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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 14, 2022 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. we're not released. >> getting beyond the people who really want to get it at this point. >> with monkeypox cases to be on the rise, more and more people are getting vaccinated against the virus this weekend. san francisco general hospital administered more than 800 doses of the vaccine. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10. >> i'm noelle bellow and i'm dan thorn kron four's amanda hari talk with an infectious disease specialist about how the clinic when and what hurdles they're still face. >> i feel a little bit hopeful because rick been getting more and more vaccines on saturday. zuckerberg, san francisco general hospital held a vaccine clinic 822 doses were administered and all walk-ins
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were served. ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says the wait times only 10 minutes, but that might not be a good thing if the wait time is only 10 it is consenting a sudden accent because >> everything that the estimated population that needs vaccine is that the minimum? 35,000, if not 70,000 in san francisco county, we're not released. getting beyond the people who really want to get it at this point. he says the demand is still much higher than the supply. >> he's worried about communities that may be harder to reach like people who can't take off of work to attend a clinic or those who may not have the resources to find a clinic when it pops up. people who are hampered electronic divide because you kind of have to have a network of friends on a cell phone. >> to go from place to place a it's not a set schedule. it's not a certain doctor. chin-hong says you need to
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search the web and look out for things like tweets or facebook posts from the department of public health to find a clinic. >> he says there's still not enough vaccine to give it to anyone who wants it. but you still have to attest to part of the and trans people have with men, population. i activity in the past or attest to being a health care worker or somebody you know, i risk for getting expose that he says with school beginning, he's not overly concerned about younger school children. he says there's little evidence you can get it in a normal school setting. >> but he is concerned about young adults heading to college campuses. i think the one population that. >> you know, i think we're all on guard for would be the college population because they are they may not sitting exactly of there's a lot of identity formation of that
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time. you know, they may not identify as that population to get the vaccine as of general hospital will be announcing more monkeypox clinic hours as they assess available doses. >> amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> more than 10,000 americans have now tested positive for monkeypox data from the cdc shows every state except wyoming reported cases of the virus. new york, florida and california had the largest amount of cases. there have been no deaths reported in the united states. california's health department just released the latest number of monkeypox cases. there are more than 1900 here. los angeles county has the most at 776 cases. san francisco following with 539 alameda county ranking 3rd with 112 cases of monkeypox crews are working to contain 12 wildfires near california's coastline that were caused by lightning. the 6 rivers lightning complex fire began on august 6th. >> it has burned nearly 17,000
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acres on the humboldt trinity county lines and has prompted several evacuation orders and warnings. one person so far has been injured as fires are at 17% containment tonight. >> now those fires, which are about 200 miles north of the bay area are prompting an air quality advisory for us tomorrow. bay area skies, maybe a bit smoky and hazy might be able to smell wildfire, smoke even officials say a spare. the air alert is not in effect. an air quality is not expected to dip into the unhealthy category, but still something to keep in mind for an interactive air quality map. scan this qr code that see on your screen, italy to straight to kron 4 dot com. that's where we've got some real time data from air quality sensors located all around the bay. but we also have our kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa. yeah. he's got a look at the storm tracker or what is it? the smoke tracker for smoke tracker bore you with our tracker stormtracker. i
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yeah. okay. so let's take a look at our smoke tractor board because we are going to see some moderate air particles from that smoke and ash from that complex fire just west of redding and those northerly winds. >> not only going to bring smoke and ash tomorrow, but it's also going to contribute to our warming and drying trend. that's going to peak on tuesday. so those of you with any pulmonary, a respiratory issues, please limit outdoor activity as much as you can because we're tracking moderate air particles out there tonight. and that's going to continue. >> through tomorrow as well. the good news is we don't have a spare. the air alerts are not expected to reach the surface, but those of you who are sensitive make sure to limit outdoor activities, not just because of the smoke and ash, but the heat as well. in fact, it is going to be on, especially on tuesday morning. that's what we have to excessive heat watches going into effect, mainly for the eastern part of the bay area. what areas excluded from it will be the bay area coastline and east bay shoreline because of that cool sea breeze
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influence. but as you make your way inland, you're going to really feel the heat hot temperatures tuesday morning through tuesday night expected to be around 105 degrees or less for those of you in solano county, you're going to have a second excessive heat. watch. you're going to have your starting tuesday morning through friday because you're going to see temperatures scorching hot 110 degrees with little relief during the overnight hours in the 60's and 70's. we do have a slight chance of monsoonal moisture that could bring us a risk of pop-up thunderstorms for the southern and eastern portions of the bay area tuesday night or wednesday morning. certainly not what we need during these hot temperatures. your full 10 at 10 outlook coming up in just a few minutes. stand. well, back to you reason. thanks a lot in the north bay, one person is dead and another injured in a car crash in napa. and this happened. >> around midnight between the connector of highway 29 and highway one o one. police say 60 year-old woman, a passenger in one of those cars was airlifted to a local hospital and is now recovering highway.
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29 was closed for much of the day today as authorities conducted their investigation and reopened around 3 o'clock this afternoon. >> some new video tonight from the sonoma county sheriff shows a daring helicopter rescue and the middle of the night. it happened very early this morning in an extremely remote area northeast of clearlake in lake county, an injured hiker suffering from a serious medical condition activated an s o s button on their personal locator beacon. that alert notified first responders, the determined the only option was to attempt a long line rescue from a helicopter. the patient was hoisted from the ground into the helicopter and flown to a waiting ambulance they then transfer that person to a local hospital. >> 2 children are injured following 2 separate shootings in oakland. police say one of those miners was sent to the hospital with serious injuries after a shooting on the 900 block of 26 street around 4 o'clock in the afternoon on
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friday at last check, he is in critical but stable condition. later, police responded to the hospital where another miner was being treated for gunshot wounds that shooting happened just hours later near 73rd avenue and holly street, the 2 shootings are still under investigation. >> oakland police meanwhile, are asking for your help in locating a teenage girl. take a good look at your screen here. oakland police say 14 year-old the talia perez rivera was last seen around 10, 30 yesterday morning near 48th avenue. opd says she was wearing black sweat pants, black crocs, a gray hooded sweatshirt with an adidas logo on it. the tally is 5 foot 5 inches. she weighs 155 pounds and has black hair and brown eyes. family says she's in good, physical and mental condition. she was may be planning to head to washington square in san francisco. so if you've seen her or anyone with any information on her whereabouts is asked to contact oakland pd. >> the search continues tonight for missing truckee
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teen kiley, rodney. investigators confirming search efforts are now centered around a lake where her cell phone sent off its last alert. rowena shaddox has the details. >> diverse it out. searching in the waters of prosser county sheriff's captain sam brown verifying new information for fox. 40 king you or the officers behind you confirm that her kylie's the last ping was near the water. >> we have the paying for that data point. everything we're near the water. it's hard to tell what the exact in plan or anything like that. but just as much on land as it was in water. >> a member of the dive team tells fox 40 they searched in the areas where kiley in her vehicle could possibly be. 57
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feet is its deepest point. so far they found nothing. >> a diving operation like that is really almost like you're going into the water blind. and they're basscally searching with hands. >> there were 226 searchers out, including these volunteers from contra costa county. >> the area has been we driven resurged there. they're getting into tighter grid searching to, you know, this point where we're looking for small and anything evidence was as opposed cars, people, things that need treatment. phones were trying to make an even tighter. >> with 9,000 hours of investigative work and more than 1000 leads, we've asked how long the level of searching can continue search for coming in. we're going to continue that effort. and we'll continue that effort as long as we can in nevada county rowena shaddox.
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>> coming up here at 10 o'clock garlic lovers indulging at a new garlic festival. what tell you where it took place. >> plus, livermore police gathering hundreds of school supplies this weekend with the department's doing going to do with that. and the las vegas raiders. they left the bay area a few years ago, but the team still has a huge audience here. >> we'll tell you how they're still cherishing this team.
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>> welcome back. thousands of kaiser mental health professionals in northern california are walking off the job this week. reasons include high workloads and excessive wait times for patients seeking treatment. kron four's gayle ong reports. >> kaiser permanente. mental health, clinicians and supporters spent sunday afternoon preparing signs at the union of healthcare workers headquarters in every bill ahead of an open-ended strike beginning monday. we want our patients to get the care they kathy raise a licensed clinical social worker at kaiser in walnut creek. she's one of the thousands who plan to walk off the job will out as long as it takes is a crisis right now health with kaiser. >> and we are we're the place now where we are. we know that it's now it's time to do it. now they have to step up and and reach out and cover their patients to strike involves
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more than 2000 mental health workers like psychologists, therapists and social workers. according to the union negotiations with kaiser ended saturday with executives rejecting union proposals to increase staffing and long waits for mental health therapy appointments. kaiser responded to the planned strike in a lengthy statement that reads in part. >> despite all that we are doing, we like others are challenge to meet the demand and no more must be done. we are focused on continuing to find new ways to our members and patients mental health needs and company plans are in place to meet members. mental health gray who has been with kaiser for 30 years, says the time away from patients will be a short-term issue. it's a catch. 22 is not, you know, we care about our patients. we want them to have here. here. and if we don't step away to show that it's a crisis they want they want to deal with a long time the mental health workers will walk picket lines from 06:00am to 02:00pm on monday in san francisco, san
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jose, fresno and sacramento reporting in emeryville, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> the livermore police department organized community donation drive this weekend that will be benefiting students in need. officers collected school supplies, including things like colored pencils, notebooks and markers for students from kindergarten through 12th grade during their stuff. the cruiser donation drive. the department started this program years ago after learning about the need for backpacks in the community. >> some children didn't have school supplies when school began. so we figured out that if we could drug donations and get them out, we're more than happy to be a part of this community project. >> well, this collection was a success. hundreds of school plot and supplies will now be given to livermore students who are going to need them. most. this includes kids in the horizons, family counseling program and those in underserved communities. officers will be sorting through everything they collected and they will be giving out those supplies to students and time for the first day of school, which is
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on august. the 23rd. >> now to our 4 zone forecast taking a live look outside at sfo. i'm pretty sure there's some kids who are probably, you know, realizing they've got school tomorrow. a little upset. they're not on a plane and some sorry, guys going to deal with them. hot weather lot. i they got it. they really need to make sure kids stay cool. for lunchtime. yes, stay cool. and stay hydrated, right? definitely play in the shade, if you can kids. and let's take a look. >> at your excessive heat watches because we have to, in fact, the first one going to go into effect for a bay area valleys, mainly the eastern portions of the bay area. that's where we're going to see hot temperatures for most of our valleys, north bay mountains and east bay hills, seeing temperatures as hot as 105 degrees. and for those of you in solano county, you're excessive heat watch. also going to go into effect on
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tuesday morning. but instead of expiring on tuesday night, like everyone else, yours is going to expire on friday because you're still going to see hot temperatures as high as 110 degrees with overnight lows in the 60's and 70's to little to no relief during the overnight hours. in fact, livermore and concord, 10 degrees above average. flirting with that triple digit heat. 97 degrees. even downtown san francisco warming up to 72 degrees. expect to be in the mid 70's by tomorrow afternoon. temperatures out there right now starting to cool down along the coast. thanks to that cool sea breeze influence. so widespread mid to upper 50's with low 60's throughout the east bay shoreline. check out our east bay valleys conquered. remember, you warmed up to 97 degrees. finally feeling relief at this 10 o'clock hour. 76 degrees, pleasant temperatures there. you don't even need a sweater if you're heading out right now. this 10 o'clock hour with livermore also in the mid 70's and starting to cool down into the upper 50's for those of you in petaluma and avato. but we're going to see less of the
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marine layer a little bit along the coast. pacific lee, the san francisco peninsula coastline and into the east bay shoreline. but hot temperatures inland won't allow for that cool sea breeze to make its way into most of our valleys. hence the excessive heat watch on tuesday. overnight lows tonight, upper 50's to low 60's with triple digit heat. for those of you in concord and antioch, mid-nineties for santa rosa nevado and valais. hope you want relief head to the beach. low 70's for half moon bay, but still about 5 degrees above average there 5 to 15 degrees above normal. by tuesday, the peak of the heat wave little relief for most of this upcoming workweek and back to school week. so cooler temperatures next weekend. but it is going to be a hot one. severe weather. so stay cool. stay hydrated, i'm just can't wait till we get to that. especially 10 days out. yeah, he weighs. i like that. thanks recent skies. >> well, americans in mexico are being warned to stay off the streets following a
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weeklong wave of violence fueled by warring drug cartels. dozens of vehicles have been set on fire. >> reporter carlos saucedo has more. >> vehicle set on fire, massive road blocks in place. these are some of the dark images from over the weekend across cities in northern baja, california. wanna legal saudi toll and ensenada have been hit by gang violence. cities have seen widespread arson shootings and va dalism. >> 22. leah close including taxes, big trucks, public transportation. >> covey of sit is a reporter at behind news publication and capture these images on the ground. he says the drug cartel, holly school, new generation threat mass violence. if the mexican government fails to release some of its members and there's the cartel of sinaloa and their cars tells police co. >> trying to the fines.
10:22 pm
police, the man. i mean, who is the ruler here? it's going to take the big piece of cake of by and but of of the mexican government. is this not letting them to do that and that's why this situation happened. >> mexican officials issued a public appeal to the drug cartels and not target innocent civilians. the national guard has been deployed to tijuana and other cities plagued by the violence. the u.s. consulate in tijuana telling americans to avoid the area and encouraging u.s. government employees to shelter in place until further notice. a curfew has been set. you might hear about this. >> you know, once in a great while, but all we would ever commit to want why we still say we go out at night. we you know, we we do a lot of things in the city and today's the first time or i i don't feel safe. >> that was carlos saucedo reporting for us tonight since
10:23 pm
the national guard moved and things have been much calmer. still, though, u.s. officials are encouraging americans to avoid those cities until they're secured. >> still ahead, and kron kron, 4 news at 10 congressional leaders heading back to taiwan in a show of support will tell you who from the bay area is on that trip. >> and an incident near the u.s. capitol building in washington, d.c., what happened there early this morning when kron 4 news returns.
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>> welcome back. a man is dead tonight after he drove his car into a barricade near the u.s. capitol and began firing gunshots in the air before fatally shooting himself. that incident unfolded just before 4 o'clock this morning. capitol police say as they responded to the sound of gunfire, the man shot himself. authorities have identified him as 29 year-old york of delaware. >> a delegation of u.s. lawmakers has landed in taiwan. this coming less than 2 weeks after house speaker nancy pelosi visited the country which angered the chinese government. here are new photos that were released today showing some of the lawmakers arriving, including north bay congressman john garamendi. the delegation is there to discuss u.s. relations with taiwan earlier this month. china, which claims taiwan as a territory responded to speaker pelosi's visit by launching military
10:27 pm
exercises around the island. the chinese government objects to taiwan having any official contact with foreign governments. >> stay with the summer is over, at least for one bay area music fest. coming up, we're going to take you out to the final day of the eclectic stern grove festival. but first, fans in las vegas cheering on the raiders today and their first >> preseason game at home. but so did a lot of fans still here in the bay area. more on that after the break.
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raiders call las vegas home now. but we all know that that has not always been the case. correct. conference felecia call spoke with east bay raiders fans. >> they say the team's heart still beats in oakland. >> a new city, a change of venue once a raider, always a raider but not a change of heart. i love my team. i really do from thick through thin and thinner. we are now the las vegas raiders. >> that's where the heart is always will be a raiders the matter where they're playing plane on a barge. i wouldn't care. and for the silver and black relationship with the raiders is for eternity. last year i went to 2 this scheduled to go to 3 games, one in vegas, one in new orleans and one in jacksonville the week before the raiders play their second preseason game. more than a dozen members of the original
10:31 pm
oakland raiders boost love me. that carries hoff brough in san leandro. they discussed the schedule where they intend to watch games as a group for the season and bounce road game. travel plans off one another. i was very ill at one time and they were there for me. they prayed for me with family, take care of each of ones in trouble. >> and we share our stories back again and tailgate for >> the nominee for decades. this group minute ricky sports bar in town, but they, too, are on the road now since the famed bar closed during the pandemic, the allure of joining the group is evident by the ad stirs who show up for them. raiders players and personnel after games or during the week. the kinship has been real to rader gear all over the world. and i think we can >> a pc, some with you're on the you're going to be immediate friends. that's a breakdown. a lot of barriers. and 2, i think greater fans are recognize that every where
10:32 pm
the raiders may have swapped zip codes again. but the franchise is more than just a name. it's a lifestyle and it's been fully embraced. >> you can open and down. the originals have been subscribed to vegas in an oakland native i followed very closely and took a lot of pride. you know, they say the oakland raiders and now, you know, it's still a lot of pride, even though they're oakland, los angeles, las vegas, regardless of where the raiders call home raider nation will follow in san leandro fleet of all kron. 4 news. >> the raiders, of course, will play their 3rd preseason game next saturday taking on the dolphins at miami's hard rock stadium. we here at kron 4 have all the action. our coverage starts at 03:30pm, in the afternoon. immediately followed by raiders, postgame live. so definitely join us here.
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>> this spiritual successor to the gilroy garlic festival taking place this weekend in stockton, the california garlic festival took over the san joaquin county fairgrounds and featured many of the same vendors from the canceled south bay of that. it also included the new cali garlic ally with dishes like the famous garlic fries in the lesser known maple brown, sugar, garlic ice cream also on offer carnival rides. monster truck rides a petting zoo and a classic car show. >> what a long, strange trip. it's been san francisco stern grove festival closing out its 85th season today with phil lesh, who's best known for his 3 decades as the bass guitarist for the grateful dead. the bay area native headlining today's big picnic, a fundraising event that actually helps keep the concerts free as well as sponsor community outreach programs here in the bay area. the event prides itself on it, diverse musical lineup. >> we really try to appeal to as many people as possible. so we try to book a different
10:34 pm
genre of music every single week. but that are going to be popular enough to bring out 10,000 people and just get away from their troubles for a couple and have a good time. that means a lot to us. >> today was the first time less has played for free in the bay area and more than 30 years. people love those possible. and the fact that it is free is just such a such a blessing for us here. that's all the time we got. property is at 10. yeah. but sports night live is coming up next. stay tuned. >> sunday, fun day. my favorite day of the weekend we had to pack one today. thanks for tuning in to sports night live. i'm jason dumas, us and
10:35 pm
i'm kylen mills. it's funny, jason, because it doesn't feel like football here in the bay area. the weather is just warming up, but it's actually fallen. football season is finally upon us. i know i can smell the tailgates coming already may be a long shot, but the giants they are in the nl wild-card race with about 6 weeks left in the season today they look to finish off a series sweep of the pittsburgh pirates. and let's get to the stadium. there's logan webb. he pitched a gem yesterday. alex wood looking to do his part today. a guy who has done more than his part of this series is lamonte wade junior. he went yard last night and does so again today to put the giants up 4 to nothing. but the padre, the pirates fall back down 5 to 3 in the 5th former giant bryan reynolds goes deep to center to give the pirates a 65 lead. just like that. bottom of the 7th now runners on the corners, brandon crawford hit a bloop to shallow center. no one can get to it. well, play right
10:36 pm
there. wilmer flores, he scores. and guess what? we've got ourselves a tie game. let's go to the bottom of the 9th now. giants down a run with one on. tyro estrada. he wins the game with one swing of the bat, walk-off baby. they're having fun down at 3rd and king giants win. 87. they sweep the three-game set with the pirates. let's hear from manager gabe kepler after the win. >> i a straw do come up big spot and with home like a mom like and i think in particular spend so dependable for us, it's rare that he gets to be kind of the write deserving often. but you just kind of blends right in, but it shouldn't surprise us anymore because he's he's come up in big spots and put the bulls and in the scenes. so it's kind of cool to see that that happened for him today. and i do think it was a signal that so there's a lot of fight still left in that room.
10:37 pm
>> what a difference. 2 weeks can make an early august. the a's were rolling as they swept the astros starting the 2nd half of the season. 9 in 5 today. they were trying to avoid being swept by houston and snap a 7 game losing streak. let's go out to the ballpark where the action happened. houston manager dusty baker beloved here in the bay area after managing the giants for nearly a decade. bottom of the first astros switch hitter, alex bregman rips this ball to left in the words of in sync. >> but a bye. >> the 2 run shot gives the astros 2 nothing lead in the second 2 on 2 out for jose who skies a shot to left off the bottom of the fence. both runners would come into score 4, nothing stros lead. how about this stat in the series? houston had 20 hits and 18 rbi with 2 outs in the 6 catcher christian vazquez. golf's a blooper to left. that will bring home another run 5, nothing. houston. they are just piling it on at this
10:38 pm
point. 8th inning, the a's on life support infielder nick allen rockets. this one to left field his second home run of the season. just not enough, though, to power the a's to victory. the final score. 6, 3, astro's when they sweep the three-game series. the a's are back out against the rangers tomorrow. here's a starter cole irvin on his performance today. >> very good first time i've seen him since the trade deadline so they do look a little different. a lot of contact all day that's how i pitch. but i'm just good enough job to keep us in fastball is to shun on there in the first couple made some bad pitches to hitters. >> all righty now most of the big names did not play today, but today was a great chance to get a look at some of the guys fighting for backup spots and the raiders roster really keeping their nfl dreams
10:39 pm
alive. a lot of bright spots today for the raiders who have legit playoff aspirations. they took on the minnesota vikings. let's head to sin city for those highlights. these are the 2 bright spots of this raiders season in probably hinges on them a lot. derek carr and davante adams not playing as a look from the sidelines start of the second raiders up 3 to nothing. jarrett stidham. can find a man opens a let's do it ourselves. first. touchdown of the day that extends the raiders lead to 10. let's go to the 3rd quarter. nick mullens in now, former 40 niner and he finds dj turner over the middle turner with the burners he's in for a 34 yard touchdown. extra point, though, no good. daniel carlson missed that one to 16, 6 raiders 4th quarter. now 3rd and goal for las vegas. they capitalized there. brittain brown gets in for a one yard. touchdown. allegiant stadium loving it. 45 1000 people
10:40 pm
there today for a preseason game. raiders extend that lead to 10. this will do it a couple minutes later to shawn bowers gets the sack on sean mannion. that would wrap up the game. the raiders they go on to win this one. 26 to 20. they are now 2 and oh, in 2 in 3 here's what head coach josh mcdaniels had to say after the game. i thought our compete in the secondary, you know, we held them. >> one for 7 on 3rd we were, you know, we played some tight coverage on 3rd down. you know, there's some close plays down the field, but all in you know, we held under 300 yards, whatever it was, some things to fix. but again, i think they competed hard. >> it was in the bay on friday. how's that for some poetry? san francisco forty-niners second year quarterback trey lance finally stepping out of jimmy garoppolo shadow. lance earned the start of the niners first preseason game against the packers. let's check out how
10:41 pm
he did. head coach kyle shanahan said lance, when see much game action as is typical for many for stringers. early on in the preseason, lance ended up playing 2 sets of downs. he had no problem using his legs here. he's able to avoid the tackle. this scramble turns into a 7 yard pickup, not bad. he also did a good job of getting the ball out quickly. this was the play of the game lands. holds his ground in the pocket, airs it out to wide receiver danny gray who takes it to the house. that's a 76 yard. touchdown. here's shannon. how important preseason experiences for his young qb getting reps out there as much as you can? well, not going to hurt socially. my only priority is health. >> that's why love to play the whole game guarantee. not to get hurt traced them or more as you can get. all they do is help whether it's good or bad that goes out there. so try to do the same thing for nate as long as we >> i'm just like stuff in real football. those numbers are on that we can get together tomorrow. the next day evaluating tape get better from lita.
10:42 pm
>> forty-niners end up winning that one. >> all righty after the break. we head out to oakland. why talked a pro boxer, david lopez and he is set to make his second career white next saturday down in orlando. >> plus, a dream comes to fruition for one san jose earthquakes player. i talked goalkeeper matt know about the 6 and a half year. wait to make his mls debut. awesome interview. that's coming up.
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>> welcome back to sports night live a little over. a year ago, we introduce you to david lopez and oakland native who became one of the youngest to ever sign a pro contract with mayweather promotions. david is now one and has his second career fight next weekend in orlando, florida. i caught up with david to see how he's been preparing for that fight and how his career has been over the past year. >> and now we're joined by the man of the hour, dave, it dynamite lopez. david, how you doing? man? i'm doing good. getting ready for this fight, man. get in. get the last couple of training days in before we got a foot yeah. yeah. it will be a second pro fight. but before we get to that fight, i want to go backwards for a second. so i met you in april of 2021, you haven't. you haven't had a pro fight yet. you're getting ready for that pro fight you just signed with mayweather promotions. what have


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