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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  August 12, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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classified. yeah. investigators indicate they have reason to believe that the trump potentially violated 3 different federal laws, including the >> espionage act. trump is denying any wrongdoing. he says those documents have been declassified. joining us now is our political analyst michael yaki. so, michael, a lot to talk i just want to start off by saying that, you know, i was in the military ny was. >> you know, i had a security clearance. you are on capitol hill. you know what it's like when you're dealing with classified information and the custody of that information is so rigid and so tightly controlled people who are exposed to a don't understand that there's strict chain dakota chain of custody. all of that stuff about who touches that kind of stuff. you can see it. so what do you make of the saints being kept in boxes? apparently in a basement. it mar-a-lago. >> thanks, karen. i think can make sure lending beyond. well, first of all, 4 of those
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files that were taken we're lot labeled top secret sci, sensitive compartment and information. and what that means is that you can only be seen in a very special got special, so called the skip, which is essentially a room that essentially a giant bear in a cage. no electronic communications can go in and out it's it's you can only going to your pass code and only certain security level and only certain people can get access to it. and you only been there for a certain amount of time. and this is very sensitive stuff. and what you're hearing more you're hearing now is that maybe some of the information at what was called a special access programs and why the special access program is is the most the most secret stuff like maybe 4 or 5 people in the entire government access to that and you're starting to see reaction now. you might we know we're on the intelligence committee or understand what what the u.s. but what the top secret sci means and what a
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special access program could be starting to back pedal a little bit because this is really you know, very serious stuff. and the idea that it was basically, you know, enough and somewhere in mar-a-lago, despite the protestations from the ex-president that none of this stuff was there, that they found it is i extremely troubling and extremely bad news. donald trump. >> michael, we keep getting these dramatic details kind of around the edges like supposedly the most secret documents they're fingerprinting page by page by page. they want to know who handled them exactly. are we likely to ever actually know what's in any of this stuff? is that going to happen? >> well, i mean, if this ever went to trial, the nature of these documents would be submitted under seal. they will be reviewed under seal by by a federal judge. and if there were a jury buy them. i mean, this is really, you know, the kind of stuff you don't want have lying around in your basement and the
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bedroom and the bathroom. you know where anyone can go. remember, this is mara lago was known as a target by intelligence agencies of people knew that china, russia, other other governments frequent to mara lago. you just got like ashley sort of wanted to come in and hang around there during the time that that trump was president because of the act be because of the fact that it's like a giant hotel. that's not a big it's place where like the white house where there are guards every quarter, you know, doors have special access codes. it's a hotel and they're passageways where staff can go in and out through various parts of it. so this is something that that obviously trouble justice department a lot. the fact they actually allen top secret sci information is is really very troubling. and despite the fact that that trump may say it classified d classifications, nothing whatever to do with the espionage act that whether or not information that is
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sensitive and critical could be used by or adversaries is in your possession and you didn't. and you did nothing to do to safeguard its custody. that's essential with the espionage act is about. >> yeah,elet's get a little deeper into the espionage act because that's where he is a potentially exposed to some criminal like you said, it doesn't have to be top secret it's just it's the matter of which these government papers were kept. they're not supposed to be removed. they're not supposed to be stored in unauthorized locations. that's part of the charges against him. correct? >> right there. that is. and again, it has nothing to the classic ation. good up front. the president saying that declassify, you know, location of all submarines and he could do that. but if he gave them to us, if you if you check them out of the white house and put them on on his table were and come by and see them where where someone and russia or china some other intelligence agency could see them. that is a per se
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violation of the espionage act. there have been people who have been jailed for multiple, multiple years simply for having a box or drive. i mean, information that they accept that they brought home and and just brought brought to their home and they remain intent. is that really an issue here? although one should wonder what the heck, a president who didn't read his presidential daily briefings. remember the country's image or christian. remember even have the proper clearance. he never read them. but why would he keep information that you could only read and to secure government? the facility. it begs the question that it's going to be asked and and asked time and time again. and joe to more information is revealed. >> meantime, a trump is sounding practically in the asterix saying stuff like released. the documents now, i mean, is that just bravado and make? why didn't the object would that have made any difference? >> i well, i mean, you don't object if you know you're going to and he had the board. he had the receipt the
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received from the federal government. he knew that it said top secret as the eye on it, which is like uppermost bad thing we could have had this possession. so, you know, he could oppose that. he was not going to oppose the motion. and, you know, again, the brunt of blustering about it is is irrelevant to whether or not yes, when i checked is involved just chair. leave stuff around. can take stuff out. you can't have it in your possession and secure location, but your location were our enemies could find him if it could be used to their advantage, doesn't match the classified or not. it's bad news for us. someone else gets it, you violated the espionage act. michael, we're out of time. but real this is going to be. >> a judgment made on criminal law. it at the department of justice. but it's also going to be politically explosive. do you think donald trump will actually be charged? well, the question is, what is he going to be charged with? maybe
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you're just a garland is looking at the jail at the insurrection january 6. >> conspiracy coup insurrection. he's looking at this that he's being looked at by the a g in new york by the prosecutor in atlanta. i think it's going to be a race to the courthouse crying, quite frankly, for donald trump to see who files the first criminal charges against him in the next i think 6 months. >> all right. michael yaki a thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it. weekend. >> coming up next, new developments on the legionnaires outbreak in napa legionnaires outbreak in napa cou it's started. somewhere between a cuddle and a struggle, it's...the side hug. tween milestones like this may start at age 9. hpv vaccination -
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>> in the north bay, napa county health officials say the bacteria that causes legionnaires disease has been traced to 2 more sites. the county announced last week that a cooling tower at the embassy suites, napa valley hotel was to blame for some of the spreading. now the county discovered high levels of the bacteria in a decorative pond at the embassy suites as well. and the cooling tower at the county hall of justice in the city of napa has also been identified as a hot spot. 13 people have been diagnosed with legionnaires that they contracted in napa county. one person has died from it since july. 11th. currently 10 people have recovered from the elements and to remain in the hospital. new york city public health officials say they have detected the virus that causes polio. ggests the virus is
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circulating in the city weeks ago. a man in rockland county, new york became sick with polio. he was paralyzed before that. the last confirmed case of polio and the u.s. was in 2013 across new york state. 80% of the population has been vaccinated against polio. the vaccine is nearly 100% effective. and of course, everyone is now being urged to get the shot. the san francisco department of public health says there will be 2 walk-in clinics for monkeypox vaccinations tomorrow. >> one is at san francisco general hospital from 08:00am to 03:30pm. kaiser will also provide vaccinations for patients in on patient walk-ins at its clinic on geary boulevard. >> and coming up, padres superstar fernando has been suspended 80 games by major
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the fate of a bill that would legalize safe injection sites in parts of the most. the state in california, including oakland and san francisco is now in the hands of the governor. state capitol correspondent eytan wallace talked with supporters and opponents who have >> very different demands from the governor. >> time is running out for the governor to make a decision on this bill. a bill supporters say will help people battling addiction. but one opponents argue will only make matters worse. >> we're looking at the reality on the ground in several california cities. the
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visual views needles along sidewalks and in the streets serving as a reminder of rampant drug use impacting some of the state's most populated areas. but backers behind the proposal senate bill. 57 say the bill would help those who are battling addiction by creating safe injection sites where drugs can be used under get the drug use off the streets. we need to get people into treatment and we need to save people's lives. democratic assemblymember matt haney of san francisco co authored the bill, a bill that already passed both chambers of the legislature and now is sitting on the governor's desk as part of the proposal. the injection site will be part of a 5 year pilot program in the city of oakland, the city and county of los angeles and the city and county of san francisco. it's about saving lives, which is most important. it's also about getting this open air drug use off of the streets, getting people help getting people connected to our neighborhoods, our cities. >> under siege. he says the
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concept has worked in other parts of the country, but others including democratic assembly member jim cooper, who will soon take over as the criminal county sheriffs say the sites will only hurt the people who need help just really going down the wrong road. >> it may sound good. it doesn't work. injection sites do have a magnet effect. why? because annex know the dealers are going to be there so they can purchase their product. and they operate and really feeling that it's a love that it's a free zone and that makes causes irretrievable tragedy. at a thursday press conference, the governor was asked whether he will sign the bill that's on your desk. i just found out yesterday so i haven't a chance the governor has 10 days to either sign the bill into law. >> or veto it reporting here at the california state capitol. a tall wallace kron. 4 news. >> for your health tonight, homemade baby food is often considered to be healthier than store bought stuff. but
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new research shows they both contain some harmful metals. study says 94% of manufactured and homemade baby foods contained lead cadmium, mercury, even arsenic. that was also the case for some foods labeled organic. researchers say the problem traces back to farms where the soil and water is contaminated with heavy metals and they recommend the government established protective limits for metals in baby food. >> a big change coming to baby powder made by johnson and johnson. the company says it will stop making the product with tom come next year and instead will use corn starch based. powder had been sold in the u.s. and canada since 2020. but it's still being produced around the world. thousands of women have sued johnson and johnson over the powder claiming it gave them ovarian cancer. the company says it's still confident about the product's safety, but he's making the change based on a quote worldwide. portfolio assessment
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>> all right. time for another look at the forecast and another look at the bay bridge toll plaza where there's a lot of people heading into the city. lawrence, standing by at oracle park where the giants are playing the pirates tonight and he's got our weather forecast. and lawrence, i know it's hard to hear because the crowd is roaring because they saw all cards. tell you what it is getting louder and louder in the ballpark. it can come down here to the ballpark, of course, without getting a little food about this yeah, a little brown words. they're coming for. yes, harden that look delicious. and of course, one of my favorites. how about some garlic fries? >> those are fantastic. they are delicious. of course. they've got every kind of food you can one you want, right? if you want to grab you, get it. all right. out here at the ballpark. and of course you get a game to. that's right. and it's going to be a great night for the game. if you're coming out here, a gorgeous night here in the bay area, lots of sunshine. the winds have been kicking but it is
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going to be beautiful night. a beautiful summer night out of the ballpark for the golden gate bridge. right now. we've got lots of sunshine clear skies. no fog there. just you're looking at temperatures running in the 60's here on the ballpark, but it will be windy that some gusts over 30 miles an hour expected things look pretty good weather wise to start out your weekend. yeah. have a little fog in the morning. give way to sunshine in the afternoon. lot of 60's coast side to see some hot 90's in the valleys. but next week, we really start to break up those temperatures. expect those numbers getting near 100 degrees here in the bay. area's going to get very hot. hey, i want introduce a special guest. we've got one right here. here's one of the preeminent meteorologist in the bay area. this is bike pictures. so good to see about 8 to say largely look at that task your forecast. a great guy did a great job. a challenge for faith. that is a great word from somebody who's here. we've been around forever, right? my company or the a long time i produced
6:50 pm
thompson. if you remember the age great experience, some of other and you've been a man of the bay area for a long time. what a great time to come out. the ballpark, right? great to be to help you out today. and he's like. all right. thank you so much, mike. and that's very latest here at the stadium. guys. a great night out of the ballpark. summertime in the bay area. baseball camp robbers and garlic fries doesn't get much better than that. back to you. >> kron 4 sports. all right, lawrence, thanks for that. both the a's and the giants are in action tonight. the a's are in houston right now. >> they're up against the astro's. the giants as lawrence just showed us. they're hosting the pittsburgh pirates later tonight. the baseball news came out of san diego earlier today. padres superstar fernando to tease received an 80 game suspension today for violating major league baseball's joint drug agreement m l b announced he's tested for the performance enhancing drug post. the ball
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that he says missed all of this season to this point because of a fractured wrist. the padres recently traded for former national star juan soto, hoping to form a colton middle of the lineup with and manny machado. but obviously that's not possible this year. the padres currently have a one-game lead over the brewers for the 3rd and final national league wild card spot. the minnesota vikings will be without their starting quarterback sunday and their preseason game with the raiders, kirk cousins tested positive for covid and is experiencing minimal symptoms. cupp, cousins will be in an isolation period for 5 days before being able to return to the vikings facility. meanwhile, raiders backup quarterback jarrett stidham will be on the field for the raiders and ready to show what he can do. he came over to the raiders in a trade after playing in new england with raiders head coach and former patriots offensive coordinator josh mcdaniels. he knows the offensive system and he's more than happy to share his
6:52 pm
knowledge with the raiders quarterbacks, which includes former cal quarterback chase garbers. i'm trying to be, you know, as helpful as possible because i know whatever. >> you know, like when i was in chase's shoes my rookie year, you know, brian hoyer, tom brady, i mean, these guys really help me and the offense and just, you know, learn how to be a pro. so, you know, that's what i try to help with chase. and then obviously with nick and eric, you know, those guys being vets, you know, just try to help them as much as i can, you know, with little things here and there within the offense and that sort of thing. so and that goes in all along with anybody really running backs titans receivers or i just try to try to help out as much as i can work in. and by the way, you'll be able to watch the vikings the raiders sunday right here on kron. 4 coverage begins at 12, 30 with a live pre-game show. so tune in. >> the niners play in their first pre says it preseason game tonight. it's going on right now. they're hosting the packers at levi's stadium. it is the night off. forty-niners fans have been waiting for. get this trey lance's first start as the starting
6:53 pm
quarterback. he has had minimal time behind center between a short college career and last season behind jimmy g. this will only be his 4th start at quarterback in the last 1000 days wide receiver brandon aiyuk has total confidence in trey. as the light rain right? he walked off the practice field and ndeds to exact same today. he talked about it. >> i'm ty complains that he was he added that he can entice was the same way as if he were play. when you see what you can see, we liked i was on me. that maybe you should be is still talking to us, trying to figure it out. but just we love even kill do so. don't worry about him at all. we will look at it. he comes in. he says we'll take a look at it later on we do soo and then we move law. ♪
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there is little blue on recently had his first wellness exam and all went well. the 2 months older and 10. >> pleasantly cooperated as he got his ears and his eyes checked. there's also a champ when he got his first vaccination. you know, kids don't generally like that. milan weighed in at almost 5 pounds and was given a completely clean bill of health. i don't write tense or what a couple 100 pounds right there. that is a very look at time. that is a tiny little guy. that's a good show. and are yeah. >> that see tonight at why woolite?
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♪ ♪ speak of the death of an after her fiery crash. speak of the actress declared brain-dead. to speak a white ellen degeneres side about the loss of her ax. the woman who's home crashed into speaks out. >> the most insane traumatic time. going nuclear? did some of the dozen boxes containing nuclear secrets and what trumps attorney just told us. >> where there are documents pertaining to nuclear weapons are mar-a-lago? >> the model arrested for months after stabbing her boyfriend


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