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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  August 15, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> now at noon the heat is on here in the bay area with some parts expected to hit triple digits. details on the heat advisory now in place. plus thousands of mental health workers are on the picket lines right now. why they say kaiser isn't giving them the support they need. and lawmakers raising questions now about the fbi investigation into former president trump. what they want to know now that the records are unsealed. >> from the bay station, you're watching kron. and news. >> thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at noon. i'm noelle bellow. let's get right into that forecast. it is a hot one. this monday. we're tracking a warm up through the week with the hottest days expected to be today. and
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tomorrow you can see some of the highest temperatures are going to be in our east bay kron. 4 meteorologist kyla grogan here. she's got a look at what this means for your week. some places might get to 100 above that tumors. we've got a couple that are likely hit today and a few more going to hit that. and that exceeded tomorrow. so really the east bay, as we're discussing the highest temperatures and that is why we do have a heat advisory kicking in tomorrow morning between 11:00am and 08:00pm. and that is for east bay hills and our east bay valleys know does also extend up to the north bay mountains and a little bit down into the south bay beaches. the interior, as you can see, does include san jose. >> but this is going to be a big heat event for us. we haven't had this in a while. so temperatures right now, as you can see already warming up. check out nevada at 81 degrees. 67 in san francisco, but livermore antioch spots that are you get up to those triple digits already at this hour in the upper 80's. this is what we're looking out for today. san francisco, 76 degrees and we should normally be in the 60's 80's for
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oakland and san jose, upper 90's in livermore 100 in concord and 96. >> in santa rosa now along with this, we are unfortunately dealing with some air quality issues. you can see we're all good in moderate right now, but we are expecting a spare the air alert for tomorrow. we're under advisory right now and that has everything to do with the fire to the north of us will talk more about that and have your sunday forecast when i come back in just a bit. noel, back to you. kayla, thank you. those hot temperatures are going. >> when you head out of the house >> of heat related illnesses like heat, stroke and heat exhaustion. kron 4 sarah stinson has some tips on how you can be prepared. >> when you head out of the house this week, make sure you have those glasses handy. of course, the sun screen as well because the heat is going to be no joke. and those who got out here early to heather farm park trying to get in their exercise before the scorching hot temperatures. really 7? yeah. really trying to just start earlier in the day, beat the heat and try to get some exercise before going to work
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just after sunrise at heather farm park. >> we'll hear the sounds ducks and and these 3 friends starting the week off nice and early with their walking exercise routine. the weather is cleaner. it's quieter. >> it's the icing could is in chile. and you just enjoy yourself that, you know, you don't get overheated. trying to walk later in the day. smart call as there's an excessive heat watch in the national weather service starting tomorrow through thursday. temperatures will reach a dangerously warm conditions. the heat in line will get up to aro nd 100 to 105 degrees, which increases the chances of heat related illnesses like heat exhaustion and stroke. it gets to the point where you get worry about dehydration and so trying to prevent that here. some prevention tips on how to stay cool and safe. officials say limit strenuous outdoor activities don't leave pets and children in hot vehicles. >> stay air-conditioned spaces
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and drink plenty of water. be extra careful of your pet's paws on hot surfaces, either frenchy. so he they heat up pretty quickly. so that's why i walked him earlier. >> and i pray walk until after 7. >> today is going to be just a little bit cooler tha tomorrow. so you may want to get outside today rather than tomorrow for those outdoor activities or the yard work. but keep in mind, you may see some hazy skies out there. that is from the smoke that is blowing down here from the fires up north. i'm sarah stinson reporting in walnut creek. back to you. >> now again, that heat watches now a heat got upgraded within the last hour. as sarah said, it really is no joke. you can stay connected with kron 4 for the very latest weather conditions as we get through this heat wave scan a qr code that you see on your screen as you can straight to our website where you can find current condituons in your neighborhood. and of course, get the 7 day forecast. other news this afternoon, the city of livermore launching a new program to provide free
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recycled water to residents today through a fillip station that new fill station will give people recycled water to use on their lawns and other outside plants for free officials say drinking waters kept in a separate pipe system than any recycled water hydrants that use recycled water are clearly labeled. citi says he uses about 2 million gallons of recycled water per day. mostly to keep landscaping across the city. clean. if you would like to use recycled water for your own lawn. the philip stations located at one. 0, one west jack london boulevard. it's going to be open on weekends through october. 1st. and while you're phil, while we're talking about filling up prices at the pump, they're continuing to fall, according to the lundberg survey, the average price for a gallon of gasoline here in the united states is now $4.10. that's down. 45 over the past 3 weeks. the survey says motorists demand is lower than normal due to high gas prices. despite this drop prices are
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still $0.85 higher than they were one year ago. highest prices in the country are right here in the bay area with a gallon of gas, averaging $5 and $0.36. taking a quick look around the bay area. napa still coming in as one of the most expensive places followed by san francisco. both flirting around the $5. and 55 $0.53 range. allay is at the bottom of the list with prices around $5 and $0.29 for a gallon of regular gas. happening now to 1000, a kaiser permanente, therapists across northern california are on an indefinite strike. they're protesting the alleged unethical working conditions they say, are putting themselves and patients at risk. kron four's will tran has more from the picket lines in san francisco. >> right now, this is an indefinite strike. so if your nation of kaiser permanente, this is not good news because they don't plan to end this until they reach a contract
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negotiation that they say favorable for the therapist. and you can clearly see they are right in front of their boss is not just here in san francisco, but this is also happening in san jose, sacramento and fresno, 2000 of them. all together and they're not walking back to work until a deal is reached and they claim this is not about money. sometimes strikes are over money, but they say in this particular case, it's about staffing because when they increased staffing, they say they can spend more time working on their patients. he was on duty, dhabi without the bargaining team. you spent this weekend weekend bargaining. are you any closer to reaching a deal? i don't think we're any closer to an agreement. kaiser is presenting this as an issue about wages, for our for our the contract. >> but this is about patient care can be a tangible example in a perfect world that i called to an appointment for marriage counseling. how quickly should i seen versus >> if you call, you probably
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wait at least 2 weeks to get an appointment for and then you'll be passed along to at least want that their fist before you get an appointment and that could be anywhere 4 weeks to 10 weeks to be seen. we did reach out to kaiser and they did respond. they say we have the deepest appreciation and gratitude for a mental health professionals and the extraordinary care they provide to our members. >> despite the union's harmful tactics, we remain committed to marketing in good faith to reach a fair and equitable agreement that it's good for our therapists and our patients. if you have a non-emergency, there's a good chance. kaiser has already reached out to you and pushed back that appointment or you might be going to an out network. kaiser is trying to work with those as well. so you can get your treatment. but more than likely your chances of seeing therapist obviously has gone down because they're on the picket line. if you have any by all means call kaiser and check on your appointment. and like i
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said, the bad news for all of this, as far as the patients are concerned, there is no timetable on when they will get back to the bargaining table. so more than likely will be right back here tomorrow morning. back to >> meanwhile, nurses at saint mary's medical center in san francisco are holding an informational picket today. they're trying to call attention to the facility staffing shortage. nurses say they don't have enough staff to treat patients in a timely manner. they also say nurses often work without brakes on top of working overtime are pulling double shifts. that picket line will be held in front of the medical center on sandy and street. it will start at 2.30 this afternoon. happening now, oakland police are asking for your help in locating a teenage girl. take a look at your screen here. police say 14 year-old natalia perez rivera was last seen around 10, 30 saturday morning near 48th avenue. opd says she was wearing black sweat pants, a black crocs and a gray hooded sweatshirt with an adidas logo on it. natalia is
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5 foot 5 inches. she weighs 155 pounds. she has black hair and brown eyes. her family says she is in good physical mental condition. she may have been going to washington square in san francisco. so if you know of her whereabouts, you're asked to contact oakland pd. also in oakland, 2 miners were shot in 2 separate shootings over the weekend. one happened at 4 o'clock in the afternoon on friday on 26th street. police say one of the miners was taken to a hospital with serious injuries. no word on what led up to that first shooting. then hours later, police responded to the hospital where another miner was being treated for gunshot wounds. that shooting happened near 73rd avenue and holly street police haven't said how that shooting happened either or if these 2 are related to national news. now, lawmakers calling on the department of justice to release more information about the fbi search of former president donald trump's home court
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records were unsealed friday. but as our washington correspondent reshad hudson said, tells us the new info is leaving lawmakers with more questions than answers. >> no one is above the law. donald trump is not above the law and the attorney general garland is not above the law either. >> ohio republican congressman mike turner is pushing for more information on the fbi search of former president trump's florida home. we have this list from the fbi, but we don't have conclusive as to about this actually is classified material and whether or not it rises to the level the highest classified material. court documents show the fbi removed 11 sets of classified records. texas congressman mike mccaul told cbs news the american people deserve answers. the affidavit in support of the warrant. we'll give you the probable cause to try to understand what is going on here. and i think the american people deserve this. california democratic congressman adam schiff believes the documents potentially pose a national security threat. >> so the fact that they were
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in an secure that is garden with nothing more than a or whatever security the head at a hotel is deeply alarming. schiff says the doj has the right to investigate the material. anyone in the intelligence community that documents like that marked top secret, they would be under serious investigation. >> coming up here in our show, we'll have another look at the warm-up this week. keeping an eye on wildfires burning across our state. plus, it's been 9 days since keely. rodney went missing. we have the very latest details on the search for the team. and a new push to get more people vaccinated against monkeypox. the priority shifts to a new group of people. we've got that story coming up.
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back. 12, 15 on this monday afternoon. and we have the latest update on monkeypox here in the bay area. cases are continuing to rise, but more people are getting vaccinated against the virus. now there's a big push to get the vaccine to college students. kron four's amanda hari has details. >> i feel a little bit hopeful because rick been getting more and more vaccines on saturday. zuckerberg, san francisco general hospital held a vaccine clinic 822 doses were administered and all walk-ins were served. ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor
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peter chin-hong says the wait times only 10 minutes, but that might not be a good thing if the wait time is only 10 it is consenting a sudden accent because >> everything that the estimated population that needs vaccine is that the minimum? 35,000, if not 70,000 in san francisco county, we're not released. getting beyond the people who really want to get it at this point. he says the demand is still much higher than the supply. >> he's worried about communities that may be harder to reach like people who can't take off of work to attend a clinic or those who may not have the resources to find a clinic when it pops up. people who are hampered electronic divide because you kind of have to have a network of hpfriends on a cell phone. >> to go from place to place a it's not a set schedule. it's not a certain doctor. chin-hong says you need to search the web and look out for things like tweets or
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facebook posts from the department of public health to find a clinic. >> he says there's still not enough vaccine to give it to anyone who wants you still have to attest to part of the and trans people have with men, population. i activity in the past or attest to being a health care worker or somebody you know, i risk for getting expose that he says with school beginning, he's not overly concerned about younger school children. he says there's little evidence you can get it in a normal school setting. >> but he is concerned about young adults heading to college campuses. i think the one population that. >> you know, i think we're all on guard for would be the college population because they are they may not sitting exactly of there's a lot of identity formation of that time. you know, they may not identifies that population to
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get the vaccine as of geperal hospital will be announcing more monkeypox clinic hours as they assess available doses. >> amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> there is a monkey pox vaccine clinic that will return to berkeley this week at set for wednesday at noon at the steam works baths on 4th street. that business is actually working with the alameda county public health department to host the clinic. they're going to administer 300 shots first come first serve. they will only be administering the first dose of the monkeypox vaccine. steve marks pass is also set to hold other clinics over the next few weeks. all right. we want to get you another check of your forecast on this hot hot monday. i feel like maybe the cameras even sweating. it looks a little from that camera inland. temperatures expected to crack the triple digits today in some parts of the bay area. it is a hot one. kyla grogan here with all our details, kyle. you're talking air quality to got some issues. yes, you said hazy. and there's a reason for that
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or look at walnut creek was going to be very hot today and very hot tomorrow in triple digits. but also. >> we're having some air quality issues. so we are under an air quality advisory right now. we have a spare the air alert for tamara. you see everything's in yellow and green. that's not bad. but if you look to the north, that's where the problem lies. we have a fire here. that is the 6 rivers lightning complex fire and you could smoke tracker. we've got winds coming from the north. you see those wind barbs, its pushing all of that smoke our way. so that means there's tuesday at 06:30am, in the morning. you can see it's going to be little bit worse before it gets better highs today. going to be very warm. we're talking about inland spots, 100, antioch, 198 in livermore, 76 in san francisco, 96 7 santa rosa. and you can see san jose at 89. we're going to 95 we're going to be under this heat advisory tomorrow, starting at 11:00am and you can see it is most of our inland communities. just a little bit of the north bay mountains. but really, it's all of that inland east bay and a little bit of the south bay down. there's going to be dealing with it. all has to do with high pressure that's been building over the desert southwest. and as that
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happens, we get that dome of heat. and that is why we're going to see this continue to build. it does peak on tuesday. that's the good news. so look ahead here shows you that we do start to ramp down ever so slightly on wednesday inland to folks are now 99, but then into the low 90's. and then as we head towards next weekend, there we go. there's the relief in the 80's. know back to you. kayla. thank you. over in the east bay, a family shaken up after someone stole their dogs outside of the oakland apartment complex. the victim says the man pulled a gun on her 14 year-old son and demanded he hand over their french bulldog bella. the owner says her son was taking bella out to use the bathroom on august. second when he saw a car pulling up slowly. >> the cer made him nervous. so he tried to get bella back into the house. but that's when the man got out of the car. dogs owner describes what happened next. >> to hand over bella. and my sense that now. after that, the guy pulled out a gun on him and he said i'm going need you to have me over it up with
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talked in the if this ever happens, you know? your safety, its priority, of course. and he had to hand her over to my son. this pulling the leash and pull that inside the car. >> traumatic person says the car looks like a black volkswagen jetta with tinted windows and chrome on the window frames family filed a police report, but they say what they care about the most is making sure bella gets home safely. happening today, san francisco police department going to hold a virtual town hall meeting to provide an update on officer involved shooting that happened back on august 6 having between shot well and 18th streets in the mission. district police say the officer was trying to detain a man when they opened fire. luckily no one was hurt. the officer involved in the shootings now on paid administrative leave. today's town hall is set to begin at 03:00pm. san francisco police did arrest a man connected to a shooting of 2 people over
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the weekend. it happened around 02:00am on the block of anderson avenue near bayview park. police say they found a man and a woman with gunshot wounds. they died from their injuries later that night officers were able to arrest urban hernandez. flores on suspicion of homicide and burglary. the investigation is still ongoing. still ahead here at noon, a doctor fought for a baby's life when life saving medications were denied by insurance. >> and has lots of school districts get back to get back to school. one local police department has stepped up to help parents out. got that story straight ahead. as more
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bay area students gear up for the first day of classes. many are still without school supplies. one police department decided to help out by hosting a school supply drive kron four's camila barco. was there. >> donated some color, pencils, a simple donation like color. pencils is making a huge difference for students in livermore. think this is a wonderful program. the police to >> you can see they put up to try win in get not how ball help stuff. this livermore police cruiser. >> with school supplies, its contributions are now helping hundreds of kids have what they need for the first day of school. we usually get more than what we need, which is great because then we end up donating the rest school resource officer aren't. rosa says the program started years
12:26 pm
ago after learning about the need for backpacks in the community. some children didn't have school supplies when school began. >> so we figured out that if we could drug donations and get them out, we're more than happy to be a part of this community project. this weekend. they collected hundreds of school supplies which will be given to livermore students. >> who need it the most? for example, kids who are in the horizons, family counseling program that offers diversion programs for kids and teens who've been affected by law enforcement. what we offer is a long-term solution for families so they can get the help that they need. >> you know, to help police solve some of their domestic problems. rosa says the program often works with people in underserved communities. but with the help from people in the livermore community, dozens of kids can start school on the right foot. you can see the parents just, you know, relieved that they don't have to go out and purchase. one more thing officers are going to sort through the supplies they collected this weekend and given to students in need just in time for the first day of
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school on august 23rd in livermore, camila barco kron. 4 news. >> coming up in our next half hour at might end it might be harder to find king's hawaiian rolls. we're going to tell you why they're being recalled. plus, major mudslides in socal causing some serious destruction. will have a look at the damage in just a bit. and i think an eye on the weather. we do have temperatures starting to soar. i'll have details about our heat advisory when we can expect a cool
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>> welcome back. our top story this half-hour, of course, is our weather forecast taking a live or excuse me, not a live look. taking a look at our temperatures right now. antioch, just in the last 30 minutes reached at a 90 degree point sitting at 92 degrees right now. we've got to many more days. i think of heat ahead as well. meteorologist kyla grogan standing by. she's got a look at what we can expect just going to continue getting higher. they're probably going to get that the century mark. they're working their way up to it today and they're going exceed it tomorrow. so again, this live look at temperatures right now. you can see it's 70 degrees in san francisco. but as noel mention, look to the east bay, you see those numbers really going up there. 92 in antioch right now already at 86 in livermore to the spots are to get very warm, not a lot of wind out there relatively calm. but in fact, we do have a little wind
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coming from the north. and unfortunately, that's going to bring us a little bit of smoke. all talk about that a second. let's talk about why this is happening. >> high pressure sitting over the 4 corners. this dome of heat starting to build up when that happens, it heats up our inland communities. so we're expecting to see to peak on tuesday again, as you all mentioned, inland 1, 100's in spots. so let's talk about today. this is where we're going today. just you can see these are the averages. so normally in san francisco, we've got 6.67, degrees reverse that and go for 76 today. 80's in oakland and san jose livermore looking out for 98 degrees. that's about 10 degrees above average concord, 100 and santa rosa at 96. but that's just the beginning. because tomorrow our heat advisory kicks in starting at 11:00am going through 08:00pm. you can see it is those interior communities in the east bay a little bit in the north bay mountains. but mostly it's east day inland and then also little bit of inland santa clara county that's going to experiencing extreme heat. so this is tuesday as temperatures are taking a look at and again, see where these numbers really jump up. santa rosa, 98 on your tuesday. 77 in san
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francisco. but check out conquer looking out for 104 102 in livermore, antioch, you'll be up there as well. 90's in vallejo, 92 in san jose. you get the idea it's going to be a hot one. unfortunately, we're also gonna have some air quality issues. this is our current air quality. it's not too bad, but there is a fire to the north of us. the 6 rivers complex fire. and that is going to drain some smoke down our way because of that northerly wind on the back in just a bit to talk about that. and also your extended forecast for now sent back to the desk. kayla, thank you. crews are working to contain 12 wildfires near california's coastline. they were all caused by lightning. the 6 rivers at lightning complex fire started on august 6th. it burned nearly 17,000 acres on the humble trinity county lines. >> right now it is 17% contained. this fire also prompted several evacuation orders and warnings. one person was injured. now sunday marked one year since the caldor fire sparks scorching more than 200,000 acres from just east of sacramento to
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tahoe. it costs california. 1.2 billion dollars and the caldor fire ranks as the 3rd largest fire in california in 2021. in decnmber, father and son david smith, our david and travis smith were arrested for reckless lee for reckless arson. that led to that blaze around 300 people gathered saturday to acknowledge the devastation. them having hope. >> and seeing the fact there's 11 permits approved right now for rebuilding. the reality is majority of us lost our homes. and this is for all of us to just get together. >> more events to honor the victims of the caldor fire are planned throughout the month. a retired menlo park fire chief has coordinated an effort to send used firefighting equipment from around the bay area to ukraine. it's the result of a monthslong effort to gather used equipment that's still in good condition, but no longer needed here. last thursday, firefighters gathered in
12:34 pm
morgan hill to load up equipment into a 40 foot shipping container harold shuttle shop a home and spoke with kron 4 about the vital supplies needed by ukrainian firefighters. we're dealing with rescues, recoveries and fighting fires and bombed out urban centers. >> when the request that we got from the ukrainian for service emergency services were for was for 10,000 body bags. so they can imagine. i mean, you know, anybody hears that it's it's almost unbelievable. but i mean, they were looking at one time for 10,000 body bags are looking for a lightweight helmets. you know, if you look at some of the images, they're operating in a structure collapse, were we in the united states would have hundreds of people working with maybe an engine company in a truck and a crane. that's all they have. and so they're very limited gear to do all that. so that's where we stepped in and said, hey, look, we can send news equipment, nasa's fire agencies that typically donate to south america or whatever. let's ask them, would you want to do that and send it to ukraine? and many did.
12:35 pm
>> the container of equipments going to make a stop in poland before it reaches its final destination in ukraine. lawyers for american basketball star brittney griner are appealing her 9 year russian prison sentence for drug possession. griner was convicted on drug charges earlier this month. she was arrested in february at a moscow airport after can assist after vape canisters containing cannabis oil were found in her luggage. the grounds of the appeal were not made clear, but her lawyers did say griner sentence is excessive. they noted in similar cases, defendants received an average sentence of about 5 years. the u.s. has declared griner as being wrongfully detained along with paul whalen, an american serving a 16 year sentence in russia for espionage. the u.s. is rumored to be negotiating a prisoner swap with russia developing news back here at home. the iranian government denying having any involvement in the attack on offer rushdie rushdie was stabbed friday while attending an event in
12:36 pm
new york. his agents say he saw it as agent says he suffered a damaged liver and severed nerves in an arm and one of his eyes, the spokesperson of iran's foreign ministry is blaming the author and his supporters for the stabbing. he says no one has the right to accuse iran in this regard. rushdie has faced death threats for more than 30 years for his novel, the satanic verses. >> doing a lot of thinking. >> about what the experience was like for my parents and grandparents and relatives who were incarcerated during war. 2. >> right now in san bruno, there's an exhibit going on about the japanese internment camps happening in the same place where thousands of japanese americans, mostly u.s. citizens, were taken against their will just 80 years ago. the exhibits called sohn say granddaughters journey from remembrance to resistance. it's on display at z gallery in the shops at
12:37 pm
tanforan. that's the site of the original racetrack, a temporary detention center that held 8,000 japanese americans who were rounded up and sent to internment camps during world war. 2, we spoke with some of the artists responsible for the exhibit. >> my own family was incarcerated so much of this history is and so with the 5 of us were able to learn from each other. and i was going after that. so 3rd generation son say. >> the exhibit runs through september 3rd admission is completely free. a 16 year-old palo alto high school student named kal courier recently became the youngest sailor to sail across the atlantic ocean west to east. you navigated the more than 3500 mile journey from massachusetts to portugal the summer we spoke with him about his journey. >> it's all kind of surreal. it happened really fast from start to but it definitely a
12:38 pm
long trip, but i'm just so happy to be back. eating was kind of hard. i'm not naturally seasick, which is a blessing for trying to sail across the ocean, i would see sick enough that it was hard to eat. i wasn't scared i prepared so much and spend so much time thinking about it a field says step back on solid wildly. that makes sense. yeah. >> the voyage to 27 days. currier says he got a welcome surprise with his parents and brother came out to meet him at the end of his trip. new at noon a couple recalls. a couple recalls to tell you about more than 13,000 pounds of frozen pizza are being recalled because of possible metal and them stick with us for that. this is for the chicago's home run and brand pizza. no injuries or adverse reactions have been reported. but the usda says some consumers in illinois have
12:39 pm
complained about metal pieces they found in the pies. the products have an establishment number of 1, 8, 4, 9, if you have this pizza, you are advised to either return it or throw it away. also, king's hawaiian recalling some of its products due to possible bacteria contamination in one of its ingredients. the voluntary recall affects the pretzel. slider buns pretzel. hamburger buns and pretzel bites can even though king swine made pretzel a pretzel buns. but here we are. the company says there are have not been any cases of illness. no other king'f hawaiian products are affected by this. doctors. dedication may have saved a newborn baby's life. doctor eric ball needed to order some lifesaving medication but wasn't getting anywhere with the baby's insurance company. so he took his case to social media, hoping for some action. pedro rivera has the story. >> it's critical that this
12:40 pm
family be able to get this. >> formula for over a month. a premature baby has been in the care of pediatrician. doctor eric ball of the chalk primary care network in orange county. the child was recently released from the hospital but is now in the need of a special medication. the baby actually needed a special type of formula that's very rare and extremely expensive. it's called mama jun. it can cause the family between 80 to $100 a can. the family's insurance company, anthem blue cross blue shield initially denied the claim. this was. out of the range for this family to get for this expensive formula. but with a doctor's authorization, the family could receive the medication. so since tuesday, doctor ball has tried to get insurance rep on the phone. so this was taking hours and hours of my time and hours and hours of this family's time. and we were just done with it. 3 days later, the doctor took to twitter writing, i have a preemie baby who can't get his life saving medication because
12:41 pm
you won't cover it without me. speaking to someone about pre authorization, we need to talk. i didn't mean to start like a fire storm or to to shame them. i just wanted to be able to reach one percent because i probably talked to a dozen people, maybe 20 people by that time as a friday night. the tweet has more than 500 retweets and liked more than 23,000 times. i had people reaching out to me on twitter offering pay for this kid's formula. i had dozens or hundreds of physicians reaching out to be. >> basically saying, yeah, we're dealing with the same thing on friday. ball said he got a call from someone higher up in the insurance company and the baby will get the formula. but the doctor believes this shows a glaring problem within the health care industry that can be solved by cutting the red tape. but that's not where health care system should work. it's ridiculous that i had to do the best to get a baby. their lifesaving formula. i'm glad it worked out in this case, but there's probably thousands of people who are suffering are paying a lot of money out
12:42 pm
of pocket unnecessarily or not getting their medicines because of the way this works. >> that was pedro rivera reporting for us this afternoon. stick with us here on kron. 4 news at noon. coming up, a big the hollywood honor for nipsey hussle. how the west coast rap icon is being remembered today. plus, a new report finds california could soon be battered with torrential rain. why scientists are raising the alarm despite our years of drought and the search continues for the teen who went missing near lake tahoe. we have the very latest.
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>> the search continues in placer county for missing teen kiely rodni. she's been missing for more than a week. now. crews have been searching the areas where she was last seen garage. paulson has the latest. >> on day 9 search and rescue crews are still searching for truckee teen kiley, rodney and her vehicle. a day after divers searched the waters to prosper late search and rescue crews continue to comb around this area right next to that camp. we're kiley was last seen alive. this amazing effort. hundreds of people from volunteers to law enforcement agencies from around the region was incredible offer have spent countless hours trying to find the 16 year-old who went missing near the prosser family campground after attending a party with at least 200 i want to thank
12:46 pm
everyone. daniel, rodney is kai li's father at the base camp. many of the volunteers are also updating flyers that reflects the new war of $75,000 after an anonymous person donated 25,000. >> we want to thank you, whoever you are. we. we want to thank you just your incredible you are, right. he says the past 9 days have been agonizing. i don't know how i'm doing. >> i'm not every day is. roller you know, emotions are >> out of control. but through the ups and downs, he and the family are holding on to hope. his baby girl who he says his selfless, outgoing and college bound at the age of 16 is still alive. he was out probably around 3, you know, want to be it. want to be a >> pediatric orthopedic surgeon and want to get social so and then just after the other day and not too long ago, data. and she still wants
12:47 pm
to pt at record speed. the search. and a >> as search and rescue crews and many of the volunteers keep looking, rodney, encouraged by the support and staying positive. thank you, everyone. >> everything you're there and we appreciate it. my family and i right. really thank you. and >> the sheriff's office says they received more than 1200 tips, but they have not yet received that one tip that could lead them to kai leigh reporting in gurajpal sangha. >> other news this afternoon, the risk of a catastrophic mega flood has more than doubled in california. a new study from ucl a says even with the extended drought we've been dealing with the chances. a devastating flood will hit. the golden state are higher than ever. the last great flood in california came
12:48 pm
160 years ago in 18. 62 after 30 straight days of rain redirected the la river from venice to long beach. researchers say a similar storm today would displace 10 million people close major freeways and caused an estimated trillion dollars worth of damage. with that in mind, her head turned it over too. connor meteorologist kyla grogan here. obviously we are nowhere near seeing. wrap my head around it at this point. but if you consider the fact that you just said like 160 years ago, i believe it was. yeah, that's why this discussion is happening because the odds become greater when you have got a longer stretch of time between things because we know it has happened right before. and when we talk about that, you'll hear me talk about atmospheric rivers, everybody, right, that that moisture plume, that kind of comes all the way from hawaii and rules and those are what are capable of creating kind of those big rain events. obviously, we don't have any of that in the forecast. we're talking about
12:49 pm
heat today. and if take a look at california, you can see those 90's already rolling. >> in the central part of the state reading at 100 degrees right now. here we are and look inland and see where the heat's going. 92 right now in antioch, 86 in livermore. we're at 86 in fremont. 81 up in santa rosa. 70 in san francisco are going to be above average today. no doubt about it. that inland heat is kicking in. warmest spots will be in the inland east bay heat advisory kicks in as we get into tomorrow. and then next week, every much cooler going to have this temperatures closer to average. this is what we're looking out for today. 76 in san francisco, 82 in oakland, 89 in san jose, unfortunately have some air quality issues. we do have a fire to the north of us and that is going to be driving some smoke down over the next 24 hours. so while our air quality right now is not bad, we expected to start to deteriorate a bit. in fact, we have a spare the air alert coming in play for tomorrow. here's your extended forecast. you can see some relief from that heat coming as we get into thursday and friday. but then the real relief for inland communities. we get back to the 80's. that will be next weekend. so hang in there, everybody. stay cool and take care of yourself and
12:50 pm
your neighbors you >> kyler, thank you. take a look at this. a scary moment here in california after a couple of hikers found themselves stranded in the san bernardino mountains as some flash floods battered that region. several roads were washed out due to a mudslide over the weekend. communities are trying to clean up what they can. it looks like a mess there. alex caprariello has that story. >> all across the mountain side of the san bernardino national forest. you can see the widespread damage left behind by this mudslide. the rushing waters from this flash flooding was so powerful it was able to lift up these enormous boulders and push them miles down the hill. weather experts are calling this monsoon season across the west. one of the most intense in about a decade >> heavy rains wreaked havoc in the southern california mountains over the weekend causing flash floods and mudslides. bianca rae moran. her family were caught in the middle of a storm while taking a day trip to forest falls. >> and we're starting to hike
12:51 pm
down to the creek and then a kaiser spring clean been asserted been during and then it really started pouring. she said they were able to make it back to their car safely but hit a mudslide on the way down. >> you know, we're driving down. you can see all those water just rushing down the roads and then we got to that point, we had the mudslide. >> and i was like, i can't go any further. it was that moment when her husband took out his phone and recorded the mud, rocks, debris and even large tree trunks flowing over the highway. they were able to take shelter in the driveway of a nearby home. i this is >> really amazing to see the community just jump together really quickly to like help out all these strangers. you can see the aftermath as crews began to clear away debris. >> bianca and her family lived just 15 minutes away in mentone. but she said the incident isn't going to stop them from coming back. >> you know, it happens. we have that mudslide. but maybe it kind of cleared everything away from things. start going come back to life.
12:52 pm
>> back here at home in the north petaluma woman says she was assaulted by a man who broke into her home. it happened on the 700 block of v street around 03:30am, friday morning. police say a woman woke up to a man lifting her bed covers and touching her leg. the man ran off when the woman screamed. police say it's unclear how the man got inside that house. now investigators are checking with neighbors who may have surveillance footage to see if they captured an image of the attacker. over napa. one person is dead. 4 people hurt in a car crash involving 5 cars happened around midnight on sunday between the connector of highway 29 and highway one. 21 police say a car driving southbound swerved into oncoming traffic and hit 4 cars. one person died at the scene. 4 others were taken to the hospital. west coast. rapper nipsey hussle honored with a star on the hollywood walk of fame today. it would
12:53 pm
have been his 37th birthday. the star was unveiled in front of amoeba music on hollywood boulevard. his family, friends and hundreds of fans were in attendance today. nipsey hussle was shot and killed in front of his los angeles clothing store. back in 2019 last month, a jury convicted eric holder junior for the rapper's murder. he is set to be sentenced next month. >> you me. >> bullet train is on track to be the nation's number one movie for the second week in a row. the brad pitt action thriller brought in just over 13 million dollars this weekend. that said the movie took in about half of what it did in ticket sales compared to when it opened last week. overall, it's been the lowest grossing weekend for movies this summer. some people head back to school. get it coming up next at noon, looking for an easy way to save money
12:54 pm
without changing your routine. there's an app for that. stick with us.
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12:57 pm
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and only happens a few times a year for cash back on in-store purchases checkout i bought a it takes a bit of planning since you need to add offers first before you shop. this could be a great way to get cash back. but it's only for specific brands. and so i don't want you making a purchase just because you get cash back. fetch rewards is somewhat easier since you can earn points by upltading receipts from any store or restaurant, they just might not be worth a ton a key with is that it gives you gift cards and magazines backs. you can't get cold hard cash out of fashion this time. target shoppers can save by using their circle rewards program. inside the app store offers by discount to find the biggest savings. finally swagbucks doesn't require any shopping. you can play video games. you can watch videos. you can take surveys. and so they have a lot of ways that you can get that cash back. but the point don't always add based on your time. one more money, saving tip when it comes to honey. they have a neat feature
12:59 pm
called drop list. which will alert you when the price drops on an item you want. it works really well. >> all right. i've got links to follow george campbell on my web site. just go to rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> i am terrible at saving money and not buying things. so maybe i need to download olivia horton for live in the bay is here. olivia, what about you? are you are you going to say thing? i'm terrible hey, hey, no, i'm actually i'm very good at saving. i'm a bargain hunter. i've been that way. i was trained as young child to think that way. going probably have to run downstairs and get some tips from you on you got working on for live in the bay today. well, first and foremost, happy belated birthday birthday this past weekend. so happy when they see you. thank you, olivia. i appreciate loves a birthday listen, we have a great show coming up for you today. >> they're serving up a love with their lasagna. learn more about the local organization
1:00 pm
that's looking to spread kindness. feed families will strengthen the community. plus, senate quest is back with 220 new films from 55 countries. how you can see back again at this year's film creativity festival. >> and a local author, his newest book is based off his own personal experience and a technology start-up that right here in san francisco. then they've interviewed celebs like you should steph curry, the host and twins million and dina are sharing how they're chasing their dreams. just 16 years old. >> all of that. plus, a new face on live in the bay happening today right here on the show. >> welcome. it's alive in the bay. so happy that you could in


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