo make sure let you know that we have no delays. they're doing okay. little bit of wind but nothing they can handle so far. >> and across the country right now, pretty good looking pretty good. you can see new york city having some delays. also just check las vegas and phoenix because of those storms there having a few delays as well. but other than that looking pretty good. here's a look at the current temperatures in the state. maybe you're headed to southern california this weekend. los angeles expecting temperatures in downtown la to be in the mid 90's tomorrow and sunday. we're going to warm up a little bit, but not quite that far. thankfully, until we get next week in our inland, we'll start to those temperatures rise currently sitting at 70 degrees in san francisco. you can this is downtown 69 degrees, sfo, 70 so kind of close. but temperatures are pretty nice right now. repeat, preaching the heat of the day. so this should be about where our highs will be in. you can see antioch up to 91 degrees. so
3:47 pm
to see a little patchy fog move in tonight. a meteor shower tonight, which might be hard to see because of the brightness of that sturgeon moon. we talked about yesterday, but you can check that out if you can inland upper 80's and low 90's tomorrow, lots of sunshine and sunday. we're going to stay sunny and we're looking good there as well as wanted to show you quick look at stormtracker show you that the marine layer well offshore. so we're looking good as we head into our night. stephanie, back to you. thanks very much, kyra. the forty-niners kick off their preseason tonight and coach kyle shanahan says. >> we'll get to see quarterback trey lance and his new role as starter kron four's will tran is outside levi stadium with a preview. >> look at all that activity right behind me. and we're still hours away from kickoff. and once the niners take the field, they will not be jimmy g jimmy g the last time. any niners will see him take the field. was the nfc championship game has more than likely probably won't even suit up because they're looking to trade him to
3:48 pm
another team and they want him to be picture perfect. they also want trey lance to be picture perfect on the field because he's expected to have a few series. coach kyle shanahan says number 5, who's number? whose name is number 3. but number one in your heart, as far as niners fans, he should play a couple of series and then he will take the bench along with the other starters. they want to take a test drive. and trey lance, after trading up to number 3 to get him. he's been handed the keys to the kingdom, so to speak as far as the niners. well, they have 17 days to play 3 preseason games and that's why they want to take it easy. they will not play all their starters. all game long. of course, aaron rodgers also won't be playing. he's the biggest name of them all in the last time. the niners played him well. they made sure that they sent him on a vacation after beating him in lambeau field in the playoffs. so he probably won't take the field this well as far as
3:49 pm
what's going to happen with the team, they going monitor the situation as far as the players because they still have to whittle down their roster. get this guys yesterday was exactly one month away from the regular season. speaking a regular season. yes, this is a preseason game, but they are charging regular season prices to go to the game, which we do expect a lot of people, a lot of people excited, even if it's preseason football, regular season tickets, regular season prices at the concession stands. but the bottom line is, look how sunny it is. a great day to be out to watch the niners and the packers we are ever so close to regular season football. the favorite season for everybody including mine. >> peters play their second preseason game on sunday. kron four's got all the action for you this sunday. the raiders take on the vikings and coverage starts at 12:30pm, right here on kron. 4. kron
3:50 pm
four's remarkable woman of the year. megan bowles says the recognition is helping her foundation for trauma survivors grow. the vallejo native is a survivor of the gilroy garlic festival shooting and a violent car accident that followed. she started the reclaim foundation to connect survivors of traumatic events and form a community of healing online. the foundation hosted the second annual shattered the glass event in san francisco just last night. it aims to encourage trauma survivors to reclaim their lives and break barriers. >> 41% of thomas survivors say that they need emotional support more than anything. thank you to kron 4 more than anything. i am honored to be remarkable woman for 2022. it gave us a huge foundations be able to launch therapy assistance program and reclaim that word. >> and we're also tweeted that this event was a success. she was blown away by all the love and support. of course, we're so happy to see her foundation grow.
3:51 pm
>> for your health, if you've been feeling tired lately, might be time to rest your brain. a new study is showing that overthinking can actually make us tired. french researchers say that toxins can build up in the prefrontal cortex when the brain works for a long time. so to protect its off your brain tries to tell your body to stop working by making it feel tired. scientists say that the only way to treat brain fatigue is to rest. they say the toxins start to leave the body as soon as you start sleeping. so fortunately, we're hey, it's friday. now, some time to sleep in and get some rest and get past that overthinking. up next, a look at this tiny little bundle of joy. what a cutie. >> little kangaroo now being cared for after he was found abandoned. abandoned. for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer.
3:52 pm
27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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oh okay, i will. i'll turn our thermostat to 78. i'll unplug the blender. the hair dryer. - my blankie? - yep! - let's taco 'bout it! - nope. ohh, we can save the laundry 'til the morning. yes please. oh, little things like this help save our power and help save us from outages. with flex alerts, the power is ours. learn more at >> look at this. wildfire rangers in australia are excusing wildlife rangers in australia introduce their newest mate this little that's a baby kangaroo is named stanley. all look at them. give of pets. he was abandoned by his mom before rangers took him aussie ark and they found this little guy curled up in freezing cold temperatures. but the good news here is that the jury was rescued. he's now healthy and rangers did warm up and they fed him and say that he's on the road to recovery.
3:55 pm
>> so i look each of looking afternoon falls i'm and the cocaine really just through the night he's fate. he's used to milk on tap for mom and i'm a trip. okay. that. so glad they found him. and stanley is a wreck. kangaroo. >> wildlife officials say that this species is vital for soil turnover. they say that these animals help lower the severity of bush fires and help to keep their local ecosystem health isis. so glad that they were able to rescue him. >> and time now to check in our friends at newsnation to see what they're working on tonight. >> tonight, president trump allegedly declassified all of the documents taken by the fbi from mar-a-lago. why it may not matter to prosecutors. plus, how arizona's governor says he is going to build a border wall without federal help. that's on balance tonight. >> and you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here on your screen. more details available on our
3:56 pm
website. kron 4 dot com. okay. we just haven't had time for one more final check of the weather with kyla. yeah. hey there 70. i wanted to mention the perseids meteor shower is peaking overnight tonight. so in the dawn hours, predawn hours of tomorrow morning, if you want to check it out. >> it does coincide with that bright sturgeon moves. that's going make things a little bit more difficult. of course we have fog to sometimes can be tough as well. with 600 to 100 meteors per hour expected to be happening with the so yeah, if you find that interesting check it out. you see if minute there we go and show you the fog is going to be tonight could be a little bit less than it has been. as you can see, look at the overnight hours. there's 9 o'clock tonight. let's take you right into the early morning. and you can see it does show up, but it's not as pervasive. it's a little more patchy. so that should help a little bit with your stargazing. and also if you have to be a person that out and about early, it will also help if you're driving on saturday early morning. here's your extended forecast and you can see here that we do see continue to warm up as we get into our weekend, our inland communities looking out for mid to upper 90's as we get into monday tuesday, wednesday, kind of peaks on
3:57 pm
tuesday. but lots of sunshine out there you can see around the bay. i mean, these are nice numbers. 70's and 80's 60's out at the coast. and of course, plenty of sunshine on the way. so if you have any activities outdoor this weekend, you're all set. you are ready to go. you have my full permission to head outdoors and enjoy everybody. lots of sunshine. we're getting near the end of summer here, right? so we have to get out. enjoy weekend, stephanie. yeah, absolutely. i have the shorts and the somewhat ready iowa. that difference of the kron. 4 news at 3 on stephanie lynn. >> thanks so much for joining us and have a great and beautiful weekend. everybody.
3:58 pm
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