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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 12, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> 10 thanks. both of voted to doing that job. that have the experience, a loss >> like it. >> now at 10 police make a long-awaited arrest in the killing of an east bay uber driver. what we know about the 2 men arrested for the crime tonight. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. 52 year-old patrick fun was shot and killed july 17th >> sitting in his car in oakland for weeks. the community has been demanding justice. and tonight people are reacting to those arrests. kron four's. dan thorn has the story. the 2 suspects wanted in connection with the killing of an uber driver in oakland
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have been arrested and charged. major willis and an unnamed juvenile were found with help from the community. thanks both of the boat into doing that and little saigon community and business lea er anne says crime has become a big problem in their neighborhood. the killing of patrick from stunned area residents. it's a very heart you know, when that that we have stepped in announcing the charges, alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley said mister fung was census lee and violently attacked while doing his job. our hearts and condolences go out to his family, friends and community oakland police chief leronne armstrong has vowed to improve safety in little saigon. the department has also recently assigned an officer to be a community liaison. says little saigon needs the support. i you know,
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holidays can be continue and doing that to willis has been charged with murder and attempted carjacking. the juvenile was charged in juvenile court reporting in oakland, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> vice president kamala harris. i was in the bay area and made a stop at oakland, chabot space and science center during her visit today. >> she's promising to streamline the regulatory process to give the commercial space industry a chance to compete and innovate. kron four's. dan kerman reports. during a visit to oakland, chabot space and science center. vice president kamala harris who also chairs the national space council. so the government must deepen and strengthen its partnership with the commercial space industry. and to do that, it must bring regulatory rules into the current century. we must write new rules that allow flexibility to incorporate the innovation that is occurring in real time. the vice president says it's become clear the u.s. is
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not moving fast enough to take advantage of technological advances. we know that we really are quite behind in terms of maximizong our collective understanding about how we will engage on the technology of today. >> and what we can quickly and easily predict will be the technology over the next decades. harris says the public private partnership in space is already benefiting people on earth. >> the with tracking hurricanes are identifying wildfires and she says there's more to come. a new generation of satellites will help us fight the climate crisis. bice tracking and and and allowing us to see the patterns. >> a greenhouse gas emissions. and to see that in real time, the national space council will meet again next month. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> the family of missing oakley woman-alexis cave says they believe that the mother of her suspected killer knows where her body is located.
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they protested today as they called for the contra costa county district attorney to keep the investigation active and file criminal charges against the mother of gabe's ex-boyfriend. alexis gabe was last seen january. 26 investigators say they believe her former boyfriend marsh marshall jones killed her that night. gabe's remains have never been found in. jones is believed to traveled to his mother's house shortly after killing gabe jones. mother alicia clark was briefly detained back in may on suspicion of aiding and abetting. but was released soon afterwards in early june, jones was shot and killed by police in seattle and they tried to arrest him. gabe's father says alicia clark should be held accountable. >> marshall jones is but it doesn't mean the case is someone and that would his mother. lisa, former employer. >> we've reached out to the contra costa county district attorneys office for comment. but so far they have not responded.
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>> there are new developments on the deadly shooting that happened at the 24 hour. fitness in this happened yesterday. police arrested the 17 year-old boy they believe shot and killed. 21 year-old cesar on and antioch resident. police say that problem began with a fight on the gyms basketball court. them move to the parking lot. one person was shot and killed. 3 people were injured. the 17 year-old has been booked into the contra costa county juvenile detention center and is facing murder charges. union city police are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a woman overnight on medallion drive her hide. the identity has not been publicly released yet. anyone with information is being asked to call union city police. a familiar face is returning to run for commissioner of the san francisco school board. >> one of the 3 recall board of education members made the announcement last night. and today she explained why she has decided to run again. kron
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four's haaziq madyun has the story which you will see only here on kron 4. >> are you sure that you want to >> go through this all over again? >> i know that it's going to be a fight. and whenever we don't know the outcome and i'm ready for that fight. >> gabriel lopez announces that she is running again for a seat on the board of education to the san francisco unified school district a 13 year educator and former sf usd school board. president lopez was one of 3 school board members recalled earlier this year in a bitter special election. so how did she reached the decision to go back for more? >> so in consultation with families, with community leaders, with their students, my heart has always been dedicated to schools. it has always been dedicated to education. to porter's of the recall accuse the former commissioner of making decisions that did not have
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education as the primary focus for students which they say contributed to the learning loss while students were at home instead of in class during the pandemic recall, supporters also claimed that she mismanaged the budget as board president. however, lopez thinks that she will have a better chance at countering those attacked during a general election. this will be our first opportunity during the general election to see where san francisco voters are. i recognize that the past 2 special elections are really out of the ordinary, which is why we saw such a low turnout. san francisco mayor london breed appointed 3 into a board members who were backed by supporters of the recall 2 of those commissioners recently got the endorsement for the upcoming election from sf parent action organization. the 3rd appointee and shoe did not. the executive director sent kron 4 a statement that reads, quote, we are a
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consensus based parent organization and our families reach proud and enthusiastic consensys to support clean committee and lisa wiseman ward. we did not reach consensus to endorse any other candidates running for the school board election. while we do have some support for and shoe from parents in our membership base, it was not enough for an organizational endorsement, unquote. more reasons. lopez says to run for her previous seat on the board. we now have an opportunity to reinstate our positions, reinstate our campaign and give the voters the opportunity to choose for themselves who is on the has made kron? 4 news? yes. sunday marks a year since the caldor fire started the burning more than 200,000 acres from just east of sacramento, all the way into the sierra tahoe. >> it cost california 1.2 billion dollars. it ranks as the third-largest in the second most destructive fire in california last year in
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december, a father and son david smith and travis shane were arrested for reckless arson in connection that fire. investigators say a bullet fired hit. an object in hot fragments fell into dry grass and that ignited the fire. >> because of the dry feel an and just very dense vegetation was able to take off pretty quickly. and then, of course, we were drawn down with if you remember at the time we had the dixie fire going at the same time. you know, having a lot of the resources kind of scattered throughout the state is is makes it difficult as well. >> travis shane faces an additional charge is illegal possession of a machine gun. >> firefighters are making more progress on the mckinney fire in siskiyou county. it has burned just over 60,000 acres. it is now 90% contained. 4 people have been killed. 10 people have been injured. 185 buildings reportedly have been destroyed.
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>> time for a look at the forecast we look live san francisco tonight. yeah, it's been a pretty respectable fire season. i guess you could say that aside from the county fire, a recent but >> we're getting a warm-up. that's coming our yeah. so far we've been extremely lucky, right? ken and catherine, let's take a look at smoke tracker for because we're certainly tracking fires. >> to our north and east. but fortunately that smoke and ash going to remain away from the bay area. but those of you in the sierra, you can start to see some smoke and haze, especially along the eastern portions by saturday morning through saturday afternoon and for us here in the bay area, severe drought conditions continue. so we're still in that tan orange color right now. but the good thing is air quality tonight and through tomorrow, going to be on the good certainly green is good for us a little bit more moderate air particles in hays for those of you in the east bay shoreline by or on your sunday afternoon. but so far, saturday looking great as far
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as air quality goes, temperatures about 3 degrees above average for downtown san francisco and oakland warming up into the low to mid 70's. there. conquer very seasonal flirting with 90's. but 89 degrees out there right now, right about where you should be for this time of year in the one thing that we're noticing, that lack of marine layer so foggiest, is it really out there? it's going to be shallow at best right along the san francisco peninsula coastline, even extending into the east bay shoreline. but really, that's about it. we're going to start and end the day with plenty of sunshine with more of a robust, a marine layer and fog is certainly returning saturday night through your sunday morning. but from now, until then, very minimal. but when tracker for tracking that cool sea breeze extending into our inland valleys, concord, in livermore in the low to mid 60's. antioch, though, still on the mild side, 73 degrees. many of you may not even need a sweater if you're heading outside right now about 15 degrees warmer than downtown a% san francisco at 59 degrees for your friday night and overnight lows tonight,
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widespread 50's and 60's antioch, the mall, the city 65 degrees. about 10 degrees cooler for santa rosa and napa cooling down into the mid 50's. so let's take a look at your microclimate saturday forecast downtown san francisco about 5 degrees above average warming up to 72 degrees. thanks to that cool sea breeze. our bay area beaches going to stay in the mid 60's pacifica. 65 degrees with no bray and burlingame at 74 degrees. and we are going to notice more offshore winds, especially for our warmest inland valleys, redwood city and mountain view. 83 degrees. a lot of sunshine with widespread 80's. for those of you in the south san jose. 85 degrees with low 90's. not just for pleasanton but livermore as well. so about 5 degrees above average, their seasonal temperatures for comparable walnut creek and danville toast the low 90's. and taking a look at the north, a and napa warming up into the low 90's with the mid-nineties for santa rosa and avato. so about 10 degrees above average. there. and
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we're really going to heat up in the coming days with your 10 at 10 outlook showing we're peaking on tuesday. fortunately, no monsoonal threat of thunderstorms, but we are going to notice some upper level clouds arriving by tuesday and wednesday of this upcoming week. thank a gruesome. >> a new fire station and open up in bay point today, city officials expect the new facility will improve. emergency response is in the area the contra costa fire department shutter the former station station. 86 on pass road wednesday after more than 70 years of service, the station became rundown and overrun by rodents, making it unsafe for firefighters. but today the fire department said hello to a new beginning at their new 13 million dollar facility. residents at crestview mobile home village now live directly across the street from a fire station and they say they're grateful. >> i care for 85 year-old father. i can't tell you what this means to me. my father sleep so much better knowing that these men are here.
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>> con fire factored cancer prevention into the station says i'm with decontamination on showers and specialized sticks tractors to pull contaminants out of firefighters, protective clothing. it also has modern exhaust extraction systems to take harmful diesel exhaust particulates out of the station in june. con fire staff station 95 in oakley and it plans to reopen fire station 4 and walnut creek. later this month. a california woman says she's feeling humiliated tonight. she was. >> almost kicked off a flight because the airline thought she might have monkeypox turns out it was her eczema rash. she talked with kron four's gayle ong. >> and i just broke down immediately just from like chain jacqueline when it says she was temporarily pulled off a plane after spirit airline personnel suspected she had monkeypox and suso a shame that was just trying to make myself a small as possible trying to hide my face with my
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hair. just. >> in my mind, everybody was staring at me. the san francisco native and her wife boarded a plane in los angeles almost immediately. she says a flight attendant asked to speak with her is like i need to ask you about. >> your national in winds case it wasn't bunkie box. it was and this is what monkeypox looks like. >> this photo shows what winds eczema, rash look like that day. when says she had an outbreak the day of her flight. that's like the face catch up. they cease all. >> i've got some like china. so this year and says spirit airline employees asked her to provide proof of her oakwood medical documents from her doctor. i didn't. >> it's just it's a cream. >> after showing your a skin cream, she was allowed to report the plane because the whole ordeal humiliating. you could have that after break out, you could get a heat rash and and up in the position that i was in. it's not hard to show people compassion so
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hard to give people the benefit of the doubt. and i think that we could all use that right here. >> reached out to spirit airlines for comment but have not yet heard back. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> san francisco department of public health says there will be 2 walk-in clinics for monkeypox vaccinations tomorrow. one is happening at san francisco general hospital from 08:00am to 03:30pm. kaiser will also provide vaccinations for patients and non patient walk-ins at its clinic on geary boulevard in the city in the north bay, napa county health officials say the bacteria causing the legionnaires outbreak has neen traced to 2 more places. >> last week it was announced that a cooling tower and the embassy suites snappy of napa valley hotel was a partly to blame. now high levels of the bacteria have been found in a decorative pond at the embassy suites. also the cooling tower and the county hall of justice and the city of napa. 13 people have been diagnosed with legionnaires, the napa
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county. one person has died from it since july. 11th 2 people are hospitalized. 10 have made full recoveries. >> kron four's remarkable woman of the year. megan bull says the recognition is helping her foundation for trauma. survivors continue to grow the native is a survivor of the gilroy garlic festival shooting. also later, a car accident. she started what's called the reclaimed foundation to connect trauma survivors online and create a community of healing. the foundation hosted the second annual shattered the glass event in san francisco last night, which encourages trauma survivors to reclaim their lives and break barriers. >> 41% of thomas survivors say that they need emotional support more than anything. thank you to kron 4 more than anything. i am honored to be remarkable woman for 2022. it gave us a foundations be able to launch therapy assistance program and reclaim that word. >> she says the event was a success and she was, quote,
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blown away by the love and support >> 40 niner fans fired up tonight after a win against the green bay packers and their first preseason game. it is just preseason, but it's a special on with trey lance getting his first shot at being the team's starting quarterback kron four's. justin campbell talked with fans at levi stadium and has the story. >> a lot of excitement. the niners one we got here earlier this this afternoon, the tailgate started. people were excited that first preseason game. we've got 2 big fans that are here with that what did you think game today? what did you think of trey lance and what he brought to the game? and, you know, i'm a big raiders then. but trey that we trey, trey lance is different man. he has skills. you can throw the ball, run the ball. i was impressed with him today. what are we going get you get? become a niners? oh, no, my boy. he's a niners fan. >> i came to the game know i'm
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i'm a true raiders fan by like tray. i liked ray. that would devote in play today. but what do you think game today? overall? i really like to try and prove that j's that guy, i feel you need a sigh of playoff clout this maybe like a wild card 10 7 season 11, 6. i feel like that id and then goes you will. >> 57 super bowl. maybe that's under a pillow. ong of an ogre of know that. >> got as you can see, a lot of the people out here are excited. they're ready for the future of this franchise. you can hear them behind me and we'll send it back to you guys in the studio reporting out here at levi's stadium, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> the raiders play their second preseason game sunday taking on the vikings kron four's got all the action. the coverage starts at 12:30pm, here on kron. 4. >> still ahead tonight on this, our kron, 4 news at 10. we now know what the fbi was
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looking for. and former president trump's mar-a-lago residence, one force ellis of the money will join us with how bay area lawmakers are responding to this new information. also opposition to safe injection sites continues to grow. we're going to hear from both sides, but for student loan payments are set to resume in about 2 weeks. will the biden administration extend the repayment pause? more on that coming up. coming up. for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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sweeping tax health and climate bill today. it's now on. the president's task is expected to sign it. >> it is designed to lower some health care costs, fight climate change and reduce the deficit. the roughly 370 billion dollars packages actually less than what president biden initially called for. republicans argue the bill is basically one big spending spree. >> inflation reduction act is going to dramatically improve the lives of everyday americans. a lot of spending up front, lots of debt up front. >> and then maybe savings 8 years from now. how is that going to put out the fire of inflation? >> president biden says the bill means that democrats have chosen what he calls a future where everybody has a shot, not just the already powerful student loan repayments are scheduled to start back up
10:24 pm
again at the end of the month. and there's no word yet from the white house and plans to forgive those debts or offer an extension on those payments. the white house previously shared it could forgive up to $10,000 in student debt per borrower. the naacp says if the administration wants to help close the income gap between black and white americans, it must act quickly say failing to act could hurt democrats in the midterm elections. >> you know that the average black pearl has about $50,000 in student debt. really think about this as an opportunity to write an opportunity to bring more people into our economic system. voters are really getting inches. >> the white house press secretary says president biden will have something to announce before august 31st will let you know when that happens. >> coming up next on 10 at on kron, 4 at 10 details on the armed man who led officers on a chase that ended in gunfire and a possible link to right wing extremists. >> and tj, a bay area. it's
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>> court papers show that the fbi recovered documents labeled top secret from former president donald trump's mar-a-lago estate in florida. they also say that some of the seas records were considered so secret they could cause and what they described as
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exceptionally grave harm to u.s. interests, if revealed publicly and kron four's ella sogomonian is here with reaction from some local lawmakers. hello. >> well, catherine and ken political analyst michael yaki explained to us that these documents in question are so sensitive. it's likely you can count on one hand, just how many people in the government have access to them. >> the fbi rated donald trump's mar-a-lago estate in florida this week in search of classified government. information, court papers that were unsealed and released friday show they recovered documents labeled top secret. it's a move that represents a dramatic and unprecedented escalation of law enforcement scrutiny of the former president. he insists this was unnecessary and that the documents were locked and declassified. but there are laws that make it a crime to keep them at an unauthorized location. south bay congresswoman anna eshoo, who served on the senate intelligence committee for a decade waited and they did
10:29 pm
that. >> after not succeeding with subpoena. issuing subpoenas that were not honored, as she says, more details are needed before jumping to conclusions, but possessing such information is more than questionable. it's compromising security, but it's just dropping to me because it's dangerous. north bay congressman john garamendi said he is livid. >> and wants to know what trump intended to do with those documents claiming the former president was reckless with keeping sensitive information away from foreign leaders like the russians during his term doesn't surprise me, but it does disturb me. it makes me doubt matter fact, in a social media post monday night, trump defended himself calling the search a weaponization of the justice system. so this adds to the potential legal peril for trump as he lays the groundwork for another run. >> in the studio, ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. >> thank up, the search of
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mar-a-lago has sparked a wave of violent threats against the fbi most recently in cincinnati where an armed man tried to break into the fbi field office. there. authorities say the gunman identified as 42 year-old ricky schiffer might have ties to the january 6 insurrection. he is believed to have been in washington, d.c., in the days leading up to the riot and might have been at the capitol that day. he is also suspected of making inflammatory comments on social media schiffer ran away from the fbi office. he was killed by law after a lengthy standoff. it happened amid reported threats against the fbi by supporters of former president trump, fbi director christopher wray who was appoinoed by trump is calling the threats deplorable and dangerous. >> a new york judge has ordered former president trump's company and longtime finance chief to stand trial in the fall on tax fraud charges. the allegations stem
10:31 pm
from a long-running criminal investigation into trump's business practices. the trump organization is accused of giving cfo allen weisselberg more than 1.7 million dollars in off the books. compensation, including rent car payments and school tuition. jury selection is set for october 24th and the trial is expected to last several months. here in california. governor newsom is proposing that the state's last operating nuclear power plant. >> remain in operation for another 5 to 10 years to maintain reliable power supplies and the climate change era that would allow the plant to continue operating beyond the scheduled closing by 2020. 25, they were talking about there would also be a possible loan for the operator pg of up to 1.4 billion dollars. nuclear power does not produce carbon pollution like fossil fuels, but it does leave waste that can remain dangerously
10:32 pm
radioactive for centuries. now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look at the golden gate bridge on a friday night. and debris says back with a look at weekend. mb on my recent. yeah, that's right. ken and kathryn and one thing that is noticeable is the lack of august out there this evening. we're tracking. >> relatively clear skies all night out there in the bay area. but even for this year as well, crystal clear skies tonight and that's going to continue through the 1st half of your weekend as well. we're going to see temperatures on the mild side with widespread 80's all weekend long and not that much cloud cover as well with truckee warming up to eighty-four degrees. 83 for those of you at south lake tahoe on saturday. little change on sunday with a slight bump in temperatures with mostly sunny skies by monday. but just a heads up. there is the risk of possible monsoonal moisture bringing the thought of pop-up thunderstorms and lightning and thunder by tuesday. so enjoy the next 3 days because it is going to be the mall. this and dry us out
10:33 pm
there in the sierra. but fortunately that monsoonal moisture not going to make its way into the bay area in the form of pop-up thunderstorms. just a few high increasing high clouds by early this upcoming week. but from now, until then, we are tracking temperatures right now in the upper 50's along the bay area coastline, half moon bay, 59 degrees of 58 degrees. for those of you in pacifica, mid 60's for san jose with livermore and dublin at 61 degrees. concord, 67 degrees. 10 degrees cooler for those of you in petaluma at 57 degrees for your friday night and temperatures tomorrow, a few degrees warmer than today. we're going to be on the mild side from coastal valleys, a few degrees above average there with livermore about 5 degrees above average. you should be in the mid 80's. but instead warming up into the low 90's with santa rosa. 84 degrees should be your average daytime high. but by saturday afternoon, warming up 94 degrees in downtown san francisco. 72 degrees. when you should be in the mid 60's. so we're certainly going to notice that warming trend from coastal valleys and
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temperatures tomorrow for your game day forecast once again, the giants going to face off against the pirates. first pitch. 6 o'clock for your saturday evening mid 60's. so pretty mild temperatures. thanks to that warm up but partly cloudy skies. so we are going to notice little bit more of that marine layer and also that strong sea breeze going to continue winds out of the west at 30 miles per hour less. so make sure to hold on to your caps. your 10 at 10 outlook, though, tracking warm temperatures downright hot monday through wednesday of this upcoming week. triple digit heat likely for our warmest inland valleys on tuesday. so 5 to 10 degrees above average. let's stay cool and stay hydrated and no fires, please exactly. thank bree. some. >> well, the fate of a bill that would legalize safe injection sites in parts of the state, including oakland and san francisco is now in the hands of the governor, our capital correspondent, 8 on was talk with supporters and opponents who have different perspectives for gavin newsom. >> time is running out for the
10:35 pm
governor to make a decision on this bill. a bill supporters say will help people battling addiction. but one opponents argue will only make matters worse. >> we're looking at the reality on the ground in several california cities. the visual of used needles along sidewalks and in the streets serving as a reminder of rampant drug use impacting some of the state's most populated areas. but backers behind the proposal senate bill. 57 say the bill would help those who are battling addiction by creating safe injection sites where drugs can be used under get the drug use off the streets. we netd to get people into treatment and we need to save people's lives. democratic assemblymember matt haney of san francisco co authored the bill, a bill that already passed both chambers of the legislature and now it's sitting on the governor's desk as part of the proposal. the injection site will be part of a 5 year pilot program in the city of oakland, the city and county of los angeles and the city and county of san francisco. it's all about saving lives, which most important. it's also about
10:36 pm
getting this open air drug use off of the streets, getting people help getting people connected to our neighborhoods, our cities. >> under siege. he says the concept has worked in other parts of the country, but others including democratic assembly member jim cooper, who will soon take over as the criminal county sheriffs say the sites will only hurt the people who need help just really going down the wrong road. >> it may sound good. it doesn't work. injection sites do have a magnet effect. why? because annex know the dealers are going to be there so they can purchase their product. and they operate under feeling that it's a love that it's a free zone and that makes causes irretrievable tragedy. at a thursday press conference, the governor was asked whether he will sign the bill that's pn your desk. i just found out yesterday so i haven't a chance the governor has 10 days to either sign the bill into law. >> or veto it reporting here
10:37 pm
at the california state capitol. a tall wallace kron. 4 news. >> california the first state in the u.s. to offer free meals to students in public schools. starting this school year, students can get free breakfast and lunch regardless of income status in the past and to qualify for meals based on their parents. income taxes, zip code or the level of poverty in the school's area. the universal meals program is expected to benefit roughly 6 million students. roughly 6 million students. state leaders say it's access to a meal, especially with rising inflation and food costs. >> there are new details on the attack on author salman rushdie today. he was stabbed in the neck could just before he was to speak at an event in western new york. you can see that people are rushing to help him. reporter sloane glass has more on rushdie who spent years in hiding after a rainy and officials called for his execution.
10:38 pm
>> prominent author salman rushdie whose decades worth of work has spurred death threats was attacked on stage in western new york this morning. people were screaming and crying out and gasping. rushdie was moments away from being interviewed at the chautauqua institution. an attacker rushed the stage and stabbed the 75 year-old novelist in the neck. a man jumped up on the stage from. i don't know where and started. pete, what looked like beating him on the chest repeated fist strokes into his chest and neck. moments later you see rushdie lying still on the ground, receiving medical treatment before being airlifted to an area hospital. here's an individual who is spent decades. i'm speaking truth to power. someone who's been out there. on a freight despite the threats that have followed him his entire adult life, it seems. >> in 1988, rush publish the
10:39 pm
satanic verses. a novel is ation of the prophet muhammad's life. that angered many muslims the following year. the leader of iran grand ayatollah khamenei ban the book in this country and called for rushdie's death. rushdie went into hiding for 9 years before reemerging and continuing to speak out against religious extremism and iranian religious foundation increased a bounty for rushdie to 3.3 million dollars. >> that was sloane glass reporting. police say they have arrested. 24 year-old heidi matar from fairview, new jersey. he's the man accused of jumping onstage, stabbing rushdie in the neck and stomach rushed at last word was on a ventilator tonight could not speak and might lose an eye. >> actress and hey, she has been declared dead and is now on life support as a potential organ donor. her mother said tonight, quote, we have lost a bright light. the actress was badly burned when she crashed into a home in southern
10:40 pm
california last friday. also suffered a severe brain injury and was in a coma under california law due to her condition. hey, she had been considered legally dead for some time. a major victory for nfl families in the decade. long legal saga over concussions. hundreds of retired black players now qualify for awards after their medical tests were reese court to eliminate race bias. this comes 2 years after a pair of former players sued the nfl over the treatment of black retirees in the league's 1 billion dollar concussion settlement. the 2020 lawsuit revealed the the dementia tests are being race. norm and to assumptions said black people have a lower cognitive baseline score changes to the settlement made last year meant to make the tests race blight of the 646 black man whose tests were reese court almost half now qualify for dementia awards.
10:41 pm
>> still ahead, the ceo of 6 flags is in some hot water because apply use considering hiking park entrance fees. and next in sports, trey lance started his first game as the official number one quarterback for the forty-niners. tell you how you made out against the packers little bit later in sports. non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer.
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27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity.
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>> this has been the debate all season for the niner nation. is the future new starting quarterback trey next. >> hall of famer like montana or young or he's going to be another draft, a bus like jim druckenmiller. well, the debate continues. kyle shanahan said that last one play much, but he did end up playing 2 sets of down as he showed off his quickness in the pocket here. he steps away from the rush takes off down the field. >> and slides safely before anyone could put a lick on him. 7 yard pickup. later he fakes the handoff rolls right. hits ray-ray mccloud on a nice dump off in the flat. that's 8 more yards. robbie gold would hit a 50 yard field goal to in the drive. niners up 3, on his next set of downs lantz with the packers blitzing couldn't avoid the pressure. he was sacked for a 4 yard loss. but check it out. one play laters lance standing in the pocket under a big rush and he finds
10:45 pm
them and speedster. danny gray on the sideline. gracias. arrest the toss and catch good for 76 yards and a touchdown. niners up 10, 7 lance finished the night completing 4 of 5 passes for 92 yards. and that score. forty-niners go on to win. 28 to 21 against the packers. meanwhile, the raiders backup quarterback jarrett stidham will be on the field for the raiders and ready to show what he can do. he came over to the raiders in a trade after playing in new england with the raiders head coach and former patriots offensive coordinator josh mcdaniels mcdaniel. so he knows the offensive system. he's more than happy to share his knowledge with the raiders quarterbacks. and that includes former count quarterback chase garbers. >> i'm trying to be, you know, as helpful as possible because i know whatever. you know, like when i was in chase's shoes my rookie year, you know, brian hoyer, tom brady, i mean, these guys really helped me and the offense and just, you know, learn how to be a pro. so, you know, that's
10:46 pm
what try to help with chase. and then obviously with nick and eric, you know, those guys being vets, you know, just try to help them as much as i can, you know, with little things here and there within the offense and that sort of thing. so and that along with anybody really running backs. titans receivers a line. i just try to try to help out as much as i can work in. it sounds like an all around good guy will be able to watch the vikings and the raiders sunday right here on kron 4. >> our coverage starts at 12, 30 with a live pre-game show. again, raiders here on kron. 4 san diego padres superstar fernando got an 80 game suspension today for violating major league baseball's joint drug agreement. the mlb announced he's tested for the performance enhancing drug close to ball. he's missed all of the 2022 season to this point because of a fractured wrist padres recently traded for former national start. juan soto is a big trade hoping to form a potent middle of the lineup with petit son,
10:47 pm
manny machado. well, obviously that's not a possibility. this season padres currently have a one-game lead over the brewers for the 3rd and final national league wild card and a couple dozen games behind or the giants are hoping for a home sweep of the pirates and hoping that can help them catch the padres for that wild card spot. just gives the giants an early lead in the second long ball to left his 12th home run of the season. one, nothing giants yaz again in the 5th giants up 3 to one. he had a fly ball to center. that was misplayed by former giant farmhand bryan reynolds ball bounces around enough to allow brandon belt come into score. 41 giants the giants get the win. they hold on 5 to 3 calls for don picked up his 11th win of the season. for the giants and the a's looking to knock off dusty baker and his american league. houston astro's tonight. the a's actually lead to one. but in the 5th, the astro's loaded the bases. and kyle tucker
10:48 pm
drops. sam malls slider into the right-field stands. it's a grand slam. it's his 21st homer this season. the astros win 5 to 2 they held on. they got actually won 7 to 5. and the a's have lost 9 of their last 11 games looking bleak right now. this is really speci
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
a special moment goes viral
10:51 pm
and disneyland when princess anna from frozen. >> greets an 11 year-old girl in american sign language we tap lee of texas who's visiting last month. her mother says the princess asked if she could communicate with zoe in sign language reporter natasha is over us has the story. i know how to stop this winter. >> it's one thing to see her on the big screen. but when 11 year-old zoe tapley saw princess anne in person. >> it meant the world felt shocked the same as though a like, like it's just kind of froze in where we're just standing there. just like watching a medal lot of characters on their trips to disney. but this was the first w time a cast member had engaged with zoe in an in-depth conversation using sign language. i just knew in that like moment that this was special. they talked about everything from zoey's favorite rides to house that we had been adopted from congo and i first came home. she didn't know any sign language. she was she's almost 5 soon to
10:52 pm
be 5. >> and not have any language. and so it was starting with. >> like a really easy words. and now in 6th grade. yeah. and help. >> new signs in so his mom capturing the emotional meeting on video and posting the clip on tiktok which went viral with more than 2 million views. a little disney magic going a long way. we want to encourage people. >> to love others. well, to see people who better to slow in light. look at and just see how you can like love on one person today. great story. >> 6 flags is raising ticket prices to try to reduce the number of teenagers at its parks across the country. that's according to the company ceo who told analysts statement offering too many discounts, calling the park's, quote, a cheap daycare center for teenagers. attendance is down more than 20% this year,
10:53 pm
6 fight customers took to social media to complain about all of this. some of them reportedly canceling their season passes over the news. >> the getty museum returning its orpheus group of sculptures to italy after it was determined they were illegally excavated and exported. the nearly life-size terra cotta pieces known as orpheus and the sirens were bought by j. paul getty in 1976, the museum is now working with italy's ministry of culture to send them back to rome after an investigation found they were illegally trafficked. the extremely fragile objects are among the museum's greatest antiquities. they are expected to be sent back to italy starting next month. if there's any chance you have plans to go to machu picchu in the next few days, you might want to rethink about that. peruvian authorities say the tickets to enter. >> one of the world's 7 wonders they're sold out until next friday. that's due to overbooking. you can see there was a long line of tourists.
10:54 pm
it didn't get the memo. the announcement was made after those lines started to form the minister of culture is now warning tourists of possible dis information campaigns aimed at taking people's money in exchange for fake tickets. so be ware. we are tracking a large wildfire in a rural area of hawaii's big island sent to high winds. >> very dry conditions are making it tough for fire crews. the wildfire has burned about 25 square miles federal, state and local firefighters trying to contain it. >> we feel pretty good about. fire breaks that been put in by all the contract dozers. >> and we're hopeful that as long as conditions stay the same and we don't get high winds that all these lines are going to hold it. >> the fire actually began several weeks ago. it turns out smoldering quietly. then it was fanned this week by the strong seems like wildfires can break out just about
10:55 pm
anywhere. >> yeah, and it's going to be very worrisome in the coming days of the summer sizzle and possible. triple digit heat early this upcoming week. but fortunately wind ipeeds on our side com to breezy so nothing to gusty. but let's take a look at your weekend forecast because >> it is friday after all bay area, tgif. we made it the weekends in sight. not really tracking much of fog, a student or tracking clear skies out there pretty mild night and temperatures tomorrow, slightly warmer than today with downtown san francisco. ca warming up to 72 degrees. golden gate park, flirting with 70's that 68 degrees and a longer bay area beaches, widespread mid 60's for pacifica and even half moon bay. so thanks to that cool sea breeze getting mother nature's running there. but brisbane to burlingame, widespread mid 70's there. 74 degrees. but san bruno, a little bit cooler, but still pleasant nonetheless, at 72 degrees. san mateo, you're also going to be on the mild side at 75 degrees for your saturday afternoon at a little
10:56 pm
bit. toasty from mountain view and redwood city heating up to 83 degrees with widespread 80's. for those of you in the south bay cupertino, 84 degrees and campbell, 88 degrees. so hot temperatures there with low 90's for hottest inland valleys in the east bay livermore and pleasanton 90 degrees. a little bit cooler right along the coast. but still a few degrees above average. nonetheless for san leandro and oakland in the mid 70's walnut creek and 90 degrees with the renda in the mid 80's at 86 degrees. so certainly going to feel like summer in the coming days. gradual warming trend and offshore breezes. we are going to see winds out of the northwest at around 20 miles per hour. less for napa and valais hope checkout vacaville, though you're actually going to feel that triple digit heat for your saturday afternoon with santa rosa and avato about 10 degrees above average. there you should be in the mid 80's. instead warming up. it's in the mid 90's and we're going to peak on tuesday. that's our warmest inland valleys could be at or near the triple digit
10:57 pm
mark. little change on wednesday with relief. not really arriving until 10 days from now. we finally cool down to exactly where we should be in the upper 80's for warmest inland valley. so let's stay cool and hydrated bay area. luckily, no threat of thunderstorms are monsoonal moisture heading our way. that part it's also good. thank of and thank you for joining us to have a terrific weekend. thanks for joining us and have a good night.
10:58 pm
for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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♪ ♪ speak of the death of an after her fiery crash. speak of the actress declared brain-dead. to speak a white ellen degeneres side about the loss of her ax. the woman who's home crashed into speaks out. >> the most insane traumatic time. going nuclear? did some of the dozen boxes containing nuclear secrets and what trumps attorney just told us. >> where there are documents pertaining to nuclear weapons are mar-a-lago? >> the model arrested for months after stabbing her boyfriend h


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