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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 14, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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you go by lots of titles. veteran, dad, hair stylist. so adding a student title might feel daunting. national university is here to support all your titles. national university. supporting the whole you.
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>> welcome back. the raiders call las vegas home now. but as we all know, that is not always been the case come forcefully call, spoke with some east bay raiders fans today who say the teams heart still beats in oakland. >> a new city, a change of venue once a raider, always a raider but not a change of heart. i love my team. i
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really do from thick through thin and thinner. we are now the las vegas raiders. >> that's where the heart is always will greater the matter where they're playing plane on a barge. i wouldn't care. and for the silver and black relationship with the raiders is for eternity. last year i went to 2 this scheduled to go to 3 games, one of biggest one in new orleans and one in jacksonville the week before the raiders play their second preseason game. more than a dozen members of the original oakland raiders boost love me. that carries hoff brough in san leandro. they discussed the schedule where they intend to watch games as a group for the season and bounce road game. travel plans off one another. i was very ill at one time and they were there for me. they prayed for me with family, take care of each of ones in trouble. >> and we share our stories about the games and tailgate for >> phenomenal for decades.
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this group minute ricky sports bar in town, but they, too, are on the road now since the famed bar closed during the pandemic, the allure of joining the group is evident by the ad stirs who show up for them. raiders players and personnel after games or during the week. the kinship has been real to rate or gear all over the world. and i think we can >> a pc, some with you're on the you're going to be immediate friends. that's a breakdown. a lot of barriers. and 2, i think we are fans are recognize that every where the raiders may have swapped zip codes again. but the franchise is more than just a name. it's a lifestyle and it's been fully embraced >> you can open and down. the originals have been fully subscribed to vegas in an oakland native i followed very closely. it took a lot of pride. you know, they say the oakland raiders and now, you know, it's still a lot of pride, even though they're
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most oakland, los angeles, las vegas, regardless of where the raiders call home raider nation will follow in san leandro fleet of all kron. 4 news. >> well, the raiders will play their 3rd preseason game next saturday taking on the dolphins at miami's hard rock stadium. kron. 4, of course, has all the action coverage starts at 03:30pm, immediately followed by raiders postgame live. so you won't want to miss that. not. all right. we're going to take a look now at our 4 zone forecast live look over a san francisco tonight. >> really nice night out there much. you know, it's still it's still kind of cool out there. we did have a warm day i was going to say it's definitely cooler than vegas. but i know we're going to heat up early, especially in the east bay. rodriguez has details on that. yeah, by tuesday know well and and we could be 5 to 15 degrees above average. widespread triple digits expected for our hottest inland valleys. >> that's what we're going to be under an excessive heat. watch starting tuesday
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morning. and for those of you in solano county, that's going to remain in effect through friday. so hot temperatures heading our way. it was certainly a mild one today, 5 to 10 degrees above average. just a few degrees warmer tomorrow. but downtown san francisco warming up to 72 degrees. but check out livermore in concord already flirting with that triple digit mark at 97 degrees. and tomorrow you're expected to hit that century. mark for your monday afternoon. so temperatures out there right now, concord, 87 degrees. your about 30 degrees warmer than pacifica and half moon bay at this 8 o'clock hour. low 60's for downtown san francisco. thanks to that cool sea breeze influence. but san jose in the low 70's still pleasant temperatures there with mild temperatures for dublin and livermore in the mid to upper 70's and santa rosa. 75 degrees for those of you in the north bay. so we are tracking a little bit of that haze out there this evening. that's going to continue through tomorrow that we have that air quality advisory in effect all day tomorrow and
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pradar for we're tracking less of that marine layer because of these hot temperatures and those northwesterly breezes keeping most of our valleys dry and clear. but fortunately, we're going to get a cool sea breeze influence out of the west 20 miles per hour. less throughout most of the day tomorrow. going to bring us some relief along the coast and parts of the east bay shoreline. but you're still expected to warm up significantly tomorrow as well. overnight lows tonight, going to hold steady in the upper 50's to low 60's antioch in the mid 60's to the mall. the city in the bay area with santa rosa. 10 degrees cooler than that at 56 degrees. but high temperatures tomorrow. take a look at those century march. for those of you in concord and antioch, triple digit heat near triple digits for those of you in livermore, 98 degrees. certainly flirting with that with santa rosa at 96 degrees. but along the san francisco peninsula coastline, widespread low to mid 70's. so we're tracking hot temperatures for most of this upcoming workweek with relief not arriving until next weekend that some are finally going to see temperatures right about average. so it is
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going to be a hot one. stay cool. stay hydrated. reminder. if you are going to work out or head outside do so early in the morning or later in the evening because in the afternoon it's going to be just blistering i really did not think we're going to see the triple digits on are back the learning and yeah knows what it says that got extended. so there you cool. drink an ac tomorrow. there you go. yeah. >> all right. well, what a long, strange trip. it has been. san francisco's stern grove festival. >> closing out its 85th season today with phil lesh, who is best known for his 3 decades as the bass guitarist for the grateful dead. the bay area native headlining today's big picnic, which fundraising event that helps keep the concerts free as well as a community sponsor for the outreach programs in the bay area. >> we just wrapped or 80th season of stern grove
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festival. it was amazing. we had close to 10,000 people here today. we closed it with election friends, legendary basis from the grateful dead and we hope people leave in say, wow, that was a really wonderful experience. >> well, today was the first time last has played for free in the bay area and more than 30 years. >> doing a lot of thinking about what the experience was like for my parents and grandparents and relatives who were incarcerated during war. 2. >> well, for the next few weeks in san bruno, there's an exhibit on japanese internment camps all happening in the same place where thousands of japanese americans, mostly u.s. citizens, were taken against their will just 80 years ago. it's called son say granddaughters journey from rememberance to resistance. some say means a 3rd generation. it's on display at z gallery in the shops at tanforan. that's the site of the original racetrack, a temporary detention center
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that helped 8,000 japanese americans who were rounded up and sent to internment camps during world war. 2, this installation features several different types of exhibits videos, paintings, sculptures. they all explore one of the darkest chapters and american history. we did speak with some of the artists responsible. >> my own family was incarcerated so much of this history is and so with the 5 of us were able learn from each other. and i was going after that. so 3rd generation son say. >> the exhibit will run through september 3rd and admission is free. >> still ahead on this kron 4 news panic breaks out at an airport in las vegas. what police are saying about the incident that passengers running through security. plus, u.s. taiwan relations continuing to grow despite china's objections. details on the lawmakers currently meeting. >> with the country's leaders.
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>> ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky is calling on russian citizens to speak up against russian action in ukraine in his nightly address. zelenskyy said those who remain silent are also
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complicit the russian military said today troops have taken full control of a settlement in kharkiv. those claims could not be independently verified, though. meanwhile, zelenskyy also mention european union proposals to limit russian nationals access to tourists of isis. >> a group of 5 lawmakers from the united states landed in taiwan today just 12 days after house speaker nancy pelosi and rage china with her own trip to the self-governing island's democratic senator ed markey of massachusetts led the delegation. this trip was not announced beforehand. lawmakers are scheduled to meet with taiwan. senior leaders to discuss relations between the 2 countries. the issues they're expected to discuss include regional security trade and investment chinese government objects to taiwan having any official contact with foreign governments, particularly with a high ranking congressional leader like pelosi. meanwhile, dozens of churchgoers,
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including 10 children have been killed in a church fire in egypt. video shows busted windows and the inside of the charred building according to witnesses, people trapped by the thick black smoke were seen jumping from upper floors to escape. authorities are still investigating what started that fire. but an initial police report points to an electrical short circuit. coming up, residents in livermore came out today to stop. the crews are more on the annual back to school supplies drive hosted by the police department.
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>> welcome back. as kids all over the bay area are getting ready for their first day of classes. many are still without much needed school supplies. well, today the livermore police department decided step in. >> and help out kron four's. camila barco has more. >> donated some color pencils, a simple donation like color. pencils is making a huge difference for students in livermore that this is a wonderful program. police to >> you can say that, but trying win in that. it's a mobile someone, not how ball helped stuff. this livermore police cruiser. >> with school supplies, its contributions are now helping hundreds of kids have what they need for the first day of school. we usually get more than what we need, which is great because then we end up donating the rest school resource officer aren't. rosa
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says the program started years ago after learning about the need for backpacks in the community. some children didn't have school supplies when school began. >> so we figured out that if we could drug donations and get them out, we're more than happy to be a part of this community project. this weekend. they collected hundreds of school supplies which will be given to livermore students. >> who need it the most? for example, kids who are in the horizons, family counseling program that offers diversion programs for kids and teens who've been affected by law enforcement. what we offer is a long-term solution for families so they can get the help that they need. >> when are the hopefully solve some of their domestic problems? rosa says the program often works with people in underserved communities. but with the help from people in the livermore community, dozens of kids can start school on the right foot. you can see the parents just, you know, relieved that they don't have to go out and purchase. one more thing officers are going to sort through the supplies they collected this weekend and
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given to students in need just in time for the first day of school on august, 23rd in livermore, camila barco kron. 4 news. >> other salman rushdie continues his recovery after a stabbing attack while giving a lecture in upstate new york. his agent says that he is still in the hospital, but he is off of a ventilator. his suspected attacker pleaded not guilty during an arraignment yesterday and he's being held without bail. new york governor kathy hochul condemned the attack during a press conference earlier today at the same venue where rushdie was stabbed in pennsylvania. a senseless attack is sending shock waves throughout a small community. one person is dead and 17 others were injured after a car plowed through a crowd last night. those people have gathered in in the town of berwick to raise money for victims of a deadly house fire that killed 10 people earlier this month. and that's one 24 year-old adrian ray has ended up driving through. he's now in jail facing 2 counts of criminal homicide. police say
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that right after he drove through the crowd, ray as then beat another woman to death. less than a mile away. it's still not clear tonight what this motive was behind either of those crimes. >> now, mass panic and chaos at mccarran international airport in las vegas this morning following a false report of a shooting. we have some video posted to twitter that showed passengers running unchecked through airport security gates, las vegas metropolitan police say a loud noise in terminal one startled the passengers and the noise is believed to have been caused by an unruly visitor who is now in custody. it's unclear at what the chaos, what time the chaos started this morning. but authorities there reported the incident around 05:00am definitely no word of an actual shooting. disturbance. they're scary times. we live in. all right. you some anyway. here's a live look right now. and this along the embarcadero here in san francisco, enjoy the coolness right now. he wake up
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tomorrow. you might already sweat and yeah, afraid that's going to it really is especially for those of you inland. so really enjoy your mornings and evenings because that's really going to be the most pleasant time for the next couple of days. >> especially for those of you in solano county. so let's take a look at san francisco international airport starting to see some of that marine layer returning and that cool sea breeze out there right now helping our coastal cities to cool down into the 60's right now and even 50's. but radar for is tracking south lake tahoe. we are going to see some instability throughout the eastern portions of the sierra but no threat of pop-up tuunderstorms tomorrow. in fact, that thunderstorm threat going to arrive tuesday and wednesday, but mainly for the mountain area. so just keep that in mind for the valleys, though, going to stay on the mild side. mid 80's from monday all the way through wednesday. and fortunately dry for most of south lake tahoe and truckee as well. temperatures for the most part today. and right now we are
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seeing finally some relief conquered, though, still trying to flirt with the 90's. 87 degrees at this near 9 o'clock hour. and even for those of you in dublin, in livermore, mid to upper 70's there. but check out half moon bay pacific about 20 to 30 degrees cooler. 58 degrees out there this evening with downtown san francisco at 61 degrees. thanks mother nature's natural ac. and even that the and avato in the low to mid 70's. so you're finally starting to notice some relief out there and we're seeing temperatures for tomorrow. 5 to 10 degrees above average. and remember, this isn't going to be the peak of the heat wave that won't arrive until tuesday. so concord in antnoch, triple digit heat. and for those of you in santa rosa and a bottle also in the mid 90's with low to mid 80's for the east bay shoreline and downtown san francisco at 76 degrees. so we are going to be 5 to 15 degrees above average on tuesday. the one thing really working in our favor are the pretty calm winds a little bit breezy at times out
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of the northwest 20 miles per hour less. but thanks to that cool sea breeze. we are going to stay in the 60's 70's along the coast for much of this week. but then by next week and that's we're finally going to cool down to near average. back to you, dan and well, looking forward to that. all right. thank embrace a new research shows climate change could impact one 3rd of the foods we eat. >> international scientists are warning about declining rates of pollinators like bees, butterflies and bats. those species pollinate, fruits, vegetables and other plants that make up a large portion of our food supply. they say losing those critical populations could mean losing some of those critically important foods. scientists say the drought has played the biggest role on those species. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> it may be a long shot, but the giants are still in the nl wild card race with about 6 weeks left in the season. today they look to finish off a series sweep of the
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pittsburgh pirates and there's logan webb. he pitched a gem yesterday. alex wood looking to do his part today. a guy who has done more than his part. this series islam outweigh junior. he went large yard last night and does so again today to put the giants up 4 to nothing. but the pirates. they fought back down 5 to 3 in the 5th. former giant bryan reynolds goes deep to center to give the pirates a 6 to 5 lead. just like that. bottom of the 7th now runners on the corners, brandon crawford hits a bloop to shallow center. they rule this one a hit. not sure they would have done that in pittsburgh. no one can get to it. wilmer flores scores and we've got ourselves a tie game. bottom of the 9th now giants down a run with one on estrada. he said, let's go home any. wins the game one swing of the bat. you love a good walk off on sunday. giants win it. 87.
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they sweep the 3 game set with the pirates. and the a's they were in houston. taking on dusty baker in the astros. bottom of the first astros switch hitter, alex bregman rips the ball to left and in the words of n sync. bye. bye, bye. i'm not going to sing it. but that was a banger back in the day after his lead to nothing in the second 2 on 2 out for jose out to bay. skies. a shot to left off the bottom of the fence. both runners come into scoring. it's like that is 4 to nothing stros. now. how about this stat in the series? houston had 20 hits and 18 rbi with 2 outs. talk about shoot yourself in the foot, not getting out of an ending into 6. catcher christian vazquez goss, a blooper to left and that will bring home another run 5, nothing. houston just piling it on. and then in the 8th, the a's on life support. nick allen rockets. this one
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to left field his second home run of the season. but it just was not enough. the a's cannot get a victory in houston. they lose 63. the astros sweep that 3 game series. the a's back at it tomorrow against the rangers. preseason football. today the raiders hosted the vikings, derek carr and davante adams looking on from the sidelines. they didn't play start of the second raiders up 3 to nothing. jarrett stidham can't find an open man. so he says i will do it myself. first, touchdown of the day for the raiders that extends the lead to 10 3rd quarter. nick mullens and now the former 40 niner. well, fine dj turner up the middle. and he turns that into a 34 yard touchdown. extra point, though, no good 16 to 6. let's go to the 4th 3004th and goal for vegas and they capitalize here. britain, brown. barrels
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his way in allegiance stadium loving it. 45,000 people on hand for preseason game. you know, their hype out in los vegas for this team. a couple minutes later. raiders with the sack right there. to sean bowers. sac sean mannion and that would do it. the raiders they go on to win this one. 26 to 20. all righty. that will do it for sports. and that'll do it for kron. 4 news at 8 as well. but we will be back in just a couple minutes. yeah, we'll see for kron. 4 news at
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