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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 13, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 8 people. >> tend to go for those who are on the weaker side. they can beat up on. >> tonight at 8 residents of one san francisco neighborhood are simply not surprised after another elderly asian woman is attacked in the middle of the day. good evening and thank you for joining us for this hour of kron. 4 news. i'm dan thorn. i'm noelle bellow and san francisco. police are looking for a man who punched a 65 year-old woman. >> multiple times that happened in the city's richmond district. kron four's gayle ong has reaction from the neighborhood.
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>> people out in san francisco's richmond district saturday described the neighborhood as safe. but earlier this week, a woman in her 60's was assaulted in broad daylight, surprise, but not totally surprised. anything can happen these days. >> and so, but this is a very quiet area. sorry to hear there's that. >> according >> to san francisco police officers responded to the area of 26 dav and geary boulevard on wednesday around 11:50am, in the morning when officers arrived, a woman told them she was walking on gary when a stranger walked in front of her and punched her multiple times. then ran away. police say the woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries. san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins tweeted about the incident that reads in part, quote, we must protect our most vulnerable. a 65 year-old asian elder was punched in the face in the richmond district attacks. honor ap. i community are now a regular occurrence and must stop so far. police have yet to call it a hate
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crime. the incident was captured on surveillance video off camera. neighbors say the suspect appeared to be talking to himself prior to the attack. i used to work with the public and i realized that >> people tend to go for those who are on the weaker side beat4up on. in the meantime, this woman says she will be more aware of her surroundings. >> anyone with information is asked to contact sfpd reporting from san francisco, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> a man is in jail tonight after hitting 2 people in 2 separate crashes just minutes apart. and one of those victims died. the first crash happened around 3.40 this morning on church lane and san pablo. police say the suspect hit a bicyclist, then fled the scene. that victim later died from his injuries. minutes later, police say that same driver now identified as 23 year-old anthony greenwood was involved in a head-on crash on san pablo avenue near robert h miller drive the victim in that crash was hospitalized with serious injuries.
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greenwood now faces several charges. a family is searching for their dog tonight after it was taken at gunpoint just feet away from the oakland apartment. >> the one year-old french bulldog was taken on august second near 7th avenue and foothill boulevard. kron four's amanda hari talk to the family. but how they're doing now and their continued search for their pet. >> she was part of family. she is very very missed. we need her back and, you know. >> bring that flag is been more than a week since bella. a one year-old french bulldog was taken from her family. but when i spoke to her owner, carmen graziano, she was driving around handing out flyers in hopes that it will help bring bella home. she is the sweetest she's well behaved has. and with that, there's so much graziano says on tuesday, august second around 8.30, in the evening. >> her 14 year-old son was taking bella out to go to the
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bathroom just outside of the gates of their apartment complex, your 7th avenue and foothill boulevard in oakland to go take route to the tree when he spotted the car driving. really slow. >> the car made him nervous. so he tried to encourage the dog, go back to the apartment complex. but before he could leave the car pulled up and a man got out of the passenger side and asked. >> to hand over and my sense that now. after that, the guy pulled out a gun on him and he said i'm going need you to have me over it up. she says with a weapon involved, her son needed to keep himself safe with talked in the fort. if this ever happens, you know? your safety, its priority, of course. and he had to hand her over to my son. this pulling the leash and pull that inside the car. her son tried to record the
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cars they left, but the suspects kept looking back at him. he told his mom it was a black volkswagen jetta with tinted windows and chrome on the window frames. i asked her how son is doing now. you know, you can tell she is that it more cautious i don't think he wants to go on his cno also has a 17 6 year-old who are missing their dog. she says officials need to do more to prevent these types of crimes. we need to be on criminals, you know, not just the step in their had the family filed a police report with the oakland police department. >> they say all they care about right now is getting bella home safely. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> 16 year old palo alto high school student count courier recently became the youngest sailor to sail across the atlantic ocean from west to east. he navigated more than 3500 miles on his journey from massachusetts to portugal this
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summer in january. he made up his mind to go despite not having a boat or even knowing how to sail. >> it's all kind of surreal. it happened really fast from start to but it definitely a long trip, but i'm just so happy to be back. eating was kind of hard. i'm not naturally seasick, which is a blessing for trying to sail across the ocean, i would see sick enough that it was hard to eat. i wasn't scared i prepared so much and spend so much time thinking about it a field says step back on solid wildly. that makes sense. yeah. >> wow. well, this boys took 27 days. currier says that he got a welcome surprise at the end of his journey. and that's when his parents and his brother came out to meet him by boat. >> now to the very latest on the wildfires burning near the california oregon border. tonight, 3 fires continue to burn, but we do have some good news. they're all very close
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to being fully contained. the largest one dubbed the mckinney fire and is now 90% contained. it's burned more than 60,000 acres, though. this fire is a deadly one that killed 4 people, including a longtime u.s. forest service employee, 2 to the west of the mckinney fire are still burning tonight. those are dubbed the yeti. and alex fires. they are also 90% contained. burning nearly 8,000 acres. so far. do want to get your check of your 4 zone forecast back here at home. taking a live look at downtown san francisco. bit of a cotton candy color. it looks nice, but there's a little bit of haze out there. and i know it was it's been warm yeah, it was beautiful today. hot inland, but perfect along the coast and you can't beat 60's and 70's. but let's take a look at temperatures out there right now. >> still on the mild side bar, warmest inland valleys in the east bay, antioch, 81 degrees out there right now at this 8
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o'clock hour, 20 degrees warmer than downtown san francisco in half moon bay, barely in the low 60's with everything else in between. you really need a sweater. if you're heading out in the north bay, low 70's out there right now with 72 degrees for those of you in our north bay valleys in palo alto, 73 degrees. as you step outside for your saturday night when tracker for tracking that cool sea breeze influence downtown san francisco. we did see some pretty gusty winds from time to time. but fortunately tomorrow tracking calmer winds speeds out there. but as you can see, sun has already set and we're not really seeing much of that marine layer presents because of these above average temperatures. and we're gradually going to start to warm up, especially monday and even through the middle of this upcoming week, it's going to peak on tuesday with some of our warmest inland valleys, possibly reaching or even exceeding that triple digit mark. and even for those of you in the east bay shoreline, widespread 80's with 60's and 70's along the coast. so we do have an excessive heat. watch that is going to go into effect
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tuesday morning through thursday night. and that's because we're going to see temperatures in solano county reach that triple digit mark with overnight lows. not really going to see much relief during the overnight hours. widespread 60's and 70's there. and that's going to start tuesday at 11 o'clock in the morning through thursday night. so dangerous heat headed our way. the good news is we're not really tracking any gusty winds, but it is going to be a hot one for this upcoming workweek. more in my full forecast in just a few minutes stand. well, back to you. all right, thanks a lot. developing news tonight, award-winning author salman rushdie. >> has been taken off a ventilator and is able to talk after being brutally attacked on a stage in new york yesterday. meanwhile, the man accused of stabbing the award-winning say 10 verses author has entered a not guilty plea. 24 year-old a tar is facing charges of attempted murder and assault. he appeared in court wearing a black and white jumpsuit. while his attorney entered the not guilty plea on his behalf
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my car is accused of stabbing rushdie in the neck and the abdomen yesterday as the author was being introduced at a lecture in upstate new york institute. rushdie suffered serious injuries in the attack and he remains hospitalized. >> a new york judge orders former president trump's company and longtime finance chief to stand trial in the fall on tax fraud charges. the allegations stem from a long-running criminal investigation into trump's business practices. the trump organization is accused of giving cfo allen weisselberg more than 1.7 million dollars in off-the-books compensation, including rent car payments and school tuition. jury selection is scheduled for october 24th. the trial is expected to last several months. meanwhile, the effects of the raid on former president trump's mar-a-lago estate continue to linger. the now unsealed warrant details exactly what agents were looking for throughout the residence. according to the warrant, federal
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investigators, we're looking into whether material marked classified was improperly handled. concealed, altered or destroyed. the warrant also tells us the fbi seized troves of documents marked classified from our lago, including some marks the highest level of top secret. tonight, an attorney for trump claims all classified documents were returned. president trump himself stopped by and said, >> you know, whatever you want did everything we could to be cooperative. >> it's now clear the fbi and the doj are looking into the former president for possible violations of 3 federal laws, including one under the espionage act. >> here in california, governor newsom is proposing the state's last operating nuclear power plant remain in operation for another 5 to 10 years with a goal to maintain reliable power supplies in the climate change era, it would allow the plan to continue
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operating the on a scheduled closing by 2025, there would also be a possible loan for the operator pg and e of up to 1.4 billion dollars. nuclear power doesn't produce carbon pollution like fossil fuels, but it does leave waste that can remain dangerously radioactive for centuries. all right. well, the raiders are playing their second preseason game sunday by taking on the vikings and here at kron 4, we've got all the action. we've got the coverage starting at 12:30pm, right here on kron 4. be sure not to miss it. >> coming up here on kron, 4 news at a number of monkeypox cases continues to rise in the u.s. what it means for children. we're turning to the classroom this year. >> plus, the rescue flight carrying one dog and 2 cats on their way to a new home healing journey for these furry friends. >> and it will continue to follow the wildfire burning on hawaii's big island. what fire officials are saying about the lay lonnie fire tonight. that's right. after the break.
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>> welcome back. it's 15 on a saturday night. we're continuing to track a large wildfire in a rural area of hawaii's big island. as of friday, the lei lani fire has burned just under 25,000 acres. well, gusty winds continue to be a challenge. officials are reporting around 30% containment tonight. flames reportedly coming within one mile of a critical highway yesterday. still no
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homes at risk this evening. the fire started in the western reaches of the u.s. army's training area. state land officials say this fire actually began several weeks ago. it smoldered until some strong winds reinvigorated those flames earlier this week last year, this same region of the big island saw the state's largest ever wildfire destroying several homes and threatening thousands more. >> in spain, one person was killed after strong winds toppled parts of the festival stage. emergency services say the region saw a strong gust of wind which knocked off parts of the medusa festival stage. there. this happened around 4 o'clock this morning. organizers of the festival said that they had ordered the concert grounds to be cleared when the winds begin to blow strongly. one person died. 40 other people at the festival were taken to the hospital. at least 3 of those people suffering serious injuries back here at home. we do want to get you. >> a check of our 4 zone
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forecast taking a live look outside tonight at the transamerica pyramid sun is setting nice and i guess getting a little cooler after a pretty warm day at a nice. yeah. yeah, that's right. let's take a look at today's daytime highs because we are tracking temperatures about 2 to 5 degrees above average, low 70's for downtown san francisco when we should be in the mid 60's. this time of year in oakland, 75 degrees of livermore and concord warming up into the low to mid 90's when we should be in the upper 80's. so we're going to see a gradual warming trend in the bay area. and we are noticing that lack of fog is an indicator of just how warm it's going to get in the coming days. so we are really seeing much of that june gloom like pattern. in fact, we're ending the day with clear skies just is like we started because tomorrow we're going to see a very shallow marine layer along the san francisco peninsula, even for those of you in the east bay shoreline, not really producing that much drizzle for that matter either. so it's going to be
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pretty moisture starved in a lot of sunshine for your sunday afternoon. slightly higher temperatures tomorrow compared to today. and right now it's looking like a very pleasant evening, especially for those of you in san jose and redwood city currently in the low 70's with conquered and livermore. also in the low to mid 70's there, downtown san francisco in the low 60's, but just barely with san mateo at 64 degrees in widespread 70's for most of our north bay valleys. with the exception of petaluma and fairfax currently in the mid 60's at 66 degrees. so overnight lows tonight, we are going to be on the mild side, widespread upper 50's to low 60's antioch. 64 degrees of santa rosa about 10 degrees cooler than that at 55 degrees. and temperatures tomorrow we're warming up into the mid 90's for warmest north bay and east bay valleys. santa rosa conquered in livermore. 94 degrees with san jose. 86 degrees. fremont a degree warmer at 87 degrees and mid 70's for downtown san
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francisco with oakland at seventy-nine degrees. so taking a look ahead at your next 7 day forecast. we are going to notice some pretty dynamic weather from the south trying to make its way into the bay area. on tuesday, monsoonal moisture could bring us a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms and that's going to coincide with the peak of our mini heatwave. so going to keep an eye on that from the kron for weather center in the coming days. but as you can see, hot temperatures for much of this week and then gradually cooling down to seasonal temperatures one week from today. so it's getting hot that summer sizzle, not over with the bay area just and even along the coast. pleasant temperatures there, but definitely hot inland. so just keep that in mind. i feel like we've done this now a couple of times. it's getting really hot one of our saddest days and then the potential for some sort of >> dry lightning situation. and that's the horrible mix that we don't want to see this time of year. and with that excessive heat watch in solano county tuesday morning through thursday night, going to definitely keep an eye on that area. risa. thank guys. >> all right. well, after a bit of a hiatus, flying tails is actually back with a rescue flight involving one cat 2
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dogs or way one dawned on to airplanes. i've gotten a little map here. yeah. kron four's ken wayne was one of the pilots. you don't get these pets to their new homes in oregon. >> this is time-lapse video from pilot paul armstrong as he flew 2 cats from ventura county to petaluma. the person is going to adopt him. i really likes that. they're both white and they both have green eyes. i it's like a rare for cats are. so i really do much >> these 2 unnamed kitties are joining this big boy named olaf who's been recuperating from a host of ailments after his owner turned him over to lily senior dog sanctuary in petaluma. >> not anything major, but he had been years. he had infected yet infected years. he got a lot of skin infections. you need to be neutered. >> with the cats in their crate and all off in the back seat were off. >> on a heading of 3, 4, 0, to cottage grove, oregon, just south of eugene.
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>> a lot got up to check out the view looking at the trinity outs in siskyou county and mount shasta. >> the cats were quiet. up ahead, there were scattered rain showers. if the visibility got much worse, i wouldn't be able to land at the destination and might have to divert to an airport in better weather. >> after about 3 hours, cottage grove airport came into view, landing involved skimming over the willamette river to the runway. >> on the ground, the cats looked unaffected. their new caretaker was camera shy but said they would be well cared for and more olaf couldn't wait to see his new family. >> over the last few loss injuries have healed. he also found in his new home where the snacks were hit and there is 3 full bags of treats. he got every last stinkin crumb out of those bags tour at my treat bag and go sit in the
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carnage and take a picture of many looked. >> he looked like he was not ashamed at all and he was not everything that we were promised isis to happy. happy boy. >> with the animals safely on the ground, it's time to point the airplane south and head back to the bay area. mission accomplished. >> that's awesome. i love. yeah, it was. ken wayne reporting for us tonight. yeah. what a cute little pup. great little story. i love getting the reaction from you know, and there's nothing like man's best friend. exactly. all right. well, still ahead on this hour of kron, 4 news, some serious top petaluma police reminding people >> to keep their windows and doors locked after a north bay % woman woke up in bed. >> to find a strange man touching her leg. >> plus, napa county facing the spread of a legionnaires outbreak after tracing the disease to 2 more sites. stick with us.
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>> welcome back. the united states has now recorded more than 10,000 monkeypox cases. and though there have been very few cases in kids, concerns are growing as students head back to school. now when it comes to young kids, doctors say the simply practice good hygiene, wash your hands regularly and avoid eating and drinking after one.
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another. however, doctors do stress monkeypox is not as contagious as covid-19 because it requires a lot of close intimate contact. >> i would be more concerned about monkeypox in maybe like a locker room setting like a major sports or something like that were, you know, there's a lot of other. close contact right now. there's not not a lot of cdc guidance parks and kids but just to kind of make sure that your letting your kids know to be that tip, follow good, proper hygiene. >> vaccine supplies remain relatively low. still for monkeypox of college campuses across the country are also starting to educate students about ways monkeypox spreads to try and avoid any significant outbreaks. >> and the north bay, napa county health officials say the bacteria causing the legionnaires outbreak has been traced to 2 more places last week. it was announced that a cooling tower in the embassy suites, napa valley hotel was partly to blame. now high levels of the bacteria have been found in a decorative
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pond at the embassy suites. also the cooling tower in the county hall of justice in the city of napa. 13 people have been diagnosed with legionnaires in napa county. one person has died from it since july. 11th 2 people right now hospitalized and 10 has made full recoveries in new york city. public health officials there say they have detected the virus that causes polio in the city's wastewater. experts say that discovery suggests that the virus is circulating in the city weeks ago. a man in rockland county, new york was stricken with polio that left him paralyzed before that the last confirmed case of polio in the u.s. was back in 2013 across new york state. 80% of the population has been vaccinated against the virus. that vaccine is nearly 100% effective. and health officials are urging the unvaccinated to get their shots. coming up next here at 8 o'clock police in the north bay proud to hold their first. >> gun buyback event today.
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why some in it's just a publicity stunt.
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>> and the north bay, the search is on tonight for a battery suspect. police say a petaluma woman woke up to a strange man in her room, touching her leg while she laid in bed kron forcefully chagall has the story. >> sleep better around 3.30, friday morning. a woman on the 700 block of v street in
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petaluma says she woke up to a man she has never seen before lifting her bed covers and touching her leg. she tells police he ran off when she screamed another woman inside the house never saw the intruder. and when officers arrived, he was long gone. now investigators are checking with neighbors who may have surveillance footage that may shed light on who they're looking for. police say it's unclear how the man got inside the house. think it's really important me. >> believe the victim in this case as a survivor, myself. >> it's the most important. >> police say the woman described a man with broad shoulders wearing a black baseball hat, black shirt and black pants neighbor marcus kegels lives across the street from the victim. i'm not going to concern myself with a our neighborhood. >> i lived on the street in this house for 52 years. and this was the first time that
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any incident like this has ever occurred. and although police say there have been no other similar crimes reported in the area, this serves as a good reminder to the public. >> to always keep your doors and windows locked. it's very disturbing in our community. >> we know it's a quiet town and we don't. we don't get a lot of that. officers are conducting extra patrols in the area. >> in petaluma phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. also in petaluma, dozens of cars lining up at the fairgrounds today to turn in their guns at a buyback event. the deputy chief says this is. >> petaluma police department's first buyback event ever in exchange for turning in their guns. people got between 100 to $200 for each firearm. police say turning in the guns helps to reduce the risk of gun violence. suicide and also those guns ending up in the wrong hands. but there was one person at the fairgrounds who disagreed with the buyback event. marc firestone says the initiative doesn't get guns off of the streets and people are under selling them.
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>> this isn't it. it's it's not about public safety. it's about. can disarming public? some other means of disarming the public. and it's in you start to do so. >> we're not requiring anyone to participate. this is everyone if they choose to. and this is something that sounds like a a an opportunity to improve community safety been. i think we welcome their participation. >> the police department says no tax dollars were used in today's buyback event. deputy chief miller says the guns collected will be destroyed and never used again. >> a familiar face is returning to run for commissioner of the san francisco school board. one of the 3 recalled board of education members made the announcement earlier this week she explained why she decided to run again. kron four's says magoon has the story which you will only see here. >> on kron 4. >> are you sure that you want to >> go through this all over
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again? >> i know that it's going to be a fight and will never we don't know the outcome and i'm ready for that fight. >> gabriel lopez announces that she is running again for a seat on the board of education to the san francisco unified school district a 13 year educator and former sf usd school board. president lopez was one of 3 school board members recalled earlier this year in a bitter special election. so how did she reached the decision to go back for more? >> so in consultation with families, with community leaders, with their students, my heart has always been dedicated to schools. it has always been dedicated to education. to porter's of the recall accuse the former commissioner of making decisions that did not have education as the primary focus for students, which they say contributed to the learning loss while students were at home instead of in class during the pandemic recall,
8:35 pm
supporters also claimed that she mismanaged the budget as board president. however, lopez thinks that she will countering those attacked during a general election. this will be our first opportunity during a general election to see where san francisco voters are. i recognize that the past 2 special elections are really out of the ordinary, which is why we saw such a low turnout. san francisco mayor london breed appointed 3 into a board members who were backed by supporters of the recall. 2 of those commissioners recently got the endorsement for the upcoming election from sf parent action organization. the 3rd appointee and shoe did not. the executive director sent kron 4 a statement that reads, quote, we are a consensus based parent organization and our families reach proud and enthusiastic consensys to support clean committee and lisa wiseman
8:36 pm
ward. we did not reach consensus to endorse any other candidates running for the school board election. while we do have some support for and shoe from parents in our membership base, it was not enough for an organizational endorsement, unquote. more reasons. lopez says to run for her previous seat on the board. we now have an opportunity to reinstate our positions, reinstate our campaign and give the voters the opportunity to choose for themselves who is on the has mat. you kron 4 former san francisco police commissioner john hama announced his intention to run for san francisco. >> district attorney. he made his candidacy official at city hall yesterday. this after chase booting recently announced that he will not trying to win his old job back in november. a saki has been critical of current da brooke jenkins, drug policies as well as her close relationship with mayor london breed who appointed jenkins to the role.
8:37 pm
here's a look at the people who say that they are running a november special election. former san francisco fire commissioner and civil rights attorney joe do he announced after incumbent brooke jenkins came under fire for being paid more than $100,000 for consulting work for a group that bankrolled the recall and chasing to dean and 2 other candidates race should and austin hills who say that they will run, but they have not yet officially filed. still ahead here at 8 o'clock, we're not taking a trip up the napa valley and we're going to check it out. a couple of spots that will make you want to know more.
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>> welcome back. as summer winds down everywhere else here in the bay area, things are still heating up, though. napa valley is pretty compact just 30 miles long and 5 miles wide. i took a drive and found it does offer up a wide range of unique experiences. even some that might make you feel like royalty. >> nestled at the top of the bay area lies napa valley wine country. the rolling hills winding with grape vines are home to more than 400 wineries. yeah. special mice up at the top of the valley is sits. calistoga is very own castello di amorosa a k a castle of for that to get medieval history and heat end of the he wanted to make sure that this is not a chase. a cast made to not only look like a 14th century castle,
8:41 pm
but feel like one, too. is he? so all the materials from europe, like all the all the doors and windows also came from the county and all of the stones like you see here, don't the site is celebrating 15 years this summer and it's reservation only guests can schedule a tasting or a full tour for your group. you can choose between a standing casing in one of state is what you get a sit-down tasing him. enjoyed 5 different rights. or you could choose to go you just don't sit too much or you might end up in the torture chamber. and we cast in the 14th century headed change >> and owner just wanted to make an with friendly animals like jacomo the goat wandering the property guests will enjoy breathtaking views of the valley and vines, not just about the wind. it's also about show you south. now it's close by. it's great for a day trip, even better if you stay overnight, if you find
8:42 pm
yourself needing a little guidance with your trip, hit up. visit napa located on first street in downtown, really encouraged everyone to get off. >> off the beaten path and and see whole valley. the 5 towns each have a distinct personality. you can go to our website at visit napa valley dot com. we have a great trip planning itinerary tool there. they also have the scoop on happenings outside of wine tasting like riding a hot air balloon or checking out some summer concerts. piece is here for everybody. if you like a little bling with your buzz pattis jewelry in downtown napa is a true hidden gem. i don't think you'll ever see this many rings in one place located on first in franklin, the family-owned wine in jewelry, business carries a wide range of brands and jewels. so pretty offering a shopping experience paired with the winery's best chardonnay and cabernet so this is a great way to area wanting. so what we love to do is have people come. >> enjoy a glass of wine. and then also look at pretty as
8:43 pm
you can make a reservation or just walk-in, whether you're in napa for special occasion or just browsing new styles pattis team will make sure your glasses full. well, you get jeweled. people are always looking for that special memento to take back from a vacation or a special occasion that they're celebrating. so when they leave here, they feel like part of the family, diamonds and wine. >> it's fun. time of their camera. >> coming up next here at 8 o'clock johnson, johnson announcing some big changes to one of their most popular products. the reasoning behind the change. plus, the giants honored their world championship team of 2012 this afternoon. coming up next in sports, dan's going to show us all the festivities that went down at oracle
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, you hate to say it, but oakland a's management systematically torn down and traded away all of its stars leaving basically a triple a squad to take the field and it's allowing teams like the astros to essentially feast on what's left of a decimated clubhouse. and dusty baker's boys. will they jumped on the a's early. let's go to the bottom of the first the man on alex deposits. this one off zack load a fastball way out to left field astro's go up early. 2, nothing. same score in the 4th inning. chase mccormick. he rips this shot
8:47 pm
to left center field. he ends up bagging it off of the wall. their income. jeremy pena and tre mann seaney. it's a 2 run triple for nothing astros this point for good measure in the 7th inning. kyle tucker. launches a rocket to right field. ramon lauriano. he tries to make the catch here against the wall. he ends up missing 2 more astros come around to score for houston takes the a's 8, 10, nothing. the a's offense producing only 4 singles and a double in the game. the a's have now lost 11 of their last 12. in better news. the giants holding a pre-game tribute this afternoon to celebrate their 2012 world series champions in the playoffs that season, the giants rallied from a 2 nothing deficit against the reds to win the division series. then they overcame a 3, one deficit against the cardinals to propel them to the world series, then swept the tigers in 4 straight win their second championship in 3 years. and in attendance
8:48 pm
today, bruce bocce, angel pagan matt cain, hunter pence, marco scutaro and 2 members of the current team, including brandon crawford, as you see there and also brandon belt, former coach ron wotus. summing up what made that team so special? >> the players i just want to thank them for what they did and her performance because going through that playoff run was something i'll never forget. and the character and the determination of this group and a quiet confidence that they had is something to behold and were able to get that championship trophy back to san francisco. so thank you. >> what an incredible run. indeed. alright, raiders head coach josh mcdaniels picking up his first win with the silver and black last week at the hall of fame game for derek carr and several other raiders have expressed how mcdaniels preparation and work ethic has propelled the team to having some very high
8:49 pm
energy practices and a great outlook for this season. daniel says with a new team and a new staff, you can always learn something talk about i just think, you know, for every young coach or a person that comes into any organization, you're around somebody really good people that have better experience than you do. we learned from the players every there's things i hear from devontae crosby or chandler jones are. >> kolton miller, their car that you know you they have a different perspective than you do. you know you're not out there. so i'm just being willing to, you know, soak it all in and understand that you're never going to know it all but that, you know, there's something to be gained each day. each and if you approach it that way, i think you're you know, you're kind of a sponge for information, you know, hopefully year you're learning every day and improving as a coach. you know, so you can teach it better when your time to do it. >> yes, some of them in exciting season for the raidersrand you can watch the vikings and raiders right here
8:50 pm
on kron 4 tomorrow. our coverage begins at 12, 30 with a live pre-game show. well, that's going to do it for sports. dan, thank you. we've got to it. >> for your money tonight, johnson johnson, discontinuing talc based baby powder and is going to start making it with cornstarch. instead, the company already discontinued the top product in north america. now it's going to stop all sales globally next year. johnson and johnson has been hit with more than 40,000 lawsuits over the product. the plaintiffs are mostly women who have had ovarian cancer and mesothelioma they say as best us in that help powder is to blame. and the company was aware of that contamination. also a warning for vegetarian women. you might be more prone to hip fractures. a new study out of the uk compared thousands of women who followed vegetarian diet to pass to terry and and meat eaters. vegetarians had a 33% greater chance of fracturing a
8:51 pm
hip compared to those who ate meat regularly. the exact reason why is not really known. but researchers say that harry and diet can lead to lower intakes of new trance that are linked with bone and muscle health. >> jeez what was that right? that was home security video that was capturing a loud boom that was caused by a meteor this morning. the national weather service has been saying that it was seen and it was heard in northern utah on southern idaho. it happened around 9.30, local time. witnesses say it looked like a bluish before you can hear it. the initial boom was followed by a low rumble for another 5 to 10 seconds. the national weather service said on twitter that the weather satellite and radar appears to have captured the meteor trail seems very close. yeah. well, too close for comfort taking a
8:52 pm
live look out at they're not getting as far out as that meteor. looks like a nice night out there. if you're traveling. >> reaser every guest standing by with a look at our forecast murphy said, their overall pretty clear skies out there right now for your saturday night in a little bit hazy out there as well. live look outside. >> over downtown san francisco city hall lit up in rainbow colors this evening. an air quality out there right now. a mix of good to moderate. we are seeing improved air quality right along our bay area beaches. thanks to that cool sea breeze influence. but because of today's warmer weather, we're certainly noticing a lot of haze out there. and that is also going to impact the east bay tomorrow with moderate air particle sticking around there. but your giants game day forecast once again facing off against the pirates. first pitch. 1 o'clock for your sunday afternoon and we're going to see mild temperatures tomorrow at the ballpark. low 70's. by the time the game
8:53 pm
starts eventually warming up to 75 degrees in downtown san francisco at oracle park. so just a heads up there. it is going to be a vesy sunny and mild day and not as strong of a sea breeze out there says some relief at the ballpark with that westerly cool sea breeze around 20 miles per hour or less. and temperatures out there right now starting to cool down along the coast. check out downtown san francisco. 59 degrees about 20 degrees cooler than antioch. still trying to flirt with 80's. but eventually cooling down to 78 degrees. even at this 8 o'clock hour with high temperatures tomorrow going to be warm. in fact, we should be in the upper 80's for warmest inland valleys. instead warming up into the mid 90's for antioch in livermore. 94 degrees as a santa rosa and avato. and even hey, we're warming up to 81 degrees for your afternoon highs on sunday. but then that warming trend going to be gradual. and we are going to peak on tuesday with temperatures about 5 to 15 degrees above average, hot and dry conditions. not the mix that we want to see and also monsoonal moisture.
8:54 pm
>> could bring us some instability. so going to keep an eye on that. so far, no threat of thunderstorms. but any time we see monsoonal moisture around this time of year, there is that cause for concern. definitely something to keep an eye that. thank you guys. >> coming up next here at 8 o'clock winning the lottery. once hard enough, right? but twice, tell you about the maryland man who did just that.
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
- you okay? - there's a flex alert today so i'm mentally preparing for the power outage. oh, well we can help stop one because we are going to reduce our energy use from 4-9pm. what now? i stepped on a plug. oh that's my bad! unplugging. when it comes to preventing outages the power is ours. >> well, for some people
8:57 pm
winning the lottery is a once in a lifetime opportunity. but a delaware man was lucky enough to win the lottery twice in just 2 months. dwayne cattlemen regularly crosses the state line to work in maryland and buys lottery tickets on his visits. he purchases his purchases first paid off early july when he won $18,000. and one of the maryland lottery games. and then last weekend he was on a family trip. and guess what? he won again, 30,000 bucks this time. he says that he's probably going to use those funds for a rainy day. can you imagine like just wow? >> well, you know, everyone's racing for those those million and really all are one. but it was small are ones where you have the opportunity to win a little bit. i mean, yeah, that's like was almost $50,000 in cash that he was. that's awesome. this route impressed interests. bring some of that luck over here. wraps up kron. 4 news at 8, though. yeah, we'll be back in just a
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> right now at 9, an east bay woman and her family still shaken up after their dog was snatched from them at gunpoint. thank you for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 9. i'm noelle bellow and i'm dan thorn. she says a man pulled out a gun and told her 14 year-old son he had to hand over their french bulldog named bella kron four's the man herring talked with the family about their efforts to find their dog.


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