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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 12, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> right now at 9 police in the east bay arrest. 2 people in connection with the killing of an uber driver. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm ken wayne. 52 year-old patrick fung was shot and killed on july 17th while waiting inside his car in oakland for weeks, a community demanded justice for feng. and tonight that community is reacting to the arrests are current for santorum has the story. the 2 suspects wanted in connection with the killing of an uber driver in oakland have been arrested and charged. >> police say 19 year-old major willis and an unnamed juvenile were found with help
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from the community. thanks both of the boat into doing that >> capturing the little saigon community and business leader anne says crime has become a big problem in their neighborhood. the killing of patrick from stunned area residents. it's a very heart you know, when that happened that we have stepped in announcing the charges, alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley said mister fung was census lee and violently attacked while doing his job. our hearts and condolences go out to his family, friends and community oakland police chief leronne armstrong has vowed to improve safety in little saigon. the department has also recently assigned an officer to be a community liaison. says little saigon needs the support. i you know, holidays can be continue and doing that to willis has been charged with murder and attempted
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carjacking. the juvenile was charged in juvenile court reporting in oakland, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> another story we're looking police are on the lookout for a gunman who shot and killed a woman early this morning in union city. that shooting happened on medallion drive about 12, 30 am. police have not released the woman's identity. anyone with information is being asked to call union city police, a man suspected of a deadly shooting in san jose has been arrested in mexico. police say they arrested 28 year-old gary this week. >> the shooting happened on april. nice in the area of meridian way. and pedro street in san jose. investigators say they identified a geary as the primary suspect in the case and learned that he had fled to mexico tuesday. police say he was booked into the imperial county jail down by el centro where he is awaiting extradition back to santa clara county to the east bay. now, the family of missing oakley woman-alexis kay believes that the mother of
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her suspected killer knows where her body is located. friends and family protesting outside the contra costa da's office today calling on the local officials to keep the investigation active and file criminal charges against the mother of gabe's ex-boyfriend. gabe was last seen on january. 26th investigators believe her former boyfriend marshall jones murdered her that night. davis remains have never been found in. jones is believed to have traveled to his mother's house shortly after killing game jones mother, alicia clark was briefly detained in may on suspicion of aiding and abetting, but was released soon afterwards in early june, jones was shot and killed by police in seattle when they tried to arrest him. gabe's father says we should. clark should be held accountable. >> marshall jones is but it doesn't mean the case is
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someone and that would his mother. lisa. >> we have asked the contra costa county da's office for comment, but so far have not heard back an update now to a story we brought you yesterday. we're now learning the name of the victim who was killed in a shooting outside a brentwood jim. >> the victim has been identified as 21 year-old cesar from antioch. a 17 year-old is now in police custody. police are not releasing his name. police say an argument started on the basketball court at the 24 hour. fitness and then continued into the parking lot. and that's when shots were fired. 3 other people were injured. a familiar face is returning to run for commissioner of the san francisco school board. >> one of the 3 recalled board of education members made that announcement last night. today she explained what she's running again in a conversation with our kron four's haaziq madyun. it's a story you'll only see here.
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>> are you that you want to go through this all over again? >> i know that it's going to be a fight and will never we don't know the outcome and i'm ready for that fight. >> gabriel lopez announces that she is running again for a seat on the board of education to the san francisco unified school district a 13 year educator and former sf usd school board. president lopez was one of 3 school board members recalled earlier this year in a bitter special election. so how did she reached the decision to go back for more? >> so in consultation, with families, with community leaders, with their students, my heart has always been dedicated to schools. it has always been dedicated to education. to porter's of the recall accuse the former commissioner of making decisions that did not have education as the primary focus for students which they say
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contributed to the learning loss while students were at home instead of in class during the pandemic recall, supporters also claimed that she mismanaged the budget as board president. however, lopez thinks that she will have a better chance at countering those attacked during a general election. this will be our first opportunity during the general election to see where san francisco voters are. i recognize that the past 2 special elections are really out of the ordinary, which is why we saw such a low turnout. san francisco mayor london breed appointed 3 interim board members who were backed by supporters of the recall 2 of those commissioners recently got the endorsement for the upcoming election from sf parent action organization. the 3rd appointee and shoe did not. the executive director sent kron 4 a statement that reads, quote, we are consensus based parent organization and our families reach proud and
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enthusiastic consensys to support clean committee and lisa wiseman ward. we did not reach consensus to endorse any other candidates running for the school board election. while we do have some support for and shoe from parents in our membership base, it was not enough for an organizational endorsement, unquote. more reasons. lopez says to run for her previous seat on the board. we now have an opportunity to reinstate our positions, reinstate our campaign and give the voters the opportunity to choose for themselves. who is on the school board? has made kron? 4 news? california is the first state in the u.s. to offer free meals to students in public schools. starting this school year, students can get free breakfast and lunch. >> regardless of income status in the past, they had to qualify for meals based on their parents, income taxes, zip code or the level of poverty in the school's area. the universal meals program is expected to benefit roughly
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6 million students. state leaders say it's important. every student have access to a meal, especially with rising inflation and food costs. >> a california woman says she is humiliated tonight. she was almost kicked off a flight because the airline thought she might have monkeypox. but it turns out. it was just her eggs in a rash, gayle ong talk to her and brings us her story. and i just >> broke down immediately just from like chain jacqueline when it says she was temporarily pulled off a plane after spirit airline personnel suspected she had monkeypox times too. so ashamed. that was just trying to make myself a small as possible, trying to hide my face with my hair. just. >> in my mind, everybody was staring at me. the san francisco native and her wife boarded a plane in los angeles almost immediately. she says a flight attendant asked to speak with her is like i need to ask you about. >> you're in winds case it wasn't bunkie box. it was and
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this is what monkeypox looks like. this photo shows what winds, a rash look like that day. >> when says she had an outbreak the day of her flight. that's like the face catch up. they will cease all. >> got some like china. so this year and says spirit airline employees asked her to provide proof of her oakwood medical documents from her doctor. i didn't. >> it's it's it's a cream. >> after showing your eggs and a skin cream, she was allowed to report the plane because the whole ordeal humiliating. you could have that after break out, you could get a pheat rash and and up in the position that i was in. it's not hard to show people compassion so hard to give people the benefit of the doubt. and i think that we could all use that right here. >> reached out to spirit airlines for comment but have not yet heard back. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> vice president kamala harris in oakland today visiting the chabot space and science center and the vp
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stressed that the government needs to bring its regulatory rules. are the current century in order to strengthen its relationship with the commercial space industry. she says it's become clear that us isn't moving fast enough to take advantage of that technological advances and that it's time to do so. >> we understand that we have got to update the rules because they're just simply outdated. they were written for a space industry of the last century. >> the vice president says the public private partnership in space is already benefiting people on earth with tracking hurricanes and wildfires. she says there's more to come. harris chairs the national space council. the group will meet again next month. developing story that we're following for you tonight. a federal judge unsealed former president trump's mar-a-lago search warrant. >> the fbi seizing nearly dozen sets of top secret documents from trump's. >> the state but the former
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president denies any wrongdoing and claims of the documents seized had been declassified. our correspondent brian entin has the latest now on the investigation. the details of the mar-a-lago search warrant has been secret until now. the judge n sealing the documents. and while there isn't much detail. >> there is a generic list of what the fbi took out. a former president trump's residents on monday. the list includes 20 boxes of files, classified ts sci documents which stands for top secret, sensitive compartmented information. the highest level of secret document, 4 sets of top secret documents. 3 sets of secret documents. 3 sets of confidential documents. photos, handwritten notes, information about the president of france and a grant of clemency for roger stone, palm beach county, federal magistrate judge bruce reinhart signed off on releasing the documents, which includes a list of 3 possible charges removal or destruction of records, obstruction of an investigation and violating
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the espionage act. former president trump has not been charged with a crime and denies any wrongdoing. a true social he posted in part number one, it was all declassified. number 2, they didn't need to seize anything. they could have had any time they wanted without playing politics and breaking into mar-a-lago. it was in secured storage with an additional lock on as per their request. sources tell news nation declassified documents were located in 2 areas. president trump's office and a storage room off an interior hallway near the pool. and that was brian entin reporting for us tonight. the unsealed warrant is stirring some reaction from bay area. lawmakers are ella sogomonian joins us now live tonight from the newsroom with more on that. l a >> wilbekin ken south bay congresswoman anna eshoo served on the senate intelligence committee for a decade and she says that she just can't understand why the former president would take these highly sensitive documents out of the white house. attorney general.
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approve this. and i think we'll probably learn more in the coming but it's just dropping to me because it's dangerous. >> she thinks it's too soon to tell whether any congressional oversight committee will step in to investigate further. the former president insists that the fbi raid was unnecessary and that the documents were locked up in classified declassified. but there are laws it can make it a crime to keep them at an unauthorized location. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news l a thank you. >> how is the old in with the new today contra costa county firefighters celebrated the opening of a new facility in bay point as kron 4 switching all tells us a hope the move will improve emergency response in the region. >> with and push of engine 86
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into the new fire station. 86 on global drive. they point turns the page on more than 7 decades of continuous service from the now shuttered station. 86 on willow pass road. >> about a mile away from the contra costa county fire protection district's new digs up highway it really is an piece of architecture in an amazing facility. >> that's going to service for a really long time on fire. close the old building down and celebrated the new 13 million dollar facility friday. >> the new station is now operational and is considered a major upgrade. the old firehouse was run down, became overrun by rodents and was unsafe for firefighters and has the support and, you know, lies the people that we know to be out on the front line making that happen fire. factor cancer prevention and the station's design and it will house oversized equipment, including the district's bulldozers. >> which have proven essential
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during major fires. decontamination showers, specialized tractors. >> to pull contaminants out of our firefighters, protective clothing and modern exhaust extraction systems to take harmful diesel exhaust particulate out of the station. residents crestview mobile home village now live directly across the street from a fire station and they're grateful. i care for 85 year-old father. i can't tell you what this means to me. my father sleep so much better knowing that these men are here. this continues a busy months long stretch of the which recently combined with the former east contra costa fire protection district caught fire stat station 95 into plans to reopen fire station for in walnut creek later this month. >> in league kron. now to our 4 zone forecast. as we give you a live look at the golden gate bridge in all its glory on a friday night at a beautiful evening out their car porters have meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joins us with a
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>> kind frightening map behind to talking about the drought yet again. yeah, unfortunately little change, though, even with the hot dry conditions that's going to continue all weekend long as well. >> peaking on tuesday with possible triple digit heat for warmest inland valleys. but we're holding study most of the bay area still under severe drought conditions under that tan color. but temperatures today today will be the start of a warming trend that is going to continue through tuesday. and that's when our mini heatwave is going to peak because we're going to see temperatures 5 to 10 degrees above average. we're already warming up about 3 degrees above normal for downtown san francisco and oakland, low to mid 70's there conquered warming up to 89 degrees, which is actually near average for you because you should be flirting with 90's this time of year. let's take a live look outside noticing less of that marine layer influence. and that's going to be the big weather story during the overnight hours. very shallow marine layer at best along the san francisco peninsula and east bay shoreline. but it's going
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to give way to plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures. and what we saw today. so when tracker for right now, we are seeing cool sea breeze downtown san francisco sustained at 20 miles per hour. winds out of the southwest for fairfield. also in that 20 mile per hour range in temperatures out there right now in the mid 70's for antioch, even at this 9 o'clock hours here about 13 degrees warmer thence downtown san francisco in half moon bay, barely in the low 60's and overnight lows tonight going to stay on the mild side for and chuck as a result. 65 degrees with santa rosa. napa in the mid-fifties and temperatures tomorrow. we're going to be a few degrees above average from coast to valley. so warming up to 72 degrees for downtown san francisco mission district in the mid 70's at 74 degrees. but thanks to that cool sea breeze, our bay area beaches going to stay in the mid 60's. so pacifica 65 degrees. el granada. 64 degrees for you. brisbane, the burlingame, widespread mid 70's there. so
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he's going to be a very pleasant saturday afternoon with the redwood city. 83 degrees in paulo alto in the low 80 so mild temperatures there, widespread low to mid and upper 80's. for those of you in the south bay, santa clear 80 degrees with more. pete u.s. at 81 degrees in livermore and pleasanton in the low 90's. so it is going to be about 5 degrees above average for livermore. but along the east bay shoreline, widespread mid 70's there, oakland, 76 degrees. but check out concord and walnut creek, 90 degrees for your saturday afternoon. so stay cool. stay hydrated. you know, the drill this time of year during the summer months, napa and allay in the low 90's with mid-nineties of peas for santa rosa and nevado. so about 10 degrees above average there in the heat is just only going to get hotter monday and tuesday of this upcoming week peaking on tuesday and then little change on wednesday with relief not arriving until a% week from today with temperatures pretty seasonal by next friday. back to you. ken and vicki, thanks for
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breeze kron four's remarkable woman of the year. megan bull says that the recognition is helping her foundation for trauma survivors continue to grow. >> the vallejo native is a survivor of the gilroy garlic festival shooting. also later, car accident. she started what is called the reclaim foundation to connect a trauma survivors online and create a community of healing. the foundation hosted the second annual shattered the glass. a vented san francisco last night which encourages trauma survivors to reclaim their lives and break barriers. >> 41% of thomas survivors say that they need emotional support more than anything. thank you to kron 4 more than anything. i am honored to be remarkable woman for 2022. it gave us a huge foundation to be able to launch therapy assistance program and reclaimed that work. >> and our remarkable woman there says that the event was a total success and she was blown away by all the love and the support. straight ahead,
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some california lawmakers pushing for a bill that allows for safe injection of drugs under supervision. wife. >> others argue the move could do more harm than good. plus, napa county facing the spread of the legionnaires outbreak after tracing the disease to 2 more sites. and the niners and packers face off in week. one of the nfl preseason going hear from fans of what they're expecting for the upcoming season. just ahead.
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>> on this vote, the yeas are 220. the nays are 207. there was solution. the motion is adopted >> the inflation reduction act got the green light from the house today. the big spending bill now on the brink of becoming law. one of the primary pieces of multi-billion the multi-billion dollar bill is the investment makes to fight climate change also includes provisions to allow medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, extend health care subsidies and cap seniors out of pocket drug costs at $2000 a year. the bill is names. the inflation reduction act because democrats who put it together say it will help cut costs. but republicans disagree. >> this is the bill. 728
9:24 pm
pages. we got from the senate this week as by the red watts of spending up front, lots of debt up front. >> and then maybe savings 8 years from now. how is that going to put out the fire of inflation? >> the non-partisan congressional budget office says the bill will raise revenue and will help pay down the deficit. bill now awaits the president's signature. >> coming up, many still waiting for the white house to forget more extend their student loan payments tonight as the scheduled repayment comes around the corner, we're going have the very latest and the latest on the award-winning author whose lecture was cut short after he was stabbed a number of times. we have the latest on solomon rushdie after
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>> fate of a bill that would legalize safe injection sites in parts of the state, including oakland and san francisco is now in the hands of the governor. state capitol correspondent eytan wallace talked with supporters and opponents who, of course, have different demands of gavin newsom. >> time is running out for the governor to make a decision on this bill. a bill supporters say will help people battling addiction. but one opponents argue will only make matters worse. >> we're looking at the reality on the ground in several california cities. the visual views needles along sidewalks and in the streets serving as a reminder of rampant drug use impacting some of the state's most populated areas. but backers
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behind the proposal senate bill. 57 say the bill would help those who are battling addiction by creating safe injection sites where drugs can be used under get the drug use off the streets. we need to get people into treatment and we need to save people's lives. democratic assemblymember matt haney of san francisco co authored the bill, a bill that already passed both chambers of the legislature and now is sitting on the governor's desk as part of the proposal. the injection site will be part of a 5 year pilot program in the city of oakland, the city and county of los angeles and the city and county of san francisco. it's about saving lives, which is most important. it's also about getting this open air drug use off of the streets, getting people help getting people connected to our neighborhoods, our cities. >> under siege. he says the concept has worked in other parts of the country, but others including democratic assembly member jim cooper, who will soon take over as the criminal county sheriffs say the sites will only hurt the people who need help just really going down the wrong
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road. >> it may sound good. it doesn't work. injection sites do have a magnet effect. why? because annex know the dealers are going to be there so they can purchase their product. and they operate under feeling that it's a love that it's a free zone and that makes causes irretrievable tragedy. at a thursday press conference, the governor was asked whether he will sign the bill that's on your desk. i just found out yesterday so i haven't a chance the governor has 10 days to either sign the bill into law. >> or veto it. reporting here at the california state tom wallace kron. 4 news. we're learning more tonight about the armed suspect who allegedly tried to breach the fbi's office in cincinnati, ohio yesterday. >> authorities say the gunman identified as 42 year-old ricky schiffer may have ties to the january 6 insurrection. he is believed to have been at the capitol on the day of the
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attack. he's also suspected of making inflammatory comments on social media schiffer fled the fbi office. police say killed him after an hours long standoff. authorities reported several threats against the fbi by former president trump supporters in the days following the raid on his mar-a-lago estate a week after that fiery crash in southern california. family members of actress and hey, say. >> she has been declared dead. her body does remain on life support while doctors work to find transplant recipients for her organs. last friday. the 53 year-old suffered severe injuries when she crashed into a house in la that caught fire. police say they're investigating hayes for driving under the influence. detectives with a search warrant took a sample of her blood and say they found evidence of narcotics. a representative for haitian declined comment on that investigation. >> developing news now out of new york where award-winning autututr salman rushdie stabbed
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several times as he was getting ready to give a lecture. the incident happened at an stinstitution today. his agent sporting that the 75 year-old is on a ventilator tonight with a damaged liver severed nerves in an arm and he's likely to lose an eye security quickly detained the attacker. he is now awaiting arraignment. an associated press reporter who witnessed the attack says the suspect punched and stabbed rushdie several times. no word on a motive at this time. but we do know that rusty's book the ses has been banned in iran since 1988 others, a fatwa after him. he's gotten death threats from the countri. an iranian religious foundation also offered a bounty of more than 3 million dollars for anyone who kills the author, new york city public health officials are on high alert tonight after detecting a virus that causes polio and the city's wastewater.
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>> experts say that discovery suggests the virus is circulating in the city weeks ago. a man in rockland county, new york, north of new york city was stricken with polio that left him paralyzed before that the last confirmed case of polio in the u.s. was back in 2013 across new york state. 80% of the population has been back in vaccinated against the virus. that vaccine is nearly 100% effective and health officials are urging the unvaccinated to get their shots. former san francisco police commissioner john homicide. he announced his intention to run for san francis district attorney today. he made his candidacy official at city hall. this after chasing bodine recently announced that he will not try to win back his old job. >> after being recalled a saki has been critical of current da brooke jenkins, drug policies as well as her close relationship with mayor london breed who appointed jenkins to the role. and here's a look at people who say that they're running in november special
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election, former san francisco fire commissioner and civil rights attorney joe alioto. he announced after incumbent brooke came under fire for being paid more than $100,000 for consulting work for a group that bankrolled the recall of chase of the dean 2 other candidates. maurice, shin, ye and austin hill say that they're going fund, we have not officially filed. closer to home. napa county health officials say the% bacteria that causes legionnaires outbreak has been traced to 2 more sites. the county announced last week that a cooling tower in the embassy suites, napa valley hotel was to blame for some of the spreading. well, now the county discovered high levels of the bacteria in a decorative pond at the embassy suites as well. and the cooling tower in the county hall of justice in this city of napa has also been identified as a hot spot. 13 people have been diagnosed
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with legionnaires disease that they have contracted in napa county. one person has died from it since july. 11th currently 10 people have recovered from the ailment and 2 are in the hospital tonight. fans are fired up tonight after a win against green bay packers and their first preseason game of the year. >> the game, especially one with trey lance getting his first shot at being the team's starting quarterback for us. justin campbell talked with fans at levi stadium and has more. >> a lot of excitement. the niners one we got here earlier this week this afternoon, the tailgate started. people were excited that first preseason game. we've got 2 big fans that are here with that what did you think game today? what did you think of trey lance and what he brought to the game? and, you know, i'm a big raiders fan, but trey that we trail trey lance is different man. he has skills. you can throw the ball, run the ball. i was impressed with him today. what are we going get you get? become a niners? oh,
9:35 pm
no, my boy. he's a niners i can win the game know i'm i'm a true raiders fan by like tray. i liked d bowden play today. but what do you think game today? overall? i really like to try and prove that j's that guy, i feel you need a sigh of playoff. >> clout this maybe like a wild card. 10 7 season 11, 6. i feel like that id and then goes you will. >> 57 super bowl, maybe that's under a pillow. >> grow up. and along gravano up and know that. >> got, as you can see, a lot of the people out here are excited. they're ready for the future of this franchise. you can hear them behind me and was dated. back to you guys in the studio reporting out here at levi's stadium, justin campbell kron. 4 news. justin got the big necklace he was looking for tonight. >> the raiders play their second preseason game on sunday and kron 4 has all the action this sunday. the raiders take on the vikings.
9:36 pm
our coverage starts at 12:30pm, in the afternoon right here on kron 4 straight ahead 6 flags has plans for steeper ticket prices. after what they say. they have too many teens at their parks. >> we'll explain. >> and tgif, bay area, it's friday we made at the weekend details ahead on your bay area's staycation forecast. if you're looking to get away in the sierra, we'll have that outlook coming up in a few minutes. >> and trey lance started his first game as the official number one quarterback of the niners. tell you how he made out against the packers little bit later on in sports.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. here we go. this is what >> niner fans have been waiting for. they've been debating all seasons since last year on the future of the new starting quarterback trey lance, is he the next hall of famer like montana or young would be another draft day bus like jim druckenmiller. remember him? well tonight, the debate begins fans have been going off on this all year long. hearing comes out on the field, lance and he's looking pretty good step away from that. >> kyle shanahan said lance, when play much. he showed off his quickness in the pocket couldn't find open receiver step away from the russian takes off downfield citing for anybody can get him. then he went for a nice 7 yard run later in the drive. he fakes a handoff and rolls out right the left in your book and we
9:40 pm
move on. here is a big this is well, he goes down there. the packers defensive line. that is chris, like that. one for here. we go one play later. lance in the pocket 100 big rush finds a speedster. danny gray on the sideline gradas arrest tossing the catch at 76 yards for a touchdown. the niners are up 10, 7. let's finish tonight for a fight for his passing 92 yards and that score and the forty-niners hold on to win. 28 to 21 is going to bring. meanwhile, the raiders backup quarterback jarrett state hand will be on the field for the raiders and ready to show what he can do. >> he came over the raiders in a trade after playing in new england with raiders head coach and former patriots offensive coordinator josh mcdaniels. he knows the offense. nice more than happy to share that knowledge with the raiders quarterbacks, which includes former cal quarterback chase garbers. i'm trying to be, you know, as
9:41 pm
helpful as possible because i know whatever. >> you know, like when i was in chase's shoes my rookie year, you know, brian hoyer, tom brady, i mean, these guys really help me and the offense and just, you know, learn how to be a pro. so, you know, that's what i try to help with chase. and then obviously with nick and eric, you know, those guys being vets, you know, just try to help them as much as i can, you know, with little things here and there within the offense and that sort of thing. so and that goes in all along with anybody really running backs, titans receivers or i just try to try to help out as much as i can work in. >> you'll be able to watch vikings the raiders sunday right here on kron. 4 coverage begins at 12, 30 with a live pre-game show. don't miss san diego padres superstar fernando received an 80 game suspension today violating major league baseball's joint drug agreement in mlb announced he's tested positive for the performance-enhancing drug kosta ball that he says miss all of this season because of a fractured wrist. the padres recently traded for
9:42 pm
former national star juan soto, hoping to form a potent middle of the lineup with the tea son, manny machado. but that's not going to be a possibility at least this year. the padres currently have a one-game lead over the brewers for the 3rd and final national league wild card spot. the a's look to knock off dusty baker and the his american league. houston astros tonight, the a's actually lead to one. but in the 5th, the stroh's loaded the bases. how tucker drops at cider right into the right-field stands a grand slam. his 21st homer this season. >> 5, 2 astro's they held on and got the win. 75 the a's have lost 9 of their last 11 games. th
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>> your health tonight, homemade baby food is often considered to be healthier than the store bought step. but new research is showing that they both contain some harmful metals. the study says that 94% of manufactured in homemade baby foods contained lead cadmium, mercury and even arsenic. that was also the case for foods labeled organic. researchers say the problem traces back to farms where the soil and water is contaminated with these heavy metals. they recommend the government established protective limits for metals in baby food. a big change coming to baby powder made by
9:46 pm
johnson and johnson. the company says it will stop making the product with talcum next year. instead it will use corn starch based. powder had not been sold in the u.s. and canada since 2020, but it's still being produced around the world. thousands of women, tens of thousands of sue johnson and johnson over the powder claiming it gave them ovarian cancer. the company says it's still confident about the product safety, but it's making the change based on a quote worldwide. portfolio assessment, your money tonight. the streaming wars are really heating up with disney. plus, showing strong gains over netflix for the first time disney's platforms which include disney plus espn. plus and hulu has soared past netflix. it more than 220 1 million subscribers and as our gerke reports tonight, netflix has held the top spot for years now but is facing some trouble over the recent months. >> the magical kingdom of
9:47 pm
streaming services has a new man or mouse atop the throne. more than 221 million people have signed up for disney. plus hulu or espn. plus narrowly edging netflix. the former raining number one in the game which has been losing subscribers. disney added more than 14 million of them last quarter beating projections and the company believes it has more room to grow, especially internationally. and when you're the biggest kid on the playground, you get to decide how much lunch money you want to take. disney is raising the price of its ad free streaming service in december by $3 per month. up to 10. 99, if you can stomach another price hike the house of mouse has a solution. it's debuting an ad supported version of the app december 8th, which will cost you the same as the current ad free version 7.99 braces for hulu will also go up by a dollar or 2 in december. depending on your plan disease price hikes put its service more in line with its competitors, most of which offer multiple streaming
9:48 pm
options. now. >> the cheapest are the basic core ad supported plans. netflix currently charges 15 49 per month for its ad free service. >> and that was paul gerke reporting for us tonight. student loan repayments are scheduled to start back up again at the end of the month. and there's no word yet from the white house and plans to forgive those debts or offer an extension on those payments. the white house previously shared it could forgive up to $10,000 in student debt per borrower. the naacp says if the administration wants to help to close the income gap between black and white americans. it must act quickly. they say failing to act could hurt democrats in the midterm elections. >> you know that the average black bar has about $50,000 in student debt. really think about this as an opportunity, right? opportunity to bring more people into our economic system. voters are really getting inches. >> white house press secretary says president biden will have
9:49 pm
something to announce before august 31st will let you know when that happens. if you've got plans to head to 6 flags, you may want to take a closer look at those prices. >> the amusement park company is raising its ticket prices to reduce the number of teenagers at its parks across the country. that is according to the company's ceo who told analysts that they have been offering too many discounts, calling the park's, quote, a cheap daycare center for teenagers. attendance is down over 20% this year, 6 flags customers took to social media to complain about this. some of them reportedly canceling their season passes over the news. and if by any chance you're heading to machu picchu next few days be warned he might want to rethink it. proving authorities say the tickets to enter one of the world's 7 wonders are sold out until next friday. it's been over books. you can see that long line of tourists at a fort unfortunately didn't get the memo. the announcement was made after the long lines started to form. the minister of culture is now warning
9:50 pm
tourists and possible disinformation campaigns aimed at taking people's money in exchange for fake passes to get in. but you don't need to go anywhere because the weather's pretty nice to hear your 4 zone forecast on this friday. a beautiful evening out there. as we look at that bird's eye view of san francisco downtown, one of the wonders of the world, maybe not officially. we like to think so much precept. yeah, that's right. one of our 7 wonders of the world, right, ken and vicki, let's take a live look outside. >> at san francisco international airport, not really noticing much of a marine layer, which is just an indicator of just how warm and dry it's going to get in the coming days and here's a look at smoke tracker for because we are going to see some smoke and ash from fire burning in mariposa county streaming through parts of this year's specifically the souther% portion and also the eastern part of this year. so just keep that in mind for those of you looking to get away. but for us here in the bay area,
9:51 pm
green is certainly good, in fact, are going to notice great air quality, not just for tonight, but even through tomorrow as well, a little bit of moderate air particles through streaming through on sunday for those of you in the east bay. so just keep that in mind. but radar for we are tracking very dry, clear conditions and also very mild weather to start out your weekend for your sierra forecast and even continuing through monday as well. temperatures going to be on the toasty side. mid 80's for truckee and even south lake tahoe at 83 degrees holding steady on sunday. a little bit warmer by monday with mostly sunny skies. but then we are going to see the return of monsoonal moisture bringing the risk of pop-up thunderstorms to this year on tuesday. so just keep that in mind for your extended getaway forecast. temperatures out there right now in the bay area starting to cool down, especially along the bay area coastline. thanks to that cool sea breeze. 58 degrees for point raise am pacific up mid 60's throughout the east bay
9:52 pm
shoreline, san jose. 66 degrees conquered 69 degrees. so out of the 70's but still very pleasant temperatures as you still flirt with 70's at this near 10 o'clock hour. petaluma 59 degrees. but those of you in napa and delay hope a little bit milder at 67 degrees. so we are going to see temperatures tomorrow. a little bit warmer than today. conquered in livermore in the low 90's. still hot temperatures there, but even hotter for those of you in santa rosa and nevado mid 90. so you should be at eighty-four degrees this time of year. santa rose instead tomorrow warming up 10 degrees above average to 94. so stay cool. stay hydrated. downtown san francisco. 72 degrees with oakland at 76 degrees. with above average temperatures there. but take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast peaking on tuesday. so we are going to see possible triple digit heat 5 to 10 degrees above average for hottest inland valleys. low 80's for the east bay shoreline with 60's and 70's along our bay area coastline into gradually cool down to near average a
9:53 pm
week from today. back to you. ken and vicki, thank of recent. coming up, one of the getty museum's greatest and to it and take with these heading home to italy. >> after apparently being illegally trafficked out here that the museum in la in the first place.
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27. museum is returning its orpheus group of sculptures back to italy after it was
9:56 pm
determined that they were >> illegally excavated and exported. the nearly life-size terra cotta pieces known as orpheus and the sirens were purchased by j. paul getty back in 1976. prior to his death. that same year, the museum is now working with italy's ministry of culture to send them back to rome after an ongoing investigation found they were illegally trafficked. no other details have been released. the extremely fragile objects are among the museum's greatest antiquities. they are expected to be sent back to italy using special equipment starting next month. look like they're in really good shape. mean a lot of those things you've seen him or missing arms and heads and all that stuff in there and >> state may be those that with the elgin marbles that greece that'll do it for kron. 4 news at 9. catherine heenan standing by for what's coming up at 10. see. you cannot. coming up at 10 o'clock. >> 2 people have been arrested and charged with murder for
9:57 pm
the murder of an uber driver in oakland's little saigon neighborhood. how people in that neighborhood say this is a step towards making the community safer and we'll safe injection sites make communities like oakland and san francisco say for that snow up to the governor to decide. we'll hear from both sides of that issue ahead. the 10 o'clock.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> 10 thanks. both of voted to doing that job. that have the experience, a loss >> like it. >> now at 10 police make a long-awaited arrest in the killing of an east bay uber driver. what we know about the 2 men arrested for the crime tonight. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. 52 year-old patrick fun was shot and killed july 17th >> sitting in his car in oakland for weeks. the community has been demanding justice. and tonight people are reacting to those arrests. kron four's. dan thorn has the story. the 2 suspects wanted in connection with the killing of an


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