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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  August 16, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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going to take moment to get there. but at least in your seven-day forecast, you can see a lot cooler stuff around the corner. >> and not too far away towards the weekend today easily. the hottest one yesterday was our warm-up for the real heat. today. you can see a little bit of fog at the golden gate bridge are also noticing a bit of haze. we have smoke from wildfires burning up to our north that has officially settled back into the day an a for a spare. the air alert out on top of that, the triple digit heat and our heat advisories which go into effect in orange areas at 11:00am. this morning. and we are looking at a day to avoid too much outdoor exposure, especially this afternoon with the heat, coupled with the poor air quality. right now it's 50's 60's. so here's your chance to get outside. walk the dog. i would recommend doing your work out indoors today. get over to the gym for that as we do have those air quality impacts and the heat just around the corner. i'll be talking about exactly how hot it will get this afternoon, right where you're at. still ahead, john, thank you for that. well, if you're
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traveling along, i-80 northbound just south of marina boulevard right here in san leandro. we've got an accident. so >> we are seeing delays. vote on the northbound and southbound side of i-80 busy there this morning. a 17 minute ride may so that fremont street exit that's traveling into the city. the san mateo bridge. now you're at about 21 minutes traveling from a 80 heading across towards one o one and the south bay about 62 minutes traveling up along one o one. 85 to menlo park. daria. james, back to you. >> all right. let's get to some breaking news this morning. first lady doctor jill biden has tested positive for covid-19 and is apparently experiencing mild symptoms. the white house says she was vacationing with president biden in south carolina when she began to experience symptoms yesterday. she's now taking the antiviral drug paxlovid and is staying in isolation at the vacation home for the next 5 days. the white house says president biden tested negative for the virus this morning. they're keeping a close eye on him. you may remember he just recovered
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from a rebound case of the virus earlier this month. last thing he wants is to get it again. >> and let's get back to what's happening now around the bay. things are going to heat up today. it will be the hottest day of the week and there are heat advisories out there for yes, some of the hottest temperatures are going to be found in the east bay and that's where we find kron four's will tran standing by live with what we need to know. good morning. well. >> what you need to know today is get your workout done early like these beautiful people right behind me. they normally walk lafayette reservoir anyway, but they know it's going to heat up and that's why kayla and alex, you got it done earlier. any tips out there for those who want to beat the heat, you're wearing black, but i would imagine this afternoon it no dark colors. there will be no dark colors. now, just hydrate stretch and get out early. i can see the sweat on your brow ready any to so the public out there, alex, would you normally be out here at this time or maybe do? a condition
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air conditioning. you got back from greece, how does this weather compare to greece? >> it was it was humid and hot there as well. i mean, all over europe, it was very, very, very hot. so so what do you plan to do this afternoon to beat the heat other than already getting your workout done this morning? yeah. just get into the office. air conditioned office high tree stay until it cools off. and ukip's any test of the public out there with smart man. thank you so much. i know you have more walking to do. thank you for stopping by. a lot of people. they did stop by the lafayette reservoir a little bit earlier than scheduled. in fact, there was a long line. >> before it even opened as people try to get here while he was still a little bit dark. now that the sun is up, mother nature has cleared her throat. and boy, is it going to heat up some parts of the east bay anywhere between 100 and 100 and 8 degrees. the good news is it's not supposed to last a long time, which is why they're not calling this a heat wave. it's just going to
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be very uncomfortable. get your work. i've done. now. back to you again. steps in now. thank you, >> and don't forget, you can stay connected with kron 4 for the very latest with the weather conditions throughout this heat spike to scan that qr code. you'll take it. it will take it to the website where we've got a special page with all of our excessive heat watches and warnings. information you need to know current condition. 70 forecast. you can see that light at the end of the tunnel. and this extreme heat is also good reminder that wildfires can spark and can quickly get out of control. we had a case yesterday where a fire did spread fairly fast near dublin. luckily they were able to get a handle on it. the crawfords theresa stasi walks us through what happened. >> you can see how the fire got so close to those homes. just perched on the hill right on the north side of 5.80, this fire started around 4.30 monday afternoon. an suv burst into flames on 5.80, near even canyon road. at first, a fire called the eden fire was
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reported as a small grass fire about 3 acres. but then it took off alert, went out to residents in the shaver ranch area, warning them to be ready to evacuate and that eventually happen. roads were shut down as fire crews rushed in. here is cal fire battalion chief brian goff. >> yeah, we had a vehicle fire had a little issue, caused a vehicle fire. the fire jump to the vegetation with the weather and wind and to feel that we have here spread pretty quickly over towards these houses and we showed up and do they do. this is a reminder of how dry it is. we've got the drought. we've got these hot temperatures. it's going to be hot for the next couple of days. got have that go bag. ready to be hot. it's going to be hot until christmas. >> you know, this rate. yeah, the weather >> the weather. a few typography all play affecting it. >> although crews were able to stop any forward progress of the fire, there is still a lot of work to be done.
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>> well, that was theresa stasi reporting. fire crews stayed overnight to put out hot spots. they say in total that fire burned about 55 acres. >> oakland police have a possible suspect in custody for a shooting that happened at lake merritt concours amanda hari has the latest. >> after hours of heavy police presence and an investigation, a possible suspect has been arrested for shooting in the middle of the day on bellevue avenue near lake merritt in oakland, not far from the bonsai garden in children's fairyland. police say they received several 9-1-1. calls reporting shots fired just before one. 45 monday afternoon officers arrived at the area to find a male victim. they say he was taken to the hospital. it's depressing. but >> really because you kind of get desensitized. to hearing about shootings that happened. a >> nicholas is easy and lives in oakland and was walking past the lake just after
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police had cleared the area. chief leronne armstrong says this is the second incident in this area recently and they're trying to figure out if they're related as easy and was surprised to hear the shooting happened in the middle of the day. it's even more depressing considering walked the lake with my kids to know as easy and says he feels for the family of the victim and says he'll be even more cautious when out and about just have to. >> and always be aware of your surroundings. chief armstrong says they're still investigating the motive of the shooting in oakland amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> well, happening tonight, house speaker nancy pelosi is going to be hosting a town hall in san francisco to discuss the spread of monkeypox ople can join over the phone by calling the number that you see on your screen. experts will the speaker to answer any questions you have about monkeypox will have medical doctor standing by. this is going to give people the opportunity to get the answers that they're looking for from
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official knowledgeable sources. it will start at 05:00pm. and if you didn't get a chance to write down that number, we're going to put it on our website. kron 4 dot coms. you come to that any time a day to get that phone number. san francisco, by the way, is getting better at giving out the monkeypox vaccine. there were no massive lines outside san francisco general hospital yesterday, despite the fact the city was still giving out the same number vaccines. the health director says they just improved how they do that. and so they've shortened the wait time. in fact, the clinic is doubling the hours for walk-up in appointments. they'll be open now mondathrough friday from 8 in the morning until 04:00pm. >> take those numbers to continue to increase. we are not not seen a plateau, which is why we're encouraging people to get vaccinated. you prevention measures that they can talk to their their physician and health care provider about. >> the vaccine is given out in 2 doses about a month, the parks, but due to lack of supply that second dose is
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being delayed for now. in fact, it's unclear when san francisco is going to receive its next allotment as it stands. they'll run out of their current supplies by this coming thursday. it's 8, 0, 8, and an east bay family is pleading for the safe return of 14 year-old natalia perez rivera. she was last seen on saturday morning in oakland with crawford's taylor. second now. >> who spoke to the girl sister? come back. >> we need you, mommy. mom is not okay. i'm not ok. if you are against her, will fight site like the fighter that you are. jenna says hernandez is message to her younger sister, 14 year-old natalia perez rivera. >> who's been missing since saturday morning after she left her oakland home. she love wearing psalm grace. let's in a gray sweatshirt with logo. she didn't think anything shouldn't to go back to action that shows clothes, food and nothing. left with the clothes on her back. according to social media
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messages, hernandez believes her sister took bar to san francisco and was heading to washington square park to meet someone. i don't who took her. i don't know if it's somebody that problems and that can do something really, really got to her or put in a situation where. it will affect their very, very much. oakland. police say perez rivera stands about 5 foot, 5 inches and weighs 155 pounds. she was also last seen wearing black crocs. hernandez says they haven't heard from perez rivera since saturday morning. >> and are extremely worried. she's being held somewhere against her. will we need you back in the you >> though house not the same. everybody's worried everybody's looking for you. we need you back. and that was taylor bisacky reporting. oakland police are also asking for your help in finding this girl. >> 13 year-old daisy lancaster was last seen about 3.30, saturday afternoon at the
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extended stay hotel in alameda lancaster is 4 feet. 8 inches tall. weighs about 115 pounds has blonde hair, brown eyes. police say she was last seen wearing black shorts, a black nike shirt and black sliders. her family says she's in good physical health. they're hoping you can help find her. and still looking for kiley, rodney, in placer county. now she's been gone for 10 days. the 16 year-old >> was reported missing on august 6 after going to a party at the prosser family campground in nevada county. she never came home. various agencies, including the fbi, have been working around the clock to try to find or they've been searching in and around plaster lake searching for her and her truck both missing law enforcement just announced though they're going to be scaling back the search as they concentrate on investigating leads. they say they're following up on tips and interviewing people in the community. it's 8.11 and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, san francisco police announced a series of arrests after some violent crimes against the members of the aap
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i community. >> and president biden is set to sign an historic inflation reduction bill into law. how it will impact you and the economy. plus in petaluma there's school that's going in. one program is rolling out a new for kids that are returning to class will tell you about it. >> so many kids return to school today. they're doing so made some really hot weather for recess and some less than ideal air quality too. we are going to be in the midst of triple digits for many inland areas later today, 80's to even 90's right alon
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>> a 14 and happening now is the first day of school for kids and teachers in petaluma. it is. and that's where we find kron 4. sarah stinson for us this morning with what we can expect to see out there on this first day. good morning, sara. >> now the first day of school frenzy is really kicking off your mcdowell elementary school in petaluma. you can see all the cars behind me. the teachers and the parents arriving can see the balloons in the back there. parents are just now starting to drop off their t k through 6th graders. and the first bell rings in about 15 minutes. so this is truly the beginning. zoom in really quick. so you can see what we're working with here. we've got the brand-new principal standing in front directing traffic. and then over here, you've got the parents finally being able to drop their kids off inside of school this year. masks are
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optional. last year's first day of school columbus city, schools required mask-wearing test kits have been provided to families as well. so the school district is still very much taking covid precautions, however, much different case. and we saw, of course, 2020 2021 staff is really what really, really excited to welcome kids into the classroom and create a sense of community. the petaluma school superintendent is most excited for a new dual immersion program for kids at schools like mud. mcdowell involves kids learning happening english and half in spanish in grades, kindergarten through second grade. that way. they become bilingual. as we know. >> ller teaching kids both languages at a young age, makes it so that they can take it into adulthood. now, the new principal, ruth miller, she's very excited about this as well she herself as a degree in spanish. she also told me one of the biggest changes to the first day of school is allowing parents to actually walk their kids into the classroom. >> this year, parents get to
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walk on campus with their children. they get to walk them to their classrooms and see their teachers and that that's a big part of building our community. and we're taking their babies right. and so letting them know that this is where your kids are going to be today and they're going to be they're going to be in a place of learning and growing. >> i was last year they had to drop them off right in front of school and say, ok, by this time they can welcome him back out here live. you can see some of the parents getting the directions from staff where they dropped the mouth. they can go in the classroom the teacher. the principal says this really gets them back to that sense of community. there are missing during the peak of the pandemic. the superintendent says the city schools are just like any other school district in the country have dealt with the challenge. >> of the teacher shortage, cullum only has a few teacher openings left and a couple of the instructional assistant positions open as well. so back out here live, you can see kind of the cuteness i want to show. i mean, even just saying new backpacks and
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just be all below hunger principle. i mean, these are moments that people really missed. she's actually got the support dog out here. so the kids can pet the dog. one of those scenes that you just missed during the peak of the pandemic. darya james. and you get it back in these days. >> for now, send it back to you will be live 9. hear from the superintendent about that dueling lingo. program right. >> and you know what? it's all principals had a dog. i think that the kids would want to go the principle that testing. all right. thank you very much, sara. and don't forget if you still snap a first day of school picture, you know, sure your kid doesn't well it but it. but in some case you have to tie them take email us the pick t- really increase the embarrassment factor and we'll show it yet. maybe even on tv. but we'll put it on our website ever more back-to-school stories. you can scan that qr code. they're what? and what age did they stop liking the 10, middle of
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become more and more and that's alright. i feel bad for any kids going back to school to have to wear uniforms today. hah. >> i know. and a lot of the schools don't have so it's going to be a tough one. i got in on this related note, note from are the high school my son goes to they are opening up buildings for lunchtime so the kids can eat in. the doors are trying to find other opportunities to protect kids from the heat today cause it's going to be real fact playground time you do it that's going to be monkey bars. out. yeah. inland areas with those triple digits. we have not necessarily the safest either even for kids that you can reach heat exhaustion really quickly when you're not acclimated, like we haven't been the past few weeks, we've kind of gotten spoiled with better weather lately. >> and now we're back to a really hot day today. not just hot either, but it looking outside. it is crystal clear. we have some smoke out there officially from wildfires burning to the north, the mckinney fire. you remember that one didn't really impact
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us with the smoke, but this latest complex that's burning right on the trinity and humboldt county line is pushing smoke our direction enough so that we do have a spare. the air alert in effect. so if you have respiratory conditions, if you have sensitivities to the heat today is definitely not a day to push it. get the dog walk out of the way early this morning. we're still fairly comfortable for the time being then find yourself see later today. today is easily the hottest of the forecast. we have heat advisories going into effect at 11:00am lasting all the way through 08:00pm tonight for the inland east bay, all of solano county, upper elevations of the north bay. even if you aren't in those orange areas like along the east bay shoreline, we still got some 90's in areas like fremont and hayward. so we're still going to be really hot this afternoon. as for the next several days. today is the hottest tomorrow. still a warm one. we're still in the triple digits for a few spots, but not as hot as today is about to be and will further cool down after that leading into the latter part of the week, some 90's inland and
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eventually dropping into the 80's by early next week. as you can see forecast does bring some times of low clouds and even some foggy to misty conditions at the coastline during morning hours. but afternoons are all about the sunshine in the warmth. central valley, bakersfield, fresno, sacramento, and reading each in the triple digits or above reading all the way up to one 10 that's going make that firefight. northern california difficult today with heightened fire danger even here in the bay area, 70's to even low 80's and san francisco head to the coast and you'll find a couple of pockets of 60's interspersed by some 70's out that way. it will be 80's to 90's along the bayshore san carlos to 94 palo alto and mountain view at 91 south bay temps in the mid to upper 90's. los gatos flirting with the triple digits at 99. pleasanton and livermore getting to one. 0, 5, today, as i mentioned, even bayshore fremont hayward all the way up to castro valley in the 90's. san leandro through richmond in the 80's. well, danville in pittsburgh at one. 0, 6, antioch at one. 0, 7 today.
8:22 am
not comfortable stuff. if you know that you have a neighbor that doesn't have ac and maybe they're a little susceptible to that heat. keep a look. eye out for each other, get each other to those cooler spots. whether it's the cooling center them all the movie theater. great day for that. or if you've got the time head out to the coast, you can see the 60's and 70's out that direction. bayshore in inland cities just on comfortably hot, dangerously hot inland. tomorrow we back up the heat. a touch further cooling into the weekend. by next week we find relief upper 80's inland 70's by the bay. so there is an end in sight. today is not the day to plan a lot of stuff. outdoors rain. all right, john, thanks to that warm forecast there. we do have a big rig fire in the south bay >> northbound south of east brokaw road. so we have 2 lanes are blocked and you can see we're also having issues along 6.81. 0, one still traffic is just really busy in the south bay. there. another accident here in hayward, 92 westbound south of 8.80, north. so if you're traveling up or down 80, you are going
8:23 am
to run into some delays. might want to hop onto 38. if you're trying to navigate around that 18 minute drive into the city right now, maze to that fremont street exit. the san mateo bridge. 25 minutes a 80 to one o one. let's go ahead leave you with a look at the richmond center fell bridge about 14 minutes out of richmond darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot of day. 22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news. the giants add to their winning streak and everybody was all smiles of that game. >> we'll have the very latest in sports.
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when you pre-order at at&t. >> we are back a 25 the time. quick update on the giant says it was family night there at the ballpark. giants diamondbacks. nobody scoring really to the bottom of the 4th. when evan longoria opened it up facing a madison bumgarner on the mound. took this one deep to left center field scoring 2 runs. the giants would keep on going scoring 4 more before it was all said and done. mad bomber had number them and bomb they want and ease. yeah. from when they won with out. yeah. yeah. 61. the final. >> game 2 of the will be tonight at 6.40. don't have an occasion to wear them anymore. not so, you know, they're like short still like guys showers, you know, but now he's on a different now known the barest. >> and my is in texas taking on the rangers, not embarrassed. i mean, they they did ok? score here in the 3rd.
8:27 am
nick allen sending out one to deep left. the rangers came back. they got one bottom of the frame. then the a's match that but they couldn't muster another one to the rangers ended up scoring one more them out of the 6 and they want rangers beat the a's 2 to one game 2 tonight at 5 o fact. >> and here's a quick look at temperatures once again, as we might remind you before we go to break that it is going to be hot today, especially for kids and the elderly. anybody who might be sensitive to the heat. look at that one. 0, 4, in concord, one. 0, 5, in the more valley. ev
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>> welcome back. a 29. our big story is protecting you from the heat, which is going to be dangerously hot today. we've got john with the details in the weather center. good morning, john. good morning, guys. it is a really hot one. and like daria said, dangerously hot for many spots. we're compounding the heat with some air quality impacts to from wildfires burning to the north of us. we're back into a a spare the air alert day ahead. looking out there, you can see the haze, which you can see is what it's going to feel like later on today. but we do have all those orange lit up on the map right here, which are heat advisories going into effect here in just a few hours at 11:00am. for the inland east bay, north bay mountains, as well as solano county. right now we're still comfortable mostly 50's and 60's. get out there. walk the dog right now before things do get too high and then take it easy. the rest of the day, not the day to plan a whole lot outside, especially further inland.
8:31 am
i've got the full breakdown of your daytime highs. still to come right now. john, thank you for that. we still have that big ridge fire down in san jose. 8.80, northbound south of east roll call roll. just seen issues along. i-80 6.81, o one. all pretty busy at this hour here in hercules, a westbound west of highway for another new accident popping up. so a slight delays are traveling there. let's check on the bay bridge just under 17 minutes. may's to that fremont street exit and the golden gate bridge around 26 minutes. 37 to the tolls. all right. james, back to you. thank you very much. 8.31. and san francisco police made several arrests in the robbery of an elderly asian woman. yeah. the youngest suspect being question is just 11 years old. cropper says magoon has more on the story. >> it's the sad part is the fact that we're here in front of you talking about. 14, 13 11 year-olds committing. violent robberies. i mean, i
8:32 am
hope that shocks the conscious of everybody. san francisco police chief bill scott announces the arrest of 3 suspects, but the july 31st, assault and robbery of a 70 year-old asian american woman as she entered the lobby of her apartment building on the block of francisco street in san francisco. chief names the 18 year-old suspect in the case. >> 18 year-old oakland resident darryl moore and 3 juvenile suspects ages 11, 13 14, the crimes in this case include robbery, elder abuse, burglary, false imprisonment and conspiracy. >> chief scott talks with the circumstances that led to the arrest. >> on august, 10th 2020 to milpitas police department officers contacted more. the 13 year-old suspect in the 11 year-old on an unrelated criminal matter and arrested them. moore was booked at the santa clara county jail on the warrant. the 13 year-old
8:33 am
suspect was booked and an unrelated charge at the santa clara do mall and is being transferred. the custody of alameda county. put them on the warrant in this case, the 11 year-old. was transferred to the custody of the alameda county assessment center. suspect has not been located yet. what has an outstanding warrant for their arrest in this matter. noticeably absent among the list of charges. >> hate crime, san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins explains a with respect to hate crimes. they do require the proof of motive. and that oftentimes require some expression verbally from an assailant or require some level of investigation into past history. it's a social media content. so without that, the da says she plans to move forward with the actual evidence as it stands so far in the case. but we will charge this case according to what we can based on the haaziq kron. 4 news. it's a 33
8:34 am
and there's a new push to solve a murder in san francisco. the san francisco police department is offering a $50,000 reward. >> for information about a deadly shooting that killed 2 people in april. it was in the angle side neighborhood at a playground in brunswick avenue. 4 people were shot. they were all taken to the hospital and 2 of them died. and we have images of a vehicle that they are looking for its suspected in the shooting described as a 2018 or 2022. honda accord. >> well, 7 western states including california, are going to figure out how to drastically cut their water use. a deadline is looming now for the states to move away from their dependence on the colorado river's water supply. federal officials gave the state until mid august to come up with a plan to cut usage by 15% next year. well, we are in mid august and after weeks of tense negotiations are still no agreement. now the bureau of reclamation could step in and issue additional cuts to
8:35 am
protect water levels of the country's 2 largest reservoirs which include lake powell and lake mead. both of them are at historically low levels and they are supplied by the ever dwindling. colorado river. >> 8.34 and today president biden is going to sign the inflation reduction act. the bill tackles everything from health care costs to climate change. reshad hudson has the very latest now from dc. good morning. this is a bill democrats have been going back and forth on for over a year. and today president biden will seal the deal by signing it into law, hoping to give democrats a win going into november. >> this is a historic moment later today. the inflation reduction act will become law. the house took the final step in passing the bill friday on a party line vote sending the massive economic package to the president. this is extraordinary and historic legislation. the bill fights climate change in lower some prescription drug prices. big drug companies. they spent
8:36 am
nearly 100 million dollars to try to defeat this bill. >> and yet every republican in the congress voted against the bill. >> it's estimated to raise over 300 billion dollars over the next decade in new revenue. >> those are paying $0 in federal income tax will now have to pay a minimum tax. oklahoma congressman tom cole doesn't believe the bill will actually help americans. nothing in this bill is actually going to take effect in the immediate future. and louisiana. congressman garret graves worries it will lead to higher inflation. this bill is a disaster. there's a credibility gap. they've caused the problems. now we're being asked to trust them to fix it and a larger celebration for the bill is scheduled for next month when lawmakers are back in town. >> reporting in washington reshad hudson, back to you. >> thank you for a shot at a 36. we'll take a break. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. how to prevent falling for online school supply scams as you shop this year, we'll
8:37 am
have a closer look. plus the planned closing of one of san francisco's nursing homes is now being postponed. tell you what that means for the future of the patients. there. plus, the city of livermore is opening up a recycle water station. find out how it works and what you can use that water for. and we've got plenty of sunshine out there today, too much of it, though. and that means temperatures going to be the hottest of the forecast. >> hazy sunshine at that as we have a spare the air alert on top of all this 80's 90's and triple digits. your forecast is ahead.
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>> 8.39 is the time in the closure of laguna honda hospital and rehab center will not happen for more than 2 months. that's some good news. the city announced that 100 residents will have their medicare and medicaid payments extended through mid-november and that patients will not be transferred or discharged during that extension. the city's attorney's office is calling this the humane and compassionate path forward. the interim head of the hospital says that the short term solution does bring a lot of relief to those who live there. >> so we see this is good thing. it allows us to really focus our efforts. and our number one priority with this recertification of we're going to have that so that it can continue to it can resume enrollment in the medicare and medicaid programs. they continue that vital finding best support for much of the hospital's operations. >> a laguna honda provides health care services to more than 600 residents. federal
8:41 am
regulators, though order the relocation of those patients after pulling the hospital certification last year, the hospital stopped that transfer process, though, after several patients died within days of being moved to other facilities. the 2 month extension will now get the hospital little more time to fix the problems and hopefully avoid that shutdown. here's a quick look at the temperatures as we take a brief break here on the kron. 4 morning news. these are the expected highs this afternoon. if you're just waking up, know that today s going to be the hottest day of the week. >> with temperatures inland getting right up to the 100 degree mark and then some especially out delta. we'll be right back. ♪good vibes by moa l.m. munoz & ryan t. short♪ ♪ ♪bout to get down, living it up♪ ♪never touch ground, never enough♪ ♪bout to get down, living it up♪
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>> coming up on a 45 in the east bay. the city livermore is making free recycled water available for residents new philip station that they're opening up. that station will give you recycle water to use for your lawns or other outside plants. you can't use it for showering. certainly can't drink it. but it's there for you to use to irrigate. in fact, that's what the city uses about 2 million gallons of it, the landscape, the city's greenery, the phillips station is located at one. 0, one west jacqueline boulevard in livermore. it will be open on weekends through october. 1st, you have to remember, though, you do have to bring your own container to fill up. >> researchers are saying that
8:45 am
the u.s. could say extreme heat conditions in parts of this country by the year 2053, a report by the nonprofit called first street foundation found extreme heat could affect. >> more than 100 million people over the next 30 years. >> they've created this heat index and it shows you the areas most likely to see extreme heat. they say that a stretch from texas to the great lakes could see temperatures of up to 125 degrees by the year 2053 and the biggest jumps in temperatures they say were seen in the state of florida. they say that they're they could have twice as many days above 103 degrees as they're used to. and that's kind of our neck of the woods. and we don't have that kind of humidity, but honor 304 out in the east bay today is going to be hopefully it doesn't. last long. we've got john in the weather center to take a john. yeah, at least today is the hottest one. so it's just one day of a peak tomorrow will be down into just a few triple digits. and after that will be. >> further in the clear today,
8:46 am
though, we are looking at one of our hottest days in whatever hazy u.s. days we've seen in a while too. looking at san francisco skies are blue overhead, but it's going to be blue with a touch of smoke. unfortunately, the complex of fires burning on the humboldt and trinity county line pushing down into the bay area. unlike the mckinney fire when that smoke stay to the north. this time around, we're really tapping into it enough so that we have a spare the air alert on top of the triple digit heat we're dealing with today. some dangerously hot conditions. in fact enough so that we do have a slew of heat advisories taking effect here in just a few hours at 11:00am for the inland east bay solano county and upper elevations of the north bay. even if you're not in the orange areas, you're still going to be really warm. some 90's right up and down the bayshore in many of us near the bayshore don't have the ac. so that's not going to feel so great. as for this afternoon, it's nothing but sunshine. tomorrow morning. you will see the return of at least some marine layer. a little bit of low cloud cover. sunshine returns during the afternoon, though, in
8:47 am
tomorrow's highs will still be hot before we exit the triple digits for the rest of the forecast. after that, fresno and sacramento at one. 0, 8, today, reading at one 10 here in the bay area, similar for inland spots. but it will be 60's and 70's along the coastline for mission and financial districts. you'll get up to 80 today. daly city at 74 montero. one of those pockets of 60's. if you really want some cool weather, it will be 80's to 90's along the bay shore. not so cool at all saying carlos at 94, san jose at 96 today in the east bay 90's along the east bay shoreline from fremont to castro valley. well, pleasanton and livermore as well as walnut creek at one. 0, 5, san leandro through richmond will hold on to the 80's but still warm. i know a lot of us don't have that ac in areas like oakland. well, antioch at one, 0, 7, are very hottest vacaville pittsburgh at one o 4, 1, 0, 6 santa rosa through center fell in the 90's. if you know someone who's hit susceptible doesn't have the ac. keep an eye out on him today. get them to a
8:48 am
cool spot like the movie theater them all. a cooling center or if you have the time to get out to the coastline where you'll find those 60's and 70's tomorrow will still be hot. we back up the heat a little further come thursday by next week. inland areas are back into the 80's. so there is an end in sight. today is easily the hottest of this forecast rain. john, thank you for that. well, we still have that big fire in the south bay along 8.80, northbound south of east. >> roll call roll notched issues along 80 year. also see delays along 6.80, as well. one, 0 one. so traffic and highways, a pretty busy down south. let's go. and you look at brisbane's one, 0, one at the road. we've got another accident there. so you are seeing delays along one. 0 one as well as 2.80. so things are starting to pick up heading into the city 18 minute drive maze that freeman, she exit our san mateo bridge around 17. so we're starting to get busy on the peninsula down here, los gatos. 85 northbound at south winchester boulevard. you've got an accident with a
8:49 am
slight delay. darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of state. 48 happening now. you can once again take your car on martin luther king drive in golden gate park. >> people driving south of chain of lakes can now cut through the park, make a left turn on mlk. then you head out onto sunset boulevard and in addition to opening up the road to cars, the city's also creating a new separated bike lane, fresh paint and concrete barriers to protect that the city's parks and rec department says that they're hoping these changes will release some of the congestion for those who are driving south through the city. >> as parents across the country are filling their kids backpacks for school this year online. scammers are preying on you. courtney crown has tips on how to keep from getting scammed. >> windy hornsby excited for the year ahead for her 3rd grader lily and 5th grader. maggie, they are wild. smart, amazing kids.
8:50 am
>> who were definitely ready to head back to school and it was time. >> to get everything on the girls lists, windy started browsing online, putting everything in a cart and seeing prices. millions of parents will take their school supply shopping online to unfortunately, cybersecurity experts say scammers know this. so the first thing consumers should do is make sure there's an s after http in the website's url. >> that means your data is encrypted is like a secure channel. when you're using that website, experts caution against buying from web sites you're not familiar with. if you do decide to buy from an unknown website, experts say don't allow the page to save your card information. is check out as a guest and that could help make sure that you keep better control over your data. there. if you see a deal posted on social media, cybersecurity expert scott shackleford cautions against that too. he advises you to try and find the item elsewhere after exiting the
8:51 am
site kind of verified that this is indeed accurate. it says what it says it actually and that there's, you know, reviews, etcetera, that you can double check. windy says she knows taking the time to do research, sates her headaches in the long run. i will google the website just to see what kind of reviews or >> or anything like that comes up. >> well, as courtney crown reporting, experts say it allows safe or i should say. if you want to stay safe or use a credit card when you're doing your online shopping instead of a debit card because if there is a fraudulent charge, it's a whole lot easier to dispute that credit card bill. then your debit card, they can actually refunded the money if they stick side of your favorite. >> for your help this morning. yeah, the king's hawaiian brand. they're recalling some of their products because of possible bacteria contamination. one of the ingredients. it's a voluntary recall. it's not the hawaiian sweet rolls. it's the pretzel ones. slider buns pretzel, hamburger buns and pretzel bites. the company says they have gotten any reports of anybody getting sick from this
8:52 am
and no other king's hawaiian products are affected. >> we may want to check your pantry again this time for capri sun. turns out there is a voluntary recall right now of the wild cherry flavor. the product has a best when used by date of june. 25th 2023 apparently could contain diluted cleaning solution that they used to sanitize the food processing equipment. the company says they became aware of the problem after receiving some customer complaints about the drink tasting a bit off. so they looked into it. your should not consume this trend. don't drink it. return it. get rid of it will get a refund. if you take a back to where you bought it. >> we'll take a break in a 52. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> and we're back in a 55. and happening today, the senate quest film festival is making its in-person return to san jose back in the flash after being held virtually because of the pandemic for the grand return to the south bay. more than 200 movies are going to be shown from august. 16th through the 29th. we got a whole lot to choose from. some fans are some films i should say are starting to big name actors. oscar isaac is in one jessica chastain most of the movies, though, are featuring directors or producers who are women, members of the asian and black communities, latino and the lgbtq+ communities. >> as well. so it's nice to have him back in person once
8:56 am
again. nice villa go to the movies today. by the way. so hot out. and that's our big story is just how hot it's going to be. >> where you can cool off the warnings that you should heed and when we will get a break. that's all ahead. and on this very hot day, its first day of school in petaluma recovering what they're rolling out, their special for the students this year and oakland police have made an arrest after there was a shooting at lake merritt will tell you what we know.
8:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> and welcome to the finest probably that you're going to get because it's going to start getting extremely hot. by the minute, things are going to get warmer and warmer. john's talking about temperatures getting up to triple digits or more for some we've it will not more the triple digits in triple digits. but like one, 0, 4, 1, 0, 5, right. and was already hot yesterday. still going to have tomorrow. so we've got a few days of this extreme heat, john. yeah, it might feel like more than the triple just based on how dangerously hot it really is about to be out there today. yesterday was the warm-up for it today, the very hottest one and pretty close to record breaking for a few spots, especially for inland
9:00 am
areas. >> right along the bayshore tapping into some 80's and even 90's. now on top of this, we're also seeing some haze smoke from wildfires burning to the north. and if you look close at your east bay hills camera right here, you see that line of gray in the distance. that's actually that layer of smoke that is slowly settling in with us resulting in a spare the air alert in effect today. so it's the heat and it's the air quality that will be keeping you inside more than anything else. well, those orange areas on the map, these are heat advisories in effect, starting at 11:00am today for the inland east bay solano county and upper elevations of the north bay. we're still pretty comfortable right now, at least for most areas 50's and 60's for current temps. brent, when you're approaching 80 already at 78 kelsey ville at 76 pittsburgh in livermore. also in the 70's now. so temperatures are on the rise. take advantage of the cool feel while we have it. take the dog on a walk. get some errands done and then find yourselves and your neighbors. see later on today and just take it easy. i'll be breaking down exactly what the


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